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Published by: Abdullah Ishfaq on Jun 17, 2013
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The Dynamic Interaction of Context and Negotiator Effects

Submitted By: M. Ahsan Khalid L1F07BBAM2274

There are two structural level of behavioral negotiation framework 1. Contextual characteristics 2. Negotiation itself Technological advancement has provided negotiator with new communication means that can shape negotiation conjunctions and behavior at the level of contextual effects we include advancement in the areas of multi-party negotiation power, email negotiation plus temporal dimensions Despite the fact that multi party negotiation is still focused more heavily on dyadic connections the advantage of team comes from the increased connective resources that member possess collectively. Power reflects ability to induce the other to settle for an outcome of less than her maximum utility.

Effects of social motive Prosocial, Egoistic Resistance to yielding High vs. low vs. unknown on contenting, problem solving, and joint outcomes were examined. Consistent with Dual Concern Theory, results showed that negotiators were less debatable, occupied in more problem solving. The negotiator has influence on gender differences negotiators motivation plus negotiators relationships. The negotiator positive effect has been shown to reduce the use of contentious tactics Cultural influence can be found in virtually in every aspect of negotiation from negotiator conjunction motivation and emotion to meditation communication power strategy. There are even cultural differences in negotiation this can be partially explain in scripts of information sharing

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