Taurus (April 20 -May 20) Taureans are ruled by Venus which is beneficial when it comes to love and sex.

They are sensual, loyal and faithful. When they make love (not have sex), it’s the most physical and natural pleasure in the world to them. Taurus believes in using romance to get sex. You can expect dinner, flowers and even candles. They do not like to rush things, in life and sex.
 Taurus Man in Bed: He is similar to a caveman, so expect to to three things. Cook, stay

home and have sex. He is gentle and will take things slow. He can go for hours, while waiting for his partner to finish.
 Taurus Woman in Bed: She is gentle and her touch is tender, she gives great back

massages. When in the mood, she can go for hours as well, and likes pleasing her partner.
 Best Position: Missionary – it’s comfortable and romantic, they can look into your eyes

and feel more intimate.
 Taurus Hot Spots: Taurus’ hot spot is the throat and neck, so kiss nibble and suck.  Taurus Compatibility: Taurus is compatible With Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer and Pisces

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