TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS (ERIC BERNE 1910-1970) 4 Phases in the development of TA: 1.

1st Phase (1955- 1962) began in the identification of the ego states (Parent, Adult, and Child), which provide a perspective form which to explain thinking, feeling, and behaving. 2. 2nd Phase (1962- 1966) focused on Transaction and “games.” 3. 3rd Phase (1966-1970) gave attention to life scripts and script analysis. A life script is an internal plan that determines the direction of one’s life. 4. 4th Phase (1970- present) is characterized by incorporation of new techniques into TA practice. EGO STATES: Parent • • Adult • • • Child 1. Natural child is the impulsive, untrained, spontaneous, expressive infant in us. 2. Little Professor is the unschooled wisdom of a child; manipulative, egocentric, and creative. It is the part of a child ego state that is intuitive and plays on hunches. 3. Adapted child exhibits modification of the Natural Child inclination. It whines, complies and rebel. Processor of the data The objective part of the person, which gathers information about what is going on. It is not emotional or judgmental but works with the facts and with external reality. Introject of the parents and parental substitutes. We reexperience what we imagined were our own parents’ feeling on a situation or we feel and act toward others as our parents felt and acted toward us.

B. Ulterior transactions occur when a person’s communication is complex and confusing. and unhappiness. Prepared by: Floyd A. Injunction. Limjuco. F. RN .once early decisions have been is a form of recognition. Redecision . frustration. People are to make new decisions to make it more appropriate in their life situation. they are not irreversible. Life script .an ongoing series of transaction that end with a bad feeling for at least one player. E. D.a message given to the child by the parents’ internal child out of the circumstances of the parent’s own pain. C. Strokes . INTEGRATION OF THEORY: A. Remolar. Games. These messages tell children what they have to do to get recognition. RN Joanna Kaye B.the unpleasant feeling that we experience after a game. anger.TRANSACTIONS: • • • Complementary transactions occurs when each person receives a message from other person’s ego state that seems appropriate and expected Crossed transactions occur when one or more of the individual receives a message from the other person’s ego state that does not seem appropriate or internal plan that determines the direction of one’s life.anxiety. Rackets .

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