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Eagle Forum Email

Eagle Forum Email

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Below is the copy of an email sent by the Utah Eagle Forum to its members Saturday regarding Attorney General Swallow::
Below is the copy of an email sent by the Utah Eagle Forum to its members Saturday regarding Attorney General Swallow::

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Published by: The Salt Lake Tribune on Jun 17, 2013
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Below is the copy of an email sent by the Utah Eagle Forum to its members Saturday: IMPORTANT NOTE: When

forwarding this e-mail to others, make sure you remove the subscriber information and the "unsubscribe" button from the bottom. IF YOU DO NOT, A PERSON YOU FORWARD TO COULD HIT THE "UNSUBSCRIBE" BUTTON AND UNSUBSCRIBE YOU! ACTION ALERT! The Utah House of Representatives will meet this Wednesday, June 19, for interim meetings and will discuss the possibility of impeachment proceedings against Attorney General John Swallow . Please email and call the following members of the Utah House of Representatives and encourage them to support the independent investigation that is now being conducted by the FBI regarding the allegations against Attorney General John Swallow. The Utah House of Representatives should NOT begin impeachment proceedings against John Swallow for the following reasons. 1. THE most important reason for the legislature to NOT initiate impeachment proceedings at this time is because Attorney General John Swallow has done absolutely nothing since becoming the attorney general of Utah that would justify or even suggest impeachment. Read what the Utah Constitution says about impeachment; "The Governor and other State and Judicial officers shall be liable to impeachment for high crimes, misdemeanors, or malfeasance in office." Note that it specif ies "in office." Allegations brought prior to John's becoming attorney general are irrelevant to an impeachment and have not been substantiated or proved by any CREDIBLE source and are currently being investigated by the FBI. It is totally unfair and possibly unethical to suggest impeachment to the Legislature or any other type of legal action against John by persons who could be motivated by political or personal agenda. They have no factual information, only here-say and innuendo to justify their positions. They cite concerns about what is good for the State, or the AG's office. What about what is good for the principle of justice and the reputation, career and future of a good man who has not been proven guilty of anything. This is the link to the story appearing on June 15th in the Deseret News describing the letter to the legislature from Attorney General John Swallow's attorneys saying that impeachment talk is unwarranted and blaming "unfair" media coverage. Link 2. John himself called for the independent investigation that is being conducted by the FBI. (He has declared his innocence and believes he will be unequivocally cleared of these charges.) 3. The FBI is doing the necessary work and they are months ahead of any investigation that would be started now by the Legislature which could delay the final determination. 4. Under the law, a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty, a concept apparently forgotten by the media. 5. John is being unfairly tried in the media, and by those who don't have all the facts. Like many conservatives John has political enemies who may have reasons to distort the truth. 6. This would be highly political and disruptive to the State and the AG's office. If we want a non-politicized investigation, let the FBI handle it.

7. It will cost the State of Utah millions of dollars to go through the impeachment process. It is wasting taxpayer's money when we could wait for the current investigation to reveal the truth. 8. The impeachment process will be hard on the legislature and will reflect poorly on the state, why should we unnecessarily put ourselves through that? 9. If this can be done to John, it can be done to any elected official, discouraging good people from running for office. Just the allegations can permanently tarnish a person's reputation or ruin their career even if they are proven untrue. 10. An innocent man's life can be ruined and his family deeply hurt by some over aggressive legislators who should give the investigations already in process sufficient time to discover the truth. They should treat John with the same consideration that they would want. Please open the attachment at the top of this alert and read the letter from the attorneys before you talk to your legislator, encourage them to read the letter. A lot of answers to questions about what has been happening in regards to the allegations against John Swallow will be found in this letter. PLEASE CONTACT THE MEMBERS OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, AND ENCOURAGE THEM TO SUPPORT THE INVESTIGATION ALREADY IN PROGRESS THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT OF THE LEGAL PROCESS AS PROVIDED IN OUR UTAH STATE CONSTITUTION, Dalane England, Vice-president and Gayle Ruzicka, President of Utah Eagle Forum

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