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Objective General English

21. Retaliate

(hit back)-The Defence Minister warned that India would r etaliate, if attacked.
(number of attendants)-The Prime Minister ar: ved in the town with a retinue of officials.

22. Retinue (n.) 23. Ruthless (adj.) 24. Ramification (n.)

(pitiless)-The landlady was not only robbed but aiso beaten

(far reaching effect)-The interference of the President in the affairs of Central Gol"t is fraught with dire r mificattons.
(put to lower position)-After the defeat of Indian Cricket team in the semifinals in the World Cup it has beer, relegated ro seventh position in ranking.

25. Relegate


26. Recant


(repudiate)-lnspite of the advice of the parry high command
he did not recont his observation about the leader of the parq'


Restive (adj.)

(restless, unmanageable)-The labourers working in this factory are restive on account of non-palnnent of bonus this

28. Rampage


(rush in sudden violent behaviour)-The demonstrators wenr on the rampage when the Superintendent of Police refused to

listen to their grievances.

29. Rapt (adj.) 30. Renegade

(fully attentive)-The speech of the Prime Minister was listened
to with rapt attention by the audience.

(turn coat in politics, religion)-lnspite of antidefection laurenegades in Indian politics are having a field day.

31. Retard


(hindef check)-Population problem has retarded economic
progress in every field.
of provocative policy of militancy pursued by Pakistan, India has done nothing by way of reprisal.

32. Reprisal (n.) 33. Rancour (n.)


(bittemess)-Though they had planned to marry no\,v there feeling of rancour berween them.


34. Ravage


(plunde4 destroy)-The floods this year have ravaged the crops
(system of govt.)-Every regime in Pakistan has survived onl1'

35. Regime (n.)

by arousing animosity against india.


Render (v.)

(delivel give)-He is always prepared to render help to


37. Recipient (n.)
38. Repartee

(receiver)-The recipients of gallantry
on the Republic day.



be honoured

(clever retort)-The discussion in the Parliament on the reservation issue was replete with repartees.