Chowdhury Golam Kibria Associate Professor Insitute of Business Administration Jahangirnagar University Dear Sir, We are delighted to work

on a term paper on “Production and Operation Management” under your supervision. This paper will be submitted to you as partial fulfillment of the above mentioned course. We have studied the topic XYZ in this course and gathered theoretical knowledge and practiced them over the course of this semester’s time period, and we are looking forward to apply our acquired skills or expertise to investigate real life scenario. For the purpose of that we have decided to work on XYZ company. The contact person who will assist us with relevant data is an employee of the organization and his specifics are attached as recommended. The team, consisting four of us and their personal details are given belowGroup name: Benchmarker 1. Mark Ratul Sinha (795) 2. Bappy Kumar Nath (ID) 3. Rafiqul Raza (ID) 4. A.R.M. Mozaffar Hossain (823) Selected organization: Contact Person: Details:

We hope we can cover the relevant field of investigation in this paper and hope for your valuable guidance. Your Faithfully Bappy Kumar Nath Team: Benchmarker

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