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Published by: John Howard Ponce on Jun 17, 2013
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Discipline Formation and Disaster Resiliency at the Aftermath of Typhoon Ondoy: The Case of Disiplina Village in Valenzuela City

The wrath of Typhoon Ondoy did not spare the City of Valenzuela as it did in most of Metro Manila and all other cities that it crossed. The overflowed waters razed through the Tullahan River and swept away houses and shanties along its banks, and left some 1,860 families homeless and hopeless. In 2010, the Disiplina Village was established through the efforts made by the City Government of Valenzuela and Gawad Kalinga in order to relocate those families affected by Typhoon Ondoy along Tullahan River. The Disiplina Village is dedicated to building an empowered community with responsible homeowners. The beneficiaries must comply with policies and guidelines set forth, such, as upkeeping of units and physical facilities, fiscal obligations, community relations and sweat equity and program participation. The residents do not own the units. They lease them at a minimal cost of PhP 300 per month to recover the cost of the lot, which goes to a trust fund which will be used to buy lots for other housing projects. Learning from the failure and flaws of similar housing programs in other LGUs where the units has almost instantaneously fallen into decrepitude, the City Government has devised a mechanism called Home Space Agreement to prevent Disiplina Village from suffering the same fate. The Home Space Agreement binds the beneficiaries to the City Government’s policies and subjects them to the Eviction Guidelines. The said agreement is renewable yearly after a mid-year and year-end assessment. The Eviction Guidelines are as follows: a. That the residents take care of the units and no alteration should be done, b. That they maintain good relations with the neighbours, c. That they comply faithfully with their obligations: lease, utility bills, etc. and d. That they participate in the “sweat equity” system. With the goal of bringing back the dignity of the poor by providing them with a descent housing community, the City Government and its partners are also focusing on programs of values formation and productivity for the families that will be transferred to this Village. This paper aims to determine the sociological and behavioural impact (manifest or latent) of the relocation

Cooley and H.among affected families in Disiplina Village. It integrates theories of symbolic interactionists and social psychologists on discipline and values formation i. the researcher investigates the disaster resiliency and formation of discipline among affected families before and after their lives were devastated by Typhoon Ondoy and they had relocated in Disiplina Village. H. key informant interviews and participant observation.H. G. Blumer. the theory of Panopticism postulated by Michel Foucault on his book “Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison” (1975) had also utilized in this research. Mead. data were collected through focus group discussion. Using phenomenological framework of analysis. Furthermore. . C.e. In addition.

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