Project Proposal

Activity Proposed Date and Time Subject : : : Visit to the Museum December 2012 @ 4:00-5:30pm

Humanities 1- Art Appreciation

One of our Prelim topics in Art Appreciation isthe early art forms in the Philippines, these include burial jars, charm bracelets and amulets from native materials, etc. Hence, it would be appropriate to let the students go out and see these treasures in real instead of merely showing the pictures. The activity has the following specific objectives: Objectives: 1. Let the students read about the culture of early Filipinos in the captions and descriptions displayed in the museum. 2. Make the students appreciate these native art forms.

Contribution Proposed by:


P 5 for the entrance fee in the Museum.

Richelle M. Labanta Instructor Approved:

Angeline C. Bordonada AAC

Irwin S. Nacianceno Administrator

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