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Soundarya Lahari Slokas/Yantras No.

SLOKA NO. 1:"Shivah Shakthyaa Yuktho Yadi Bhavathi Shakthaha Prabhavithum Na Chedevam Devo Na Khalu Kushalaha Sphandithumapi Athasthvaamaaraadhyaam Hariharavirinchaadibhirapi Prananthum Sthothum Vaa Kathamakruthapunyaha Prabhavathi!" Literal Meaning: "Shiva becomes capable of creating the Universe, only when united with Shakthi (Thee), but otherwise (when not so joined with Thee), He is incapable of even a stir, How then could one, who has not acquired merit (punya)- in this and previous births worship Thee or atleast praise Thee, who is adored even by Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma and others?" Mode of worship: Yantra for sloka No.1 to be made on a gold plate. Sit facing East. Chant the above verse 1001 (1000) times daily, for 12 days. Archana: Chant Lalitha Sahasranamam offering red hibiscus or any other red flowers. Offerings: Cooked rice, scrapings of coconut kernel mixed with powdered jaggery and ghee. BENEFICIAL RESULTS: prosperity, granting of cherished purposes and solution to intricate problems. Literal results: The yin and yang factor (feminine and masculine factor) is balanced. Treats hormonal imbalance. Female devotees facing severe marital problems will be able to bring issues under their control/ curb abusive tendencies in husband. If living in a joint family, there will be harmony between female devotee and in laws. This sloka could help females even in work atmosphere, in gatherings etc. At least 11 times chanting is a must every day. Soundarya Lahari Slokas/Yantras No.2

SLOKA NO.2 :"Thaneeyaamsam Paamsum Thava Charanapankeruhabhavam Virinchisanchinvan Virachayathi Lokaanavikalam! Vahathyenam Showrihi Kathamapi Sahasrena Shirasaam Haraha Sankshudyainam Bhajathi Bhasithodhoolanavidhim!" Literal Meaning: "Collecting minute particles of the dust falling from Thy lotus-feet, Brahma creates this limitless and mysterious Universe without any imperfection, Vishnu in the form of Adisesha though with thousand heads, bears it with great effort and Shiva reducing the particles into ashes besmears His body with them at the time for dissolution!" Mode of worship: Yantra to be made on a gold plate. Sit facing North. Chant the sloka 1000 times daily for 45 (or 55/ or 12) days.

Archana: Chant Lalitha Trishathi offering vermillion. Offerings: Sweet milk gruel, coconuts and fruits. BENEFICIAL RESULTS: Gaining vast influence over others and fascination of those around. Literal Results: To meditate on the feet of the Goddess. Mitigates evil influence of Rahu ( evil placement of Rahu in the horoscope and during Rahu Maha dasa), useful for devotees whose moon is in the constellation of Ardra, Swathi and Satabhisham. Atl east 11 times chanting every day is recommended to attain prescribed results. Soundarya Lahari Slokas/Yantras No.3

SLOKA NO.3:"Avidyaanaamanthasthimiramihiradweepanagari Jadaanaam Chaithanyasthabakamakarandashruthijhari! Daridraanaam Chinthaamanigunanikaa Janmajaladhau Nimagnaanaam Damshtraa Muraripu Varaahasya Bhavathi!" Literal Meaning: "The dust of Thy lotus-feet is the Island City, wherefrom takes place the luminous sun-rise of spiritual illumination driving away the over-casting darkness of ignorance in the hearts of the devotees. It forms the cluster of flower buds from which gushes forth the nectar of intelligence. enlivening the dull-witted. It is a veritable necklace of wish-yielding gems for the poverty-stricken. And for those immersed in the ocean of wordly affairs, it becomes their up-lifter like the Tusk of Vishnu, which raised the earth from submergence in pralayaa waters when He incarnated as the Cosmic Boar." Mode of worship: Yantra to be made on a gold plate. Sit facing North-East. Chant the sloka 2000 times (1008) daily, for 45 (54,15) days. Archana: Chant Lalitha Trishathi offering white flowers such as jasmine, etc. Offerings: Cooked rice, cakes of black gram, honey and betels with slices of areca nut. BENEFICIAL RESULTS: Attainment of versatile knowledge, particularly of Vedas. Literal Results: This sloka is a remedy for people who are weak in grasping and memory power. Extremely helpful in enhancing performance levels in academics. Atleast a recitation of 11 times a day will bring remarkable changes in a dull student. It is also important to note that the key objects mentioned in all slokas would bear fruit. In this particular sloka, the mention of gems and necklace would yield results as sloka attains power through chanting. This is also a prayer to one of the Dasavatharas of Lord Vishnu, the Varaha Avathaara! Soundarya Lahari Slokas/Yantras No.4

SLOKA NO.4:"Thvadanyaha Paanibhyaamabhayavarado Daivathaganaha Thvamekaa Naivaasi Prakatithavaraabheethyabhinayaa! Bhayaatthraathum Daathum Phalamapi Cha Vaanchaasamadhikam Sharanye Lokaanaam Thava Hi Charanaaveva Nipunau!" Literal Meaning: "All deities except Thee, vouchsafe protection to devotees and grant their desires by gestures of their hands. Thou alone art not given to any such external demonstration of giving boons and shelter. It is so because Thy feet are by themselves powerful to protect those in the grip of fear and grant more than what is desired by devotees." Mode of worship: Yantra to be made on gold or silver plate. Sit facing North-East (or East). Chant this sloka 3000 (1000) times daily for 36, (40,16) days. Offerings: Rice cooked with green-gram pulse, cooked rice mixed with lemon juice, bits of sugarcane and milk. BENEFICIAL RESULTS: Cures diseases, grants freedom from fear and poverty; enables possessions of vast estates. Literal Results: To meditate on the feet of the Goddess while reciting sloka suited for dancers and instrumentalists, as the focus is on hands and feet. More benefits are derived apart from attaining desired benefit. At least 11 times a day. Soundarya Lahari Slokas/Yantras No.5

SLOKA NO.5:"Haristhvaamaaraadhya Pranathajanasowbhaagyajanani Pura Naaree Bhoothvaa Puraripumapi Kshobanayath Smaropi Thvaam Nathvaa Rathinayanalehyena Vapushaa Muneenaamapyanthaha Prabhavathi Hi Mohaaya Mahathaam!' Literal Meaning: "Adoring Thee who art the Bestower of all prosperity on all Thy votaries, Hari (Vishnu) was once able to become a charming female and stir waves of passion in the mind of the most impassioned Shiva, the destroyer of the three cities and the enemy of Kaamaa. Has not Smaraa (Kaamaa, the God of love) because of having bowed before Thee, obtained a personality, pleasingly attractive to the eye of his beloved Rathi and become capable of generating passion even in the minds of great sages!" Mode of worship: Yantra to be made on a copper plate or on fine turmeric powder.Sit facing East (some suggest having Yantra on the head). Chant this sloka 2000 (1001) times daily for 8 (12) days. Archana: Chant Durga Ashtotharam and Lalitha Ashtotharam offering red flowers and vermillion. Offerings: Rice cooked with green gram pulse, gruel made of green gram pulse and jaggery, honey and coconuts. BENEFICIAL RESULTS: Power to fascinate men and women, entice people. Literal Results: " Sowbhagyam" (contentment in all areas of life -a quality applicable to men and women) is the result, apart from the ability to develop a magnetic personality at work, social gatherings or at home. The devotee has the capacity to charm anybody he/she meets or contacts.

Soundarya Lahari Slokas/Yantras No.6

SLOKA NO. 6:"Dhanuh Paushpam Maurvi Madhukaramayi Panchavishikaah Vasanthah Saamantho Malayamarudaayodhanarathaha! Thathaapyekaha Sarvam Himagirisuthe Kaamapi Krupaam Apaangaaththe Labdhvaa Jagadidamanango Vijayathe!" Literal Meaning: Oh daughter of the snow-clad Himalaya mountain!Kaamadeva, the God of love, has only a bow made of arrows, with its string comprised of a cluster of honeybees, and arrows barely five. The spring season (periodical and undependable) is his assistant and the southern breeze, his war-chariot. Yet, with such frail equipment, bodiless and alone though he be, Manmatha conquers the entire Universe, having obtained some favor through Thy benign side-glance. Mode of worship: Yantra to be made on a gold plate or milk placed in a siver utensil.Sit facing East.Chant thsi sloka 500 times daily for 21 (24) days. Archana: Chanting of Lalitha Trishathi offering jasmine or any white flowers. Offerings: Bits of sugarcane, milk gruel, betels and slices of areca nut with spices like clove, cardamom, etc. BENEFICIAL RESULTS: Cures impotency, bestows children. Literal Results: For people who require a favor from superiors at work. For anybody with limited resources who intend to start any enterprise/who have to work against odds etc. The "jagadidmanango vijayathe" is a powerful implication in this sloka , bestowing all round success and patronage from higher-ups. This also bestows ability to emerge victorious in competitions. Soundarya Lahari Slokas/Yantras No.7

SLOKA NO.7:"Kvanathakancheedhaamaa Karikalabhakumbhasthananathaa Pariksheenaa Madhye Parinathashcharaschandravadanaa! Dhanurbaanaan Paasham Srunimapi Dadhaanaa Karathalaihi Purasthaadaasthaam Nah Puramadhithuraahopurushikaa!" Literal Meaning: "May the divine Mother with Her slender waist girdled with jingling mini-bells, body slightly bent in the middle by the weight of Her breast resembling the frontal globes of the forehead of a young elephant, Her face blooming like the autumnal moon and Her four hands holding bow, arrow, noose and goad and Who is the pride of Shiva, manifest Her presence before us."

Mode of worship: Yantra to be made on gold plate or holy ashes (bhasma) levelled on a copper plate. Sit facing North-East. Chant this sloka 1000 times daily for 45 (12) days. Archana: Chanting of Durga Shasranamam offering vermillion. Offerings: Cooked rice, curd, fruit-juice and sweet milk gruel. BENEFICIAL RESULTS: Fascinating even royal personages and over-coming enemies. Literal Results: This sloka will directly link the devotee to the Supreme Goddess of Kanchipuram, Kamakshi. She is the dominant One "Purushika" and She literally takes over the devotee and gives her/ him a delicious taste of Her "saannidhyam". Messages, events related to Kanchi Kamakshi will fill the life of the devotee and she/ he is constantly in a state of bliss just thinking about Her. People with Rahu-related problems can overcome difficulties by chanting this sloka. Soundarya Lahari Slokas/Yantras No.8

SLOKA NO.8:"Sudhaasindhormadhye Suravitapivaateeparivruthe Manidweepe Neepopavanavathee Chinthamanigruhe! Shivaakaare Manche Paramashivaparyankanilayaam Bhajanthi Thvaam Dhanyaaha Kathichana Chidaanandalahareem!" Literal Meaning: "Fortunate are those few, who worship Thee, the inundation of Bliss-Consciousness, as reclining on a mattress that is Paramashiva ( the Supreme Shiva or Sadashiva) spread on a couch which too is an aspect of Shiva, inside the mansion constructed of precious chintamani gems, surrounded by the pleasure garden of Neepa trees, in the island of gems of all kinds, encircled by rows of celestial trees, the island itself being situated in the midst of the ocean of nectar." Mode of worship: Yantra to be made on thick sandal paste mixed with saffron powder, placed in a silver plate. Sit facing North-East. Chant this verse 1008 (1000, 1200) times daily for 16 (12) days. Archana: Chanting of Durga Ashtotharam with red flowers. Gingely oil lamp to be lit before the yantra. Offerings: Cooked rice mixed with powdered pepper, jaggery gruel, and coconuts. BENEFICIAL RESULTS: Release from all kinds of bondages, imprisonment and debt, fulfillment of all desires. Literal Results: Luxuries, viewing everything and everybody with a sense of happiness/ or change of residence to a better place/ or a long stay in a beautiful spiritual or holiday retreat. By placing the Goddess in the heart region while chanting the chosen sloka, the wise practitioner superimposes the Divine Mother on his/her jeevatma and allows Her to take over. There could be no better meditation than that! While meditating and chanting (mentally after 11 times of loud chanting), the content of the sloka describing the Goddess, gradually starts applying itself to the practitioner as well, as he/she is replaced by the supremacy of the Divine Mother by placing Her in the heart region. Therefore, the overall meaning and the essence of the concerned sloka begin to unfold in the life/nature/and quality of the practitioner too! The devotee witnesses the meaning of the sloka manifesting in his/her life. The above is easier said than done. For perfect meditation, it is necessary to "believe" that Goddess is certainly within oneself, and while mental chanting, it is important to curb the movements of the tongue. Ultimately, it helps a great deal to develop love and adoration for the Goddess. Bhakthi is misinterpreted as respect and most of us pray in fear and great reverence of our chosen deity. The devotee should feel overflowing love for Her and a joyous reciprocation coming from Her. This interacation between the devotee and the Goddess should be felt by the former as a secret that no one knows of ! The practice of such feelings gradually enlightens the devotee and it finally dawns on him/her that the carefully woven fantasy and the delicious Truth are one and the same! First and foremost, it is essential to start by praying to one's chosen Guru, and who better than the author of this most aesthetic creation, Sri Adi Sankaracharya?

When the body feels heated or feverish, a simple offering of a quarter glass of boiled milk with raisins and sugarcandy (atleast 16 to 20 raisins and 10 pieces of kalkand) should be given to the Goddess and consumed by the devotee. Chanting of Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam will also help in balancing the chakras. Soundarya Lahari Slokas/yaYantras No.9

SLOKA NO.9:"Maheem Mooladhaare Kamapi Manipoore Huthavaham Sthitham Swaadhishtaane Hrudi Maruthamaakaashamupari! Manopi Bhroomadhye Sakalamapi Bhithvaa Kulapatham Sahasraare Padme Saha Rahasi Pathyaa Viharase!' Literal Meaning: Breaking through the mooladhaara, the manipoora, the swaadhishtaana, the anaahatha, the vishuddhi and aagnaa chakras (plexuses) and having crossed pruthvi (earth), apaasa (water), thejasa (fire), vaayu (air), aakashaa (ether) and manasa (mind)- tattvas of the respective chakra, Thou ascending through the Sushumna sporteth with Thy Consort in the solitude of Sahasrara- the thousand-petalled lotus above in the head. Mode of worship: Yantra to be made on gold plate, smeared with paste of musk. Sit facing North-East. Chant this verse 1008 (1000) times, daily for 45 times. Archana: Chanting of Lalith Trishathi offering white flowers. Offerings: Cooked rice, sweet milk-gruel, coconuts and honey. BENEFICIAL RESULTS: Return of persons long absent, mastery over elements. Literal Results: Balancing and activation of chakras. Balancing of the elements in the body and treament of ailments related to elements. Good understanding with spouse. Soundarya Lahari Slokas/Yantras No.10

SLOKA NO.10:"Sudhaadhaaraasaaraischaranayugalaantharvigalitha-ihi Prapancham Sinchanthi Punarapi Rasaamnaayamahasaha! Avaapya Svaam Bhoomim Bhujaganibhamadhyushtavalayam Svamaathmaanam Kruthvaa Swapishi Kulakunde Kuharini!" Literal Meaning:" Drenching the (seventy two thousand) nerves in the body with the flood of nectar gushing from Thy feet, Thou (the kundalini representing Thripurasundari) descendest from the Sahasrara into the hollow of Thy own ground at the lower end of the Sushumna converting Thyself into a serpent with three coils and a half, and sleepest in the crevice in the centre of the moolaadhaara lotus." Mode of worship: Yantra to be made on gold plate. Sit facing East. Chant this sloka 1000- times daily for 6 (9) days.

Archana: Chanting of Durga Shasranamam offering vermillion. Offerings: Cooked rice, plantains and juicy fruits. BENEFICIAL RESULTS: Purification of body frame. Cures watery diseases. In case of women, develops breasts and enables proper menstruation. Literal Results: This sloka invokes Reiki energy. The Supreme Mother Goddess, who is the life-energy force enters the body through the moolaadhaara chakra to raise up ,activating chakras and purifying the entire body frame. For people who are suffering from depression, lack of energy and anaemia, this sloka induces divine energy to rejuvenate the devotee as though he/she has taken a new life. Offering and consuming of a quarter glass of milk with 20 raisins and 10 sugar-candies are mandatory to avoid feverish feeling with body aches.