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Likely q

Likely q

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Published by: Santosh Parab on Jun 16, 2013
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document Role of USG Snakebite MEDICATION ERROR Role of immunoglobulins Raised ICP Mx IE Polytrauma Mx Acute pancreatitis DVT prophy in pregnancy
What is the role of Human immunoglobulin in ICU practice? Outline the management of a 2 yr old child who suffers heat stroke having been left in a hot and unattended car for a day

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Capnography Cuffed vs uncuffed ET Medical error TEG Factor VII Clinical information DCD Brain death Organ donor care Transcranial doppler Trauma Mx Tranexamic acid EPO Colloid crystalloids HME Early vs late nutrition Fluid resuscitation challenges/fluid responsiveness/hypovolaemia Paracetamol/Cyanide poisoning neutropenic sepsis. Post resuscitation syndrome DCD Information technology Supraglottic devices SDD Cardiac arrest drugs C/C Rapid response team Intraosseous injections New direct thrombin inhibitors Thromboelastography Stroke Trauma-pregnancy/CSpine Stent Mx Tumor lysis syndrome "Critical Illness Related Cortisol Insufficiency (CIRCI). Mechanical ventilation Cervical spine clearence Upper limb DVT SDD .

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