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Metis Scrip Applications from Fort Good Hope and the Mackenzie River (Deh Cho).

Fort Good Hope is in the Sahtu Region of the Northwest Territories. It is located on a peninsula between Jackfish Creek and the east bank of the Mackenzie River, about 145 km (90 mi) northwest of Norman Wells.
Christie, Edith - Concerning her Mtis claim - Address, Edmonton - Born, March 17, 1918, Fort Good Hope - Occupation, student - Father, Christie, Charles T., (White man) - Mother, Augustina, (Mtis) - Claim no. 76 Christie, John C.C. - Concerning his Mtis claim - Address, Edmonton, Alberta Born, August 13, 1913, MacKenzie River - Occupation, student - Father, Charles T. Christie, (White man) - Mother, Nellie McSwain, (Mtis) - Claim no. 77 Forcier, Baptiste; address: Fort Chipewyan; claim no. 479; born: 15 August, 1855 on MacKenzie River; father: Baptiste Forcier (Mtis); mother: Franoise Noir (Indian); married: May, 1876 at Fort Chipewyan to Catherine Tourangeau; children living: Rosalie, Xavier and Mary Anne; children deceased: Elizabeth, Joseph, Jean, Baptiste and Anne; Catherine Forcier, scrip cert. no. 1015 A; Rosalie Forcier, scrip cert. no. 1016 A; Mary Anne Forcier, scrip cert. no. 1017 A; Xavier Forcier, scrip cert. no. 1018 A Furlong, Mary Rose - Concerning her Mtis claim - Residence, Fort Good Hope, North West Territories - Born, January 24, 1891 at Fort Good Hope - Father, Clemont Nadydza, (Indian) - Mother, Rosalis, (Indian) - Married, January 7, 1920 to Bertham C. Furlong at Fort Good Hope - Children, three - Claim no. 51 Gaudet, Charles Tim - Concerning his Mtis grant $240.00 - Residence, Fort Norman - Born, Good Hope in 1872 - Occupation, trader - Father, Charles P. Gaudet, (White man) - Mother, Fisher, Mary, (Mtis) - Married, at Fort Norman in 1899 to Sarah Hardisty - Children, nine living, three dead - Mary, 1903, Cicilia, 1904, Rosie, 1905, Bella, 1907, Frederick, 1910, Alice, 1911, Jane, 1914, Charlie, 1918, Christine, 1919 - Claim no. 30 Gowen, Veronique - Concerning her Mtis grant of $240.00 - Address, Fort Good Hope - Born, in 1896 at Fort Rae - Father, Vital Lafferty, (Mtis) - Mother, Caroline Lamelice, (Mtis) - Married, 1913 at Fort Rae to Ernest Raymond Gowen - Claim no. 6 Laferty, Joseph William or Lanoix; address: Lesser Slave Lake; claim no. 26; born: 15 Aug., 1873 at Fort Good Hope; father: Modeste Laferty (Mtis); mother: Sophie Beaulieu (Mtis); married: 15 Feb., 1897 at Lesser Slave Lake to Louise Andrews; children living: Florice (a bastard); child's mother: Isabella Hamelin; Joseph William Laferty dit Lanoix, scrip Cert; no. 61A; Isabella Campbell nee Hamelin, scrip Cert; no. 287A.

Lamoureux, Marie - Concerning her claim as a child - Address, Fort Saskatchewan - Born, 1857 on MacKenzie River - Father, Norbert Sauve, (Mtis) - Mother, Josephte St. Pierre, (Mtis) - Married, January 1874 at St. Albert to Francois Lamoureux - Children living, six (names on declaration) - Children deceased, one Scrip for 240 acres of land - Claim 1166 Larocque, Louis - Concerning his claim as a child - Address, Edmonton - Born, 1850 on MacKenzie River - Father, Francois Larocque, (Mtis) - Mother, Anglique Says, (Mtis) - Married, 1871 at Lac la Biche to Anglique Sauve - Children living, seven (names on declaration) - Children deceased, one - Scrip for $240 - Claim 1094 Leask, James; for his deceased sister, Mary McKagne; claim no. 1536; address: St. Andrews; born: 1871 at Mackenzie River; died: 1899 at St. Andrews; father: Thomas Leask (Whiteman); mother: Eliza (Mtis); married: to Frank McKagne. Leask, George; address: Clandeboye; claim no. 1535; born: June, 1876 at Mackenzie River; father: Thomas Leask (Whiteman); mother: Eliza (Indian) Lecou, Veronique - Concerning her Mtis grant - Address, Providence - Born, Good Hope, May 8, 1898 - Father, Julian Lecou, (Mtis) - Mother, Madeline Kasi, (Indian) - Married, July 1914, Providence George Bouvier - Children, three - Mary Denise, October 30, 1916, John, October 4, 1918, Georgina, August 30, 1922 - Claim no. 60 McKay, Catherine - Concerning her claim as a child - Address, Prince Albert, P.O. [Post Office] - Born, 1854 at MacKenzie River - Father, Adam Macbeth, (Scot) Mother, Mary McKenzie, (Mtis) - Married, 1873 at Winnipeg to Thomas McKay Children living, six (names on declaration) - Scrip for 240 acres of land - Claim 1259 McKay, James Aenas; address: Edmonton; born: 29 July, 1875 at MacKenzie River; father: William Morrison McKay (Whiteman); mother: Jane Flett (Mtis); scrip cert.: form E, no. 3337; claim no. 1365. McKay, Jane; address: Edmonton; born: 1857 at MacKenzie River; father: James Flett (Whiteman); mother: Mary (Indian); scrip cert.: form E, no. 1090; claim no. 1790. Affidavit of Marcellais, Louise (wife of Paul Boucher); applies on behalf of her daughter Caroline Boucher; born: 13 June, 1860, Mackenzie River; claim no. 1326; grant no. 3857. Masuzumi, Hiroke - Concerning his wife's Mtis claim - Address, Good Hope - Born, Kumet Ku, Japan - Father, resident of Japan - Married, August 13, 1915 at Good Hope to Lucy Clarke - Children, three - Claim no. 52 Neatby, Rose Anna; address: Melrose; born: 12 June, 1873 at Mackenzie River; father: John Reid (Whiteman); mother: Marriet Bird (Mtis); married: 1897 to John Hamilton Neatby; claim no. 1537. Noyer, Baptistine - Concerning her Mtis claim - Address, Fort Smith - Born, at Fort Good Hope in 1898 - Father, Baptiste Lecou, (Mtis) - Mother, Margaret

Laporte, (Mtis) - Married, in 1916 at Fort Smith to Frank Noyer - Children, two Ellen, 1917, Dan Robert, 1920 - Claim no. 24 Reid, Harriet; for her deceased son, Frederick Reid address: St. Andrews; born: 10 July, 1874 at Mackenzie River; died: 1887 at St. Andrews; father: John Reid (Whiteman); mother: Harriet Bird (Mtis and deponent); claim no. 1533. Reid, Harriet; for her absent son, Walter James Reid; address: St. Andrews; born: 20 April, 1878 at Mackenzie River; father: John Reid (Whiteman); mother: Harriet Reid (Mtis and deponent); claim no. 1538. Sinclair, James; address: Fairford; born: 23 August, 1878 at Mackenzie River; father: James Robert Sinclair (Whiteman); mother: Julie Sinclair (Mtis); claim no. 455. Trindle, John; address: Good Hope, McKenzie River District; born: 1867 at Fort Smith; father: Peter Trindle (Mtis); mother: Susanne Lapie (Indian); scrip cert. no. 936A; claim no. 444.

Edited and Compiled by Lawrence Barkwell Coordinator of Metis Heritage and History Research Louis Riel Institute