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Budget Reflection 2

The impact of student enrollment for both district and your individual school is a tremendously part of all functions in your school. First, student enrollment determines over 50% of the District State Revenue. At Iditarod Elementary we are projecting for an increase in students as part of the new prison and the relocation of Alaska Prisoners back to Alaska from Arizona and other states. The school district expects by next school year for 1,000 families to relocate to the Mat-Su School District and they believe IDE will see an impact.

At IDE, we are at 67% of the amount of students that are registered through The Title One Grant. We are expecting to receive $186,000 for the 2013-2014 school year and this depends on how many schools apply for Title One and then the funds are equally distributed to all the schools in our district. Through these funds the budget consideration for next year will set for 3 parts in Instruction, Professional Development and Parent Involvement.

In Instruction, the goal for next year is to receive 1.5 persons for hire. School materials such as the relicense of The Lexia and Dreambox computer programs will be purchased. In the area of Professional Development, teachers will be given opportunities of extended learning courses and for extended learning for the students in the computer room prior to regular school hours. The last part of this budget, the continuous funds for the Pastries for Parents for the morning family reading on a quarterly base, four family nights and the Back to School barbeque dated for August 14th to explain about our school process and the Title One process.

The actual budget to run our school is $3,079,904 that was approved last year by the district. We are expecting to receive this and more for the SY 2013-2014. This depends on the amount of students and week 3 Oct. student numbers outcome. This covers Regular Ed Instruction, Special Ed. Instruction, Health Services, Library/Media Services, School Administration Support, Operations and Maintenance, Student Activities, School Materials, Improvement of Instruction and School Upgrades.

The funds for each section are transferable to a degree. Each grade is allotted on average $300 to each teacher and it depends on what it is used for. Each grade can receive funds for special services and each grade fund raises too. Some of the fund raising such as selling t-shirts, bake sales, root-beer floats for sale at lunch to popcorn sale. These funds through fund raising go towards items each grade decides to spend the funding on. Such as field trips, special items for the holidays and supporting student needs.

At IDE, our current numbers of students are at 354 students at the moment. We have large class sizes and average 27 students per class. The support of Title One funding, mainly towards our reading program to help supplement all the students in grades one and two, this will help support developing

higher test scores for our students through the guide lines of our STEPP process for the 3rd grade and up for SBA and MAP testing. These funds are not transferrable of Title One money toward everyday expenses and just for specific student learning growth.

The learning process of the development of the school budget was extensive. There was a lot of vague information at first learning this information as my mentor really doesnt know much of the budget as our head secretary does the budget for the school. She was my go to man in understanding her spreadsheets. She was my savior in this project and I thanked her for her information. She also reminded me that these numbers come to her by the district office and that the Instructional Department, Maintenance and Federal Programs mainly give her the numbers to work with. She mainly makes sure that there are checks and balances through the school year.

Building by grades


Projected 13 class.)

9.3 74.4 58.4 55.45 50.95 51.40 61.40_= 361.3 (Increase of one student each