Globus CRM


Loyalty Card: The Globus Privilege Membership Card Process:
Customer has to make an initial purchase of Rs.500 to get Globus Temporary Card. Within next 3 months if the customer makes Purchase of Rs.2000 He/she will get upgraded to Globus Silver Card which can also be availed by Paying Rs.150 (in case if the customer wants to upgrade to silver card without making a purchase of Rs.2000)

Up gradation:
Cards Temporary Silver Gold Purchase of Goods (Rs) 500 2000 15000

Gift Vouchers for Spa, Discount Coupons on Travel Agencies etc.. (Keeps Changing every month)

Points & Rewards:
Purchase Rs. 5000/Rs. 10,000/Rs. 15,000/Rs. 25,000/Rs. 50,000/Rs. 1,00,000/Globus Rewards GV worth Rs. 100/GV worth Rs. 100/GV worth Rs. 150/GV worth Rs. 300/GV worth Rs. 650/GV worth Rs. 2000/-

Benefits Validity at all Globus Stores New Product Launch Privileges Exclusive Shopping day for EOS Automatic Membership Renewal Free Home delivery of altered Merchandise Reserved car Parking Special Counters Birthday Greetings Free Card in case of loss or Damage Silver Card Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Gold Card Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

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