Isa. 44 : 5. I am the Lord's. A joy untold Wells up within my heart of hearts, Like waters from a living spring: The Almighty arm doth now enfold. Protecting me from Satan's darts And every evil thing. I am the Lord's. My willing feet Shall tread the ways of righteousness, And mercy's errands gladly run. may I ever stand complete In Him whose wondrous love doth bless All creatures 'neath the sun. 1 am the Lord's. My ready hand Will labor in the Master's cause, And press the battle to the gates. May Christ, my King, in every land, March onward without let or pause; For Him the world now waits. I am the Lord's. My soul hath made A covenant with eye and ear; I will not look on ways of sin, However gaudily arrayed; This be my constant aim to hear The voice of God within. I am the Lord's, and He is mine; The life that I now live below Is hid with Christ the Son of God; May I reflect the life divine Most clearly till I hence shall go To rest beneath the sod.

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