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Dr Dinesh Goyal, Mr K Chetty,

STEP, Patiala Agri business
Incubator, A.P.

D. Solomon Dayanithi
•  What is Plant Tissue Culture ?

o Practice used to propagate plants under sterile

conditions, often clones of a plant.
o Tissue culture is a technology used for mass
propagation of elite and high yielding mother plant
which gives disease free, uniform, genetically pure and
highly potential plants in large scale in shortest period
of time
Tissue Culture Products
•  Fruit Crops: Banana, G-9, (Musa special) Robusta,
Red Banana, Hill Banana, Elakki, Nendren,
Malbhog (From Assam), Williams, Fig,Strawberry.
•  Ornamental Plants: Gerbera, Anthuriums, Orchids,
•  Spice Plants: Ginger, Turmeric, Vanilla, Planifolia
•  Medicinal Plants: Aloebarbadensis, Stevia, Alpinia
•  Commercial Crops: Sugarcane, Potato, Neem,
Golden Bamboo
•  Organic Manures
Advantages & Benefits

1.  Profitable oriental Business

2.  Better establishment in the field due to
accelerated growth and well development root
system for better adsorption.
3.  Best quality plants, uniform healthy plants.
4.  High yield in short term.
5.  Identical and true to the type of mother plant
6.  Availability of plants through out the year.
7.  Enervating and high returns
8.  Pest and disease free plants.
9.  Early maturity of crop.
Bio Technology

•  Provides a potential to produce

new improved safer and less
expensive products and
•  Immediate application would
be tissue culture for the fast
multiplication of superior
clones of plants.
Basic facilities & Infrastructure

1.  Area uninterrupted power supply. 2.  Hill environment(if possible)

3. Fertile land with building 4. Water (Irrigation) facility
5. Low temperature climate
Lab Installation
(For 1 million TC Plants)
1.  Laminar Air Flow
2.  Glassbead sterilizer with digital
temperature controller
3.  Top loading balance with wind
4.  Gas auto clave vertical
5.  Tissue culture growth rack
6.  Electrical fitting
7.  Microprocessor based pH meter
8.  Magnetic stirrer
9.  SS Trolley 3 tiers with castor
10.  Medium duty stirrer
Lab & Growth Level

•  Initiation - Sappavation
•  Multiplication - Man Growth
•  Rooting - Separation of plants
•  Extra care - Sales can be done in this stage also or can
go for NET/POT growing section

•  Hardened plant- Grown Plant

Establishing A Unit/Company
•  Scientific Lab : Farmer friendly site
•  Laboratory : S.S.I with minimum 2000 sq.ft area fully monitored
growth room to hold 1 million genuine TC plants.
•  Green House spread over 1 acre and above
•  Small size unit : 10 Lakhs
•  Medium size unit : 20 Lakhs
•  Large size unit : Above 20 Lakhs to
50 Lakhs
Subsidy : National Horticulture board 20%
of the project cost
Tissue culture green house project report
•  Yearly plant purchase cost : Rs 6521250
•  Expenses : Rs 1291306
•  Profit : Rs 3760444