End Effects of Embedded 8. Bio-Medical Field 7. Trends in Embedded 5.101seminartopics. Innovation of Embedded 3. Security of Embedded 6. Abstract 2. Conclusion . Career’s of Embedded 9.com Contents 1. Classifications of Embedded 4.

adoptability . So these parameters measure the cost of the gadget developed. too a tiny gadget which reduces the cost of manufacture. As far as the embedded is in action. In the coming decades. This parameters plays the most important to develop a gadget in Medical field. precision etc. the quality of work will play the role in all the fields. This in turn decreases the end users affordability or adoptability to it. user friendly. . This directly increases the cost of usage to the end user. As the gadget is reduced in its size but maintaining the end result with most advantages then a machine.101seminartopics. Too considering the Medical field. user-friendly are all to be considered. the accuracy .com Abstract If the accuracy of the work done by any gadget is precision. time. all the above noted parameters are brought into a single chip. then the cost of manufacturing the gadget becomes directly proportional to it. it makes the end users to use them at cheaper costs. precision. adoptability .

101seminartopics. the failure percentage in embedded system is 1%. This is also known as “Inbuilt Intelligence” The memory part of the embedded system holds the operations / procedures that are to be executed. All these instructions can be altered any time using appropriate software and can be written the system and perform the process. high speed. the space becomes more compact. The most peculiar note is. This embedded system consists of two parts namely Hardware + Software . . Where ever a system consist these both. flexibility etc.Intro The name gives the meaning -> Togetherness . then it becomes embedded sy stem.com Embedded System . realiblty. The hardware is the microprocessor and the memory is the software part. As the memory in integrated with the processor.

com Innovation A long breath-taking research in microelectronics. The Rice-Sized chip developed by them and each of the Jacob’s family member had one naming it as “Verichip” . the Philips company launched its products with embedded technology in the fabrics of home to provide information about the members in the home. monitoring any application if it was embedded and the embedded systems with number of connected the network/internet etc. . The birth of embedded system is in Florida by the Jacob’s Family . have developed applications. This chip was made with Biocompatible materials and it was designed in such a manner to store entire medical history of the holder.101seminartopics. networking. In this inbuilt memory / intelligence basis. A java enabled mobile can access data from internet and also control an air-conditioner in home/office. processor and the memory with the boon of low cost. Now the embedded technology has widen its wings and grown to the state of wireless connectivity.

These sy stems are implemented in the areas where the time critical tasks are to be executed in the process control. Autonomous 2. deadlines or response times are not critical. Networked 4. when a car is being dashed in then the life guard balloons has to be blown before the . namely: 1. Mobile Autonomous is a standalone mode device. Many manufacturing and automobile industries / machineries are covered under this category. Real-Time systems are time based. They are designed in such a manner that specified task is completed in specified amount of time. a Mono Block Pump can be turned on if the water level in the overhead tank reaches the minimum level.101seminartopics. Real-Time 3. For example.com Classification’s The embedded system is classified into four categories. This type of systems. For instance.

If this is not carried out in stipulated time then loss of life incurs. These gadgets are imbibe powerful computing and communication capabilities to perform realtime as well as non-real-time tasks and handle multimedia applications. Mobile gadgets are needed to store database locally to their memory. lot of memory with minimal power consumption.com damaging end reaches the life area. embed powerful processor and OS. The gadget.101seminartopics. . Networked systems are used to monitor another sy stem / plant and send the data’s to a centralized system for monitoring.

quickly The DSP a mathematical computation using “multiplier and accumulator” module. video processing. DSPs are specially designed to handle audio and video signals.101seminartopics. This process requires carries intensive out mathematical computation. etc. 16 – bit and 32 – bit processors are available with different processing powers and memory addressing capabilities. Embedded systems are built around processor boards. I n audio and video processing unwanted frequencies are removed by filtering. The signals are converted into frequency domain using Fourier transforms. The spectrum of the signal is analysed in the frequency domain.based embedded sy stems are available for diverse applications on hand. DSP. . Advanced digital signal processors ( DSPs) cater to AV coding and image processing.com Trends A plethora of processors are available to cater to different applications. DSPs are used for image compression. high-fidelity music processing. 8 – bit.

Secondary storage devices. so powerful OS.101seminartopics. and memory capability dictate processor selection. Devices that don’t have secondary storage use flash memory and even nowaday s. are also being incorporated in embedded systems of mobile communication and computing gadgets. High level and object-oriented languages such as C + + and ADA are extensively being used for embedded software development. A digital . use an 8-bit microcontroller. These occupy less memory and can be tailored top specific need. Processor and Corresponding peripheral section. can be incorporated in embedded systems. conditioners and VCRs. real-time operating system and mobile operating sy stem. processing speed. Applications functions. ref rigerators. Many ty pes of OS are available. such as Windows NT. including embedded operating system.com ROM and RAM devices are easily available nowadays. such involving as digital minimal processing and I/O air- watches. Application functionality. such as hard disks.

corresponding EPROM. interfaces. RAM.com watch incorporating an 8-bit controller uses a set buttons for input and LCD for output. video and image processing applications incorporate either floating-point or fixed-point DSPs. Internal memory is sufficient for small applications involving microcontrollers or DSPs. After peripheral memory. Flash static parallel communication interfaces. and status LEDs have to be identified. network selecting devices serial and the such right as processor. Audio. Operating system. programmable timers/counters. Industrial and single-board computers. video game players and graphic accelerators need 64-bit prcessors. telecom switches. routers and protocol converters. . A 16/32-bit processor is with used for computing process and control communicating capabilities systems. The memory in embedded systems can be internal or external.101seminartopics. application specific hardware circuitry.

in routers internet applications and . It is used in IP phones. Open-source OS based on Linux and Berkeley standard distribution (BSD) Unix are popular embedded OS.101seminartopics.com The Windows XP embedded OS is multitasking OS. PDAs and mobile phones. Embedded Linux is freely available in source code form. The BSD version of Unix uses a flash memory of 400 KB to 1MB and RAM of 2 to 16 MB. It allows applications built using visual studio to be embedded without modifications. It finds applications telecom switches.

Microprocessor 2. The embedded system is a single chip. Parallel Port 6. Also when one of the component life is completed means than the entire system will get collapsed. Also the tracking. Input Devices 9. So when an embedded system fails.com Conventional Controlling As far as the conventional systems are considered.101seminartopics. replacing the single chip is more easier and cheaper than the micro controller system. . Timer 7. Output Devices All the to to above the the are all different blocks that So are this connected configures microprocessor basics of a individually. microprocessor based controller. Interrupt Controller 8. replacing the component is costlier. which holds all the above said 9 blocks inside to it. RAM 4. ROM 3. Serial Port 5. they have a complicated structure which contains the following: 1.

Reliability 3. Very low power consumption 6. High speed 7. Flexibility 4.101seminartopics.com Advantages 1. Environment adoptability 5. Compactness 2. Failure percentage is negligible .

Network-enabled systems are prone to cyber atta cks. chip Cryptographic functions implemented through the IBM chip library . I BM’s integrated security chip is a cryptographic microprocessor that is embedded in sy stem board. . 1024-bit and 512-bit key decryption.101seminartopics. Security features include 1024bit and 512-bit digital signature. and up to 256-bit key decryption of inf ormation encrypted using 1024-bit and 512-bit keys. IBM addresses the security issue by equipping select ThinkPad and NetVista computers (Known as IBM clients) with built-in cryptographic technologies in both hardware and software of the systems. The chip communicates with the main processor of the client through a 5MB are sy stem management in the bus. I ts EEPROM stores the access key pair.com Embedded Security. This chip facilitates encryption for protection from privacy intrusion and digital signatures for authentication.

Since a PC is not required. If this is going to be the condition. sensing. This can be eliminated by using the embedded system. So it becomes so user-friendly to use. The equipment is going to be used only for the specif ied actions and not for any other extra purposes. But whereas in the embedded sy stem. all the process are loaded and the only work of the user is to provide the input by placing the sensors or so called things to the patient directly. at once the embedded system gives the output.com Medical As far as the medical field is considered. It may be complicated for the doctor to operate an PC-based equipment.101seminartopics. for an equipment and due to the calibration. all the equipments are costly as they are highly precision and accurate. recording the patients records. This in turn . they are being forced to fit in the equipments. This is b’cos of the complicated structure of the testing equipments. the things can be made to work repeated by feeding the data’s and program in the chip and connect the Input & Output devices to the chip and note the required output.

Once the testing equipment is made. reduces the manuf acturing cost which directly reduces the end users affordability . there is no need to store the data’s there itself. .101seminartopics.com also becomes compact in size. So it reduces the running cost and other hidden cost that are to be done in conventional sy stems. So the embedded sy stem can be designed in such a way that all the data’s send to a centralized system to store the history of the patients.

In the future. adaptable complex sophisticated software managing information and communication protocols.com End Effects The gadgets memory embedded armed and with has immense benefit for modern powerful processing.101seminartopics. smart gadgets would connect and initiate action on our behalf. .