1 – At the right time, there should be the Restoration of the Doctrine of The Way, whose unchangeable foundations are the Law of God, the meaning of the Model Word and the noble cultivation of Mediumistic Gifts; 2 – All this under the command of Elijah, the promised Restorer, the same mentioned some times in the Apocalypse, and the same similar to the Son of man, who will guide with iron scepter, or with much more disciplinary rigidity. The fulfillment of the biblical prophecy is conclusive, of Israel being called from the four corners of the Earth for the Testimony of the Truth, beyond having earthy Homeland, because they had to be spokesmen of the Celestial Homeland, Infinite and Eternal. oooooOooooo It is current, in the elevated heavens or more ethereal planes of the planetary jurisdiction, where the spiritual legions who are closest to the Christic Grade reside, that Gabriel, the Angel of the Announcements, begged Jehovah for some words of attention considering the forthcoming time, that is, the end of the first two thousand years of Christian Era, which, as the Apocalypse signalizes, points out the Great Renovation of the World and of the Humanity through tremendous shakings, cataclysms, telluric commotions, endemic diseases, fire deluge sweeping two thirds of the Planet and the Humanity, etc. It is known that, of the general colloquy, these realities concern the happenings that will shake the Humanity and their reasons: Q – Lord, the Planet Earth and its Humanity reach the end of the first two thousand years of the Christian Era, with no comprehension and tolerance among continents, countries, races, peoples, ideologies, religions, sects, in short, everything that represents human behavior. What should we expect, Lord, of so great divergences? A – Gabriel, My son, My designations do not fail, and therefore, in the objective of all movements in the bosom of the Worlds and Humanities,

everything converges to Me, the Emanative, Sustaining and Designative Center. From Me everything emanates, in Me everything moves, in Me everything reintegrates, because being Myself Spirit and Truth, everything shall return to Me as Spirit and Truth. This is, Gabriel, the central point of all Initiatic Wisdom. Q – Lord, the religions, the sects, the doctrines created by men, Your sons, in Your name, in the name of Your messengers, of the Bibles and of the Gospels, deviate more from Your Truth, creating deep abysms among men. They are real commercial and political markets, where everything is turned into profession, where everything is mundanely labeled, stuffed with formal rubbish, fakers and supporters of petulance, arrogance, pride, selfishness, jealousy, vanity and appearance of humility… A – Gabriel, the Lord shortened, do not forget that my Justice is Absolute, picking individuals and communities at the right time, for the due settlement of accounts and nothing more, until finally, by developing My Virtues, which everyone is favored with, they come to live My Commandments, and then, free themselves from the sufferings forever, following their own divinization in the bosom of My Peace and My Love. Q – Lord, being the Humanity surrendered to the most confusing thoughts and this way being surrendered to materialisms, brutalities, corruptions, shameful deviations, horrible depravations, wouldn’t it be good a new revelation, a new call?… A – Gabriel, the Lord shortened again, you yourself are witness on Earth and to its Humanity, that I sent three fundamental initiatic truths at the right time, and they will never be altered or subjugated by My son’s mistakes. Above all and any other option, My sons should understand and live this one, so that they come to develop My Virtues, which I deposited in them, with less suffering and with much more opportunities to hasten the return to My Bosom. Irrevocable are My Designations, Gabriel, and these represent to all the others, constituting, therefore, the fundamental option: 1 – I ordered it to be called the Law of God because it expresses the Irrevocable Moral, out of which no son of Mine will triumph, because denying Me, the Principle, and doing evil to the fellow criature, how can he be well before My Justice? Remember Gabriel that My Law is above persecutions, offenses, murders, desperations, abandonments and any relative or human circumstances. My sons should meditate on It, and should not forget that they are subjected to births and deaths, needs, sufferings, distresses and desperations, to which My Law is not, because It is sovereign; 2 – As Example of Respect to My Law, at the right time I sent the Constructor Word of the Planet, the commander of the legions of sons of Mine, for the densification of elements so that one more World came to exist.

For immortal sign, he was not born of man, He had the Spirit of Gifts and Signs Measureless and He left the tomb empty, and returned after the crucifixion to spread the Spirit of Gifts and Signs, My Consoling Grace, over all flesh, just as I had promised, generalized or to all My sons, out of and above religions, sects or inventions of men; 3 – My Law, the Exemplary Son of Behavior and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Gabriel, form only one fundamental doctrinal unity, the ideal option, and out it My sons get nothing but darkness, weeping and gnashing of teeth, because My Justice is Absolute and Irrevocable, above times, eras, cycles or any relativities. Q – Then, Lord, is it all about studying and living the BiblicalProphetic truths, and nothing else? A – Gabriel, go tell My sons, allocated on Earth, that because of My Law and the Exemplary Son, my two everlasting witnesses, I delivered, as I had promised, the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and the Book of Revelations, the Apocalypse. Whoever stands against the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and against the Apocalypse will have to face My Absolute Justice. Q – But, Lord, Your sons are divided into religions, sects, doctrines, mundane subjections… A – Gabriel, the Lord shortened again, My Moral Law, My Exemplary Son, the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and the Apocalypse will not be divided among themselves, because the Truth is only one. Q – I know Lord that one is God, one is the Truth and one is the Doctrine, nevertheless, who will make Your sons come to respect It just as It ought to be? A – Gabriel, I never indicated My sons the path of suffering. However, through envoys, and mainly through My Law, and the Exemplary Word, I warned against the ignorance, the mistake, the malice, the phariseeism. If, in the Apocalypse, the human contradictions appear, entailing consequent sufferings, the warnings about the Great Renovation also appear, a time called NEW HEAVEN AND NEW EARTH, in which My sons ought to integrate themselves in My Law and in the Exemplary Son, cultivating the Consoling Grace of the Revelation, with Moral and Love. There will not be a new Moral Law, or another Exemplary Word, or another Pentecost. Out of this doctrinal truth, Gabriel, there will be as much suffering as necessary because My Designations do not change. Q – Lord, the saints and the wise on Earth sustain the contradictory opinions about all the initiatic teachings and their interpretations… A – Gabriel, they are nothing but mortals, exposed to all needs and above everything, subjected to My Justice. That is the only way they will be considered, nothing more, because it will be better for them and for those who

listen to them. My Law does not die; the Exemplary Word, who left the tomb empty and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit will also never end. Who is fallible, should not intend to judge what is Absolute, Eternal, Perfect and Immutable. Do not practice the bad sowing so as not to have to face the sad harvest. Q – Therefore, Lord, will the disturbances be vast and profound due to the mistakes made, mainly by the ones who judge themselves owners of the Truth, and judges of the others’ conscience, imposing commandments of man, simulations and formalisms?… A – Gabriel, again the Lord shortened, on the relative level I oblige everything, through My Laws, to constant renovations so they all return to Me, the Spirit and Matter, the Worlds and the Humanities. I am the Truth, My Justice is Absolute and My Designations do not fail. As I make everything go by according to Immutable, Simple Laws, My sons have to learn how to be simple, humble and good, so that I, the Lord, take out from the Earth everything that obliges them to suffering. Gabriel, according to the inhabitants will be, then I will make the house they must live in. Q – Lord, this has always been the doctrine that You have sent to Your sons… The language of the Moral Law as well as the language of the Exemplary Word is not different from That. Nevertheless, Lord, how hard the human hearts are being revealed… A – Gabriel, My Justice is fulfilled in Space and in Time for those who have to be subject to these relativities, because the Eternal Present, the Immutability, the Eternal Perfection, where everything and everyone should return to, prevails in Me. As My sons, inhabitants of the Earth, incarnates and discarnates, are inferior in evolution, comprehension and proceedings, I favor, through Ruling Laws, elements and opportunities, teachings and times to due assimilations, and therefore, times for the settlement of accounts as well. Q – Lord, consonant with the Prophetic Sermon and the Apocalypse and what occurs in the World or in the Humanity, everything causes to believe that it is time for the Great Renovation of the World and of the Humanity. However, Lord, I have to highlight again that it is exactly in the bosom of religions, the sects and the human-made doctrines, that we find the most unfortunate contradictions, the saddest examples of behavior… Gabriel noticed that the Glorious Presence diluted itself in infinite sparkles of Truth, Peace and Harmony; though revealing the immanence of the omnipresent Divine Justice, out of which nothing neither is nor happens. And, as if from far, or from the depths of the Divine Presence, he listened to these final words: A – The same ones who praise Me as Omniscient, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and therefore, Eternal, Perfect and Immutable, they, themselves,

Gabriel, intend to impose relativisms, repugnant conditioning and submission to mystifications or simulations on Me, to the benefit of their weakness, of their mundane interests, of their particular fanaticisms and of their idolatrous, mental and physical addictions. I want you all to understand, once and for all, that, when I delivered the Moral Law, the Modeling Word and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, or the generalization of the Consoling Grace of the Revelation, I also delivered the supreme quote of responsibility, the duty to work on the profound inward, in favor of every deifying conquests, those which will transform you in Spirit and Truth, the same that I Am. Stop lying in My Name, because I am the Absolute Lord and I have never requested offerings, external or formal adorations, and I never have indicated any religions or sects, as testified by My Two Witnesses, Faithful and Truthful, which are the Moral Law and the Exemplary Word of Behavior. It is also said that when Gabriel got closer to the Planet, which span and transited in the boson of its orbital limitations, he met two distinguishably responsible spirits, showing in the aspect a mixture of authority and sadness, who informed, each of them at their time: “The Worlds and the forms in general, shall pass; however, the Divine Justice and the Moral Law shall never pass because the Principle does not pass.” “The Worlds and the forms in general shall pass; however, my Example of Behavior shall never pass, because it represents the Divine Justice, the Moral Law and the duty that each son of God has towards himself, towards his neighbor, and at last and totally, towards the same God, Principle or Divine Father.” At that moment arose sounds of clarions in the Infinite, illuminated legions filled the divinely festive Space, and a marvelous event took place because those glorious legions, little by little, turned into only one Majestic Brilliant Dove, which exclaimed thunderously: “I represent the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, the Baptism of Holy Spirit and the Spread of Gifts over all flesh, without which there cannot be the Grace of the Consoling Revelation. As such, obeying Divine Orders, I point out the Apocalypse because the time estimated there, for the Great Renovation of the World and of the Humanity has arrived. In the future, the sons of the Principle should behave with intelligence and honesty so that the transformations do not have to come, as now, through tremendous cataclysms, profound shakings, distresses and desperations, besides punitive migrations that large human portions have to suffer. The Principle only wants His sons to get along well

with His Divine Justice, not inventing ways of believing, but just living the Moral Law, imitating the Examples of Conduct of the Exemplary Word and cultivating the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, as the Law and the Word determine.” When that Glorious Manifestation was over, Moses, Jesus and Gabriel were there, and these simple words were heard: From Moses: “Because in God everything is divinely simple.” From Jesus: “It’s sufficient to have knowledge, love and resignation.” From Gabriel: “And it shall never be different.”

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