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Activity and Discussion-Nutrition

Activity and Discussion-Nutrition

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Published by: Luis-Patricia Millan on Jun 18, 2013
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Name Abe Millan

*ChooseMyPlate Recommendations and Results Worksheet (bring this sheet to class)
Personal Data Entered to MyPyramid.com: Age 18 Sex M Weight (optional) 130lb Height 5’ 5’’ Physical Activity Level 30-60 min

Daily Food Plan Recommendations Food Group
Grains* *Half of grains intake should be whole grains Vegetables (daily) Dark green (weekly) Orange (weekly) Dried beans and peas (weekly) Starchy (weekly) 5 cups Other (weekly ) Fruits Milk Meat and Beans Oils (daily) Discretionary Calories 2 cups 3 cups 6 ½ ounces 0 teaspoons 0 calories per a day 0 cup equivalent 2 ¼ cup equivalent 7 oz equivalent XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX

Amount of Food
4 ounces (refined grains) 4 ounces (whole grains) 3 cups 2 cups

Day 1 MyTracker Results
3 oz equivalent

2 ¼ cup equivalent 6 cups 2 cups 6 cups

35% Calories 130 g 45 .10% Calories 1.35% Calories < 10% Calories Average Eaten 2085 Calories 91 g 18% Calories 245 g 47% Calories 19 g 36% Calories 11% Calories Status Over OK OK OK OK Under Over Over No Daily Target or Limit No Daily Target or Limit Under OK Under Under No Daily Target or Limit No Daily Target or Limit Over No Daily Target or Limit 16% Calories No Daily Target or Limit 5% Calories 12 g 5 .EPA Omega 3 .6 .1.*MY Plate Tracker Nutrient Intake Table (bring this sheet to class) Nutrients Report 05/01/13 .65% Calories 25 g 20 .2% Calories 11 g 5% Calories 0. Nutrients Total Calories Protein (g)*** Protein (% Calories)*** Carbohydrate (g)*** Carbohydrate (% Calories)*** Dietary Fiber Total Fat Saturated Fat Monounsaturated Fat Polyunsaturated Fat Linoleic Acid (g)*** Linoleic Acid (% Calories)*** α-Linolenic Acid (g)*** α-Linolenic Acid (% Calories)*** Omega 3 .05/01/13 Your plan is based on a default 2000 Calorie allowance.3% Calories No Daily Target or Limit 4 mg No Daily Target or Limit 38 mg < 300 mg 616 mg Minerals Calcium Target 1000 mg Average Eaten 886 mg Status Under .DHA Cholesterol Target 2000 Calories 46 g 10 .1 g 0.8 g 0.

7 mg 1.6 mg 4.5 µg 10 mg 8 µg 4 mg AT 42 µg 257 µg DFE 1.1 mg 14 mg 425 mg Average Eaten 500 µg RAE 1.1 mg 1.Potassium Sodium** Copper Iron Magnesium Phosphorus Selenium Zinc 4700 mg < 2300 mg 900 µg 18 mg 310 mg 700 mg 55 µg 8 mg 3044 mg 2208 mg 960 µg 10 mg 292 mg 1611 mg 104 µg 12 mg Under OK OK Under Under OK OK OK Vitamins Vitamin A Vitamin B6 Vitamin B12 Vitamin C Vitamin D Vitamin E Vitamin K Folate Thiamin Riboflavin Niacin Choline Target 700 µg RAE 1.4 µg 75 mg 15 µg 15 mg AT 90 µg 400 µg DFE 1.3 mg 2.9 mg 14 mg 513 mg Status Under OK OK Under Under Under Under Under OK OK OK OK .

e. In car. Happy Tired/Indifferent/ha ppy Happy/indifferent Desk Alone Kitchen Table w/Parents Happy * Data entered in these columns may be by meal or snack designation not by individual food or beverage item. Sometimes I eat to my accomplishments. excited. stressed. happy) Scrambled Eggs w/ Beans Fries. did you find that you were using food to cope with certain feelings? I eat when I’m hungry. Soda. friends) Feelings at the time* (i. kitchen table) Social (alone. • What is one step you can take to improve your daily food choices? . Chicken Nuggets Salad/Sopes Milk                                                 1 plate 1 Plate/ 20 oz soda 1 Plate 2 cups                                                 Protein Protein/Empty Calories Protein/Grains/Veget ables Dairy                                                 Kitchen Table w/ Mom Alone at School Indifferent. In-Class Discussion Questions • Is this data typical or unusual for you? Yes this is typical.*Data Sheet Day 1 (bring this sheet to class) Student Name Abe Millan MyPlate Plan Data Food/Beverage Item Amount Consumed Food Group Eating Habits Data Meal/Snack Site*(i.e. • What is the relationship between your feelings and your food intake? For instance. sad. nervous.

• Does the location of where you eat affect your food choices? Yes. where and what time of the day do you shop? . instead of purchasing food at school. • What would you need to do differently in order to accomplish this step? Make time to make my food.Start packing my own lunch. Think: How often. • Does the social setting of your meals/snacks impact your food choices? Not really. How do your food purchasing habits affect your eating habits? See the previous answer. the healthy food is expensive on campus.

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