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Key Strategic Business Units of Tata Motors and Their Role

Key Strategic Business Units of Tata Motors and Their Role

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Key Strategic Business Units of Tata Motors and Their Role
Key Strategic Business Units of Tata Motors and Their Role

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Published by: mohammedakbar88 on Jun 17, 2013
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Key strategic business units of Tata Motors and their role

Tata Motors has been the largest among automobile industry in India. They are also the fifth largest manufacturers in heavy trucks. It was not long ago when they concentrated only on the heavy trucks and had incurred huge loss when the demand for the trucks collapsed suddenly. It was then they realised the necessity of venturing out their business in all different spheres followed with corporate and financial strategies. They aimed at producing quality products at low and reasonable prices, domestic consolidation and overseas expansion. Some of the strategic business units of Tata Motors and their contribution in the company’s growth are as follows:  Information Technology and Communication Software and information systems, telecommunication, industrial automation are the sub categories that come under this section. They help in providing job opportunities to a lot of people and also generates revenue for the company. The students are campus recruited and given quality training for few months to mould them into an excellent citizen and worker, Engineering products and service This department specializes operations in automobiles, auto components and variety of other engineering products. Tata Motors is supposed to be the largest of all the automobile industry in India. Materials Operations in steel and composites make it as the global leader. Services The Taj group is very much interested in providing service maybe in the form of hospitality business, insurance, realty and financial services. The hospitality services have always bought in goodwill and it takes care of the customer satisfaction. Energy It happens to be a significant player in power generation, oil and gas segment. Consumer products Tata group has been having the goodwill of the people by closely relating to them. Watches, jewellery, retail industry has enabled people to take some Taj products home and be satisfied. Chemicals Tata group are also into pharmaceutical and fertilizer business. They are the largest producer of soda ash in the world. International Operations With the goodwill, the Tata group has created for itself in the international market, it helps in exploring and expanding business far and wide. Defence and Aerospace They help the business needs of the defence and aerospace sector.

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Always its better to spread out and venture out into the world. It makes you more mature, strong and helps you do the thinking rationally. Though the Tata group is very famous for automobiles, the other products sold are equally good. Tata Motors have been following the above mentioned

As long as the company can produce quality products.Corporate Strategies and have been able to grow both organically and inorganically. provide good service and maintain goodwill in the market through customer satisfaction. the company is sure to do well. Tata bought Daewoo’s truck manufacturing unit in South Korea followed by possession of Hispano Carrocera in South Africa. . It has also taken over the prestigious brands like Jaguar and Land Rover from Ford Motors. The success of a company itself speaks volume of how good the strategies have worked out for them and how religiously it has been followed.

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