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Is the US trying to spark World War III ? ? ?

The US of today is almost exactly like a carbon copy of the Germany of the 1930s. There are actually many reasons why the US would like to do so. But all the reasons are solely driven or powered by greed, envy, bad feelings, silent hatred / disdain and totally groundless fears. First, the US and its western allies are becoming very worried about the alleged threat posed by various nations which are fast emerging and looking to overtake the developed countries that constitute the Anglosphere-led Christian world. In early 2011, the US Pentagon accidentally leaked a report titled Economic Warfare: Risks and Responses in which the authors(s) of the report alleged that the 2008 financial meltdown was mainly the work of two entities, namely the Muslim world and China (Russia and Venezuela were also mentioned). The Anglosphere-led Christian world is NOT under any threat by any of these overseas entities. These entities have no desire to invade or conquer the developed Anglosphere-Christian world. Another reason is that the US is slowly crumbling under the sheer weight of its problems especially its debts. Americans have totally lost control of sanely or sound management of their country. The only way out is a global war. Yet another reason is that the US is a society that loves and worships war.