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TE 408 Final Unit Calendar

TE 408 Final Unit Calendar

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Published by: morcomk on May 02, 2009
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10th Grade Unit: Social Issues and Action

Monday Introduction to the Novel: Anticipation Guide (Questions and Discussion) PowerPoint on historical context of Huckleberry Finn Discussion on how to approach the “N-Word” HW: Bring in current political cartoons Monday Introduction to Social Issues: Read Huckleberry Finn in class (Chapters XXXXII) Pass out and discuss final assignment: Research Project/ Students brainstorm and choose topics Tuesday Journal (10 minutes) Media literacy lesson: “SMAC UP” the Media Due: Research Proposal Tuesday Journal (10 minutes) Read Huckleberry Finn in class (Chapters I-III) Examine political cartoons from the 1800s on slavery Wednesday Read Huckleberry Finn in class (Chapters IVVI) Review satire (exaggeration, incongruity, reversal, and parody) Critically examine students’ cartoons in groups Thursday Journal (10 minutes) Small group discussion of last night’s readings Read “The Lesson of the Moth” by Don Marquis—a satirical poem—in class Dialogically discuss the poem as a whole class Friday Reading Quiz Watch episode of The Colbert Report—“The Green Revolution” in class Complete worksheet on satire in the episode and compare the type of satire to the novel’s choice of satire

HW: Read chapters VIIX Wednesday Journal (10 minutes) Read Marge Piercy’s “Barbie Doll” (poem) Group Activity: Magazine advertisements and body image using “SMAC UP”

HW: Read chapters XIXIII Thursday Journal (10 minutes) Read Huckleberry Finn in class (Chapters XXXII-XXXV) Read “Incident” by Countee Cullen (poem) in class and discuss the role of society and its influences

HW: Read chapters XIV-XIX Friday Reading Quiz Read “What You Pawn I Will Redeem” by Sherman Alexie (short story) Reader Response activity: Poverty

HW: Read chapters XXIII-XX/ Research Proposals

HW: Read chapters XXVI-XXVIII

HW: Read chapters XXIX-XXXI

HW: Read chapters XXXVI-XXXIX

HW: Read chapters XLXLIII/write questions

10th Grade Unit: Social Issues and Action
Monday Introduction to Research and Action: Socratic Seminar over Huckleberry Finn Tuesday Lesson on how to research effectively: How to find credible sources Discuss primary and secondary sources Wednesday Computer Lab to research Thursday Journal (10 minutes) Read “I, Too, Sing America” by Langston Hughes (poem): dialogic discussion to follow Song lyrics activity Thursday Journal (10 minutes) Lesson on persuasive techniques Grammar Lesson: Sentence variation HW: Research Project Monday Last Computer Lab day to complete research project Tuesday Rough draft due Peer edit day: Students form groups based on similar topics or similar modes/genres Wednesday Presentations: 10 students (5 minutes each) Thursday Presentations: 10 students (5 minutes each) Friday Presentations: 8 students (5 minutes each) All materials due Discuss how to publish and distribute the research projects in the community Friday Lesson on F=A+P Show student examples of multimodal/ multigenre research projects Read “On the Damned Human Race” by Twain (essay) Friday Computer lab to research/create project

HW: Bring song lyrics about social change Wednesday MLA lesson: How to properly cite (in-text) sources Lesson on developing solid arguments and counterarguments

Monday Computer Lab to research

Tuesday Computer Lab to research

HW: Research Project

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