100 Years of Indian Cinema: A Quiz

Quiz Club, Mumbai, 12 Jun 2013 Tewari Vibhendu

A quiz commemorating 100 years of Indian Cinema. 100 questions in all. Write down your answer in the blank space next to the question. We exchange sheets in 90 minutes from the start. All the best!










Name the missing element from this set of 'Beau Idle Program': The MacClements: A comedic sketch, Alexandroff: The Wonderful Foot Juggler and a duet and dance performed by Mrs Irene Delmar? Which studio established in 1919 started by DN Sampat (an eccentric man, with a pet tiger) was India's largest and most influential silent studio. It introduced wooden sets, did away with painted backdrops, and many alumni went on to become stars and directors in their own right. More importantly, it established Bombay as the country's premier film-centre. Which studio, whose fortunes suffered after a 1923 fire and which folded up by 1932, but whose name still lives on as several commercial establishments and landmarks in Dadar took their name from it? Who adapted his own short story 'Dahlia' into 'a play fit to be filmed'? He also wrote an English script The Child for Universum Film AG (UFA). His most quoted views on cinema were expressed in a letter to Murari Bhandari in 1929: "The principal element of a motion picture is the “flux of image”. The beauty and grandeur of this form in motion has to be developed in such a way that it becomes self-sufficient without the use of words. If some other language is needed to explain its own, it amounts to incompetence." '______ Bollywood | The Untold Story of Indian Cinema' is a 2013 documentary to be premiered in Toronto Film Festival on Apr 14. It highlights the contribution to the Indian film industry of early pioneers like Sulochana, Pramila, Nadira and another prominent character actor D A Cheulkar better known for his work in Boot Polish and Abhimaan. Which group of people does this film celebrate or alternatively provide the missing 6 letter salutation. Historians doubt the veracity of this legend, and the shape in it which exists in public consciousness owes its existence to Imtiaz Ahmed 'Taj''s popular play. Taj himself acted in one film version called 'The Loves of a Mughal Prince' in 1928 but it was beaten to the screen by rival Imperial's more successful version the same year. Imperial remade the same film with sound in 1935. Sulochana who played the title role in both Imperial versions starred in a 1953 remake as well but the most famous version of the story came in 1960. What was Taj's play called? It made its first appearance in 1929 silent Gopal Krishna; the lady you can see but not see was Kamalabai (also the first Indian to adopt a screen name). With the advent of sound, it started being accompanied by a piece in Bhoop/Desakar played on a clarinet and not the instrument seen onscreen. By what two word name is this India's answer to MGM's Leo known? Which Muslim princess, born to Nawab of Sachin and Fatema Begum (who became India's first woman director with 1926 Bulbul-e-Paristan), is best known for her courtesan roles in several silent films? She was part of a film that marked a technical first in Indian film Industry. The much staged musical was written by Sayed Agha Hassan Amanat in 1853 for the court of Wajid Ali Shah, and the plot involving a benevolent king whose moral fabric is tested by an apsara, married Islamist traditions with Hindu pantheon of gods. The 1932 film adaptation by JJ Madan borrowed much of the original structure of the play, adapted from Ras Lila tradition, resulting in the record feat the film is best known for. Which film? London Star described the singing star of this 1933 film as 'You will never hear a lovelier voice or diction, or see a lovelier face'- the main draw of the film being her songs in English like 'Now The Moon Her Light Has Shed'. But the film, which proved to be a flop in England and hence prompted the lead couple to set shop in

India, is known for more scandalous reasons in India. Which film?




13 14





Mazdoor, 1934 (directed by Mohan Bhawnani) remains whose only direct brush with cinema, both as a scriptwriter and also as a cameo as a go-between who helps resolve differences between the workers and the mill owners? The assignment with Ajanta Cinetone was taken to help clear the debts of his other ventures Hans and Jagaran. V Shantaram had frequent runs-in with the British censors because of ingenious ways in which he included nationalist content. He had to change the name of his Shivaji historical Swarajachya Toran to Udaykal as censors objected to the word 'Swarajya'. What did he initially call his 1935 film on bhakti poet Eknath known for his humanitarian defence of the untouchables before he had to change it to Dharmatma on censor's objections? Dharmatma is also unique in the entire career of its lead actor, a stage legend borrowed from the Sangeet Natak tradition whose role in the film was a role reversal from his theatre roles. Needless to say he went back to his stage career and the kind of roles he was synonymous with. Who? Exact answer needed, 'close enough' will not suffice. Who was the cinematographer for PC Barua's 1935/36 production of Devdas starring him and KL Saigal in Bangla and Hindi versions respectively? In 1937, who came out of retirement at the age of 69 at the invitation of Kolhapur royals to make his only talkie Gangavataran in Marathi, a commercial failure but noticed for its special effects? In the 1938 Marathi film Brahamchari in the first of his social-political satires, Master Vinayak tells the story of an idealist (played by himself) who joins a RSS like organisation but whose vow to celibacy comes to a nought when faced with seductive charms of the heroine played by Meenakshi (granddaughters Shilpa and Namrata followed in her footsteps in 1990s). What first does the song sequence 'Yamuna jali khelu khela' featuring Meenakshi has to its credit in the history of Indian cinema? In 1938 Shashadhar Mukherjee directed what many believe to be the first commissioned advertisement film in India for Himanshu Rai's Bombay Talkies. An earlier 1931 General motors ad film shown in India was commissioned in the US. For which product did Lever Brothers’s ad agency LINTAS commission Bombay Talkies to make the ad-film? The subject of Nitin Bose's Dushman (1939) where KL Saigal plays a radio singer who falls prey to Tuberculosis was suggested by someone who as a Patron of King George's TB Fund was spearheading the funds collection on behalf of the government, and who felt that a story about the dreaded disease would make an effective propaganda film. Incidentally, the sanatorium at Kasauli is named for her. Who? Single mother Radha brings up her children against all odds while fending off sexual and financial pressures from the avaricious moneylender Sukhilala. Her favourite son Birju goes astray, becomes a bandit and kills Sukhilala. Radha kills her son eventually when he tries to abduct his childhood sweetheart. Plot synopsis of which 1940 film?









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The first venture of Filmistan, the breakaway faction of Bombay Talkies tried to evoke its Bombay Talkies antecedents in several ways- in its casting, and in the way the film was promoted. It starred Ashok Kumar, and was advertised as 'From the makers of the hit film Kismet'. Another marketing ploy to maintain a continuum with Bombay Talkies kick-started a trend which continues to this day, providing ample fodder for lazy quizmasters to frame connect-questions. What was the film called? "We hereby inform the public that our Rail-Road Thriller, Miss_______ ____, has no connections whatsoever with the well-known ________ ____ of the B.B. & C.I. Railway. It refers to the name of the heroine of the story and not to any train whatsoever in India." Fill in the blanks to come up with the name of the film, one in a series of many made to capitalise on its star's skills of jumping atop a moving train. Also a train whose initial run was between Bombay and Peshawar. Which 1941 murder mystery directed by Dalsukh Pancholi was responsible for establishing Lahore as a premier filmmaking centre, and also for introducing Shamshad Begum as a playback singer? To cash in on the popularity of the Ghulam Haider's music Pancholi also started a nationwide talent search contest named after the film, one of the winners being a certain 12 year old called Lata Mangeshkar. Despite being made in cash-strapped war times, Prabhat's Ramashastri (1944) set in the times of Peshwas managed to get its authentic period detail right through some ingenuous means. Bharata Itihasa Samshodhaka Mandala provided the historical research. The rich brocade saris were lent by the old aristocracy of Pune. Which unlikely source provided the other necessary antiques like the typical brass chain for the large swing in Ramashastri's home -a person who went on to start an institution? Which 1946 film based on their two stage successes Nabanna and Jabanbandi-and also on Krishan Chander's Hindi story Annadata was Indian People Theatre Association IPTA's only foray in film production? The film depicting a family's move to the city during 1942 Bengal famine was journalist KA Abbas's debut as a filmmaker and featured Pt. Ravi Shankar's music. Which film based on Hidayatulla Ansari's short story which itself took its inspiration from Maxim Gorky's play 'Lower Depths' and which marked Pt. Ravi Shankar's film debut has been the only Indian film to date to win the prestigious Palme D'or at the Cannes? Rajshi Pictures- the distribution company was started to distribute Hindi version of which 1948 Tamil lavish production- a remake made at Tarachand Barjatya's suggestion, where much of the long and mid shots were retained and only closeups were reshot? 4 years in making, and released in 1948, Uday Shankar's Kalpana was a fictional retelling of his setting up the dance centre at Almora. Now available in a digitally restored print courtesy Martin Scorsese, many believed that the film could have inaugurated an Indian avant-garde movement had it was more widely-seen. Which fellow ‘Kumaoni’ did Shankar rope in to write lyrics for the film- this being the chhayavad poet's only association with cinema? Which Carnatic legend also had a parallel career in playback, among her hits being 'aiyyo sami' the Tamil rip-off of Lata- Amirbai Karnataki hit 'Gorey gorey'? Sanjay Dutt's plea for his jail-term to be deferred for his movie making activities brought back into focus the 1950s imprisonment of another actor arrested for his leftist political leanings. Many experts advocated replication of the arrangement in the earlier instance for Dutt as well, the legendary actor shot for the film 'Hulchul' through his jail-term and he was escorted to and from the film set by the police

every day. Which actor?



31 32

Producer Ashok Kumar had a fall-out with his Parineeta director when he learnt that the director’s insistence on shooting the film in Calcutta was because he had used the time and location to sly-shoot his other realistic film on the streets of the city at Kumar's expense and time. Which was the other film thus shot? Which 1952 film marking the screen debut of Sivaji Ganeshan, and with dialogues by M Karunanidhi is regarded by many as the first significant attempt by the Dravidian Movement to use mass-media for propaganda? Which Gandhian and singer portrayed Sangam era saint poetess Avvaiyaar in the 1953 Gemini production, a role she became synonymous with? Which 1954 film's premiere had as its chief guest P Castelino, office bearer of a post currently held by AL Quadros?


34 35 36



39 40



In 1955, the acting awards at Cannes were not gender segregated and Spencer Tracy won the individual acting award for Bad Day At Black Rock. The ensemble acting award was won by the film Bolchaya Semya. Apart from this two children received distinction mentions from the jury- one of whom was Pablito Calvo. Who was the other child actor to receive the distinction, whose adult career received a fillip with Himmatwala in 1983 but the new employment opportunity evaporated by Mr India (1987)? Which 1956 film from the RK Films stable was also made in Bengali as Ek Din Raatre? Which 1957 hit was initially planned to be called Sasirekha Parinayam? Actress Sadhana Shivdasani was introduced in Hindi films with 1960 film Love in Shimla directed by her eventual husband RK Nayyar and got her trademark- fringe for the role. But her first acting role was a few years earlier in 1958 film Abana directed by P Maheshwari. Which Indian language was Abana the first film to be made in? Who made her film debut in an English film called Epistle (1961) directed by President VV Giri's son Shankar Giri. Starred opposite Dharmendra and Tanuja in Izzat (1968). Playback singing efforts include the duet 'O meri dilrubaa, ai mera diwana' from Suryakanthi (1973). Chaudhavin Ka Chand (1960) was not shot by Guru Dutt's regular cinematographer VK Murthy as Murthy was sent abroad by Dutt to learn about colour photography for their future projects. On the sets of which big budget extravaganza directed by Carl Foreman shot on location in Greece did Murthy join as an observer during the period? Which actress made her debut as a child actress with Satyajit Ray's Mahanagar (1963)? Jarasandha, a former Alipore central jail superintendent wrote fictional accounts of his experiences (Louha Kapat, Tamasha, Nyaydanda). Which 1963 film is the best known film adaptation of his work? Which 1965 film, featuring Hrishikesh Mukherjee's editing efforts believed to have salvaged a product gone out of control, was the first film in a South Indian language to win the Best Film Award at the National Film Awards? Which fictional detective is the protagonist of Satyajit Ray's first film involving a


44 45










detective -'Chidiyakhana ‘? Which K Balachander play about an upright father, an ex-army man- filmed by the playwright himself with the same name in 1966- was made into a Hindi film Oonche Log a year earlier by Phani Majumdar for a Madras production house? Which film was described by its actor turned debutante director as '16000-foot long celluloid flag of India'? Considered to be the most important reform novel written in Gujarati, which 4 volume 2000 page novel serialised between 1887 and 1902, was adapted into an eponymous film starring Nutan by Govind Saraiya in 1968? The success of Hindi film adaptation mainly attributed to Kalyanji Anandji's songs, inspired Saraiya to film its sequel 'Gunsundari No Sukh Sansar' in 1972. Which 1969 film notable for several debuts (one off-screen and another onscreen in particular!) and for partially inaugurating the Hindi New Wave was sarcastically dubbed by Satyajit Ray as 'Big Bad Bureaucrat Reformed by Rustic Belle'? This 1969 film marking a 500th anniversary is widely considered as the first Punjabi film in post-partition Indian Punjab to be a hit. The film starring Prithviraj Kapoor, Dara Singh and Nishi won National Award for its music for S Mohinder with playbacks by singers from Bombay Cinema singing several devotional numbers. Name either the film or tell who was the film commemorating? Which cinematographer is said to have established the experimental visual style of Hindi New Wave, associated as he was with all three films ushering in the genre in 1969-70 and winning the National film Award back-to-back for two of them - Basu Chatterji 's Saara Akaash and Mani Kaul's Uski Roti? The title of this Hrishikesh Mukherjee based on Narayan Sanyal's Bangla novel is named for an Upanishadic character- Jabala's son who is born of sin but was accepted as a son by Rishi Gautama, as the plot revolves around the hero Satyapriya played by Dharmendra marrying a girl who was raped and is now pregnant. Which film? Which writer considered as one of the four pillars of modern Urdu short fiction directed his radio play Naql-e-Makani (Migratory Birds) into a film set in a Bombay red-light district, which won National Awards for both its male and female leads and also for its music director Madan Mohan in 1970? Which pioneering 1970 Kannada film and which set the path for the parallel cinema movement in that language had ironically in its cast and crew either outsiders or people who had trained abroad. These included the writer of the source novel who was doing his PhD in English Literature at Birmingham University, the Telugu speaking director trained at Columbia, the Oxford educated lead actor, a visting Australian Tom Cowan as DoP, and an obscure Englishman Stevan Cartaw as the editor? Which Tamil director, who reworked several of his Tamil hits into Hindi, made a series of films starting with the Tamil syllable Pa all starring Sivaji Ganeshan and also featured Budhha statues in his movies, both for superstitious reasons? Which two time National Film Award Best Supporting Actress winning actress began her acting career with Kerala People's Arts Club- a left leaning drama troupe from the state? What common name is applied separately to both these sets from 1970s: Pratidwandi (The Adversary), Seemabaddha (Company Limited), and Jana Aranya (The Middleman) by Satyajit Ray and Interview, Calcutta 71 and Padatik (The Guerilla Fighter) by Mrinal Sen?





59 60






This 1971 marital drama- the first of a trilogy- was shot on location in Usha Kironone of the earliest high-rise apartment blocks and the most expensive address at that time, belonging to Shobhana Samarth-its lead actress's mother. It also proved to be Geeta Dutt's last hurrah who came out of her alcoholism imposed retirement to sing three sublime numbers in the film. Which film? Josef Wirsching- the German cinematographer responsible for the Bombay Talkies’s characteristic visual style shot all their hits including Acchut Kanya, Jeevan Naiya etc till he was interred during the war. He also returned to shoot their post WW-II efforts like Ziddi and Mahal. Which long in the making 1971 film released five years after his death was his last work? 1971 seems to be the year when several ghosts were resurrected - which actress appeared in her last release two years after her death in Jwala, a dacoit dramaher only colour film in its entirety? Singing star Suraiyya’s swansong Rustom Sohrab (1963) was first foray into filmproduction by which family, who finally found their niche with the 1972 cult hit 'Do Gaz Zameen Ke Neeche'? To shoot which film of his abroad, did Ritwik Ghatak acquire a passport very late in his career in 1972? The 1973 film derived its plot from an acclaimed litterateur’s short story called Wahaan but took its title from its collaborating screenwriter's poem: 'Aaj ki raat badi ____ ____ chalti hai/ aaj ki raat footpath pe neend nahin aayegi/ tum utho tum utho/ tum bhi utho/ koi khidki is deewar pe khul jayegi'. Which classic? Sudhendu Roy is the most well-known art director from Bollywood and three time Filmfare winner. He also directed a few films from 1970s onwards including India's official entry to Oscars in 1974. Which film, based on Bengali writer Narendranath Mitra's story 'Ras' and which starred Amitabh Bachchan in the lead was this? Maya was a 1966 Hollywood film starring Jay North, Sajid Khan, I S Johar and an elephant painted white playing the title-character, best remembered for its spinoff TV series and its camp overtones. One highlight of the film was a fight between a tiger and the elephant shot amidst a rocky outgrowth. Ram Yedekar, an artdirector who worked exclusively on foreign projects had worked as a location scout for Maya and recommended the place in South India where the fightsequence was filmed for a rare Indian project he undertook a few years later. Which location? On which contemporary from his cartooning days in Blitz did Basu Chatterjee model the looks, religion and profession of Tony Braganza in his local-train Bandra romance 'Baaton Baaton Mein'? Which film based on a Khwaja Ahmed Abbas's short story 'The Thirteenth Victim', that had first appeared in the magazine called Imprint, and which itself had its inspiration in a high profile legal case is the only film directed by Gulzar to not feature any songs? Which 1977 film was shot using different kinds of film stocks - black & white, early colour films like Gewacolour, Orwo and Eastmancolour for demarcating different eras of filmmaking- a creative choice dictated as much by the shortage of raw colour stock, as much as it was to do with the fact that the film chronicled its protagonist's life from the early talkie era right till the 60s? The soundtrack also was a microcosm of Hindi film song styles over the years- a detail lifted and replicated later in a Tamil film Industry context by Mani Rathnam in Iruvar.









This 1977 musical starred Smita Patil and was set amongst the Thakar tribe and was directed by Jabbar Patel, a departure from the political content of his best known works Saamna and Sinhasan. Remembered for Hridaynath Mangeshkar's music channelling the folk music, the film won the National film Award for Best Marathi film, the award citation read: "For consistently transferring to the film medium a successful fictional work (Thakurwadi (sic) by G. N. Dandekar); for high lightening the mutual inconsistencies of love, of the fear of God and of superstition in a simple, innocent community of tribal, for the memorable use of the drum in evoking presence of the God and expressing the inexorable demands of love for a cinematic form which captures the lyricism, the cadence and the lilt of folk culture." Which film with evergreen hits like 'Mi Raat Takli' and 'Jambhul Piklya Zaadakhali'? Which 1979 film widely believed to be responsible for the revival of Indian classical music in film scores began with the following introduction by its director K Vishwanath:"'Music is enjoyed equally by babies, animals and even snakes. We hope you appreciate our effort in bringing you the Jeeva Dhara of Indian classical music."? Shri Ajay Kumar Mittal, currently The Joint Secretary of Indian Blind Sports Association (IBSA), is one of the contenders for the chairmanship of Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) -a statutory body, mandated to regulate the training policies and programmes in the field of rehabilitation of persons with disabilities. Way back in the 70s when Mittal was working as a Principal with Blind Relief Association’s school in New Delhi, he was a little stubborn with a Doordarshan staffer who was there to make a feature on the occasion of World Blind Day. The staffer was inspired to make a telefilm 'Raina Beeti Jaye’, starring Kulbhushan Kharbanda and Sushma Seth and later fleshed out the idea for a feature film debut. Which film thus resulted? This G Aravindan film's title alludes to the image of Seeta that Rama sets by his side for Ashwamedha Yagna. The film, a mythological reinterprets Valmiki's Ramayana in two ways. Seeta is not shown onscreen, but represented by elements of nature like rustling of leaves or rain only, and it casts as epic heroes members of a tribe called Ramachenchus which claim lineage from Rama. Ramachenchus hail from Andhra Pradesh where the film was shot. Which critically acclaimed film? Rabindra Dharmaraj, died young, after making just one film. This film set in Bombay slums starred Smita Patil and some of her shots interacting with real slum dwellers were captured using hidden cameras, Patil won her second NFA Best Actress award for the film. Which film? In early 70's Maharashtra was rocked by 10 serial murders over a period of 14 months in a village called Manwat. The motive was later discovered to be ritual killings. Two directorial debuts took their inspiration from these murders. The first was Ramdas Phutane's Sarvasakshi (1979). Which actor made his directorial debut with the other feature- Aakreit (1980) where he also plays a village boss whose mistress initiates the ritual murders to cure her sterility? After the debacle of his triple role venture Bairaag, Dilip Kumar took a 6 year break. With which 1981 multi-starrer superhit where he played a character-role for the first time, did he stage a comeback? Rohini Hattangadi was tied with Maureen Stapleton for 'Reds' for the Best Supporting Actress Award at BAFTA for her performance in 'Gandhi'. Which actress was nominated in the Best Actress that year for an Indian production, missing out to Katherine Hepburn for 'On Golden Pond'? Diane Keaton for 'Reds' and Sissy Spaceck for 'Missing' were other nominees that year. The actress also lost the National Award to Rekha for 'Umrao Jaan' for what many believe to be a










82 83


Which 1982 film starring Marc Zuber, Shabana Azmi and Dipti Naval directed by a filmmaker rest of whose filmography features several sexploitation films was based on a Vijay Tendulkar play, which itself was based on an Indian Express newsstory by Ashwini Sarin on a Rs 2300 purchase Sarin made at Dholpur? In a TV interview, this director stated that the theme of his 1982 Tamil hit- a temporary relationship between a child-woman and a matured man which ends abruptly- was based on his relationship with actress Shobha who committed suicide shortly after their marriage. Which film? Mortal Men Immortal Melodies was a massive concert held in Feb 1982 in Shanmukhanand Hall, Mumbai to commemorate 50 years of sound and music in Indian cinema. Several veterans like Ashok Kumar, Talat Mehmood, Rajkumari and Lata sang their own songs while a bunch of young singers sang the songs of singers who were not around. Whose visit to India specifically for this concert was the cause of much media attention? Door Wadiyon Mein Kahin (1983) was an experimental film with no songs and only ambient sounds doubling up as a background score. The critical response was mostly positive except for the Times of India critic. The maverick producer-director took out a one page ad thanking the appreciative critics and taking on Khalid, the TOI critic in his characteristic style-signed 'yours boldly'. Who was the director? Banker Margayya-a 1983 Kannada film by TS Nagabharana was described by RK Narayan to be the only 'authentic' screen version of his fiction. This was still a few years before Shankar Nag's iconic TV series based on his works. About a smooth talking character who operates from under a banyan tree to help people secure loans from a bank branch across the street, which Narayan novel is the film based on? Which cinematographer turned director, whose first film as independent DoP was a filmed version of Vijay Tendulkar's play 'Shantata! Court Chalu Aahe'- has consistently worked on stage adaptations on film adapting such diverse playwrights as Mahesh Elkunchwar, Manjula Padmanabhan, Ibsen, Lorca and Strindberg- and some original screenplays by Tendulkar himself? The first Kannada 'silent' film made by Mohan Bhavanani starring Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay was based on a classic literary source, the same literary source was mined again for another adaptation by a towering literary and cinematic figure from Karnataka in 1984. Which 1984 film? Which 'iconic' sequence from this 1985 blockbuster was originally shot at Harshil near Gangotri, and was later re-shot at Randha Falls near Bhandardhara in Maharashtra? Which 1987 film shot in Saurashtra was screened abroad as A Touch of Spice? Which 1988 Cannes Mention d'honneur winning film about an old man coping with his son's disappearance was inspired from the real life incident of disappearance of Rajan, a Naxalite sympathiser during the emergency in Kerala? This 1988 film co-produced by Chiranjeevi is widely seen as an attempt to win critical respectability by the Southern superstar. The film which starred him as a Carnatic musician won the National Film Award for National Integration. Incidentally the name of the movie also contains the name of a musical instrument, which became synonymous with a dance step Chiranjeevi fashioned

later in a song in Indra-a dance move which he claims to be part of his fitness regime as well. Name the award winning 1988 film.




This less-seen and much talked about film from 1988 is a stream of consciousness narrative about a small town young boy Om and his fantasies, which the filmmaker described as his tribute to Ajmer, the town he grew up in. The film was brought back into attention a few years ago as a song sequence from the film formed the basis of another hit. Which film? Two late 1980's films brought into focus Parsis- a community otherwise not much represented in cinema. The first was Pestonjee by Vijaya Mehta based on BK Karanjia's short story starring Shabana Azmi, Anupam Kher and Naseeruddin Shah. The other film was a Gujarati film about a young Parsi boy who seeks solace in Western Classical music to escape his domineering mother at home, and also from troubles at his workplace. Which 1989 film, which remains Pervej Mehrwanji's only feature? In which common category did actresses Simple Kapadia, Sarika and Dolly Ahluwalia win their respective first National Film Awards? In Kapadia's case, it is the only National award she has won.



90 91


93 94


Which art-house director directed Badal Dwar (The Cloud Door)-a short film featuring Anu Agrawal as a princess and a talking parrot-made as a part of German producer Regina Ziegler Film's compilation of short erotic films called Erotic Tales? Radhavinod Raju, the first chief of India's National Investigation Agency served as the inspiration for the character of Sethurama Iyer in a series of hits beginning 1988. Which 3-letter acronym is common to the titles of three of these four films, or alternatively which actor played Iyer in these films? Which actor turned director with Everybody Says I'm Fine (2001), a film about a hairdresser who can read people's minds when he's cutting their hair? Lets's Talk (2002) claimed to be India's first digital film was made by a team of adfilm makers and brought Boman Irani's versatility to the notice of many. The film stars Irani as a husband who reacts to his wife's infidelity in varying moods - all in her imagination. Director Ram Madhvani claims that his inspiration was a traditional Indian musical form, also quoted in the film's OST, where a single idea or a single thought is expressed in multiple moods. Which musical genre? Which Rituparno Ghosh film also starring Sharmila Tagore and Nandita Das has Rakhi playing a middle aged pishi who helps solve a murder mystery much like Miss Marple from Christie novels? Gautam Ghosh's 2003 film Abar Aranye (In the Forest ...Again) starring Tabu and Sharmila Tagore is a supposed sequel to which film? Which theatre veteran from the heyday of experimental Marathi theatre and screenplay writer made her directorial debut at the ripe age of 59 with the 2006 film Maati Maay based on Mahashweta Devi's short story 'Baayen' (Witch) starring Nandita Das and Atul Kulkarni? Which director associated with some of the biggest hits from last few years is son of Raj Khosla- yesteryear's director and Guru Dutt associate? His debut film-a roadmovie starring Ajay Devgan and Saif Ali Khan had the same title as his father's mid 70's dacoit drama starring Vinod Khanna and Kabir Bedi.

96 97




Which 2010 film that its maker describes as a rap musical has its music scored by the alternative rock band Five Little Indians? Which Marathi film concerning the politics around a village temple became only the third Marathi film to win Best film Award at National Film Awards after Shyamchi Aai and Shwas? Rajshree Ojha's 2002 student film Badger starring Kal Penn was based on a Jug Suraiya short-story which is part of ICSE curriculum. Her 2007 film Chaurahein was based on short stories by Nirmal Verma. Which unlikely literary source did she adapt for her 2010 film- her first commercial release? The 2012 winner for National Film Award for Best Hindi Film is a film about a crewhand on a location shoot near Rajasthan border, who is abducted by a Pakistani terrorist group indulging in piracy of Indian films and who ends up bonding with his kidnappers over their common love for Hindi films. What is the name of the film which shares its name with a prominent studio from 1950s behind such hits as Anarkali, Paying Guest and Nagin? Which director who has delivered a 2013 hit started out as an actor in a 1997 film 'Uff Yeh Mohabbat' opposite Twinkle Khanna?

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