A GUIDE TO WRITING COMPUTER SCIENCE DESERTATION A general guide to the length of the final report is 15,000 – 20,000 words

presented in 6-8 chapters. Irrespective of the topic all dissertations have a similar structure. You may find the following a useful guide as this stage but note this is not definitive. You may have two separate chapters in cases where only one is indicated below. Abstract – A one page summary of what you were trying to achieve how you went about it and what you actually achieved. Chapter 1. Introduction The origins of problem you are concerned with. Your approach to solving the problem. The general techniques and tools to be used. Your specific contribution/approach Your assessment of how successful you were. A summary of the contents of Chs. 2,3,4….(2/3 sentences on each) The current situation & Literature Review Full discussion of the problem. Discussion of relevant publications that confirm your proposal. What do YOU think about what has been done? Relate what you are proposing to do to what has been done to date. Discuss Methodologies/Languages/Tools to be used. Development of your idea. How will your ‘scheme’ improve the situation? What new software is needed? How will it be used. What is new about this? The Software Product. Justify the Methodologies/Languages/Tools to be used. Requirements, Design & Implementation. Avoid regurgitation of standard material on the Software Process Model (Waterfall Model, Prototyping, Reuse based etc.) Instead concentrate on justifying why you followed a particular approach Testing and results A particular case study? Assessment of what was achieved and Conclusion. Was what was proposed achieved? Does it solve the problem? What more could be done? Conclusion.

Chapter 2.

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6


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