swim and swim butterfly style combined. As sports practice involves the retention and advancement in water occupying the various parts of the body  . . In this way there are swimming styles which are: freestyle swim. swimming backstroke.characteristics of my favorite sport  Swimming is a sport that is practiced individually but can be practiced competitively in teams. Swimming requires the development of techniques that blend body movements with breathing. breaststroke swim.

Breaststroke. Butterfly and Individual Medley will be with a dive  A swimmer must finish the race in the same lane by which the initiated.  Pulling lines lane separator (breakwater) is not allowed.BASIC RULES  The tests output styles in Free. .

where is the swimming  Swimming is the movement and / or by water displacement using bodily extremities usually without using any artificial device. Swimming is an activity that can be both useful and recreational .

equipment for swimming  cap  goggles  short swimsuit in order to not hinder you and give you a lightness and comfort .

.  Michael Phelps : American swimmermost decorated Olympian of all time. with a total of 22 medals.  Ye Shiwen : Chinese swimmer broke the world record in the discipline. with a time of 4:28.43.important characters in the world of swimming  Kristel Köbrich : chilean swimmer main South American swimmer gold medal of Guadalajara Pan American Games and South American Games gold in Medellin.

China and lately in Latin America such as Chile for its powerful global exponent . the main countries that are swimming as a sport in the first line is the united states and australia followed by Germany.countries which practice swimming main sport  .

next major events for this sport in the coming years  .

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