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Molecular Basis of Human Disease George Chen Tu 12:30-1:30 Sierra Summit or by appointment (See below) W 4:00-4:50 Center 203

Problem Set 5
Announcements: •NO SECTION THIS WEEK •This problem set covers lectures 9 and 10 •Review Session: Sunday 5/3, 8-9:20pm PCYN 106 •Midterm: Tuesday 5/5 ◦Last name A-K → Solis 104 ◦Last name L-Z → Pepper Canyon 106 •Special Office Hours: Friday 5/1, 4-6pm PC East Atrium (Food Court) 1. What is the molecular pathology of cystic fibrosis?

2. How is cystic fibrosis currently treated? Is there an effective treatment? If so, what is it?

3. List the organs affected by cystic fibrosis and the disease's effect on each.

4. What have studies on Hutterites taught researchers about cystic fibrosis?

5. What is an “intermediate phenotype”? What are its components?

6. Why are twin studies a valuable tool for studying the heritability of a disease?

7. What is pleiotropy?

8. Why is linkage disequilibrium useful in studying genetic sequences of multiple individuals or species together?

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