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Teaching Practice Lesson Plan

Date Time SST 25/4/2013 8:20-9:10 Buthaina Student teacher School Class No of students Noora Khalfan Al Sabahiya School Grade 10 25

Lesson Flipbook unit/page Context of the lesson

This is the first lesson on Flipbook. I will introduce the flipbook the students and then they have to make 1 sample

Teaching goal (State clearly what it is you plan to teach in this lesson eg The overall aim of the lesson is to teach
the simple present tense of be and have got)

Students will be able to define flipbook Each student should produce 1 flipbook which will be counted as their project

Learning objectives
Watching video to engage students Discussing about some famous animators Worksheets about flipbook watching videos and completing worksheet Students should be able to produce flip book

Assumptions about prior learning (Mention what the ss know from previous lessons or their experience eg
The learners will have encountered or be familiar with or aware of...)

Some students might have some knowledge about how to make videos. some students may familiar with particular software or website about flipbook. Anticipated problems and possible solutions (Mention problems and solutions related to management,
tasks or students e.g Some learners will find it difficult to differentiate initial consonants p and b, so I will clear ly demonstrate/model the soft and hard sounds. Or The lesson follows PE so I will need to use a settling activity at the beginning of lesson)

Certain students may have difficulty to draw the avatar for flipbook. So I will suggest them some simple easy drawing to do like sunset and sunrise. Also, some students may have some difficulty to finish the first step which is required in the class so I will try to scaffold them by giving some suggestions. Personal focus for this lesson (Based on your previous observed lesson, identify one or two aspects that
need improving. Eg. be more animated, monitor children more closely, provide more challenging tasks etc) I will focus on specific things, like I will try to control students by providing interesting tasks. Moreover I need to work on how to be more confident while teaching.

Target language (list language being taught

eg.vocabulary, structures, functions)

Teacher language (list language used by you, the

teacher, eg. questions, instructions and explanations)

TP2a 2006-7

Fold Draw Think

Can you draw simple drawing Work individual Help each other Give me simple definition of flipbook

Main tasks or activities (list the tasks in sequence

eg flashcard recognition, worksheet, drawing posters etc) 1- Activity 2- Discussing about ideas of flipbook

Resources and teaching aids (list the aids eg.

realia, poster, WB, flashcards etc) 1- Poweroint 2- vidoes 3- Worksheets

Consider these grouping strategies:

Consider where the children are working:

Group work

At middle of the class At their desk

TP2a 2006-7

Lesson Procedure Time/ stage

1. Engagement 5 mins

Teacher activity (T will ) Video I I will show students tom and jerry video to introduce the topic Discussion I will ask students some questions about the video also I will discuss them about some famous animator

Student activity (eg. In groups ss will ) Students will watch a short video about Tom and Jerry, that will help them to get idea about todays lesson

Tutor Comment

Building Knowledge 10 mins

Students will share their information about some cartoon and animator which will help them to understand todays lesson,.

Transformation 15 mins

worksheet I will give students worksheet which include some questions which will show students old knowledge about the concepts

Students will be handed worksheet and they have to work in pairs so they cab share their ideas and remember their old knowledge

Presentation 10 mins

Vidoes and the 6 hats I will show 3 videos about flipbook so students will understand the topic by watching videos one by one and answering the question. After that I will give each student worksheet about 6 hats so they can find out it from todays lesson Working on project I will give each student worksheet

Students will work in pairs they will answer he question and then they will watch video to compare their answers after that whole call will discuss about it Students will get worksheet about 6 hats which is their pervious lesson and they have to link it to todays lesson. Each sudent will be handed worksheet about their project and they have to gain 5 marks in the class before leave. 3

Reflection 5 mins TP2a 2006-7

which includes their project , as it is the first lesson I will let them start to do the first step .

TP2a 2006-7

TP2a 2006-7