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Atlantis, The Palm will apply for your new Residence Visa. If you are currently on a Resident Visa, you will need to cancel it in order for the resort to process your new Visa. The resort cannot guarantee that your new Visa will be ready within the 30-day grace period, therefore you might be subject to overstay penalty fine as outlined in the paragraph below. By signing this document, I understand that it is my responsibility to cover the current daily overstay penalty fines and any other fines related to the cancelled Visa from my previous sponsor until such time as my new sponsor Atlantis, The Palm will receive my new Residence Visa. If you are on the Visit Visa and have less than one month left on your current Visa, you will either need to return to your home country in order for the resort to process your new Visa or should you chose to stay in UAE, you will be subject to significant overstay penalty fees whilst your Visa is pending approval.

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