 material used for in boiler supporting structure, platforms, duct work & its supports has been selected.

 Trend analysis and optimal design analysis are the techniques used for calculation purpose.  Interpretation, Conclusions and suggestions are purely base on my opinion and suggestions provided by the project guide.

TECHNIQUES TO BE USED:  Information: Records of rework, additional material or repair conducted on boilers already supplied by the company.  Function Analysis: Understand the functions of various arrangements of Duct work, platforms for approach to various components of boiler.  Creative: Generate a quantity of ideas related to other ways to perform the functions.  Evaluation: Reduce the quantity of ideas that have been identified to a short list of ideas with the greatest potential to improve the project and meet the Value Engineering study objective.  Development: Further analyze and develop the short list of ideas and develop those with merit into value alternatives.  Presentation Phase / Implementation: Present value alternatives to management team and other project stakeholders or decision makers.


major design and development resources have not yet been committed and the manner in which the basic function of the project is to perform . design. Lawrence Miles and Harry Erlicher at GE looked for acceptable substitutes for materials. the name gradually changed to Value Engineering. This process is achieved by assessing materials. and requirements. The key metric/factor is to achieve the desired results without compromising on quality and performance of the product. They noticed that these substitutions often reduced costs. and in some cases. product. availability. process. quality and safety. VAVE is the process of reducing costs in a development project. At this point. reliability. VAVE is a systematic process used by a multidisciplinary team. there were shortages of skilled labor and raw materials. deliverables. by maintaining or improving performance and quality requirements of the product. What started out as an experiment driven by necessity was turned into a systematic process. Projects that use Value Engineering in the early development or conceptual stages are generally more successful due to common understanding of the objectives. system.e. As others adopted the technique. during World War II. They called their technique “Value Analysis”. improved the product.LITERATURE REVIEW: Value engineering began at General Electric Co. The outcome should result in savings to the client / end user without compromising the intent of the design. both. processes and or products and offering alternatives. or service for the purpose of achieving the essential functions at the lowest life cycle cost consistent with required performance. Because of the war. directed at analyzing the functions of a project. i.

 Top Bearing Bracket Assembly: By keeping same function the design of the existing Top bearing Bracket assembly was modified to achieve savings Saving in Raw material (Rs. Torsion Testing Machine etc. in which the material. 110/-). Hardness Tester. Machining Cost (Rs. Value Engineering Study : Universal Testing Machine which is manufactured in Balancing Instruments and Equipments Ltd. Reducing one bearing (Rs. AN EXAMPLE: Background and Problem Statement: A case study of a Universal Testing Machine (UTM).33 %. all phases of a project. 1450/-) and percentage saving in this proposal 19. (Maharashtra) since from last 35 years.   Recorder Gears: By using Nylon Gears and Pinion. Therefore some components were selected from UTM and on which Value Analysis technique for the cost reduction was applied. flexibility. build teamwork and reduce risks. Value Analysis technique of cost reduction was conducted on followings components of UTM and achievements were made as indicated for each component. and for organizational processes. achieve lower costs. They are also manufacturing big range of testing machines i. Total saving by modifying design( Rs. 90/-). improve efficiency. the motion can be easily given to the chart roller and rack scale. It was observed that the unnecessary increase in cost is due to the use of expensive material.has not been established. we can select the required load range and also cam position and dial markings can be suitably changed. and creativity. 150/). Range Selector Knob: By using Nylon Selector Knob. An important aspect of Value Engineering lies in its ability to respond with timeliness. Value Engineering is almost unlimited in its ability to identify areas of potential savings. It can be used for new or existing programs. Miraj. Impact Testing Machine. Applied with flexibility and creativity. Universal Testing Machine was selected for case study as it is most popular and relatively fast moving product.  Dial Bracket: By keeping same function the design of the existing dial bracket can be modified raw material of cost ( Rs.e. . 900/-) hence 10% savings. design of components is changed according to the value engineering methodology. assure compliance. Reducing one pin ( Rs. increase in variety of hardware items and thereby increasing the inventory and so on. so alternative ways may be identified and considered. Value Engineering can be used to improve quality. 1100/-).

FSAVE. Ingersoll Rand. design etc can be modified to lower costs and make company’s products more competitive in the market. 800-E. College of Dunaújváros Hungary. “Can Value Added Strategies Enhance the Competitiveness Of Products?”  Don J.. Record file of the costing and reports on rework done & additional material supplied to various installations were collected for analysis of the same. So that the process. Hosseinali Nahavandi. Gerhardt. “Value Engineering and Its Effect in Reduction of Industrial Organization Energy Expenses” . Chien-Ming SHIEH and Chi-Chang LAI. Ferenc Nádasdi .D. “Utilization of TRIZ with DFMA to Maximize Value. Habil. Dunaújváros. Táncsics M.. sankey. “The Use of Design Charettes to Enhance the Practice of Value Engineering”  Fang-Lin CHAO.”  Dr. REFERENCES:  James D. Davison. 1/a.”  John b. “Value Engineering in Product Renovation”  Habibollah Najafi. Hand Wheel: With the same function the material of Hand Wheel can be replaced by Nylon WORK DONE: the Valve Analysis on existing products on the company. 28036. CVS. Beaty street. u. Bolton. “Managing Value Engineering in New Product Development. Amir Abbas Yazdani. NC. Ph.

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