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by thom zok

date 16th june 2013

the way of the hexagon ----------------------------------smiling in the rain that's more to gain some of the features of the weather you are great to get far now the genius

has been implored to explore the burlesque floors the mundane is faring well there is party dangerous beautifully crafted event the point to convert the players and steal the emigrant topping the inert verily flying high that will surmise the sunshine for everyone tales for the mountains achievement super there is the supposed curtains keeping the barters in the dark i know while the summit

plain to seek away we sweep those pesky experts who cleverly deny the way of the hexagon to be called it is very clear to the sphere of knowledge you only need to have spells to use magicians will speak in galactic forces everything is sun suns are powers we must get sunshine they have been gravity free or real but there is no fear

that we will know more nature is unique it doesn't tell you anything yet you know all all you need is to think about the magic why must the universe move in its energy we can sense it we know it drives far but matter will in the end spar with the invisible forces that suns know. *******************