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KNAPP 29 - Copia

KNAPP 29 - Copia

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Published by: Alfredo Juillet Frascara on Jun 16, 2013
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KNAPP 29. ULTOR Bogson.

Tale of science fiction written by Alfred Juillet Frascara. 29 feb 2012- April 27, 2012. 48560 words. Characters: Mr. Ultor Bogson, lather operator and Film Producer. Mr. Beedix, photographer. Miss Andaria, Beedix fiancée. Ministry of Education: Lord Terobindo. Miss Tesara, neighbor to Ultor Bogson. Manager at the Holofernes Co. : Mr. Tasara. Photo model: Miss Valia. Tech. at Holofernes Co.: Mr. Masoper. Ultor´s friend: Miss Ahara. Model AB 730 synthetic e-woman “Gretchen”. Easy People Technical man: Atoren Gibbons. Doctor Farthon Climbor, Ufologist Space adventurer: Sonmar, Omarion, Miss Fewa.

Second Spaceship crew: to Aurea Constellation. Nurse on the Flier: Miss Neeren. Technical personnel to man the Flier: Miss Klara, Miss Zelda, Mr. Aris, Mr. Anur. Allan, Raberio. Spatial liner “Wings of Heaven”. Captain Wollen Second officer Baverdio. Aurea 2 planet 2: Dictator Lluidenbengens Verande (Trichter (Embudo)). Coins: Aurea. Millionaire collector : Mr. Awtawnerius. Secretary of the collector: Miss Louise. Doctor of the collector: Miss Llewefar.

Aurea 1, planet 2. Crew on the Flier: Miss Klara, Miss Zelda Doctor Miss Llewefar, Mr. Anur (plus 2 hit men). Miss Neeren, Dr. Farthon C., Mr. Saris, Mr. Rabiero, Mr. Allan. In Rixiaberg. Detective Kratories. Films made by Ultor: 1) Creatures of the jungle on Zvei continent. 2) The forgotten ancients”. 3) RON23, 4) Ultor in Peril. 5) The General Hospital. First film:” Creatures of the jungle on the Zvei continent.” Film Editor: Mr. Rowald. Distributor : Mr. Vongord, CP Productions Producer: Mr. Ultor Bogson. First film crew: Lighter: Togamber, Tech film: Hackenfleisch. Hair Stylist: Mr. Fleuredon. First Film Cast: Actors: Lummel, Werft. Starlett: Miss Drera. Film Editor: Mr. Rowald, Mr. Rotrabor, Mr. Akula, Mr. Shingee, Mr. Kieper.

Second film: “The Forgotten Ancients”. Film Producer: Mr. Ultor Bogson. Director: Mr. Relodon. Cast: Malona Marie, Ferdie Wolf Film crew: Rotber, Helldon Production manager: Miss Gretchen

Third Film: RON23. Producer: Mr. Ultor Bogson. Film Director: Mr. Charesse Film Editor: Mr. Rowald. Film crew: Rotber, Helldon. Script: Mr. Telliuj. Chief lightning: Hanro.

Lightning technician: Walvis, Feylin Camera operator: Alfodier Gurusaga Cast: Malona Marie, Ferdie Wolf. Hair Dresser: Mary Follo.

Fourth Film:” Ultor in peril”: Film Crew: Chief lightning: Hanro, Lightning technician: Walvis, Feylin. Camera operator: Saumer, Uribal. Cast: Mr. Tallain, Mr. Tibayan, Ultor. Actresses: Rusalka, Tilal, Ubrica, Siona. Assistants: Four AO Translucent Synthetic persons. Film Editor: Mr. Rowald. Producer: Mr. Ultor Bogson. Fifth film: “Nights at the Hospital General”. Director: Mr. Charesse. Editor: Mr. Warfor. Film crew: Hanro, Walvis, Feylin. Cameraman: Saumer, Assistant Mr. Uribal. Cast of the film: Actors Tallain, Tibayan. Actresses: Rusalka, Tilal, Ubrica, Siona. Attending at the premiere: Lord Enwhom (Ministry of Public Health). Producer: Mr. Ultor Bogson. Chapters. 1.- The Bag 2.- Constellation Aurea. 3.- Landing on Aurea II 4.- Herda Seatown. 5.- On to Aurea Constellation 6.- Landing on Aurea. 7.- Onto the Zvei continent. 8.- In Rixiaberg. 9.- Herda seatown. 10.-Klara in Rixiaberg. Chapter 01.

The bag. Beedix looks at his friend Ultor and said:-” Raise your head a bit more, Ultor! We must give a good impression!” “Oh, but I´m a big nervous.”- Ultor said, smiling crookedly. They were in the antechamber of the Ministry of Education and the ceremonial atmosphere of the place was something that impresses most of the visitors. A lady calls them inside the Lord Terobindo´s office, and they stand up as if bitten by a wasp. “You go first!” – Ultor said, while carrying the papers of their project. The room was wide and decorated with flags and figures up to the ceiling. The ministry was looking at them from a mahogany desk; in front of it there were two arm chairs where they seat, waiting for the Lord to speak first, as the rules of etiquette calls. Finally, he said with a resonant voice:”- Mrs. Beedix and Ultor, film makers. You are here to present me a project about a documental film – flora and fauna at the Zvei continent.” “That´s it, Lord Ministry. You see, we have the best of technicians and three of the best Camera operator, production sound mixer and lightning technician you can find in Oredloro: Mr. Pazuco, Mr. Dadifor and Mr. Crasol.”- And with that Beedix was trying to impress the Ministry, as they were men of renown in their field of expertise. “And I guess the director must be also a good one?”- The noble man asked, with a severe gesture. “Ah, I have the pleasure to tell you that it´s me the sole Director this time!

I have three university degrees and ten documental films that had been receiving good critic and also some awards. “- Beedix said, in passionate terms. “Very well, let´s see the project you are trying to be funded. Have you some working guide , to begin with?”- The Ministry asked them. Ultor handled him the papers and photographs they had been studying, that comprehend more than five hundred pages; the Lord was looking the pages with care, but when reaching the hundred pages he rise his eyes and said:”- I see you have all figured out. Good. Now, let me see… you asks three to four million sopes for the whole project, included the expedition to the Zvei continent. Have you any vehicle of your own?” “In a rented flier, Sir, or perhaps if your Ministry office could ask an Army Force´s vehicle? It would be only to leave our team at the locations, not needing while on filming.”- Beedix said, while the Lord was already moving his head in the negative… “No, no! We cannot distract Army Force personnel in this civilian enterprise! I am sure you will find private tourist agencies that will satisfy your needs. Let me this archives to study your project and see if we can sponsor it. I will call you later.”

“Thanks you , Sir. We´re very grateful for your attention. Good bye.”- Beedix said, and departed out with Ultor. They walked out of the edifice in silence, and then on the street Beedix said:”Precaution! We are walking over ice from now on! If they get a picture of us in a protest against the regime, kiss our project good bye!” Ultor jumped to the next moving way, saying: “All right. I´m not doing anything wrong! And I´ll be working at the factory as always!”- That he said, because he was a lathe operator at the “Holofernes Industries” and soon he was busy making gears for the Flier type BO 935. Beedix went to his photo studios shop thinking in the recent events- the Lord Terobindo was known because he was always helping young film makers, having a nice record of findings- people who soon were the talk of the city, with good films in their records. And this was one of the scant times he accepted people offering him to make a documental film- a lesser theme in the general preferences. Two hours later, Ultor calls him by the cellphone, saying:” I wonder if the Lord could give us the money we need.” “Where are you calling? Aren´t you working?”- Beedix asked his friend, afraid he could be getting caught talking by the phone in working hours. “No problem! I´m at the bath! Five minutes is all this guys allowed in here.”- Ultor chuckled. “We must wait and have calm, buddy! I have my scripts, but of course I will work on them a little more, trim the corners…”- Beedix said. “But remember to add some women to your team! Women are the salt of life!”- Ultor said. “Yes, they will be included. My fiancée, Andaria, told me the other day that she´s going to be with us all of the way! She will not let me loose.”- Beedix said, ending the conversation. Ultor keeps on working and when the whistle told the men that their shift was over, he went out of the Holofernes factory and soon he was busy eating a steak with ersatz potatoes at his preferred place- a movable cart next to the fish market of the city. There were lots of people eating and walking among the fumes of a hundred kitchens. The rumor of voices seems to him the waves of a distant sea. After the meal was over, he went to his place and reads a message from his chief, Mr. Tesara, asking him to work two more hours in the next shift, to replace the two hours he spent in his personal affairs that same morning- meaning, the conversation with the Lord at the Ministry of Education… He was mildly disgusted with that requisition- he was a man who almost never had any permission out of the factory, and now he was going to pay in a hurry for two lousy hours! Certainly his work come first for him, and until the project didn´t come out, he get to stick to his job. He arrives to his apartment in a tower for middle class people- there were living more than six hundred families in it; the most were married people trying to raise children the best way they could afford.

He was a single man in an ocean of broken marriages and lousy couples. His personal possessions were very scarce- mainly a holographic set of old that was the most expensive apparatus on his flat- the rest of his belongings were clothes , shoes and some food at the refrigerator. He rested at his bed for a while, and then he decided he was going to skate –he was good at that, and gives him opportunity to meet women- the ones who had no money to get some classes from an instructor. Ultor takes a bath and put on his sport clothes and with the skate in his hand leaves his apartment, descending in the elevator. A neighbor recognizes him and said:”- Good evening, Mr. Ultor! Going to skate?” She was Miss Tesara, a thin green eyed single old lady, who lived with some relatives on a cramped flat. He replied.” Yes, miss Tesara! And you, going to buy some cigarettes?”The woman makes a movement with her head, replying:”- No! I´m going to visit a friend of mine!” The elevator arrives to the ground floor and Ultor walked out- there were lots of people now using the moving ways- a quarter of an hour later, he arrives to the Central park and beguine to skatethere were not more than thirty persons at the difficult lane, but at the easy flat one there were more than a hundred- he spot several ladies trying to skate, and pinpointed one of them worth to be helped… “Hi! Problems with the skate?”- Ultor asked her- she was tall and green eyed. “Yes! But guess it´s me the one with scant skills! “- She replied, looking at the skate with sadness.. “I can help you with the basics, if you dare!”- Ultor offered, and she accepted with a smile- soon he was teaching her, touching her waist or an arm occasionally- she learnt fast, and soon there were no more failures. “Thanks! Oh, I learnt more with you in half an hour than in a week by myself!”- She recognized. “Glad to have been of help! But you get to learn at the difficult lane!”- Ultor said, pointing to the other side with a finger. “Oh, perhaps tomorrow… I get to go now.”- She said, shyly. “What´s your name? I mean, to call on you tomorrow.”- Ultor asked. “Oh, you want my cellphone number? But it´s without batteries!”“My name is Ultor and here´s my cellphone number”. – He said, handling her his card. She takes it and reads, then she reply:”- I don´t know if I could call on you.” “Don´t worry! See you tomorrow.”- Ultor said, looking how she went away. “Failure” appears in his inner mind, and he sighed, walking back to his flat, but at the entrance he saw a man trying to grab something from a woman. Nobody was helping, so Ultor went to help her, taking the man from the waist and sending him against a wall. The woman run to the stairs, but the man follows her not minding he was attacked by Ultor, who catch up with the guy , and this time he hits hard, taking in consideration there were no witness to stop him- he hits until the guy lay unconscious.

The woman was looking the fight with a bag on her hands, and said when it was over.”- Thanks! Oh, thanks for your help!”- And Ultor saw she had her blouse almost ripped apart. He begin to walk with her, with an arm over her shoulders, and after they were out of sight from the fighters, she said:” Where are you carrying me?” “ You must change your shirt! I´ll provide you with some clothes, at my place, that is near here.” She follows- to the next floor and from there, in the elevator, to the room belonging to Ultor, who by then was really interested in the woman, who was tall and with a very attractive body. He closed the door, saying:”- Take a seat! I´m going for a shirt.” “Thanks.”- She said, looking around- as said, there was not much to look on Ultor´s flat, who returns with a shirt and a sweater of his own. She takes it and said:”- Where can I change my clothes in privacy?” Ultor shows her his bathroom, and closing the door, he walks to her bag- opened it and saw a lot of Bank notes . He takes the bag and run out the flat, takes the elevator on the run and went to Beedix Photo shop, located in a commercial Mall. “Beedix! I get to show you something!”- He said, panting after his running away from that woman. Beedix was taking some photos to an attractive model that was under the lamps in a bathing suit that was very small. “Wait a minute! I´m working right now!”- Beedix said, snapping his fingers in front of Ultor´s face. 8 Ultor Bogson seats on the verge of a seat in the next room, and revised the stacks of sopes bills he had on that bag. At least there were five million sopes in that bag. He wonders what was happening now at his flat- the woman appearing from the bath with his shirt on, and the surprise not to find her bag! Half an hour later, the lady of the bathing suit departed- fully clothed she looks like a common woman in the street, instead of the goddess Ultor had looked minutes ago! Beedix said:”- Now we can talk! I was in a hurry to take those photos! They are already sold.” “I protect a lady who was being attacked, and look what was on her bag!”- And Ultor Bogson shows him the bills. “Wow! Our project is financed already!”- Beedix said, after handling some of the money. “I never imagine they were fighting for money! I was thinking it was only an assault as there are so many in this city!”- Ultor Bogson said. “Where do you leave the woman?”- Beedix asked. “At my apartment! I carry her there to change her shirt that was torn during the fight, when she was changing clothes, I look unto the bag.”- Ultor Bogson explained.

Beedix looks at the ceiling and then he said: “Your gear is in that address! Your papers and your name all around the place! I´ll be not too much surprised if she went to the police and accuses you of robbery.” 9 “It´s possible!”- Bogson said, palling a little- he was thinking that lot of money was worth the tensions he was going to endure. Beedix proceeds to count the money, helped by Bogson, and then they arrive to the number of 7.250.000 sopes in all. “Well, with this quantity we could perform our project already!”- Beedix said, staring at Bogson. “But- the Ministry is working on the funding of our project- what about it?”- Bogson replied. “We´ll wait for his answer – but in the meantime, I´ll call our team to be packing soon! We´ll wait for the Ministry – but not idling!”- Beedix said. “And I cannot return to my place.”- Bogson said. “But I can! I´ll be going there, take whatever has your name on it, and come back! Let´s see –have you some suitcases to carry your things out there?” “A pair of valises, under my bed.” “All right! I´ll see to it, while you stay in here! I´ll be back in a couple of hours.”- Beedix said, leaving the Photoshop´s door closed. Bogson lay on the mattress his friend uses to put their models in order to take pictures of them. And certainly it has the smell of the women that had used it. He puts the money bag under the bed and slept for two hours- awaking when he heard the doorbell resounds when someone opens the door. 10 But it wasn´t Beedix but a lady – in fact, a very attractive woman. “Oh, who are you?”- She asked, showing the keys on her hand- “Where is Beedix?” “He… will come back soon, lady! I´m a friend of him.”- Bogson said. “Ah! Well, guess he´s retarded. And since when are you his friend, that I hadn´t seen you before?”She asked, seating on a bench. Behind her, a panel was showing a sunny beach with a blue sea beyond. Bogson was enthralled with the view- the young woman smiled, knowing she was beautiful, and said:”- My name is Valia, and yours?” “Bogson!”- He said, perspiring. In that moment, the door was opened and Beedix enters, saying:”Your pertinences are now in a safe place.”- Then he saw Miss Valia, and added:”- Valia! Oh, I forgot we had a date! Well, my friend Bogson, you can go now… but I´ll let you out. Come.”- And

walking out the door, he gives him this advice:” You cannot return to your old place, chum! Rent a room for the night, at some Hotel!” “I´m thinking I can keep on working at the factory tomorrow.”- Bogson said. “You just cannot! If that woman accuses you of robbery, they´ll be going there for you!”- Beedix said, and went inside the Photo Studio shop, locking the door. Bogson looks the almost deserted street, but he had the money bag with him, and he regained his self-assurance once more… 11 At his apartment, he barely sleeps, thinking in the money on that bag, in his friend and his honesty… At six o´clock, he went out the bed and walked to the Photo Studio- the door was shut, but he knocked on the glass pane- after twenty minutes of banging, he desists- either Beedix wasn´t there or he was too sleepy to open the door- Bogson realize that he was not be able to endure hours of waiting without doing something, so he walks to the factory, and at eight hours he was again working at the lathe, under the supervision of Mr. Masoper, who gives him indications to make rods and gears for Flyer model AR 730, one of the most popular engines in use. At noon, he went to take his cup of coffee and some biscuits- he also calls on Beedix. This time he did was at his Studio. “How do you sleep tonight, Ultor Bogson?”- The man asked by the cellphone. “Fine. Have you my money in a secure place?”- Ultor Bogson was perspiring with anxiety. He was afraid that his friend could play a trick on him… “Safe and sound. Where are you now, Bogson?”“At my work. The best place to forget about what I did to that woman!”- Bogson said. “Brave boy! Hope you don´t get caught. See you here at twenty one hours.”- Beedix said, ending the conversation. 12 Bogson worked until eighteen hours, and then he went to by a new skate- at twenty hours the young lady appears with her skate and salutes him with a wave of her hand. Bogson approaches, saying: “Hello! Ready to visit the next lane?”She laughed and said.”- Not yet! I ´ll skate here some more, Bogson.” “Oh, you remember my name! But I didn´t know yours.”- He said. “It´s Ahara.”- She announced, smiling. They skated until twenty one hours and this time Ulton was the one departing first. At the Photo Studio, Beedix was photographing a nice blonde girl, who was a real beauty- clothed with a small pants and naked breasts. Twenty minutes later, she went out the Studio Shop and Beedix said:” Nice girl, eh? A real beauty! These photos will give me good money.” “This waiting time is killing me! I don´t know if they´re out to take me or not!”- Bogson said.

“I told you not to keep on working! You could be caught as a thief, and I´ll need you in my future expedition!”- Beedix said, handling him a glass of liquor. They drink and Beedix produces the bag with the money inside, saying:”- Here it´s your money, but I recommend you to hide it in a very safe place.” 13 “I get to rent a new apartment. The stuff was recovered?” – Bogson asked to his friend. “It´s all at my house! But I´m sorry I cannot give you shelter there- my fiancée has a very bad temper- I cannot give you more than advices by now.”- Beedix said. “I understand your fiancée is beyond your best friend… Remember I had met her in the past. And are you going to take her in your expedition too? It could be the best for everyone that she could stay at home.”- Bogden said. “No way, friend! Sorry about that! I will carry her because I´m in love with her beauty!”- Beedix said, pouring some more liquor on the glasses. Bogden moves his head but said no more- now he had the money back and with renewed strength he said:”- Well, guess now I´ll rent some small apartment while I wait for the expedition to move out.”“Yes, you do that!”- Beedix said, and they departed, after closing the Photo Studio- Bogden knew it was too late to begin looking for a rent, so he just choose a good hotel where he could lodge for the night, and sign the book as “Jener Borsoff”. But unbeknownst to him, the man at the desk had a bar code reader and soon he knew that Mr. Jener Borsoff was Bogson- and that he was required by the Police, to inquire of him about a burglary. 14 By then, Bogson was already sitting at a chair on his room, but notwithstanding that, the Administration sent a bellboy to knock on his door. Bogson opened it, and the Synthetic Assistant said:”- Mr. Bogson, here is your money back.”- And handled him the sopes he had paid at the Counter. “But , why? I hadn´t done anything bad in here!”- He said, looking outraged. “Here you had done no harm, but you are being hunted by the police.”- The Bellboy said. “All right, I understand. Thanks your boss for not having call on the cops.”- Bogson said. “Don´t thank us, Sir. We had only delayed that call. You have three minutes to leave this building.”- The Bellboy announced; Bogson grabs his bag and hurriedly leaves that Hotel, much to the laughter of the General Manager, that never sent any message to the Police, having erased every trace of Mr. Bogson´s stay at his hotel. But Bogson was certainly notified, on the most warmest of ways, of his present situation: searched by the police that has one eye on every lamp post of the city.

He lurked in the dark, searching on the trash cans, until he finds something with what to change a bit his appearance; with his new look, he only could find lodge at a Public Resting place, where they only asked of him to bathe before going to a bed in a room with twenty other beds- people without money could sleep there, where everyone must keep quiet his mouth and went out the building before seven in the morning. At five o´clock, there were two guys trying to get on his shoes, so he kicked them and went out of the place, enraged with himself. Luckily for him, a Flier taxi was leaving a client nearby, so he took it´s services, and gives his own address, thinking that nobody would be looking for him at that hour. His flat was without lock- it was neatly retired from its place; he revised the site- lots of things on the floor, perhaps thrown by his friend Beedix. He rearranged his bed and gets to sleep, too tired to be afraid of the police. At seven o´clock an alarm clock resounds on the floor at the next room, and he awakes suddenly. He went to the bathroom and takes a shower, putting on his wrinkled clothes again- he opened the door and walked unnoticed, but at the ground floor the janitor calls on him, saying:” Are you going to change your door lock, Mr. Bogson? Because I saw it broken.” “Yes, I notice the same thing. Please put a new one there- somebody tries to enter without the proper key.”- Bogson said, and walked out of the building: of one thing he was sure: he will not come back in there in the future. 16 He was now at a Snack Bar, eating his breakfast, when Beedix calls him by the cellphone. “Hey, buddy! How it was your night at the flat?” “Very good, and how´s my stuff?”- Bogson asked. “I have it at the Railway Station locker! The safest place in this world! Do you want the key?” “Yes, because I have some plans. Where do I meet you?”- Bogson asked him. “No need to see me, pal! It has a combination. Remember this: lock A 22, and the password is “photobed”; could you remember this? Or better still, put in writing right away.”- Beedix recommended. Bogson remembered it, and soon afterwards he was taking his bag away from that place, and went to a second hand seller, to buy himself a Flier vehicle. “You come to the right place! I have here a super model AJC 730! It was made eight years ago, but you know what?”- The synthetic model said, looking smart. “It was in a backyard.”- Ultor tries to guess. “Almost better! It was the property of an old lady! She passed away just two weeks ago, without even using it! Look at the ciphers!”- The synthetic vendor said, and at the console Ultor reads “1.500 Kilometers.”

“Looks promising, but I guess the lady did uses it !”- Ultor said, smiling dubiously- he knew this second hand shops usually erase numbers using a simple machine. 17. “We are selling this Flier in just three million sopes! A new model in this category could reach the six million sopes easily!”- The Vendor said, starting the engine- it barely was any sound. “Let´s hovered a bit! Please attach yourself and the bags you are carrying to a chair, please!”- The Synthetic person asked, with a mellifluous voice. Ultor did as told and then they hovered over the field for about eight minutes with a swift encirclement of about ten kilometers all around. They descended on a handkerchief, and Ultor was really impressed. “I have only two million sopes for this acquisition.”- He said, trying to spend less money as possible. “Oh, I´m sorry, Sir! Of course, we could open a credit line for you- with monthly payments with an interest you´ll be not noticing.”- The Vendor offered immediately. “No, I just want to pay two million sopes for a vehicle- and perhaps that´s too much for me.”- Ultor assured to the vendor. He was offered some other vehicles, but they did not look as new, or barely new. They look really run-down and so he went out of there with a sad expression in his face. A Flier taxi stops near him, so he jumps in, saying:”- Take me to a middle class hotel! Not in a dangerous spot of the city, of course.”- Ultor asked of the driver, who replied:”- A two star hotel? Two hundred sopes per day, no meals included.” “Yes, that´s sound fine to me.”- Ultor smiled to the console, as the driver was somewhere inside the machine, that carried him in five minutes to an impressive blue and orange building, where the “Farmer Hotel” was located. After booking in, he went to the bed and resting there in mid-air, he felt reassured that his fate wasn´t so bad, after all. 18 It was silent and with Synthetic personnel at the sole servants. Corridors were carpeted and with round lights on the ceiling. He asks for room service- a steak and vegetables, a nice salad and a bottle of red wine- he paid twenty two sopes for it, and eats at heart´s content. By phone they offered him to clean and iron his clothes, and he collect all the wrinkled clothes he had on those bags and delivered to the bellboy for to clean it up. He uses the Holographic set to talk with his friend Beedix, saying:” Any news from the Ministry?”

“Nothing yet, pal! We get to wait from ten to twenty days to know something coming out! Just take it easy! Where are you now?”- Beedix asked with concern. “At some hotel room and I must accommodating my stuff yet.”- Ultor said. “Ah, well, later you must give me the complete address! Now I´m on the middle of a photographic session.”- Beedix said, ending the conversation with a chuckle. Ultor was mildly disappointed with the short time attention he was getting, taking in consideration his offer to lend the money for the expedition- perhaps he acted too irrationally and over generous? He was questioning his acts like this, when they offered company by the intercom. “Company? To do what?”- He asked, smiling to himself. “For whatever reason you desire, Sir! It´s an extra service we´re offering with a discount for tonight! You can see photos at your holographic set, home channel only. It is good for lonely salesmen! It will sheer you up for a new day in town!”- The voice said. “And how much is going to cost me?”- Ultor asked, curious about the item. “Only seventy five sopes! And you´ll be happy in the morning!” “All right, send her in!”- Ultor said, without much thinking- in his old life, he would had never spent seventy sopes for a synthetic night of love, but now he had lots of money to be used as he pleased! The attractive young woman arrives with a present of fruits and good perfume; soon they were eating and smiling as two old friends. In the morning, she said:”- It was nice to know you, Ultor! Remember that if you want me again, my next fee will cost you three hundred sopes. Good bye.”- And left the room on his high heel shoes… Ultor gives himself a hot tub bath while he think about what to do next. He was relying only on that money to keep on going. Is idea of to get a Flier and move away was beginning to obsess him , so he used the holographic set to search for a cheap vehicle where to be safer than at an hotel- he knew hotels were priority information centers for the police when beginning the hunt for a delinquent. 20 His eyes fall on an add: Flier second hand, in nice state, sell for some urgency the owner was having at the time, in only one million sopes- and the address was given. A catch was that the add has no photo (holograph) but he was prone to go anywhere in order to solve his immediate problem- he left his belongings at the room, but the money he takes with him on a backpack and went out to search- in a Flier taxi, for that address. From the air he realizes it was a vacant lot with a silvery Flier at a side. A dot was moving alongside it- the vendor? When landing, he said to the driver:” You wait me here, pilot.” “Waiting and counter running.”- The Synthetic assistant said from inside the panel.

Ultor went to talk with the owner of that silvery Flier. “Rather small!”- He said, by way of salute. The Vendor was a young fellow with black hair and with slanted eyes, who replied:”- Wrong there, man! It´s the new way to make things- something to do with dimensions, I cannot explain if you don´t see it first.” Ultor knew there was something wrong with the guy- how was he does not know what he was selling? “Come on, Sir! Look inside!”- The man said, and Ultor walks inside the Flier. The interior was evidently greater than the outside- Ultor had read about it, but he was sure at the time that those new improvements were long time into the future to arrive at the Knappian Kingdom- but here it was, in front of his every eyes! 21 “See? All brand new.”- The man said. Ultor seats at the control chair- he was looking at the scant controls, and the Vendor said: “No need of those! You can use the in-built driver! Gusoff! Wake up!” A green light blinked at the controls and a voice from a corner said: Automatic pilot on. State the coordinates.” “See? Real easy! You must know the coordinates, of course. But look here!”- And at a small table he puts a finger on a map and a series of letters and numbers appears. – “You just read what´s in here, or just press your finger on the spot and Gusoff will take you there.”“And the cost is one million sopes?”“No! Who told you so? It´s fifteen million sopes, man! What an idea!”- The young fellow said. Ultor knew this was some kind of a trap and he with all that money on his backpack! He retraced to the door, but the young black haired man said: “Afraid of the price, old man? I can make you a discount!”- And he laughed while he pulls out a revolver from his clothes. Ultor runs to a corridor and jumped at the first room he found. “Hey!”- Someone yelled. Ultor turns around and saw a blonde woman seated in front of a mirror, with only a tiny brassiere and small underpants. “Sorry, but the guy wants to rob me!”- He said, and hearing footsteps, he put the woman in front of him. The young assailant appears with the gun on his left hand, saying: “Oh so you are here!”“Don´t shoot! Are you crazy?”- The blonde woman yelled and Ultor pushed her against the man. There was a shoot and only the young delinquent falls to the floor. “Oh, Jimmy!”- The blonde woman said, looking how the hole on his chest was spurting red blood. Ultor was taking the revolver from those dead fingers and standing, he said: “Now we call the police!”

“You kill him! I will tell that you kill him! You push me and then he turns the revolver the other way and something goes bang!”- The woman said. Ultor tried to think fast, because the blonde and the young dead man were previously in accord to rob whoever come seeing the Flier- the good thing was the gun, who gives him the leading hand. The blonde tried to sneak out of the room, but he grabs her by an arm and said: “No way, sister! You stay here with me.” He pushed her to a seat and tied one of her legs with his own belt- then he revised the room for more weapons, finding only her purse that had four hundred sopes in all. “We are going for a ride!”- He said to her, grabbing the chair with her seated on it and dragging the chair unto the Flier, where he puts in a corner and added:” You stay put now, sister, or I´ll became really mean.” He revised the coordinate calculator, and puts a finger as far as possible from the present location; then he push into the screen; Gusoff reads the numbers with a grumpy voice, adding: “Strap to your chair! We are going to depart.” The electronic eyes of the Flier taxi saw the object speed fast to the heavens- Order O30 appears in his memory: Never to chase a client if escaping at full speed inside another vehicle. He calls Central Headquarters , explaining the situation, and the main controller ordered it to went to some other address- another client was waiting. At the Flier, the blonde was weeping now, while Ultor was seated at the controls. The navigation monitor was showing at how much speed they were traveling, but inside the Flier there was almost no indication of movement, thanks to the electromagnetic stabilizers. “Where are we heading? “ – The blonde asked, with her hands trying to loose the knots at her ankle. “Far away.”- Was the answer Ultor gives her- he was aware the woman was now mourning the one who was her lover… At 2.000 km. per hour, the terrain moves fast under them; soon they were traversing by a sector with a strong turbulence that luckily it was over in minutes. Gusoff the in-built driver said by the loudspeakers:”- The Flier has landed at your desired coordinates, Sir.” “Fine.”- Ultor said, and went out to see the landscape: the wind was blowing strong, and the snow was hitting hard on his face. He walked thirty paces and looked a the vehicle, that was shining anew- he was obtaining things for free, and he smiled with this lucky wave he was having; then he returns to the main cabin and looked at the young woman, who was sobbing. “Calm down! He was only a damn crook!”- He said, looking at her, who keeps on weeping. “Come on! You´ll be better if you sleep a little.”- Ultor said, and releasing the knot , he takes by an arm- she obeyed and when at a cabin, where left her alone for a while. At the main cabin, Ultor asked the main computer to teach him the basics of driving. Gussof said:” You need not to drive, Sir: I´m here to do it for you, but if you want , it´ll take four hours of

exercises and he felt more secure, mostly because he could left the controls locked: only with a password the systems could be of service. “Now I can sleep in peace.”- He said to himself, lying on a bed… outside, the wind howled, scattering the snow to the north-east. The Flier shuddered with the gale and the sky was obscure and no star was able to shine for any eye below the clouds. When awaken by a sound, Ultor was momentarily puzzled by his surroundings, but soon he was aware of where he was. The sound repeats itself: a chime . He walks out of the cabin, and walks towards the main cabin. A red light blinked on the main console, and the automatic pilot sensed his presence when he seats down at the commanding post, so it says: “Warning! The pressure against the hull is mounting! A takeoff is recommended.” “Take of immediately! “- Ultor commanded and with a shudder, the Flier left the site, pushing against seven meters of ice and snow accumulated while the time Ultor was asleep. “Hovering over the site, Sir. Any order pertaining out next stop?”- Gusoff the auto pilot asks. “Select a point without falling snow and land there when you find it.”- Ultor replied, thinking in food -his “passenger” could be hungry. At her cabin, she was asleep on a small bed- her body was superb and aroused his instincts, quickly repressed. He left the door unlocked, and went searching for a mess hall- on a corridor, he did found it: four tables with seats attached to the floor indicates him this was the correct place- no food dispensers, only a place whit some canned food was all there it was. That was an indication the Fliers were not intended to house a crew for long voyages, or perhaps somewhere there was a chamber of deep sleep… He found the place, after half an hour of searching- the modification of dimensionality. He remember scant information of this new alien technology: non space is a “place” that’s virtually impossible to visualize. But it´s assumed that it is totally lacking any form of dimensionalityspatially and temporarily non dimensional: infinite in extent (size and distance now became meaningless, and duration (time cannot now pass- nor is it restricted to moving in only one direction). In “normal” space nature abhors a vacuum : in “normal” non space nature abhors “volume”. These raised energy regions in need to be filled up, dissipated or displaced by non space if it is to reinstate its former symmetry. And being a sparticle instantaneously produced, the corridors and other sites of the Flier that were compressed into a small looking Flier, that were also seen as “instantaneous” parts of a whole that in fact wasn´t really there. A thing to meditate, but as with many other inventions, the users need not to fully comprehend in order to make use of it.

While he was remembering he was also delving in what to do next: a woman on board means a temptation for sex, but remembering she had a lover who was a crook, it was very possible she could be killing him at the first opportunity, to regain control of the aerial vehicle. Revenge is a word that was written all over the place, so he said: “Pilot! Let´s start to Rixiaberg! Land at the central spaceport!” “Obeying.”- The voice from the console said, and while Ultor wasn´t sensing any movement, he knew that the Flier was in fact traveling at a tremendous speed. Soon the voice said:”- We´re landed, Sir, at the Section B , Pole 404 Rixiaberg Spatial port. Eighty five sopes must be paid.” “All right.”- Ultor said, and in that moment the woman appears, saying: “Are we really at Rixiaberg?” “Yes. I come here because it´s best than at the South Pole.”- Ultor said; the woman twitched her lips and said: “Can I go now?” “Yes. I´m going out, too.”- Ultor said, happy to see that the woman was willing to get out. The door opens after the push of a button on the wall, and the woman walked down the ladder. Ultor pressed the button again and the ladder retracted - the door swings shut and then he said:”Pilot: take off and leave this place.” “You haven´t paid, yet.”- The pilot replied. “Forget about that! Set course to Oxiborion!”- Ultor said, walking to the main cabin; when he seats at the console, they were almost over Oxiborion. “Are you landing at a private site, Sir?”- The pilot asked him. “Yes! Choose a nice place.”- Ultor said, beginning to like the situation. He walked out the Flier, and as it seems to be a small vehicle for the eyes of that site´s administrator, he was asked only for the minimum fee available.. Ultor calls on a Flier taxi, and went to buy a second hand synthetic being- a female, good looking and with the basic knowledge. “This is a model AB 730! Nice and as you see, several improvements had been made.”- The attendant at the Easy People Company- Used Division said. “Seems to me it´s not quiet white.”- Ultor said, looking at the model. “Well, the color doesn´t matter here, Sir! Look on this leaflet: Model AB 730 has the newest software of the year.” “And how about the cost of it?”“A million and a half sopes, Sir! A real bargain.”- The Vendor said. “All right, I bought it! In eight hundred sopes.”- Ultor said, taking out his credit card.

“Impossible! A million could be the least I could let it go.”- The Vendor said. “All right, I guess I´m going to buy somewhere else.”- Ultor said, but the Vendor thinks it over and said:” Nine hundred thousand sopes! And I´m losing money.” “And I must see that it has all the appliances and software.”- Ultor said, because he knew some of these models in offer had, sometimes, something amiss. “As you please, sir! You´ll find everything in its proper place.”- The Vendor said, making the receipt after seeing the money was already in the Easy People Co. ´s bank account. “Some broken thing and you´re going to see me again.”- Ultor said, taking the receipt. The Synthetic person follows him out of the office, knowing she had a new owner- again. At the Flier, Ultor said: “You see? Larger by the inside. Do you know why?” “Yes. This section is occupying another universe.” “Oh, yes? Well, the longer explanation could be spared. Your inception date is what I want to know now.”- Ultor asked of the model AB 730. “Twelve years of age, Sir.”- The model AB 730 replied. “And tell me: they did give you an upgrade, as the Vendor told me?” “They give me a new memory, erasing the old. I have the Basic positronic enhancement X 02.”She said, looking at him while standing at attention. 30 “Undress, plase! I´m going to check you out.”- Ultor said, and AB 730 uindressed herself- not thtat she was using a lot of clothes- just a shirt, a brassiere, and her pants. “The shoes, please.”- Ultor said, and when she takes them out, he saw a scar on her left foot, and a missing toe on the right. “Damn it! That sneaky bastard!”- He said, gasping. He didn´t revise it thoroughly , believing in that man ´s honesty- the honesty of a merchant? “Are you dissatisfied, master?”- AB 730 asked him “Of course I´m dissatisfied! Your feet are incomplete!”- Ultor said. “You can return me back, master. The last three buyers had donned the same thing.”- AB 730 said. “Wait. I´ll be examining the rest of you. Perhaps they could repair your feet at my satisfaction, but if you have more defects, I´ll ask for a refund.”- Ultor panted, enraged with the Vendor. He pressed throughout her entire body, and then he said:”- Seems you haven´t any holes.” “It´s all brand new. You don´t want to know what happens with my outer layer.”- AB 730 said. “Oh! Really; and your internal organs, are they functioning well?”- Ultor asked.

“They are already revised. Nothing wrong with them.” “And for your use as a woman?”- Ultor was very embarrassed when doing that question, but he must know if was receiving a good Synthetic Woman in working order or not. “Oh, you don´t want to put your penis in it.”- AB 730 said. “Why not?” “Contaminated – someone uses it before your purchase.” “The guy at the store?” “Not him. A cleaner guy did it.” “For the golden Paracephalosaurus! I did have a lousy bargain today!”- Ultor said, walking around the place. AB 730 said:”- All right, you said it. I´m sending a message to the factory- you´re dissatisfied.”- AB 730 said. “Great. Tell them I want my money back.”- Ultor said, and walked to the mess hall, to eat something before some gut explodes of pure anguish. Half an hour later, AB 730 appears there, saying:”- The representing man from the Company is outside, Sir. He´s asking for your presence.” Ultor went out the Flier, with the Synthetic damsel at his side, and saw a dark slim Flier parked near-by and the man in charge of the parking lot saying to the driver:” Get your vehicle out of here, or pay me for your stay.” “The law allows us to stay here for ten minutes, as this is a visit to one of your clients, Sir.”- A man said, with dangerous look on his eyes. The Administrator backed into his den, saying:” Ten minutes and not a second more!” Ultor arrives there and the same man presents himself:” I´m Gibbons, from the Easy People Company. I heard you have a complaint.” “Right! The seller said this AB model was all right, and she´s missing a toe and has an ugly scar on the other foot! Also, I´m informed she has a venereal disease , product of a misuse from one of your employees.”- Ultor said, almost without air with the fury he was controlling. “Certainly you have motives for to complaint. We can fix these problems- in less than a day.”- The Technician promised. “Furthermore, this model was raped before I could buy it: the security service at your place just sucks!”- Ultor said, reddening. Gibbons the technician looks at the AB model and asks her a few more questions, and said to Ultor:”- Serious breach of security protocols! Just give me some time to solve this at your favor, Sir.” 33 “Oh, yes? A total refund plus some money on top?”- Ultor asked, not without irony.

“You will obtain a discount after she is well repaired. Let me take this model to our Laboratory, and we´ll be in touch very soon.”- The man promised. “All right! I´ll wait to see if I´m satisfied with your services, Mr. Gibbons.”- Ultor said, looking how the team went on board the black Flier with the AB 730 model and soared up before the ten minutes were already due. “What was that, Mister? Your Synthetic failing?”- The Administrator of the parking lot asked, stretching his head out of his office by a window. “It was failing all right.”- Ultor said, walking to the street. He was disappointed of his purchase, and so he walks into the supermarket, where he looks unto the net communication devices. There were palm sized holographic sets and telescopes capable of to see through clouds and into the wonders of the Universe. He bought one of those in seven thousand sopes, and walked for two hours looking for novelties around the mega markets so common in Rixiaberg, and then he returns to the Flier- a message was waiting for him to read.”- Mr. Ultor: I offer you a remodeled AB, with all of its parts double-checked and the mimic of a vagina set totally new. As a bonus for your cooperation, a full set of software could be included if you accept to receive your AB 730 model back. In the contrary, you must come to our offices where you will receive a complete refund of your money. (Signed). Gibbons.” Ultor was now soothed by the prompt answer and accepted the offer, sending a message back to the Easy People Co. by the holographic set. 34 He wonders what to do next. Perhaps call on Beedix-. But he was now a millionaire; not needing the patronage of a person like his friend. “Ex friend- yes, it sounds better this way.”- Ultor said, remembering he was the side- kick of his exfriend Beedix. In his deep inside, he was afraid to encounter Beedix again, because he had something strong in his personality that bends his will as a hot wax candle under the sun. He decided to do the documental film by himself. Perhaps a nice girl to present the samples, and a handsome actor appearing here and there to make the film attractive for the ladies.. He puts an advertisement and waits. Five hours later the dark vehicle from the Easy People Co. appears, and the technician approaches him, who was smoking a cigar next to his Flier. “Good evening, Sir! Nice to find you at your place: we´re in a hurry.” “All right. Tell me the bad news.”- Ultor said expecting nothing fine, in view that the man representing Easy People was not bringing him any Synthetic assistant right now. “Only a delay, Mr. Ultor! The new models aren´t available just now.” “And when are they going to be available?”

“Not before two weeks’ time. If you want to wait a little longer, I assure you the offered model will arrive here being a brand new Synthetic Assistant.”- Mr. Gibbons promised. “Or you give me back my money, so I can purchase somewhere else.” “Yes, I have here your money if you want. But I get to propose you a better offer.”- The technician said, moving him some little father from the black Flier that has arrived with him and some other persons. “What do you want from me?”- Ultor asked, not liking the way things were turning out. “I already fixed your model. I change the damage now, replace the skin on the other foot, and I have a special hardware ready to be inserted you know where. Look!”- And Mr. Gibbons opened his jacket and shows him what looks like a small holographic set with a lot of fine wires coming from the interior. Some tiny lights were flickering there. Gibbons asked:”- Do you guess what´s in here?” “No idea. A synthetic heart?” “Better than that! A new enhanced and powerful synthetic brain plus a small electromagnetic battery that recharges with cosmic rays!”- Mr. Gibbons said, expecting some explosion of joy from Ultor, that only said:”- That cosmic rays that are raining over us day and night?” 36 The technician´s eyes sparkled, hiding the artifact again inside his jacket. “And are you the authorized person by the Easy People Company, to make this offer to me?”Ultor asked him. “Are you nuts? This transaction is totally out of bounds! I will only say that the repairs were donned by me- namely, a pair of feet! The offer for a new set of mental capacities was rejected by my manager! All of this is only between you and me.” “And how could I know you aren´t cheating me?” “Because here I have a document telling you the situation! See, please, on this signed electronic paper!”. The Technician said, producing a pad- there, in black and white, the Easy People Co. was asking Mr. Ultor to accept their apologizes, and asking also to accept the Basic AB 730 fully repaired of her feet and some other parts of her body… or to accept a check for a full reimbursement of his money… Ultor comprehends the real situation and said:” I see that I´m fry. How much do you want for your enhancements?” “Two hundred thousand sopes! And you are buying a prototype, Mr. Ultor, not yet available in the market!” – The technician said. “When could you bring me back the AB?”- Ultor asked. The Technician´s face lightened up and said:”- Just a couple of more days, Mr. Ultor! I get to take some items that are already obsolete in

the face of this PX012 , and the rest of the time it´s to test the systems and see that your assistant works without a fail.” “All right. Do it.” “But you must pay me half the money first, Mr. Ultor! There is someone more that is involved in this that I get to “grease” it a little!”- The Technician demanded. Ultor memorize his name- the technician has a lapel with a name, reading:” Atoren Gibbons” on the side of his jacket. “All right, wait me here: I´ll go searching for your money to my Flier.”- Ultor said. “Wait! You must put your money- I mean, my money, inside this bag, that has an anti-detection device! You don´t know how distrustful are at the Company! “- And the technician puts into his hand a small grey bag. “Right. Wait for me!”- Ultor said, and he hurriedly went inside the Flier, puts two hundred thousand sopes inside the protective bag, and returns where the man was waiting, pretending to shake hands but in fact delivering the bag while the men on the corporative Flier were watching through their monitors inside the black vehicle. “Good bye, Mr. Ultor! I´ll bring your Assistant in two more days.”- Mr. Gibbons said, and after a while, the black Flier takes off with a whoosh and rammed through some clouds. 38 The owner of the parking lot appears coming from his shack, saying:”- More delays, my friend? No solution for your Assistant?” “Guess no, Sir. I bought it second hand, and …” “No, but no! Oh, of course it fails! Who knows how many hardships it has endured? Lazy owners that left it outdoors in bad weather, or make those e-females work in hard labors that they are not supposedly to perform! I know a guy who uses those machines making ditches in the field for months without stop- and no repairs whatsoever!”.- The parking lot administrator said. “Yes, I will wait for two days and if nothing happens, I´ll ask for a refund.”- Ultor said. “You do that! The most sensible thing it´s to hire some guy or woman, to do whatever you want to be fixed.” – The administrator recommended. Ultor walked inside his Flier and get amused with some news on the holographic set. At the next day, he calls on Beedix. “I´m waiting, dear friend! Have you any news from the Ministry?”“None whatsoever, but you must take care with the police! There´s a pair of guys following me day and night! Stay wherever you are. Call me each five days for any news I could have.”- Beedix said, ending the conversation. Days later, the Technician calls on Ultor, saying:”- Dear Sir! Please come to my place- I cannot release your Assistant in person.”

“Oh, yes? And why is that?” “I´ll explain to you later! Write down my address- you get to come here soon! I´m leaving this place as soon as we speak about our little deal.”- Mr. Gibbons said. “All right, I´m listening!”- Ultor said, who realize that something not entirely agreeable was going to happen. The address was not too far from where he was, so he used the moving ways to arrive there. It was a building forty three stories high- at the third floor he finds the number thirty six, and rings the bell. “Mr. Ultor! Please come in.”- The technician said, and Ultor walks into an almost empty room. “Sorry I have no chairs to seat! But as I told you, I´m moving away.”- The man said. “But what happens to you? And my Assistant, where do you have in hiding?” “Oh, I take it out of the factory before they fired me! They almost catch me smuggling her out.” “So now I´m dealing with a thieve? The Assistant was legally bought, you know!” “Yes, but I inserted that new brain I told you about and then they discovered it was missing! I was the culprit. So, I run with it- yesterday morning!”- And Gibbons invites him to the next room. Seated on a chair it was AB 730, who looks at him with her green eyes. “She´s already activated, but it´s you that must start the software with a password.”- And the technician gives him a pad where some numbers were showing. Gibbons said:”- You just repeat those numbers, and the machine will start.” Ultor repeat the eleven digits that appear in that screen, and AB 730 stands up, saying:” You are my owner.” The technician said:”- All right, now! You can take her wherever you want now, provided you pay me first.” “Not so fast, mister! I must see that she´s working fine! I must talk with her.”- Ultor said, remembering he had to show he was not a jerk. “As you wish, Sir! I´ll wait at the other room, but remember I´m in a hurry!”- Gibbons recommended. Ultor said to AB 730:”- Undress yourself! Also take off your shoes.”- And AB 730 takes off her green mono-piece and sandals. The foot were all right; he saw them very closely and no marks were visible; a feat of marksmanship. He also touches the body from head down to her toes, noticing there were no flaws, and said:” Tell me if you are in working order, specially your inner systems.” “Working as new, Sir.”-

“And the vagina mimicking system?” “That is as virgin as it could be, Sir.” “Fine, now dress up! We´re leaving this place.”- Ultor said, waiting for her to get dressed. Then he opens the door and said to Atoren Gibbons, who was waiting for his pay:”- Now tell me what could befall on me, having this Synthetic person without permission.” “Don´t you worry! Nobody is going to ask you a word! There´s nobody searching for a full Synthetic person, just for a prototype of a brain! “- The technician assured him. Somebody rings the bell, and after looking by the monitor, Gibbons said:”- The police! Those from the factory must have given them my address! Follow me, we´ll leave this apartment by the stairs!”- And saying that, he runs to a window, opening it and going the out of the room. “By the escape ladder! Quick!”- Ultor told the Synthetic woman, and they begin the descent as fast as they could; Gibbons leaves the stairs when arriving to the street, and said.” Pay me, Sir! I cannot stay here any longer!” “Forget it!”- Ultor said, and taking 42 AB 730 by the hand, he said:” Help me run faster!” She helped him, almost dragging him on the air for three minutes, leaving the yelling technician very far behind. Ultor saw a Flier taxi leaving some clients near them, and jumped inside the vehicle, with AB 730 seating at his side. “Where do you want to travel, Sir?”- The driver asked. Ultor gives him his address, and soon they were in the air, zooming towards the vacant lot. “We´re going to depart in my own Flier. Do you know how to drive one of them?”- Ultor asked her. “Yes, Sir! But experience I have not.” “Well, guess I´ll drive, then!”- Ultor said, and when they landed, he walks to the Flier and opened the hatch with a spoken combination. “Come inside! We get to leave this place before the technician arrives.”- Ultor recommended. At the main cabin, he seats before the console and raised the vehicle away. “Guess we´ll be landing in Oredloro! It´s a nice city.”- he said, adding:”- Search at the holographic set where we could land- at a private landing site is what I need.” “Yes, Sir.” – She said, starting to look on the holographic set near her. Then she gives the coordinates and Ultor could land there without further ado. “I´ll speak with the Administrator! You wait here.”- Ultor said, and departed. This time the owner has a fine building to attend his clients, and a Secretary to speak in his behalf.

It was a dark woman in his thirties, with beady eyes, who said:”- Are you from the Flier recently arrived?” “Yes; how much it´s going to cost me for the parking?”- Ultor asked her. “Seventy sopes the first twenty four hours, and it´s an offer we are giving for this week only. If you continues to be here, it´s sixty sopes a day, and in advance.”- The woman said. “All right, I´ll start with the offer.”- Ultor said, paying the lady. “You must give me your license number and the Flier´s documents.”- The woman asks of him. “Why? Last time I stay at a parking lot where they didn´t asks me a thing!”- Ultor said. “Perhaps it was a Flier parking lot! But this is a private spaceport! Look around: there are three middle size spaceships out there!”- The woman said, and it seems to Ultor she was enjoying the situation. “All right, give me my money back! I´ll search for some other place.”- Ultor said, so the woman returns his money taking all the time of the world to do it. This time he search for himself with the holographic set- then he drive to the nearer Flier parking lot, and paid fifty sopes a week, being his apparatus apparently of the smaller ones. “Do you note we have bigger interiors than the exterior hull shows to the bystander?”- He asks her. “Yes, Sir, and it´s a simply folding of dimensions.”- AB 730 said. “Right, as simply as a universe! Tell me: you weren´t remembering me when the technician presents us at his flat?”- He asks. “No, sir. The memory on my data banks has nothing about you, prior to that moment in time.”- AB 730 replied. “So it´s true what the technician told me about the change! “- Ultor said, with a tingle of remorse in his voice. “That is correct. The prototype was inserted in this body and it´s far superior in everything the standard AB model could ever do.”- AB 730 said. Ultor replied:”- I know every Synthetic person could communicate with lots of other Synthetics for support. I assume you have the same condition?” “Affirmative, but I´m not giving any indication about my presence- I´m not sending any kind of information.”- AB 730 said. Ultor commented:”- I detest that routine your people had! Now I want to make a movie about animals that live and thrive at the Zvei continent.” “I find it very instructive, Sir. A documental is what you are referring with that remark.”- AB 730 said. “Yes, I know something about making a movie picture, and of course I could be my own cameraman any time.”- Ultor boasted of his scant knowledge in that field. “I have some knowledge of it, too.”- She said, simply. And of course she had a lot of knowledge, as she has a whole collection of films in her database, because in that way those “memories” could and were used to interact with any natural human being.

“Perhaps I will be the Director! We need two more helping hands to take care of the proper lights and sound recording! But, things very important are the stars! Important Actors that everyone knows! They are like magnets for any kind of films.”- Ultor commented. “You´ll be spending a lot of money in your project, Sir.”- AB 730 said, warning him in passing. “Yes, I know! But this is only a documental movie! I need two beautiful faces- and bodies. One young female character and a nice female person. In all, four people could be enough.”- He said. “I´m sure you could finish your documental in a month. Offers them a percentage on the film, instead of a total wage. If you cannot take enough money with your film, so much the bad luck for them!”- She said. “I´ll think about it! By the meantime, advertise on the web! I´m sure that they will come in a flock!”- Ultor roared out. 46 But it was not easy; at first more than thirty people come to the interview, but when knowing that the filming was going to be in a wild country plus in the Zvei continent, they just walk out of the project. “That left us two committed with my project.”- Ultor said to AB 730. “Yes: the Chief lightning technician and the Production Sound Mixer: Mr. Togamber and Mr. Hackenfleisch.” Gretchen remembered. “The fat man and the very thin! Hope the thin resists the heat on Zvei.”- Ultor commented, looking at “her” and adding:” What do you think about the name “Gretchen”?” “Not a knappian name, but from the Solar system.”- Gretchen realized. “Yes, it has an ecological sound to it- like when someone steps on a branch in the woods, snapping it. And somehow, that is your name from now on.“- Ultor said. AB 730 opens a little more her beautiful eyes, and smiled. Ultor said:”- You look prettier when you smile.”- And takes her hand. “Gretchen AB 730” look at his hand and then at his face, and said:”- Oh, you are beginning to feel attracted to me!” “Perhaps!”- Ultor said, retiring his hand. To begin a relationship with a Synthetic being was not unusual in his age and times, but some people still looks those couples with bad eyes- specially the Religionists. Ultor went busy scribbling the script. He also remember where his friend Beedix supposedly was going to film... “I have some more applicants for the role of actors. Do you want to interview them in this afternoon?”- Gretchen asked him. “Possibly, yes. Call them- but I´ll interview out of the Flier- like the others. I don´t want them to know the little secret we have with this Flier.”- He replied, and she smiled back… The persons were handsome ,especially the young woman- milky white, green big eyes and a nice buttock… the others were males, but when listening the job that was in storage for them, they diminished in numbers- only two males and the milky white woman remained. “How much time are we going to be filming, Sir?”- One of the males asked. “I guess a couple of weeks, at the most a month! I pretend to use the daylight.”- Ultor said, looking at the three novel actors. “Do you mind if I take my fiancée with me in this enterprise? He knows something about hair dressing and cosmetics that I find indispensable.”- The young woman informed. 48 Ultor looks at Gretchen and she moves her head in the assent, so he said:” Well, I guess we are going to need his expertise.” “So, when are we going to depart?”- She asked.

“Tomorrow afternoon! Bring your tooth paste and your personal clothes! The food and the drinks runs on the house!”- He said, smiling, and he saw how they went to the street, talking excitedly. “You need supplies, Sir! And weapons.”- Gretchen said. “See that they sent us the supplies, the weapons and whatever is necessary for our trip! Choose things by their price: the lowest possible.”- Ultor demanded. She uses the holographic set to ask everything. And everything appears at the Flier Station camp; Ultor paid and the freighters departed. The administrator was puzzled, because how could it be that a small Flier could house so much cargo inside? At the next day, the actors and cameramen waits outside the Flier on a tent- they were sure Ultor has another bigger Flier to depart so they didn´t care of his staying under a tent. But Ultor was doing so, not to permit them to enter and if changing in opinion went out disseminating his Flier was almost magic. At fifteen hours he sent Gretchen to take the tent inside the Flier, and said to the filmmaker team:” Well, my lady and gentlemen, it´s time to start on our quest! Please enter to our Flier now!” At that moment, the crew and passengers were: Ultor as the Director; Togamber lightning technician; Mr. Hackenfleisch, Production sound mixer; Miss Drera was the starlet, Mr. Fleuredon was the Hair dresser; and Mr. Lummel and Werft were the male actors in the play. In all, they were one woman and five men, with Gretchen as the Assistant general… They were surprised when discovering that the interior was very much greater than the exterior, but of course, they were also heard stories about the new invention. “Magic!”- Miss Drera sighed. “Technological marvel! Dimensions and apertures- must exist a hole where to accommodate the extra space.”- Mr. Werft said to Ultor. “Yes, certainly, a state of the art in technology! Follow me, as I´ll show you your quarters.”The cabins had a basic holographic set, a bed and a retractable light that was used to illuminate a small night table, a chair and a large mirror on a wall. “You see, there´s no bath. But there is a large one for the general use at the end of this corridor…”- Ultor said. “No girl´s bath?- Miss Drera asked, worriedly, while she twitch her lips a little. “No girl´s bath- seems the builders of this spaceship don´t think in the old fashion way of behavior.”- Ultor commented. 50 “Oh, well! Not old fashion morals, but cave-men routine! I guess I´ll try to cope with this. By the way, you do not have a private bathroom at your cabin?”- Miss Drera asked him. “By the way, I haven´t. But don´t you worry: I´ll knock on the door before taking my morning shower.”- Ultor said, in jest. They laughed and she reddened and said nothing more at the respect. Gretchen commented, when back at the main cabin: “I´ll sound the alarm in case of peril.”

CHAPTER #2.Film : “Creatures of the jungle at Zvei Continent”. FILMING AT ZVEI CONTINENT.

“You do that. Now set course for our first target at the Zvei continent.”- Ultor said, leaning on his armchair, looking how the main screen was showing the course on a map- 150.000 km. per hour

carries them swiftly and powerfully to the first site almost in the geometrical center of the scantly populated Zvei continent. They landed at the side of a mountain- a river was crossing the landscape that shows the green and yellow colors of the jungle. They went out the Flier- it was 13.02 hours, and the actors smelled with delight the strong odor that comes from the forest. “Ah, this did smell good!”- Miss Drera said, walking to smell some shrubs. “Certainly it´s a good spot to run some minutes of film.”- Lummel said, smiling. Gretchen and Ultor take the camera out, being helped by Togamber and Hackenfleisch. “You will walk into the camera chatting amiably, and then I´ll add some commentaries in off; mainly, about the climate in this location and which animals we hope to catch.”- Ultor said. Luckily, a Pteranodon passed overhead, flying ceremoniously to the East, giving that extra vision every shot needs. Ultor was encouraged and said:” This begins auspiciously. Now we´ll march through the woods, and hope we´ll march quietly not to scare the little beasts and I hope we´ll find interesting specimens.” The actors were using safari equipment and clothes, pith helmet, leather belts and boots. Hackenfleisch carried the camera film and Mr. Togamber a powerful beam light, to enhance the surroundings with brilliant shades. That night they were talking about the art of cinema and productions under a tent, when a big roar was heard and Gretchen said:” Barionix! Better get into the Flier and let´s move it away.”Gretchen said. They look around and climbed the ladder just in time to see the shadow of something big coming from the darkness the forest. Gretchen takes them to the summit of the nearest hill and after an excursion around the place it appears there was no animal existent. They slept while Gretchen was on guard. He saw clouds passing by, the stars in between, and he also connects her radio to hear the news through the satellites the government had in space. She could also listen to the scant powerful radio emissions coming from freighters and liners from the space. Some languages weren´t Knappian, but she could understand them thanks to the enormous database she had in her “mind”. She learnt the government of Knapp was expending more than it gains, and the government at Aurea II was asking the Queen for more austerity in her administration. But the Queen knows that austerity means riots and discontent, so she was simply trying to economize in those areas that did not hit the wallet of her subdits. Sadly, those areas were few. When awoke, Ultor went out and filmed his actors milling around rocks with a superb scenario: kilometers of open space from above the land, thanks to the altitude. “Three thousand two hundred and three meters in altitude, Sir”.- Gretchen indicates, when asked. There was a section open to their scrutiny, having red crystals imbibed on a black rock, covering fifty meters long and four meters wide. “Some internal eruption, I guess. Because crystals are made by pressure – and how much pressure it gets in open ground? No, this was some ancient eruption.”- Hackenfleisch pondered, happy to lecture his companions. They lunched there, and Ultor calls Gretchen to the border of the plateau, saying:” We can see a lot from here. There´s a river- we could land near it and see the animals that love to drink water while wading the deepest ponds.” “Big ones?” “Yes, guess a Saltasaurus or a Mamenquisaurus- twenty tree meters full of muscles!”- Ultor said. “Of course, Sir. We must get hurry because the sun (Swastica Star) light will be not as excellent in a few hours.”- Gretchen indicates.

“Why not? Our equipment could record in almost darkness and develops the film as in broad light.”- Ultor said, sure of the perfection of his equipment. “Clouds. I know it by the weather satellite information, Sir. Bad conditions in the next three days.”Gretchen said. He stared at her in disbelief. “I´m positively sure, Sir.”“Oh, well, then let´s get hurry!”- Ultor said, looking troubled. 54 At the other side of the clearing they landed and Lummel said:” Ah, good to be here! What do you think, Drera?” “Yes, it´s nice. Wish we could find tame animals- ever.”- She replied. Ultor walked into the woods with Lummel and Werft, saying:” Follow us when you get a shout from me! So you´ll appear as coming into the forest as true explorers.” “Yes!”- Lummel said, rising his arms. Ultor finds a nice spot; and waits until Mr. Togamber and Hackenfleisch were ready with the lights, camera and the sound devices, to tell the others to come forward. “Now!- “ He yelled. And to the assistants he said:” Get ready to start filming when they appear in sight!” They appear and they were filmed in all of their young healthy appearance. “Good! Now let´s follow them!”- Ultor said and they did so for a hundred meters. A nest with some gray eggs stop the explorers in their trek, and Lummel said: “Eggs! Some creature lay eggs in here!”Ultor commented:” It´s not Gretchen here to tell as who´s species it is!”- Ultor said. 55 They take more shots in different parts of that jungle, with a glimpse of a Stegosaurus eating some ferns, specially delighted with the view was Miss Drera, who now uses a nice hairdo, specialty of his fiancée, Mr. Fleuredon. They return to the Flier at dusk, and Gretchen takes them in the Flier, up to the summit of the mountain where they slept in peace. Ultor stayed at the main cabin, with Gretchen. “We´re doing fine with the film. We´ll speak in off, about what the people will be seeing.”- Ultor said. “The river is your next move, Sir. I´m studying it´s habitat through a drone.” – Gretchen said. “A drone? I thought we haven´t those artifacts on board.”- Ultor said, raising an eyebrow. “We have two of them, the size of a sparrow. And here are some pictures, if you want to see them.”- Gretchen said. Ultor looks at them for one hour- a number of big animals were in it, and at the river a dozen or so flying dinosaurs could be seen. 56 Later, Ultor walks into his cabin and slept, not without thinking about his film. The river, in the morning, was teaming with life at the banks- lots of small and big animals drinking or fishing- no carnosaurs in sight. “There´s a theory, Sir. The carnivores hung only by night.”- Mr. Fleuredon said to Ultor. He looked at a Triceratops- like dinosaur, that has three horns in triangle over his head and two others after the muzzle, and a beak; eating soft plants near the river. “They look fine, but had bad temper.”- Miss Drera said, based on lectures she had on her spare time.

“We must take precautions. We´ll move in silence.”- Ultor said, and they filmed the actors jumping over rotten trees, talking among each other’s and leaning on the ground to see those animals in their habitat. “This will boost my film to stardom!”- Ultor murmured, smiling to Mr. Togamber, who was delving with the cameras. 57 Suddenly, an object come flying from the west, and turns to keep track with the river; it landed near the land, and stayed there, sustained by three metallic legs. It has the size of a three story building, and it was ovoid in form. Ultor approaches it, listening on the cracking noises the hull of that artifact produces. “It´s cooling down- their occupants must be waiting for it.”- Mr. Togamber said. “Ovoid and landing here- some private pilot in some strange mission.”- Mr. Fleuredon murmured to himself. A circular hatch was opening a ladder sprouts out and down, and five persons, in green outfits, come down. “But… is Beedix!”- Ultor said, stepping back in surprise. “Who´s Beedix? Do you know him to be a nice person?”- Miss Drera asked, mildly worried. “Yes, he is a known photographer!”- Ultor said, in the verge of a breakdown. They walked into the open and Beedix approached walking with care… “Ultor? “- He asked, incredulous of his own eyes. 58 “Yes, welcome to the jungle!”- Ultor said, and they shake hands. The group of people from the Ovoid keeps coming- in all they were fourteen persons; among them, several women. “Let me present my team! I obtained the collaboration of several famous scientific people, thanks to Lord Terobindo! Here is Doctor Farthon Climbor, famous Ufologist and some other important persons.”- Beedix said. “Oh, the doctor Climbor! What an honor to meet you in person! Your fame precedes you!”- Ultor said, looking at the old doctor Climbor, who rearrange his lenses to see him, better, and said:” Well, the honor is mine, to be in this jungle.” “This must to be celebrated!”- Beedix said, and gives order to four Assistants to set a table and some fried pieces of meat, verdures and also wine. They seat and conversed- Dr. Farthon next to Ultor, who was enthralled to see the living memory in front of him. “Do you know I´m working on the Zeroth law?”- Dr. Farthon said, munching a piece of fried Velociraptor. “No idea, Doctor!”- Ultor confessed, drinking some of the red wine. “Well, I´ll explain it to you in scant words: the Zeroth law. Energy will always flow from a hot reservoir to a cold reservoir. Or another explanation is: a hot body in a cold medium will radiate heat until the body and the medium reach thermal equilibrium. Or another explanation is: all quantum entities and systems exist at their lowest possible ground state (their lowest possible level, and after being disturbed (raised to a higher energy level) by some outside force of agency, will always return to that ground state. Example of this: a light bulb. When electricity (a stream of electrons or outside force or agency”) flows along the nichrone wire in the bulb the electrons gives up (transfer) some of their energy to the sub atomic particles (quantum systems) that, in turn, comprise the wire. These particles now exist at a raised energy level. To return the ground state the particles have to get rid of this excess energy. They achieve this by emitting photons (quanta of electromagnetic radiation) , in the form of heat-light and : the bulb glows. The Zeroth law can now be applied to the Universe as a whole- as a single quantum system.

“It´s really amazing.”- Ultor said. “Yes, but bear with me a little longer.”- Dr. Farthon Climbor said, and added:”- What constitutes the ultimate – zero energy- grounds state of the cosmos? What is the diametric opposite of existence? The answer is non-existence.” 60 Ultor said:” A state of nonexistence is a void.” “Not quite! Absolute nonexistence or nothingness means that not even space exists. Because it possesses no properties- absolute nothingness cannot affect matters within space-time, and so should not be brought into the equation.” “Logical.” “But it´s wrong: non space lacks any form of form of dimensionality- that is spatially and temporally non dimensional. The fact that non-space possesses these non –properties means that is infinite in extent- size and distance become meaningless- and duration (time cannot now pass nor is it restricted to moving in only one direction.) “But the, how does the world we know interact with this other reality?”- Ultor asked him. “Nature abhors a vacuum- in non-space terminology this becomes: nature abhors a volume. A solid possesses presence and mass, in non-space becomes a void, a vacuity that cannot be tolerated. These raise energy regions – need to be filled up, dissipated or displace by non-space if it is to reinstate its former symmetry.”- Doctor Farthon exclaimed. 61 “It´s very amazing.”- Ultor said. “The Universe begin with the spontaneous appearance of a single particle. For anything to exist there must first be provided a space: within which it can reside. The first particle was of spacetime, or SPARTICLE. “It´s appearance was generated by the meres of vibration; a symmetric breaking event which caused non-space to become rucked up and folded in on itself. Non-space had become quantified.” “The Big Bang?”- Ultor asked. “Faster than instantaneous non-space reacted to the sparticle´s presence. In non-space time´s arrow has no meaning. The appearance of the sparticle and the reaction to it become indistinguishable, they both become the same event. Sparticle are closed waveforms. If you could see a sparticle, you´ll be seeing the greater part of the sparticle´s mass is concentrated at that particular moment in time. The total of the sparticle actually extends outwards to infinity.” 62 “And why is that?” “Remember size is immaterial: the sparticle is actually composed of non-space and non –space itself equates with the infinite void. There is the macrocosm and the microcosm, with the sparticles providing the fabric from which space is made. Non space is being pushed by the creation of matter. “Really interesting.” “Objects in space can exist in space because they are made of space. Sparticles are the ultimate, indivisible sub-components of all things. They are the lowest common denominator, the glue that holds it all together.”- Dr. Farthon said, drinking some more wine. He knew there was a lot not explained, but with what he had told Mr. Ultor was enough to set him in some other course of living and thinking of himself and his Universe… Beedix approaches them, saying:” And how come that you started by your own on a documental film?”

“Well, it was on the spur of the moment! I thought the lord Terobindo would never grant you a sopes!”- Ultor exclaimed. 63 “I think that you supplanted me in our project. Hope you know what you are doing.”- Beedix said. “Yes, hope you know how to move in this jungle as you moved inside your photo studio.”- Ultor retorted. “I´m sure I´ll be having a big success. With Dr. Farthon and the other scienitsts, Biologists and good actors. I´m sure that Lord Terobindo will be very happy with our work.”- Beedix said, proud of to have arrived there, backed up by his expensive team (paid not with his money but from the government). After lunch, Beedix walked with his cameramen and filmed some Osanosaurus and metriacantosaurus that were eating from the plants. Ultor looks at them for some time, and then he said to his own team:”- Well, let´s get back to our camp, fellows!”- And as they had eaten and drink in that day, a little too much, Ultor gives the rest of the day off. He seats at his chair on the main cabin, and looked at Gretchen, who was busy looking the indicators. “What are you doing, Gretchen?” “Revising the systems and preparing the flight to the top of the mountain, Sir. It´s a need! We are in danger here. One of the big dinosaurs could stomp on our vessel and stranded us here.”Gretchen replied. “Are they all inside the Flier?” “Yes, Sir. Do you want to depart right now? Because we´re ready to do it.”- The assistant informed him. 64 “Yes, do it! I don´t want any incident in this filming.”- Ultor said, still shocked by the sight of Beedix arriving to the same place and at the same hour to where he was. Of course, he had seen those coincidences before in his life- like something was fixing things among not only humans but on anything existing. At the summit of the hill there were no problems with animals: it was chilly and deserted. The wind howled like an angry wolf at nights and Ultor was sure the team will be happy to finish the labors and went back to the human hive. He walked to a rock- the night was cloudless and he could see the stars- he wonders where the galaxy ends and begin others- to him they were all stars. “Wondering where is Aurea Constellation? – Dr. Farthon Climbor asked him. Ultor pointed to where he thinks it was, and Dr. Farthon smiled and said: “Almost good! But you miss the group… to the right, those bright stars-. Do you see them?” “Bright stars, yes, I can see them.”“Well, number four to the left and down- that´s Aurea II, a nice place to live, I assure you!” 65 They saw crossing the sky a pair of satellites that crossed their paths and keeps on going: one to the East and the other to the north. “The government knows all.”- Dr. Farthon murmured. “I imagine in Aurea III must be a common sight.”- Ultor said. “Of course. Dozens of satellites lurking in the night, but of course, not everyone is visibly for the human eyes.”- Dr. Farthon said. “Sir, I need you at the Flier.”- Gretchen comes to tell him.

“Right away.”- Ultor said, walking besides her. At the main cabin, she shows him the long range radar, saying: “I had been using the drones. We have a real emigration of Piatnisquisaurus at the north west of this mountain. If we move at six hours, we´ll catch up with them from a safe altitude…look at the films.”- Gretchen said, and he saw the several vistas taken by the two drones. “Yes, it´s an option! See that we arrive there in time. I´ll tell the crew.”- Ultor said. 66 He talk with the actors, and they were ready to begin working. “No matter if we get to go out in a morning drizzle! I´m made of steel!”- Mr. Werft said, smiling. The rest accept the situation, so he went to his cabin. He saw Gretchen there, who presents him a nice weapon, some kind of a rifle of a small size. “Fancy weapon- a LASER?” “No, but a MASER. It´ll disrupt without the known flash.”- She said. The object was black, lustrous like a snake. “Fine weapon. I wonder if it could kill a man.” “Certainly.” “And a big dinosaur?” “Certainly it will die.” “And a Synthetic person? Could it be killed with this?” “A Synthetic person cannot be killed, Sir. Only terminated.”- The Assistant replied. Ultor looks unto those big crystalline eyes, her long eyelashes, her white skin and thin lips. He said: “ Up until now our relationship has been of work.” “Up until now”. – She said, smiling. Did she know he wants to change it for a more personal relationship?” Ultor stands from his seat and takes her hands in his. She stared at him with those big eyes where there were no emotions whatsoever. Ultor felt a chill running through his body. It born from a flash on his mind and spread as a running spider through his limbs, spinal cord and legs. “Guess I´m walking into forbidden territory.”- He said, kissing these lips. Then he looks at her expression- nothing was changed in them. “I am capable of to feel passion, love and jealousy. I can rise from routine to a sea of delights, but with a concourse of a woman.”- Ultor said, and not saying she was a mimic. Gretchen said:”-Of course you have those capacities on you. They come from the animal kingdom to reproduce, and from the human conscience, that embellished what it touches. A sound becomes a symphony, a kiss a pool of passion and the wings brought you soaring to a hot morning sky. Yes, I am not a woman. I can pretext that I am not alive at all.”- Gretchen said. 68 Ultor let her out of his cabin, without saying more; there was no need. She was not meant to satisfy a man- like the toy-girls made by the Easy People Company to satisfy the men… In the morning, up on a hill, the group of filmmakers takes a cup of hot ersatz tea, and some biscuits, and then descended among white sunbathed rocks and many pebbles, and into the woods. “Green place, sure more than one dinosaur eats on these ferns.”- Mr. Werft said. There was an open terrain, a trail, next to the riverbank and the cameras were set in place next to some rocks. There they waited- but not for long- the trumpeting male, five meters and a half in height, appears like an herald, followed by more than other thirty male Nasosaurs warriors of the species. When they saw no carnivore was around, they kept walking. Other followed, and after those males were sniffed and rummaged around, then appears the females and cubs scurrying everywhere.

“Careful with them!”- Ultor said, and they retreat unto the rocks, because the cubs were highly curious of the flashing metals. 69 Soon they were gone, and the trumpeting male Nasosaurs were lost in the distance. “What an experience!”- Miss Drera said, sighing. Her hands went to her chest, where her heart was still pumping hard… Ultor said: “Now we´ll play a little : both male actors will walk by the trail, as searching for the imprints of the Huayangosaurs foot… and you just keep on walking until we get you out of sight.” “Funny! Audio could be inserted afterwards.”- Mr. Hackenfleisch said. “Yes, but not necessarily- you could talk about what do you expect to find: Huayangosaurs of Pokipleurons.”- Ultor indicates. Mr. Togamber set the cameras, the male actors walked away, and then Ultor yelled: “Action!” And the film cameras begin to roll and the two male actors appears in the distance, walking with their rifles on their shoulders and using hats. When they were sixty meters away, a terrible vision appears, coming from their rear: a Ceratosaurus, stomping hard and he, too, following the imprints on the soil of the herd of Nasosaurs. “Beware behind you! A Ceratosaurus is coming!”- the team of Technicians yelled at the same instant, and Mr. Lummel smiled ,believing I was part of the filming sequence, but Werft takes the advice to the word, and looked back- seeing the terrible Ceratosaurus coming towards them at full trot. That meaning at the least forty kilometers per hour! Werft pointed his LASER rifle towards the beast and fired- Lummel throw his bag to the ground and run towards the camera, yelling in fright. Soon the Ceratosaur was biting at Lummel, chopping him in two pieces; the scene of his death wasn´t at all agreeable to see, and the Ceratosaurus didn´t eat without being molested, as the LASER beams had broken, searing, both his front arms that now dangled from his herculean chest, dripping blood all over. Mr. Werft arrives to a group of rocks, while Ultor said: “Take cover now!” They hide among the rocks, while Ultor fired the MASER beam unto the still eating Ceratosaurushe aimed to his skull, firing blast after blast, until a red light appears on his streamlined MASER rifle indicator- advising that the machine was too hot to keep on firing. Ultor gets cover among the rocks with the others, apparently provoking some degree of dizziness unto the terrible looking Ceratosaurus that now was panting hard. “There´s no more charge in this gun! Pity we have only your LASER rifle to depend on!”- Ultor said to Mr. Werft, who was still trembling after the nervous shock. “Here it is! Use it! You have better aim than me!”- The actor said, putting the rifle on his hands. 71 Ultor takes it nut didn´t shoot, saying:”- I will use it only as our last chance! If I use it right now, that beast will come here searching for the source.” Miss Drera sobbed in terror, looking very despair. Hackenfleisch looked at the beast, climbing half way on a rock, and come back, saying:”- It´s there, panting. Seems you did some damage unto his brain.” Twenty minutes later, the Ceratosaurus keeps going after the Huayangosaurs, and his stomping on the ground was soon drifting away. “He´s gone. Let´s get back unto the Flier, while there´s still time.”- Sobbed the actress, embracing her boyfriend , the hair stylist. They abandon their refuge among the rocks and Ultor went to the site where Mr. Lummel was attacked. Shoes and part of a leg was found- Ultor takes those remains and buried it on a cave

among the rocks, saying:”- Goodbye, my friend and collaborator! You die working in what you love the most!” Miss Drera was very impatient for the delay, urging the rest to start walking. “Why are we still here? Let the dead bury their dead!” Ultor marched with them minutes later, but Miss Drera and her fiancée were 72 Already departed – in fact, they were walking ahead of them by the woods and not visibly because of the dense forest. “There are only three kilometers from here to the Flier.”- Ultor said. “Those two gets away in a very irresponsible manner!”- Mr. Werft said, referring to Miss Drera and Mr. Fleuredon the hair stylist. But Drera mistakes the road and slowly turning to the left, arrives to the river again. “Look! The river! And there´s an island not far from the river banks.”- She exclaimed, and looking behind her, she added:”- I must have turn around in some place of our trek!” “A Coelophysis!”- Mr. Fleuredon said, because one of those creatures was in the middle of the path to the woods. Without thinking much, she takes her boots and trousers and jumps into the river. Mr. Fleuredon looks back to the Coelophysis, seeing some others that were arriving to the site. Fleuredon jumped into the river and the Coelophysis, seeing that their prey was out of reach, trotted back to the woods. Minutes later, Ultor and the others who were following the tracks of those booted persons, arrives to the river banks just in time to see the couple arriving to river bank. From the island they heard a first booming sound, followed by some others, while the actress falls into the mud in fright. A suddenly shudder rocks the terrain, making the river produce great waves. “To the forest!”- Ultor said, running in the first place, followed by everyone else. The volcano on the island keeps on roaring and sending huge rocks to the sky, some of them falling into the river, hissing and then sinking on the deep. The smoke from the volcano produces a great column of hot gas while red hot stones keep on raining everywhere. “It´s a volcano! Let´s get out of here!”- Mr. Fleuredon said in a terrified tone, pushing her lover to the woods, but again they lost sight of the rest, and ends up lost in the dense forest. When told about them, Ultor said:” We must to find them at all costs! Our purpose here is being thwarted by natural disasters! I should have been filming our daily activities and from now on it will be so. Guess our Editor will have more material with what to work on.” They understand that he was angry with his bad luck and said nothing in reply. At the next day, Ultor, Gretchen and Hackenfleisch returns to the river and to their 74 Astonishment, the same island was in sight. “Look! The island is back! Perhaps Drera and Fleuredon are there, perhaps injured!”- Ultor said, not willing to say the word dead after they search all around the place. “Let´s go to find out, Sir!”- Hackenfleisch said. “No! Let me go there first! If there´s no danger, I´ll signal you to come!”- Gretchen interrupted, impulsed by her inner code of conduct (“protect the lives of humans with your own life, if it´s necessary”). Ultor authorized her, to see if she had the reason or not, and to save more human lives from is already shortened crew. Gretchen takes off his boots and pants, and swim quickly to the island, that was no more than a hundred meters from the river bank; when arrived, Gretchen saluted

back at them and run inside the forest; suddenly the whole island shakes and go into the air, disappearing in the distance, right up above their heads. “Lost!”- Ultor cannot repress to say- resenting the lots of money he wasted on that synthetic person. “That´s a device to kidnap people- who know with which dark purpose.”- Mr. Hackenfleisch murmured. They stayed there for hours expecting to see the “island” to reappear; Mr. Hackenfleisch asked:” And are you able to man the Flier, Sir?” “Most sure of it! But it will be sad for me to stay there without her: she was almost a part of that spaceship.”- Ultor sobbed. At night and unable to keep on looking in the dark, they return to the Flier, where everyone left there expressed their sorrow for the loss of the Assistant. “She was very serviceable! Fruits and beverages being offered to us, small services rendered with a ever present smile- a pity to know she´s gone.”- Togamber said. Ultor seats at the main cabin, and Togamber and Hackenfleisch were there too, talking about the ship. “I´m sure we can end this project without Gretchen and without our beautiful starlet. Edition is all that´s needed.”- Ultor said. “And audio. You can explain the obscure parts with it- a nice commentary, and the boring part flies away.”- Hackenfleisch said, with property. “With stock footage we could end with Drera up to the last frame! If necessary, her inheritors could be compensated by her post –mortem appearance.”- Togamber said. Afterwards they take shifts around the Flier, just in case something could appear with evil intentions towards the Flier: Togamber takes the first shift of two hours long, Hackenfleisch the second shift of two hours, and Ultor the third shift for another two hours long. 76 After breakfast (Licorino milk and biscuits) Hackenfleisch and Mr. Werft that volunteered for this occasion went to the river bank to see if the island was back. They arrive at seven o´clock and the island was already in place, and someone was swimming back to the river bank. It was Gretchen, that finally stands in front of them smiling. “You come for me?”- She asked, while dripping water to the ground. “Yes! You disappear on that island looking- airship! Where they took you?”- Werft asked her. “It´s an organization kidnapping living beings in order to perform biological experimentations on them! I was discarded, because my synthetic constitution didn´t interest them.”- Gretchen said, walking to the woods; her clothes were only her underwear, a thing that raised smiles on both males. At the Flier, she repeats her story, and Obgort asked her: “And why did they let you go? You are valuable.” “They put me in a confinement pod that normally would had rent immobile a standard Synthetic person, acting on its intelligent center- but as I am not having a standard intelligent center their acts renders useless! I stay there until there where nobody in sight, and returns to the “island “that was hovering close to the spaceship.”- She said. “At open space?” “Not in outer space but very high in the stratosphere. I think I waited at the “island” forest, and before daylight the object begins to descend and when finally stay motionless I swim ashore.”Gretchen said. “Are they human?”

“Common humans talking in Interlingua. They could be from anywhere from Knapp to the Earth, for that matter.”- Gretchen answered him. Ultor stayed silent for a minute and then said:”- We could try to arrive to that island and try to recover Miss Drera and Fleuredon by any means we can, and perhaps Gretchen could take us back flying after the “flying island” , locking to the other spaceship. I see this is the only way to release our friends Drera and Fleuredon” “Possibly is is feasible, Sir. I could go after you in the Flier to see if you succeeded, to bring you back inside our Flier with everyone in good health.” Gretchen said. “Let´s do it!”- Werft said, enthusiastically. “All right! Gretchen! Give us the most of our weaponry! We cannot fail. “- Ultor said. 78 They went in excursion to the river, and swim in group to the island, carrying the weapons in hermetic sealed bags; on the forest they unpacked them while the “island” begins to move upwards, certain of to having caught new prey. “One of us will show at whoever is in charge. The rest will wait to see what happens with him.”Ultor recommended. “And if they shot the volunteer?”- Togamber asked. “I don´t think they are going to kill a specimen! But to minimize your concern, I will volunteer.”Ultor said, and nobody contradicts it; he openly stand at the clearing (where the river had been touching the ground) and waited. He saw a force-field -glassy film- all over the jungle- in fact, the air inside the bubble remains untouched. Eighteen minutes later, he saw stars all around the place, and a dark figure waiting in the distancea distance that was diminishing progressively, because the space island was still in movement. At last, the island touched the mother ship. If the island was three hundred meters in diameter, the mother spaceship measures at least thirty six kilometers. Ultor realizes that this wasn´t a Knappian vessel and perhaps not even from the Aurean constellation- this object come from the far regions of space. He wonders how Gretchen could had named their occupants as mere “humans” like him! He crouched while the union was made: two persons in spatial costume appear walking normally – synthetic gravity was on. The faces of those two persons were plainly visible, and they looked human. Ultor waited there in a crouched 80 Position- the tamest he could think at that moment. Although one of the newcomers were looking at the forest; the other walks with more confidence and stands over him, touching his shoulder to rise. Ultor did that and through the windowpane he saw the face of a person with fine features, so he thought it was a female. Two cracking sounds and a double ray of light advised him that his companions weren´t waiting for more formalities; both astronauts fall unto the ground, releasing their weapon-looking sticks. At a run, Togamber and the rest approaches them. “We´ll tie them in here! We must go searching our friends inside that vessel.”- Hackenfleisch said, and start to the entrance- the rest tied the astronauts and follows him at a run, fearing that the nexus between the island ship and the mother ship could be severed after the attack. But no : they could enter the other immense spaceship and walked into eight huge hangars, where people were walking perhaps in their daily routines.

“We´re not dressed like them! Let´s find a smaller confinement! Hackenfleisch begged and soon they were walking by very brighten corridors. In here, people weren´t using any kind of mask, and again Ultor believed he was in a world of women only. Several persons begin to notice their different attires and a sound begin, possibly an alarm of some sort. “This way!”- Werft said, and they run into a room; inside there were three persons looking at single monitors, but when realizing they were outsiders, they stand up and lined against a wall. “We´re here in search of two persons you had kidnapped!”- Ultor said to them in interlingua. The tallest of them replied in a sing song language nobody understood; Werft ripped his shirt and tied them, saying:” We´re taking hostages? If they want this back, they are going to deliver our friends to us!” Ultor understood that he was totally right, because they were already aware that this mother ship was enormous in size, at least fifty levels and hundreds of rooms to be searched. When one of the monitors lighted up with a figure talking, Ultor supposed he was addressing them, so he said in plain Knappian: “We´re here to rescue our two comrade: a man and a woman, kidnapped by you in your 82 Makeshift Island!” Some seconds were enough for the person to localize the language and make an answer:” Your comrades are already assimilated. So you must immediately surrender our personnel to us, or attain yourself to the consequence!” The tone was harsh; Togamber said: “We’re not going to walk away from here alive!” Hackenfleisch blandished his LASER rifle, saying:”- We´ll avenge our comrades, then! Let´s walk back to the island ship now!” Ultor realize that the idea was the only option left, so he fired the strange weapon unto a consolenot a LASER beam sprout from the cannon, but the console slowly melted into a greyish matter. The eyes of their prisoners were wide with fear after looking what had become of the machine. “Let´s take these persons as hostages, or they will melt us like that console, if possible!”Hackenfleisch reasoned, so they walked out just in time, because a greenish powder was beginning to fell down from the ceiling. “A poison!”- Togamber said, looking at it, and closed the door while they begin running through the corridor. Notwithstanding the use of hostages, the guards begin to fire at them from the distance, not caring much for the melting out of roof and corners; Togamber suffered serious burnings on both arms and he release the grip on the rifle, that fell down to the floor while he give a terrible yell. “Let´s fire at will!”- Ultor ordered, firing the alien rifle against those guards until it was very hot to the touch- meanwhile, Hackenfleisch was firing volleys of LASER beams, provoking a number of fires everyway he went. At last they arrive to the hangars, and running next to the walls they produce several fires unto vehicles parked inside- one of them begin to expel so much smoke that soon the air was almost not breathable and in that way they arrive to the island ship. “The force field!”- Ultor said when suddenly it ripped off and the air begins to be swept out to nothingness. Gretchen was on the alert, and rushed to the ground of the island in the Flier vehicle; she takes the already panting humans inside the spaceship and departed at full speed, searching for the surface of the planet Knapp. Minutes later, they were breathing 84

Air from the atmosphere of the planet, while Gretchen was camouflaging the Flier with branches, so it could not be seen from above. Togamber was very ill, and his burns were pitiful to look unto—Gretchen injected him some morphine and said to Ultor:”_ He´s in a comma. At least he´ll die with little pain.” “Thanks for your concourse. Without your prompt aid we would had exploded as balloons, up there.”- Ultor said. “It´s my duty, Sir.” – She said, putting a soaked cloth on Togamber´s chest. Half an hour later, Togamber expired. Ultor help in digging the tomb, and when ready, the corpse was buried under dirt and rocks. Werft said:”- Now we´re only three members left, of the seven we were initially. I wonder if your friend the filmmaker has so ugly luck than us .” “Who knows?”- Ultor murmured, looking at the sky. Later, Gretchen takes the Flier to the top of a suitable mountain, where they were sure no dinosaur could climb, and Ultor seats looking at the night, that shows stars and satellites and a dark 85 Sea of blackness all over the surface of the land. Gretchen walks where he was seating, saying:”Did you know that science has declared that life abides in us Synthetic persons¨?” He turns his head to look at her silhouette, saying:”- Bravo for you! Now you have life.” “Not like you, of course. But I can also feel sensations and get happy or be sad- it´s a matter of programming.”- Gretchen informs him. “Oh, programming! “ – He smiled, not willing to believe a machine could turn into a humanoid brained person. “Yes, as you humans are programmed through pain to avoid distasteful things and situations! You avoid the pain that certain actions carry with them. Same thing with me- instead of pain, an order. It´s very simple, in fact.”- Gretchen said. “Right; let´s go see your humane side.”- Ultor said. –“Probe you are a Synthetic woman!” She undressed and said: “Is it not the body of a woman what you are looking now?” Ultor takes her and kissed her lips, and she respond. He 86 Felt her warmth but suddenly she said:” I don´t want this to stop, but there´s somebody landing near us.” “Don´t tell me lies now!”- He said, but she dressed up and went outside; so Ultor was forced to believe his eyes, because when looking at the monitor in a console connected with a cam directed to the intruder, he saw a ovoid already landed not sixty meters from his Flier; he takes a rifle and went out the ladder, stomping to the ground. Gretchen was at the foot of the ramp, looking at some lights at the other side of the platform; the ovoid was in plain sight. “Is it Beedix spaceship?”- He asked. “I´m already talking with someone inside that ship and he´s not Beedix.”- Gretchen said. “Tell him I´m going there.”- Ultor said, and with Gretchen at his side, he faced a man on the threshold of the Ovoid´s entrance door. “I am Sonmar the explorer! I dig your spaceship from above and come here to see who was here! But please come inside my ship!”- The man said, and Ultor climbs into the craft, together with Gretchen. The man presents four other persons, and offered him a drink. Ultor smiled to a woman who gives him a glass with yellowish liquor in it. The host said:”- And what are you doing here, Sir?”

“I am filming a documental about the flora and fauna.”- Ultor explained briefly. “Ah, you are a filmmaker! I am more than that! Take no offense.” Ultor was tempted to hit the man for his words, but repeats mentally a mantra to relax his nerves: Those in mind are not in mind ´course the mind has no time.” And then said:” Really? The truth is I´m filming with bad luck.” “You get to stick to get the truth- the truth is condemned, the truth is in the gas chamber, the truth has been in your stockyards, in your slaughter houses. The truth has been in your reservations, fill in your railroads, emptying your garbage, the truth is in your ghettos , in your jails, in young love, not in your courts and your Congress of the mighty, where your judges are on the jam.”- Sonmar said without taking air not once. “I see you come from Oredloro.”- Ultor said, remembering the philosophers that were pestering downtown. “Oh, no! I come from the Rotten Apple! And tell me if I´m wrong: what the hell knows the old about the young? They put old Bush in their coins and are telling them is a father worthy of to be praised!”- Sonmar booming out. “I see your point.”- Ultor said, looking at Gretchen, who blinked an eye as saying:” The man is a wacko.” A thin man from the Ovoid who had descended quietly said:”- Good evening, Sir. I´m Omarion! As long as I can read your mind and control your fears you´ll have to thanks me! I am going to play any game I can, and you all could go to the Queen and take over the monarchy for all I care! My work is to save people from feeling afraid- I heard you are a filmmaker, and complaining you were about your ill luck! But I tell you I don´t know how you make it this far with your burden of fears.” Ultor looked at Gretchen again, who blinks the other eye this time, meaning he get to play their game just for the sake of to be a good neighbor. Sonmar puts a hand on his shoulder, saying.” The judge condemns me to jail, but I escape! They need me alive because they need their asking to be made! They swear I get somebody dead because they need to find a killer! I kill no one; I was not in the place when they did it! But they were telling me I send them to that place to play God and kill everyone in two feet!” Ultor was feeling rather nervous with their presence- this weren´t good people at all! 88 They went inside the Ovoid that has a central room where they seat in comfortable seats; a woman approaches, saying:” Well, what do you know! People in this wilderness!” “Her name is Fewa, the pilot. She was the one who spotted your Flier in here.”- Omarion said. Ultor drink of the liquor and it was a flavor to oranges. Sonmar said:” You see, I don´t response to it, I just shy on! Me and the friends on this Ovoid, traveling from the deserts of Atacama to here- I really live in another world, Ultor! A world that doesn´t exist.” “And where´s that world?”- Ultor asked him. “The one I´ll live on.”- Sonmar replied, caressing the hair of the young woman Fewa, and added:”The Reptilians scare the devil of black people from the Orion Belt. The black people isn´t thinking about it, the really nuisance is they just put the shoulders to the beating up! Reptilians are such warmongers, that when they have nobody to fight with, they fight among each other’s!” “I was reading about their kingdom in the Draco Constellation.”- Ultor said. Sonmar said:” You know what I am saying? Don´t jump on them! They will cut you in pieces- you and your crew.” “They are mean creatures.”- Fewa said, standing aside of Sonmar- her body was beautiful and she was using scant clothes, so Ultor was spellbound.

Omarion said:”- They have intelligence to do evil. There you go, the rest of your life being a slave, if they catch you unawares.” “We were in prison, you know? All of us! But Sonmar bribes the guards, and we escape on a small Flier taxi! That was the funny side of it- I call for a taxi while we were running over the prison´s roof! The poor Synthetic must be now turning into a wash cleaner, for all I know.”- Fewa remembered with a smile. Sonmar said:” Of course. Each of us is carrying a Universe- perhaps our vision of what a Universe should do.” Ultor saw how the woman begins to sing, and the males made a choir. The voices were nice and the chorus keeps going while one or another takes the lead to say a different lyrics than the others, and as much as Ultor could recall later, it goes like this:” I´m sure I learn There´s harmony in prison More every day There´s much wisdom In the prison, more everyday. Why aren´t you an answering telephone? Well, can´t you see? Well, what do you think it is? It´s no came, that´s why I don´t need to ask you questions I already know. Where do you want to start? What is what? Are you secure? Motion, get ready, attention! Reality, I know for sure That you just simply know.” Ultor think that there was some obscure meaning below those words, but then Mr. Sonmar stands up, saying:” The family want some rest, foreigner! Please go away, and perhaps tomorrow we´ll make you a little visit!” 90 Ultor understands he was telling him to go away after scant ten minutes in there- he leaves with a nod of his head. Outside, Gretchen grabs his hand when he stumbled on a rock, and said: ”Not much agreeable, that Mr. Sonmar! His invitation last the width of a song!” “Don´t worry about that! People are strange, and the strangest of all seems always to come from Earth!”- Ultor reminded her. At the Flier, Hackenfleisch was looking by a porthole and said:” I see you were going visiting our new neighbor! Who are they?” “And Earthman and some women- not really pleasant, that dude.”- Ultor said, meaning Mr. Sonmar. “Oh! Earth produces lots of good inventions but also a lot of trouble! Wish they go away soon.”Hackenfleisch said. “Tomorrow we´ll depart. What´s the problem?”- Ultor asked, walking to his cabin. Gretchen follows him, close the door and asked:”- Where were we, dear?”- And she was smiling. Ultor embraced her, replying:”- Guess we were around here!” At 07 hours (ship´s time) they heard someone knocking the locks and Gretchen opens the gate for four persons in sport clothes.

“Tell the Boss we are here!”- Mr. Sonmar said, playing a guitar. Ultor come down the corridor and heard the guitar and some angelical voices- the four women that were now with Sonmar smiled at him, while he was playing the guitar dexterously. “Fine morning to you, Sir!”- Sonmar boasted out, smiling crookedly. “Thanks. Good for you, too!”- Ultor laughed, and other members of his team also appeared there, under the call of the music and the voices. Mr. Sonmar played for two hours, giving his girlfriends some pills from a pouch. He also offered of it to Ultor´s team, but nobody dare to touch those. Hackenfleisch was enthralled to hear the girls but he dislikes Mr. Sonmar´s ways- he said to Ultor: “ He´s just a crook, I bet he is!” “Possibly! But a little music will make us no harm.”- Ultor replied, saying to Gretchen who was at his side:”- Give these people something to drink and eat, please.” Gretchen did that carrying a platter with glasses of lemon juice and sandwiches of tomato and meat with green beans and some mayonnaise on top. “Baby, you know how to serve a man!”- Mr. Sonmar said, blinking an eye in her direction. While they eat, Ultor said:” And which is your 92 Field of work, Sir?” Sonmar twitched his mouth and said:” Oh, several fields, actually! In fact, one of them is music.” The girls who accompany him laughed happily, and he stared at them smiling- he seems to be please to be praised by his cracks. “Hope you could make some money from music.”- Hackenfleisch said, meaning the contrary. “Money? Buy and sell? The origin of all evil! I play for free, I don’t ask money. Money come to me, I don´t walk to earn some bucks ,no Sir! Money rains on me and these fine ladies! They are Fewa, Reya, Mariana and Egisa! Fine ladies the whole lot!”- Sonmar said. “We are going to work soon.”- Hackenfleisch said, urging them to depart. “In two shakes of a lamb´s tail we´ll be gone! Yes, Sir! Life´s short if happy times comes to you, it´s long and gloomy if otherwise!”- Sonmar said, standing and leaving the flier in scant minutes. Unbeknownst to them, one of the girls had left a tracking device capable to find them from there to kingdom´s come. “Well, buddies, let us complete our mission! One more stop and we are through!”- Ultor said, very release to see that Hackenfleisch get those strange persons out of his Flier without quarreling at all. “But , captain! Have you no heart! There are four missing or dead people and you want to keep on working?”- Mr. Werft complained. 93 Ultor stared at them and said finally:” Pardon me, boy, but I´m not a millionaire! I have to make some bucks from this whole referendum! We´ll take come more shots at dinosaurs, and this is it ! I see no other person complaining, either!” Hackenfleisch run to his aid, saying.” I´m as well here as in any goddam place else! Think how we´ll collect money at the end of this movie! Because I´m sure our boss, here, will share a little percentage of the incomes, when the moment comes!” And he keeps on looking at Werft, who lowered his gaze for some seconds. Reconsidering that phrase? “All right, I´ll leave a margin of the revenues for you all! “- Ultor promised, thinking that a five per cent could be all right for them to receive, but not a sopes more! “Let´s go to work!”- Hackenfleisch said, in the best of humor. Gretchen moves the Flier to the north, where she spotted a lagoon.

“Here we´ll find half sized dinosaurs, mostly vegetarian: they will look nice on the film.”- Gretchen announced while Ultor was walking down the ramp. He saw tall grass framed by the forest. At least six hundred meters was the visible line of the forest, and then so many branches impede him to see more about it. “Beautiful vista!”- Hackenfleisch said, adding:” Take your gear and start filming this green pastures the minute our first actor walks into the green ocean!° Werft looked at him trying to tell him he wasn´t happy with the death of Lummel but prefers to keep quiet, not to arouse enmity. “Camera rolling!”- Hackenfleisch said, and the actor walked looking here and there, showing his LASER rifle as it was a super weapon. When at a hundred meters away, Gretchen said to Hackenfleisch :” I´ll help you carry the gear” Because there were two big cameras and the light fixtures but Ultor said:” No, darling: you go back to the –flier and stay there in case there´s trouble.” Gretchen departed, and Ultor said:” I´ll handle the lights, you carry the cameras.” “Wish this fine weather sticks until noon. I detest the heat.”- Hackenfleisch said, taking the two tripods and the cameras. From the distance, Werft looked at them until they were very near, then he said:” Watch this fellows! A big one!” They approaches and saw a big yellow serpent moving slowly on the ground. 95 “Kill him!”- Hackenfleisch said, kicking the ground- the vibration has a shocking reaction on the serpent that bits Mr. Werft on a leg; he fall to the ground giving a yell. “Fire to the beast!”- Hackenfleisch said, turning to run-. But in his running he step on another beast; this one was really curious: half of it seems to be a serpent but the second part has legs and a body resembling a deer- one bit and Hackenfleisch twists on the ground right and left, under the eyes of the terrified Ultor, that turns to look at the Flier in despair: he has no weapon to fire against the animal. Gretchen comes at a run, jumping on the beast and taking him by the hand, helped Ultor out of that serpent cradle. At the ramp, Ultor wept while Gretchen takes the injured and the dead into the Flier. “What a disaster!”- He said, rubbing his chin. “Werft must be carried to a Hospital- it has his femur broken in three parts.” Gretchen announced. “All right, let´s depart!”- Ogbor said. While they were traveling, Gretchen went to see the injured Werft, and at her return to the main cabin, she seats next to Ultor, saying:” He´s still in pain. About Hackenfleisch- do you want to carry him to civilization?” “I guess it would be a lot of paperwork and interrogations if I did so.”- Ultor said. “Then we´ll bury him somewhere?”- She asked, stopping the Flier in midair. “I´ll dig the hole.”- Ultor said, and he didn´t allow her to be of help- this takes him four hours on top of a mountain, while she prepares the cadavers and wrapped them into a pair of black bags with zippers. When Hackenfleisch was finally buried, Gretchen seats at the controls, while Ultor was saying:”Let´s go to Oxiborion.” “We´ll be leaving him at the Hospital General- they will not ask questions; it seems a simple accident.”- Gretchen said. They landed at the Hospital´s parking lot, and Werft was carried in a stretcher to the main building, where they told them he needs hospitalization. “Your friend will be staying here at least a pair of days.”- The doctor said, after looking at Werft.

“All right, doctor! He´s in good hands.”- Gretchen said and they departed to the Flier, where Ultor said:”- Pity my film wasn´t finished.” “But you could hire a pair of technicians and edit the film as you wished! The footage exists.”- She said, and at she calls on several Agencies, trying to find who could edit his film. After some days passed, Gretchen said:” There are two persons able to edit your documental film. I check on both of them and you can choose one or the other- perfectly sound both of them, have experience on documental.” “Right. Choose the older man and tell him to come here- to pick up the films and have a previous chat with him.”- Ultor said. Later, she communicates with the older one, who said:” No, I cannot go to your place! Bring me your films at my laboratory here on Oredloro.” Gretchen told about it to Ultor- he brighten a little and said:” Fine, we´ll bring him the films. Perhaps I could choose some good music to go along.” Gretchen said: Perhaps you should choose the other expert.” “No: a trip to Oredloro will suit me fine- a big city, and perhaps we should buy some new clothes for ourselves.”- He said, feeling embarrassed by the fact that Gretchen was still using the same uniform from the Easy People Company. 98 They traveled in the Flier, parking in a place near the building where Mr. Rowald was having his Studio; the place was huge and with the smell of machines buzzing; Ultor saluted the lady at a desk, saying:” Good afternoon! I am Ultor. I wish to speak with Mr. Rowald.” She smiled and replied: “Mr. Rowald isn´t here now, but tell me what you need.” “I have a film to make: an edition is needed.”- Ultor said, not liking the absence of Mr. Rowald. “You can leave the material here, to further study of it, and in two days we are calling you about what can be made. Is it suitable for you?”- The lady asked him. “Seems reasonable.”- Ultor said, looking at Gretchen, who said to the assistant: “We´ll be calling you, in case you make in in less enough time.” “Of course. Here´s our card. “- And the attendant gives her a plastic card, while Ultor handled her the rolls of films. “Do you want us to make memory pills with these rolls? They come up handier.”- The Attendant offered. “Yes, do it- always it´s good to have a copy.”- Ultor accepted. “Fifty sopes it will cost you the copy.”- The attendant informed him. “Fifty sopes seems reasonable if in high definition. Here you have.”- Ultor said, giving her that amount through his Credit Card. Gretchen takes his hands once they were on the street, saying:” I am sure this people will make a good job on your documental film. I had seen some works of them at the Holographic set, and they comply with the requisites.” “My requisite is to reach success with that film!”- Ultor said, looking at the window shops-. Electronic apparatus and clothes everywhere, so he enters with Gretchen into one of those shops, to buy some clothes and shoes for both. A lady attendant approaches, asking:” Good afternoon! You had come into the place where the fashion is the word! For both of you?” “Both of us, yes.”- He said, smiling. The lady looks to Gretchen, realizing she was a fine specimen of Synthetic person, and said:” A perfect body! We have perfect clothes for you to wear!”. And both of them begin working in the selection of nine dresses and the same number of shoes to match perfectly those garments- also choosing a dozen underwear clothes-. To match any lady in town.

Ultor was conducted to a Show room by another female person, where they show him several suits and sport clothes to choose on, and after choosing some clothes, he bought four pair of shoes in different colors, mostly dark. After that, Gretchen was back with the lady attendant, saying:” I can model for you, if you desire.” “It will be good to do it! I must see you look pretty.”- He said, and he was not disappointed, in fact, he sensed a pain in his chest while she was modeling for him: the view of a perfect e-woman with perfect clothes produces such amount of beauty that he was overwhelmed. At the end, the lady attendant said: “It will be only three thousand eight hundred sopes, Sir.” “All right, I think I can pay for these exquisite clothes you are selling.”- He said, and his Credit Card was used again in a good cause. 100 They went to the Flier, to leave the clothes at the cabins. “I don´t know if I could ask you if you are feeling happy?”- Ultor asked. “Oh! I am happy as a chip!”- She smiled, touching his face. “Yes, you are happy: your eyes shines! By my part, at my age, fashion slips like water against a greased pole.”- Ultor replied. “You are wrong! You can put on those fashionable clothes and look ten years younger! Remember the queen: she is old but still desirable.”- Gretchen said. “Oh, but she has lots of resources to look still young.”- Ultor said, moving his head. “You can replace organs into your body with discounts and looking for offers! Plus over this, you can pay in installments.”- Gretchen said. “I´ll give it a thought! But now, where are we going to take some fun out of this city?”- He said, embracing her. “Wherever you want, Ultor!”- She giggled, caressing her cheeks with some kisses. That night they went to a good Restaurant; she was using one of her nice dresses and he was proudly using a new one- piece dress, with fancy gadgets attached to it- temperature control, moisture tolerances, width made variables depending of his movements, radio, phones and some other niceties. “I feel like a robot while using this garment!”- He murmured in her hear, while they were dancing on a multicolor dais. “Well, I´m feeling like a natural myself in this dress!”- She murmured back. They danced until dawn, and then they returns to his Flier, where he slept and she begin revising and cleaning everything inside the craft. At midday he awoke and went to the bathroom, where he takes a sonic bath. Gretchen approaches him, saying:” Are you feeling well this morning?” “Fine! Prepare me some food! I am starving!”- He asked, so she prepared a fast food plate and a soft drink at the mess room, seating in front of him, to make company while he was eating. “And is all functioning in a fine way, darling?”- Ultor inquires. “Yes, I revised circuits -. No problems in this Flier.”- She said. “Hope Mr. Rowald could be working in my film.”- He declares. “I called to his Studio: the memory pills will be ready this afternoon. We could fetch them there.”. Gretchen said. 102 “Mm! Yes, We also could work on them through the holographic set. Do you think yourself capable of to edit it?”- Ultor asked her. She opened her eyes a bit more and said:”- Of course! But aren´t you wait for Mr. Rowald´s work?” “Yes, but perhaps I´ll put his name on the final credits! We must know if you are capable of to make a better edition!”- Ultor commented.

“No problem! I have lots of data about it, and I can borrow some more.”- Gretchen indicates. They went to pick up the pills and promptly they were at a skate show at a Mall in Oredloro. He bought her a purse, at a stand, and he bought a pipe and tobacco for his use. While he smokes, at the Flier´s ramp, he commented on ancient tobacco history. “In older times the people believes the tobacco produces mutations on cells, making themselves quick reproductive cells or cancer. They called it crabs, also. With time, the government forbid to smoke in public places then forbids the sell to young people, to older people and they finally banned the use of any kind of tobacco… “yes! I know about it.”- Gretchen said. “Let me finish: I am sure the tobacco use returns after the coming of the Melorians, who had a counter measure against the use of tobacco, making it inoffensive or innocuous.” “The plant named Coto?” “Right. The Coto plant, which could be drink or eaten as a candy bar, counter balance the tobacco fumes and makes an ill person a sane one.” “Yes, it´s strange how there is a counter poison to every ´poison.” – Gretchen said, kissing him. Suddenly the holographic set gives a sound of alert, and Gretchen attends it. “Good evening: I´m Rowald your Editor, to whom I must address myself pertaining some rolls of film?”- Mr. Rowald asked in grave tones. “To Mr. Ultor- I´ll call him. Right away- Gretchen said, signaling him to attend the call. “Good afternoon, I´m your client: Ultor. Glad of you to call us. This is Miss Gretchen, my Assistant, a person of reliability and in passing, my fiancée.”- Ultor said. “Your fractal! Very well, I had analyzed your film, Mr. Ultor, and I think it´s a fine production, what else did you want to tell you. 104 But it lacks sounds. The actors had no parliament.” “That´s a fact, Mr. Rowald. I am sure the edition will provide a nice interesting parliament. The music is of your choice, and of course you could ask some composer to create some original soundtrack for my film.”- Ultor said. Mr. Rowald moves his hairy head in consent, and replied:”- Of course, Mr. Ultor, I can provide all that in my edition, the script and the soundtrack music: occasionally I hire the most renowned musician you can dream of, pity they are so greedy… “ “And do you know some idea about what this edition is going to cost me?”- Ultor said, with a little twitching of his upper lip. “The price is one million sopes.” Ultor palled quite a bit, and said:”- But this is too much! If I try to sell this picture, how many producers are going to pay me more than a million sopes for a documental film?” Mr. Rowald said, with icy eyes:”- I cannot tell you that, Sir! I only do my job! You are the one who must study the path to solve your dilemma.”“No, I cannot pay so much money! I´ll be going to your place, to recover my rolls!”- Ultor said, reddening. “Of course, Mr. Ultor: suit yourself.”- Mr. Rowald said, ending the conversation. They went to pick up the rolls, and the Attendant said:”- Sorry you didn´t make connection with Mr. Rowald. Ut call me later at this number. Perhaps you´ll have a way to edit your film anyway.” “Thanks.”- Ultor said, taking the card while Gretchen gets the rolls in a bag. Back at the Flier, Ultor said:”- Call on her, as she asked. But also, call on some others, to know how much it is going to cost the new edition.” Hours later, Ultor calls her to his cabin, asking:2 And did you find any Editor?”

“I made the request: the robots had the information and tomorrow the Naturals will have an answer.”- Gretchen replied; he takes her by the hand, saying:” You are beautiful! Come here.” And she obeyed with a knowing smile. In the morning ,she reads the answers at eleven o´clock- two of them asked (without knowing exactly the dimension of the film) for a first payment of 800.000 sopes and three other editors wished to see the film before telling a price. “Ask them to come here to see the films.”- He said, when told. “But they´ll see our Flier is bigger by the inside.”- She complained. “All right, we´ll sent them copies!”- Ultor replied, not willing to appear on the news… She uses a mail service, because Ultor wanted her near him all day. 106 They lunched at a fine Restaurant (in fact, only he lunched because she didn´t need it) and afterwards they visited the Zoo, where several alien species were on exhibit: quadrupeds from Earth, omnipodos from Carina III; slugs from Eridani, whistling trees from Gemini II. From there, he went to the Editors, whom were calling him through cellphones; Mr. Rotrabor was the first- at a small apartment, the man has two Synthetic women working in the Editing, and he shakes hand with Ultor, saying:” Good to know you, Mr. Ultor and lady Gretchen! I´m working in your film already! We have the first twenty minutes already done! Please take a seat and enjoy the first part!” And they seated in front of a Holographic projector, looking at the beginning of the film that was called “CREATURES OF THE JUNGLE ON ZVEI CONTINENT.” It appears the Credits, saying the film was about the creatures of the jungle on Zvei Continentthen it appears the actress in her explorer´s costume, with a close up of her beautiful (but now gone) face, and then the other two male characters . Mr. Rotrabor said, enthusiastically: “Fine actors indeed! I´m promising you a light competence between the gentlemen for the lady´s favors! But all in a very sympathetic way! I promise you´ll be getting fun and at the same time, learning about those dinosaurs while the film keeps unrolling!”“Good idea.”- Ultor said. “Yes, thanks you for your compliments! But wait for the next ten minutes of this film!” And certainly it was with background sounds, and a faint music that kept underlying the drama… When finished, a Synthetic worker said:” We had five more minutes ready, Sir. Mr. Rotrabor looked at them and said:” Let´s wait for the rest! I promise you´ll get your whole documental film ready in just seven days! Leave it this to me.” Ultor was sure the man knows his trade, and said:” I realize you are a good Editor! But let´s us speak about your wages!” Mr. Rotrabor walked to and fro while saying:” Mr. Ultor! Surely you had some bad experience before coming to me! But don´t you worry! I´m asking just three thousand sopes and a two and a half percent on the revenues of this film!” “Sounds good. Hope those two and a half per cent will mean a good amount of money- but of course, I cannot predict the end result.”- Ultor said. “I´m sure it´ll raise a lot of money.”- Gretchen said, after a quick calculation. “See? Your lady knows best! Go in peace, Mr. Ultor! You have good material in here! And I also can promote your film, if you like.”- Mr. Rotrabor said, guiding them to the door. “I´ll think about it. Good bye.”- Ultor said. 108 Gretchen said:” The other two editor calls postponing the meeting for tomorrow.” “All right, no problem. This Mr. Rotrabor seems to be a competent technician! Let´s expect the rest of the film is as good as what we already see.”

“And I am on it, too! My edition is advancing too.”- She smiled at him, who was staring at her- half forgotten of that fact. “I hope yours could be a masterpiece!”- He said, kissing her cheek. They arrive to the Flier, and in it they traveled to the north coast of the Saddam´s gulf- it was a nice day, with some Parasaurolophus eating ferns at the woods and several Pteranodons fishing at the sea. Ultor bathed there for half an hour, while she kept vigilance then he seats at her side, saying: “ A perfect afternoon.” The pink clouds over the horizon, the rumor of the waves, everything was giving credit to his words- she was using a bathing suit, and then she run by the beach, performing some nice jumps-. And returns to him after a brief splash on the waters. “Do you like it?”- She asked, approaching her face to his. “All the time.”- He said, embracing her. Four days later, the other two Editors also promised to finish their work in a lapse of ten days- one of them, Mr. Akula, was a dark personage that said:” I will edit it in my own way. If you like it you pay, and at the contrary, I would have been working for peanuts.” 109 “And how much did you think your peanuts are going to cost me?”- Ultor asked, half amused with the challenge. “Whatever round figure you wish to pay! I´m an artist, you know? I´m not a merchant. Don’t ‘call me- I´ll call you.” And he was the cheapest of them all! Another technician was only asking 200.000 sopes for editing- he said he´s working for an organization that provides him with materials and equipment- I guess you must grab this opportunity!”- Gretchen said. “Let her have the authorization! But I´ll pay for a finished production only.”- Ultor said, and she moves her head in the negative, saying:” he wants the fifty per cent to begin with! Only then he’ll start working.” Ultor looks at the ceiling for a while, and then he said:”- And how much is that fifty per cent?” “A hundred thousand sopes.”- Gretchen said. “Very well, give him that amount, but I expect him to be creative.”- Ultor said, realizing he was going to have several versions of the same film to choose. “You could sell this film here on this city, and in Rixiaberg or in Oxiborion! Also, we could travel to Aurea II and make sells in there.”- Gretchen said, looking at him with concern. “Yes, we could do that: dinosaurs are always a good theme.”- He said. 110 Twenty days later, he has the four versions of his film ready to be seen. “Well, this is it! We´ll see if we have something worthwhile!”- Ultor said, looking at Gretchen, who replied:”- you waited until everyone was ready! Now we´ll see which one do you like best. One of them will be the one I edited! But you just see all of the versions, and only then choose the one you prefer.” “Did the versions have the same number of minutes?” “No, dear, some of them are longer than others.”- She said, embracing him. He saw the five versions in three different days, and at the sixth day he said:” Well, I liked most version number Two. Then follows version number Three.”- And didn´t said which was the worst, in case it was her editing… Gretchen leaned against him, saying:” Now I´ll tell you who made which one, and their duration in minutes: Version number one was made by Mr. Rotrabor, version two was made by me, Version

three was made by Mr. Akula, version four was made by Mr. Shingee, and version five was made by Mr.Kieper. “ “I see. And I guess version number one was the longest of them all.”- Ultor said. “Yes, it has two hours long, and the rest are forty minutes long in average.”- She informed him, adding:” You have spent two million sopes in the editing.” “Two millions! And I found too much a million!”- He said, touching his head with both hands. “Now we´ll copyright it so you could be sure they’re yours to sell! “- Gretchen said, using the holographic set for that purpose.. After an hour, she announced:”- Ready! Now I´ll see if there are organizations that could buy your film.” “Which version?” “Depends! If they want the long version, three millions sopes; if they want any of the others, one million and a half! “- She announced. “Mm! So I´ll be receiving less if they choose short versions.”- Ultor realized. “I will offer them the short version just in case! If they don´t want the long version, we´ll travel to sell it somewhere else! “- Gretchen said, and stayed at the Holographic set for several hours, trying to made business. At the next day, four ecologist organizations and two Universities were interested in to see the documental film. “We must project the film in one of their saloons! We cannot just lend then the film for free, or they could copy it and we’ll get nothing! “- Gretchen said, and for as long as twenty days they were showing it in Oredloro and Oxiborion. At the end of it, the University of Oxiborion bought a short version in a million and a half Sopes (Gretchen´s editing). “They said that the long version was their first option but the price scared them a bit.”- Gretchen said, showing him the deposit of a million and a half sopes in his Bank account. “Guess I only lost half a million sopes!”- He said, sadly. Two days later, he receives the news: His friend Beedix was arriving to town (Oredloro) with a number of films from his excursion to the Zvei Continent sponsored by the Ministry of Education, he was commented and interviewed almost every day rising interest in his work. “We are editing it, soon it will be ready for the exhibition!- He kept saying to the cameras. By contrast and in comparison, the University of Oxiborion speaks about his recently acquisition, about the expedition to the same place and were many people going to see and also buy copies of the Ultor´s film “I´ll call on them! You have rights over the copies!”- Gretchen said, and soon she was told not to worry: once every year they were going to call on Mr. Ultor to informs him about his percentage in the revenues, and of course, to pay him his share. 111 “Good! Who knows? Perhaps I´ll end up recovering what I had invested!”- Ultor said when hearing about it. Gretchen gets an offer from Rixiaberg but when the interested organization (The Arfon Institute of Biology) knew about the previous selling of similar versions, they refuse to keep on with the conversations, afraid of future legal entanglements. “Forget about it! We´ll see if we could make money from the long version in our future trip to Aurea Constellation!”- Ultor said to her, embraced to her waist. She studied the charts and the small details- then said:”- We need some new crewmembers, dear. We cannot be sure to arrive there without some more help. “A natural person?”

“Or a Synthetic entity! At least two synthetic persons and if you choose to use Naturals, we´ll be needing four of them.”- She assured. “There are many youngsters willing to test fortune traveling far. Possibly they will be cheaper than two of your kind.”- He recommended. “Dear! What they could possibly know about spacecraft? “- She laughed, to show him how ridiculous was his idea. 112 The idea of to be traveling practically alone but with human forms wasn´t appealing to Ultor, who often was half ashamed of himself, pretending he has a pretty woman when in fact it was nothing more than a machine, no matter that more than someone (like G. B. Shaw) believes man was nothing but a machine. So he asked her to put advertisements to get a crew, and when that was donned, the applicants begin to be interviewed in a Restaurant near where the Flier was parked. The Restaurant was named “Ganimed” and it was very appropriated as it has private rooms. Ultor cited them all to the same hour, but of course, the women appear thirty minutes later, when the males were already consumed their first drink. By them, Ultor had already measured the applicants for what they worth (one of the arts of old age, as he boasted in private). He looks around, after hearing the last names, and said:”- Eighteen persons interested in my little add! Good that there are still enough people with a thirst for adventure.”- And seeing that he looked on their faces, two women knitted their brows- meaning “I´m not searching for any adventure, but for profits!” 113 He asked for lunch. For every one of the, but asking or choosing for the standard menu of that day that it was grilled Bogorovia with green beans and tomato (native) and several soda pop beverages (no more beer for them). “You look like someone from Oxiborion.”- He said to a lady, and she replied:” Yes! How do you know?” – And she was blonde, now blushing down to her chest. “You are more tanned than the other dames here: more time outdoors, possibly at the beach!”Ultor playing the detective here… “Yes, I like to surf the waves!”- She said, smiling and her name was Zelda. The dishes come and they chatter about the weather, the health of Queen Girardot and the novelties brought to Knapp by some Ferengi merchants. After the desert (ice cream) Ultor said:”- I am planning a voyage from here to planet Aurea in a Flier.” Several members at the table laughed- believing honestly that it was a joke- because Fliers commonly were known to be small and just for planetary travels… “No, I mean it! It´s a new model of Flier, and difficult to man in deep space. That´s why you should know about spaceships also, and of course, a pair of nurses and perhaps a doctor could be of use. Any of you is a medic?”- Ultor asked, looking around. They look at each other, and the answer was in the negative. “No matter, then! Well, the ones who have no 114 Knowledge in astronomy or engines, no problem! An implant and the knowledge will be there to be used, and on this aspect we have the important help of a Synthetic person. That is not here at the moment, that will clarify any question if necessary.” “A simple implant! Is it not a dangerous operation?”- One of the ladies, whose name was Klara, asked.

“Totally inoffensive! You have an implant, of course- from birth!”- Ultor remembered her with a sign towards his arm-. Because now every member of the kingdom of Knapp has one for identification purposes that serves also for medical examinations, Bank accounts, genetic administration and others. “I have some instruction on spaceships I wonder which kind of engines you have on Your Flier.” An elderly man (about fifty five years old) said, and his name was Saris. “I could not say which, Sir , but I´m not sure my Assistant, Miss Gretchen, that in passing is my fiancée, could explain to you later.”- Ultor said. “I would apply for the Infirmary.”- One of the women said; she was Neeren, a blonde with a big nose. 115 “Correct! One crew member on. Who´s next?”Everyone was joining – eighteen of them – and while he needn´t so many, he believe he could carry them “on block”, to have at least half of them in his way back. A fat man said: “I wonder if we are getting some time in the cryogenic pods?” “Well, it´s sure many of you´ll be there- and “called back” if needed.”- Ultor replied. “Being paid just for to sleep! How´s that, folks? I´m in, by all means!”- The fat man said, and his name was Anur. “All right, now we come into the harsh part.”- Ultor announced. “The dug.”- One of the friends of the fat man said, laughing- the name in his lapel was Allan. “Yes: I will pay the basic revenues: a thousand sopes per month. And there are two months from here to Aura II. Take into consideration that most of you will be working just half of that time- the rest will be at the cryogenic pods.” Ultor announced. A man in his thirties (Raberio) said:”- But we sign to work, not to idle, and if you decide we´re not working is your decision- you cannot blame us to be idling.” Ultor reddened and said:” You are right, but the thousand sopes as your monthly basis stands.” Various from the group begin to murmur 116 And the murmur grow and so Ultor stands up and said: “Well, I´ll let you decide on this alone. I´ll be here tomorrow at lunch to the ones who want the job. Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.” And saying so he went out the Restaurant not before having paid for the lunch. Outside, he takes a Flier taxi and returns to Gretchen, who had heard and saw everything that happened in that reunion, thanks to a webcam. “Good for you!” Seems that at least half of those applicants will stick to your project.” “I hope so! - He said, walking to his favorite place: in front of the main consoles, where he could see, on monitors, everything that surrounds the Flier. “Tomorrow is me that will be attending them! You look so tired.”- She said, passing a hand over his head. Ultor soon was snoring in place and Gretchen puts a blanket over his body, to protect him from cold. At the next day, Gretchen went to that Restaurant and waited- only five of the eighteen applicants appear: three men and two women. Gretchen explained them some more of the future work, and added:”- I am sure you will be fine on our spaceship. I will wait you here tomorrow at noon time. Bring your valises and whatever you think you´ll need for your stay with us.” 117 The Applicants nodded and went after her, who soon was lifting in a Flier vehicle.

Klara looked at the receding vehicle and said:”- I wonder if she’s the Synthetic woman they told us about.” Anur laughed and said:”- Of course she´s a Synthetic! I grabbed her buttocks from behind and she not even realizes it!” Ultor saw her coming by the monitor, and when inside, he said:” And how many crewmen we had now?” “Not eighteen , dear! Just five braves! The rest chicken´s out.” Ultor realized eh was better with as little as five persons, and said:” I wonder if you´ll be able to command this spaceship with only a reduced crew!” “I´ll be fine.”- She said, caressing his head. “I already have all calculated and our crew will be implanted by someone arriving after them. He´s a medic.” He looked surprised and said:”- A medic?” “He´s an old doctor, still active: all he wants it´s to travel to Aurea Two; his expertise in exchange for a free ride.” Ultor asked where did she meet that doctor, and Gretchen replied:” He was surfing the net, when he saw our advertisement asking for a crew. Anyway, you are not obliged to carry him if you don´t want.” And she was saying that because Ultor was too inquisitive about a simple old doctor coming on board… He embraces her and said:”- Don´t question yourself for your acts! You have all my support in this! Of course, he can have his ride! And perhaps I could use an implant, too- never it´s too late to learn to be useful!” “I have enough chips.”- She smiled, because she herself _”prepare” the “memories” for each chipand so, he added some extra artificial memories to Ultor´s chip, to make him look superior in knowledge than the rest of Naturals on board… Doctor Farthon Climbor arrives at eight hours sharp the next day, saying:”- Hope I´m in time?” “Yes, Doctor! You are the first to arrive in this nice day. Please come in.”- Gretchen salutes him. “Thanks! Oh, what a surprise! “- He said, noticing that the interior of that Flier machine was huge and not corresponding with what he saw from the outside… “A new method of construction “- She said, guiding him by a corridor towards the Infirmary. 119 “Really amazing! Hope it didn´t collapse with us inside!”- Dr. Farthon said. “OH, don´t you worry for that! If every that disaster happened, you´ll be vaporized in a millisecond! No time to feel pain, no time to react!”- Gretchen said. “Oh, great comfort to hear that!”- Chuckled the old doctor, leaving his two valises next to a stretcher. He was nervous, and asked her:” Well, dear lady, what news have you for me? Did your captain accept my offer?” “He heard about it and accepts your efforts to arrive to Aurea 2. So you are hired.”- Gretchen said, and then explains him how some of the medical equipment works in there, where medicines could be find, and added:” There´s a natural lady that will serves you in here as a nurse.” “Oh, an Assistant! Good to know about it! Of course, I expect my services could only be occupied in minor injuries.”- He said, moving his head sidewise. “Now, accompany me to guide you to your own cabin”- Gretchen said, and Dr. Farthon takes his valises following her through the corridor and then into a shaft and at some other dimly lit corridor, and at the second door, she said: “Here you will have your own place, Doctor!” Inside the room, a magnetic bed, some furniture and at a corner, a holographic set ready to use by Dr. Farthon Climbor – who was happy to see he was having a nice place instead of a dark cubicle that he had been imagining before.

120 But all the while he said, pointing to the null gravity bed:” Sorry to bother you, but I´m not accustomed to this kind of beds. Could you find some old fashion bed for me?” Gretchen understood his desires and said immediately:”- As you wish, Doctor! I´ll bring you here a bed: no need to use the null gravity bed.” The face of the doc tor lightened up and he thanked her with several phrases. “All right, doctor! Put yourself at home, here. I´ll be going to do other biddings, and I ´ll return to show you the Infirmary.”- Gretchen said, smiling. And indeed she had a lot of work to do, because the crewmen were waiting outside the lock door. She opens it and Mr. Anur said:”- At last! We were thinking there was nobody inside this little Flier. “I was occupied. You get to have more patience or you´ll have problems inside this spaceship.” Gretchen indicates him. Miss Neeren smiled rather nervously and said:”- Spaceship- this Flier? I thought you had a bigger ship!” “It will be not needed.”- Gretchen said, inviting them to walk inside. They enter: the ugly Miss Neeren and her enormous nose; the fat and ill-mannered Mr. Anur, Miss Klara, the Oxiborian Miss Zelda, Mr. Saris (55 years old) , carrying four bags with personal belongings and stuff; Allan the fat and bit tall man and Mr. Raberio, 34 years old, who was carrying three valises. In all, three women and four men. She guided them to their appointed cabins, teaching them how to use the appliances, and saying that they were to be called soon for the implant procedures. “And it hurts much?”- Miss Klara asked her. “Not a bit.” Gretchen replied, but Mr. Anur growled: “You say it so, because I bet that you have no implants.” “I´m implanted all over, being a Synthetic person.”- Gretchen said to him, and in that way, she established his position with pride and honor. The surprise of everyone was genuine because they all were sure to enter on a cramped place, and they find a huge room with several corridors running down everywhere. “But this is a big spaceship! How could this be?”- Klara asked, and Gretchen addressed her, saying:”- There is an explanation, but too large to develop on a corridor, I´ll explain it to you at a later date.” “Thanks. But for practical purposes, I´ll believe in magic!”- Klara said, making a funny gesture. Once they knew and remained at their appointed cabins, Gretchen went to Dr. Farthon´s cabin, and said:”- Doctor, we are 122 Going to insert some chips in our crew: they will gain in knowledge, helpful for to man this spaceship. “Of course. I´m ready.”- The doctor said, following her to the Infirmary, where she explained the proceedings, because the Doctor had said:” This new chips are different than the ones I knew about.” After the first implant, the doctor said:” Oh, I get it! Very simple proceeding! You can leave the rest of them on my hands.” “Very well, I´ll be sending them and have a good time.”- Gretchen said, sure of this expertise. Ultor was at the main cabin, trying to decipher controls. She takes him by the hand and carried to the Infirmary, where the doctor Farthon Climbor receives her specisl designed memory chip that was , then, inserted on Ultor´s arm. “I don´t feel anything yet.”- Ultor said.

“Not immediately! Let the elements gets the link to the proper neurons! Soon you´ll be acquiring the know how – wait for some hours to “remember” those new information.”- Gretchen recommended. “So our crew must stay put for some time before our departure?”- Ultor asked. Gretchen said: ” I don´t recommend it! They could begin to get attached to permissions to go out in the city! Better you take off and inf we must wait, we´ll wait in orbit.” “You are probably right, so you can begin hovering up, darling.”- Ultor said, and the synthetic lady used the intercom to tell everyone they were to take off, so they must get attached to their seats or remind on their cabins. And soon they were going upwards until the Flier was out in free fall, orbiting the planet. Some lights blinked on the panels. “What is this ? A general failure?”- Ultor asked her. “No need to panic, dear! It´s just the Safe Grid from the planet, asking us to respond- and I am not responding because we have no authorization to leave the ground.”- Gretchen explains him. “So they could send some warship in our pursue?”- Ultor asked her, mildly worried again. “Not in a million years! They just want us out of the way! And I´m already giving our thrusters more work. In minutes we´ll be out of boundaries.”- Gretchen said. Effectively, soon they were moving out of Knapp´s strong magnetic attraction and heading out. But of course, Gretchen was having great precautions not to be 124 Using commercial cargo lanes – not one by many other spaceships were departing to outer space, in their particular missions. “Our crew is working fine. I put Mr. Anur in charge of the Deflectors, Mr. Neeren at the engine room with radars in her supervision, and everyone working.” Gretchen said, seated at the pilot´s chair. “Wll, now I´m you copilot and so, I´m a bit more relaxed.”- Ultor said, believing all was in the proper direction. That first shift was soon gone, with the elation of the beginning. Even Mr. Anur had a couple of smiles , only at the mess hall when having a good meal. “We have no problems with the food. I find a food processor not connected to the general system, that I put to work.”- Gretchen said. “Good. But don´t tell the rest. Let them think we have a repository of vegetables and fruits. Not everyone likes to eat regenerated organic matter.”- Ultor said, who was not troubled with that knowledge. “Oh, yes, the ladies looks on ther plates, as if thinking on their origin- ersatz or original.”- Gretchen said. “But I´ll be not lying! If they want to know, let them know.”- Ultor said. Gretchen stared at him and said:” In case they don´t want reprocessed matter as their food, we could boost our production of vegetables using at maximum our hydroponic bay.” “Did we have one?” “Packed.” “Unpack it! Let´s produce fresh fruits and vegetables! Oh, a glass of lemonade! Do you have lemons?” “Everything is packed.” “Raise them from their dreams! Oh, this is wonderful!”- He touches her slim arm in a gesture of passionate emotion. Gretchen was mildly surprised on how a natural could turn emotional with the perspective of natural food.

Four days later, the flow of space ships were diminished but still in sight: more than a dozen liners brilliantly lighted were to be seen. “Wish I could be on one of those!”- Miss Zelda said, by the intercom. Her voice was heard at the main control cabin, and Ultor blinked an eye to Gretchen, saying:”- I could carry there for a fortnight!” “Oh, Mr. Ultor! Do you really ?- “she sighed on the phone. “We´ll try. Call them to ask for a permission to visit, then tell them who we are.”- Ultor said, and she laughed and replied:” I doubt they know us!” Gretchen interrupted, saying:”- You get him wrong! Tell them we are a small Flier in a private flight and that …” “We wish to see their beautiful liner by the inside!”- Miss Zelda said. “Add some technical difficulty, something amiss.”- Ultor was saying, but Gretchen interrupted :” Tell them we need to see our outer hull because we heard a bump some time ago.” “Nice.”- He smiled to her, and soon from the liner the answer was “ Yes, you could dock in entrance Four.” Gretchen directed the Flier into the big entrance (three hundred meters wide, a hundred meters high) , and the Administrator of that particular place asked her to park the small Flier next to a wall. After the closing of the big lock, a man in orange approached the Flier. Gretchen and Ultor descended by the ramp, facing the man. “Welcome to the “Wings of Heaven” leisure Liner! Your names, please, and the ones of your entire crew.”- The person asked of them. “Thanks for permitting us to get into your Liner! I´m captain Ultor, and this is my Assistant Miss Gretchen.” “Nice to meet you both. You said, by radio, something about your hull. Explain to me what is happening with it.”- The man asked. “We suffered several hits.”- Was saying Ultor, but the man interrupted by asking:” and did your meteorite deflector is in bad shape?” 127 “Not quite, but the crew lacks experience. In all cases, the man in charge was instructed better.”Gretchen explained. “Good. Well, we´re at your disposal; by orders of our captain Wollin, we´ll help any way you need. I´m Baverdio, second officer.”- The man said. “All right, but we´ll be looking for damages in the first place.”- Ultor said. “You can visit our vessel, if you wish; the only thing you must kept in mind it´s that you are not allowed to walk on the forbidden zones- like the tourists we have on board. They must avoid to enter those places, where there are men working.” – Mr. Baverdio said, adding:” I am to keep close to your Flier as I´ll be helping at all times.” Gretchen replied:” We´ll comply with those instructions. Sir., and with some instruments and the rest of the crew at hand, they find thirteen small holes and indentures on the hull. Not dangerous but in need of repair if they were traveling long distances. They patch the holes, and then they repaint the whole of the surface, covering it afterwards with a coat of ceramic compound. That takes two days; then they had a day to visit the Liner , buying clothes and other stuff in the several stores available for the tourists. 128 They also enjoyed the swimming pools, the bars, the dancing places, and some other recreational sites all for free, as the captain Wollen gives them the status of a tourist while they stayed there. He also invites Ultor and his crew to his table, where they talked and the rest of the concurrence has also the opportunity of to learn some more on Fliers of the last kind.

Captain Wollen said:” And figure you a Liner the size of our Wings of heaven shrink by the outside and wide by the inside! Imagine how much the companies will economize with this new invention!” • They will do fine, only that we could be not boasting about our ship measuring thirty kilometers long!” - A lady said, and they all accented. Captain Wollen moves his head, saying:” I had heard the voice of the people!” – And they all laughed. Two days later, Ultor had no other excuse to keep on being there, and he gives his thanks to the captain, offering him a small present. “If in some other occasion you need some place to repair your Flier or just to take a little vacation, don´t hesitate to call on me.” Captain Wollen said, after looking the pair of old golden penholders he had received as a gift. 129 Once in the Flier, Gretchen said:” For a while, we´ll be looking at the Liner- they are going to Aurea I. And do you know something more?” “No idea.” “We had traveled half the distance, thanks to the great velocity that Liner had.”- Gretchen said. The routine begins again, but now there were more sympathy among them, because they had good memories from his short stay at the Liner… “Now we´re on our own! Hope we´ll be soon at Aurea II.”- Ultor said. “One month.”- She replied, taking his hand. “Well , time is what we need to see how could we have a real success on Aurea II, selling our goods.”- He said , smiling to her beautiful face; in that moment, Miss Klara appears to the main cabin, and stared at them, not liking what she saw. But instead of to express which was her opinion on relations with Synthetic people , she said: Doctor Farthon is ill.” “Oh, so? I´ll go there to see him.” – he said, walking hurriedly. Gretchen waits until Klara leaves the room, to look all systems with a password for her, no stare was totally innocent, and the one from Miss Klara didn´t pass unnoticed. “Doctor! What do you feel? “- Ultor said, coming inside Donctor Farthon´s room: he was in a special bed, 130 Not in the usual gravity bed, and said:”- It´s the stomach! I think I eat something at the Liner that hurts my system.” “Miss Klara , her helper, enters and said:” I´m sure he´ll be all night soon! I already give him his own prescription.” “Sorry, doctor! There´s no clinic around here! But I CAN FREEZE your body until our arrival to some hospital on Aurea II.”- Ultor offered him. “Oh, well! Nothing to worry much about, captain! Your offer I will consider- let me see how the medium works, first.”- Doctor Farthon said, adding:-“ I´m still reading and studying- that could maintain me in here without being dormant! As you should know, I also works in the development of a new way to make a powerful tool for altering gene sequences that greatly increase the ability of researchers to knock out or otherwise alter the expression of any gene they are studying. The new method allows investigators to quickly create a large number of TALENs (transcription activator-like effector nucleases), enzymes that target specific DNA sequences and have several advantages over zinc-finger nucleases (ZFNs), which have become a critical tool for investigating gene function and potential gene therapy applications.

I believe that TALENs and the ability to make them in high throughput, which this new technology allows, could literally change the way much of biology is practiced by enabling rapid and simple targeted knockout of any gene of interest by any researcher. TALENs take advantage of TAL effectors, proteins naturally secreted by a plant bacteria that are able to recognize specific base pairs of DNA. A string of the appropriate TAL effectors can be designed to recognize and bind to any desired DNA sequence. TALENs are created by attaching a nuclease, an enzyme that snips through both DNA strands at the desired location, allowing the introduction of new genetic material. TALENs are able to target longer gene sequences than is possible with ZFNs and are significantly easier to construct. But until now there has been no inexpensive, publicly available method of rapidly generating a large number of TALENs. The method developed by us is called the FLASH (fast ligation-based automatable solid-phase high-throughput) system – assembles DNA fragments encoding a TALEN on a magnetic bead held in place by an external magnet, allowing automated construction by a liquid-handling robot of DNA that encodes as many as 96 TALENs in a single day at a cost of around 75 Sopes per TALEN. Now I also give a hand to a team that also developed a manual version of FLASH that allow labs without access to robotic equipment to construct up to 24 TALEN sequences a day. In our test of the system in human cells, we have found that FLASH-assembled TALENs is able to successfully induce breaks in 84 of 96 targeted genes known to be involved in cancer or in epigenetic regulation. “ “Really a hard work, Doctor Farthon! And why did you left that group?”- Ultor asked him. “Well, hard work must end with a vacation, don´t you think? And this travel of yours is the closest thing I find to looks like a vacation! And I tell you, finding that 85 to 90 percent of FLASHassembled TALENs have very high genome-editing activity in human cells means that we can essentially target any DNA sequence of interest, a capability that greatly exceeds what has been possible with other nucleases.” “I see you cannot forget your hard work.”- Gretchen smiled. “One more motive to make this trip! I am dreaming about the former task! The ability to make a TALEN for any DNA sequence with a high probability of success changes the way we think about gene-altering technology because now the question isn’t whether you can target your gene of interest but rather which genes do you want to target and alter.” “I SEE now why do you don´t want to get into a pod.”- Ultor said. “I cannot forget that the longer a TALEN was, the less likely it was to have toxic effects on a cell, so I suspect may indicate that shorter TALENs have a greater probability of binding to and altering unintended gene sites. I have in my notes that this supports the importance of designing longer TALENs for future research and potential therapeutic applications. “ Ultor stayed there for some more time, and seeing no change, he said to Miss Klara:”- If you consider now or in some time in the near future, that we get to put the doctor on ice, just let me now before proceeding.” “Yes, Captain.”- Miss Klara said, and her eyes were red, because she was attached already to the old doctor. At the main cabin, Gretchen said:” And how´s the doctor Farthon?” “he´s not well. Something he eats at the Liner is making him feel ill. I offered him to be inside a pod by the time being, while we arrive to some place where to attend him in a proper way. But he´s interested in some studies he is performing – more than in his own health.” “Fine, a good measure. Perhaps he´ll recover!”- Gretchen commented, while avoiding some meteorites on course of collision. From down below they heard the rapid staccato of the cannon that dissolves the threat, with Mr. Anur on the trigger. 131

Mr. Anur is giving some pleasure to his bad instincts.”- Ultor said. “Sometimes the trigger is on automatic, dear. “ Gretchen indicates. Ultor looked at the stars on his console, and said.” I CANNOT believe we´re on a commercial route. Too many stones in it.” “Don´t be funny, dear! Do you think planets and stars don´t move? We are moving as the rest of the Universe- this stars aren´t immobile and this path was calculated in an original form what will never be repeated in the future! So rocks may come and rocks will go with the passing of time.”Gretchen lectured him. Ten hours later, Ultor was awaken by her, that was saying:” Wake up, dear! Something is happening with the doctor!” Ultor was in underwear clothes but he takes no heed of that and run by the corridors, stomping inside the Infirmary. Miss Klara was there, and seeing he was arrived, makes a sign to be quiet and heard the doctor saying:“ Looking at the moon thinking back, how many times I had died for love about the times I cried for love, thinking about moons? Where did it go and why did it pass me by? Why was the saddle not right with the sky? Love! There must have been an eye, so verily. Saints and angels in the sky. Imaginations of fantasy realms. I think I am a duck when they cry fifty miles was standing in the corners of the shadows watching a parade go by.” Ultor understood it was some kind of encrypted poetry, but Gretchen smiled and said: “That’s an old song from the land where he born.” Farthon opens his eyes and said to them:” Oh, you are already here! Don´t you worry for me anymore! I am feeling peachy!” They smiled with concern, and from then on they saw him recovering from his illness… CHAPTER #3.Aurea Constellation . Aurea #2. The trip ended when approaching the second sun of the Aurea Constellation. Everyone were very busy, and certainly Ultor was very excited; not Gretchen in the least, who had her sentimental routine off line. “They are hailing us from the Central Orbiting Station. I am saying we are tourists. In that way, we get less questions and if there´s no problem, we have, by their own laughs, two months to stay without further documentations. If we keep on being here, we could ask for another term in orbit.”- Gretchen said. “All right, let´s proceed!” Ultor said. “We´ll leave orbit after some circles are being made, to ease their attention good bye! Then we´ll land, dear.”- Gretchen said, blinking an eye, starting her sentimental software again in function. The couple of orbits were made, and then she descend over a very desolate region, where no important radars were in use. From there, and at low speed and altitude, they approach the city of Aurea 2. Star : Aurea 2 Planets: 4 Terraformed planets 1 Principal planet 2 Commerce and industry. Minerals Cities in Aurea 2. Aurea city, Lulu city, Mundifico city, Salter city, Regis city People Humanoids, Aliens System of government Dictatorship Actual king or president or whatever Dictator Lluidenbengs Veranderung “Trichter” (embudo)

Statues of the ancient colonizers Cornejian the Great, Belone, Lulu; Kette. Heroes and founding fathers. Same Rivers, orography, coinage = Aurea (Same value as sopes, dollar or credits). , weather , seas, continents, races. = Poles, north pole ocean, sea of dreams, Aurea ocean (south). Lulu city on the island, Masir continent at the occidental hemisphere with cities: Aurea, Mundifico. Once they landed in a private landing site, Ultor said to his crew:”- We´re at Aurea City, the biggest in this planet. I´ll pay you the wages and you´ll be on leave until I call you- of course, you´ll be at an Hotel where I could find you later.” Mr. Anur said:” You should give us something extra for our stay in here! We deserve it, after those hard times in outer space.” Ultor was to say no, but Gretchen blinked an eye on his direction , so she change his mind and said:” Well, half pay for everyone of you, as an extra. “- And he paid them, with the aid of the Holographic set, upgrading his credit card to use on this planet. Gretchen finds the hotel and also carried them there in a Flier taxi; at his return to the Flier, he said to Ultor:”- Everybody is now comfortable living at the “Jurassic Hotel”; I paid for a month.” “And doctor Farthon, how good is him?” “He said that instead of go visiting Bars, he´ll visit medical institutions.”- She informed him. “Great. Our little doctor is an avid investigator of biological constructions.”- Ultor said, not saying that Climbor was nothing but another clone of the famous Ufologist… That night, Ultor left her on the Flier, and went to a Cabaret where he meet a woman in love with money and booze- to pass a time in the pink clouds of mercenary love. He returns to the Flier at three hours, under a faint rain. 134 Gretchen was at the controls, and looking at him on the door, she said:” I have a list of places where to offer our films. Let me visit them tomorrow.” “Without me?” “Or with you. In case you´re worried about my physical welfare, or protection, don´t you worry any more: I asked permission to defend myself, if needed be, and they had already allowed that. This government is a bit more advanced and open minded than the kingdom of Knapp.”- Gretchen said. “I want to be in the whole process.”- Ultor said. “”In that case you´ll better move the Flier somewhere else. The owner of this parking lot had demonstrated much interest in this vehicle- perhaps he belongs to some mafia and is trying to stole this magnificent Flier at the first opportunity he finds.”- Gretchen indicates. He think twice, and said:” So there are burglars here, too? Let´s move this vehicle to the orbit.” “Oh, please, dear! Don´t you get paranoid! Let me try to sell our film versions without your help!”Gretchen said, embracing him. He authorized her, and she went alone to talk with possible buyers of those documental films, while he was at the new environ: trees and grass where there were stands where to buy souvenirs and refreshments, all attended by nice synthetic women in red aprons and scant clothes. He also saw Dr. Farthom arriving on a Flier taxi; after descending the man approaches him ,saying:” Good to see you here! I was told by Miss Gretchen you change locations! Are you thinking in to leave the planet soon?” “Not yet, doctor! We are only trying to play safe.”- Ultor replied, offering him a seat.

“Thanks. Oh, I had being studying a lot in here! Biology is very interesting, sorry here we have only copies of what is being done in other parts.”- Dr. Farthon Climbor said, asking for a cup of tea and some biscuits. “Do you know the origin of this Aurean people, doctor?”- Ultor asked him. “Of course, they are Knappians. This whole constellation was colonized by the Knappian humans some time ago. Not that they are the only ones in here! There are at least two other races that are not metioned, because they looks to be dangerous creatures.”- Dr. Farthon Climbor said, seeping at his tea. “And the Knappian stock, from where it sprout?-“ Ultor asked him, testing the doctor´s knowledge. “The Seeders! Who else? The same that appears at the Mesopotamian records, the intelligent planning a super race of extraterrestrials 136 Greatly involved with the chain of events we have just review. That super race of beings and their stellar authority were indeed physically established on the surface of Earth ages ago. Must have been in similar form in Knapp, a strategy to ensure that the planets and their newly established populations get walking on with the right foot. Indeed it was an enormous plan for the colonization of entire galaxies.”- Farthon grumbled on. “If matches with Universal history.”- Gretchen said, revising on her database. “But doctor, I assume that in this age of high technology we had already surpassed the knowledge of the seeders.” Ultor said, repeating what he had heard in different epochs of his life. Dr. Farthon Climbor ends his drinking and said: I doubt it much, captain! Remember they had rocket ships capable of inter planetary trips at an age when Homo sapiens was being nonexistent! When in Earth, which history I am most familiar with, reach the age of the hot air balloons, they had floating devices that uses noiseless engines! When the men of Earth begin flying in airplanes moved by propellers made of wood, they already used light ships! And so on and so forth! Imagine in which vehicles they are travelling them now!” “Dimensional contraptions. A mode of flight that´s only studied in theory!”- Gretchen said. “Captain: could I return to the Flier? I prefer to be there than at a Hotel.”- The doctor asked. “Why? The bed is not of your liking, the water you drink tastes to Clorox, or somebody is molesting you?”- Ultor asked him. “The environs are nice, but it´s the noise and traffic I am hearing all day long is what I didn´t like; same thing with the corridor: too many people walking around, banging doors and yelling at each other’s! I am a man of solitude and silence.”- Dr. Farthon explains. “Of course, doctor! You can stay at the Flier.”- Ultor said, as he was prone to let the doctor be. “And I´ll be going out by day, revisiting Clinics and the Hospital General! Much to learn on those places, and the medics are of great help in my studies.”- Farthon added, happy now he gets what he wanted most. Ten days later, every copy of the film was sold; the best sell was made to a private collector, Mr. Awtawnerius, a rich person with investments on important industries- twenty five copies were purchased by that gentleman, , paid with twenty six million Aureans (the currency bill on Aurean II planetary system). Ultor commented on Mr Awtawnerius collections not only on films but in rare animal species with Dr. Farthon Climbor, who gets interested on a visit- Gretchen calls on the billionaire, who accepted the visit for an appointed date. “Tell him he can stay overnight! I seldom go early to bed.” The collector added, and Dr. Farthon Climbor waits impatiently for the date to assist.

Some days later, the doctor said to Ultor.”- Tomorrow is my visit to Mr. Awtawnerius! I´m revising my repertoire of interesting themes! I must be sparkling and amusing to cause him a good impression! “ 138 The day of the visit the private Flier of Mr. Awtawnerius arrives at the parking lot, taking the doctor inside its luxurious furnished manor, and the doctor saw the owner on a holographic projector, saying.”_ Welcome, Dr. Farthon Climbor! Hope you are feeling good?” “yes, my old aches are gone for now.”- Farthon replied. The worried look of Mr. Awtawnerius appears on his face and said:” Oh! But that has a remedy: when arriving to my house, you´ll be checked for any illnesses you can possess- to get rid of it is what some quick scanners you´ll have to endure.” “But, Mr. Awtawnerius! I am afraid I´m causing you extra worried with this! I assure to you…”- Was Doctor Farthon Climbor saying, but Mr. Awtawnerius interrupted him, saying:” Oh, don´t you worry about me! I can wait some minutes to join you at the saloon! Have a good ride, now.”- And he ends the projection. The doctor suddenly feel he was at a fish bowl… perhaps being recorded, so he didn´t move a muscle, nor revised his papers on the satchel he was carrying. 139 Once at the house of Mr. Awtawnerius, he descended from the Flier helped by a lady in a green uniform, who presented herself as “Louise”, and then she added:_” Please bear with me for some moments before introducing Mr. Awtawnerius to you.” “He was talking about some medical exams, but surely I don´t need that, as I´m feeling perfectly well.”- Dr. Farthon Climbor said, but Louise smiled and said:” Oh, don´t you worry about it! The exams will be so quickly donned that it´s take less than two minutes!” “Really?”- Doctor Climbor asked, wondering how much Mr. Awtawnerius was investing in medical equipment. CHAPTER #4.THE STONE PILLAR. They enter the house through a wide door made of oak, and the doctor saw a big saloon with stairs running up to the second floor, where corridors and master pieces were in view. The pavement was old fashioned marble slabs in different color shades. To the left they walked, inside another wide room, where a new lady was expecting- she was using a white apron and salutes him with a syringe, injecting a yellow liquid in his arm; then another shot to his neck, that was almost insignificantly painful. “Oh, I guess it´s the first scan you made with a syringe!”- Doctor Farthon joked. “Relax, Sir. Seat in that chair, if you please.”- The nurse said to him, and when doing so, he felt he was turning in a stone pillar-. He could not move a muscle! Not even his eyes. 140 “Well, doctor, you had nothing to worry about! We will explore your body in a thorough way now. In stasis, your body will respond to the exams in a perfect way. And don´t worry: we are ethical people .”- Louise said. In a stretcher, they were examining his body with X rays and working with laparoscopy instruments for half an hour. Several instruments probes into his organs and channels, and then appears another person, a man with white apron, that revised the diagrams on the different monitors and directing to Farthon Climbor, he said:” Doctor, we have finished our study on your body and you have three major diseases and malfunctions plus seventeen other minor deficiencies that could be repaired without delay. As Mr. Awtawnerius indicates you, there´s no hurry in the

interview, and then we´ll proceed with the medicaments. Among us, you have luck to be here, because everything we are going to perform in your behalf is for free, and I say to you, Mr. Mr. Awtawnerius is going to pay fairly in your behalf. Shall we call it an upgrade? I wonder.” Farthon Climbor could only stare-. It was on their hands for good or for worse! Four days it takes for the doctors to remedy his illnesses and waits for his readjusting – at the fifth day, he regained his mobility and the control of his vocal cords. “What had you donned to me?”- He said with a trickle of a voice. He was looking now at himself in a wide mirror, with the five members of the medical team around him. “Aren’t you satisfied? We use rejuvenation techniques: the only way to rejuvenate organ by organ!”- A doctor said. Farthon was looking at a slim bodied young looking male person in the mirror- himself! “I´m young again!”- Doctor Farthon Climbor said: the woman in charge of the team, Miss Louise, smiled and said:” Are you dissatisfied? Now you are entitled for at least a couple of centuries and more!” “Up to five hundred years!”- Another medic said, who was using as everybody else there (except the doctor Farthon) a mouth and nose protector (antibacterial filter). “My followers will not recognize me now”.- Doctor Farthon said, while trying to readjust his inner image with the reflection in the mirror. He was also feeling strange, and said so. “your time of adjustment it´s finishing now, but you have some more time to use your body as you please! Now you must have some more patience.”- The female doctor said. “Patience I will. When I´ll meet Mr. Mr. Awtawnerius?”- He asked, and nobody knew except Louise, who said:”- I am entitled to tell you Mr. Mr. Awtawnerius will wait for you to fully recover before he receives you.”“Very well, I´ll wait.”- Farthon Climbor said, and that night he slept still at that room. In the morning the doctors arrives again, with the nurse and Miss Louise; they look unto the monitors that was connected to him, and then the medic said:”- Good news! You are in 142 Good health, the bad news is that Mr. Awtawnerius was called out of town by a problem; he begs you to understand this, and he´ll call on you to schedule another meeting.” Doctor Farthon Climbor growled and hissed, and then he said:” Recompiling what has been happening here, I should say I was used as a guinea pig. Perhaps you could tell me about?” Dr. Llewefar negates with her head. “Well, here´s my card- scribbled on the back you´ll find my net address, if you want to tell me something.” Dr. Farthon Climbor said, handling her two cards. “I will give it to Mr. Awtawnerius when possible.” Miss Louise said, adding:” Our Flier will take you wherever you decide.” “I´ll decide. Very well, young lady: much obliged to you and your team for your assistance. Good bye.”- Dr. Farthon said, and he was guided to the Flier, then transported to the place where Mr. Ultor ´s Flier was parked- and sleeping, so he was awake by Gretchen, saying:”- Doctor Farthon Climbor has arrived, but he looks younger.” “There´s nothing likes to be well treated! I assume he was treated like a King by that millionaire … what´s his name?”- The doctor asked, not willing to remember the one who has mocked on him. “Mr. Awtawnerius.” “Yes, that. Let´s see the old guy.”- He said, walking out of his cabin. 143 He arrives to the mess hall, where he sees a young fellow drinking a beverage, and turning to Gretchen, he asked:” This is a joke? What´s this young man doing on Dr. Farthon´s clothes?” “He is Dr. Farthon Climbor.” Gretchen replied.

“”No!”- Ultor exclaimed, looking more intent on the newcomer. “I am Dr. Farthon Climbor! Don´t you like my new appearance?”- Farthon asked, and Ultor recognize some features of the old doctor in that new body, especially the voice- changed, more energetic, thinner… “Dr. Farthon Climbor! Is really you? But what did they do with you?”- Ultor asked him in disbelief. “Yes, I was bio examined, and as they told me, rejuvenated while repairing the major organs to live five hundred years more. A nice present from Mr. Awtawnerius.”- Farthon mumbled out. “And what did he show you there? Statues, gold, relics?”- Ultor asked him. “Nothing. Apparently the time was expended on my physical enhancement only. He departed before I could speak with him.” The doctor Farthon Climbor explained him. “Very well, at least you use your time in good form.” Ultor declared. “I´m feeling full of energy! I ´m ready to give lectures on ancient terran history any time they want!”- Farthon said, standing upright. “Suit yourself. Perhaps we´ll stay some more time .”- Ultor said, smiling. 144 The doctor uses the Holographic set to make contacts and soon afterwards he said: “Good news! The President of the Philocosmic Club here on Aurea City booked me for tomorrow! They will have a celebration- there I´ll expose some of the old theories about UFOs- you know, when people still believes there were normal alien people and not the semi gods that directs the whole operation from afar.” “Good for you! Perhaps I will attend, too.”- Ultor promised him. “I´ll sk about it! The precedent, the custom or routinely measure was that everyone attending lecture must be a member. But wait! I will ask for an application. And you, lady, do you want to assist to my lectures?”- Doctor Farthon asks of Gretchen. “By all means. I will like to be there.” Gretchen replied. The doctor went out at sixteen hours, to a meeting with some personnel belonging to the Philocosmic club, and Ultor said to Gretchen: “Wish you could scan the doctor! I look on his case with great suspicion.” 145 “What? Do you believe he´s not really the old doctor?” “Wish I were wrong, but that adventure of him at that man´s manor sounds to me very suspicious.”- Ultor declared, and by saying so he realize that the doctor’s presence at his spaceship was not a bit dangerous and challenging. When Dr. Farthon returns, Gretchen follows him to the Infirmary, where she said:” Let me see how´s your lungs and heart, Doctor! I must check on you, just in case.” “I´m feeling peachy! “- The young man replied, and he accepts the medical examination- that Gretchen only resumes by saying:” –Your organism is functioning quite well. Congratulations.” But to Ultor she said:” Let´s go to your cabin, dear? I must tell you something.” He obeyed with a puzzled look, and at closed doors, she said: “Bad news: the doctor is a bio mechanism.” Ultor looks at her, asking:” Too many implants?” “Not too many! He´s almost totally inorganic! The real doctor cannot be him.”- Gretchen said, very concerned. Ultor realize there was no way around this problem and straightening his shoulders, he said:” We must go to the rescue before it´s too late!” The alarm resounds and she went out of the cabin fast- at the lock door she looks who was outside- a natural looking woman. She opened the door and said: “Who are you and what do you want, lady?”

“I´m doctor Llewefar, medic. I treated Dr. Farthon Climbor at Mr. Awtawnerius personal address… is he here?”- And she looks around, staring at the synthetic model. Ultor was told, and hurriedly arrives to that room, and when looking at Miss Llewefar, he stays there without words- something was happening to her that appeals to his aid. Gretchen broke the spell, saying:”- He´s captain Ultor- and she is the medic from Mr. Awtawnerius home.” He reacted and said: “Welcome to my Flier, lady. What do you perform on our Doctor Farthon?” Llewefar replied:”- I am here to try to explain things to you! Please bear in mind that me and some other geneticists are working for Mr. Awtawnerius and we are paid to did what he decides.” “But there´s ethics involved?”- Ultor asked with meaning. “Of course! What do you have here is a bio mechanism. The clone of of doctor Farthon Climbor is logn time gone now. Extinct.”- Miss Llewefar said. “We were well aware of that fact: our former doctor was a clone, but now is a bio mechanism!”Gretchen said. “Do you want to recover him?”- Miss Llewefar asked, opening some more her big eyes. “Yes, what we need is your guidance.”- Ultor said. “Why do you trust I could do something more than gives you some advice?”- Miss Llewefar asked. “Your boss must have lots of security systems! How do we enter into his house?”- Gretchen interceded. 148 I have a portable Meta ray inductor- we´ll be invisible for those systems- but not more than half an hour! So if you decide to get inside Mr. Awtawnerius´s house, you should be very quick.”- She said, adding:” If caught, the law will fall upon you as a marble slab: Mr. Awtawnerius has not only the police, but several governmental organizations inside his pocket.” “I´m decided to do something. How many guards are there?” “Nine persons. But I know how to sneak inside, there are time lapses where the systems shut down to begin again in a new shift: then you should try to enter… and later, to get out!”- Miss Llewefar recommended. “I will call my crew to work in this matter! Perhaps we´ll need their cooperation.”- Ultor said, and the medic replied:”- It would be convenient. For me, there´s 149 Not so much danger, because supposedly I am working there, and now that Mr. Awatawnerius is not in the house, the vigilance has been relaxed.” That night the tram was present and Ultor said:” Doctor Farthon Climbor was kidnapped. We intend to rescue him. Why not the police? Because the kidnapper is a millionaire with plenty of influence everywhere.” “So we´re going to risk our lives in there? Not me, Sir!”- Mr. Anur exclaimed. “Me neither.”- Mr. Saris said, reddening. “Are we supposed to volunteer, or this is an order?”- Miss Zelda asked. “Women are out of the quest. Males is what I need.”- Ultor said, looking at Mr. Allan and to Mr. Raberio, who nodded in the affirmative, accepting the challenge. Miss Llewefar looks at his wristwatch and said:” This is a good time to leave. Let´s go now.” The Flier was maneuvered swiftly towards Mr. Awtawnerius´s home, parking three hundred meters away. Ultor said to Mr. Saris:”- You just stay here and wait for us.” Saris looks worried but accented with his head, looking how they went out the Flier with a lot of enthusiasm. They sneaked into the gardens by climbing a large fence; then they crawled into a side door, where they confide on Miss Llewefar to find the doctor.

150 “He´s downstairs! Unto the sub level four. There must be a guard at every corridor.”- She said, and they descended not by the elevator by the stairs- she peeks at a corner of the fourth level, and said:” there´s a guard on duty!”, and palled when hearing the voice of that person, asking:” Who´s there?” She walks into the corridor, replying:”- I´m doctor Llewefar! “- and walks towards him. “Now are when, folks!”- Ultor said, running after her with his LASER pistol in his right hand. The guard was not five meters away, with enough time to raise his electric rifle and fire. Ultor falls to the floor, twitching and moaning- Allan jumped over his body and gives the guard A blow on his head with a club, that stumbled to the wall where he receives more blows until he lies still on the floor. “Hurry! Let´s take the doctor out!”- Mr. Raberio said, and opening the door she indicates, they saw the scared Dr. Farthon Climbor seated on the border of a bed. “Doctor Farthon! Are you all right?”- Miss Llewefar asked. “Fine! But what´s going on? What are you doing here?”- He asked to the crewmen. “We´re saving you! Let´s go!”- Miss Llewefar said, taking him by an arm, but he was not moving. He keeps repeating: “I CANNOT go right now! Mr. Awtawnerius will come soon to talk with me on important matters!” “”This old timer is nuts! Let´s go, grandpa!”- Raberio said, taking him 151 Rather violently- and from then on, Dr. Farthon Climbor follows them rather tamely… The alarm resounds suddenly throughout all the mansion and they look at each other in desperation. They run to the same point they had entered some minutes ago, and Raberio helped Doctor Farthon to climb the three meters and a half of the fence. “Hurry, they are coming!”- Miss Llewefar said, while Gretchen helps the still twitching Ultor up the fence. They arrive to the Flier before the police appear- Gretchen takes no risks and zoomed to the space choosing a very elevated position in orbit. “We´ll be all right in here!”- Said she, smiling to encourage the natural beings around her at the main cabin. Miss Llewefar was attending Ultor with a syringe- soon she said, raising her head:”- He´ll be well in a couple of minutes!” Ultor did moves some minutes later, feeling awful, and so he rests in bed for twenty hours; then he walks into Doctor Farthon Climbor´s cabin, saying:”- Did you knew about the decoy they sent us?” “Yes, I saw the films-. The poor guy is giving lectures on my behalf!”- Doctor Farthon said in a grieved voice. “That Mr. Awtawnerius is a real crook!”- Mr. Allan said, from the door. “Well, I cannot blame the man by falling in worship mode about me!” – Dr. Farthon said, not in a modest way… “Yes, that´s for sure!”- Mr. Allan said, laughing away by the corridor- that makes the doctor feel outraged and he reddened quite a bit, and said:” This young people doesn´t understand what ethic is about; of course that I am very grateful of their acts just the same: they rescue me from a dire peril. Who knows how many clones they are in the making with samples from my body?” 152 Miss Llewefar arrives with a beverage and said:”- Oh, you have company, Dr. Farthon! How are you today, Mr. Ultor?” “Fine! But I was awful! Those electrical shocks really work!”- He replied.

“That was the idea behind all those weapons. Pity you suffered its effects.” – Llewefar said, staring directly at him. Obviously they had some special connection working through… Later and at the mess hall, Ultor presents his crew and said:”- We are in deep space now, and waiting not to have produced much of a turmoil back there.”- And pointed to where he thought the home of Mr. Awtawnerius were located. “The news are all on the air.”- Gretchen said, who had been hearing radio news all of the time. “I doubt they really know where the attackers are, but they will study the place and its surroundings. We should leave for some other planet now we end our mission here.” 153 “Really? Well, I guess fate is pushing us away.”- Ultor said, and as has the power to decide, he postpones the decision not to let the ones as Mr. Anur could spoil his day. After dinner, he went to see the stars and smoke- there Miss Llewefar was looking, and when seeing him she said:” Really beautiful, aren´t they? The stars- and so many of them!” “Yes, they are wonderful!”- Ultor said, standing beside her. He admires her profile, and she suddenly turns her face to him, staring- her eyes were shining. He kissed her softly, and she sighed, while he was feeling a strong sensation that fills his body with fire. After the kissing, he said:” You are marvelous. I think we are made one for the other.” Her eyes were very wet, and she nodded with her head in the acceptation… Later, he escorted her to her cabin, and after a last kiss, he returns to his bed, fully enamored. Gretchen knew that had appeared and said, on the next morning. “I congratulate you for finding a female.” “Well, I was captivated.”- He accepts it. “Don´t worry about me. I disconnect my sentimental software, but of course, I am at your service.” “I understand that too.”- He said, half mad with himself for this strange situation that had arisen between them. “I will act more formally. I will call you captain.” Gretchen said. “Of course not! Call me by my name! We cannot pretend we don´t have some kind of familiarity!” Ultor said, dressing himself quickly. “All right, Ultor! I will let my other software running.” Gretchen said, departing. At the corridor, he saw Llewefar… he takes one of her hand, saying:” And how do you slept?” “Fine, and you?”- She had a musical tone in her voice. “Thinking in you.”- Ultor said, and she smiled: she knew men gets enamored suddenly and violently, and that soon she was going to accept some more advances of this man. CHAPTER #5.ON TO AUREA ONE. At the main cabin, Gretchen said: “Ultor we are leaving Aurea Two planetary system, on route to Aurea One planetary system. Time of arrival: one and a half month.” “I will be asking if someone could prefer to get into the cryogenic pods to make this trip.”- Ultor said. “Tell to the females only! We need crewmen working here.”- She said. “Oh! But I am beginning a love affair just yet! How could tell her: go to deep sleep for the duration of a month and a half! 155 “Evidently, you cannot. So let me tell you this: volunteers to keep in deep sleep seem a better solution.”- Gretchen said.

“Forget it! I will keep on with my affair. Everything going as we would have no problems.” Ultor said. “Your prerogative, Ultor.”- She replied, shrinking her shoulders. Sometime later, he finds Llewefar at the Infirmary; where Dr. Farthon Climbor was trying to clean the left hear of Miss Neeren. “Oh, captain! Nice to see you here.” Doctor Farthon said, while Miss Llewefar looks at him smiling, saying:” I see you care for our welfare aboard your Flier; you come here to see in person what our doctor is doing.” Ultor was there only for a chat with the doctor, but he was not going to say that, so he didn´t correct her appreciation. Instead, he said:” And I see you are helping here as a good girl.” She blushed and said: “Pardon me, but I am not longer a girl! I think I am a grown up woman.” “Our trip is going all right, free ride by the star road- soon we’ll be seeing –Aurea #1 at hand´s reach.”- Ultor promised. Llewefar approaches some more to him, looking at his eyes and said:” That would be great.” He was touched- the overwhelming sensation returns and this time stronger; he said:” Come along.” And taking her hand he guided her to his cabin, where they begin to kiss each other with great passion. Ultor felt that everything around them was spinning, while their hands were touching with eagerness- they finally ends making love, the only way to quench that ocean of desire and emotions in turmoil. The rest of the trip (a month) was their honeymoon, and Ultor was asking her presence the twenty four traditional hours aboard the Flier at his side. But at the fifteen days later, the sun Aurea #1 was clearly the bigger star in all the monitors; also, the flow of spaceships had increased and shifts were made to be on the alert while they were approaching. Llewefar was now seated at Ultor´s side and learning as much as she could of piloting and commanding the spaceship. “You could get a chip like the one I have! It will be simple: Gretchen could make the operation or perhaps do you prefer the doctor Farthon to perform?”- Ultor said. She looks straight at Gretchen, saying:”- I prefer doctor Farthon to perform it.” “As you wish. When this shift is over we´ll be going there.” – Ultor said, and she makes a pout-. He asked: “ Or do you want to go there right now?” “Right now.”- She smiled, standing from her seat. “I will call on the doctor to prepare the chip.”- Ultor said, calling Dr. Farthon by the intercom. The doctor Climbor said:”- I will need Miss Gretchen here- she´s the expertise.” “Very well: Gretchen, please, go and help our doctor in this.”- Ultor asked of the synthetic person, and the model went there in silence. 157 With Dr. Farthon present, she was professionally attended by Gretchen, that proceeds to choose everything a good pilot should need and nothing else. Fifteen minutes later, she was walking back to the main cabin. “Donned!”- She said to Ultor, seating at his side. He was concerned by her welfare and said:” Are you feeling all right, darling? I prefer you to stay at your cabin for the rest of the day.” “Oh, I rather be with you near me, dear!”- Llewefar said, touching him and of course, he accepted. Gretchen appears and said:” She´ll have all the implanted knowledge in a couple of hours more.” “See? Soon you´ll know how to guide this bird.”- Ultor said, touching her chin. Llewefar was looking lovable perhaps because she had achieved what she wanted: his full attention. She was looking now at Gretchen- a bachelor, old and not so athletic, with a Synthetic female with bombastic measurements, that of course could appease the necessities of sex for a natural man.

Llewefar was almost sure they had been lovers! No matter if she was a machine- she was well aware that in some aspects, a synthetic “woman” was far better than an organic woman. She also knows that the gross number of organic females rest in their laurels (relax on what had been achieved) after gaining access to the heart (and wallet) of a man, and they soon change into a demanding person, hard to get and not always respecting the person that feeds her during the rest of their lives. Because of those thoughts, Llewefar decided to get ride as fast as she could of Miss Synthetic Gretchen, preferable to replace her with some old pilot specialist, organic as themselves. But at the moment she played dumb about it. 159

CHAPTER #6.LANDING DOWN ON A PLANET OF STAR AUREA ONE . They asked for permission to land, and they were accepted without custom office requisitions. “Nice planet! I like it.” Ultor exclaimed, after hearing that, and Llewefar laughed. They landed in an open space near the big spaceship landing site- some other fliers were already parked there- of course, twice or more times as big than the one commanded by Ultor, who calls on his minions and said to them:” All the male personnel included you, doctor Farthon, and from this moment on, go anywhere they want and buy anything you desire with the money I will pay you soon. But I will ask of you all that the moment I call you back, please arrive at the shortest time possible, because I am going to make other trips to earn some money.” “But captain, you haven´t paid us yet.”- Mr. Anur said, ignoring the phrase “I will pay you soon” Ultor has already said. With patience, this one said:” I will remedy that now.”- And produced a green metallic box, and asking everyone their credits cards, charged those with the money he had promised to pay for their work on the Flier machine. Miss Klara , Zelda and Neeren were hesitant, and Gretchen asked them what was their problem “We are foreigners in here and we don´t know the ways of this people yet. 160 “We would like to be escorted for some time.”- Neeren said. Ultor realizes that they were asking for a reasonable measure, not even him knew the ways of the people outside the door lock, so he said to Gretchen:” Please find them a tour by the city with some reliable tourist agency- they know how to entertain and lecture people around in safety.” “Very well. Come on, girls!”- Gretchen said, happily, and they went out of the Flier in a garrulous group. Ultor looks at Llewefar, saying:” I bet you want to do the same?”“Yes, dear, but I´ll wait for you to do it.”- She said, smiling while the rest of the male crew was leaving the ship. Soon they were alone, and the door locked. “Guess we are here for a purpose?”- Llewefar said, smiling intently. “Come on here!”- He said, embracing her tightly. She offered her lips with a sigh. Six hours later, Gretchen arrives with the natural women that had seen the most important sites of Lugner city on Aurea One planet 2. Soon they were bedded, after commenting everything with Llewefar and Ultor, that was also looking at the Holographic set, looking how the people was dressed on Aurea # 1 planet II: very differently than what he was accustomed in Knapp. “Aurea I planet 2: we must to know you better!”- Ultor said, looking at the strange buildings and towers that sprout at every corner of the city.

That same vistas and lectures makes him desire to see the city with Llewefar, but also, a big scared of the unknown. Gretchen said: You look worried, why? “ “The Lugner city! How are the people here? “- He replied. “Like in any other city- perhaps a little weird, but not evil.”- She replied, adding:” You can go outI´ll take care of your Flier here.” Ultor nodded and went to his cabin, wondering about what he´ll see at the city if descending from the Flier. Llewefar was happy to be out of the vehicle, and she smiled a lot- he was astounded by the spiraled buildings, that went sky rocketing to the air- at least four hundred meters high. The populace there was only about three million two thousand persons, included women and child; apart from Lugner city, there were only mining compounds at the same continent. And the weird thing for the newcomers were that most of the people were levitating above metallic structures that powered them ahead lines that were intersecting and crossing around the edifices, without any failure. “They seem so familiar with this! Let´s probe it!”- Llewefar said, stepping above one of the lines-. Slowly, she and Ultor who had followed swiftly, they gains altitude and at the same speed that every other person had attained. “I wonder how we´ll descend to get out of this!”- Ultor said, but the solution to that inquietude appears soon, not four hundred meters ahead- every one descended for some moments to the floor, bringing some instants to decide into get out or stay on the metallic frame. The most of them remained, but Ultor, Llewefar and a dozen more persons jumps out and away of that silent means of transportation. They get into a place where all kind of games could be played, with prizes for the winners. They obtained clothes and shoes; so many that they had to hire a Flier taxi to bring the bulk of their shopping “home.” (To the Flier). 164 Gretchen greeted them and looking at the objects, she said: “In here, to buy is more fun because in other worlds you went shopping, choose and return- here, by the contrary, you play and the same objects you wanted come as gifts! You get a fantastic glow on every item.” Ultor said:” But to play you must to pay! “ Llewefar kissed him, saying: “But dear, we pay a lot less than expected for these goods!” 165 Ultor was very surprised by her reaction, and said:-“I concede: we pay half the price in every purchase!” Llewefar seats on a chair, saying:” Not specifically, Ultor! They like to sell while playing! These are people that has time to share with one another! In our world, everyone is in a hurry and they take no time for to enjoy life as it is.” 166 Those news makes Ultor be less naïve , or gullible, for the next time out. This time they visit ancient tunnels used by the colonist in their first decades on the planet. “There were beasts in those times, able to rip a leg with one bite. “- Ultor explains to the seared Llewefar, who said:” Pity to hear that! Much people could have been maimed by those creatures of old.” “I am sure that they had hard times around here, but let´s cheer up! We didn’t come here to mourn.”- Ultor reminded her. They saw some fast food shops selling their specialties. None of them eats, trying to get the feared overweight so difficult to eliminate. 167

They enjoy their mutual company until dark, and then they return to the spaceship - -Zelda and Miss Klara were already there, and at the mess room Zelda said:” I have an invitation to make you. Captain: there´s a place not far from here, where you could stay all day listening to good stories and it´s for free.” “A rare occurrence in these days of electrical appliances.”- Ultor said, thinking on Holographic sets. “But this are told only by extraterrestrial people! You´ll see how they dress and talk!”- Zelda invites him. “Very well: Llewefar and I will visit that places hope they don´t have melancholic tunes to put their audience in the Alfa state!”- Ultor said. “No esoteric in there! Or at least this is what they say through this piece of plastic paper.” Zelda pressed the matter. They finally went there- platforms of concrete with wooden seats, grass and fountains of water. People were there using robes (the tourist don´t more use it, so they were easily spotted.) Several persons were talking about life and wild life, making comparisons and promoting to eat just natural food. 168 This place really seems an ocean of peace and much harmony. Do you feel the same, darling?” “Yes. I feel much harmony: with you.”- Llewefar said, kissing his cheek. Three hours later, he receives a message from the Flier. Gretchen was saying:”- Ultor: I am no longer at the same parking lot- something has happened.” “I expect nothing serious! Where are you?” “You must walk out of that place keep to the right by the street.- at the next block there´s an open space for to play sports. Wait for the Flier there. “Gretchen said. Ultor told about it to Llewefar and she said:” Really mysterious question! You had donned nothing wrong, are you?” “I doubt that they could know about the Flier! Certainly we enter this place with no revision, so why they could be revising us now?”- Ultor asked, with his head in turmoil. When at the open space, promptly a Flier descended and of course it was the golden metal hue that assures him it was his Flier. The door lock opens and Gretchen appears saying.”- Hello! Come quick!" They get inside, while Gretchen returns to the command console and makes the Flier moves away. Ultor seats at a chair, with Llewefar next to him, and asked:”- Well, what´s happening?” “Mr. Anur appears with two other men and they were trying to take control of the Flier, saying they were after a treasure, but of course I said no. I refuse, so he become violent, and was going to hit me, boasting that he knows I was unable to make him harm. The three of them attacked me in unison, so I defend myself.” “And?” “They are dead and on a Freezer.”- Gretchen said with a coldness that makes Llewefar raise the hairs on her back… Ultor was chilled to the bone- he was the owner of a Flier and a Synthetic person who killed three natural beings and put them on a freezer. All from one minute to the other, so to speak. “We´ll dispose of them, far from here! Search a chain of mountains.”- Ultor ends by saying, after some thinking on the matter. “Let me see… at 2.340 kilometers from here there´s a chain of mountains that could serves us for our task. We´ll arrive there in minutes.”- Gretchen said. “All right, I´m not choosy. See that nobody is following us.”- Ultor ordered her. 175 When arrived, she said: “I am going to dig a hole, Ultor.”

“But it´s dark outside.” “I can see with my infrared light.” “Why are we waiting, dear? Just drop them out!”- Llewefar suggested. “Their bones will be lying here for all to see! We better cover them with dirt.”- Gretchen said, and from the two options Ultor get to choose. So he said:”- We better find a natural crevice or hole among the rocks, and after putting them inside, we just cover them with rocks.” Gretchen obeyed, and went out to find the “hole or crevice”- finding it finally seven kilometers away- she come back to the Flier on plain daylight to tell the find. “I found a nice hole twenty four meters wide and four meters deep. We can line up the deceased in there- plenty of rocks near-by.”- She addressed both originals. “Good! Let´s go there.”- Ultor said and he takes a corpse unto his shoulders and begin to walk after Gretchen- they were alone, because Llewefar wasn´t able to carry a dead body by her own. “It´s cold. Guess it´s all day like this around here!”- He said. “Yes, we are lucky there´s no strong winds at this time of the year, Ultor.”- Gretchen commented. Seven kilometers were not an easy drive for him that stops a lot of times until arriving at the hole 176 They throw the bodies into the pit, and Ultor was already panting while Gretchen said:” Now you stay here, because I see you are exhausted!” “Yes, go and bring the others one by one.”- Ultor said, half angry with himself because the job was too hard for a man his age. When left alone, he sensed the threat of the place towards every being alive. He barely looks t at the pit, where the body was sprawling. He looks at the far distant clouds and soon Gretchen appears as a tiny dot climbing with the body on her shoulders as if were pillows fill with feathers… Soon she was at hear´s shot, and said.” Tired of to wait for me, Ultor?” “Not quite. You take a lot less time arriving here.”- He said, smiling. “Good! Llewefar told me she is afraid alone at the Flier. She wants you there.”- Gretchen said, throwing the body to the hole. “All right, this time we go there together.”- He said, taking her hand for support, and walking among the rocks and pebbles with care. When arriving to the Flier, Llewefar said:”- Oh, why do you go so far, dear? Could we not travel in this Flier to the site? I was dead afraid because of you.” And so he takes her into his arms and stared at her frighten eyes. Gretchen didn´t stay to look the tender scene, and didn’t lose time , taking the last corpse and carrying to the pit as fast as she could, soon it was throwing the body into the pit, moving some rocks inside and leaving the place soon afterwards… They return to the city and finds another parking lot for the Flier, where Ultor said: “ Hope this whole accident in your life could be erased, just in case .” 178 Gretchen smiled, saying:” I have it encrypted, but if you so desire, I could erase it right now.” “Not now, but in a pair of months later! By my part, I am already working to forget it completely; you know, I have that gift.”- He said, smiling, because he was happy he was not threatened any longer, and at ease at his own Flier. Miss Llewefar, at the contrary, wasn´t at all satisfied with a life inside a spaceship, and that same day asked him for a change. “We should live in a nice place, dear! You and me: perhaps a house in Oxiborion with a view to the sea shore.”

Ultor´s mind gives a turn inside his bead, because that petition changes his view of the future in a ninety five degrees. “You like it here? We can park near the sea just the same.” She gets ugly and said: “Why are you so difficult? I cannot stand living like a crew member! I´m a doctor, not an engineer!” And the discussion begins that day and grew bigger with the passing time. It reach the point when Gretchen believes that some action from her part was required, selfascertained her conclusions by her quick analysis of the situation: while Ultor wants to go south, Llewefar was willing to take him north, in a manner of speaking. Miss Llewefar was now resting until late every morning - she wasn´t the early working person of her former days- so Gretchen has plenty of time to see her alone and so she waits until a big row appears between the lovers, to take action. Early at the next morning, Gretchen appears in front of her bed, saying: “Wake up and dress you up! We are going for a ride!” She opened her eyes, and instead of to see the humble synthetic person of every day, 181 She saw a resolute person with an ugly expression. Llewefar do not show any concern by Gretchen´s words and replied: “These are no manners to enter into my bedroom! Go out of here and take heed that I´ll tell your boss about this!” Gretchen grabs her by the hair, heaving her up in the air, and said (while she was yelling): “Get dress or I´ll get very mean!” Llewefar kicked her belly, but after some slapping, she gives up and cries. Gretchen dressed her up rather roughly and said:” You´ll get out of this vessel right away! If I see you again around here, I will throw you head on unto the sea!” And with Llewefar grabbed from an arm, went out of the Flier and walked out of the parking lot and into the street. “There! Search some other stupid male to suck his life out!” Llewefar was in a state of shock, but thinking into report this case to the authorities- she was sure something was missing in that synthetic person that was supposedly made to obey and be gentle unto every natural human. When the police arrive to the parking lot, the Flier was gone. Gretchen had flown to Rixiaberg while Ultor was busy talking with Doctor Climbor at the infirmary. “She wants me to quit living here on the Flier, in order to live on a cottage with a sea view.”- Ultor was saying. The doctor chuckled and said:” Women always going her ways! But don´t despair: she will change her mind after some time: she´s making this just to show who is the boss around here.” 182 Ultor didn´t look for her during that day, angry because their differences that were setting them apart. He hasn´t notices the change of location, as Gretchen did it at slow velocity, asking for a place to land by radio. The new place had higher technology, and services could be provided to the Flier, if needed. Also, a good locomotion service was at the exit of the place; Flier taxis, pneumotube and moving ways. The news service and the communication systems were highly improved: services were offered, half of them with gifts as a hook. “Where is Llewefar?”- Ultor asked to Gretchen, at the main cabin. “She flew away, Ultor. She was tired of the Flier, possibly also of you; she just leave without saying good bye.”- Gretchen replied.

Ultor was really amazed to hear that, and for a moment he was speechless – then he said: “But this is most unexpected to me!” And he went to see her cabin, now neatly rearranged, deodorized and sanitized by the art of Gretchen and her work. “What I am going to do now? I have plans for a future life of happiness with her that will be postponed forever!”- Ultor said, staring at the gravity bed, while Gretchen was looking his behavior with patience; she puts a hand on his shoulder and said:” Forget about her! Take fun of life! You have enough money for to do it.” “Oh, what I am going to do?”- He moaned, embracing her, who was happy to have this natural being back into her care. In the next five days, they went to dance and with the therapy of music and booze, the hearth of Ultor regains his normal rhythm. At the seventh day, Dr. Farthon Climbor said to Gretchen, who was replenishing shelves with new medicines:”- Sorry about your boss, Gretchen! Llewefar gives him the back.” “At least she did not end the job! Or else, this Flier would have been in an auction in a short time period! And you fired as well.”- Gretchen replied to him with a smile. Dr. Farthon Climbor rubbed his chin, saying:”- And you have nothing to do with it?” “We need something to put him in motion. Dancing and love making is a good thing, but he has to be doing something better with his days. And possibly you could help in this.”- Gretchen said. “Me? A semi-retired Ufologist? Mysteries are already solved, no matter if some journalist revives the myths now and then.” – Dr. Farthon Climbor said, remembering the building of Puma Punku, Giza pyramids, Moais and the like. 184 “Really? And which part could interest Ultor in this?”- Gretchen asked, finally, putting the last box of medicines in place at the shelve, and standing near the door. “Remember he likes to make films! A second film could be donned using the Flier, a travel to interesting places! Was it not the first project? A second one could begin!”- Dr. Farthon suggested. “An archeological expedition could be a fine documental film. Perhaps you could tell me where to point our prow this time, Doctor.”- Gretchen said. Dr. Farthon Climbor passed both hands over his scant hair- but long it was- and said:” Pyramids and moais cannot be used! Must be close at hand. Perhaps we should seek some historic cluesKnapp is a planet that had other sentient creatures thriving in its path; now it{s the age of man, of course. But remains should be lying under a coat of dirt, ready to be uncovered.” Gretchen said: “Exploring the seas, maybe?” “Not with a Flier! I should seek something along the coast.” “The kingdom of the gnomes, perhaps? “- Gretchen asked. “Done that! I have some tales in my files pertaining to the northern chain of mountains at the Zvei continent. Some people lived there in the past. Nothing too exciting.”- Dr. Farthon Climbor said. “Ah, but we could embellish the tale with a beautiful blonde.” “Yourself?”- The doctor proposes. “Possibly! And a mature man…”- She smiled. “Ultor?”- The doctor raise his bushy tabs. “Definitely yes!”- She opened her eyes a bit more. “And the plot?”- He asked, rubbing his left eye. “Archeologist searching the stone of truth! Or the forever feeding machine or the eternal substance of eternal life, or the inextinguishable source of energy machine!”- Gretchen recited, and then the doctor laughed and said: “Or all of it in a bundle!” 185

Gretchen works on her project and at the next morning Ultor was told about it. “And you could give a boost to archeology as well as make some money.”- Gretchen ends her speech. He thought about it, realizing she was trying to be occupied in something so he accepted: “Very well, but we´ll include some actors and a Director of the film- I want only to appear as the Producer.” A Producer creates the condition for making movies. You must initiate, coordinate, supervise an dcoltrl matters as raising funds , hiring key personnel, and arranging for distribution. But don´t get scared: I will help you in all of that.”- Gretchen said. “Yes, I will work in it, because at the end it could be a pot of gold for me.”- He mused out. “As you wish and I have an idea: let´s search for recently students of Art just finishing their career! Cheaper and also, full of energy.”- She said. “And with not much egotism in their background! You will be the Assistant Producer: find a team, the actors and we will fly.”- He said. “First we must find the locations! We need to explore continent Zvei for an interesting point.” Gretchen said, and for that matter, Ultor was ready enough… soon they were flying back to Knapp and to the Zvei continent, but this time only Gretchen was at the controls: everyone else was in deep sleep, into the cryogenic chambers…


Once back at the planet Knapp and out of the chambers of Deep Sleep, Mr. Saris asked while drinking water: “Where are we going?”. “Exploration.”- Replied Mr. Rabiero. “Again? Far from the cities! And at Aurea I, in Lugner city there were things to enjoy! Everything cheap and available, lots of services for free.”- Mr. Saris said. “Now those are only memories. At least we are getting paid.”- Mr. Raberio indicated. “That is the point. I hope we could get back, after whatever the boss is doing, to Rixiaberg, it is as advanced as we could imagine.”- Mr. Saris said. “Yes.”- Rabiero said, going back to work. 186 Gretchen makes a nice flight, and they hovered over the northern chain of mountains, to the north slopes, she finds some ruins at great altitude, where two giants almist touched. “Great! I am sure this is not an any map.”- Ultor recognized. “None that I know of!”- Gretchen said, landing at a safe and leveled place. The wind moves the Flier with its force, and she said: “Let´s wait for this gale to subside! I am sure it is only momentarily.” “Hope you have right.”- Ultor said, who was eager to go out and explore. The wind grew stronger ,so Gretchen starts a force field, that englobes the Flier<, the swaying stopped and she said:”- I set a fifty meter radius for protection around the Flier. You can go outside but don´t touch the force field, Ultor.” “Aye, Madame!”- He replied, and went out with Dr. Farthon Clinbor , Miss Zelda, and Mr. Allan, who seats at a rock some time later, saying:”- And what if the force field fails?” “It never fails.”- Ultor said, jumping around and looking for signs on the rocks- he find a stone slave finelly cut, and passing his palms over it, he added:”- Smooth as a woman´s leg!”

Miss Zelda blushed after hearing his remark, and said: “Watch your tongue, Captain! I could get outraged!” “Please! Touch this piece of work! Somebody makes this polish on it!”- Ultor sid, and she did it, hesitantly. “Well, smooth it is! Do you think the winds will stop?”- Miss Zelda asked him. “If they don´t stop , I guess we could explore under the umbrella of these force fields.”- Ultor replied and smile to the gentle young man- with interest, because now she´s not having a femalethe Synthetic woman is a thing he had decided not to touch anymore. 186 As a woman, Miss Zelda knows the state of mind Mr. Ultor could be having but she´s not interested in an old man- only in her wages, so she walked away and returns to the safety of the Flier; Ultor takes some snapshots of the large rock and walks into the Flier. Gretchen approaches him, saying: “I saw the weather report on the holographic set, Ultor- tonight these winds are going to recede.” “Good! Tomorrow will be a busy day.”- He said, walking to the mess hall- he was decided not to sleep alone tonight, so he seats there and smiled to Miss Klara, who begin accepting his attention. Klara was not as Zelda, cares not about if the man was old or young: her experience with young fellows told her that they just want to have fun, but in the hour of need, they go away. For that reason, she ends up at his bed, much to the disappointment of Mr. Raberio, who had her favors in the recently passed days. “You are so beautiful!”- Ultor keeps on repeating to her. “Oh, you are a flatterer person!”- Klara said, laughing now that she has access to his big cabin, she uses all the appliances like a child with a new toy. 188 At the next day, Mr. Raberio waits for her at a Corridor and said.” So now you are with the captain?” “I am sorry, Raberio! But I don´t love you anymore. Forget me.”- Klara said, walking away. At the terrain, Ultor said.”- Now that the wind stops bothering us, let´s explore the vicinity. I recommend that you go in pairs, not to get loose in there. When the time for exploration is over, we´ll sound the siren from the Flier. Are we all agreeing with this?” They say yes, and he added: “First pair, Miss Neeren and Dr. Farthon; second pair, Miss Zelda and Mr. Saris, third pair, Mr. Allan and Mr. Raberio. I will make a team with Miss Klara here.”- And he takes her hand for all to see, meaning he had chosen her as her lover or closest relation. The teams walked among the ruins that roughly covered six hundred meters along the side of the mountain, and some four hundred meters up hill. In every direction they could see collapsed towers, big slabs of stone in every position, and much rubbish everywhere. Ultor looks into a chamber, finding some human bodies and several mud potteries. “Look! I had found some clothes! “- Klara said, showing it to him, but soon afterwards the fabric begin to disintegrate in a cloud of dust. “Must be very ancient to disappear like this.” Ultor commented about. 189 Inside the buildings, that had cracked walls, when the wind was blowing, it represents a good shelter , permitting them to keep on going with their explorations. Ultor was filming by his own, and he said, at dinner time: “Perhaps my films will serve of something useful to the making of the feature film.” “As stock footage.”- Gretchen said. Six days they spent there, but only broken pottery and some bones were all of real interest.

“If we bring here some actors, there will be no threats to them except from the bad weather.”Ultor said, based in the experience they had while being there. “Perhaps a good plot could solve the case! Love gives lots of romantic scenes for drama and crime! Love, or the mating drama of humans, is unpredictable until the end.”- Gretchen said, smiling softly. “Ah, well, a drama could suit me fine! Let´s get back to Rixiaberg to hire the artistic personnel.”Ultor said, and everyone were glad to leave ruins battered by the wind. Gretchen and Klara were getting along fine, because Klara saw Synthetics as useful servants and asked very few things from them- she was not at all afraid of Gretchen as a woman- she knew well the heart of man to be afraid of s mimic. CHAPTER #8.IN RIXIABERG. When arriving to Rixiaberg, Klara asks Ultor:”- Hope we could have a hotel room for us, dear! It´s nice to be served as a queen!” Ultor accepts that, because she was very complacent when being consented… 190 Gretchen was very busy calling people to be interviewed by her to be on a picture. The number of them at Rixiaberg was great- because there were natives that had come from planets as far as Vulcan and Earth searching for new horizons. At dinner, Gretchen said to Ultor:” I have several interesting characters for our movie. Some of them are not from this planet.” “Well, this planet has great diversity of people and a lot of interplanetary commerce help to that. “- He said. “I am sure that if we choose a Vulcan, people of that species will be seeing the picture, now three or more species in the film will give us three or more options that will boost our audience.”Gretchen indicates. “Do as you think best! Of course, I will trim the borders!”- Ultor said, thinking in the wages he was going to be paying… Two weeks later, the script was ready, and twenty four persons were waiting at the foot of the door lock, waiting patiently for someone to attend their calls. Ultor finally appeared on the threshold, saying:” Welcome, dames and gents! Here we are, ready to start filming a good picture that will educate and bring pleasure to the audiences. In the next forty days, we will work in this film and our new editor, Mr. Sesal, will keep on working in this film for months trimming and perhaps calling on you for short takes. The final result must be a success or I´ll lose money and you will be not gaining credits.”They accented with smiles and then get inside, talking excitedly when discovering the difference of that Flier from what they had seen until that moment. 191 Gretchen has four male assistants with previous instructions: everyone to the mess hall, where a little cocktail party was set for them- drinks and some food plus fresh fruits. Unbeknownst to them all was the fact that all the beverages had a mild relaxing ingredient for the purpose of to begin with joy and without tension. This was totally necessary, being so many artists in the meeting. Gretchen was forever looking that the concurrence couldn´t arrive to the important sectors of the Flier, and for that purpose she had locked some doors, so the artists and film experts Had only access to their own cabins, mess hall and the corridor out to the lock door.

After the reception, she guided the _Flier to the mountains, at the next morning the Director, Mr. Relodon, was urging the team workers to set in place the equipment. “Hurry, hurry now! Put those cameras there! Lights over there! You, Sampson, get those generators working!”- Mr. Relodon was commanding. Ultor didn’t interfere with him and just keep on observing. He was seeing an energetic man that make things work, people were more alert and the whole team begin to be a beehive of action. The actors repeatedly were told how he wants them 192 To act , and it was something like mysticism floating from hour one. Ultor learnt how to treat people to take the best of everyone. Four weeks of hard labors and the Director come to him, saying:” Mr. Producer! Now we have nothing else to do around here!” “Are you finished with the filming?”- Ultor asked. “Of course not! You should know by now. I need interiors now, places with rooms and stuff.”Director Relodon said. “Ah, So we get back to Rixiaberg!”- Ultor said. “No! I need a quiet place where to work at ease! Do you know about Herda, a tranquil town near the sea?”- Director Relodon asked. “Yes, I know it´s some kind of a resort!”- Ultor said. “Exactly. It will cost you some money, but everybody must to expend if they want something of value.”- Director Relodon said. Ultor calls on Gretchen and informs her about it. “I am sure they can live at the Flier- at least they can sleep in here .But the interior must be at some good hotel there. But don´t you trouble about it. I will see we don´t expend too much.”Gretchen said. And Ultor feel much secure after hearing her saying that. 193 CHAPTER #9.HERDA SEATOWN. At Herda everything was beautiful: streets lined with trees and grass, white pastel houses, well dressed people all around, nice new cars and tourist Fliers, flags flapping in the wind… and much beautiful women on the streets. Director Relodon was satisfied with the place and the Hotel Saladino where wide rooms permit them to roll camera without being molested. The filming begins at the third day there, because Director Relodon said:” We need some time for relaxation and to realize where we really are now. Enjoy the sea, the swimming pools, the ladiesand to the ladies, the boys, that as I see around here, they are all tall and handsome.”- And the lead actress Malona Marie giggled 194 And said: “And I am expecting they are all organics.” So, for three days they were seeing bathing at the swimming pools, dancing by night at the Cabarets and relaxing at Bars. At the fourth day of stay in Herda city, the job begins for everyone with renewed spirits- eighteen days of filming and sweat, and Director Relodon announced: “It´s a wrap!” They had a big party at a place near the beach, where they get much too booze that leads to sexdisinhibited on the sand or into the waves.

That activity makes everybody very happy and at the next day, Ultor pays everyone with a bonus , and send them away in a charter Flier machine, that leaves them at Rixiaberg - except the group in charge of editing the film, that were seven persons in all. Those persons revised scenes and rocks from morning until deep into the night, Ultor rented them a cottage among cocoanuts trees and close to the sandy beach, where they has plenty of air and light produced by the principal star Swastica. Ultor enjoyed the time spent at Herda city, bathing and making contacts with distributors of documental films. 195 He was astonished of the organization existing for to release a film to the public: being a medium able to be distributed by electrical means, they could hire or sell it through messages that arrive anywhere of the civilized world (be it at Brana One or Brana Two) in hours. “The only thing I ask of you is to show it to my staff.”- The last distributor he called said. And of course, if the film had no merits, no distribution will be made. “In this era of mass electronic devices, anyone could make a movie.” – The Distributor said, with a bored tone. Ultor waist until Mr. Sesal finished the editing of the film, with feature presentation and exclusive dedicated music. Ultor saw the film in a small theatre, and finds it acceptable if not tantalizing. The actors talks about the film in the appraisal. Gretchen calls on Distributors and two of them accepted the film without seeing, but offers to pay nothing except the seven per cent of the revenues. Thirteen others, asks to see it. 196 “I will project it at a theatre tomorrow. If you are interested, I will wait you at the hotel at fourteen hours.” Four of them accepted, the others refuse to go out of their place. “No, lady, I get to see at my own screen room.”- They were saying. Gretchen refuses because he had heard those people have strong filming machines spying from the walls and from artistic projections hard to notice… The men seeing the preview, at the next day, were highly satisfied. Distributor Mr. Betune: “Real nice job! I like the views and specially the love scenes… do you think you will be having problems with the Censorship?” “Not at all! We study the regulations and while we don´t show sex organs all is permitted.”Gretchen informs him. “Good to hear this! My distribution chain has a wide spectrum, with the principal offices in the planet.”- Mr. Betune said. “Glad to hear you are interested. We are asking a fifty per cent over the revenues and seventeen million sopes for the film.” Gretchen repeats what Ultor had told her to ask. Days later, Mr. Betune was the chosen one, and money come into Ultor´s credit card. He said:” I expend eight million sopes and I had recovered them in full, plus an initial gain of nine million sopes that is encouraging me to do the next film!” 197 “Wait for the verdict of the public, Ultor!”- Gretchen said, and Klara added:” You must have some patience!” So he seats on edge the month it takes to see if any people goes to see the film at the big holographic theaters (that also projects other films and live performance.) The end result was good- the Distributor, Mr. Betune said:”- But as you know we must wait for more time to pass in order to speak of real gains.”

Ultor was happy of his success in movie making – in fact; he only puts the money and get the actors and technicians. But that is enough for him to feel a winner… The media was offering him interview and he earns some money telling what he knows about making the film, that was named “The forgotten ancients”, but that in fact it was a drama based on a couple of lovers with the ruins as a background. 198 CHAPTER #10.KLARA IN RIXIABERG Klara was happy at Rixiaberg. The Flier was not visited by her, and if Ultor wants to see her, he must go to the Hotel. This lasted a month, after that he begins to find her empty rooms depressing and so he hires a detective. “Five hundred sopes each time.”- The private eye said, chewing something. “Hope you don´t call too much.”- Ultor said, trying to sound funny but instead his voice was lugubrious. Three hours later, the private eye calls on him through the cellphone, saying:”- I have photos to show you, Mister. Come to my office: is better this way.” “I´m going right away.”- Ultor replied, taking note of the address. At a building in a common looking neighborhood, Mr. Kratories said:”- Seat there, Mr. Ultor. I´ll show you the holography on my set.” And he proceed showing seventy two holography and a five minute video. A video that resembles a real pornographic film. 199 Ultor was feeling outraged and on ice cubes- Mr. Kratories said: “I know how you feel, Mr. Ultor, but be strong, think that you are one more person with this kind of problem.” “But I have been giving her everything a woman could desire!”- Ultor moaned. “Some women want more than any one could imagine! Are you married with her?”- Mr. Kratories asked. “No.” “Ah! One point in your favor. Have you given her something really expensive?” “Nothing much expensive, although she´s living at an expensive hotel right now.” “Well, your problems are a lot smaller than I thought first. In fact, she is your mistress! And saying that I want you not to be mad at me, because it´s the naked truth, or am I wrong?”- Mr. Kratories asked him. Ultor, whose head was in turmoil, replied with clenched teeth:” You are right.” “Now you must stop paying that hotel room for her and if you are living at a known address, move out. Leave her without any notice! Preferable to get every gold ring diamond bracelet or costly costume out of her drawers, before leaving her in the open. At least you will be revenged in that way: where she is most sensitive.” “Yes, I´ll take your advice seriously.”- Ultor said. “Be optimistic! Here! Take this card I give you with my advice to stay there for three full days! “The private detective said. “What is this?”- Ultor asked him, knitting her eyebrows. “A place of relaxation! Near the beach, but don´t you worry! Nobody could enter if not recommended! So take a little vacation of three days- forget her there.”- Mr. Kratories said, leaning back against his creaking seat.

“I must pay your wages, now. “- Ultor said, producing his wallet. “Just pay me a thousand sopes more and we´ll be even.”- Mr. Kratories said. Ultor pay him his due, and with the envelope containing the photos and video, he walked out of that office. 201 He was thinking that it would be mean to take jewels and clothes from the Klara apartment, but when he arrives at the hotel room, he finds her not, but a note on a table. He reads: “Dear Ultor, sorry I am not here! But I am at the hairdresser, to please you with a new look. Kisses, Klara.” Ultor finds three rings and seventeen dresses that he took into a valise, he calls on the bellboy and said: “Prepare my account, please: I´ll be out of this apartment from this day on.” And he seats on the side of the water-bed, waiting for the account. He was remembering the good times with Klara in that same place, the merry moments as well as the passionate ones, ending it all in this treason and further deception. He stands up when a clerk from the Hotel brought the small machine for him to insert his credit card- he inserted it and paid the bill in full. “Good bye, Sir. Have a good time.”- The clerk said, looking him out with a understanding smilethis client was not the first nor the last being dumped by a beautiful and younger lady… Ultor went out the Hotel with a valise and his sad face; at the street, he finds a money lender store and get half what he paid for those jewelry and the clothes: for one thing he was recovering something out of that disastrous relationship, and also, he was not going to remember her through the stones he had bought for her. Back at the Flier, he said to Gretchen:”- We depart. Klara was cheating on me, and I don´t want to be here to see how she lie.” 202 “Shall we wait for doctor Farthon? He went shopping.”- Gretchen asked him. “Of course, I´m not in such a hurry.”- Ultor grumbled out, remembering how the doctor smiled when at his cabin- protected from the outer world.. Or so he seems to be thinking. He seats at the mess hall, looking outside through a monitor- the other Fliers were parked theresometimes one of them speeded up and was gone in seconds- others landed with care, like bringing eggs to the place. “The doctor has arrived. Where do you want to go, Ultor?”- Gretchen asked. “it would be nice to be wherever nobody exists. The ruins.” “Ah, where we filmed.”- She stated. “Right there- or better, two hundred meters south- perhaps not right there, we had seen everything around the place to be revisiting again.”- Ultor said. “All seen.”- Gretchen approved. “Perhaps I imagine some other plot for my next film or perhaps I’ll take a lot of tales from other men- trying to find a good plot.”- He mused. “Good, I can help you choosing tales. Knappians or Aureans?”- Gretchen asked. “Let´s make a Knappian film. With some obscure Knappian tale I would be well received by the critic- Knappian people are very nationalist.”- Ultor said, talking about the film but with his mind still at that woman´s room… While Gretchen maneuvered the Flier to its new location, 203 Ultor sleeps the whole of the voyage; the Flier descended on a clearing- the mountains were near but invisible to the eye, because of the forest. “And your boss, where is he?”- Doctor Farthon asked from the corridor. “He´s asleep . He has suffered the infidelity of his fiancée, Miss Klara.”- Gretchen said.

“Ah, women! We can´t stand them but we cannot live without them.” And speak no more. Knowing that in love there are no rules… Some days there, and with the full tolerance of Gretchen, Ultor had explored around the Flier for ten kilometers, finding only dinosaur eggs and some edible fruits in scant quantities. “No ruins around here! But the place is very quiet.”- Ultor commented at dinner time. “No dangerous animals! At least, not in the vicinity.”- Dr. Farthon said, munching a pear. (Native). “Doctor: my wish is to film a masterpiece! My first film was a success, now I can repeat the feat.”Ultor said. “Ah! Filmmaking could be fun! But also a risk for you. I had read so many about flying vehicles in my life, that I am sure I could write a book about them.” Dr. Farthon said. “Do it, doctor! And perhaps I could make your fantasy a real thing.”- Ultor proposes. “I don´t know. But…”- The doctor was saying, when Gretchen interrupted by saying:” Don´t get scared, but something is scratching on the door lock!”- And she went to that place at a run. A large Gasosaur was indeed out there, so she raised the Flier immediately, before the animal could think in a more harsh way to crack the vehicle. From ninety meters high, they could observe the Gasosaur milling around the clearing and emitting grunts. “A terrible carnosaurs!”- Dr. Farthon said. “I am not so sure! Perhaps it´s a bad tempered herbivore- do you know, Doctor, that herbivores could be as dangerous as a carnivore when in the matting season?”- Ultor asked him. “Yes, I heard about it.” – Dr. Farthon corroborateGretchen raises the vehicle to the mountains for the night, and stayed at the main cabin until dawn. Doctor Farthon slept until nine hours, after asking Gretchen about, he went out to the exterior of the Flier, to see the sunrise. There were scant fog, and the rays of the Swastica illuminate everything with a yellow hue. The doctor finds a nest of snakes not a hundred steps from the Flier, and they were green in color with red eyes. 205 Ultor went after him, and seeing the nest, he said: - “Hope their mother isn´t near!” “Oh, but I think snakes are bad mothers! They just lay the eggs and Mother Nature takes the burden from then on.”- Doctor Farthon lectured him on the spot. “Well, you ought to tell that to their mother!” – Ultor said, running away. Doctor Farthon saw a big serpent the size of a man sneaking towards him- he run while the serpent hissed hideously more than two hundred meters – they run until the serpent gives up. Near the Flier, Ultor begin laughing and doctor Farthon was without air to respond and Gretchen come out of the Flier blandishing a LASER rifle, saying: “I’ll go there and kill the beasts!” Ultor accented, so soon they were freed on the spot- Gretchen did that in order to prevent the more valuable humans to get poisoned by those critters. Seated at the table, while Gretchen serves hot meal, Ultor said: “So there is the fact in front of our eyes: mother serpent defends their offspring!” “Not quite sure, Captain! Who knows if she only defending her hunting grounds? And for the look of it, we were on her dietary list! By her size, it was most than possibly that she could ingurgitate us after we became decomposed.”- Doctor Farthon said, eating a potato with two eggs. Ultor cuts in two a big avocado, poured on it some Paleopterix oil and salt, and eat it with some bread. “This land has its dangers! When the more confident a person is, prone is he to make some dangerous error.”- Ultor said.

“Of course. But up here, no dinosaur is capable to climb.”- Doctor Farthon said, confidently. Gretchen said, through a loudspeaker: “Sorry to interrupt, but I am at the main cabin. I´m on the alert, no matter we are atop of a mountain.” “Good work, Gretchen! Keep on looking.”- Dr. Farthon said, smiling “I had read several books about the jungle, but there´s none that interests me enoughto produce a film with.”- Ultor said. “Filmmaking is a hard thing to develop. I guess it´s half art and half commercial enterprise.”Doctor Farthon said. 207 “Indeed.- Ultor said, drinking some wine- he was well aware that his work was to find a good plot, something he hasn’t ‘find yet in those tales he was reading voraciously. After dinner, he went to the main cabin, where Gretchen was busy scanning the surrounding area using the radar and monitors. “How´s going?” Ultor asked her. “Nothing yet, Ultor. This mountain top is really deserted.” She replied, looking at him. “Good! I have problems finding a good script. Give me some ideas.” He said. “Ask people with stories for sell! I am sure there are lots of people wanting to have his name connected with the film industry.” 208 Gretchen´s idea was of his liking and with advertisements he bought more than a hundred scripts through the holographic set, the lecture was made by Gretchen, that gives only five minutes to a manuscript a thousand pages to read and it was over from cover to end- then she passed five of them to Ultor, saying: “This are the best you could choose from! And it´s possible to merge two of them in one single tale.” Ultor finds them all equally nice, but he had to choose, so he said to Gretchen, a week later:”- I find them all apt to be transformed to a script- so I´m here to hear you read them to me, one by one. Perhaps hearing I could choose better.” “No problem, Ultor. We have time.”- She said, reading from her own memory system; Ultor and the doctor heard the tales in a couple of days, and then Farthon said:” YOU HAVE a blockbuster with the one named “RON 23”. Perhaps more than one film, seeing the length of the book.” “And you need a good director.”- Gretchen said, adding:” I am already working in the technical crew and you only must choose among them. But of course, I guess the best director is Mr. Charesse, a man of thirty years with only one film in his record- just one film but a reference film for many a successful director.” “Go and find him. Wish he don´t ask too much for the job.”- Ultor said. Gretchen founds him at the city of Rixiaberg, near the river. A simple house among a bed of pebbles, where she arrives in person, because Mr. Charesse didn´t answer her calls. She rings the bell, but nobody opens the door, so she looks by the windows, seeing that a man was lying on the floor next to a table. She enters using the back door, and touching Mr. Charesse´s neck, she finds he was only sleeping- perhaps because he had drink too much from a bottle of liquor that was resting next to him on the floor. Two glasses, however, were on top of the table. Ultor, who was at the Flier, receives a call from her, so he descends and walked by the front door, opened by Gretchen, who said.” Seems the man drinks too much booze.” They walked to where he was lying, and Gretchen brought a glass of water from the sink and throw it over Mr. Charesse´s face, which opened an eye and said:” Go away.” Gretchen went to the Flier with Ultor, and seating at the controls, she said:” Perhaps we should wait a little longer for him to recover. “

“Perhaps what the guy needs is a cup of coffee.”- Doctor Farthon said, and Ultor looked at him saying:” Better still, why don´t you give me a pill? There are some who could put a drunkard on parade in just a few minutes!” “An injection? Guess I could provide it.”- Dr. Farthon said, chuckling, and after a short visit to the Infirmary, he comes back with a syringe, saying:” Here it´s a small hypodermic and I´m sure he´ll be not realizing he was sting.” And as he said it was donned; the shot works a miracle, as Mr. Charesse soon was standing as in his better days of abstinence, listening to Ultor, who was saying:” My intention is to make a motion picture with this book in mind. Not necessarily to the word, but to the bone. I´m thinking in you as the Director, because you have donned good films, specially the one entitled “The hole”. Mr. Charesse smiled proudly, and said:”- Yes, they had remembered it all the time. What the people don´t know it is that I was drunk all of the time.” “The book was written by Telliuj, a young writer that sole me the book to do with it everything I want to make a good film. And I want to make this and other good films. Perhaps with your help.”Ultor said. Charesse seats at an armchair again and replied: “Give it to me, to read some pages of it.” Ultor gives it to him (a holographic memory pill) and said:” Don´t answer me now! I will be back tomorrow afternoon, to hear your answer: if you decide to work in this project, I am able to pay you five hundred thousand sopes.” “Oh! I´ll be working for a future payment! Well, I must read first.”- Charesse replied, inserting the pill on an ancient looking holographic set that he had in a corner. Ultor and Gretchen departed to the Flier, where Doctor Farthon Climbor said:”Oh, I see for your faces that the man accepted the burden!” “Not quiet, doctor! He just accepts to read the book only. He will give his answer later.”- Ultor informed. “Ah, then is a reasonable measure! The man is not a fool - or worst: he could be a merchant! Because some of the people did whatever they are asked for some money.”- Farthon ends his phrases. They moved to the Flier, to a parking lot near a big supermarket where Ultor bought the refrigerators of the Flier with food and supplies for the lapse of a month. At the next day, they found Mr. Charesse ready and disposed to help with the film. “Nice book, this RON23! The tale has potentials. I find it very attractive; I have lots of ideas in order to translate words and descriptions into the cinema world!” “Oh, so you are accepting!”- Gretchen exclaimed immediately, so he couldn´t back away from there on. “it´s fine; but I have several points first: my Editor must work with me at all times; I found that he is a good provider of ideas, had just for his reaction to fight my wilders ideas! And I need at least a hundred thousand sopes when beginning to roll- I have several important debts, and my small part-time job will be suspended while working in the film.” Gretchen blinked an eye to Ultor and he accepted those requests… “When are we starting?”- Mr. Charesse asked them. “In a matter of days! I have a nice team of professionals with the camera, sound and I am sure you will be satisfied.” – Gretchen promised him. “Hum! If you don´t have good technicians, all I could do to make a master piece will be flown sky high! So please present them to me before making any contract with them.” “Where are you going to be, Mr. Charesse? “. Ultor asked him. “Right here! Of course, don´t come here after the twenty one hours! I like to sleep early.” Charesse recommended.

Gretchen calls on the old crew, and they accepted to be in this project. 212 They even not asked about their wages. Gretchen also hired four other technicians, to put them under the old technicians; two guards, because in the group there were no fighters at all, and they were going to be working in desolate areas, where everything evil could happen. 214 They finally departed, and at a site near the sea of Glauben , a camp was set in place. The woods were in front of the white sandy beach. The Synthetic assistants set the four tents in place and Gretchen indicates who went where, so when the night come, everyone had where to sleep in relative security, because the Synthetics were Ultor choose not to sleep out of the flier; doctor Farthon also prefer his “den” as he calls his cabin. Also, in that way he could be near the Infirmary, where he could help injured people, if the case appears. “Tell the doctor the meal is served.” – Ultor said to Gretchen , who calls on the doctor, that was asleep in front of a table at the Infirmary. “Doctor! Ultor wants you to be at the dinner table in the Mess hall.” Gretchen said, awakening him. “Eh, oh yes! I was studying this sample of cells!”- He said, pointing to the microscope in front of him. “We´ll wait for you!”- Gretchen said, leaving the Infirmary with a smile. 215. When the doctor Farthon Climbor arrives, Ultor offered him a cup of red wine, saying: “Good evening, Doctor. Take: it´s fifteen years old!” “Oh! Viña Carmen, I suppose?”- He said, drinking the delicious wine. “Wine and a good salad with a nice cheese! We have fish and native tomatoes with plenty of olive.”- Gretchen said, presenting the plates with food. “Oh, just fine food! You are spoiling me.” – The doctor chuckled out. “My film is developing- who knows how it´s going to be received by the viewers?”- Ultor asked. “Your film Director seems to be a good one. Surely he´ll be working for a final success!”- Dr. Farthon said. “They are only taking pictures. Not really filming, because the filming has been donned.”Gretchen pointed out. “Who are the ones that work harder? The technicians or the actors?”- Dr. Farthon asked, while drinking some more red wine. “The technicians are working hard nowadays, but you know, an actor must get into the character they had told him to incarnate- not an easy thing, I assure you.”- Gretchen said, pouring red wine on the glasses. “I ignore the script they had finally made. But I eagerly wait for to see the writing transformed into figures and living creatures.”- Dr. Farthon said. “The Editor will back up the Director in all of that.”- Gretchen said, smiling. She was not worriedher calculations were telling this film was going to be a smash. Doctor Farthon said:” Nice meal! This area seems to be a tranquil one.” “There´s always the fear of hungry dinosaurs searching for a meal. How are things out there, Gretchen?”- Ultor asked her. “Peacefully, Ultor. Our sentinels are patrolling around the camp.”- She replied, after communicating by radio with them.

Doctor Farthon said: The ancient serpents from Earth travelled far and away, and a great kingdom was established at the Draco Constellation, where they thrived and enslaved whole generations of different species, provoking their enslavement and frustration.” “The famous Dracos! But I think they are now accepting tourists in their midst.”- Ultor said, remembering some news recently seeing at the Holographic set. “You will be surprised to know how many tourists never come out of their vacations in there!”- Dr. Farthon coughed. “Really? And the SIP (Spatial Interplanetary Police) did nothing about?”- Ultor exclaimed, alarmed of the apparent immunity he was detecting connected with the Draco species… After that conversation, Ultor spent half an hour looking at information about the Draco Kingdom , and find that everything was tinted with dark allusions and menacing phrases. He enter a conversation in a Group, and after some time, a person calls him about the Draconis, saying:”- I am Forlard and seeing you here, for quite a while now, makes me realize that perhaps you are planning a trip to the Draco realm?” “I recently knew about them and I am filling the gap. In all case, they are very interesting. I am a film producer.” Ultor said, proud to attach that designation to his person. “You are welcome! I hope you could consider the trip to the Draco realm! Think how interesting a documental film could that be.”- Forlard said. “I really don´t know. Draco realm it´s at the other side of our Brana, and my vehicle is good but not as good.”- Ultor said. Gretchen, who was at his side, intervened in the conversation, by saying:” Our spaceship is not capable of such a feat.” “Sorry to hear that, then forget it. I will find, eventually, someone who could.”- Forlard said. From that day on, Gretchen was at the hearing of such a name in connection with the Alfa Draconis realm, but to not avail- seemingly, Mr. Forlard never makes his trip- or if he did, he never comes out of that trip with a film. 219 Finally, the film was edited – four months later, that is- and Ultor, through Gretchen, makes a good advertisement campaign , and the film was sold to a big film distribution Company- that projected it before their feature films: the feature film was, originally, two hours long, but was edited to fit the twenty minutes standard films that the “Crystal productions” usually use. The manager of the “Crystal Productions” said to Ultor:” Don´t feel diminished, dear Sir! Your documental will be released in full after a eight month period- when the audience normally gets curious for more of the same. Then, we broadcast three short films in unison for a lapse of five months! So your fans will have the pleasure to see the whole film “RON 23” at the end!” Ultor caressed the eight million sopes he earns with it, and applauded the measure. “Well, Gretchen, another hit on the hole! I´m sure that my name is already known out there.”Ultor said, while he reads the numbers at his Bank account. She embraces him, saying:” Well known is your name already! I have make contacts with publishing agencies, but we need a short film about you! People love (and perhaps need) to know more about the people that spend their lives 220 Trying to entertain them!” Ultor was mildly surprised and said:” My life is not worthwhile a film! What kind of film that could be? A really boring one!” She laughed and said: “I have lots of projections about you! Short takes with you escaping from dinosaurs, with you looking at the forest in the night, and talking with actors and actresses! There are enough material for a short film – a voice in off talking what you were filming and scenes of the various locations.”

“And you could edit it for me?”- Ultor smiled. “Perhaps! Or some good editor- the last one, Mr. Rowald, was a success! We should talk with him about it, don´t you think?”- Gretchen said, and Ultor accepted the idea reluctantly. It was for him an embarrassing question, but if it was needed to be like that, he was not going to reject the man. Mr. Rowald was on the holographic set, two days later- he was a big man in his sixties and after discussing it a bit, he said:” Send me what you have, and I´ll tell you if we can come up with something acceptable.” So, Gretchen send him several hours of footage, and Mr. Rowald begin to work with it- in a month´s time period, eh sent back to them a very interesting documental about Ultor and his work on films- with a good musical introduction, voices in off and vividly scenes, the film about Ultor was really something good to see and not to miss it. 221 Mr. Vongord of the C.P. Productions accepted the inclusion of the short documental with the life and struggles of Mr. Ultor, saying:”- I find it necessary that your film “ULTOR IN PERIL” also includes some live presentations, Mr. Ultor. With that premise, I am authorized to pay you seven hundred sopes to you in all-. Of course, there will be some more money for you at the days of your appearance in front of the cameras.” “Really is this necessary?”- Ultor questioned. “Totally necessary- we must approach you to the audience! Or do you intend to leave the trade?”Mr. Vongord asked, smiling through the virtual interview. “Not really. In fact, I am more and more interested in to keep on producing films.”- Ultor confided. “Really? And do you have new ideas to share with me? Because we are in need to cope with some questions the audience has. We could provide you with some lines of action.”- Mr. Vongord said. “I was thinking in a submarine expedition- it´s a theme worthwhile the effort!”- Ultor said. Vongord puts a finger touching his own chin, and said:”- Evidently, yes. A good idea. But the theme has been exploited by many filmmakers in recent years. Are you sure that you have a good angle to attack the point successfully?” 222 “I am certainly sure of it! But all the while, send me your ideas? I will be pleased to see about it.”Ultor said, and Mr. Vongord sent him, through the holographic set, a number of themes on which to work. Gretchen said:” Obviously, you are almost hired to make documental films for them! So if you attach your will to their desires, I am sure you will have more successes in the future.” Ultor accented with a nod and said:” Of course. Choose a theme for me to work on, and we will set sails to the horizon!” He was, for sure, very excited… 223 “I choose this!”- Ultor said, pointing to the third item of a list of five. “Ah, Nights at the Hospital General! Seems a good project.”- Gretchen said, smiling. “I will put a pair of cameramen filming at the worst dramatic cases… and Mr. Warfor will stitch it together into a successful film.”- Ultor said, rather cynically to his own surprise- he analyze his inner feelings -could it be that all his artistic inclinations changes into a commercial desire for success, fame and fortune as the final goal? His inner self shrugged his virtual shoulders just a bit… “So be it! Do it true!”- Ultor said to his Assistant. Gretchen calls for cameramen and other technicians, plus asking for actors and actresses with a bait: juicy contracts for the winners! “See that they have life insurance policies before departure. Remember they are short lived.”Ultor said.

“And with you as the inheritor?”- Gretchen asked. “Of course. The one refusing will be sent home.”- Ultor smiled. “Very good. I will tell you when things go chugging.”- She said, returning his smile with another. “I will be delighted.”- he said, embracing her, that kissed him for some time, knowing that he was in need of support. Four days later, she pointed to the Holographic set, where a list of names were appearing, and said:” Here you are the new team.” “I see no old names in it. Just as good.”- Ultor growled, and Gretchen kissed him, saying:” We are starting anew, dear!” The names were: Technicians= Hanro, Walvis and Feylin. Cameramen= Saumer, Uribal. Actors= Tallain, Tibayan. Actresses= Rusalka, Tilal, Ubrica, Siona. Ultor said:”- I see no crewmen for the Flier.” “I hired four assistants to the Easy People Company, because they are cheaper because of their model: the translucent ones, or AO.” “Ah, the ones that shows their vowels? Disgusting for my taste.”- Ultor said, in the verge of refusal. “Dear! If we choose an AB standard model, just one costs as much as the four I hired! And you don´t want to throw your money to the wind, are you?”- Gretchen asked him. “Well, of course not! But please tell them to use uniforms all of the time.”- Ultor asked, because in that way, he´ll be seeing them in a more normal way: just their heads and hands will be showing its interior… The permission to film at the Hospital General was not as easy, but after insisting with 226 Several doctors and Directors he was allowed to film from 01 hours until 04 hours every day. “Certainly not much happening at those intervals of time, but what the heck, this is better than absolutely nothing.” – Gretchen said to him. “All right, tell the team about it- I am not certain if the actors should be there, too.”- Ultor said. “Not really, but you are paying to him a good lot of money, so they should be there – perhaps not from 01 to 04 hours, but they must assist us.” Gretchen said, so they were told to make shifts of two hours everyday and that produces miracles, because there was not a day without two or three serous and dramatic cases to portray at the cameras, using not only the injured but also their families and relatives at the waiting room to interview. Ten days were enough. The actors were very sad after seeing so much drama and Ultor gives them a supplement in money, at the end of the filming sequences. “You had been brave and courageous. Hope our film could reach success!”- Ultor said to them, at the wrap day and celebration. The Film Editor Mr. Warfor worked alone in this new editing, while Ultor went to pass some days at the Herda city, where he achieves the necessary relaxation he was needing. “I am sure a lot of propaganda will be needed-“- Ultor said to Gretchen, at the side of the Hotel´s swimming pool. Doctor Farthon Climbor said. “Good to be here! Your invitation is very generous.” “Oh, forget about it, Doctor Farthon Climbor! Enjoy the water! It´s 18 centigrade- especially for us old people!”- Ultor said, looking at the terse body of Gretchen, who was wearing a diminutive bathing suit. “I wonder what you are filming next! Because I assume that you will keep on filming?”- Dr. Farthon commented. “Of course. This is really fun! And I earn some money in the process.”- Ultor said. The doctor smiled and soon he was dozing while bathing at the lowest level of the swimming pool.

Gretchen helped him out, some thirty minutes later, to his bed -. He was exhausted! At her return, she said to Ultor:”- The doctor is now asleep! Warm water makes him drowsy.” “Good for him. Any news from our Editor Warfor?” “Not many! But I am working already on the publicity campaign: total necessary in this times! Soon there will begin trips to the Hospitals just to see our movie is true! There are some volunteers already inscribed on these tours!”- Gretchen said, laughing softly. Ultor was interested in the last inventions and he went to see an exhibition on air cars- the last engines uses hot air to move turbines, a cheap way that everyone were saluting as a real advance on sciences. “We are electro magnetism to heat air! With as little as twelve volts we start the engine! And once set in motion, no more help is needed for this air engine to keep on pumping eternally!”- The man said, showing several small vehicles that begin to hover. “Wish it gets available for the common people.”- Ultor commented to Gretchen. Three weeks later, the film had its premiere and important people went to see it at a holographic theatre- medics and the Ministry of Public Health, Lord Enwhom, were also present. The introduction was made by a professional and then the film was projected. In difference to old movie projections, the Holographic theatres are round, and the projection goes in the middle of an open space. The film was dramatic in its content- nothing to laugh on- and many 228 A person was crying in the most touching parts. when the lights come back in full, the people applauded with energy and smile (Sad but true smiles) flourished everywhere. Ultor and his team were presented and the man in charge said to Ultor: “They are expecting for your speech- say a few words about your work.” Ultor takes air and said:” I thanks you all for your backup to our work. My crew spent many hours in the chilly nights where people arrive to Hospitals all over the kingdom, in search of medical attention to be able to survive from wounds or illnesses. It is for me a great pleasure to present today my actors as well as my Editor and technical crew.” And they all were named- three of them give their ideas about the film and after every one of them speaks they were applauded. At the next day there were expectation about what the decision and critics had to say, and in general they praised the film as viewable or worthy to be seen. 229 Money begins to pour in and Gretchen, who has daily holographic contacts with the people in charge of the theaters, said: “A smashing success! Soon they will be selling copies to see on holographic sets, and then the downpour will be a hurricane of money.” She was smiling because Ultor was almost crying of joy. “Oh, it´s wonderful to see our project is a success from now on, I will never doubt of my plans!” – He said, embracing the model…

The end. 19 April 2012, 15.52 hours. AFHJF. CHILE.

Films made by Ultor: 1) Creatures of the jungle on Zvei continent. 2) The forgotten ancients”. 3) RON23, 4) Ultor in Peril. 5) The General Hospital. *1.- standing but bent slightly to the back, and with the right arm to the front and the other to the rear, face up and to a side.

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