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Name and signature: Recit Teacher: Recit # 3 Date Submitted: December 4, 2012 GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: Box your final

answers. The point system is all or nothing. 1. Draw the free body diagram of an apple hanging off a tree branch. (2 forces – 1 point)


For all the “action” forces acting on the apple, write down the “reaction” forces. (2 pairs – 2 points)


Draw the free body diagram of box sliding with constant velocity on a frictionless horizontal surface. (2 forces – 1 point)


Write down all the reaction forces for the action forces on the box. (2 pairs – 2 points)

A box (mass = 20. [kg]) is placed on top of an inclined plane that rises 15° above the horizontal. A massless rope is tied to the box at an angle 3.0° above the inclined plane. The other end of the rope is connected to the ceiling.

5. 6.

Draw the free body diagram of the box on the space beside the figure. (3 forces – 1 point) Write down all the action-reaction pairs. (3 pairs – 3 points)

7. 8.

Suppose that the box is so big that you can fit inside. Are you inside an inertial reference frame? YES or NO? (2 points) [ ] ̂, moving with initial velocity ⃗⃗⃗⃗ A particle at t = 0 has initial position ⃗⃗⃗ [ ]̂ [ ] ̂ and a constant ̂ acceleration [ ]̂ [ ] .


̂ . True or false? (2 points) b. After 4 [s], the particle is moving with speed ⃗ f . [ s ]- . [ s ]k A projectile is launched from a certain height, , off the ground with speed at an angle above the horizontal. When will the projectile return to the same height ? (2 points)
m m


After 4 [s], the particle is at rf

[m]̂ i

[m]̂ j-


̂. True or false? (2 points) [m]k

10. Person C, who is at rest relative to the Earth, observes Person A moving to the left at a speed a speed of [ ] and approaching Person B. Also, according to C, B is walking to the right and moving with a speed of [ ]. What is person A’s velocity according to Person B? Consider the rightward direction of motion to be +; to the left, . (2 points)