Your anthem is a quiet sigh, You blend in as the world rolls on by, Dragging your dull, worn, brown banner

behind you, Certain that no one will find you.

But you can shimmer, If the light catches you just right, You can belong, You can be a masterpiece of color and song.

Every morning when you rise, You unwittingly pledge allegiance to another compromise, And nothing seems to matter, The lion’s roar has faded to background chatter.

But you can shimmer, In the right time and place, You can skim above culture’s drab face.

And as the day drains down another unassuming grate, You watch as another timeless moment evaporates, Not sure if it would be better to fast forward or rewind, You’re chained to the parade of the deaf, dumb, and blind.

But you can shimmer in your own revelation,

All it takes is a change in angle or elevation. You can shimmer.


© 2013 Benjamin F. Kaye

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