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Vol 36, Issue No. 849
Founder: Vishwa Nath


10 80
Shailja Mehta

Suman Bajpai Kalpana M Naghnoor

Shivendra Kumar


Padmaja Menon


Kasturi Rangachari 28 READOMANIAC
Romola Shanbhag
AWARD 2009
Vanathi Siva
I. M. Soni
Pratima Sharma
Dr Satish Kumar and Vivek Raj
Dr Parveen Prakash
Our Correspondent
G. V. Joshi


Gayatri T. Rao Maneka Gandhi 48 SUMMER DELICACIES
● Malayali Yoghurt
it cool.
Mix the

To one
pulp and
cream with

part add
heat in
into an ice-cre
a mixer.
am tin and
to set.
the freezer second part also
into 3 parts.
and divide the mango
keep in



Beat the set
over the
and pour

mixer heat in
the part
To the third over the

Marble Strawberry

and pour

the jelly Arabian
ice cream
second layer. it to set. and serve

fruit and sauce
Again keep choco late silver balls.
with cake with the
ry yoghurt Garnis h garnished
Marble strawber

Rema Prasanna Bhavna Keswani Yoghurt suga r-coated

and lip-smac
king desserts. SATRAN


Try these
Bharg sugar.
Mix in the S:
By Savita continu ously. om and
the 600 ml full-cre powder INGREDIENT am yoghurt 500 ml full-cre d dates

● Satrangi Ice Cream

custard full-cre cup choppe
aluminium Mix in the cardam cool. Serve 51/ 2 tsp 300 gm 1/
bowl with when sugar 4
Cover the about 15-20 mango pulp ds, 12 tsp sugar 15-20 gm sugar to
steam for with almon powdered)
foil and garnis hed 1 cup creamor sarauli mango (castor or hing:
with cold ios and saffron
. For garnis

so sauce
minutes. garnis hed 1 alphan erry jelly chocolate silver balls
pistach 1/ cup strawb silver balls
Cool. Serveand raisins chilled.
2 pie:
nuts hing: For date ed)
For garnis dates (chopp

Frozen Yoghurt RBLE

125 gm

S: cake fruit
1/ cup sugar
INGREDIENT sed milk 2

conden D mix the 1 cup water
200 gm from full METHO
11/ 2 cup
curd made STR In a cup
of milk,
and the
1/ tsp salt

S: powder 1/ cup oil
cream milk INGREDIENT am milk
custard 4 on powde
1/ cup cream S: sugar. 3/ tsp cinnam
2 on powde
r 500 ml full-creor to taste INGREDIENT curd made from remaining 4 powder
Boil the of clone

Arabian Ice Cream

1/ tsp cinnam 1/ cup sugar add the

r 1 kg thick a pinch
2 om powde d 2
acid milk and
1/ tsp cardam 1/ tsp cutie full-cream
milk to powde r D ents in a
2 and crushe 4
Mango rabri
sugar or custar d METHO
above ingredi for a few
2 tbsp roastedhazel nuts 4 tbsp castor to it, stirringno Mix the
and mixtur e so that boil-simmer
almonds taste fruit or sauce pan, cool.
2 tbsp raisins 6 tbsp mixed formed. minutes
and maida and
jam r lumps are from fire and let in 1 cup
a muslin strawberry om powde Remove Frozen yoghurt Now mix

Choco Hazel Delight

curd in -1 tsp cardam dish

Tie the in a cool 2 es ice cream tsp soda. in an ungreased
and hang it cake sprinkl
cloth the water. hing: For garnis cream Spread
till done. In a pan boil
drain out For garnis erries
place to milk, 100 ml thick and bake

condensed om For the ice
dates and
Add the fresh strawb D
on and cardam METHO yoghu rt
milk, add the
cinnam well. Also, D a muslin Whip the and fold the
and mix METHO curd in till 1/3rd. remov e
powder Put the in a cool with the
sugar simmer sugar and
of the nuts. Put in the

Gulabo Kulfi
hang it Add the

add half cloth and to drain in the cream.set. When
6-8 hours to the fire. tray and
place for freeze r and from in a rice date
Cool, pour


and whip again with the
out the water. castor sugar half set again till
it Serve
mango pulp in the freeze .
1/ cup r Mix
powder. then freeze
2 om powde
1/ tsp cardam cardamom put a portion in
small solid.
becomes liberal ly with pie. 49
2 threads
s and Chill and

Nougat Surprise
few saffron Drizzle

cut almond
bowls. jam to give ) 2009
1 tsp finely tsp of the

April (Second
Fold in a Woman’s
Era ●
pistachios d effect. les
D keep it a marble with cake sprink
in a vessel
and Garnis h
Boil milk half.

Nalini Sharma
r till stir and
on simme citric acid and

Pine Apple Banana

Add the

) 2009
Era ● April (Second

Anuradha Bhagi

62 THE PAYING GUEST ● English Pineapple ● Khus Ice-Berg Lemonade
Dr Gayathri N. M. Pudding ● Angoori Sharbat
● Orange Delight ● Carrot Pumpkin Sundae

Vikas Kumar Jain Bhavna Keswani




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lobal summit of G-20 nations in London was he new law brought by Afghan President Hamid
the second one after the worldwide recession Karzai and passed hurriedly in country’s
raised its ugly head. Earlier, these countries parliament, allowing Shiite men to demand sex
had met in Washington. During the summit, these from their wives every four days and keep them indoors
nations unanimously decided to drop their conservative indefinitely, even upholding legitimising rape is shocking
stance in an attempt to rescue the world economy; to and causing uproar. Muslim women in Afghanistan and
pour collectively to the tune of $1.1 trillion by the end of Taliban-dominated areas have already been victims of
2010 as loans and bank guarantees and embrace Talibanisation, which do not allow women to enjoy any
greater transparency in banking transactions in order to kind of rights. Time and again Muslim women have
curb black money economy and tax evasion. been beaten, tortured and suffered all kinds of
Now, there are good chances of the meritorious atrocities and humiliations from their male counterparts.
people occupying apex positions in the IMF and World Of late, media also reports that Taliban has burnt down
Bank with hope of greater representation from India many schools and tortured women in Afghanistan. In
and China which are showing growth in spite of spite of tackling such inhuman action of terrorists, the
meltdown. India has been rightly placed in Financial Afghan President has preferred to appease
Stability Forum and Banking related Basal Convention. fundamental forces.
Certainly, India is having greater say and acceptance in Moreover, the new Shia Family Law negates the
G-20 summit this time as a part need for sexual consent
of solution, than the problem. between married couples,
At every international tacitly approving child
summit, better halves of the marriage and restricts a
heads of the governments woman's right to leave the
almost always have a home. Some call the new law
prominent presence. This time nothing short of legalised rape
too, spouses of world leaders thus subjugating womenfolk.
graced the occasion with their The law, which has not yet
presence although they had little to do with the world been published but was leaked by a UN agency, rules
affairs. Gursharan Kaur, wife of our Prime Minister, as that a Shiite woman must seek her husband's
usual maintained her low profile. This stems from her permission to go outside. "Obedience, readiness for
philosophy of simple living and high thinking. First lady sexual intercourse and not leaving the house without
of France, Carla Bruni was centre of attraction for all the permission of the husband are the duties of the
her lustrous modelling past. Thankfully, her presence wife," states the law.
did not create any controversy this time. Most "As long as the husband is not travelling, he has the
astonishing, however, was the boldness of Michelle right to have sex with his wife every fourth night." In
Obama, the spouse of US President Barack Obama. case of divorce, the father will always get custody of a
After assuming president’s office in January this year, it child/children, according to the law.
was the first major international meeting of Obama. In fact, when the world is making efforts to liberate
During her courtesy call to the Queen Elizabeth, she women in a big way, the new Shia Family Law negates
put her arm around the queen. This created furor the status of Muslim women in Afghanistan.
among the elite circles of Britain. Some declared it as a This is also necessary in view of the fact that women
breach of protocol, i.e. never to touch the queen, but in Afghanistan have been the worst sufferers during the
gracefully Queen Elizabeth welcomed, by putting her long Soviet occupation of the country and under the
arm around Michelle’s waist, a gesture of reciprocity regime of primitive-minded Talibans. With Hamid Karzai
and solidarity. taking over the reins of the nation, it was hoped that
Many years ago, an Australian Prime Minister too they would see new light. But action of Afghan
had put his hand on the shoulder of the British Queen, President has shattered all their dreams. The reason is
thereby angering the conservative British obvious.
parliamentarians, who termed him ‘an idiot’. While looking into the coming general election, he is
Actually most of the people want to see what they unable to take a principled stand, thus forcing his
are used to see always. And any deviation looks dictate, towards women empowerment.
awkward to their eyes. write to: We

Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009 9

hy do you always

check receiving and
dialling numbers on
my mobile? You
don’t trust me or
don’t understand the
importance of
privacy? Are you
suspicious about me
or what I do? I am
Here’s how to your wife; you should have faith in
me,” Vibha asked, very upset with the
save yourself from an inner behaviour of her husband Aakash, as
he has always been on a scrutiny
turmoil that might be eating drive and wants to know what Vibha
is doing, to whom she is talking or
you from inside. how much she is spending on
herself…his check-list is endless.
By Suman Bajpai This very thought that Aakash keeps


a tight vigil on her irritates Vibha. She run into such extreme characters in
knows that he loves her but can’t real life, several people have
understand that, in spite of knowing terminated their relationships
each other for almost five years because their partners grew over- EVEN IN A
before marriage, how come the
things have changed after their
possessive with them.
Remember the character of Shah
marriage? Rukh Khan in the film Darr, Sharad JEALOUSY IS ONLY
“I have a full faith in you – it’s just
that I have become little more
Kapoor in Dastak, and Urmila
Matondkar in Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya?
protective about you. After all, I am They were all in love, and extremely YOU FIND YOUR
your husband and it is my possessive about their love interests, SPOUSE OR
responsibility to provide you security,” which eventually led to their ends.
Aakash explained his point of view. Then starts the list of limitations PARTNER PAYING
“That is fine but I feel there is or boundaries to be followed like the ATTENTION TO, OR
more to it. I think you have become time of coming back home, minimum
possessive about me. Now, you don’t interaction with the opposite sex, ADMIRING,
like the idea of inviting your friends tracing of phone calls…and the list ANOTHER MAN OR
at our place. I am yours and love you becomes endless.
very much,” Vibha tried to convince Your spouse gets nasty if you WOMAN.
him, but things got worse with each spend time with your friends, parents,
passing day and ultimately a loving siblings – basically anybody other following my husband wherever he
relationship became unpleasant and than him or her. It gets to the point goes. And I know that he has not
claustrophobic. where you either have no life and been going out or meeting another
company other than his or hers – you woman. But I do feel suspicious.
Normal human emotion: have to account for your Even I dislike the idea of meeting him
Jealousy is a perfectly normal human whereabouts, or you have to lie, and with his family members, as they can
emotion. All of us have felt it at some live in fear of being discovered. He say something against me. Maybe
point in our life and sometimes quite or she shows up suddenly at your because I am not as smart as he is
frequently. It’s natural to be envious office once too often and even and a fear of losing him or his
of another woman’s attractiveness or quizzes your colleagues about what indulgence with other woman,
fit body or your neighbour’s state-of- was genuinely a working dinner. And provoke me to do so. I will kill him if
the-art car or high-flying career. Even you often find your mail rifled through he sees other woman,” says 26-year-
in a relationship, mild jealousy is only or your drawers ransacked. old ordinary-looking Harshita, who
natural when you find your spouse or has left her job after marriage
partner paying attention to, or Inferiority complex leads to because her husband wanted her to.
admiring, another man or woman. Or insecurities: “I have been secretly Obviously, she is certain in her
even slight possessiveness if you find own mind that she is wrong
you don’t get enough of your somewhere. But feels that, because
spouse’s attention due to a newborn she is married to him, she owns him
baby or other priorities. and therefore he should not have any
Jealousy and possessiveness secrets, relationships, ambitions or
become unacceptable when it gets desires of his own. It is possible that
out of hand and begins to consume her anger may turn into rage one day
the relationship. Often, a wife feels and rage may turn into violent actions
desired if her husband displays towards him.
affectionate possessiveness or a Relationship experts feel that
boyfriend feels more loved and possessiveness is fine but, as excess
important if his girlfriend gets a little of everything is bad, over-
irritated when he flirts or checks out possessiveness turns into psychiatric
other women. So when does it get to disorder.
be a problem? “The problem stems from personal
insecurities,” explains Dr Ekta Soni,
Limitations are set: senior clinical psychologist, Apollo
Possessiveness is a very common Hospital. “It is the person’s inferiority
emotion that prevails in relationships complex and lack of confidence that
but when this emotion fails to abide makes them think that their partner
by any boundary, you are in a deep might find someone better,” she
trouble. Though it is very unlikely to adds.
Desire for control: Possessive their own insecurity by exerting she accuses you of checking out,
individuals want exclusive rights to power and control over their partners, admiring, or flirting with someone and
their partners. They confine them and fail to see that the more tightly they it is totally uncalled for, don’t argue
they watch them. If their partners try grasp their partners, the more their and get into a heated debate about it.
to run away, they lock them up. If partners will want to get away from It will only worsen an already tense
their partners succeed in running them. Even a mother, after a while, situation. Instead, try to calmly and
away from them, they chase them. tries to peel her clinging child off her rationally explain that you were not
They can never win. You can force – not because she stops loving the doing anything of the sort and nor are
another person to do a lot of things, child, but she just gets tired of being you tempted to. And, even if you
but one thing you cannot make pulled and pushed and needs a were, reassure them that it was
another person do: you cannot make break from it. harmless, after all it’s human nature
the other person love you. to appreciate something or
Desire for domination and control Fear of loss: “Fear of loss of the somebody good looking and nothing
is another major factor for relationship is another major factor of is going to come of it.
possessiveness. “Many people are being possessive, when one is not “If you wish to deal with your own
dominating by nature and some may confident about the relationship and trait of overpossessiveness, focus on
even qualify as ‘control freaks’. fears that the partner may walk out building your self-esteem by
These people derive satisfaction from of the relationship any time. This is reminding yourself that you are a
treating their partner, like their especially true in cases where one very worthy though fallible human
property. In most cases these person is much more involved and being and the presence or absence
individuals also suffer from feelings dependent on the other than the of a relationship in your life cannot
of insecurity and inferiority,” feels Dr other person,” opines Dr Swati change that intrinsic worth. Also
Swati Kashyap, senior consultant, Kashyap. remember, if the relationship is weak,
behavioural medicine, Fortis La Some require constant no amount of possessiveness can
Femme Hospital. confirmation of being wanted and save it. If it is strong, there is no need
Those partners who try to fight turn overpossessive when their for any over-possessiveness. In case
needs are not met. Often, when the your partner is acting in an overly
woman or man in the relationship is possessive manner, you will need to
FOR INSTANCE, IF HE attractive, charming, personable or reassure him or her that he or she is
OR SHE ACCUSES witty, more than the spouse, very special to you and your
insecurity sets in, which prompts relationship is a very strong
YOU OF CHECKING jealousy and leads to possessive - dependable one, suggests Dr Swati.
OUT, ADMIRING, OR ness. Sometimes, feelings of neglect
and lack of attention give way to Communication is the key: It is
FLIRTING WITH possessiveness and making them better to have a heart-to-heart talk
SOMEONE AND IT IS want to cling to their partner, where both the partners can explain
sometimes unreasonably, and grudge their views and try to be more
TOTALLY UNCALLED the attention they are bestowing on enduring and understanding of each
FOR, DON’T ARGUE others. other’s situation.
Research has established that Trust is also a major issue. If a
AND GET INTO what many men want most in partner is really possessive then he
A HEATED DEBATE marriage is not great beauty, brains or she obviously doesn’t have a trust
or sex, but the simple feeling of on the other. The key word here is
ABOUT IT. ‘possessing’ a woman. In other ‘talk’; make sure it doesn’t turn into a
words, what they seek is a degree of major row. Communication is the key
ownership or power. And, in their to any relationship and if any of the
hearts, many women have the partners is not willing to communicate
complementary craving, to the relationship is not working. Make
totally ‘belong’ to their him or her understand that it is not
husband. healthy for a relationship to spend all
your time in each other’s company.
Feeling of self- Soothe their concerns and worries
worth: If you are and encourage them to also spend
serious about the time with their own circle of friends.
relationship, try and Let him or her know that friends and
work through the family are important to you, but he or
problem. For she is the most important person in
instance, if he or your life. We
Show of strength
A missile unit of Korean People’s
Army (KPA) marches during a grand
military parade to celebrate its 75th
founding anniversary at the Kim II
Sung Square in Pyongyang. South
Korea on March 26 joined its US ally
in calling for a United Nations
response to North Korea’s
“provocative” rocket launch plan.

Models display
Canon’s new
entry-level digital
SLR camera
“EOS Kiss X3”
and 3D cameras
“Fine Pix Real
3D” which can
record full high
definition video
images, and
shoot 3D or 2D
images. The
cameras are
produced by
Canon and
Fujifilm and were
exhibited at the
Photo Imaging
Expo in Tokyo on
March 26.
Cannon’s latest cameras

Russian creations
Models present creations by Russian designer Valentine Yudashkin during a
fashion week on March 21 in Moscow.
A model shows of South
Korean Hyosung Motors
GT250RR motorcycle during
the Tokyo Motor cycle show
on March 27. A total of 113
motorcycle makers, importers,
part makers and shops

A rare feat
participated in the three-day

Dany Torres of Spain performs during the Red Bull

X-Fighters motor cross exhibition in front of the Metropolitan
Cathedral in Mexico City on March 24. The X-Fighters
World Series kicked off on March 27 in Mexico.
People’s wordy power Kimono-clad people
line up at a playground
on March 28 to spell
out the words “Tokyo
Motorcycle display

2016” to support
Tokyo’s bid to host the
2016 summer Olympic
games. Tokyo is up
against three other
cities – Chicago,
Madrid and Rio de
Janeiro in its effort to
host the Olympics in
2016 and the
International Olympic
Committee (IOC) will
decide the host city on
2 in Copenhagen.
Pairs free skating event

Participants in the Pairs Free Skating Event of the 2009 World Figure Skating Championship at the
Staples Center in Los Angeles on March 25.
Getting through
today’s tough times.
By Kalpana M Naghnoor
ey! Just look around you

and what do you see? A lot
of unrest and it’s time we let
up a bit. With bombings in
our major cities, it is
impossible to feel the
security we once felt in our
country. With little children
we feel even more
protective and the distant
future seems a little too unsafe. So
what do we do? Just cribbing about
the situation is simply not enough.
Take charge of your neighbourhood.
● Asking the garbage collector in
your area to be vigilant regarding the
dustbins and other areas, where
destructive things could be
● Talking to domestic staff and
enlightening them on the risks of
strangers in and around the area.
● Making sure vacant sites are
regularly cleaned of shrubbery so THESE MINIMUM
that it cannot be misused. PRECAUTIONS
● Anything seems amiss, not
hesitating to notify authority. TAKEN, YOUR JOB
● Any unclaimed property being IS DONE. BEYOND
brought to the notice of the
concerned authority. THIS, IT IS A LITTLE
● Dashing off letters to DIFFICULT TO
newspapers and the concerned
authorities to keep them on their EFFECT MORE
These minimum precautions
taken, your job is done. Beyond this, ACHIEVED BY THIS
it is a little difficult to effect more from
your end. But what is achieved by
this small exercise? Well, at least it is WELL, AT LEAST IT IS
not an easy pushover for bad
elements. The moment bad elements
realise society is getting alert, it acts PUSHOVER FOR
as an hindrance to their verve. A, B,
C, D, E, F, are not going to solve our
problems, they are going to keep us
vigilant and help us feel a lot safer
than being in the dark. When society
awakens to threats, it becomes a
deterrent for unsocial elements. But
remember life must go on. will amount to something.
● Value the fact that you can

PRIORITISE YOUR multi-task. Use any resource that will

help you do that healthily. Maintain a
RESPONSIBILITIES healthy approach to the daily routine,
A working woman with family tell yourself it does not bog you down
responsibilities can find life bogging – and it will not. But also learn to say
her down. Heavy work schedules, NO when you have to. NO
school schedules, homework the MARTYRDOM please! In addition to
children bring home, elders to be work, children’s daily demands and
taken care of, housework and hubby housework. If guests are expected,
dear! So... serve short snacks and the drinks
● Prioritise your responsibility. and pick up your purse for a quick
● Do not feel guilty about your meal in a reasonable restaurant, or
priorities. Remember, you are a order meals that fit in a good recipe
responsible, sensible woman and you of your own.
know how to go about your duties. I have a trick here. When you do
● Do not feel guilty about taking buy crockery and cutlery make sure
help from institutions. For example, you buy the best in your budget and
if you have an ailing elder, you do not the best suited to your lifestyle. What
have to give up your job to look after happens is simple: food like dal and
that person. Get nursing aids to help rice and one nice veggie and another
you out, and pay for it. Even if the dish thrown in makes a good treat for
option evens out the money matrix, the eye on lovely crockery.
you still have the job and the tenure About traffic and congestion, the

18 Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009

less said the better. If you were one the society we live in today. With all
who lived in a city like Bangalore, the technological improvements and
even as you read, you will be expanding money markets, we’ve
nodding in tune with my words. IT reached a stage where we are not
CAN GET REALLY BAD! There is able to carry the population smoothly.
nothing you can do about it? Yes, The reason being we are still over-
there is. populated, under-efficient, under-
● A few letters to traffic cops, educated and below subsistence
pointing out the unbearably level.
congested areas will get the desired Therefore, we have a confused
result… well try. populace, the threat of terrorism
● If you get stuck in traffic, at causing intolerance. Then there are
least, warn a few commuters you our endemic problems, which
know who might be in the same snarl perpetuate further; it will take a long
as you. time solving. The stress of living
● Opt for car pools – it may through these times has surely hit us,
relieve you too, of the burden of the thinking general public is bound
weaving through the congestion day to have frayed nerves. Yet the
in and day out. society is what it is and, therefore,
● If you do at any time find an the onus of fragile and short-time we must wade through.
errant Lothario at the wheels, tell him multiple stresses. Try this! Stand in front of the
there are other ways to romance. We have a myriad other mirror and smile, watch the smile
In these times, life holds a new unpredictable situations to cope with make you look and feel good, feel the
fear; the fear of the uncertain. The – water problems, load-shedding, tension leave you. Try different
joint family has broken away in most labour inefficiency, ruffled angles and spend five minutes doing
instances to nuclear, bringing with it educational authorities, etc. This is this. It will work wonders for you! We

Where is happiness?
I ask this question frequently
But my voice comes back lonely

Tired and worn out

But we think we are stout

One day I’ll reach my goal

And find my happiness on the whole

But I can’t wait

I think I am already late
“Be patent,” says my inner voice
It is not the destination.
But the journey

Which you should enjoy

Bit by bit
– Kanika Adlakha, Faridabad

Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009 19

and unforeseen events. Before, you
might have neglected building up a
cash reserve. Today, you can’t afford
not to have one – especially, when
you are not sure of your income in
the recession period.
So be sure you maximise your
contributions to your PF, especially
if your employer matches your
contribution. If you don’t contribute,
your employer will also not be bound
to contribute his part.
But to save, you must have your
budget in line so you have extra
money you can put away. This can
only be done when you focus your
budget on saving. So, forget all other

TACKLING advice, and put your energy and

mind on safe savings.
Also, approach your budget as if

you are a corporate downsize
specialist. In a two-income family,
have two budgets in place: the
comfortable one and the
uncomfortable one, and have
Handy tips to handle the looming crisis. concrete steps in place to execute if
By Shivendra Kumar Your comfortable budget is the
one that allows for the extras such
echnically, a recession is two disposable income in safe as eating out, lawn service, gifts,

T consecutive quarters or more

of negative growth measured
by the country’s gross
domestic product.
instruments like fixed deposits or
national saving certificates. Bonds
and mutual funds should be only
second and third priorities. The stock
market should be the last in the list of
vacations, etc.
The uncomfortable one involves
stripping down to basics.
making large

Be ready before recession your investment portfolio. If you are planning a discretionary
strikes You should be more cautious in purchase such as lands, new floors,
The global economy has taken a your spending, saving and borrowing. etc, consider postponing those big-
downturn. And, more importantly, if It is not prudent for most households ticket items. This is also true of
experts are to be believed, worse is to change their investment decisions, trading in cars — something most
still to come. In this crisis, there’s a save to underweight housing during people could stand to do much less
lesson to be learned about the this period. often.
economy – it’s that you can’t fully Paying down or paying off debt — •Finally, protect the source of your
steer your financial planning the way especially high-cost, non-tax- income — your job — by making
the winds are blowing because they deductible debt — is always a good yourself more valuable to your
can change direction in an instant. idea, but it’s particularly important if employer. Because, in the recession
So, in the midst of economic you expect tough economic times period, only those are retained who
uncertainty, people need to steel their ahead. cannot be done away with, the rest
personal finances just in case the There’s a big incentive for getting are simply shown the door. So don’t
slowing economy brings nasty rid of credit-card debt. be on the fringe, work hard to be at
surprises. Paying off a credit card that has a the centre of your organisation.
30 per cent annual rate is the same Ultimately, take care of yourself,
So what should you do? as getting a guaranteed rate of return the rest will surely fall into its place.
Make sure your investments are of 30 per cent from your investments. Recession has a cyclical life, it
well diversified and stay focused on Buck up on your savings. comes and goes away. It is not here
your long-term goals. This means During this unstable time, we need to stay for long. Before you can blink,
don’t put all your the eggs in one to be building our cash reserves to the sun may shine. Let’s hope for the
basket. Invest a major portion of your be able to cushion against changes best. We

20 Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009

The Ultimate
Noopur’s mother thought she was the ultimate at home –
until she met her equal. By Nalini Sharma

s Noopur kick-started her scooty outside her Time is short... Rahul will be here at six sharp...”
home to leave for her College of Excellence The house wore a festive look. Noopur did not
where she was working as a chemistry like her parents fussing over this ‘meaningless
lecturer, her mother emerged from the room tradition’ with so much pomp and show. The only
hurriedly on hearing the sound. “Rahul is thing that delighted her was the happy mien of her
coming to ‘see’ you in the evening,” she mother. She was pleasantly surprised to see her
reminded her. “Get back home early before mother looking almost beautiful with a sweet smile
five so as to get enough time to prepare for the adorning her face that she had never seen before.
occasion. I had asked you to take leave so that you The ugly frown that marred her looks was completely
have the shining glow on your face,” she added wiped out. For once, her mother forgot to glare at
peevishly,” but you...” Noopur’s gentle grandmother who seemed to cower
Noopur whirred past her, leaving her mother’s under her fierce stare. How Noopur wished the new
sentence unfinished before she launched a tirade to charming expression to settle on her mother’s face
tire her. Later in the afternoon, Noopur’s face forever.
flushed a bit as she sought permission from Rahul arrived with his parents on the
her HoD to go home early stammering Soon, both sets dot. One look at him and Noopur knew
before him some flimsy excuse that of parents that he was the man of her dreams — just
sounded unbelievable to her own ears. retired to made for her. In spite of her mother’s
Eyes downcast, she blushed and glanced another room entreaties, she had refused to drape herself
away not meeting his gaze. A gentleman leaving the in fineries for the occasion. Dressed
that he was, though not comprehending pair alone for casually without any trace of make-up,
her incoherent, unintelligible speech an informal Noopur greeted them ignoring the
properly, nodded acquiescence, thus not chat. They disapproving glance of her mother.
putting her in an awkward predicament. Soon, both sets of parents retired to
talked for a
She was expected to reach home well another room leaving the pair alone for an
long time
in time, have a wash and doll herself up informal chat. They talked for a long time
about things
for the ‘girl-seeing ritual’ she hated so about things in general of their common
much, though, like her mother,
in general of interests — films, favourite actors, pastimes
disobedience and disregard for the
their common and sports, etc. What impressed Noopur
sentiments of elders was not ingrained in
interests. most was that Rahul or his mother did not
her nature. She hurried home not because ask a single question about her culinary
she dared not disobey her mother but because she talents, embroidery and knitting related to so-called
was immensely fascinated by the credentials of the wifely duties. Rahul’s appreciative glance sent
‘boy’. thrilling waves running down her spine making her
Rahul was a tall, handsome young man in his late heart thump wildly with excitement.
20s. An executive engineer in a private firm, he had

an extremely promising career. She had heard it efore leaving, the visitors conveyed their
from her mother for the umpteenth time. consent to her parents asking them to chalk out
“Well, seeing is believing,” she had retorted. the wedding programme as early as possible to
Now the D-Day had come. suit their convenience. Overjoyed, Noopur’s mother
Hardly had she entered her room when her just could not believe her ears how her daughter in
mother commanded her, “Get ready. Quick. I have her plainest outfit had managed to impress Rahul.
put your sari and all the accessories on your bed. The topic of dowry was not even broached.

22 Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009

In this whole process, Rahul’s parents had
discreetly kept away leaving everything in the hands
of their son and Noopur’s parents. When asked,
Noopur’s ears. Rahul’s
mother had done
absolutely nothing by

Rahul’s mother replied with a benign smile hovering word or action to merit Noopur’s dislike, but
round her lips that she trusted her son fully and it was a brutal fact that she hated her no
respected his choice. She argued that it was he who end.
would have to spend his life with the girl he married. Since childhood, Noopur had been
Hence, it was none of her business to interfere in this watching her mother’s behaviour closely.
matter. Impeccably dressed, she looked extremely With a stern frown on her brows, her
beautiful, smart, elegant, confident and highly mother being a shrew, moved around the
understanding, commanding admiration and respect house like a general inspecting his troops,
from all. Her compromising demeanour added a with a silver bunch of keys hanging at her
unique glow to her magnetic, majestic personality. waist. All the members including her father
and grandmother whose very house she had

trange are the ways of destiny and even more usurped, were dependent on her to meet
queer are the ways of human beings. Noopur’s even their smallest needs. She took care to
own mother, a despot by nature who never got make friends with those people who did not get
along well with her own mother-in-law and treated along well with her father and grandmother. She
her with scant respect, instantly developed a strong dressed shabbily to tarnish their good name and hurt
liking for Rahul’s mother and raved endlessly over them. To cause them intense agony she would
her compromising, non-interfering attitude much to ignore them in the presence of outsiders. She would
the chagrin of Noopur. Her mother eulogised the go out of her way to pay respects to the parents-in-
woman’s sterling qualities so much that Noopur felt law of her friends to earn their goodwill and
sick of her and grew immensely jealous of her admiration.
would-be mother-in-law. As admiration for her As if that was not enough during sickness she
mounted in her family so did Noopur’s dislike for would not take meals prepared by her mother-in-law
that lady. but beg the neighbours or her own acquaintances to
In fact, Noopur was not to be blamed for the provide her meals to earn their sympathy. She never
uncalled-for resentment simmering within her heart talked to her husband or her mother-in-law in a
against her would-be mother-in-law even before her friendly manner. If they asked her anything she
marriage. Since early childhood her mother had fed would either pretend not to hear them or snap at
her on such a diet of hatred for all mothers-in-law in them rudely.
general that she had come to believe that all of them

were some horrible creatures not to be respected but oopur had seen many husbands reprimanding
fit for loathing and humiliation, to be their erring wives severely for their small
kept subdued by bullying them lapses but here was her mother getting away
constantly as her mother did. with such nasty behaviour. Her father, an engineer
Accustomed to hear harsh toiling hard at his workplace from morning till
criticism against the evening, had no energy left to put up with the strain
whole tribe of moms- of daily fights with his nasty wife. In the beginning,
in-law, this constant Noopur remembered well that he had tried to
praise sounded reason with her but she had refused to budge from
jarring to her stand. Throwing tantrums, she had
threatened her father with dire
consequences if he ever dared to cross
her and did not let her have her own
way. She adopted the tactics to subdue
him generally followed by worthless wives
who have nothing to merit their husband’s
love and respect.
Ominously, she had hissed, “If you
ever oppose me in future I would
either commit suicide or desert you...
and your children too... the choice is
She had many tricks up her
sleeve and put them to use at the slightest excuse. continue with her disrespectful attitude silently
She ill-treated him with indifference and disrespect. expressed through her gestures and actions.
She was highly extravagant and spent Noopur’s The next morning, Rahul’s mother generously
father’s hard-earned money on her own relatives handed Noopur a bunch of keys in a brief ceremony
and acquaintances. For her own people there was as a mark of shifting the responsibility of running the
no dearth of funds but if Noopur’s grandmother house to her shoulders. With unconcealed delight,
needed anything, her mother would kick up a fuss Noopur almost grabbed the keys from her mother-in-
and create such an ugly scene that the poor soul had law’s hands. With a flourish, slipping it round her
stopped asking for anything. Her mother ruled the forefinger, she gave the bunch two or three whirls
roost by creating a fear psychosis to subdue them. before tucking it the left side of her waist. Everyone
Nobody loved her. Noopur thought that her stared aghast but she was past caring.
grandmother was a little fairy in the captivity of a ‘How I wish to have power in my hands and
demon that her mother was. make them dance to my tunes as my mother does,’
she mused with evil glee.

n the kind of atmosphere Noopur grew up it was Rahul’s father, a very cheerful person, would get
but natural for her to be adversely prejudiced up early in the morning, prepare morning tea and
against her mom-in-law even before her called each family member to join him, lovingly
marriage. With evil glee, she would often imagine beaming with a broad smile. Unlike Noopur’s
her towering personality crumpling to father, he took a keen interest in all the
pieces in fear her mother’s stern gaze like household activities and shared jokes with
her grandmother. Rahul’s father, the whole family making them roar with
Soon, the grand day arrived. On the a very cheerful laughter. The house throbbed with his lively
nearest auspicious date, Rahul and person, would presence. Noopur secretly appreciated this
Noopur were married with great fanfare get up early in kind of congeniality and even expressed
to mark the gala event. As her mother the morning, her pleasure to her mother telephonically
bade her farewell whispering words of prepare that she had missed in her own parental
advice in her ears, Noopur replied morning tea home.
confidently allaying her fears, “Don’t you and called each The only thing that Noopur did not like
worry. I am your daughter. I will follow in was Rahul giving too much attention to his
family member
your footsteps...” parents. She shared her misgivings with
Feeling on cloud nine at bagging such
to join him, her mother who promptly taught her the
a gem of a husband, Noopur entered the lovingly ropes to alienate him from his parents. In
portals of her in-laws’ home. There stood beaming with her mother’s remote control, Noopur soon
her mom-in-law resplendent in all her glory a broad smile. embarked upon her mission of isolating her
with a brass plate in her hands to accord husband from his parents by using all the
the newly-wed couple a grand traditional welcome. dirty tricks that her mother taught her. Try as she
She looked dignified and serene. After the might, she could not penetrate the granite-hard fort
customary arati, she kissed both on their heads of their bonds of love which hard grown stronger
lovingly. Welcoming rituals over, Rahul touched her over the years.
feet as a mark of respect but Noopur, possessed by

a demon of hatred, ignored her completely and hwarted in her attempt to bore holes of
looked elsewhere deliberately. Rahul whispered dissension in their strong wall of mutual trust
softly in her ear to follow suit but she pretended not and understanding, Noopur spent sleepless
to hear him. She had silently expressed her dislike nights scheming and planning. This began to tell
for his mother by not paying respects to her. upon her health and dark circles appeared under
The whole day passed jubilantly among their her eyes. Blissfully ignorant of her plight, her mother-
relatives celebrating a series of rituals marking the in-law offered to rub oil to cool her head so that
auspicious arrival of the new bride in their home. Noopur would get peaceful, undisturbed sleep at
Before retiring to their bedroom at night, the newly- night. Rahul took leave to take her out for
weds touched the feet of all the elders seeking their entertainment. Her father-in-law lost no time in
blessings but Noopur again disregarded Rahul’s calling his family friend Dr Srinivas for a routine
mother on purpose. Though grieved at her check-up to find out if she had developed some
misdemeanour, neither Rahul nor his mother ever malady all of a sudden. Finding none, they sighed
discussed her lapse. They carried on their affairs as with relief visibly and made Noopur feel guilty. No
if nothing amiss had happened. Not being censured physical ailment tormented her. They knew not that
for her misdemeanour emboldened Noopur to she was the victim of her own adverse thoughts that

24 Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009

tormented her day and night by not letting her be in over the phone for help disturbed Noopur’s mental
peace. equilibrium already shattered owing to her repeated
Overwhelmed by their love and concern, Noopur failures in tearing her husband away from his
felt ill at ease in the family’s presence. Extreme parents. For the first time in her life, Noopur had
anxiety and nervousness turned her jittery making heard her mother’s piteous wailing. It was she who
her jump at every sound as if someone was going to would browbeat others into crying. Something
catch her red-handed doing something wrong. serious must have happened to make her mother so
upset to give her frantic call.

hile Noopur was going through tremendous It was then revealed that Nisha, Ravi’s wife, an
mental stress for no reason, Ravi, her English lecturer, had an imposing personality. She
younger brother, sought her help to make was a wilful woman. Assertive by nature, she was
their headstrong mother accede to his earnest wish accustomed to having her own way. In spite of her
to marry his long-time friend and colleague, Nisha, parents’ stiff opposition, she had remained hell-bent
whom he loved deeply. Owing to pressure from on marrying Ravi. With her unyielding attitude she
Nisha’s parents, he was under duress and eager to had succeeded in eventually making her parents
solemnise his marriage soon. Nisha’s parents come round to accede to her wish. Her love
argued that he had already put off his marriage long marriage with Ravi was ample proof of her strong
enough waiting for his sister’s. Since she was will.
married and well settled now there was no need to She had openly denounced Noopur’s autocratic
postpone it any further. If delayed, he feared he mother refusing to obey her dictates outright from the
might lose his lady love. day she returned from her honeymoon.
Hearing the plight of her brother, Noopur’s mind

instantly got diverted from her own non-existent isapproving her domineering attitude Nisha
problem weighing on her mind. On the horns of a totally condemned the way her mom-in-law
dilemma, she knew not how to convince her ran the house. Since Noopur’s mother had not
obdurate mother to make her acquiesce in fulfilling yet given her the responsibility of running the house,
Ravi’s desire. Being still in awe of her mother’s she demanded the keys to be handed over to her
stubbornness, she dared not broach the subject of immediately. If she did not comply with her wishes,
Ravi’s secret affair with Nisha, for Noopur knew that Nisha threatened to leave the house with Ravi there
if her mother refused once, no amount of cajoling and then and settle elsewhere. She also made it
could make her budge from her stand. Knowing her clear in no uncertain terms that she would not share
wicked nature well, the second cause of her worry Ravi with his mother or with anybody else. Being
was that her mother would torture her brother’s wife very possessive, Nisha wanted to possess Ravi fully,
too as she did other family members. Tossing and body and soul. Frightened out of her wits when
turning in her bed, Noopur spent sleepless nights Noopur’s mother tried to chat her up as a placebo,
devising a solution to Ravi’s problem. but Nisha gave her the cold shoulder saying, “Now
Then a bright idea struck her all of a sudden. the time is ripe for you to retire and place yourself
Since her mother nursed very soft feelings for Rahul, beside your husband in the cold storage where you
Noopur sought his help in the matter and managed have put him for your convenience. Understand? I
to make her mother consent to Ravi’s am not going to be taken in by your sugariness.
marriage with Nisha. Soon, the lovelorn Don’t you ever try to sweet-talk me. You can’t fool
couple was united at a gala function me. I am wise to your tricks...”
much to her elation and On another occasion, weary of hearing her
satisfaction. Wedding over, mother-in-law’s harangues, Nisha had thundered,
as soon as the newly-wed “Enough! Cut out your sermon. I am not your
couple left for their husband. Don’t ever try to cross me or subjugate me
honeymoon she returned into silence. Is that clear?”
home and resumed her For the first time in her life, Noopur’s mother had
efforts anew to an encounter with her equal – nay, a bigger bully
alienate Rahul from than herself. It was the ultimate equation. In her
his parents. wildest dreams, she had never imagined meeting a
Hardly a more powerful opponent in her own home as a
fortnight had deterrent to her own despotic behaviour.
elapsed when her Battered, she had run in panic to her husband
mother’s shedding tears copiously and entreating him to
plaintive cry intervene and do something to rein in the self-willed
Nisha, but he had just shrugged his shoulders mother had provided her the right soil and
indifferently. Her constant nagging and bullying had atmosphere to breed the demons of discord.
rendered him so meek and subdued that nothing As she strained Noopur mind to find a way out to
seemed to arouse him to action. She had weakened her mother’s problem, her own blurred vision began
the roots of the tree that provided her sustenance, to clear. She felt as if a great burden was lifted off
shelter and protection. Her loveless, aggressive her head. She realised that her mother-in-law was an
attitude had eaten the vitality and sapped the angel.
strength of the pillar that propped her up. In the morning, she rang her mother up. Apprising
Her husband turned into a dumb robot and with her of the pleasant atmosphere and the congeniality
Noopur gone after her marriage, Noopur’s mother among all the family members in her husband’s
leaned on Ravi for moral support. The very thought home, she said, “Ma, your problem has opened my
of Ravi being torn apart from her mercilessly had eyes. In fact, in your problem lies the solution to my
caused her unbearably intense agony. On a razor’s problem. Nisha is doing what you had been doing
edge, she ran desperately from pillar to post for long. Do make some concessions for the sake of
appealing for help in vain. your family to keep it united. It will not hurt you but
Noopur clutched her throbbing head in both her stand you in good stead. Create a delightfully
hands to devise an amicable way to extricate her peaceful ambience... Help yourself... ma... please...”
mother from the painful predicament. Light of As her mother heard her in stunned silence,
understanding dawned on her all of a sudden. Noopur’s heart went out to her. She added in a
Following in the footsteps of her mother, she too was reassuring tone, “Don’t you worry, ma. Ravi will not
ill-treating her mother-in-law and was trying hard to leave you. I am sure, with a little compromising
sow the seeds of dissension in her new home since attitude, you can win his wife over.”
her arrival there. She had failed in her mission but With that, Noopur turned her attention to setting
her brother’s wife had succeeded because her things right in her own in-laws’ home. We
As the
social scale
continue to
tip against
the working
woman, she
has to
courage to
defend her WORKING WOMEN
university research scholar

honour. complained that her guide
made sexual overtures to
By I. M. Soni her. She bore this for
obvious reasons. But when
he crossed the limits of
tolerance and decency,
she complained to the vice
chancellor. A committee,
from the faculty of the
university, was formed to look into
the matter. The finding, as expected,
was the woman research scholar
was of a dubious character that she
attempted to seduce her guide to get
the doctorate degree. The “guilty”
professor was exonerated.
An Army officer tried to sexually
harass his subordinate. He asked for
sexual favours. She refused. A chain
of events followed. Media exposed
Sexual harassment at the This can assume alarming
workplace is unwelcome sexual proportions. As it did in the case
advances, hints, direct or indirect, for involving the son of a VIP politician
sexual favours, verbal offences, or who raped a nurse employed in the
giving signals through suggestive house to manage his wife.
pictures. The negative impact of sexual
In recent years, the publicity given harassment is devastating for a
to VIP cases has increased public political career even if the accused
awareness of this nuisance to women secures a non-conviction order from
workers. a court of law.
Studies have revealed that three- It is highly damaging for an
fourths of working women complain organisation because it can bring
that they have been harassed at negative media blasts, law suits and
some point or other. public relations nightmares.
Some men do it ‘decently’. One One chief manager of a bank
unmarried receptionist says, “My says, “This causes many problems.
boss has never made an indecent It leads to absenteeism. The affected
pass at me. I was taken back when woman worker tends to be absent on
one day, he held my hand and invited one pretext or the other.”
me to dinner. I declined. He did not
repeat his proposal.”
It appears that present-day
organisations have not kept pace MORAL
with the spurt in sexual harassment Another, running a big commercial
incidents. college, says, “The worst is that it
This is all the more applicable to creates an atmosphere of low moral.
women working at lower levels at the Other women employees also begin
workplace. One woman working as a to shirk work, following the conduct of
storekeeper in a bank complains that the harassed victim.”
the boss comes on the sly to the In industrial units these aspects
store in the basement and plays all lead to lower productivity.
kinds of silly suggestive tricks with In office work, if the harassed
her. She got herself transferred from steno or typist absents herself, and
her position. the boss finds himself at a quandary,
the letters piling up which is an
adverse reflection on his efficiency.
Sexual harassment at higher
levels usually goes unnoticed and
unreported. Decency, courtesy, NEVER MADE AN
good manners, fear of bad
publicity, lowering the woman’s
standing in society or official AT ME. I WAS
circles, stand in the way. TAKEN BACK
Litigation is thus ruled out.
But, there are exceptions. WHEN ONE DAY,
In an infamous case, a HE HELD MY
high ranking police
officer was accused of HAND AND
“slapping the bottom” of INVITED ME TO
a lady IAS officer at a
cocktail party. She sued DINNER.
the former, the case I DECLINED. HE
dragged on for years.
In this case, the IAS DID NOT REPEAT
officer with a solid HIS PROPOSAL.”
financial status also
had the moral courage to
stand up to a VIP.
But what happens when the physical contact and advances, a
woman whose bottom is slapped by a demand or request for sexual
“high” officer has neither moral nor favours, sexually coloured remarks,
material strength to arraign him? other unwelcome physical, verbal or
Sexual harassment of a woman non-verbal conduct of sexual nature.”
goes on and not only at official The survey conducted by the
parties. She is subjected to National Commission for Women
suggestive and humiliating overtures found that a majority of women were
by men who drool over her anatomy. not even aware of the Supreme Court
The “juicier” the woman, the greater guidelines.
the risk of sexual harassment she Educating women about the
faces at her workplace. Supreme Court guidelines is the only
remedy. This will bring awareness in
working women for their protection.
NEED MORAL COURAGE Men who indulge in “dirty” tricks will
Some strong women have the know about the consequences. This
moral courage to stand against men will deter them from making sexual
but others suffer silently. The former advances.
may report the matter to their bosses For the working women in the
privately (not in writing). The bosses country this is going to be a
reprimand the offenders. And brakes prolonged fight. Because one
are applied to the erratic as well as judgement cannot change the
erotic behaviour. mindset of the people, especially in
In some cases, the offended our country which is tradition-bound.
women react angrily, and settle the However, it cannot be denied that
matter in her own “court” by women themselves have to be more
dispensing justice to the culprit by vigilant and upright than they are at
SEXUAL slapping him on the spot. The man present. They have to be “active”
HARASSMENT AS crawls away like a worm.
But the beast in man wakes up
rather than “passive”. A snub to the
offending male puts him on the
DEFINED BY THE any moment. A man who till now had defensive.
COURT IS: “SUCH controlled the fields outside the
home, cannot tolerate woman in
The woman who fights shy of
seeking help may come home with a
UNWELCOME equal positions. He considers her a bleeding psyche. A tongue-lashing on
SEXUALLY “sex apparatus” – at office or home! the spot may prevent this.
On 13 August 1997, the Supreme She must also be aware that
DETERMINED Court laid down guidelines against basically it is a question of her own
BEHAVIOUR sexual harassment at the workplace morals and the kind of image she
and other institutions and directed projects of herself. Why do men
(WHETHER DIRECTLY employers to set up procedures choose a particular woman as a
OR BY through which women could make target of their lust?
their complaints heard. The National Commission of
IMPLICATION) AS The apex court had made it Women has come out with the
PHYSICAL mandatory for the Centre, State following code of conduct at the
Governments, and private and public workplace, it is in tune with a
CONTACT AND sector undertakings to ensure that Supreme Court judgement:
ADVANCES, A women do not work in a “hostile” No unsavoury and sexist remarks.
environment. No innuendoes.
DEMAND OR The meaning and content of No forcible physical touching or
REQUEST FOR fundamental rights are “sufficient brushing against any part of the
amplitude to encompass all the body.
SEXUAL FAVOURS, facets of gender equality including No physical confinement against
prevention of sexual harassment or one’s will.
abuse,” it has noted. No display of pornographic or
Sexual harassment as defined by offensive pictures, cartoons or
the court is: “Such unwelcome pamphlets.
sexually determined behaviour No treating women employees as
(whether directly or by implication) as sex objects. We

30 Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009

Profile of young multi-faceted biomedical genius.
By G. V. Joshi

n asteroid, also called a daughter of Girish and Minakhi

minor planet or planetoid, Sarma from Assam who live at
in our solar system has Overland Park, Kansas.
been named after a Since her first year in high school,
teenage Indian-American Nandini has been conducting
girl, Nandini Sarma, who research to find solutions to common
won the first place at the health-related problems such as
2007 Intel International food-borne illnesses, cancer and viral
Science & Engineering Fair infections.
for her microbiology Her research on natural food
project. The asteroid, which was preservatives revealed that garlic can
discovered on 21 November 2000 by effectively replace the harmful
the Lincoln Laboratory Near Earth synthetic chemical preservatives from
Asteroid Research (LINEAR), has the food chain (meat and eggs), thus
been named as 23228 Nandinisarma. providing a health-friendly, easily-
She is the first woman of Indian origin available and cost-effective natural
to receive this honor. alternative to prevent food-borne
Nandini Sarma, a senior high illnesses caused by consumption of
school student at the Shawnee salmonella and E. coli-contaminated
Mission East High School, Kansas, meat and eggs.
USA, has recently received several For cancer research, Nandini
awards and wide recognition for her studied the effect of a selected virus
outstanding research work in infection on the Herpes virus induced
biomedical sciences. Nandini is the tumor development in-vivo and its

32 Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009

affinity to kill transformed cells in- Youth Science Forum in London.
vitro. Although, from the preliminary Science research is not the only
studies, she came out with interesting passion for Nandini. She is equally
findings and encouraging results, involved in various other activities.
further work is in progress before She is an avid debater and prolific
coming to a final conclusion. writer and has won several medals
Recently, Nandini started working and other awards at the local and
on the pathobiology of the herpes regional debate competitons,
simplex virus under the mentorship literature and writing contests. She
of Prof G. S. Read, one of the world's has won the Sons of the American
most renowned scientists in herpes Revolution's (SAR) American history
simplex virus research. Her research essay and oration contests at the
findings were presented at the 32nd state level competitions and got
International Herpes virus Workshop selected to represent Kansas at the
and a research paper is being national contest for two consecutive
prepared for publishing in the Journal years. At the national competition,
of Virology. she won the third place award for the
American history essay contest and
RECOGNITION AND received medals, certificates and
cash awards.
AWARDS Besides being a top ranking
Her research brought her several student in her high school class, she
awards and recognition from the is also a national merit semifinalist.
scientific community at the national Nandini also loves music very
as well as international level. She is much. She has been playing the
the recipient of the Greater Kansas piano since she was six. In music
City Science and Engineering Fair also, she has received several
(GKCSEF) first place grand award awards.
consisting of plaques, trophies, cash Besides the piano, Nandini also
and certificates for three years in a loves to dance. She has been
row for outstanding achievements in learning to dance since she was
biomedical research, and selected for seven years old. Currently, she is
all-expenses-paid trips to present her learning Indian classical dance
research findings at the 2005, 2006 (Bharatanatyam). She also performs
and 2007 Intel International Science and choreographs various Indian folk however, is community service. Her
and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF). dances including the bihu dance of first fundraiser event was a "Used
At the Intel ISEF, Nandini's Assam. Book Sale" that raised over $4,000
research projects won several She loves to play sports as well. towards building schools, hiring
awards including the first place grand She has been playing tennis and teachers, etc. in Guatemala.
award in microbiology, fourth grand soccer and is in her school's tennis Currently, she is the chairperson of
award in medicine and health, team. her school's AIDS awareness
second special award from the One of her biggest passions, programme (a community education
AVASC foundation, first place award project).
consisting of a plaque, certificate of For outstanding community
achievement and cash from the US service, she was awarded the
Air Force, and first place award President's student's service award
consisting of a gold medallion, cash (gold) during her junior year at high
and certificate of achievement from school.
the US Army. For undergraduate study, Nandini
At the 2007 Intel ISEF, she was has been accepted to all the
also selected for an all-expenses- universities she applied for including
paid trip to participate in the London Princeton, Yale, Stanford, MIT and
International Youth Science Forum Harvard. Nandini has finally decided
(LIYSF) held in London from 24 July to join Harvard University. Her elder
to 8 August, 2007. brother Arup Sarma is an equally
A total of 250 selected high school brilliant student and has graduated
students from 61 countries partici - from the well-known Massachusetts
pated for this year's International Institute of Technology. We

Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009 33

QA &
ensure overall development, talk
with her as much as you can. In a
short while you will be holding a
conversation with her for whenever
you utter endearments she will
reply with happy cooing sounds.
You could sing to her, massage her
personally to increase bonding and
hang a musical, colourful toy over
her cot that attracts her attention.
At this age she must have
begun teething for which you could
get her teething rings that are
made of good plastic. Do not buy

her stuffed toys as of now, as she
I have an eight-month-old son. I such as curds, custard, kheer etc. might get smothered in them. Furry
introduced solids when he was about You could also increase the portions toys are also not a good idea as they
five-and-half months. My worry is that of solid foods. Though there is no can cause allergy.
he does not like the idea of eating harm in giving breast milk to an
and does not seem hungry, no matter 11-month-old child, I think your
what. As a result of this he is not daughter has made it more a habit of My wife has delivered recently.
gaining weight. The doctor has latching onto your breast after every Please tell me how often we should
prescribed various medicines. As meal for, by this age, most children, bathe our baby and what is the right
long as he takes them he starts even those who take proper feeds method of giving a bath.
eating well but only for a few days. I and adequate amounts of milk, sleep It is not necessary to give the
am still breastfeeding him and he through the night. It is high time that baby a bath every day. In fact it
seems to like it. Otherwise he her sleeping habits are regularised. should be avoided till the cord has
appears active and healthy. His Give her a good meal at night, maybe fallen off. In the meantime you could
eating habits are driving me nuts. even some breast milk, and put her sponge her with a clean, wet
Please help me improve his diet. to bed. washcloth, taking care to wipe the
Even children as young as this area of the neck, the armpits, the
have individual preferences. Look out groin and the cleft of the buttocks.
for his likes and serve bigger portions I have a seven-month-old daughter Once the baby is ready for a bath,
of these foods. Sometimes mothers who tires of her toys very quickly. make sure that you have all that you
give babies an increased quantity of What kind of toys can I get her and need with you for on no account can
breast milk as they are not eating what games can I play with her to the baby be left alone during a bath,

well, which in turn kills their appetite ensure her overall development? even for a second. The baby should
and they refuse solids. Decrease his Children have a very short be bathed in a warm place. Fan and
intake of breast milk gradually over attention span, therefore it is but air-conditioner should be switched
a period of time so that he feels natural that she tires of her toys so off. The eyelids should be cleaned
hungry enough to take solid foods. quickly. Do not worry about that. To first with separate sterile swabs for
each eye, from the inner to the outer
edges. Next the ears and the area
My daughter is 11 months old and My six-year-old behind the ears should be cleaned.
ever since she began teething at six daughter has dry The baby should be held in the arms
months of age, she has stopped skin on her legs his or her scalp washed with soap
bottle feeding. I have tried all the milk and buttocks. This and dried with a towel. The genital
preparations like Bournvita, Complan, causes itching. I and anal areas should be wiped
Horlicks and milk shakes but nothing would like to know cleaned first; then the body should
works. I want to stop breastfeeding what it is due to be lathered with soap taking care to
as she is 11 months old. Although and what is the give special attention to the groins
she eats solid food, it is not in remedy for it. and armpits. Now lower the baby into
sufficient amounts as she needs a Your daughter is probably a tub of warm water and wash
breastfeed after every meal. She gets suffering from skin allergy. Please thoroughly. Pat the baby dry with a
cranky, especially during the night. It take her to a paediatrician and/or towel; do not rub. Wipe the area of
has been a month since I have slept skin specialist. Keeping the skin the navel dry and clean with a spirit
properly. Please help. moisturised is also a good idea. swab.
You could try milk in other forms – Dr Amrinder Bajaj, MD.

34 Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009

The new
woman has
undergone A white lie
In the eighties there was a
a complete scarcity of maids at Mettur
Dam. So we all kept our
transformation. mouths shut for whatever our
maid did lest we lose her.
By Padmaja One day, our maid
Akkamma told my wife,
Menon “Madam, my husband has
vowed to Tirumala temple to
offer his hair. To accomplish
the vow he is proceeding to
Tirumala next Sunday and
returning on Friday. If you
donate some amount to us, it
will be helpful to meet his

THE travel expenses. He estimates

the total expenses would be

Rs 2000.”
My wife looked at me.
How could I keep mum when
our maid asks? I immediately

gave her Rs 2000. My wife
also gave her Rs 1000
separately to deposit in the
temple treasury.
he new-age woman is sexy even a “homemaker” but the

On Monday, Akkamma
remember the Santoor ad? “domestic engineer” who juggles
promptly informed us that
and smart and proud of work outside and inside. She's smart
her husband had commenced
herself. She's not apologetic to see that work is not one-sided any
his journey on the previous
about being herself, earning more. She makes it clear that she is
day. On Saturday she said he
more than her father/ - not a superwoman and cannot be
had safely returned after
husband/neighbour, or about everywhere and also that a house
fulfilling his vow. A few
handling bad marriages and and its work load belong to both the
days later, unexpectedly, I
relation ships. “It's my life,” partners and so she insists on them
saw her husband at a tea stall.
seems to be the song on sharing the workload equally (well,
But his head had a full load
every woman's lips today – and why almost).
of hair.
not? She has waited long enough for She does not believe in taking
Seeing me he immediately
that freedom and now that she has time off from work because her baby
rushed away. But I did not
got it she's holding on to it, come is sick. She prefers to have a choice
open my mouth about this
what may. If concentrating on career – either she or her husband –
before Akkamma. If I did, I
and being focussed on goals makes whoever can take time off. Neither
was sure we would certainly
her self-centred, so be it. does she take kindly to be blamed
lose our maid.
The glass ceiling has been for anything that goes wrong in the
Now about 20 years have
shattered and today women are house. A little bit of sugar and lots of
passed. But even now we
being accepted as equals in the spice – that's the new Indian
remember Akkamma and her
work-place and also globally even housewife, smart and sexy to boot.
tactfulness of collecting a
though it took a lot of persistence and She's evolved – adapted to the
huge amount from us.
effort. new future. She's confident and
– S. Palanisamy,
The most evident change is in the balanced emotionally, personally and
doormat housewife. No longer known professionally. Three cheers to the
as only the housewife, she is now not new-age woman! We

Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009 35


ubai is one of the seven

emirates that make up the
United Arab Emirates
(UAE). The UAE is situated
on the northeastern part of
the Arab peninsula and is
bordered to the south and
west by the Kingdom of
Dubai’s desert Saudi Arabia and to the east
and north by the Sultanate
environment is a of Oman.
The seven emirates that make up
fascinating historical, the UAE are Abu Dhabi, Dubai,
Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah,
geographic and Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain. Abu
Dhabi is the largest emirate and
sociological tapestry. Dubai comes next, with an area of
3,885 square kilometers out of the
A glimpse. total UAE area of 83,600 square
By Kasturi Rangachari The area surrounding the city of
Dubai consists of sandy desert and
salt flats ( sabkha ). But to the east
rise the Hajar Mountains. The highest
point in these mountains is Jebel

The Jumeirah Mosque where the

mosque visit was held.
Yibir (1,527 mts). Dubai, which is on Persian and Indian roots) and began
the coast, sits on the banks of a to use it as a centre for their
creek—a natural inlet from the Gulf operations. The sheikhs also
– that divides the city into two. recognised the strategic importance
The Emirate of Dubai is a land of of the Creek and improved facilities
startling contrasts. There are endless there to attract more traders. The city
stretches of desert, rocky mountains, thus came to specialize in the import
windy and rough seas and small but and re-export of goods (especially
modern towns just outside the main gold to India) and it was this import-
city of Dubai. The climate is a re-export trade that became the
typically desert climate – hot days
and cool, even cold, nights. But the
heat is no problem in modern Dubai
as every single place and vehicle –
every high rise apartment block, villa,
shop, mall, restaurant, work place,
commercial complex, government
building, taxi, bus, car, you name it –
is air-conditioned.
Even the lowest paid manual
labourers live in air-conditioned
dormitories, though they have to work
in the open under the scorching sun
during the day. Low-rent housing has
room ACs, better apartments have
split-level ACs and the more
expensive apartments have central
In fact, it is not unusual to see
people wearing sweaters and foundation for Dubai’s progress and But, even though the UAE has the
scarves as they walk around the development. highest water consumption in the
malls of this “desert” city or work in its In 1958 huge oil reserves were world (more than 100 gallons per
offices! I myself love the cold but discovered in Abu Dhabi. In fact the capita per day and per capita
can’t tolerate it too well. So I wear a emirate has an incredible 10 per cent consumption of 265 litres of bottled
light sweater and a pair of fluffy, soft, of the world’s known oil reserves. It water per year!), foresight, planning
fur-lined slippers at home and carry a also has the fifth-largest natural gas and the fact that there is no paucity of
shawl when I go to a mall or movie reserves in the world. In 1966, oil money in the emirate have solved the
hall. was also discovered in Dubai – problem at least for the present. This
though much less than was is through the setting up of
discovered in Abu Dhabi. By this time desalination plants (which used the
TRANSFORMATION Dubai was already a relatively reverse osmosis process till the ‘90s
The story of Dubai’s growth and wealthy trading centre. But the oil and more modern technology since
progress is truly astonishing, revenue helped Dubai develop an then) to make brackish water potable.
especially since the emirate has few enviable infrastructure in roads, The plants run on gas.
raw materials or special advantages. housing, education, healthcare, water But Dubai did not have the work
Till almost the end of the 19th century and electricity before the oil wells ran force needed for all that had to be
it was an unremarkable backwater almost dry. done and thus began the influx of
populated by people whose only Dubai has ground water, but since workers into the emirate that
means of livelihood were fishing, rainfall is scanty and erratic, the level continues to this day. In 2005 the
pearl-diving and subsistence farming. of the water has been falling at the total population of Dubai was 4.041m
But thanks to the far-sighted Sheikhs rate of one metre per year for the last out of which 3.23m were expats! 50
(belonging to the Maktoum family) 30 years. Add to this the facts that per cent of these expats are from
who have ruled Dubai from 1830, the climatic conditions make for high South Asia (mainly from India,
emirate has been transformed. consumption of water and that the Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka
Encouraged by the far-sighted and population has been growing fast for – with the largest number being from
liberal attitudes of the rulers, Indian the last few decades and you have a India). The rest are from the other
and Persian traders were attracted to situation in which water was bound Emirates, from other Arab countries,
Dubai early (some natives have to be problem. from Europe and from East Asia

Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009 37

(mainly the Philippines). Less than recession and the percentage must span of time, a fairyland of spanking
20 per cent of the population of Dubai be lower though there aren’t figures new high-rise buildings, gardens,
consists of UAE citizens. available yet. broad roads filled with fast-moving,
From the beginning people loved Wherever you look in Dubai, you gleaming cars, crowds of prosperous
to come and work in Dubai. Lots of will see young people. Of course, people of every hue, huge malls with
low-skilled workers dreamed and still there are old locals and tourists, but every possible high-end brand, not
dream of getting jobs in the emirate otherwise, most expats go back when just about four dozen five-star hotels,
because wages are better here than they are not able to renew their visas, but even a seven-star one (the Burj
in their home countries. Educated when they have made enough Al Arab), marinas filled with boats,
people in executive and management money, when they have had enough facilities for golf, water sports, desert
jobs also get better pay scales – with of life away from home or when they safaris, ballooning and…well just let
the added attraction that they don’t reach retirement age. They cannot your imagination run wild and it’s all
have to pay income tax! normally become citizens of Dubai, here!
though an occasional distinguished But the world-wide recession has
CONSTRUCTION expat is given citizenship by the
rulers as acknowledgement of his
hit Dubai hard as it has practically
every other country in the world.
BOOMING contribution to the Dubai economy. Construction, the engine that
This is still a big plus-point, though People in business can stay on as powered growth for the last few
over the last decade or so, the long as they are running their decades, has slowed down and real
government has begun to charge for businesses. estate prices have plunged. Big
many services and facilities which Expats from the same country projects – like the Jumeirah Gardens
were earlier free or for which very low tend to live in the same area and project, the Jumeirah Islands project
charges were levied. For instance, shops set up by their countrymen and and the Palm Deira project – have all
visa charges have risen, one has to specialising in foodstuffs and other been “scaled down”. Even road and
pay for parking in areas in which it items unique to that country, will be bridge construction have been
was earlier free, one has to pay toll found in these areas. But there is a affected because, according to
charges on several roads, etc. healthy mixture of nationalities and rumours, the government has been
So much construction work was cultures in both workplaces and in slow in paying its contractors.
taking place in Dubai till recently that the cultural life of Dubai.
70 per cent or so of all employment
was in the construction sector. Now
All told, Dubai has been an
enormous success story. A small
construction has slowed down town in the middle of endless desert ESTATE
because of the world-wide economic has become, in an amazingly short From around 2001 the
government has allowed expats to
purchase freehold property in certain
earmarked areas. This was because
a shortfall in homes and commercial
property was emerging and rents
were sky-rocketing. There was also
the fact that the government wanted
to keep construction booming and
attracting expat investment into real
estate would be killing two birds with
one stone.
Once the scheme was launched,
many commercial buildings,
apartment blocks and villas came up
in the earmarked freehold areas and
many expats invested in real estate.
The ones who did so initially got very
good deals but many followed a
watch and wait policy to see how
things worked out. When the scheme
seemed successful and the
government didn’t seem to be having
second thoughts, many more expats
bought property, though prices had
begun to rise.

38 Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009

Whole colonies for expats came month of Ramadan (which we call
up. Expats also began to see this as Ramzan in India) when all adult
an investment opportunity and many Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset.
of them began to buy property and Government offices work shorter
pay the initial down payment, hours and even private companies ISLAMIC EMIRATE
anticipating that prices would rise and allow their Muslim staff to leave early.
that they could then sell their No one, not even non-Muslims, can
properties (even before they were eat or drink in public between sunrise RULES HAVE TO
completed) and make a killing. and sunset during Ramadan. No
Many did, but the present restaurants serve food during the day
downturn in the real estate market and even non-Muslims cannot nibble EVEN BY
has put paid to the hopes of many
more who are now finding
at their desks in their workplaces or
even drink water in their own cars
themselves facing falling prices for openly during this month of fasting. OTHER FAITHS.
properties they have bought but do The Dubai government repeatedly
not want. Looming threateningly tells “visitors” (meaning all tourists
ahead in the future, are the and expats) to be sensitive to the
installment payments they will have feelings of their “hosts,” meaning
to make for these properties----not at emirates or locals.
falling, but at the original rates! But if But this does not mean that an
you haven’t already bought property, Islamic lifestyle is imposed on non-
this is the time to do so. Muslims. People can eat and drink in
their homes during Ramadan (but not
on their balconies where they can be
EMPLOYMENT DROPPED seen by others!). Restaurants do
Today, because of the world-wide brisk business in take away and
recession, employment is falling fast. home deliveries and workplaces ear
The first to be affected are expats – mark small rooms as places where
because, naturally, the government non-Muslims can go and eat and
has been quick to announce that drink water.
locals cannot be easily laid off. Even But the Dubai authorities are also
expats who are highly placed officers practical. Since they are trying very
and management executives had hard to show-case Dubai as a sun-
been pink-slipped and among them fun-and-shopping tourist destination,
more Westerners have been five-star hotels serve food in their
retrenched than others. This is restaurants and rooms even during
because Western expats are paid the daytime during Ramadan. But the trouble was firmly and
more than their South Asian Ramadan is a trying time for promptly quelled. Some Pakistan
counterparts for the same kinds of Muslims and, especially during the troublemakers were sternly dealt with
jobs in Dubai. hot afternoons, tempers often flare and affected shopkeepers were given
As foreign workers cannot stay on up. In workplaces, non-Muslims treat generous compensation.
in Dubai without a work visas, many their Muslim colleagues with caution Again, when an IMF-WB
have been forced to return to their and the papers are full of police conference was held in Dubai in
own lands. And with large numbers of entreaties for people to drive carefully 2003, Israel not only attended the
borrowers not being able to keep up especially when they are on their way conference but the Dubai
with their car installments and home to break their fasts. This is because government also ensured that there
mortgage payments, banks have the number of accidents goes up was no trouble over this and no noisy
repossessed many of these assets. sharply during Ramadan – especially demonstrations. The only
Dubai is an Islamic emirate and during the first few days of fasting demonstrator in sight outside the
certain rules have to be followed and in the days just before Eid. venue of the conference was, in fact,
even by members of other faiths. But the truth is that, in many ways, a white woman protesting against
Friday is the main weekly holiday and this Islamic country is much more other IMF-WB policies.
when there is a two-day weekend, “liberal” than many so-called secular This liberal face of Dubai slipped a
either Thursday or Saturday is countries. After the Babri Masjid was little from world view when in this
attached to Friday. National holidays demolished, there was some unrest edition of the Dubai Open tennis
are all related to Islam or to days here and a temple in one of the main tournament, the emirate refused an
important to the emirate. market areas was attacked and Israeli woman tennis player, Shahar
I was in Dubai during the holy Indian shops near it were damaged. Peer, a visa. There was a hullabaloo

Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009 39

about this and the WTA threatened outfit was much appreciated by the expats to visit the homes of locals,
to take Dubai off its tour calendar guides! break the Ramadan fast with them at
from 2010. Dubai caved in and a We were first shown around the sunset, relax in their company and
male tennis player was later given a mosque which was well-constructed, then stay for dinner. I would have
visa, but the Dubai Tennis Association cool and beautifully decorated. I loved to go for one of these visits but
still faces a fine which it is appealing. could not take my eyes away from have always been deterred by the
However, as many will agree, the huge and most amazing stained fact that the food served is almost
there was grave provocation for glass windows that were everywhere! completely non-vegetarian and I
Dubai’s action. The 22-day Israeli Later we all sat down on the deep would only embarrass my hosts by
assault on Gaza in last December pile carpets that covered the floor in going to their home and refusing to
and January during which 1300 the main hall and a Muslim woman eat anything! The Arabs are
people, one third of them women and spoke to us about Islam. She was a extremely hospitable and it is just not
children, were killed, shocked every Swiss girl who had been drawn to done to refuse food when they offer
single thinking person in the world Islam and had converted. She had it.
while it traumatized and infuriated later married an Arab. She spoke Traditionally, every Arab who can
Arabs. It was in response to this with deep conviction, though not at afford to do so, gives food and drink
blood-shed that Dubai denied the all in a fanatical manner, and in charity when the fast is broken at
Israeli a visa, saying that they could explained to us that Islam is sunset, every evening of the holy
not guarantee her safety. compassionate and rational. Later month. The tradition followed for
she offered to answer questions. many centuries was for people to put
A European boy of about 10 was up tents in front of their home (tents
GENUINE DESIRE the first to raise his hand. “Why do are a very beloved part of Arab
But as all non-Muslims and expats you all make so much noise at culture) and serve food to travelers,
living in Dubai will agree, there is a prayer-time?” he asked. the poor, passersby and neighbours
genuine desire here to help Our hostess was a bit confused and friends. But with Dubai being
foreigners and non-Muslims and taken aback till she understood “modernised” this practice is being
understand the culture of the emirate. that the boy was referring to the discontinued – much to the dismay
On one of my previous visits to azaan or call to prayer which is of older people but to the relief of the
Dubai, I attended a “mosque visit”, broadcast over a public address women and servants of the house
together with a busload of Western system from every mosque. She then who had to prepare huge amounts of
tourists. I had seen the visit laughed and told us about the Muslim food while themselves fasting the
advertised in the papers and had belief that prayers were community whole day!
been intrigued enough to turn up at affairs and that there were strict Naalini washed and vacuumed
the time specified. Before we entered timings for them. This was why there and mopped – and talked. One of the
the mosque, those of us who had our was a loud call to prayer from every first things she told us was, “I am not
legs, arms and heads bare were mosque five times a day, she a Tamil!” We are Tamilians and did
given scarves and shawls and explained. not quite understand whether she
requested to cover up. My salwar, During Ramadan, the authorities was assuring us that she wasn’t a
full-sleeved kameez and dupatta also invite tourists and non-Muslim member of the LTTE, announcing her
political affiliations or warning us not
to take liberties with her!
Naalini was one of six siblings and
her father worked as a cleaner in a
Colombo hotel. “We suffered a lot
when I was a child,” she said. “Often
there wasn’t even enough food for us
to eat.
My eldest brother desperately
wanted to go and work in Singapore
or somewhere in the Middle-east. He
didn’t get a chance – but I did!”
Naalini’s chance had come in the
form of an offer from a family friend to
get her a job in a “maid agency” in
Dubai. Naalini had jumped at the
offer and had come to Dubai six
months earlier. Her work visa had
been sponsored by the agency. We

40 Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009

QA &
and add a toner for home. You might
need soft cotton and earbuds for
replenish the loss of moisture. When
your skin shines you can blot the
cleaning make-up depending on how excess on tissue or the special
much you use and if you use blotting paper some companies have
waterproof products. For make-up begun to sell in India which is for
you need mascara and base colour single use but effective.
eyeshadow, for lips a lip liner and
lipstick or just gloss if you don’t wear
lipstick. If I do not want to wear matching nail
Make-up for travel should include polish on my hands and feet, what
a blusher and bronzing powder for rule should I follow? I do not have the
the times when you need to glow. time to change both regularly so want
Tissues and lip balm in a bag is a to mix and match. What are the rules
good idea. for that?

Changing nail polish regularly is
difficult to maintain so you can leave
I feel my eyelashes have become the toenails with a base colour like a
Is it true that make-up like clothes very weak. I have stopped using any beige or very light pink that matches
has seasonal colours? And is it eye make-up, what else can I do? everything. Then you can play
predicted or just arrives on its own? In normal cases eyelashes keep around with the colour on your
So what is the shade of make-up for falling off and new hair appears hands.
2009? regularly. If there is hair loss that is Also, you could use light nail
The seasonal colours of clothes faster than regrowth, there could be a colour first and then coat it with a
and make-up are often decided by variety of reasons. It is best to darker shade in a day or so without
the international and national fashion consult a dermatologist to rule out removing the earlier one though that
shows. These colours and textures any infection or inflammation. does mean that polish will chip
are often predicted well in advance At night you can apply a drop of sooner.

so that make-up companies can olive oil. You are right in not using
formulate them in advance. Yes, the eye make-up unless you establish
colours of 2009 are more yellow and the reason behind the loss of However much care I take of my skin
green on the eyes and pinks are eyelashes. in summer, I do get a tan and the
expected to be big for cheeks and worst is my hair, it becomes oily but
lips during summer months. brittle, I really do not know what to
How much moisturiser do I need in do.
summer? I am a lawyer and work in Taking care of skin and hair during
I want to decide on a basic make-up the sun also at times. If I use too extreme heat and cold is a balance of
box contents. I tend to have so much much my skin begins to shine and if I right products and protection against
in my bag and when I travel I am use too little then my skin dries. What the sun. There are sun control for
reeling under the make-up goodies I should I do? skin and hair (UV block) which needs
carry. Help me decide the minimum Ideally the moisturising should to be used to minimise sun damage.
and necessary in the bag for beauty change with the season. Winter Also use leave-in conditioner for hair
and for skin care. needs heavier moisturisers but in and cover the hair when out in the
Many companies have ‘travel’ summer you need something that is sun. Make fruit packs for face and
sizes so you don’t have to travel with light yet provides moisture. Use hair and apply for half an hour each
the big sizes. For skin care keep a water-based products and during the before washing off and use a good
cleanser and moisturiser for travel day just use a water spritzer to quality moisturiser.

Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009 41

Any trendy
woman in this
hairdo will be at
her best in this
simple and

seductive look!

Wavy look

Simplistic & curly


If you step out with an elegantly

Traditional dressed – up, hair you cannot
fail to attract all those who
matter. Try these hairstyles and
see the effect.

Unusual &
AWARD 2009
CavinKare Ability
Awards are given

to people who
shine in different
fields despite
By Vanathi Siva

he seventh CavinKare Ability CavinKare is an FMCG major that rehabilitation in a strife–torn town. He

award 2009 ceremony was markets quality hair care, skin care, used the media to create awareness
organised in Chennai at the home care and food products both and satisfaction programmes on
Sir Muthu Venkata Subba nationally and internationally. disability, and has established an
Rao concert hall (inside Lady The CavinKare Ability award is organisation that caters to the needs
Andal School campus) on given to the disabled persons with of people with all disabilities.
14th March 09. The grand extraordinary ability which the able Tak said the policy makers must
colourful presentation could not achieve in their lifetime. strive to create a barrier-free
function was jointly Awardees were selected from all over environment, and the people must
organised by CavinKare and the country for their great ability. It is lend their support for creating
the Ability Foundation for disabled. awarded to four persons in two sustain able livelihoods for persons
The media partners are Woman’s categories, the CavinKare Ability with disability rather than providing
Era, Dainik Bhaskar, Ernst & Young, Award for eminence carries a one them with financial support.
The Hindu, Big 92.07 FM, Vijay TV lakh-rupee prize money and the The CavinKare Ability Mastery
and Grihshobha. CavinKare Ability Mastery Awards Awards were presented to
Ability Foundation is a national also carry a one lakh-rupee prize Nityananda Das from Bhubaneswar,
cross-disability umbrella organisation, money each. Rajiv Rajan from Chennai and Sai
headquartered in Chennai involved Prasad Vishwanathan from
in advocacy, empowerment and the Hyderabad. Das, a person with
rights of persons with disabilities. The THE WINNERS physical disability, became a
foundation acts as a bridge between The winners of the CavinKare professional dancer with only one leg
people with and without disabilities Ability Award for eminence, Javed and has also started a dance school,
and is involved in a spectrum of Ahmed Tak from Jammu and Kalashram, in his own city.
activities towards this, which include Kashmir, who was maimed by a Rajan, a person with cerebral
publishing, employment, media, militant attack, spearheaded a palsy, works for the cause of the
culture, legislation and human rights. movement for peace and downtrodden through ‘Vidya Sagar’

44 Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009

a non-governmental organisation “It services of the CavinKare and Ability Ranganathan and Jayashree for the
feels great! I dedicate this award to Foundation. One of the guests of the grand success and appreciated that
all those who have been supporting function, Sundararajan praised C K the right people were selected. We
and encouraging me,” he said.
The last winner of the mastery
awards, Sai Prasad Viswanathan,
overcame his physical shortcomings
and pursues master’s in computer
architecture and chip design at the
University of Wisconsin, USA. “This
award is dedicated to my parents,
sister and relatives. There are
thousands of such talents in the city
who are waiting for the right
opportunity to prove themselves”, he
The award winners were judged
by the jury consisting of former
Chairperson, National Commission
for Women V Mohini Giri, N Murali,
managing director, The Hindu ,
actress Revathi, director Radha
Mohan and music director A R
Of the 200 nominations from 21
states received for the award, 12
were shortlisted and seven finally
won various awards.
“All of us think we have a problem.
We complain how we are fat or thin,
or fair or dark. But there is a lesson
for us all to learn from persons with
disabilities.” This was A R Rahman, a
member of the jury, addressing press
persons after meeting the 12 persons
with disabilities shortlisted for the
CavinKare Ability award.
At this function, the feast to the
eyes was the fashion show with a
difference, the previous year’s award
winners walked the ramp along with
the beautiful models. The guests on
the dias were N Ram chief editor The
Hindu, V Krishnamurthy, chairman of
the National Manufacturing Competi-
tiveness Council and M S Sundara
Rajan, Indian Bank chairman.
R J Dhina, the Guinnes World
Record holder, for hosting 168 hours
on Radio compared the function
along with Revathi Vijaya, with Latha
translating in sign language.
The main pillars behind this award
function were C K Ranganathan,
CavinKare, and Jayashree Raveen-
dran, executive director of Ability
Guests and jury praised the noble

Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009 45

Here is shown the
method to cook
some finger-licking
By Roma Ghosh
Strawberry rosemary pulao

PALATABLE preparations
rice (salt and ghee added while
ROSEMARY 1/ cup of mixed vegetables
like beans, carrots and
PULAO peas
2 tsp of oil
INGREDIENTS: 1/ tsp of jeera powder
2 cups of long grained 1/ tsp of red chilli powder
rice 4
1 tbsp of ghee or butter For garnishing:
2 tsp of rosemary – fresh or chopped celery leaves
powder METHOD
12-14 fresh strawberries Wash the baigan and pat-dry
salt to taste Stuffed brinjal with rice and celery
completely. Cut into two halves
METHOD Remove to a serving plate and
vertically. Sprinkle salt over the
Soak the rice in water for one decorate with the half
two pieces and keep aside for 5
hour. Drain out all the excess strawberries and serve.
minutes. In the meantime heat
water and keep aside. Chop 2-3 enough oil for deep frying the
of the strawberries into small brinjals. Once the oil is hot, fry
pieces and cut the remaining into
STUFFED one piece of brinjal at a time,
turning very carefully. Fry both
Heat the ghee or butter in a BRINJAL WITH sides of the brinjal pieces till
pan and fry the rice on medium
heat for 2-3 minutes, mixing the RICE AND cooked from the inside. Fry both
the pieces in this way and allow
oregano after frying it for 1
minute. Lower the heat and add
CELERY the fried brinjal to cool to room
temperature. With the tip of a
4 cups of water and salt to taste. INGREDIENTS: sharp knife remove the pulp from
Cover with a lid and cook the rice 1 large brinjal – baigan each of the brinjal pieces so as to
on low heat till all the water is oil for deep frying the baigan have a depression for the filling.
evaporated and the rice is salt to taste To prepare the filling: Heat
cooked. Put off the heat and mix For the filling: the oil and saute the vegetables
in the cut strawberry pieces. 11/2 cups of cooked long-grained adding salt to taste. Lower the

46 Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009

heat and cover with a lid for two 1 tbsp of sugar syrup
minutes. Mix in the rice and the 2 tsp of coarsely ground red
spices and stir-fry for a further 2 chilli flakes
minutes. Remove and use this For serving:
filling to fill the scooped out fried lettuce leaves
brinjal pieces.
Now place the stuffed brinjal in For garnishing:
a preheated oven only for 3-5 walnut pieces - optional
minutes so that the brinjal is just METHOD
heated up. Garnish with celery Mix all the ingredients for the
Chicken biryani
leaves and serve. Alternately you salad in a small bowl and keep
could heat the brinjal in a non- aside. Place the lettuce leaves on tsp of lukewarm milk
stick pan covering with a lid on a serving plate or a salad bowl. 3 tsp of lemon juice
high heat only for 2 minutes. Place the cooked rice, sprouts, salt to taste
spring onions, apple strips,
cucumber and radish on the For the marinade:
RICE SALAD lettuce leave. Keep the salad
ready and you could keep it in the
3 tbsp of dahi
3 tsp of ginger-garlic paste
INGREDIENTS: fridge. Just before serving pour 2 tsp of garam masala
1 cup of long-grained rice the dress over the salad and toss 3 tsp of oil
(salt added while cooking) gently with wooden spoon and salt to taste
1/ cup of mixed sprouts
2 serve at once. You could top with METHOD
1/ cup of spring onions – white
2 a few walnut pieces if you so like. Mix the ingredients for the
and green portion, cut into thin marinade and marinate the
strips chicken pieces with this and keep
1 apple cut into strips – without
removing the peel CHICKEN aside for at least 4 hours. After
four hours add the fried onions
1 cucumber – cut into long strips
– without removing the peel
BIRYANI and keep aside for another 1
hour. Soak the rice in water for 1
1/ radish – scrapped and cut
into long strips 1 kg chicken – cut into medium Cook the rice in salted water till
pieces only half tender. Remove from fire
For the dressing:
1 cup of fried onions and keep aside.
1 tbsp of vinegar
2 cups of rice To assemble the biryani:
2 tsp of lemon juice
4-5 strands of saffron mixed in 4 Take a pan with a lid which is big
2 tbsp of olive oil
enough to fit the rice and the meat
Rice salad and enough space for the rice to
swell. Place the marinated
chicken at the bottom of the pan
with all the marinate. Spread the
half cooked rice over the chicken.
Make insertions in the rice layers
and pour the saffron mixture and
the lemon juice so that these
reach the bottom layer. Cover
with a lid. Seal the rim of the lid
with chapatti dough so that no
steam can escape. Place the pan
over low heat and cook for at
least 20 minutes or until the rice is
tender but not overcooked. Serve
piping hot. We

Courtesy: India Gate Basmati Rice

New Delhi. Ph: 011-26548400
Try these sugar-coated and lip-smacking desserts.
By Savita Bhargava

MALAYALI Cover the bowl with aluminium

foil and steam for about 15-20
continuously. Mix in the sugar.
Mix in the cardamom and the
YOGHURT minutes.
Cool. Serve garnished with
mango pulp when cool. Serve
cold garnished with almonds,
INGREDIENTS: remaining nuts and raisins chilled. pistachios and saffron.
200 gm condensed milk
11/2 cup curd made from full
cream milk
1/ cup cream
1/ tsp cinnamon powder
1/ tsp cardamom powder
500 ml full-cream milk
2 tbsp roasted and crushed
cup sugar or to taste
almonds and hazel nuts 4 tsp cutie acid INGREDIENTS:
2 tbsp raisins 1 kg thick curd made from
METHOD Mango rabri full-cream milk
Tie the curd in a muslin 4 tbsp castor sugar or to
cloth and hang it in a cool taste
place to drain out the water. 6 tbsp mixed fruit or
Add the condensed milk, strawberry jam
1/ -1 tsp cardamom powder
cinnamon and cardamom 2
powder and mix well. Also, cake sprinkles
add half of the nuts. For garnishing:
fresh strawberries
Put the curd in a muslin
cloth and hang it in a cool
1/ place for 6-8 hours to drain
2 cup mango pulp
out the water.
2tsp cardamom powder Mix in the castor sugar and
few saffron threads cardamom powder.
1 tsp finely cut almonds and Chill and put a portion in small
pistachios bowls.
METHOD Fold in a tsp of the jam to give
Boil milk in a vessel and keep it a marbled effect.
on simmer till half. Garnish with cake sprinkles
Add the citric acid and stir and serve.
Malayali Yoghurt
48 Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009
it cool. Mix the cream with the
custard and divide into 3 parts.
To one part add the mango
pulp and heat in a mixer. Pour
into an ice-cream tin and keep in
the freezer to set.
Beat the second part also in
the mixer and pour over the set
custard. To the third part heat in
the jelly and pour over the
second layer.
Marble strawberry yoghurt Again keep it to set. Arabian ice cream
Garnish with cake fruit and
chocolate sauce and serve
garnished with the silver balls.
600 ml full-cream milk
51/2 tsp custard powder
12 tsp sugar INGREDIENTS:
1 cup cream 300 gm full-cream yoghurt INGREDIENTS:
1 alphanso or sarauli mango 15-20 gm sugar 500 ml full-cream milk
1/ cup strawberry jelly (castor or powdered) 1/ cup chopped dates
2 4
chocolate sauce sugar to taste
For garnishing:
silver balls For garnishing:
cake fruit
silver balls
In a cup of milk, mix the For date pie:
custard powder and the 125 gm dates (chopped)
sugar. 1/ cup sugar
Boil the remaining 1 cup water
milk and add the 1/ tsp salt
custard powder 1/ cup oil
mixture to it, stirring 3/ tsp cinnamon powder
continuously so that no a pinch of clone powder
lumps are formed.
Remove from fire and let METHOD
Satrangi ice cream
Mix the above ingredients in a
sauce pan, boil-simmer for a few
Frozen yoghurt minutes and cool.
Now mix in 1 cup maida and 1
For garnishing: tsp soda.
100 ml thick cream Spread in an ungreased dish
METHOD and bake till done.
Whip the yoghurt For the ice cream: In a pan boil
with the sugar and fold the milk, add the dates and
in the cream. Put in the simmer till 1/3rd.
freezer to set. When Add the sugar and remove
half set whip again and from the fire.
then freeze again till it Cool, pour in a rice tray and
becomes solid. freeze. Serve with the date
Drizzle liberally with pie.

Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009 49

Choco hazel delight 2-3 drops rose colour
gulkand (candied pink rose
For garnishing:
finely cut pistachios
Boil milk in a vessel and
keep on simmer till about 1/3.
Remove from fire and mix in
the khoya and condensed milk.
Add sugar to taste and keep
Nougat Surprise
the mixture to cool. When cool
mix in the colour and essence.
CHOCO HAZEL Place a little gulkand in each of METHOD
the kulfi mould and pour the milk Heat the sugar in a pan with a
DELIGHT mixture on top. Keep to set in the little
water and caramelise. Add
crushed dry fruits and mix
freezer. Imerse in a pretty serving
INGREDIENTS: well. Spread on a greased tray.
dish. Garnish with finely cut
300 gm condensed milk When cool, remove and crush. In
pistachios and serve.
11/2 cup full-cream milk (cold) a little milk, mix the custard
11/2 cup cream powder and the sugar.
1 tsp vanilla essence Boil the remaining milk and add
4 tbsp crushed hazel nuts NOUGAT the custard powder mixture to it,
4 tbsp choco chips
4-6 chocolate bars (small) SURPRISE stirring continuously so that no
lumps are formed. Remove from
METHOD INGREDIENTS: fire and let it cool. Mix in the
Combine condensed milk, milk 250 ml full-cream milk cream.
and vanilla essence in a bowl. 1/ cup cream
2 Add a little crushed nougat and
Whip the cream lightly and fold 6 tsp sugar freeze. Serve garnished with
into the above mixture. 4 tsp custard powder (preferably remaining crushed nougat and
Pour the mixture in a freezing vanilla flavour) cake sprinkles.
tray and freeze till half set. For nougat:
Remove from the freezer and 1/ cup roasted and crushed

press in small chocolate bars into almonds and hazel nuts
the half set ice cream. In between
press in the crushed hazel nuts
1 cup sugar
For garnishing:
and chocolate chips.
Freeze until firm. Cut into cake fruit or cake sprinkles PUDDING
portions and serve. INGREDIENTS:
8 marie biscuits
1 tbsp unsalted butter

GULABO 2 pineapple slices

50 gm orange jelly
KULFI 1/ cup fresh cream
1/ cup powdered sugar
1 tbsp tang powder
1 lt. full-cream milk
1/ cup grated or 2 oranges
mashed khoya For garnishing:
1/ cup condensed milk cake fruit and sprinkles
sugar to taste METHOD
2-3 drops rose essence Gulabo kulfi Chop the pineapple slices

50 Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009

and let it cool to room
In a food processor, combine
the pineapple and banana until
almost smooth. Add the lemon
and orange juices and process
until smooth.
Pour the mixture into a large
bowl. Stir in the sugar syrup.
Freeze. Before serving let it stand
at room temperature for 10-15
minutes to soften slightly.

English pineapple pudding LEMONADE
finely. Heat water in a vessel and 2 cups water INGREDIENTS:
dissolve the orange jelly in it. 5 cups fresh pineapple pieces 1 cup khus syrup
Separate the orange segments. 2 cups banana chopped 1 cup water
Beat the cream with the sugar 1/ cup fresh lemon lemon squash
until thick. Put the vessel juice METHOD
containing the jelly mixture in a 1/ cup fresh
4 Mix the khus syrup and water
larger vessel filled with ice cubes orange juice and set in an ice-cream tray,
and go on stirring. Add the cream METHOD so we get khus ice-cubes.
and mix well. Also mix in the In a saucepan stir together the Make lemonade with
pineapple pieces, orange sugar and water over medium the lemon squash in
segments and tang powder. heat until the sugar is completely
Crumble the marie biscuits, Khus ice-berg lemonade
dissolved. Remove from the heat
and mix with the unsalted butter.
Spread the mixture in a serving Pine apple banana smoothie
dish and press firmly with your
fingers. Spread a little cream
sugar mixture on top. Keep the
jelly mixture to set in a jelly
mould in the freezer
compartment of the
refrigerator. Just before
serving, unmould the jelly
mixture on the marie biscuit
layer. Garnish with cake fruit
and cake sprinkles. Serve

2 cups sugar

0 Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009 51

400 ml cream
11/2 cup milk powder ANGOORI
1/ cup sugar
1/ cup orange squash INGREDIENTS:
orange colour as 200 gm black grapes
required 100 ml orange juice
orange essence as 100 gm apple (finely chopped)
required salt to taste
cumin powder to taste
For garnishing:
peeled orange segments METHOD
Roast 1-2 tbsp of cumin seeds.
METHOD Cool and powder in a grinder.
Blend all the ingredients in a Blend the fruits in a liquidiser,
blender. Set the freezer control at with a little water. Strain through a
the highest point some time in sieve. Add the orange juice and
Orange delight advance. water to get the desired
Pour the mixture into ice trays consistency. Add the salt and
individual glasses with chilled and keep in the freezer. cumin powder. Chill and serve.
water. Add the khus ice cubes Remove when half set, and
and serve. To make the glasses heat with a fork. Put to set again.
more appealing, dip the rim of the
glasses first in water and then in
Serve garnished with orange
segments. CARROT
castor sugar. Then use them to
serve your cold drink.
Carrot pumpkin sundae
ORANGE 1 cup full-cream milk
1 cup cream
DELIGHT 1/ cup milk powder
1/ cup castor sugar
400 ml milk (full cream) 1/ tsp vanilla essence
1/ cup grated candied petha
Angoori sharbat (white pumpkin)
1 cup grated carrots
Blend all the ingredients except
the grated vegetables and sugar,
in a blender. Set the freezer
control at the highest point some
time in advance. Cook the grated
carrots with the sugar and keep
You can spread the candid
vegetables at the bottom of the
ice cream tin or use it to garnish
while serving. The ice cream can
be set in a lage ice cream tin or
small moulds. Freeze and serve
as desired. We

52 Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009

QA &
intercourse she is no longer a virgin
as the male has to rupture her hymen
minimised. Quite often, the
amniocentesis result is normal and
to enter the vagina. As for your we can then overlook the triple test
second question, it is highly unlikely report. On the other hand if it
that you will get pregnant during your confirms the triple test finding, you
periods. may be offered the option of aborting
This is because only one egg is a child with congenital defects.
released during a menstrual cycle
and that is mid-cycle, around the
fourteenth day. I am 26 years old and have a male
child aged five. I became pregnant
again in mid-2008 but as the baby
I am a 34-year-old woman pregnant was abnormal it was aborted in
for the first time. Around the fourth August 2008. Now I am planning for

month the doctor got a triple test another child and would like to know,
done which was positive for Down’s how soon after sex can pregnancy
Syndrome. She now wants me to get be confirmed.
I am a 25-year-old married woman an amniocentesis done which Can it be done with the pregnancy
living in Dubai with my husband. This involves poking a needle in my kit available in the market? I do not
is my first pregnancy and I am in the tummy! Please explain what this is want to wait for a month to learn of
seventh month. My worry is that we all about as I am frightened out of my this for I want to be very careful this
are still having sexual intercourse as wits. time.
my husband wants it everyday but he Down’s Syndrome is a congenital As there is a lot of work to be
restricts himself to positions form of mental retardation that done at home and all the chores
recommended by the gynaecologist. usually afflicts babies of older women have to be performed by me, I can
He is crazy for sex. My breasts have though, younger women are not begin taking rest earlier if the
grown very big and he wants to suck immune. The triple test is a broad pregnancy is confirmed earlier.
them all the time. Will daily sex and screening method that gives but a You cannot learn whether you
sucking of breast cause problems? warning regarding the presence or have conceived or not soon after sex
There is no harm in having a absence of the above diseases. To but you can learn whether you are
regular sex life if a healthy woman is make a confirmatory diagnosis an pregnant or not even before you miss
carrying a healthy pregnancy, invasive test called amniocentesis is your periods by a blood test that a
especially in positions advised by the required. gynaecologist has to prescribe.
gynaecologist. However, I would This involves inserting a needle in This will serve no useful purpose
advise moderation in everything the uterus to withdraw a certain in your case, for you do not suffer
during pregnancy, especially on amount of amniotic fluid which is then from repeated abortions. You had an

issues pertaining to sex. tested to reach a definitive diagnosis. induced abortion to get rid of an
Also, woman with a history of It is not as scary as you think, for the abnormal pregnancy.
obstetric complications are advised local anaesthesia does not allow you For this you need proper
to restrain from sex during to feel any sort of pain and as it is surveillance during early pregnancy
pregnancy. Sucking of breasts or any done under ultrasound guidance the to confirm whether this pregnancy is
other form of nipple stimulation, like chances of injury to the baby are normal or not.
manual manipulation, can lead to
preterm labour, especially in women
who have a tendency to do so. I am five months pregnant with my first child. Please tell
me what is the best position to sleep in.
Try not to sleep on your back from the beginning of the
I am a 21-year-old virgin. My periods fifth month onwards. This is because the growing uterus
last for seven days and come every presses upon the big blood vessels that lie immediately
month. This time I had sex with my behind it, leading to breathlessness and fainting attacks
fiancé on the fourth day of my period at times. It also inhibits digestion.
and he released his sperm in my Sleeping on the side, especially the left side increases
vagina. Now two things are worrying the flow to the placenta thereby increasing the transfer of
me. Firstly, am I a virgin or not? oxygen and nutrients to the baby optimising its growth. It
Secondly, is there any chance of my also enhances the flow of blood to the kidneys which leads to better
getting pregnant during my menstrual elimination of waste products.
cycle? – Dr A. K. Bajaj, MD.
Once a woman has vaginal

Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009 53

West Unique
eastern style:
The enticing
ghaghra and
These eye-catching ensemble of kameez has
an attractive
conventional and modern dupatta to
apparels are designed to enhance your charm.
your beauty to classic levels, not
letting your companion to take his
eyes off you.
Touch of the West:
This charming belle
looks ravishingly
beautiful in this frock.
Arresting gait:
In this modern
outfit the lady
appears to send
an invitation to

What more to
desire: This
occidental dress
is meant to
draw your loved
one closer.
Encircling attire:
Isn't the girl
ready to take off
in this tempting
A class of their
own: The lady
gets a serene
and sedate
appearance in
this out-of-the
ordinary dress.

Matchless charm:
Doesn't she simply
present an
incredible look in
this colourful attire?
Bold is beautiful:
This western
outfit gives you
the confidence to
face any modern
look: The
Ultra-modern: alongwith the
This non-traditional wide-cut top
dress makes the lady makes the girl
irresistibly attractive. an object of
The hairdo tells a attention.
new tale.
Graceful: A dreamy attire:
The lady in The trouser
this modern matched with the
dress revealing top
appears all alongwith the
set to go for handbag marks
the kill. her out as
someone special.
The Paying Guest
The poor young girl’s innocence became her undoing.
By Dr Gayathri N. M.

ourteen-year-old Mutthu was glad to see that “Did you not attend school at all?”
the “To Let” board no longer adorned the wall “I did, up to the 5th standard.”
in her master’s house. It meant that a new “Then?”
paying guest had arrived. Her master had “My father said there was no money to send me
furnished a room in the first floor of his house to school. He put me here with my grandma and got
with all facilities with the idea to rent it out. He me the job in the master’s house.”
and his family lived in the ground floor. Since For the first time a paying guest had enquired
medical and engineering colleges were nearby, he about Mutthu. After that, a few words with him
earned a good income from the room. whenever she came to work filled her with
Mutthu, a slum dweller, worked as a maid in the happiness.
master’s house. Her responsibility was to keep the One day, she wanted to know his name. “Master,
house spotless by sweeping and dusting it. If the what is your name?”
room was occupied, the duty of cleaning “Mutthu, call me as you are doing now
that room too fell on Mutthu. While, the Mutthu had – master.”
wages Mutthu earned went directly to her been working in “How can I? I address the owner of this
father, the paying guests usually tipped her her master’s house also ‘master’.”
generously at the end of the month. It was house for four “Okay, he is your big master. I am your
this that made Mutthu happy. years. She rarely little master.”
Mutthu had been working in her Thus, he became ‘little master’ to
spoke to others
master’s house for four years. She rarely Mutthu.
and earnestly
spoke to others and earnestly did the work One day she asked, “Little master, what
did the work she
she was assigned. Even the paying guests are you studying?”
was assigned.
who occupied the room seldom spoke to “Me? I am studying to be a doctor.”
her. Even the paying That day, he told her. “Mutthu, remove
However, this time, a young and guests who these dirty clothes and wear fresh ones.
handsome fellow had taken the room. The occupied the Don’t you have other clothes?”
very next day, he smiled at Mutthu. When room seldom “No, little master, I don’t have any at
she was coming out of his room after her spoke to her. all. Once a year, my mother gets me old
work, he asked her name. After a week, clothes of others. Other than that where
he enquired, “Where is your house?” can I get clothes?”
“Can you see the line of houses over there? The “What about your wages?”
house in the middle is ours.” “Every month my father comes and collects it from
“How many of you stay in your house.” the master.”
“Only my grandmother and myself.” “Don’t you ask your father for new dresses?”
“Oh, your parents?” “Oh, no. He will kick me if I do that. Every single
“They work in a big bazaar far away. They are paisa of my wages goes to his drinks.”
labourers. They come home once a week.” “Will you buy new clothes if I give you the
“Are you not scared?” money?”
“No, we have houses in the neighbourhood. “If you give... I will.”
There are people.” That day, he gave her a 100-rupee note. Mutthu

62 Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009

was delighted. She carefully folded it, kept it inside
her blouse and took it home.

* * *
As usual, Mutthu came to work. She was running
a high temperature. She was trembling. Her eyes
were red and her face swollen. When she got ready
to leave, he asked, “Mutthu, why are you pale? Are
you not doing well?”
“No, little master. I have fever, My head is
“Have you not taken any medicine?”
“Come here.” He put his hand on Mutthu’s
forehead and felt it. It was hot.
“Why didn’t you tell me about it? Come, I’ll give
you medicine.”
He pulled a rack and took out a few tablets.
“Take two tablets three times a day. Just wait and
see. Your fever will vanish by tomorrow.”
The touch of the soft hands of the little master on

her forehead brought enormous relief to Mutthu. She

had never been to a doctor before in her life. When
she was going out, he called her again. “You don’t
take a bath every day, do you? Here, take this soap.
If you don’t bathe you will stink. Then you will
develop skin diseases. How can you come to work
then? Tomorrow have your bath before you come
The next day, Mutthu was at her workplace. Her
fever had come down.
He called her to check her. He felt her forehead
and neck. When he was about to remove his hands,
Mutthu put hers on his. The touch felt heavenly to
her. She was convinced that the reason for her
recovery was his touch rather than his tablets.
Giving some more tablets to her, he said,
“Okay, take two of these in the afternoon
and at night. That should be enough.
Mutthu, you need not sweep the room
today. Tomorrow you can do that. Go
home and take rest.”
Her admiration for him increased on
hearing his sympathetic words.

* * *
A small question arose in Mutthu’s
mind as her intimacy with her little master
grew. Her aged grandmother had
developed an eye problem. Whenever
she had to go out during the night, she
needed Mutthu’s help. Mutthu had to go
with her and forgo her sweet sleep.
Mutthu decided to seek her little master’s help. work of her little master more and more. She was
“Little maser, may I ask you something?” interested in the fresh 100-rupee notes
“Of course you may.” he often gave her. One day, he bought a new skirt
“You are learning to become a doctor, aren’t and a blouse for her.When she came, he showed
you?” her the dress and said, “See what I have brought for
“Yes.” you? “Mutthu joyfully held the shining dress in her
“My granny cannot see properly. Can you give hand.
her some medicine for that? I’ll bring her here “Put on the dress.” Mutthu felt bashful.
tomorrow.” “Don’t feel shy. Go into that room and change.
Her question put him in a fix. Let’s see how you look.”
He had lied to Mutthu. He was in fact studying for While Mutthu was changing her dress, he
his diploma in engineering. Mutthu in her innocence suddenly entered the room and hugged her from
trusted him implicitly, especially after her bout of behind. Mutthu felt many things happen within
fever which he had cured. minutes. Slightly perspiring, she grabbed her dress,
“Why not?” he replied after a while. “Wait for a put it on hastily and wiped her face.
few days. I’ll come to your house. Your granny need “I’m sorry, really sorry” he consoled caressing her
not walk so far. I am a bit busy now with my exams. all over. “Take this ...he gave her two more 100-
Afterwards, I’ll treat her.” His assurance satisfied rupee notes.
One day, she came to his room * * *
wearing a new dress bought with the He called her Mutthu began to suspect the change in
money he had given. to check her. her body after a few months. She felt she
“Little master, look at my dress. I bought He felt her was growing plump because her dress had
it with the money you gave. Is it nice?” forehead and become tight. She told her little master
“Of course. But you need one more neck. When he about it. He examined her and said, “You
change. Do you brush your teeth?” was about to have become more beautiful, that’s all. It
“No.” remove his happens when you are contented.” Are
“Look, if you brush your teeth, apply hands, you not happy now?”
powder and wear a bindi on your Mutthu put “I am.”
forehead... you will look just like hers on his. “Hasn’t your financial worry lessened?”
Aishwarya Rai. Do you know her?” The touch “Yes.”
She had known about her through the felt heavenly “That’s why this change.”
poster. “Will I look like her?” to her. “Then... this stomach?”
“Of course. Here, take this money. “It’s because of something like
Dress up neatly tomorrow and come.” acidity. I shall get you some tablets
Next day when she arrived, even he was tomorrow.”
dressed neatly. He had shaved his beard. He took Next day he gave her one tablet and said, “You
the well-dressed Mutthu to the mirror and said, might feel a little tired. Take two or three days’ rest.
“Look.” You can come to work after that.”
Mutthu did not have such a big mirror at home.
Looking at herself in the mirror, she felt that whatever * * *
he had said was true. Little master’s tablet wreaked havoc in Mutthu.
“Didn’t I tell you?” he said. He turned her face Just as he had said, pain besieged her the whole
towards him and kissed her. Though startled, Mutthu night. At last, just as she felt her whole energy
did not want to free herself. His moustache tickled draining away completely, she felt wetness in her
her. “Mutthu, do you know the meaning of your inner clothes. Feeling terribly frightened, she
name? This is it.” He held her tightly and kissed removed her bloodstained clothes and washed them
again. Mutthu was slightly frightened. When they before sunrise. She could not get up from her bed
came out of the room, he said, “Don’t tell anyone for the next few days. She lied to her grandmother
about this. You will come tomorrow, won’t you?” and pulled on for three days.
He thrust two 100-rupee notes into her palms. She felt slightly better on the fourth day. She
Mutthu went out nodding her head with a smile on remembered her work, her little master and the fact
her face. that she should tell him about her ordeal. When she
came to her master’s house, she was stunned by
* * * what she saw. “To Let.” The board was back on the
As the days went by, Mutthu began to relish the wall once again. We

64 Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009

QA &
A good friend of mine has been amount he has borrowed and do
borrowing money from me for over you need the money badly? If his
two years. This is because I got a friendship means a lot to you and
good job right after we both left you can afford it, you could think of
college, while he remained writing off the debt or at least waiting
unemployed till recently. However, a bit longer to see if he brings up
he managed to get a job in a good the question of repayment on his
company three months ago. own. After all, he may have other
In these three months he has not debts to repay after being
once mentioned the money that he unemployed for so long and may
owes me, though whenever he have thought that he could repay
borrowed from me, he always said you later because you are such a
that he’d return it as soon as he good friend. But if you bring up the
could. I am embarrassed to bring matter, be matter of fact and hide
the matter up, but I’d like my money any embarrassment you may feel.
back. What should I do? After all, he will be even more
How good a friend is this man embarrassed than you! Also be
and how important is his friendship accommodating and say that he can
to you? Also, how large is the repay the money in instalments.
I am a 23-year-old woman software were in college. So his excuse isn’t I expected that man to ask me to
engineer in a good job with a multi- really believable. marry him before I left, but to my
national. A male college mate and Unless he is cured of his shock, he just told me that I should
good friend of mine also works in the addiction, your friend will find another come again and saw me off. How can
same company. When we were in excuse to go back to drugs even if I make that man realise that he
college together, we foolishly you accept his love. You will do him a should marry me?
experimented with drugs, but while I lot more good if you tell him that Why would that man want to
soon realised how foolish I was you’ll always be his friend and you marry you? Except for children, you
being and gave it up, my friend did then see that he goes in for de- give him all that he could want –
not. He is now fully addicted, though addiction treatment and rehabilitation. unlimited sex and affection – besides
he manages to continue with his If he does not agree to undergo this being ready to run when he calls!
work. treatment, you should tell his family Besides, it does not appear that he
Recently I spoke seriously to him about his problem. respects you. You should get married
about his addiction and advised him because marriage will give you sex
to undergo de-addiction treatment. as well as companionship in a
To my shock he told me that I was I am a 22-year-old working woman socially acceptable way. But do not
the cause of his problem. He said and my problem is that I need sex on expect your first lover to marry you.
that he had been in love with me ever a regular basis. I began masturbating
since we had met in college and that when I attained puberty, but dis -
he had taken to drugs because he covered the pleasures of sex with a I am a 28-year-old married woman
had realised that I did not love him. partner when I joined college. with a two-year-old son. I have an
I am very fond of this friend. In the last four years I have had excellent job and recently got a
Should I say that I love him just to sex with three partners. Of them, the promotion and a big raise in salary.
get him to quit drugs? first and I fell in love and then had My company has also given me good
You can tell your friend that you sex. After that man finished his accommodation and a car. My in-
love him, but how far are you ready course and left college, I was laws and widowed sister-in-law stay
to take the matter? Are you ready to heartbroken because he had not with us. I have very good relations
marry him and spend your life with asked me to marry him. I then had with them and they willingly help me
him? And anyway, will you be able sex on a strictly mutual necessity a lot in running the house and caring
to convince him of your love? basis with two other men. for my son.
Addicts often give excuses for Last month my first lover phoned But my husband is always
their addiction – excuses that aren’t me and asked me to come and nagging me to give up my job and be
really true. spend the weekend with him. He is a full-time homemaker. He says that
Your friend has given the excuse now working in another city, but I his parents need to be looked after.
that disappointment in love made him rushed there and we had a I find this very strange because
an addict, but the fact remains that memorable weekend together, we cannot hope to manage on his
he never told you that he loved you getting out of bed only when salary alone. Besides, my in-laws are
or tried to win your love when you absolutely unavoidable. not very old and are in excellent

Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009 65

QA &
health. I earn more than double what
my husband earns and, if anyone
difficult to remain apart. Since we are
both living abroad in Canada where
became pregnant. My pregnancy is
going fine, but my husband and both
quits working to stay at home, it we have no relatives, we are our families, are talking and acting as
should be him. wondering why we should not live if it would be a great calamity if I
He was furious when I said this, together as man and wife till we go didn’t have a son. They are insisting
but I really can’t even think of back to India and get married. that I must have a scan to find out
resigning from my job. How can I Our colleagues and friends here the sex of the baby. I don’t know if
make my husband understand all are surprised that we do not live they will suggest that I abort the child
this? together when we are planning to if it is a girl, but I am sure that they
Not many Indian men would be marry. They say that we are foolishly will be disappointed and that they will
happy being house-husbands! They wasting the best days of our lives. not love the baby.
think that this is against their Should we move in together? I am stressed out which I am sure
masculinity and that people will laugh Live-in relationships are common is not good for the baby. What should
at them. So don’t tell your husband in the Western world and young I do?
that he should be the one to stop people are entering into them in India What can you do now? You are
working or dream of coming back to a too. But what does a relationship of pregnant and are going to have a
spic and span house with him this sort mean? All it really means baby and whether it is a boy or girl
greeting you at the door with a smile that you have all the pleasures of isn’t in your hands! Just tell yourself
and a cup of hot coffee. Your marriage without commitment. It this repeatedly and relax, As you
husband seems to be suffering from means that you or your partner can yourself know, being worried and
an inferiority complex because you opt out of the relationship without a stressed out isn’t good for the child.
are doing so much better than him. moment’s hesitation, even if the other Using a scan to find out the sex
Men always think of themselves doesn’t want this. of a foetus is illegal in India. Remind
as responsible for bringing home the Of course, you and your boyfriend your family of this.
bacon and when your husband sees are planning to get married, but Today, many people want to have
that he cannot, he must feel very again, if you live together one of both daughters because they think that
inadequate. So be very affectionate of you might not want to get married girls are easier to bring up and that
in dealing with him. Tell him how later. After all, why should one they grow up to be more responsible
much you need him and how you undertake responsibilities when one and caring towards parents and
cannot manage without him. Avoid can have all the fun without any siblings. But the desire to have a son
talking about your work or telling him commitment? So be ready for one or to carry on the family name is also
about your successes. Be calm when both of you not thinking it necessary found not just in our culture but in
he again tells you about quitting your to get married even after four years. many across the globe. To that
job and explain to him that today And what if you should get extent the desire of your husband
most families need two incomes. pregnant in the meantime? After all, and both your family and his, is
Praise the help your in-laws are no method of contraception is 100% understandable. So be patient with
giving you and tell him that you need foolproof. Think all this over and then their eagerness, even if you don’t
to consider giving up your job only decide what to do. share it.
when they grow really old and As for your worry that they will not
helpless and your sister-in-law love the baby if it turns out to be a
cannot manage things on her own. I am 37 years old and have been girl, just put it out of your mind. Once
married seven years. My husband is the baby arrives, they will forget all
39. For the first five years of marriage their earlier obsessions and adore
My fiance is 31 and I am 29. Both of we were too busy having fun to want the little one. She will become the
us have financial responsibilities to start a family. We both had good centre of the world for your husband
towards our parents and we can’t jobs and were earning a lot of money. and everyone else. So just forget all
afford to get married for at least four Two years ago we decided to your worries and enjoy your
years more. But we are finding it very have a baby and four months ago, I pregnancy.


Yo u r P e r s o n a l A g o n y A u n t O n l i n e Powered by
66 Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009
QA &
deciding about the importance of
marriage to you. It is very easy to
break up but if every small excuse is
used for divorce, soon there will be
no married couples in the world.
You have to sternly tell your
friends that this taunting is not
acceptable to you and they have no
right to belittle your decision about
your marriage.
If they still persist, be prepared to
but it should not begin to hinder your distance yourself for a while, they will
normal life. If you are doing see your point of view in time to
meditation regularly learn to focus

your thoughts and emotions by
breath control. Give it some time as
well and when you feel you must I got married two years
shed a tear or two, do it privately and ago and my husband’s
you might feel better for it. younger brother was
very fond of me. He
I have been married for six years and recently confided in me
have two kids (four and two). My My husband cheated and confessed that he has just begun to
husband has begun to complain that I after the girl was out of his life. try some drugs and is
am not as attractive as I was when I never had any inkling and felt more taking prescription
we first met. He too has put on stupid than betrayed. drugs as well because in his office
weight and lost hair, but I don’t say However, I decided my marriage all youngsters enjoy that. What
anything. Why is he being so was important to be given a second should I do? While I do not want to
demanding? chance and now my friends taunt me betray him, I don’t want him to ruin
It is a fact that most women, and about it. I don’t like it, what do I do? his life.
some men, tend to neglect their You have behaved sensibly in You are absolutely right. You
bodies after marriage. Women have have a responsibility and even if he
the added disadvantage that after feels betrayed right now he will thank
bearing a child they lose youthful I am a single parent you in times to come. Sometimes,
muscle control. and wanted to be you have to be cruel to be kind and
However, you can remedy it all. liberal and friendly take risks with loved ones in their
Your husband is definitely trying to with my daughters. interest.

be honest, so might as well attempt While my eldest You need to talk to the young
to achieve what he hopes. When he daughter was very man in detail and tell him that while
sees you making an effort maybe he balanced my second you appreciate his confiding in you
will begin to pay attention to his own daughter who is now 15 has but you want him to take things in
health. If not, you can coax him to boyfriend and she is getting control and stop it, even if it means
join you after you have sensed the distracted from her studies. How ostracisation by his colleagues. If he
feeling of success. do I handle her as I don’t want to does not pay heed you will have to
curb her growth? seriously consider speaking to your
Puberty or transition from husband about it.
I have always dwelt in the past and childhood to adulthood can be
never enjoyed my current state of life. traumatic for growing kids. Every
I went to a spiritual session and was child is special and different. Girls MY FAMILY, MY FRIENDS AND ME...
taught meditation techniques. Now I who date before they are
feel that while I am fine with what is psychologically and socially ready This new column will tackle queries
over, I have become very emotional for this change are often related to family, social environment and
in my present life. How do I handle obsessive about the boys personality development.
this? because they are unsure of Please address your queries to:
It is not always easy to themselves. WOMAN'S ERA,
acknowledge or face your fears, so You have to be a different and E-3, Jhandewala Estate,
you must acknowledge the wonderful more stern mother with your New Delhi-110055.
achievement you have managed. younger daughter. or log on to
Being emotional is not bad per se,

Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009 67

If you resent spending
too much time on tedious
and repetitive house
cleaning, follow these tips
for reclaiming your life.
By Shailja Mehta
ou went to the mall last

Saturday instead of
cleaning the toilets. You
bought shoes instead of
getting the mixer-grinder
fixed. Sounds familiar? Let’s
face it, ladies. It happens to
the best of us. The chores
pile up and the mess gets
out of control. Wouldn’t it be
nice to spend most of the weekend
relaxing rather than mopping the
floor? It’s okay! I’m here to tell you
that there is hope.
Housework doesn’t have to take
over your life. In fact, you can learn to
cut your housework in half. Follow
these simple steps and liberate
yourself from these bonds forever!

Reality check
Take a hard look at the weekly
tasks you do around the house. Are
they all really necessary? If you work
long hours during the week, and your
weekend entertaining is more or less
restricted to the living room or
kitchen, why not consider letting the

rest of the house slide for a week or getting down on the floor to inspect moment. How much can it really cost
two? After all, you’re not at home the tiles for traces of dirt. to get someone?
during the day, and your friends are Once you have a clear picture of Give this plan a chance, and you’ll
hardly about to embark on a what your Saturday or Sunday notice there are plenty of positives to
thorough, top-to-bottom inspection of afternoon could be like, it will be very, be found. You’ve just created a job
your apartment. You may be pushing very hard to justify getting out that for someone who needs the work.
yourself to clean every corner and vacuum cleaner or rolling up your So, solve the cleaning problem,
crevice, when nobody really notices if sleeves to clean out the fridge. and get ready to deal with having
the floor in the house gets mopped Remind yourself of your priorities – whole chunks of time to devote to the
every second – or even third – day, when it comes right down to it, would important things in your life. Now,
rather than on the stroke of 10 am you rather catch up with an old friend what are you going to do first?
every day. you haven’t seen in months, or have
a scrubbed and sparkling toilet? Organise your house-cleaning
How else could you be As you start developing simple
spending your time? Can you enlist any help? house-cleaning habits, you’ll notice
Take a minute to imagine in detail Who says the housework has to that your work will get easier and
what your fantasy weekend would be all your problem anyway? If easier. This set of tips will give you
look like. How would you spend it? you’ve reduced your cleaning tasks some great ideas of good habits to
Sleeping in, doing some leisurely to the bare minimum and you’re still start.
shopping on Saturday afternoon, may feeling frazzled and resentful, it’s
be catching a movie or having friends time to call in some help. If you share Rinse your plate
around for an afternoon tea and your place with anyone, there’s This may be a small tip, but it can
ordering in some Chinese fast food simply no reason that you should be help in big ways. If you simply make
for the evening? In this kind of doing all the menial tasks. Call a it a habit to rinse your plate after
relaxed atmosphere, no one will be family meeting, and delegate some dinner and have all family members
thinking of running their finger along of the household jobs. Even if you do the same, it will make washing
the mantelpiece checking for dust, or find it hard to give up control of this them a lot easier. No one likes trying
area, just try it for two weeks. Sure, to wash dried food off the
there may be a few dust balls dishes.Tackle the small jobs.
remaining under the table, and the Housework can be overwhelming.
kitchen sink may not be shining Learn to break it down and tackle the
brightly enough to see your reflection smaller jobs first. As you do, each job
in it, but these are minor issues if will become easier. Also, if you clean
they end up giving you two or three the small messes before they get big,
hours of your weekend back. it’ll be a lot easier to clean up.
If you can’t share the workload, If you make it a habit to do a quick
there’s one more option available: pick up before going to bed, it’ll really
pay someone else to help with help. You’ll find that it’s easier to
housework. Before you dismiss the wake up and feel good about the day
idea as too expensive, think for a if even one room is clean. We

Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009 69

hat do you do inside

your house the whole
day long? Don’t you
feel bored? You must
go out more often, you
know, and meet
people,” neighbours
say, looking at me in a
curious but kindly
fashion. I smile in reply

without offering an explanation. It is a
rhetorical question, of course, which
does not call for a reply. They only

want me to know that I am an old
Anyway, what do I tell them? That
I spend my time reading? That I am a
kind of “readoholic?” I may have
Welcome to the world invented a word but it does describe
me completely. Me and so many
of a compulsive reader! others like me, I suppose, are
irrevocably addicted to the
By Romola Shanbhag written word.
If there’s something
to read, I read it. I
feel a sort of deep
sense of duty to
do this. If someone has taken the Married children in in her mouth. A book is
If there’s
pains to write and print something, different parts of the globe always propped up beside
surely we are obligated to award it a exhort us to never dispose
something to her plate at mealtimes –
little bit of our eyeball time? And this, of their childhood read, I read it. even when there are
in a nutshell, is what keeps me (“books”). We always want I feel a sort of guests at the table!
housebound most of the time! to keep them, mom. Sheer deep sense of One day, I was
Consider this. We get three news- nostalgia! Promise...we’ll duty to do this. surprised to see her
papers delivered on our doorstep take them off your hands If someone has having breakfast without
every day. While hubby simply one of these days, but till taken the the customary book or
glances at the headlines and tosses then, hang on to them, will pains to write paper before her face —
the papers away, I feel I must read you? (So the dog-eared but her eyes were avidly
and print
these from front page to last, Enid Blytons, Nancy Drews reading the print of a large
especially since we pay a fat bill for and the Commando
something, cereal carton! According
these at the end of each month. And, comics stay…and so do surely we are to this worthy, to eat, just
since one does not read old, hubby’s dusty technical obligated to eat – to concentrate on
yesterday’s newspapers, I sit tomes, long outdated, of award it a little the food one is shovelling
surrounded by the sheets for hours course, but still denied a bit of our into the mouth – is
on end every morning, speed-reading decent retirement to the eyeball time? indecent and gross! Well,
like a maniac. kabadi man.) as they say, it takes all
But then I cannot blame them? kinds to make the world!
For, don’t I still have my cherished
COMPULSIVE READERS favourites…the thick-paged Angela
And then, there are the magazines Brazil schoolgirl books, the Sherlock A READING MANIAC
we get from the local vending library. Holmes, the Scarlet Pimpernel A reading maniac uncle could not
The rule is that you cannot get one series …all so dear to my heart – go to the loo without a newspaper or
unless you return the one you have. companions in solitude, solace- book to read. All indignant
So there I go, furiously reading some givers, entertainers par excellence! protestations from his family fell on
periodical or other in the afternoon – “I wish there were 36 hours in a deaf ears…till he was assigned a
so that we manage to get the 30 day,” I often complain to my spouse.” separate newspaper to take
magazines we are entitled to get How else can I get to finish all that I wherever he wished! When he
each month for the fee we pay. have to read?” married, his indulgent bride installed
And then, what about the British His usual reply to my usual query a dinky book shelf in the bathroom
Council Library and Sahitya Akademi is: “Selective reading, my dear, is the where he kept his loo reading
books on my bedside table? These key. You don’t have to read material, which did not travel outside
can be read a little more leisurely, no everything , you know. Choose these precincts, of course, and no
doubt, but as it just won’t do to return …choose and read.” one touched!
them after the due dates, every night, To this, I respond cannily: “When As for me, my mother claims that
my table lamp burns bravely late into you take us out for a buffet lunch in a my reading habit has very early
the night as I tackle the stack… 5-star hotel, don’t you urge us to try origins. It seems I loudly spelt out the
So, tell me, where do I find the out all the dishes? To eat as much words painted on shop boards, home
time to hobnob with the neighbours, as we can?” nameplates and street signs when I
sip tea sitting in the warm winter sun “That’s different,” he retorts huffily. was barely out of the cradle. “I should
or snatch a siesta in the afternoons? I We pay a hefty price for each have known then itself,” she says
hardly get time to cook and fold person’s meal. We have to get our now, “that your nose would not be out
clothes, leave alone idly chit-chat, I money’s worth.” of a book for the rest of your life!”
tell you. Even when I watch my “That’s just what I am doing too,” I What, one may wonder, do I do if
favourite sitcoms and news channels state smugly. “I rest my case, Your I run out of anything to read. This
on TV, there is always a book or Honour.” His answer is simply a grunt rarely happens, so the question of
newspaper on my lap which I read of disgust. my suffering cold turkey does not
during the commercial breaks. I know, of course, that my reading arise. And then again, I am blessed
In our home, you can be sure you obsession is a little over the top, and with a memory like a sieve. I tend to
will always find some reading I must do something about it but this forget the plots of stories so rapidly
material at arm’s length from you. trait runs in the family, and I must that it is possible for me to re-read
There are books, magazines and have inherited it in my genes. There these again and again with
newspapers lying on sofas and under are quite a few readomaniacs on our undiminished pleasure. I forget, after
chairs, on bed rests and under family tree. a while, who married whom at the
occasional tables, apart from those A cousin of mine cannot eat a end of some story, and who
spilling out of groaning shelves in mouthful without a printed word for murdered the woman in the library
almost every room. her to follow as she puts a mouthful in a whodunit… We

Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009 71



initiatives and
rejuvenated social
reforms can
confront extremism
By Dr Satish Kumar
and Vivek Raj
hulan Devi of Pandura village fundamental changes in the block.

under Sandesh Block was the On the one hand, there is an
first woman Naxalite leader. expansion of Naxal outfits in many
She canvassed for a Naxalite districts of Bihar. Nineteen out of 38
candidate for the 2000 districts are Naxal-infested. The
panchayat elections. Her succeeding years, have not only
contribution was the most witnessed a consolidation of
crucial in electing a Maoist extremists in their strongholds, but a
mukhiya for the Pandura further expansion into newer areas.
Panchayat. But very soon the Apart from traditional strongholds in
same firebrand old lady turned Patna, Gaya, Aurangabad, Arwal,
against the Maoist forces. Jhulan Bhabhua, Rohtas and Jehanabad in
Devi said, “All Maoist leaders are the south-western parts of the State,
political thugs. They are worse than there has been a spurt in extremism
any upper-caste feudals. They use in parts of North Bihar, bordering
violence and murder for not bringing Nepal including the West
social justice for their own vested Champaran, East Champaran,
interests.” Sheohar, Sitamarhi, Muzaffarpur,
Like Jhulan Devi, there are scores Darbhanga and Madhubani districts.
of male and female activists who The Naxalites have also extended
used to be sympathisers and their areas of influence into
promoters of naxalites but turned Shaharsha, Begusarai and Vaishali,
against them. This turn has brought and areas along the border with Uttar

72 Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009

Pradesh. On the other hand, there is minted money and used the power 2,000 fully-trained ex-army men to
a gradual erosion of Naxal for their own vested interests. That step up police operations against
dominance from certain pockets of revealed the real face of Maoist organised crime and Naxalites. Now
Bihar. leaders. Their calibrated plan of hate the strength of SAP has gone up to
Sandesh block is one of the against the upper castes got exposed more than 5, 000.
blocks of Bihar that has seen the to the lower castes. Exposition of The process of social cohesion
gradual elimination of Naxalites. Naxal tactics brought a social against the Maoists started in many
Sandesh comes under the Bhojpur cohesiveness among the different panchayats of the Sandesh block.
district. There are 11 panchayats castes. They came together to elect a The spectre of naxal violence has
under the Sandesh block. It is very leader who could work for the taught a lesson to the upper-caste
informative and interesting to have development of the villages. people. They started respecting the
the grassroots’ view of the end of lower castes and accommodating
Naxal dominance in certain
panchayats of Sandesh block. It is a
THE MANDAL them in any decision-making process
for the development of the villages.
well-known fact that Naxalism in REVOLUTION This new outlook of the social order
Bihar had started from two blocks: Nevertheless, the Mandal pressurised the sympathisers or
Sandesh and the adjoining Shahar. revolution in Bihar has resurrected supporters of Naxalites to mend their
The most important factor, which the image of backward castes, ways or leave the villages.
proved to be instrumental in especially the Yadavs in Bihar. The Social pressure changed many
dismantling the Naxal dominance Yadav is numerically the biggest naxalites to switch over to farming
was the panchayat election which chunk in Bihar. The 15 years of Lalu and shed all their associations with
was initiated in Bihar after 23 years, Raj has raised the economic and the Naxal outfits. The process of
held in 2000. Six panchayats had political status of Yadavs. They social change has reduced the
Maoist mukhiyas under the 2000 became economically rich and number of Naxalites from many
panchayat election in the Sandesh politically powerful. With this change, villages under the Sandesh block
block. The second panchayat the Yadavs gradually withdrew dramatically. The hard-core Naxal
election in Bihar was held in 2006. It themselves from Maoist outfits. That leaders left the villages. Gradually the
is very interesting to note that all six is a major blow to the extreme Sandesh block which has 11
Maoists mukhiyas were defeated in leftists. The sense of peace and panchayats, was cleansed of Naxal
the 2006 elections. development became the violence. Now the doors in the
It was the first important signal of predominant factor for the Scheduled villages are not shut with the sunset.
the unpopularity of the Maoists in the and Backward Castes. People even move about in the night.
villages. It also created a There are many other initiatives
significant distance between that have been started by the State
the Maoist leaders and the Government to curb the naxal
community. violence. The Jehanabad district has
Maoists were exposed to remained in the news for Naxal
the poor people from whom violence for more than two decades.
they remained cut off during But the recent initiative of the state
their tenure as mukhiya. All government under the Aasdwar
malpractices were being project in Jehanabad has eroded the
followed by them. They Naxal base to a large extent. The
scheme is currently under way in
five Naxalite-affected panchayats of
the district – Sikariya, Sewana,
The new government of Mandebigha, Surungpur- Bhawanichak
Bihar after 15 years of Lalu and Jamuk – all in the Jehanabad
raj , has done some Sadar block. All villages under these
meaningful work which five panchayats are witnessing a
addressed the key issues of flurry of developmental activities on a
the poor people. It reposed war footing.
faith in the governance. The The people at large seem to have
law and order of the state embraced the state’s Aasdwar
improved to a great extent. programme in a big way. So this case
State Auxiliary Police, a study of Sandesh amplifies the truth
brainchild of Bihar Chief that Naxalism can be defeated and
Minister Nitish Kumar, came eliminated by the process of develop-
into existence with around ment and a new social order. We

Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009 73

The lovely
little lass
poses in these
dresses of
varied designs
and fashion in
keeping with
her naughty

of expression

Look for me:

The stylish
dress and the
Superbly dressed: The little miss looks elegant in shoes play up
this pants and stylish top with a tie. The belt and her bold
sandals complement the attire. personality.
Taking on the
world: Attired in
frilled frock and
nickers the kid
is eager to go
out and mix
with her friends.

Sitting pretty: The flowery frock is enhancing

her innocent beauty. The inventive hairdo has
added grace to her cherubic face.
When they bloom, these
flowering shrubs, make
your garden an aesthetic
place for visitors.


iburnums enriched with 175

diverse shrubs or dwarf
trees are found in India.
They are valued for their
attractive flowers, decora -
tive foliage and coloured
fruits. The flowers, snowball
type, are globular cymes,
which also attract onlookers.
The showy flowers and
brightly coloured fruits make the
garden an aesthetically rich place for
visitors. All its types of plants are
ideally suited for planting on borders
of shrubberies, informal hedges, or
for screening and planting along
Though viburnums have long
been one of the most popular and
highly prized flowering shrubs for
landscaping, their beauty still has a
charismatic effect when planted in a
garden or anywhere. They can find
ways to suit the need of a garden –
wet or dry, sunny or shady, natural
or formal, shrub or tree and native or
exotic. Their blooming times span
early spring through June. The
flowering season, very beautiful, is
followed with equally attractive fruits
and outstanding fall foliage. The
flowers, emitting musk-like fragrance,
are quite useful in the perfumery
industry. The fruits are a rich source
of vitamins and minerals, especially

76 Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009

vitamin A, C and E, flavonoids and
other bioactive compounds. The
handsome fruits appeal to birds. The
fruits of some species are sour in
taste. They may be eaten in place of
anardana. The juice of fruits is highly
useful in indigestion. A dye is also
obtained from its fruits. Besides, the
fruits are useful in other human
diseases also.
Scientifically known as viburnum
species, it has many species. Of
them, only Viburnum cotinifolium,
V.cylindricum and V.mullaha are
popularly-grown viburnums. All
viburnums can easily be grown in
light to heavy soils but the soil should
be moist. They can be grown even in
alkaline conditions. Semi-
shaded conditions are
conducive. Generally, its plants
are self-incompatible, hence should be collected from semi-hard
they need to be grown close to stems and they need to be treated
other distinct plants of the same with Indole butaric acid (1000 ppm) in
species to get fertile fruits as the spring and summer seasons.
well as seeds. Early spring is deal time for planting.
Young plants are fit for planting.
Viburnum cotinifolium: It is Most of the viburnums prefer full
a deciduous shrub, growing to sunlight but grow well in partially
1.5-3.0 metres high. Its leaves shaded conditions also. They like
are ovate to heart-shaped. The moderate fertile soil with a pH value
flowers are mildly scented. The giving a good showy effect when of 5.6-6.6.
leaves show a rich orange colour, grown as a border plant. It is grown Since few pests attack viburnums,
by seeds easily. Layering of the they are ideal and popular in
current season’s grown plants in landscaping. Recently, the viburnum
July-August is also successful. leaf beetle has been noticed to attack
its plants. It causes a great loss.
V. cylindricum: An evergreen Therefore, to have a watch on its
shrub, its plants grow to a five metres appearance is quite necessary.
height. Its leaves are glabrous. There is no singular viburnum
Flowers in abundance are available foliage. It can be rounded, lance-
from July to September. Its plants are shaped or toothed, smooth, velvety
grown by seeds. Cuttings of the or rough. There are some evergreen,
current year’s grown plants grow into semi-evergreen and deciduous
beautiful plants in the spring season. varieties having outstanding fall
V.mullaha: Its plants are shrubs, Most viburnums have pinkish
growing to five metres in height. The flowers which are sometimes
white flowers have a pleasant aroma fragrant. The flowers themselves
during June-August. The fruits are come in three major types. They are:
bright red and shining. They too look flat clusters of florets; flat umbels
very beautiful in winter. Its plants are outlined with larger flowers,
ideal specimen in moist and dry resembling lacecap hydrangeas; and
locations. Its plants can also be dome-shaped, snowball-like clusters.
easily grown. Almost all varieties of viburnums
Its plants can be grown by sowing produce attractive clusters of drupe
seeds. The plant cuttings too grow type fruits which are popular among
well if planted well. The cuttings birds, wildlife and human-beings. We

Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009 77

Great tips to
keep your
gems glittering
for life.
By Bhavna Keswani

78 Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009

he sheen of an exquisite Gold: Gold can be

piece of jewellery would scratched and dented if you are
definitely make one get not careful. Rings and bracelets
noticed by, but all without its tend to damage more than
lustre, the same piece would earrings or necklace simply
lose its charm. Since because of where they are
jewellery is worn almost worn. Chemicals in beauty
every day, it is exposed to products, perfumes and hair
dust, sweat and other spray can rob the gold jewellery
chemicals which can make it of its sheen. Even the
look dull and tarnished. Hence, the chlorinated water in the
need to keep jewellery clean and swimming pools causes the
storing it with utmost care cannot be gold to become weak and
overemphasised. prone to breaking. So don’t
First, know how susceptible your wear your gold in a swimming
jewellery is to scratches and pool. Take your jewellery off
chemical products. Hardness is while doing household chores
based on a gem-trade standard or else wear rubber gloves for
called the Mohs scale. The higher the protection. Clean your gold jewellery your gold pieces. However, avoid
Mohs scale number, the harder the with a soft toothbrush and soapy touching them too much as the
stone is. The highest scale rating is water. Grease can be removed by natural skin oils in your fingers can
10 for diamonds. Anything with a dipping the jewellery into plain cause them to lose their shine.
Mohs scale rating of less than seven rubbing alcohol. Always, rinse
is easily scratched such as pearl, thoroughly and dry after cleaning. If Platinum: Platinum is quite
opal, coral and turquoise. Gold, silver moisture is left on your jewellery, it durable in that way. It does not get
and platinum are only Mohs 21/2 to can cause the springs and clasps of tarnished or discoloured very easily.
4. the jewellery to get weak over time. Nevertheless, you still have to take
It is extremely important that care of it because it can be scratched
pieces of jewellery are stored Silver: Silver tarnishes when if not properly stored. Platinum can
separately so that they don’t get exposed to air. Don’t store silver in be cleaned in the same manner as
scratched and broken. Store it right plastic bags as it contains sulphur gold.
and your jewellery will look new and compounds which can cause tarnish
last you a lifetime. Keep your faster. Even wood and rubber Coloured gemstones: Sunlight
ornaments in cases with soft-lined promotes tarnish. To clean silver can cause many coloured gemstones
insides or in soft-fabric pouches. You jewellery pieces, make a dip using to fade, change colour or even crack.
can also wrap them in tissue paper baking soda, aluminium foil and hot Gemstones like emerald, coral,
and then keep in a box. water. Place aluminium foil in a bowl amber and turquoise should not be
Don’t be under the impression that and pour hot water into it. Then put cleaned with soap and water.
if you won’t wear your jewellery often, fresh baking soda into the water. Just use a soft damp cloth to wipe
it will have its glow intact. Jewellery, Submerge the silver jewellery in the them clean. And always remember to
whether worn frequently or not, has water and allow it to soak for half an put on your perfume, deo spray or
to be taken care of and cleaned on a hour. Then, rinse it and allow it to dry. hair spray before you wear your
regular basis to keep it radiant. delicate stones, otherwise it can
Pearls: Pearls are organic stones cause stains and discolouring in the
and react quickly to any form of stones.
chemicals like perfumes, lotions and Be careful when you are cleaning
hair spray. These chemicals not only your jewellery in a sink. Put a stopper
cause the pearls to lose their lustre, on before cleaning lest your precious
but also stain them. So wear your jewellery go down the drain. Better
pearl jewellery at the end after you still, clean them in a bowl. Also
have applied perfume and lotions. remember that, apart from cleaning
Clean pearls only with lukewarm and storing your jewellery well at
water and never brush them in any home, have it professionally cleaned
way. Wipe them with a soft cotton and polished at least once a year.
cloth. Then, when you will sport your
sparklers, rest assured that they
Diamonds: Clean diamonds in would have a bedazzling effect on
the same way that you would clean everyone around you! We

Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009 79

Kamal Hassan (of Ek Duje ke Liye
and Chachi 420 fame) delivered the
key note speech on ‘Focus South’.

emember how the highly

R successful (Indian Premiere
League) cricket matches had affected
the box-office collections of quite a
few films last year? And certain
exhibitions and distributors had
wished that these matches don’t
become an annual event.

here can be no two opinions that

T 23rd and 24th February 2009 will
always remain red letter days for
Deepika Indian cinema, for on these two days
Padukone, as many as three film celebrities
lighted the bagged the coveted oscar awards out
traditional of the eight won by Slumdog
lamp, during Millionaire. Directed by British
FICCI 2009. director, Danny Boyle, the film


he annual FICCI 2009 he three-day meet ended with the

T connection, held at Hotel
Rennaisance, was not found wanting
T “10 most powerful entertainers of
the decade” being honoured with the
in any way. If on the one hand, it had FICCI frames – IIFA awards 2009,
good deal of glamour and glitz, Sharmila Tagore was honoured with Sharmila
thanks to the presence of Deepika the Living Legend Award. Tagore
Padukone (who lighted the traditional was
lamp) Kareena Kapoor, Preity Zinta, hile renowned journalist-turned- honoured
Shilpa Shetty and Amitabh
Bachchan, on the other a post of
W film maker interacted with Rahul
Bose on the Globalisation of Indian
with the
burning issues affecting the film Cinema’, another well known Award.
industry were discussed. journalist Kaveree Bamzai interacted
with Mahesh Bhat and others on
ash Chopra, chairman of the copy, cut, paste to Indian taste: Films
Y FICCI Entertainment Committee
presented a token of gratitude to
in India.

Union Minister of state for Information amesh Sippy (of Sholay and
and Broadcasting, Mr Anand
R Shakti fame) spoke on De-
Risking the cinema business and

80 Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009

revolves around Mumbai’s slum,
Dharavi, reportedly the biggest slum
in Asia!

ell, whether they like it or not,

W preparations are already on for
the IPL-2, and quite a few stars like
Shah Rukh Khan, Preity Zinta, Shilpa
Shetty, Juhi Chawla, and heavily
loaded businessman like Mukesh
Ambani and Vijay Mallya are already
busy acquiring their stakes. If a few
film makers have to re-schedule their
releases, it’s their headache.
Clockwise from Top Left: Shah Rukh Khan, Preity Zinta & Ness Wadia, Vijay Mallya
enerally it’s the producer who and Mukesh Ambani – IPL Franchise Owners.
G hosts a party to mark the
completion of a film, but in the case esul Pookutty dedicated his
of Sajid Nadiawala's film Kambakht
Ishq, it is the cast of his film who
R Oscar for the best sound mixing
to his country and said he was happy
threw the party, more so since the at sharing the stage with two
party coincided with Sajid’s 43rd magicians. Rahman and Gulzar –
birthday. Those attended the party who created the soul-stiring music for
included Akshay Kumar, Kareena the film.
Kapoor, Amrita Arora, Farah Khan
and many others. s if it was not enough that

usic director A. R. Rahman

A slumdog millionaire had bagged
three Oscars, Smile Pinki , a short
M topped the list of winners with
two Oscars – one for the best original
documentary directed by American
director Megan Mylan, also bagged
music score and one for the best one Oscar. The documentary
song (Jai Ho), which he shares with revolves around a six year old girl
lyricist Gulzar who wrote the song. Pinki from Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh,
who is socially ostracised because
she has a cleft lip. However, she is
accepted back once her deformity is

o far Bhanu Athaiya, the dress

S designer for Gandhi also a film
made by a Britisher, Richard
Music director A.R. Rahman showing
two Oscars. Attenborough in 1983, was the sole
recipient of an Oscar. Of courses, an
peaking on the occasion, Oscar was also conferred on late
S Rahman said, “The essence of
the film is optimism and the power of
Satyajit Ray as a Lifetime
Achievement Award.
hope in our lives.” He also thanked
his mother for going all the way to other India produced and
Hollywood to attend the award
presentation ceremony and
M directed by late Mehboob Khan
in mid-50s was not only the first
mouthed the popular line from Indian film to be nominated in the
Deewar: Mere Paas Ma Hai. foreign film category, it went closest
to the award. Unfortunately, it lost the
Kareena Kapoor with
others in the cast of honour by a single vote. How sad
‘Kambakht Ishq’, threw a indeed?
party on the 43rd
nil Kapoor may not have won an
birthday of the producer
of the film. A Oscar, but he had exhilarating
hat film wallas always want to
T cash on a topical subject is also
proved by the decision of Saif Ali
Khan and Kareena Kapoor to play
terrorists, now that the spot light is
on terrorism in the wake of terrorists
attack on Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai
which claimed 183 lives!

career in films is not a bed of

A roses. Actors have to make a
sacrifice once in a while. There is
hardly any surprise, therefore, if
Priyanka Chopra decided to chop off
her long and lusterours hair for a
forthcoming Yashraj film titled Pyar
Impossible . Money makes almost
everything possible. Right?

jay Devgan was in the news

A recently, albeit for an undesirable
reason: for an alleged duty evasion
on an imported superbike which was
Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor will play the roles of terrorists, in the film, the a part of a consignment of 70
shooting of which is yet to start. superbikes. Sleuths of the revenue
inger Sukhwinder Singh whose intelligence seized the consignment.
movements interacting with very
beautiful Kate Winslet, Steven
Spielberg, Dustin Hoffman and Clint
S voice is one of the voices used in
Jai Ho, the Oscar Anthem in
Right Mr. Devgan?

Slumdog Millionaire has reason to be n 27 January, 2008 Amitabh

Eastwood, among others. Of course,
he bagged a BAFTA award too for
playing the T.V. host in Slumdog
more happy than others, for over the
past few years, he felt that Rahman
O Bachchan laid the foundation
stone of a girls’ college in Daulatpur,
Millionaire. has the merit to win either the Uttar Pradesh, with all the fanfare
Grammy or an Oscar. And Rahman and had promised that the college to
uess how a smart diplomat- has not let him down. be named after Aishwarya Rai
G turned-writer Vikas Swarup
hat the film industry has started
Bachchan would come up in six
months but more than a year after
profited from the distinction achieved
by Slumdog Millionaire. He replaced
the cover of his book, already in the
T feeling the cash crunch is amply
proved by the news that Yash Raj
the foundation stone laying ceremony
in the presence of Ash, Abhishek and
market with a cover carrying the films has reportedly decided to sack in all probability, Ch. Amar Singh,
photos of the hero and heroine of the 20 of its employees. Many more film leader of the Samajwadi Party, work
film and the sale did a high jump! makers may have to tighten their has not yet even been started on the
(fiscal) belts. construction of the building. Amitabh
f Dame Luck is out to smile on would do well to recall the line from a
I someone, it does even if one is
kicked out of a project! Oscar
Singer Sukhwinder Singh is singing with
the group Slumdog Millionaire’s Jai Ho. famous English poet. “I have a
promise to keep”. What do you
winning lyricist Gulzar who think, Mr Bachchan?
wrote mora gora rang lai lo for
Bandini may not have drawn the ow that Indian actors and
attention of director Bimal Roy if
he (Gulzar) had not been kicked
N Indian cinema are going global,
yet another technician, an art
out by S. D. Burman as a director to be precise, is taking a
lyricist. Bimal Roy invited Gulzar global high jump: noted art director
to join him as an assistant for from Bombay Filmdom, Nitin Desai
Kabuliwala an assignments is all set to make his debut in an
which offered multi dimensional Hollywood film. He’s going to
possibilities, most of which design an antique train for a
Gulzar has already achieved! Michael Douglas film. Wow!
Laudable indeed. – Deepak Puri.

82 Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009

generally, within four to six weeks of I am 22 years old. My problem is that
delivery, it tends to return to the I gnash and grind my teeth during my
previous shape. But in this you will sleep. This has put a lot of strain on
have to help nature by a well- me. Please advise.
balanced diet regimen and exercise Yours is not an isolated case. Lots
programme. of men and women suffer from it.
Breastfeeding your baby can help Very often, this behaviour is a
to shape your body. You will have to person’s response to anxiety or
take care of your breasts by proper stress. I think you should look into
support and massage and you will this aspect very carefully. Very often
regain their old shape. there is subconscious stress that the

sufferer may not be aware of. Other
causes include malaligned teeth or
I am a 30-year-old housewife. My when a single filing of teeth protrudes
problem is that recently two of our too high. It might be advisable to see

close family members died of cancer your dentist who might be able to
(breast and cervix). I am really solve your problem.

panicky. Could you suggest some
general guidelines to save me and
my family from falling victims to I am a 40-year-old housewife and
cancer. mother of two teenage daughters. I
It would be essential for you to go am on oral pills for the last seven
to your doctor for a complete check- years. I read somewhere about the
up so that any sign of early cancer side effects of the pills and this has
can be detected. You may get a made me very afraid. Please advise.
mammogram for exclusion of breast Your fears are well founded.
I am 22 years old and have recently cancer and PAP smear for carcinoma Women are likely to develop side
developed whitish patches on my of the cervix. effects like jaundice, high blood
chest. I sweat profusely and have an Besides this, take care of your pressure and chances of developing
oily skin. Please advise. diet. Reduce fat in your diet. Eat thrombosis in the veins leading to
You are suffering from a condition more fibre-rich foods. Avoid smoked pulmonary embolism, etc. But all
called pityriasis vesicular caused by and salt-preserved foods. Your diet these side-effects are in women who
organism microsporan furfur. should have plenty of fresh fruits and take pills containing high levels of
Treatment of the condition is both green vegetables. female hormones for long periods. I

general and local. think you should see your doctor who
You should have regular baths will prescribe the pills containing low
daily and change of underclothing. I am a 30-year-old housewife. Of late, levels of hormones.

Being mildly contagious, precaution I have developed tremors in my
among family members must be hands. I am very worried. I have read
taken. somewhere that this may be I am 40 years old. My husband who
Antifungal drugs and local early signs of shaking palsy. Please is 45 years old has recently suffered
application of a solution can cure help. a heart attack. My whole life has
you. For this you will have to take the Tremors in hands can be due to come crashing. I wonder if we will be
advice of your doctor. Though various causes and these include able to have a normal sex
recovery takes place normal anxiety and over-functioning of the relationship. Please advise.
pigmentation of the skin may take thyroid gland (thyrotoxicosis). You are unnecessarily getting
time to return. You should consult your doctor panicky. Studies done in this regard
who after examining and have shown that, as exercise, a
investigating you, will be able to sexual relationship is no more
I am 28 years old and have recently locate the cause. physically taxing than walking briskly.
delivered a baby whom I am Your worry about developing You will have to consult your doctor
breastfeeding. The shape of my Parkinson’s disease (shaking palsy) in this regard who will be able to
breasts is very good but now I am is not well founded. Victims of the assess your husband’s cardiac
afraid that breastfeeding will spoil disease are generally of an older status. Sex after a heart attack is
their shape. Please help. age-group and early symptoms generally safe if done with proper
Motherhood is nature’s gift to you. include a slight difficulty in standing precautions and without undue
There is no doubt that the body is up or walking along with heaviness excitement.
affected during pregnancy but of limbs. — Dr S. N. Khosla, MD.
Precautionary measures
against and treatment for TSS.
By Vikas Kumar Jain

f you’re a girl who’s had her What is toxic shock syndrome?

periods you may have heard TSS is a systemic illness, which
fright e ning stories about toxic means that it affects the whole body.
shock syndrome (TSS), a serious It can be caused by one of two
illness originally linked to the use different types of bacteria, Staphy -
of tampons. But TSS isn’t strictly lococcus aureus and Streptococcus
related to tampons. The contra- pyogenes — although toxic shock
ce ptive sponge and the diaph - that is caused by the Streptococcus
ragm, two types of birth control bacteria is rarer. These bacteria can
methods, have been linked to produce toxins toxins. In some
TSS. And, sometimes, the infection people whose bodies can’t fight these
has occurred as a result of wounds or toxins, the immune system reacts.
surgery, where the skin has been This reaction causes the symptoms
broken, allowing bacteria to enter. associated with TSS.
TSS can happen to anyone — When people think of TSS, they
men, women and even children — often think of tampon usage. That’s
and it can be serious, and fatal if not because the earliest cases of the
treated. illness, back in the late ’s70s, were
If you’re concerned about TSS the related to super-absorbent tampons.
smartest thing you can do is to take Research led to better tampons and
some precautions. better habits for using them — such

84 Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009

as changing tampons more often. this can vary depending on the cause
The number of TSS cases dropped of the infection.
Today about half of all TSS cases Prevention
are linked to menstruation apart from You can reduce the risk by simply
tampon use, TSS has been linked to taking some common sense
skin infections that are typically minor precautions:
and can be associated with the ● Clean and bandage any skin
chickenpox rash. TSS has also been wounds
reported following surgical proce - ● Change bandages regularly,
dures, giving birth, and prolonged rather than keeping them on for
use of nasal packing for nose several days.
bleeds. ● Check wounds for signs of
infection. If a wound gets red,
Signs and symptoms swollen, painful, or tender, or if you
Symptoms of TSS occur suddenly. develop a fever, call your doctor right
As it’s an illness that is caused by a away.
toxin, many of the body’s systems ● If you are a girl whose period
are affected. The signs and symp - has started, the best way to avoid
toms of TSS include: TSS is to use sanitary napkins What do doctors do?
● High fever (38.8o Celsius) instead of tampons. TSS is a medical emergency. If
● Rapid drop in blood pressure ● For girls who prefer to use you think you (or someone you know)
(with light-headedness or fainting) tampons, select the ones with the may have TSS, consult a doctor right
● Sunburn-like rash on the entire lowest absorbency that can handle away. Depending on the symptoms,
body. your menstrual flow and a doctor may refer you to
● Vomiting and diarrhoea change them frequently. the emergency
● Severe muscle aches or You can also alternate the
TSS is a department for immediate
weakness use of tampons with sanitary medical evaluation and testing.
● Bright red colouring of the napkins. If you’ve already emergency. If doctors suspect
eyes, throat, and vagina had an episode of TSS or If you think TSS, they will probably
● Headache, confusion, have been infected with start intravenous (IV)
you (or
disorientation, or seizures S. aureus, don’t use fluids and antibiotics as
● Kidney and other organ failure tampons or contraceptive
someone soon as possible. They
The average time before devices that have been you know) may take a sample from
symptoms appear for TSS is 2-3 associated with TSS (such may have the suspected site of the
days after an infection with Staphylo- as diaphragms and TSS, infection, such as the
coccus or Streptococcus, although contraceptive sponges). consult a skin, nose or vagina, to
check it for TSS. They
doctor right may also take a blood
away. sample. Other blood tests
can help monitor how
various organs like the kidneys are
working and check for other diseases
that may be causing the symptoms.
Medical staff remove tampons,
contraceptive devices or wound
packing; clean any wounds; and, if
there is a pocket of infection (called
an abscess), a doctor may need to
drain pus from the infected area.
People with TSS typically need to
stay in hospital, often in the intensive
care unit, for several days to closely
monitor blood pressure, respiratory
status, and to look for signs of other
problems, such as organ damage.
So, pay attention to preventive
measures. We

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How to get your kisser into the best lip-smacking condition!
By Dr Parveen Prakash
he world over, youth is anything that remotely suggests an State University of New York and

becoming more open with a act of romance outside the confines found:
liberal attitude to love and of one’s home. Further, there has ● Women think of long-term
sex. Even in China's capital always been an ongoing battle relationships while kissing and men
city of Beijing, you can see between the censor board and the think of sex.
young couples on an endless film-maker. However, things are ● Men like their kisses wetter and
honeymoon exchanging surely changing with heroines like with more tongue contact than
passionate kisses. In tight Bipasha Basu talking about her kiss women.
clinches, hugging with heads with John Abraham. ● Women place more importance
on each other’s laps in public than men on the state of their kissing
places, China’s lovers have become A kiss revolves around partner’s teeth.
metaphors of a confident country on relationships and sex: Kissing is an ● Compared to women, more
the move, liberated and enlightened. evolved courtship ritual. At the men like to have sex with someone
A little bit of passion doesn’t hurt moment of a kiss there’s a without kissing.
anybody, does it? Usually people complicated exchange of information
censor themselves before their – everything from posture to tactile Making the act of kissing
mush-act turns into a nuisance for to chemical clues. Between a man romantic and unforgettable: If you
others. But in Kama Sutra country, and a woman, a kiss is the indication are still a novice at kissing, learn how
the scenario is totally different. India of affection, desire and often a to enjoy your kisses. Some really hot
is neither a Beijing nor a Paris. Here, precursor to sex. guys have absolutely no idea how to
the kisses are kept to the confines of A typical kiss starts with a touch of make your juices flow simply
the bedroom. What to talk of the lips, followed by individual because they are just not attuned to
expressing affection in public, the movement of the tongue. The first the pucker power you desire.
current generation has never seen kiss is supposed to send shivers of These surefire tips will help your
their parents being physical, kissing pleasure down your body. Gordon guy become the kind of kisser that
cuddling or even touching each other. Gallup, an evolutionary psychologist makes you melt. Don’t miss them! If a
In public, policemen jump at carried out a study on the kiss at the woman likes to be kissed in a

86 Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009

particular manner then sooner or ● When parting, some guys often
later she has to make her husband give only a quick peck or one-armed
aware of that desire. Instead of telling hug with little effort. Why? He might A NOVICE AT
him what he’s doing wrong, show him be distracted or just late for work.
how to do it right, says Shelley Hess, ● Most guys hold back from
author of Pucker Power: Great engaging in deep, lusty lip-locks in HOW TO ENJOY
Kissers Make Great Lovers. front of others. So if he is showing
Setting an example is the easiest this kind of reluctance in public, his YOUR KISSES.
way to break the ice in the lesson of sexual attraction for you is powerful. SOME REALLY
kissing. While guiding your guy in the He’s probably also a very passionate
art of kissing the slower your person to begin with a thrill-seeking HOT GUYS HAVE
approach is, the less it will seem like type who takes risks and always
a lesson. Keep your kisses soft and pushes the envelope.
sweet – at first. Soon, you’ll have him IDEA HOW TO
exactly where you want him – Focus on the surprising
begging for more. Men consider little features of kiss MAKE YOUR
pecks on their cheeks, eyes and ● The average person spends JUICES FLOW
foreheads romantic. As the passion 336 hours of his or her life kissing.
builds, caress his tongue with yours At an approximate length of one SIMPLY BECAUSE
as you run your fingers up and down
his body concentrating on sensitive
minute each, that’s 20,160 kisses.
● Good, rich and passionate
spots such as his nipples. Make sure kissing can burn up to 600 calories NOT ATTUNED
you don’t let him have the upper an hour.
hand. ● Kissing each day will keep the
When you’re fired up for a ‘take dentist away. Kissing increases the POWER YOU
me now’ caveman-style lip-lock, mouth’s production of saliva, and
press your lips together really tight. saliva helps to clean the mouth thus DESIRE.
Then place your hands on his buns aids prevention of tooth decay and
and pull his pelvis closer till you’re gum disease.
both in a hot clinch. Biting, nibbling In the long term this can even help
and sucking each other’s lips boosts to head off a heart attack because
blood flow, making you more gum disease increases the risk of
sensitive. Finally, when he is heart attack.
motivated and begins to mirror you, ● A kiss is a lovely trick designed
treat him to some positive feedback by nature to stop speech when words
(moaning works!) to ensure that he become superfluous.
learns the new rhythm. You’ll both Our brains have special neurons
soon achieve lip-locks that’ll have that help us locate each other’s lips in
you levitating with lust. the dark.

Celebrate sex-me-up smooches kiss turn-offs

● If nine times out of 10 he plants Here’s what guys hate about
a soft, tender kiss on your cheek, kissing:
then your beau is the sensitive type. ● When the girl holds guy’s head
This is a paternal gesture that shows in a vice and goes at him like a
he wants to take care of you. sledge hammer. Yes, it happens,
● If you and your guy regularly believe me!
part with a lengthy lip-lock, then ● Hairy upper lips are a major no-
damn, you’re lucky! This man is no.
incredibly passionate and highly ● When a woman has no passion
erotic say body-language experts. and feeling in her kiss.
● A guy who frequently says ● Bad breath is a huge turn-off,
goodbye with a bear hug is especially if you’re in a romantic
comfortable showing you the love. mood.
He’s confident about the relationship ● Women talk so much; it would
and likely sees a future with you, be really good if she shuts up when
says communication expert Carolyn kissing.
Finch. ● Unwanted aggression.

Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009 87

greeting kiss between lovers at the
THE AVERAGE end of the working day, or a simple
teases him into a frenzy and makes
him want to grab right then and there.
PERSON SPENDS goodnight. It is a brief meeting of lips. ● If your crave a slow, sensual
The naughty kiss: It begins with a make-out sensation, gaze into his
336 HOURS OF fleeting touch but later the lovers’ eyes as you cup his chin and guide
HIS OR HER LIFE tongues touch each other tentatively, him towards you gently. Don’t make
to only pull back with a promise of any sudden move, otherwise you’ll
KISSING. AT AN love later. ruin the momentum.
APPROXIMATE The French kiss: It’s putting and ● A light, soft playful and fun
twirling the tongue in each others’ coupled kiss can be made into a
LENGTH OF ONE mouths. It is considered to be the demanding, urgent statement for your
most popular kiss. man.
MINUTE EACH, The intense french kiss: It is
THAT’S 20,160 common in Hollywood movies. It Perfect pout a blessing for
involves a sucking type motion. sexy kisses
KISSES. Often, coupled with caressing each A perfect pair of lips should be in
other, this kiss is a hot and steamy’ profile, a gentle S-shaped curve
declaration of love and ownership. between the lips and the chin, with a
Terminology that guides to 4mm depression between the two.
establish genuine bonds Resolve kiss crisis The upper lip should be no more than
The surprise kiss: A kiss delivered Never forget to acknowledge and 75 per cent the size of the lower lip,
when it is least expected can have a appreciate romantic mouth which ensures that lips play in
wonderful effect. It has a magical manoeuvers. Your guy might be indispensable role in the love game
effect if one of you is feeling sleepy unsure of your real feeling and might which often begins with a kiss.
or angry about something. It is a feel let down. According to a survey conducted by a
declaration of a truce and love. ● Odour of your breath matters. British company, Harris Research,
The bite kiss: It is a naughty Avoid such strongly flavoured foods “Most men feel that fully curly lips are
declaration of love between the as garlic, onion or pickle etc. before more attractive and kissable than thin
lovers. It should not be kept confined kissing. lips.” You are lucky if your lips have
to ears or lips and can be implanted ● Avoid a nose clash, by natural bee-stung puffiness. A
anywhere on the body. It often leaves standing close but with a slight tilt of luscious mouth is just incredibly
a mark on the lover’s body. your head. captivating because men are
The fleeting kiss: It is often a ● It is indeed difficult to keep your subconsciously drawn to a plush
eyes open during a hot kiss. You mouth.
need not put brakes on this reflex There’s a theory that, over the
action while enjoying a kiss. centuries, women developed curvy
● Too much of lipstick makes a lips to attract men because they
kiss cumbersome and can put a man signal youth, health and fertility, says
off. It doesn’t look very desirable anthropologists Helen Fisher. Being
when it is smudged. packed with nerve endings, lips
broadcast that you’re able to feel a
Harmonise your kiss to keep lot, through a kiss. All of this means
the relationship alive that a full, shapely mouth can exert a
● Feathery kisses all over the prehistorical pull on a man.
face send the right message and can Angelina Jolie probably has one
be as inspiring as tongue-to-tongue of the hottest bodies in Hollywood but
kissing. she is famous for her pout! Just
● If your man doesn’t know he’s thinking about it sends men’s hearts
missing the mark, stop the kiss, but racing! That is what we call a perfect
not the affection. Simply pull your pout. Unfortunately, not all of us are
face away mid-kiss and nibble his as blessed. We have those hidden-
neck, lick his ear, or suck on his under-the-carpet lip problems –
lower lip. That will subtly send the wrinkle lines, dry, chapped lips,
message that his mouth manoeuvers paper-thin or smile-and-you-reach-
aren’t cutting it with you and make the-moon lips.
him stop the tempo and the style. Here’s how to touch up and make
● Variations in your reaction is as your pout come alive:
important as action. This coy ploy ● If you have thin lips, use a

88 Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009

primer before your lipstick. It stings
for a bit, but pumps up your lips and
mouth a silent ‘O’. That’s what we
call a perfect pout. Make sure that
offers them the perfect volume. you keep your lips slightly apart at all THAT, OVER THE
● If you have wrinkly lips, use a times. Lips look most alluring when
light reflecting lipstick which reduces they’re slightly parted and you see a CENTURIES, WOMEN
the appearance of wrinkles. sliver of teeth. Always part your lips. DEVELOPED CURVY
● If you have a discoloured lips, Otherwise, if the mouth is closed, you
you can set them right by applying a get that tight, clenched look which LIPS TO ATTRACT MEN
lip base before you smooth on lipstick isn’t as sexy. BECAUSE THEY
or gloss. Or just dab on a little
foundation or loose powder all over Not happy with the shape of SIGNAL YOUTH,
your lips. Not only will this let the your lips? Opt for Hi-tech
colour show better, it will also make it transformation
stay on longer. The lips lose volume with age and FERTILITY, SAYS
● Women with broader lips the overlying skin also tends to get
should not go in for darker colours as dry, giving a shrivelled look. This ANTHROPOLOGISTS
it makes the lips look thinner. makes you look older. This volume HELEN FISHER.
Instead, apply a shade darker than can be added to with filler materials
the natural skin tone of your lips and that resemble the ground substance
finish off with a gloss to get that of our own skin.
perfect pout. Injections of material like collagen
or fat are used in lip enhancement.
Want to know more kisser- Simple injections provide instant
enhancing tips? enhancement as well as adjust
Healthy lips look kissable. Before asymmetrical contours. This can be
applying any make-up, exfoliate your done under local anaesthesia.
lips by rubbing them against a baby Collagen (an animal extract),
towel. This brings a natural flash to dermalogen (derived from human
your lips. Lipstick is considered a skin), autologen (made from the
morale-booster and is essentially patient’s skin) or a fat injection from
helpful in giving you self-respect and fat taken from the patient’s body
self-confidence. If your kisser isn’t as during liposuction, are materials used
shapely as you’d like, here’s a quick in lip enhancement surgery.
fix: Lip surgery is one of the
● Line your lips outside the commonest look-altering procedures. Strike at smooth going for your
natural line of your lips to make them Cosmetic surgery can be used to lips
look plumper. Use a liner that is the correct asymmetrical lips and plump Your lips are among the most
same colour as your skin. up thin lips. And it’s not just the sensitive areas of your body. The thin
● After applying your lipstick dot models and actresses who are opting skin on your lips is vulnerable to the
the centre of your upper and lower for it. In today’s appearance- sun. Therefore, you need to protect
lips with lip sheen or gloss. This will conscious society, the average them all year round. Keep rays from
make the spot look plumper and middle-class woman doesn’t mind parching your pucker. Just like you
create a bee-stung effect. Use sheen paying to better the way her lips look. need sun protection for your face and
in copper, pale gold or silver pigment But choose a surgeon who is well body, you need sunscreen for your
for the centre to maximise the effect. qualified reputed and experienced if lips too, as lips do not tan, but burn.
● Apply a thin line of highlighter you opt to go under the knife. Botox This is especially necessary if you
along your Cupid’s bow. It’s the spot and plastic surgery aren’t your only use gloss, as lip glosses attract the
directly above the centre of your lip. option. sun’s rays. So invest in a chapstick
Light will bounce off it and Try the new L’Oreal Volume that contains sunscreen and smooth
automatically help play up the curves. Perfect Lip Colour, a dual-ended lip it over your lips every day before you
● Choose the right shade of colour to camouflage your imperfect step out into the sun. Exfoliate your
lipstick. Know where to put it and how lips. It promises to reshape, lips twice a week to eliminate dry
much to put. A dark shade of red recontour and reinvent your lips. Hi- rough patches. Dry cells accumulate
makes your lips look thinner and tech ingredients like collagen on your lips and the goop which
make you look mature. Instead, opt complex, optical pearls and settles at the corners of our lips can
for a colour which complements your moisturisers help erase fine lines, be quite gross. To get rid of this
skin. increase fullness and give definition – problem, exfoliate your lips once in
● Stand in front of the mirror and all at the same time. 15 days while you’re in a shower. We

Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009 89

an you see colours in His studio named Studio Ragmala

classical music? Can you on the terrace of his airy and
create music in colours? spacious residence in Faridabad
Veteran artist Dr Ranjit bears a very musical ambience.
Singh Gill does both. He About his choice of making music his
perceives colours in ragas subject, Dr Gill says there is music
and raganis based on all around us. There is music in the
Indian ( Hindustani ) air, there is music in the water, and
classical music. Not only there is music in all of nature. Even
does he perceive these the so-called inanimate objects also
An artist who colours but also, employing his fertile
imagination, portrays sur and taals of
are capable of producing music. But
most people fail to perceive this
has made these same ragas and raganis on
canvas using visible colours.
omnipresent music because of the
constant chattering that goes on in
music his Retired from government service,
Dr Gill devotes all his time to
their minds. However, when you
listen to music and concentrate on it,
subject. He visualising and converting intangible your internal chattering subsides and
music into tangible shapes. He has a you begin to experience a blissful
literally paints very musical family background. His state. You need not be a savant of
interest in art brought him into the art music to achieve this state. All that
music. field. Here he gained formal art you need is a good listening habit.
By Our Correspondent education from the College of Fine Music itself then takes you along its
Arts, Delhi. Not only this, he passed depth, he says. But the task of a
his BFA in the first division and went musician does not end here,
to The Netherlands for higher studies especially if he is an artist also. Then
on winning a scholarship. He then his artistic creativity craves to come
even obtained a doctorate in arts also out.
– a title that only a few go for and only Dr Gill prefers to use oil colours
the rare ones manage to achieve. to portray his imagination. According

90 Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009

Ragmala painting.

Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009 91

feel of that particular weather. At the
same time, he would experience the
undulating sound waves associated
with the raga, also called aaroh and
avaroha (crescendo and diminuendo)
along with the thunder of the
lightning,” explains Dr Gill.
Likewise, there is raga Ahir
Bhairav . Dr Gill has portrayed this
raga as an early morning
environment – the time when it is
sung – in tones of orange, magenta,
to him, oil colours mix very well blue and yellow. The last colour is
and produce astonishing effects particularly significant as it conveys
on canvas, just like nature would the impression of a golden morning.
on the vast canvas. This quality The shastriya sangeet (classical
of oil colours certainly music) of the family and a thorough
compensates for their only study of the Gurbani, ragas and
demerit – that they take long to ragmala of the Guru Granth Sahib
dry up. inspired him to create ragmala
But Dr Gill’s choice for paintings. Each of paintings in his
shades and hues is not bound ragmala series was done after an in-
or limited. He chooses his depth study of individual ragas .
shades and tinges mending to Once he was thorough in the theory
the requirements of the painting. behind a particular raga , he
would request his guru to
render the raga vocally and,
Profile He says, “Each and while the guru was doing so,
Dr Ranjit Singh Gill is an artist every raga can be he would make rough sketches
of considerable merit. He was born depicted only with a with pastel colours capturing
in Punjab, where the village life particular colour that well the atmosphere and the
has had a powerful impact on his suits its mood. Any manner his emotions reacted
subtle mind and imagination and change in shades will to the raga . That was how
inspired him to paint and write. He alter the meaning of the intangible ragas got tangible
started painting when he was only raga.” How? appearance in his paintings.
eight under the guidance of a “There is a particular In his words: “The Ragmala
family friend, the artist Kumawat. time for a particular raga, paintings represent a
Gill’s first solo show was held in when it can be sung or played. The philosophy comprehensive enough to
1960. His formal education in arts nature of that particular moment too embrace complete knowledge. A
began thereafter. He started as a bears particular shades of colours. system of meditation which will
realistic painter, then switched For instance, there is raga Megh. It is produce the power of concentrating
over to pure abstraction, in particularly sung or played in the the mind upon anything whatsoever,
accordance with the contemporary rainy season, when dense clouds and an art of living which will enable
trend. But he soon felt that both brood over the sky. one to utilise each activity of the
styles had limited the free But it will remain Megh only as body, speech and mind as an aid to
expression of his emotions. He long as these clouds do not begin to the path of liberation.
wanted to give his works a mystic rain. So it is portrayed as brooding Writing prose and poetry is yet
quality and for this surrealism clouds in dark grey shades with other another aspect of Dr Gill’s
seemed to be the best mode, as it objects being depicted in their natural multifarious personality.
dealt with dreaming and there was colours. He says, “As an artist, writer and
no end to dreaming. Till date, he “But as soon as these clouds poet, I am trying to give something
has more than 100 solo shows to begin to rain, the nature of the raga to this field of my beloved country
his credit and still continues to also alters. It becomes Megh Malhar and the world, specially for research
create new paintings with full from simply Megh. As such, it has to scholars, who are really in search of
enthusiasm and vigour. Apart from be portrayed in different shades now something new.”
India, he has toured widely in as clouds with raindrops and flashes Trying to explain his paintings, Dr
European countries and the USA. of lightning among them. Such a Gill says, “I wish the viewers could
portrayal gives the onlooker a real hear my paintings.” We

92 Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009

e is a painter, a poster artist,

a singer, a character get-up
designer and an actor.
That’s not all. There is more
to this multi-talented person.
I am talking about the
famous painter Prithvi Soni.
Some of his get-up designs
are still famous. Among
them are Mogambo ( Mr
India) for the late Amrish Puri (Prithvi
gave the actor more than 15-20 looks
in different movies), Dr Dang (Karma)
for Anupam Kher, the look for Sanjay
Dutt in Khalnayak and Amitabh
Bachchan’s Robin Hood look in
Born in the district of
Bahadurgarh, Haryana, he educated
himself in Delhi. He considers his
entire education to be only in art. As
far as academics are concerned, he
has only studied till the 8th standard.

His passion for painting made him
A painter concentrate on art alone.
Though interested in art, Prithvi’s
who gets ideas father had a tailor’s shop and would
get his son books on art written by
big artists. Prithvi is the only artist
from life.
THY NAME IS By Gayatri T Rao
among six brothers and three sisters.
Prithvi’s wife is a photographer. She
has done her diploma in photography

from Pune. She has also done an
acting course from the Taneja
Institute. Right now, she is directing a
play and writing a story.
Their son is an actor and acted in
a recent movie called Om Shanti – A
Fight for Peace . Prithvi’s daughter
Kavita is a singer and has recently
released an album.
We met at Prithvi’s studio in
Excerpts from an interview:
What kind of painting is your
My forte is figurative paintings.
They depict Indian culture, Indian
beauty and Indian music.

What do you mean by music?

Musical instruments?
Yes. Musical instruments that of
Rajasthan. The instruments
connected to the desert and their
dance. I have worked on them all.
Like for example the flute, which is
one of India’s most melodious
A young devotee is worshipping the rising sun after a dip is the holy Ganga river.

instruments. I have made many of my paintings were forged and What are you going to exhibit in
paintings on the theme. I’ve worked brought into the market. Though I your next exhibition?
on the folk music of Punjab. I’ve had heavy losses due to this, my The theme that I am working on
mostly worked on beauty with music. work reached many people even is the same – beauty and music, but
though as forgeries. I got a name. in a different way.
When and how did you get Then I changed my style. Like before,
attracted to this kind of painting? I was working on folk beauty, folk What is the starting point and
I was not really attracted to dance and folk music. I reduced that what is the conclusive point of a
painting as you can consider me a kind of work and brought some painting?
born artist. Since I started modernity into my paintings. I’ve Sometimes, I get inspiration about
understanding things, I have been been giving an abstract touch to the a subject. I sketch the idea at that
interested in music and painting. I figurative paintings so that it does not time itself. Then I make a final sketch
would just start copying the look realistic. and develop it on a canvas.
photographs which I saw as a child. I
would spoil the walls of people’s Have some artists influenced How do you select the themes
houses with charcoal. People would you deeply? and ideas that you like to depict
even get angry. After that, in 1962, I Yes, first of all it is my guru, Rang through your paintings?
was taken to Dalhousie, Himachal Roop Sahab, then it was Tilak Rajji. When I see anything interesting,
Pradesh, by my guru, Rang Roop Then there are old masters like like a labourer working or
Sahab. Then I started learning this Picasso. Then our own M F Hussain. motherhood is seen in a woman. I
work. mull over developing the same some
Any new exhibitions coming time after seeing the scene so that it
Are you experimenting with the up? reaches out to the people in the right
kind of paintings you are doing Yes. There is a big show in June perspective.
now? at the Museum Art Gallery, behind For example, we go to a music
Yes, because, in 1994-95, some the Jehangir Art Gallery. party, we think about developing the

94 Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009

colours. That means I use more oil
in the colour.

Is there any difference between

your earlier works and now?
The work that I do now is faster.
Previously I used to do detailed work.
Now I produce better work with less
treatment since I paint semi-abstract
paintings today. It is not a detailed
treatment and it is not gaudy.

What inspires you to paint on a

particular subject?
This is really in our mind. There
are certain subjects we cannot start
working due to lack of time. But the
moment we get the time we start
doing it.

What do you think about

today’s artists?
Art has become a very
big field now. More
newcomers are coming into
it today. They are all good
talented. It is not like before.
Previously, artists used to be
mature and then their art
would have gained strength.
Today, it has become a
commercial field. Today, art
is not produced, artists are
produced. Previously,
people had to look for artists.
Today, the place is
swarming with them.

What is the current

trend in this field today?
Unlike before, there is so
scene in the form of a painting. Ideas some attraction due to it. But I don’t much work today. Sales are also less
come from life. use these colours often. since production is more.
However, if the subject demands, I
What is the kind of painting do use them, my choices are earthy If not a painter, what would you
schedule you follow? colours. have been?
I come to the studio at 12.30 in (Ha, ha, ha…) I wanted to become
the afternoon. I work till 6 in the What is the intentional effect of a painter and a singer. I became
evening. I have my lunch before colours in your paintings? both. As a painter, I could start
coming. I may rest for half an hour to The colours should be soothing to earning early. As far as singing is
one hour. Then I go for yoga classes the eyes. There should be a cooling concerned, you need the right
for one hour. I come back at 7.30- effect even though I use warm opportunity and a proper break. I got
8.00 and continue to work till 10 colours. There is a way of using the to paint early for banners and
o’clock. colours. hoardings to book covers and
posters. Once in Mumbai, get-up
What is the significance of What is the technique and style designing, publicity designing, etc.
colours in your paintings? that you follow? came up. There were more
I don’t use gaudy colours. There is I do oil paintings but like water opportunities in that direction. We

Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009 95

About the artist
Sumit Kumar Thakur
Date of birth: 11 October 1977
Qualification: MFA
Solo Exhibitions:
Pragati Maidan, New Delhi
Maharaja Palace, Ludhiana
UID Art Gallery, Kanpur
Group Shows:
Swarn Jayanti Exhibition, Kanpur
“Chitranjali”, Kanpur Club, Kanpur
“Triveni Mahotsava” Allahabad
Lalit Kala Academy-2004,
“Kala Vithika” Kala Mela, Kanpur
Regional Exhibition, Lalit Kala
Akademi, Lucknow.
Camps and Demo
B.N.S.D. School, Kanpur
Demonstration on portrait
conducted in Egypt. The Gallery of
Art, Kanpur.
Artists camp at Art Mall 2009.
Mobile: 09307070649,

none other than Muzzafurpur-based

artist Sumit Thakur who is well
settled at work in Delhi.
Excerpts from interview:
Why have you chosen
Egyption or Greek theme in your
I have studied the Egyptian and
Greek civilisation well. I have spent
hours together in the library and
lived it the way the people of the
ancient civilisations did. I love to
paint murals as it extends my talent
towards sculpture. To bring out the
same expression, I blend with the
modernism in my murals. Art was
very good in the past as it is of
urals as lofty as three today, the creation and the themes

Meet an artist storeyed building walls, a of the creative expression are very
scene of Egypt or Greece close to reality and much more
whose work or India – one attractive to the viewer.
encompasses the wonders when
one gets a When you paint, your
history of human glimpse and theme is completely
evolution and keeps gazing at changed – comment.
all the massive When I paint the canvas,
expresses the craft engraved I do it in oil or acrylic. It’s a
pangs of modern and painted taking the delightful work. The
era as well. viewers to the olden times
yet footed firmly in present.
disjointed, naked figures
with no shadows engage
By Pratima Sharma The efforts of the art are well with the issues of the
In the midst of darkness, she is waiting for light.

Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009 97

time. According to me, ‘creation’ is
the bondage of expression with the
real picture in view – figurative or
natural. But when I create murals I
blend the Greek aesthetic impulses
with the touch of modern society.

What technique do you use in

both types of your work? attracted to posters and banners. So
When I paint a canvas, my I used to spend my time in a
favourite colours are earth colours – stationery shop in my village.
blue, crimson, green, ochre, etc. and, But when in high school, I met a
as for murals, I use soft blocks, Say something about yourself. portrait artist who charged Rs 100 to
cement and plastic paints. I was born and brought up in a teach me but I could not pay him so
farmer family. Out of three much. Then I met an army-retired
brothers, one of them helps my painter who charged Rs 30. I worked
father in the family. Two of my with him for two years and painted
brothers are well settled in the signboards.
cinema scene set-decoration. My Then I was encouraged by my
wife is also an artist as well as a teacher, Dalip-sir, who really guided
mother of two sons – Tanishq me well. I completed my regular BFA
three years and Prince one. I and MFA from Kanpur University.
hope to build their careers as Last but not the least, I am inspired
artists also. by Satish Gujral.

When did it strike you that What is your dream of art?

you must also become an artist To become a senior, famous,
and who uplifted you? prestigious and renowned artist,
I remember when I used to go though success is immaterial to me.
out in the fields I was attracted to My talent and my work both speak
nature trying to explore it. I came for themselves. I am bound to create
upon a path of creation. a painting in future which is incompa-
I was in class VI when I was rably to anything in creation. We

98 Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009

A sportsperson
scaling greater heights.
By Santosh Kumar Biswal

gold, 48 silver and 38 Sports Cell, her appetite to nourish the field event of 100m. 200m, high

bronze medals in her her budding the sports talents is Jump and long Jump in the Orissa
kitty for lifetime being fulfilled. Be it the Open Asian state championships. In those days,
achieve ments as a Championship, Thailand, in the year professionalism in sports was less in
hurdle racer. Anuradha, of 2000 or the recent SAAF Athletics Orissa. Today, sports is considered
from Orissa is at Kerala, Kochi, where she bagged as a professional carreer. The type
rejoining her sporting gold for the 100 m Hurdles, she is of coaching, field and competitions
spree. Just imagine – confident in the field. Passing through have been increased manifold.
she has been hurdles on and off the fields, her
inundated with contribution to the nation has been How do you differentiate the
medals and bombarded with honours remarkable. game when you play for your own
and felicitations. Yet, she is down-to- Excerpt from an interview: state and the country?
earth, cool and takes things easy. Frankly speaking, when I am on
She always relinquishes the option You have set a number of the field I do not find any difference
of an easy cake walk to her career national and international records whether I am representing the state
and decides to go for a tightrope walk in hurdles which have fetched you or the country. My only aim is to win
for bringing glory for her nation and medals after medals. How do you the race.
state. explain your feelings of such
Starting her sports career from victorious voyage? What’s the stand of our Indian
Rourkela, one of the steel cities of Yes, no doubt, success has given hurdlers in the international arena,
India, she put her shoulder to the me immense pleasure and is the especially of our women?
wheel with hard work and has motivating factor for me to perform In Indian women hurdlers, I have
reached national and international better and better. the national record of 13:38 seconds
championships. Despite some bumpy which is comparatively nearer the
rides in her journey, she always tries At what age did you start your Asian best. However, in the world
not to be cowed down by odds. She career in sports and what scenario our record is not very
has had some great victories against difference do you feel between impressive. Our women have the
her rivals, whether it is at the state, that day and today? talent but resource constraints like
national or international levels. As It was the year of 1985. At the age proper coaching and proper diet are
she has been associated with Nalco of 12, I started my athletic carreer in playing havoc in this context.

100 Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009

Who is your idol in hurdles that the promotion of sports. Dr Lalit doctor can produce better results in
you have been inspired by and Kumar Bhanot, secretary of Athletic major international competitions.
why? Federation of India and M.L. Dogra
My idol is P.T. Usha, whose 400m of Athletic Federation of India have You are able to set the national
hurdles national record is yet to be taken a personal interest in arranging record by clocking 13.38 sec in
broken in the national competition. training camps before any major 100 m hurdles in New Delhi. How
Her dedication and commitment to international meets. I feel the number were the preparations before so
the sport inspired me to break the of training camps in the event of that you stunned the competitors
400m hurdles record. hurdles either abroad or India with a and the spectators as well?
foreign coach, massager and sports Before the New Delhi event in the
Who is your coach now and year 2000, I had set in my mind a
who was your first coach to push target to better the national record in
you to perform such feats? 100m. hurdles. I took rigorous
Now my coach is Arun Kumar training under the Russian coach in
Dash and my husband Paramananda Ukraine for two months. As the
Routray. Panchanan Gantayat was Russian coach Dr Yuriy Ogorodnik
my first coach for the National was himself a hurdler and sprinter,
Championships in 110m hurdles. his coaching helped me a lot. I had
achieved my best 100m and running
You have claimed seven timing was 11.62 which in turn
national records in 100m hurdles resulted in creating a national record
and one time at the National with a time of 13.38 sec. in 100m
Games Record at Ludhiana. And hurdles.
your continuous work in the
sports has brought 83 gold, 48
silver, 38 bronze medals which is Career landmarks of Anuradha Biswal
remarkable and a rare milestone
2008 SAAF Athletics Kerala, Kochi 100m hurdles Gold
for a sportsperson. So what are
4 x 100m relay Silver
your suggestions-cum-prepara -
tions to the newcomers in the
2008 Interstate, Bhopal 100m hurdles Gold
same field?
Represented 2nd Asian 100m hurdles Gold
My sincere suggestion for the
All-stars meets, Bhopal
newcomers is that they should
believe in hard work and
2007 National Games, Guwahati 100m hurdles Gold
commitment. Nothing can be
Federation Cup, Kolkata 100m hurdles Gold
achieved without sincerity. Only such
Represented Asian Grandpix, 100m hurdles Silver
people succeed who do hard work
Thailand Open National – Tata
with a sense of sincerity.
Open National, Chennai 100m hurdles Gold
Why don’t our women succeed
2006 Federation Cup, New Delhi 100m hurdles Gold (NMR)
in international competitions?
Represented Asian Grandpix, 100m hurdles
What are the drawbacks and how
Thailand, Manila 1.100m hurdles Gold
can these be overcome?
SAF Games, Colombo 2.4 x 100m relay
Our women are no less than of
Represented Asian Games, 4 x 100m relay
other countries. They need to be
geared up with proper incentives
including coaching facilities.
2005 Circuit National, New Delhi 100m hurdles Gold
Federation Cup, New Delhi 100m hurdles Silver
Players from foreign countries
Interstate, Bangalore 100m hurdles Silver
are being trained in an innovative
National Open, Hyderabad 100m hurdles Gold
manner to get better results. Are
the initiatives taken by the
2002 National Games, Hyderabad 100m hurdles Gold
Government of India sufficient to
nourish the budding talents in
2002 Asian Games, South Korea 100m hurdles 4th
I feel there are significant changes
2002 Circuit National Meet, 100m hurdles Gold
when the question comes regarding
New Delhi (national record)
the assistance from government for

102 Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009

You have done M.A., LLB and
2002 Open National Meet, 100m hurdles Gold are continuing MBA along with
New Delhi (national holding a prestigious post in the
Record) sports cell of National Aluminum
Company (NALCO). How do you
2002 Represented Asian Grandpix, 100m hurdles Participated balance these activities with sports
Manila Philippines & Thailand from India with a shinning performance?
My entry into NALCO in the year
2001 National Games, Ludhiana 100m hurdles Gold (games 1993 was based on my performance
record) in sprots. Academic qualifications are
equally required to be a complete
2001 Federation Cup, Chennai 100m hurdles Gold person. So I completed my post-
graduation, LLB and continuing my
2000 Salwan International Athletic 100m hurdles Gold MBA. I really thank my employer
Meet, New Delhi NALCO which is very co-operative.
Mr. Ashok Mohanty, assistant sports
2000 Asian Open Championship, 100m hurdles Gold director from Orissa Government has
Thailand been an inspiring and driving force
all the time. My sports officer Mr
2000 Asian Championship, Jakarta 100m hurdles & Rajib Mishra also encourages me to
4 x 100m relay continue my athletic career and
educational activities as well. Besides
2000 Interstate, Chennai 100m hurdles Gold I have also appreciation for my
(national husband who not only encourages
record) me but also takes care of all activities
concerning homework.
2000 Federation Cup, Lucknow 100m Gold
(national What do you do as a junior
record) manager in the sports cell, Nalco,
1999 SAAF Games, Sri Lanka 100m hurdles Silver I am proud to be a NALCOnion. I
am concentrating on the athletic field
1999 Open National, Bhopal 100m hurdles Gold to bring laurels for the state, country
(national and for NALCO. I also encourage my
record) colleagues to excel in their respective
sports and games.
1999 Federation Cup, Lucknow 100m hurdles Gold
(national record) Do you watch movies? Who are
your favourite actor and actress?
1999 National Games, Manipur 100m hurdles Gold Yes! My favourite actor is Amitabh
Bachchan and favourite actress is
1998 Open National, Kolkata 100m hurdles Silver Madhuri Dixit.

1998 SAAF Athletics Championship, 100m hurdles Silver What is your favourite dish and
Sri Lanka 4 x 100m relay Silver how do you spend your leisure
1995 SAAF Games 100m hurdles Bronze I spend my leisure time playing
with my daughter Anshika (Kim) who
1992 Asian Open Championship 100m hurdles & Silver is now a four-year-old and listening to
at Singapore 4 x 100m relay Bronze music. Sometimes, I love to do
Jr. Asian, New Delhi gardening. We

1987 National Championship, 100m hurdles Gold ● Seven times national record
Jalandhar holder in 100m hurdles and one time
● National games record at
1986 Jr. Nationals, Nagarkoil 100m hurdles Gold Ludhiana: 13.38 sec.
● Life time achievements: gold –
1985 NRTS National meet 100m hurdles Gold 83, silver – 48, bronze – 38.

104 Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009

This beautiful
lady in different
jewellery and
hairdos appears
all set to take the
plunge and tie
the knot.

Hypnotic glance:
Ready to set thousand
ships on fire. Mark the
neck and hair studded
with jewellery. (Inset)
Flowing traces.

Regal bearing: How much good jewellery and

hairstyle can make beauty more beautiful is
no imaginary concept. (Inset) Closer look at
the hairstyle.

Sexy smile: She appears

ravishingly sensuous adorned with
the special jewellery and hairdo.
(Inset) A striking pose.
What an
effect! The
decorated suit
and the curls
falling over the
shoulder leave
nothing more
to be added,
making the
lady singularly

Crowned beauty:
Isn’t she ready
to compete with
the best of the

simplicity: This
alluring apparel
covering the head
with bejewelled
forehead; bangles
and tattooed hand
apparently sets the
lady apart.
Apparently, she has
come down to the
earth for someone

Self-satisfied look: The intricately

made hair with embellishment of
jewellery renders her superbly sexciting.
Make-up: Beauty Bells
B-1/6, Ashok Vihar, Phase-II,
New Delhi. Pin: 110052
Ph: 011-27251254, 011-27221746
What is dyslexia?
Certainly not a
disease, just a
problem which can
be sorted out.
By Maharaaj K. Koul

● Ankita understands what the solution, there isn’t any since Tom Cruise, Steven Speilberg,
teachers teach but doesn’t express dyslexia is not a disease. Each Harrison Ford, Richard Branson,
herself well. dyslexic person’s difficulties are Henry Ford, Leonardo da Vinci,
● Bhushan can talk about different and vary from slight to very Pablo Picasso, Walt Disney,
computers but cannot remember severe disruption of the learning Beethovan, Mozart, Winston
multiplication tables. process. There is no total cure but Churchill, Benjamin Franklin, George
● Chanda overreacts or under- the effects of dyslexia can be Bush, Alexander Grahman Bell,
reacts to everything. alleviated by a specialist’s teaching. Thomas Alva Edison, Galileo and, of
Warning signals. These signs On the positive side, there’s a course, Stephen Hawking. Among
don’t necessarily mean there are hypothesis that the neurological writers and poets of repute you have
problems. But they shouldn’t be anomalies also give some dyslexic W. B. Yeats, Agatha Christie, John
ignored. These are concerns people special visual, spatial and Irving; and among athletes, Carl
expressed by parents of children who lateral thinking abilities, which enable Lewis and Nolan Ryan. They have all
have a specific learning disability them to be successful in a wide created history.
called dyslexia. range of careers.
And if you’re looking for a medical Remember, dyslexia has nothing
to do with intelli -
gence levels. What DYSLEXIA
dyslexic people The exact definition of dyslexia is
require, most of all, still debated. Just as there are
is a faith in their innumerable dyslexic children, there
abilities. And the are perhaps hundreds of definitions
right learning of dyslexia. Etymologically, the term
environment. The dyslexia is composed of two Greek
list of those who words — dys meaning ‘ill’ or ‘difficult’
have excelled and lexis meaning ‘word’ — literally
despite dyslexia is means ‘poor reading’. A
extremely long: comprehensive, complete definition

108 Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009

adopted by the Orton Dyslexia
Association, renamed the
International Dyslexia Association,
states dyslexia is a neurologically-
based, often familial disorder which
interferes with the acquisition and
processing of language.
Varying in degrees of severity, it is
manifested by difficulties in receiving
and expressing language, including
phonological processing in reading,
writing, spelling, handwriting, and
sometimes arithmetic. Dyslexia may
also affect short-term memory,
concentration, personal organisation
or sequencing.
There is not one dyslexic profile,
not one standard set of
characteristics. Some experience
eye-hand coordination difficulties,
while others are able to solve
intricate puzzles and designs. Some
seem to be in a world of their own,
while others listen attentively and are due to genetic predispositions, people who have reading disability
very aware of their general maternal stress, infections or either have larger right hemispheres
surroundings. Some cannot decode exposure to toxins. Dyslexia can be than left or hemispheres of equal
the simplest word, while others can inherited, passing from generation to size.
read almost anything but have generation. Brain regions rarely work in
trouble comprehending what they Brain studies of infants and adults isolation. The left hemisphere is
read. have revealed that 65 per cent of the usually the side that is tuned to
What causes dyslexia and how population has larger left hemispheres details and is involved in analysing,
does it manifest itself? Dyslexia is while 24 per cent has larger right reasoning and sequencing. This has
both a congenital and developmental hemispheres, leaving 11 per cent an impact on how well students do in
condition. It is a neurological disorder with hemispheres that are the same such academic areas as reading,
which creates anomalies in the brain. size. Research indicates that a spelling, mathematical reasoning and
These anomalies bring about varying greater than expected number of computation and writing. The right
degrees of difficulties in the
of words, and
Nonetheless, dyslexia can Ultimate Undectecable Solution Hair fall, Dandruff
also be acquired through
changes in the brain resulting Oily Scalp & Alopecia
from illness or accident — Moles, Warts & Tags
before, during or after birth.
Special Offer- Acne & Pigmentation
The brain of the dyslexic child Full Face
is affected by malformation, Skin Imperfections
poor functioning or a delay in
maturation. Problems such as Unwanted Under Eye Problems
viral infections, wrong use of Weaving Bonding Hair Removal
(American Made) Breast Firming & Lifting
drugs, malnutrition during Hair Transplant Nd:YAG Laser,US FDA approved
pregnancy, etc., may give rise Hair Extention Photo Facial
Safest Fastest Painless
to learning disabilities without SupervisedbyProfessionals Botox & Filler
mental retardation by
onAppl y
affecting the brain.
Some children with ConnaughtPl ace: 12,Cent
,New Del
HAIR & SKIN CLINIC Ph.:23711571,23711572 GreaterKailash :J-1,KailashColony,
dyslexia are born with New Delhi • Mumbai • Bangalore New Delhi-48 Ph.:29244630,29244631 Noida:C-1/2,Main
structural brain differences For More Information Road,Sec.31,Noida Ph.:0120-4218888,9999666688
Dial or SMS "Y" 9999666699 & 9999222299 E-m ail:info@
which may have been caused

Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009 109

hemisphere deals with information unusual with the mother or child’s
more holistically, seeing the big immune response that there is a
picture. This side controls our spatial susceptibility to attacks from
orientation, appreciation of art and antibodies which could be a cause of
music, our organisational skills, dyslexia.
picking up social cues and our Phonological awareness or
recognition and expression of processing appears to be a common
emotions. area of difficulty for people with
In poor learners, there tends to be dyslexia. This implies the
a greater reliance on one understanding of sounds connected
hemisphere. Undue reliance on the with written language and the ability
right hemisphere by the dyslexics to manipulate them so that words and
leads to difficulties in reading, sentences can be created. Dyslexics
spelling, memorising facts, maths have trouble remembering the
calculations and writing essays. sounds of letters. They might know
Researchers believe they have the individual sounds of letters, but
identified the gene that causes they have trouble putting them
dyslexia. The results were produced together in the correct sequences.
by a team led by Dr Albert Stein at Blending sounds is a major area of
IN POOR LEARNERS, the Welcome Trust Centre for Human concern. What causes this difficulty
Genetics, Oxford, UK, after studying with isolating, identifying and
THERE TENDS the DNA in blood samples from 90 manipulating sounds?
TO BE A GREATER families containing dyslexics. In an
RELIANCE ON ONE exclusive report, The Independent
reported that samples were taken
HEMISPHERE. UNDUE from parents and children who both UNDERSTAND
RELIANCE ON THE had the condition. Scientists used a
new technique to mark and track the
Most young dyslexics don’t know
why they’re different, why they find it
RIGHT HEMISPHERE genes to discover the approximate more difficult than their classmates
BY THE DYSLEXICS sites of genes for dyslexia. to recognise the difference between
‘b’ and ‘d’, ‘p’ and ‘q’, between
LEADS TO DIFFICULTIES ‘yesterday’ and ‘tomorrow’, ‘left’ and
THE COMMON GENES ‘right’, ‘6’ and ‘9’ and various other
Dr Stein found three common letters and numerals.
genes that were associated with Many dyslexic children are told by
dyslexia in most of teachers and even parents that they
these families. The are lazy or stupid. They begin to
section of believe they are indeed what they are
chromosomes, the seen to be. The children become
study believes, is utterly frustrated. No matter how hard
linked to dyslexia they try, they fail where their
problems close to classmates and other not-so-bright
the genes that children succeed.
control immunity. Dr Stein hopes the new study will
This suggests there help lift the stigma faced by dyslexia
may be something victims. He says the condition is a

110 Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009

prime cause of
depression. Some education
authorities only recognise the DYSLEXIC PROFILE,
condition when there’s a three-year
delay in reading sometimes when
children are 10-12 years old and it STANDARD SET OF
is then too late, warns Dr Stein.
However, this study opens
exciting possibilities for SOME EXPERIENCE
establishing an early test for EYE-HAND
dyslexia problems, focusing on
research into a system of nerve COORDINATION
cells in the brain called DIFFICULTIES, WHILE
‘magnocells’. These cells react to
the slight change in light that OTHERS ARE ABLE
children need to recognise print. TO SOLVE INTRICATE
The research into a dyslexic’s
response to stimuli like light shows PUZZLES AND
their magnocells system functions DESIGNS.
less effectively than that of non-
dyslexics. This problem may be
caused by the faulty immunity gene
as the system of magnocells in the neurologist. If the kid makes repeated
brain is very susceptible to attack or spelling errors, reversal of letters or
damage. sequence of letters in reading and
How does one identify a dyslexic writing as ‘was’ as ‘saw’; ‘on’ as ‘no’;
child? Early symptoms are found in ‘quiet’ as ‘quite’ etc., he or she needs
pre-school children as soon as they specialist consultation. Your alarm
start to read and speak. But more bells should start ringing if your kid
often than not, parents tend to uses spoonerisms such as ‘par cark’
overlook these symptoms, thinking for ‘car park’ and has difficulty in
that the kid will improve as he or she remembering nursery rhymes. It is
grows up. It is this lack of awareness time then for assessment by a
that has made dyslexia a global qualified psychologist.
problem. Early detection, followed by What does an ‘assessment’
specialised training, can solve half mean? A full
the problem. assessment with
If the kid is good at something but an educational
has surprising difficulty with others, psychologist tests
if he or she cannot remember two or for underlying
more instructions in sequence, is ability — thinking
clumsy in some respect but good at skills, organising
manipulating things, has uncertainty and planning using
about right or left-handedness, or has words and patt -
difficulty in dressing at the pre-school erns, vocabulary,
stage, it is advisable to see a reading, writing,

Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009 111

THE DYSLEXIC STUDENTS good for dyslexic children
is also good practice for
NEED A MUCH MORE others. However, the
ACTIVE AND INTERACTIVE problems are compounded
for the dyslexic child from
ROAD TO LEARNING. THE ‘Stage II’. Such a child
“ORTON GILLINGHAM” needs to be withdrawn from
the classroom for targeted
APPROACH TO specialist teaching that will
READING AND SPELLING enable him or her to be
included later in the full
WAS A PIONEER IN curriculum in the
The dyslexic students need a
OF MULTI-SENSORY much more active and interactive
METHODS. road to learning. The “Orton
Gillingham” approach to reading and
spelling, memory, and sound skills. spelling was a pioneer in
Thereafter, a profile of strengths and championing the use of multi-sensory
weaknesses is made, which can tell methods. This method involves
an experienced psychologist whether students to see, hear, say and write
the child is dyslexic and what should what they are learning providing as
be done to help. much of reinforcement as possible.
“After a lot of research, I conclu-
SPECIALIST TEACHING ded that there is a need for specia-
lised teachers at the pre-primary and
NEEDED primary levels. The teacher should
Once dyslexia is confirmed, the have a sound base in phonetics, with other limiting conditions, but may
child, depending on the severity of the ability to segment and clip onset occur together with these conditions.
the condition, needs appropriate sounds, and then blend them so as to A recent BBC press report said
specialist teaching to overcome the form words,” says Dr Arlene Sonday, dyslexia was an emotional construct.
problem. If dyslexia is identified former vice-president of the “It is not true,” declares Dr Sonday.
during ‘Key Stage I’, a great deal of International Dyslexic Association, Dyslexics are not disabled; they are
support can be given even in the and author of the Sonday Systems indeed differently abled, but our
normal classroom. Teaching that is — an acclaimed teaching system for society labels them as failures.
dyslexic children. Although dyslexia is lifelong,
This will help individuals with dyslexia frequently
children across the respond successfully to timely and
board. This is also appropriate intervention.
the basis for the so- Most teachers who have worked
called Sonday with students with dyslexia
System, which is a acknowledge the fact that they are
kind of teaching aid privileged to spot amazing talents in
for teachers and them.
parents. “The basic They can have uncanny abilities
idea is to give the to fix mechanical things. They have a
affected students general sense of curiosity, an ability
an understanding of to look at things differently, a good
the structure of sense of humour, and a capacity to
language,” claims embrace life with an enthusiasm that
Dr Sonday. most of us seem to lose with
Dyslexia is not a maturity.
result of lack of If the academic system can
motivation, sensory handle differences, and respect the
impairment, inade - beauty of diversified patterns of
quate instructional ability and behaviour, the world would
or environmental be a better place for the dyslexic
opportunities, or children. We

112 Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009

Tear this page along the perforated line and send it to the under mentioned address. Winner will be announced in the June issue.

Your crush has winked at you!

Q1 What do you do?
a. Smile and turn away
b. Stare at him like he has two heads
c. Wink back

Your best friend told you that your

2 crush likes you. Yes! But what are
you going to do about it?
a. Tell him that you like him
b. Say: Yes, right
c. Ask him out

the questions win a
grand prize...
I know you think you have a crush,
but do you really?
For girls, ages 10-14.
winners will
get the
S elected entries will be published in the
forthcoming issue of Woman’s era. Look out
for the 31 May 2009 issue
L ast date for sending entries: 15 May 2009
Attach a photograph of your friend for a better
chance of featuring in Woman’s era

Valued M.R.P $15 (INR 778)


19-Ansari Road, Darya Ganj, New Delhi.

For on line shopping:

Win a prize
Books at discounted price. Free postage world wide
You have had an extremely romantic If your parents didn’t let you date,
3 dream about your crush.
a. I can’t remember dreams!
7 what would you do if your crush
asked you out?
b. False a. Say that you parents wouldn’t let you, but
c. True say that you’d try to get them to change
their minds.
b. Say: Uh, with you?
Uh Oh! You see the most popular
Q4 (and bitchy) girl in school flirting with
‘your man’. What do you do?
c. Totally say yes, then sneak behind your
parents back.

How much would you say you

a. Walk over and say to the girl: (name of
the most unpopular guy in school) Says
he loved your date last week!
b. Say: Oh well, she’s going to get him,
Q8 stare dreamily at your crush, on a
scale of one to ten?
no use trying. a. 6-10
c. Try to get your crush to come over to you. b. 0-4
c. 5

What does your crush wear?

Q5 a. Clothes that will impress me (I know
because I told him to wear it)
b. Something that he got off the bargain rack
You are talking to your crush, and
you are about to ask him out, when
your ex comes over and starts
c. The newest styles picking a fight with him. What does
your crush do?
a. Starts saying stuff like: She’s mine! She
Do you think about your crush?
6 a. Maybe... Ok I daydream... satisfied?
b. Oh yes, As much as I can.
c. Why would I waste valuable mind space on him.
dumped you! Even if he knows he’s going
to get clobbered.
b. Walks away mumbling: It’s not worth it.
c. Hits your ex.

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only have one obvious right answer? Since we don’t know
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could probably come up with better answers! Address

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Payal Kathuria Soma C. Ganguli R. Revathi 2. The decision of the editor will be final. 3. Depict
H-05, Green Orchid, B-36/12 HK-5, 404, Devashri your true self only. 4. Send a photograph of your
Arnivihar, Mowa. Kewal Dham Colony, Darshan,
Pin: 492004 Durgakund, Mangoor Hill, own. It may be printed in Woman’s Era, along with
Varanasi. Vasco-Da-Gama, Goa. the results. Send to: Woman’s Era, Delhi Press,
Pin: 221005 Pin: 403802 E-3, Jhandewala, New Delhi-110 055.
MESMERISE A peep into the
innovation and style
of a veena player.
By Rema Prasanna

his evening must rate

as one of the best
musical experiences of
my life. The lashes of
eyes, hand signals and
body gestures between
the players heighten
expectancy. The
intricate weaving to the
melody, rhythm and
tonal colour against the deep
resonance of the bass strings
elevates the inner ear. A world of
sound encompasses the air, layer
upon layer of melodic invention swirls
around and quite literally fills one’s
being, an hour and a half seemed like
10 minutes."...Malcolm Baldwin,
British columnist on Shanti's veena
performance in the UK.
Shanti Rao is a well-known veena
player of Bangalore and here is an
extract from a mesmerising sound
and rhythms of a music lover who in

116 Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009

true spirit spent her lifetime to be with debut at the Ramanavmi celebrations
this wonderful 7-string instrument – in Chamrajpet. It was well received
veena, associated with goddess as to enable other numerous
Saraswati. engagements to follow. With time and
Excepts from an interview: experience, I have found it interesting
Your beginning and the to interact with other soloists like
inspiration which made to choose Dr M. Balamurali Krishna (vocal), J.
veena instead of all other musical Vasanth Kumar (sitar), Konarak
instruments. Reddy (guitar), T. Menezes
I began my journey with music at (keyboard), as and when opportunity
the age of 12. I have learnt vocal arose.
music from T. A. Venkataramayyar,
and veena from Harihara Ayyar in Veena is an instrument played
Madras. In 1969, on moving to in different styles and the regional
Bombay, my ears fell on the sounds influence on that factor?
of the veena being played by none The predominant styles are
other than veena maestro Chitti Babu Mysore, Tanjavoor, Andhra and also
who was later to become my guru. I Thiruvananthapuram. Each one has
had never heard the veena being its own uniqueness and it is difficult
played in that way. I began studying to differentiate on style and variety. It
the veena under the tutelage of Chitti is a blend of traditional and
Babu. On moving to Bangalore in contemporary method which appeal
1973, I commuted to Madras for to the masses.
veena lessons with Chitti Babu, while
also learning vocal music from R. K Performances abroad and the
Srikantan and veena from R. K special moments of playing before Performances on home
Suryanarayan and Pallavi Queen Elizabeth II? platform?
Chandrappa in Bangalore. I have toured extensively around Back at home, I have performed
the world and I treasure those in almost all the most prestigious
Tell something about your experiences. I have to say here that it sabhas and received praise,
family? was a privilege for me that I could accolades and innumerable media
My husband Kishor Rao, being a perform before Queen Elizabeth II. I coverings.
cricketer playing first-class cricket for have experienced this wonderful
State of Maharashtra was not feeling to be part of those music Awards and recognitions?
intimidated by a performing artist lovers – both Indians abroad and I have received the following
wife. He was instrumental in making people unfamiliar with Indian awards and I consider it all as a
me an independent and successful classical music and/or the divine reward for the years of determination
veena player without the shackles of instrument. I have toured Singapore, and hard work.
conservatism or even radicalism. He Indonesia, Malaysia, UK, Germany "Best Debutante" in 1980 from the
encourages me to take opportunities and USA several times and prestigious Madras Music Academy.
as they come and use them to the performed at important functions. "Best Veena Player" in 1996 from
best of my abilities. Also, team spirit On my tour of the US, I performed the Indian Fine Arts Society.
is most important, he says. Soloists in 30 cities and was repeatedly invited The title "Mahati Mohini" by
also have a percussionist to rely on to perform in UK for 3 consecutive Dr M. Balamurali Krishna.
to complete the picture. years where I played before the Mahati is the name of the veena
My two daughters are settled in audiences and the response was sage Narada believed to have played
life and this is what they have to say, electrifying. On another tour, I visited on.
"Our mother’s music was always a Cornwall, a small town in UK. I can Vocational Excellence Award from
divine touch to our lives. It was like a recollect that the town was so small, the Rotary Club of Bangalore.
prayer to strengthen our faith in the and had my doubts whether the
holy spirit and to follow the Hindu crowd would appreciate/ understand Other achievements
ritualistic practices like celebrating the intricacies of music. That night, I Established the Veena Vani
the important festivals all through the received 3 standing ovations and was Institute of Music, Indiranagar,
year, although we led a life which talked about in the village some 3 Bangalore in 1996.
was unorthodox in many ways. years later. I can even remember the Headed a 10-member all-women
constable on beat applauding me on band in 2002 consisting of a Pancha
Your first solo concert ? the streets as "a very nice concert Veena team, Keyboard, bass, Indian
In 1976, I made my solo veena ma’am.” and Western drums and vocals.

Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009 117

Was invited by Kuldip Nayar, UK veena for musical directors
High Commissioner to be a cultural Hamsalekha and R. N.
ambassador of India, having the Nagendra for which I have
distinction of performing before modified my instrument
Queen Elizabeth II. incorporating a blend of Mysore
Received acclaim for my and Tanjore styles.
innovation of the "Double- I am dedicated to the traditional
stringed veena." form of veena but I have tried a few
innovations on it to keep with the
Any memorable musical changing times. The "double-stringed
experiences? veena" received acknowledgements
Played with pianist Mervin Afrika to effortlessly blend old with the new for its wonderful tonal quality and
in UK. and the East with the West. But in received acclaim from Kunnakudi
Recorded with Trilok Gurtu at mind I am very loyal to the traditional Vaidyanathan, and M. Balamurali
Cologne, Germany. style of playing veena. I have Krishna. I have created 7 albums and
Recorded Pulse (fusion music experimented on contemporary styles 2 fusion music albums.
album) with Shivmani. to perform fusion styles with some I was a visiting professor of Music
Played with Tommy Menezes renowned artists such as at Bangalore University. I have
(keyboard), Shivmani (drums), percussionist Trilok Gurtu of started Veenavani Centre for Music
Konarak Reddy (guitar), Imme and Germany, the ace pianist Mervyn of in Indiranagar, Bangalore to train
Jerry Demos (bass and drums the UK, guitarist Jery Demos of those who have this passion for this
respectively) at Chennai and Germany and the popular wonderful instrument.
Bangalore. percussionist Siva Mani, having Shanti has an attitude that is
performed in various shows from raring to go to create that extra
Innovation? Jazz Yatra festival in Bangalore to special that would strike a rhythm
I have learnt with rigorous practice UK and Germany. I have played the with the people. We

A thin ‘Ray of Hope’ can lead
our thoughts towards the sky.
When we reach so high,
Suddenly, we find the ray vanished –
to find ourselves face to face with reality,
Our dreams and wishes shattered all around us.
Again, like hope –
Reality will also lead us to a state of depression.
We come out of that state somehow,
Subdued, yet very hurt,
Vowing never to hope again.
But, soon, true to human tendency
We start searching for a “Ray of Hope”.
– Latha

118 Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009

Log on to Life
The blooming and busting of romance on the Net.
By Anuradha Bhagi

re you still with the damn computer?" Sheetal usernames that are used when all the most
jumped out of her skin when she heard her commonly used ones are exhausted. Therefore, they
mother shouting at her. "Mama...I...I'm just never even needed to tell their names to each other.
finishing my work," she stammered in reply Some strange instinct made her introduce herself as
to her mother's outburst. "I'm afraid this will Ramya, and he introduced himself as Karan.
not do, Sheetal. You must stop spending so They agreed to chat once a week. Soon, the
much time in front of the computer. Your week turned into days, and the days into hours.
board exams are coming up, and I want you to Sheetal had no idea who the person was. All she
concentrate on your studies. Understand?' knew (that too from him) was that he was a boy,
"Yes, mummy," Sheetal replied meekly and maybe even a man (he refused to reveal his age)
turned to shut her computer down. and that he was wonderfully nice when he
It was a blessing in disguise for Sheetal A particular chatted with her. He said lovely things
that her mother was not computer savvy. person in the like, "I've been waiting for you for the
She was not very educated and could chat room had past 2 hours online. I couldn't concentrate
hardly make out when Sheetal played interested on my work" and "My mind only thinks
games, when she chatted or when she Sheetal, and both about you these days." Such statements
was actually completing a project online. exchanged their made Sheetal's heart jump with joy.
Sheetal, for her part, used the computer personal

only for the first two reasons. There was e-mail addresses. fter all, she was a young 17-year-
no project she was required to complete Of course, the old who was just learning how
online. Whatever project she was personal e-mail beautiful it was to be a beautiful,
supposed to do, she did along with a addresses they young 17-year-old. She could not wait to
group of other students, and the research used did not log on to the computer every day. She
associated with the project was disclose their rushed home each evening after school,
completed in school itself. Sheetal was names. finished the snacks which her mother gave
actually hooked to the computer these her and hurried to her father's room,
days because of a different reason. She had found a where the computer was, to start chatting. When
friend through chat while she logged into one of the questioned by her mother, she replied that it was
popular chat rooms, and she found chatting with him essential for her school projects for her to be online
an irresistible, exciting and thrilling experience. for such a long time. This became a regular feature.
It had started when Sheetal had gone to her Soon, her mother started suspecting that
friend Dana's place, who introduced her to the something was wrong. Some probing and
world of Internet and chatting. Both of them enjoyed questioning followed. Her mother realised that
the evening exploring the Internet and had started Sheetal was not using her time productively on the
chatting using an Internet chat room. A particular computer. However, what Sheetal did on the
person in the chat room had interested Sheetal, and computer was still unclear to her. She started
both exchanged their personal e-mail addresses. Of objecting to her daughter's long hours on the
course, the personal e-mail addresses they used did computer, threatening to tell her father about it.
not disclose their names. They were those fancy Sheetal knew better than to get her father into the

120 Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009

picture. She tried to please her mother by shutting
down the computer and going back to her studies
whenever her mother objected.
Sheetal despairingly. To
help mother in the
kitchen itself was an

appalling task, but worse was the fact that

ut it was difficult to concentrate. Studies were the horrible Desai uncle and aunty were
so boring compared to the exciting life she had coming home for dinner. Aunty was okay –
left in the other room. But she had no choice. she did not mind her coming, and in fact,
To prevent her father from knowing about the she even liked her at times. But the
situation, Sheetal pretended to study. She fared obnoxious Mr Desai? How could anyone
badly in all her internal exams, and her teachers tolerate him, let alone the fact of inviting him
started getting worried. Sheetal, however, continued to dinner? Sheetal was even surprised how
to enjoy her favourite pastime, neither being aware he was such a good friend of her parents.
of the consequences nor the effect it would have on Her father and Desai were colleagues for
her or her parents. This became a daily practice. a long time, before Desai resigned from the
Sheetal was soon addicted to the computer, job to set up his own business, which made
especially to her friend, whom she had never seen. him a millionaire in no time. But he was still
There were occasions during their chats when they in touch with her parents and met them regularly.
discussed how they looked and Karan described

himself as tall, athletic, chivalrous and dashing. He er parents had great respect and admiration
made himself sound as every young girl's dream for the couple. They could never tire of
boy, and that is what he became to Sheetal too. speaking of Desai and his benevolence, and
She spent all her time thinking about him and how he had not let pride overcome him after he
drifted off to sleep dreaming about him. On her earned millions, and so on. Sheetal was tired of
part, she sincerely described how she looked and listening about his success stories all the time. The
also told him that she was 17. For some weird worst twist to this story for Sheetal was that they had
reason, neither brought up the topic of the school no children, and they liked Sheetal very much. They
she studied in, or where they lived. It seemed brought her expensive gifts every time they visited
immaterial, now that they understood each other so her, advised her on her studies, insisted that she
well, or so she thought. come home more often and generally made life
One day, when Sheetal was engrossed in her uncomfortable for her. And now, this was the couple
accustomed favourite occupation that was coming home to dinner that night, making
of chatting with Karan as usual, her slog in the kitchen to prepare a lavish meal for
her mother called out to her. them, leaving her precious and dear leisure activity
She reluctantly told Karan, rudely interrupted.
'BRB' (be right back) and went Cursing inwardly, Sheetal proceeded to bid
to find out why her mother goodbye to Karan, who seemed unhappy to see her
had called her. go. She promised to return to him within half an
"Sheetal, today, you must hour. She then hurried to the kitchen, thinking that, if
help me in the kitchen. Desai not anything else, this was a good opportunity to
uncle and aunty are coming please her mother.
home for dinner," her mother As she chopped the onions for the salad,
said. she thought of Desai. Short, plump and
"Oh, no," groaned balding, he was hardly a suitable match
for Mrs Desai, who though not a great
classical beauty, was definitely a very
attractive and elegant woman.
When husband and wife stood
together, they seemed to
be of the same

All that Sheetal

could make out
that he was a
young and
handsome man
of her age.
height. In fact, Sheetal even wondered if Mrs Desai her work, finishing off all the chores her mother
was the taller of the two. Also adding to his physical asked her to do. Soon, Mr and Mrs Desai arrived,
lack of appeal was the fact that he was extremely he as always, loud and booming, and calling for
dark with protruding front teeth and a pot belly. Sheetal, and she smiling quietly in her petite
Sheetal wondered how he had managed to marry manner. Sheetal managed the formalities without
such an attractive woman as seeming too uncomfortable. She squirmed
Mrs Desai and how Mrs Desai could bear him. awkwardly though when Desai demanded that she
should sit next to him for dinner. Her excuses that

hen she had broached the subject to her she had her school project on the computer to finish
mother a few months ago, her mother had were silenced with a stern glance from her mother.
reprimanded her for being so narrow- Besides, her father was also present, and she would
minded, also scolding her for giving undue have had to explain what project she was doing to
importance to physical aspects rather than the true him and maybe even to Desai. What a plight! Oh
worth of the person. "Do you know what a caring no, she would prefer to have dinner and let them
and loving husband he is? Or what he had done leave and then sit peacefully for some time with her
once to save Mrs Desai's life? Her father, pleased beloved friend.
with his gallantry, offered his daughter in marriage However, she managed to creep into her father's
to Desai. “Never speak of them again in that tone, room while everyone was busy praising her mother
Sheetal, or your father will be furious," her mother for the pineapple souffle they were having for
had said. dessert. Eagerly, she logged in to see if Karan was
Well, it was none of her business, she thought there, and if he had left any endearing messages for
and shrugged. Her business was just to help her her. To her disappointment, Karan was offline. She
mother for a while, pretend to be happy when the waited for a while, fidgeting with the mouse,
dreaded Desai arrived with his pretty wife, speak imploring him mentally to come online. But, he was
with them for a while, and then sneak away to chat still offline. Why was he not here when she had
to Karan. promised that she would be back in just half an
With this plan in mind, Sheetal hurried on with hour? It was more than two hours now since she said
that to him. She left the computer switched on, and
went back to the sitting room to join the others.
Again, after a while, she went back to the computer
to check his status, but he continued to be offline.
This went on for some time, till Mrs Desai noticed
that Sheetal kept disappearing into the other room
"What is it, Sheetal? Is something wrong?"
Mrs Desai asked.
"No, no, aunty, nothing. I was just just
.completing some work," Sheetal stammered.

heetal's mother glared at her, the others looked
at her questioningly. Her father opened his
mouth to say something. Luckily for her, at that
moment, Desai's mobile rang and everyone's
attention was diverted. Sheetal heaved a sigh of
relief. She mentally scolded herself for her haste.
She could have waited till the guests had left.
Thankfully, they were leaving just then. After the
usual formalities of 'lovely dinner' and 'thank you so
much...we should do this more often' (No, not
again, thought Sheetal), the guests finally left and,
while her parents were seeing them off, Sheetal
rushed to the computer and anxiously looked for
He was still not there! What had happened to
him? Where had he vanished suddenly? He had
seemed reluctant to go, and she had promised him

122 Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009

that she would be back. Then where was you so long?"
The next day
he? Why was he not waiting for her? Ramya: "My mom was giving me one
Sheetal was bitterly disappointed. Though while on chat, of her usual lectures."
there was not much time for her to chat Sheetal demanded Karan: "How boring! Tell her that you
now, because her father was at home, to know why have someone waiting for you eagerly.
she still could have at least had the Karan was offline Then she may understand."
chance to bid him bye and complete their for such a long Ramya: LOL (Laughing out loud) How
customary "sweet dreams" and time and had not long have you been waiting?
"goodnight kisses.” She finally left him even wished her Karan: It seems forever, dear.
offline messages asking why he was not goodnight. She Sheetal blushed and smiled. These
online and telling him how much she vented all her were the sweet nothings she wanted to
missed him. There was no alternative now anger, also telling hear. They filled her with a thrill she could
for her but to shut down her computer and him that she was not describe in words. Smiling, she was
go to bed. Sheetal was deeply disturbed about to type something, when she heard
very anxious.
and furious with the Desai couple for her mother calling her. Sheetal sighed.
spoiling her evening. ‘What was it now?’ she thought.
Quickly, she typed out the words "BRB, honey,

he next day while on chat, Sheetal demanded mom's calling," and rushed to the kitchen. Her
to know why Karan was offline for such a long mother held out a cup of tea and some hot potato
time and had not even wished her goodnight. bhajjis and said, "Give these to Desai. Poor man,
She vented all her anger, also telling him that she he's been waiting for so long now."
was very anxious because of his absence. Sheetal fumed inwardly. Why did her parents
"Sorry, dear. I had some pressing commitments I have to go on appeasing him like this? Not saying a
could not avoid," was Karan's reply. word, but showing her dislike in the way she took
Sheetal was hurt, but Karan managed to cheer the snacks from her mother, Sheetal moved to the
her up again, promising that this would not recur, living room where Desai was seated. He was not on
and that if he had to be offline, he would inform her. the sofa. His laptop was placed on the centre table.
Things were again normal between the two of them, ‘Thank goodness,’ thought Sheetal. Anyway, if he
and Sheetal continued to enjoy her chats. were here, he would again start talking some
One day, Sheetal returned from school by noon nonsense with her.
and, as she entered the living room she was taken

aback. It was Desai seated comfortably on the sofa. he placed the plate of bhajjis and the tea cup
He greeted her affectionately and went back to work next to the laptop, and inadvertently looked at
on his laptop. She turned her face in disgust, and the screen. Oh, Desai also seemed to be
went up to ask her mother what Desai was doing at chatting with someone, she thought – intrigued –
this time of the day in her house. when she saw the screen. The words "BRB, honey,
"He is waiting for your father. They have to go to mom's calling" caught her attention. They seemed to
the bank together for the loan which your father is be familiar words, she thought. Apprehensively,
trying for, to start his new venture. Mr Desai is using Sheetal looked at the screen closely, and received
his influence to get the loan sanctioned for your the jolt of her life; a shock so rude that left her mouth
father. Your father is finding it difficult to get the loan agape. Her world seemed to tear to bits suddenly.
sanctioned because he has so many already and She hesitantly scrolled up on the screen to see the
because it is a big amount. Mr Desai's assurance remaining part of the chat – and what she saw
will make the loan get sanctioned faster," said her made her almost faint:
mother, adding, "This is one more favour which Karan: "Honey, I was waiting for you. What took
Mr Desai is doing for us now. We are truly indebted you so long?"
to him." Ramya: "My mom was giving me one of her usual
Sheetal sighed when she heard all this – one lectures."
more reason to praise and talk endlessly about Karan: "How boring! Tell her that you have
Desai. Well, it was again not her business; she someone waiting for you eagerly. Then she may
shrugged and walked away to her father's room to understand."
begin her lovely routine of chatting with Karan. She Ramya (laughing out loud): How long have you
had informed him that she would log on early today. been waiting?
Karan was online, waiting for her and welcomed Karan: It seems forever, dear.
her warmly. Ramya: BRB, honey, mom's calling.
Karan: "Honey, I was waiting for you. What took How did her chat come on Desai's laptop? How

Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009 123

in the world did he have the same chat as she had? Sheetal was consumed with grief. She watched
How was it possible that Karan's ID was on his Desai strolling in the garden, speaking incessantly
screen? Unless...unless. Desai was Karan! How on the mobile. She was filled with such intense
could it be? Her mind started spinning. Was she despair and anger at the same time, that she almost
chatting with Mr Desai all these months? And did he ran up to him to find out the truth. She controlled
know that he was chatting with her, the same herself with great difficulty. However, she could not
Sheetal who he thought of as a daughter? She could control the tears that were rolling down her cheeks.
not digest the fact that she was almost in love with a What a fool she had been! She felt faint with self-
man she hated. What irony this was! How could he pity, remorse, anger and helplessness. That she had
do this to her? Sheetal ran out of the room back to loved a fictional character made her feel disgusted.
her computer. Indeed, Karan's status now showed Such a waste of emotions! The more she thought
"Idle." about it, the harder she found it to believe that her
beautiful, romantic world had broken to bits in no

here must have been some mistake! How could time.
Desai be Karan? Desai, who was fleshy and She slowly went back to the computer and
flabby, short and ugly, who had no sense of continued to stare blankly at the screen. Suddenly,
humour, most unromantic, and did not possess even the screen came to life again with Karan coming
one characteristic which Karan had – could he be back online and saying, "Honey, still not back?
Karan, who was dashing, dynamic, romantic and What's taking you so long? I am desperate here."
with a great sense of humour? It was impossible! Or On seeing this, Sheetal was almost hysterical with
was it? fury. Hoping against hope, that there was some
What did she know about Karan? Only what he mistake and Karan was not Desai, Sheetal carefully
had himself told her. He had said that he was peeped into the hall. Indeed, it was Desai again at
young, handsome and tall, and all those other the laptop, intently typing something. Sheetal looked
wonderful things that he had said he was. She had back at her computer. The line "It looks like your
no reason to suspect that he was only saying what mom is not going to leave you today" popped up.
she wanted to hear. She had no reason to suspect She watched as he continued to type some more
that he was fabricating endearments and finally signed off promising to talk
stories and creating a to her the next day. There was no mistake
pseudo-character. She whatsoever. Desai was Karan and Karan was
had no reason to Mr Desai!
believe that he was Truth is always bitter, and when Sheetal faced up
lying. Oh, how could to this horrible truth, she was shattered and left with
she have allowed nothing but bitterness. Suddenly, she lost all her
herself to be cheated like enthusiasm and interest in life. Since the time she
this! had started chatting with Karan, her whole world
had revolved around him and their chats. Her daily
chat routine was what propelled her to move
forward, complete her work fast, ignore her studies
and other activities and be glued to the computer.
Now, with that chat gone from her life,
she felt at a complete loss and didn't
know where to turn. She continued to
remain inattentive and insipid in class.
Her teachers had almost given up hope
on her now. Her friends were tired of
asking her what was wrong. She
refused to share her distress with
anyone, withdrawing more and more into a
shell of her own. This went on for a
whole week.
All of a sudden, Sheetal decided
that enough was enough. She felt that
“We will never discuss this again too.
I just hope that it does not happen to
anybody else.”
she must move on with her life and studies, else do you chat with, uncle, apart from
"Why, uncle,
if not for anybody else, at least for her Ramya?"
why? Why did Mr Desai looked as if he had been hit.
mother, who was toiling hard day and
night just for her and for her father. Filled you cheat me He staggered and fell heavily onto his
with an unexpected and rapid sense of like this?" chair.
resolve, Sheetal determined to pull back Desai's head “What... what are you saying?" he
her strings and get back all she had lost. was hung in stammered. And then Sheetal exploded.
shame. He could Tears flowing down her cheeks, she

owever, there was one unfinished not speak for revealed the frustration and
task that she wanted to complete some time. disappointment she had gone through
before she closed this chapter Slowly, he raised from the moment she came to know his
forever in her life. She went back to the his head, and she identity. She told him about all her
computer room and logged on to chat. Just saw tears feelings and how she had got carried
as she had expected, there were dozens away with his sweet nothings. She told
in his eyes.
of offline messages from Desai asking her him everything, and ended with "Why,
what was wrong, pleading with her to uncle, why? Why did you cheat me like
come online, demanding to know why she was not this?" Desai's head was hung in shame. He could
on chat, apologising for anything that may have hurt not speak for some time. Slowly, he raised his head,
her knowingly or unknowingly, and plenty of sweet and she saw tears in his eyes. He began to speak,
nothings and romantic endearments. Sheetal read the "Sorry is not the word I can use at this moment,
messages with no feeling whatsoever. The same Sheetal. I know you will never forgive me. But, do
messages that had earlier transported her to a you know why I created this pseudo-character? It is
fantasy world now failed to even bring a smile on her because, all through my life, people have hated me
face. She was not even angry now. for this appearance. I know people secretly laugh at
However, she felt that she had to know the reason me behind my back at my ugly face and belly and
behind the whole drama. She shut down the appearance. I know even you despise me."
computer and went up to her mother to lie to her for

the last time and made up a story about going to a heetal winced uncomfortably when she heard
friend’s house to copy some notes. She then took an this. "The only people who really admire and
auto and went straight to Mr Desai's office in a posh respect me are your parents. Not even your
business area of the city. She did not even know aunty. Do you know what kind of a life we lead in
what she was going to say to Desai. All she knew our bedroom? She tries to adjust to living with me,
was that she wanted the truth and she wanted him to but not a day passes without me feeling that she
know the truth so that he would not dare to do this to married me out of compulsion. Is it my fault that I am
another girl. born ugly? The way she looks at me with sympathy
She had been to Desai's office only once before because she knows I am not good-looking, makes
that too with her parents. Desai was quite surprised me mad. She married me at the insistence of her
to see her. He welcomed her warmly into his cabin. father, not because I had saved her life and she was
However, she noticed that he did not seem very grateful. We just pretend to be a happily-married
pleasant. He appeared uneasy and anxious. And high-society couple. She wanted a smart, handsome
she was sure the reason was that she was not man like Karan in her life, and she got me. That is
logging on to chat. His laptop was on his desk and, why I am trying to be the Karan she wanted at least
without a word, Sheetal walked up to view the in fantasy." He suddenly looked up in horror,
screen. Taken aback by this action of Sheetal, Desai realising that he had spoken too much. "Will
hastily tried to close the screen but not before you...will you...?" he left the rest of the words
Sheetal had noticed that the chat window was open. unspoken. Sheetal understood and said, "No,
She faced him now with full confidence, and nothing of this will ever be shared with anyone else.
asked, "You also have the habit of chatting, uncle?" This is just between the two of us, and it will stay that
Desai muttered something in reply. Not bothering way. In fact, we will never discuss this again too. I
to understand what he said, Sheetal continued, just hope that this does not happen to anybody else."
"With your busy schedule I am surprised that you "No, no, Sheetal, " Desai hastily replied. "I will
find the time to chat. Who were you chatting with never do this again. I understand what a great
uncle?" She stressed 'uncle.' Desai looked extremely blunder I had committed."
uncomfortable. He tried to change the topic by "Thank you, uncle. Karan and Ramya have
saying, "Let's see what we can get for you to eat." logged out of chat for life. It's time they logged on to
Ignoring this remark, Sheetal coldly asked, "Who their real lives." We

Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009 125

There’s nothing original about these most sought-after breeds.
Here’s why. By Maneka Gandhi
any of you look for dogs short, black, long-haired dog. You

as pets. Unfortunately, keep breeding black dogs and killing
most people go in for those that are tall. Keep intermating
pedigreed pups – not brother and sister of the shorter dogs
because they know till the size becomes short. Then kill
anything about them but the ones that have short hair and
because they think that keep mating the ones that have
their own status will be longer hair till, after so many years,
enhanced! This must be you will get the short, black, long-
the only country in the haired dog. Along the way you will
world where the owner of a have killed at least 5,000 or more
pomeranian or Alsatian thinks that he dogs which did not fit your vision.
is a superior being – instead of The Indian contribution to the
through his own achievements! pedigreed field is the Rampur hound,
What is a pedigreed dog? It is an the ultimate joke played by the
invented species – take a perfectly Nawab of Rampur on dog breeders.
natural dog, what you would refer to He kept experimenting with strays
as jungli, and then work on it for 20 until he achieved a uniform size and
years of selective breeding to make then entered them as breeds in dog
the end product into a bizarre shape, shows where they won awards due
size and colour and there you have a more to his status than theirs. And
pedigreed dog. Suppose you want a the Rampur hound was born.
Breeding pure dogs is the ultimate
cruelty. Their size, their structure,
their self-defence systems are all
tampered with to suit somebody's
strange notions of beauty. As a
result, they suffer from all sorts of
genetic diseases.
Dalmatians and pomeranians are
prone to deafness – in fact all white
dogs are partially deaf and some are
completely deaf – poodles to
epilepsy, Lhasa apsos to fatal kidney
failure and cataracts, Alsatians to hip
dysplasia (in fact they have stopped
breeding them all over the world
because every Alsatian has this
problem of hind legs collapsing), and
bulldogs to heart disease.
As a result of inbreeding to create
and maintain their characteristic
appearance, each breed has many
genetic defects. The basset hound's the most wretched conditions, would be no more homeless dogs at
short and thick forelegs have chronicrepeatedly inbred and sold for the mercy of dog-catchers and death
elbow dislocation. The standard that fantastic prices. Thousands are killed squads. Do not keep pedigreed dogs.
demands their eyes to be soft,sad because they are born with Be Indian. Keep Indian. It is kinder
and sunken creates a large gap deformities due to inbreeding or else on the pedigrees as well as our own
between the lower eyelid and eye they have become either shy or dogs to discourage breeding. If you
which catches dust and debris. aggressive. So they are killed even already have a pedigreed pet, feed
before they turn one year old. Is it the dog on the street and put a collar
their fault or that of those who have on it. If you are looking for a dog, you
DOGS’ PHYSIQUE turned beautifully made living need go no further than your own
Similarly, the dachshund's short creatures into toys? street corner. I have 15 in my house
legs are inadequate supports for the Nor do pedigree certificates count and they are intelligent, clean and
dog's long straight back, So spine for much. Most breeders and dog very faithful.
dislocations are common causing shows hand out C-class certificates
enormous pain when (which means that they
they move. No engineer think the dog is pedigreed ADOPT AN INDIAN DOG
would design a bridge As a result of but they don't know who Once upon a time it used to be
with so much roadway inbreeding to the parents are)because very fashionable to wear Japanese
between its support legs the owners want to own a and Swiss nylon – even though it was
and expect it to stand.
create and paper that says that the hot and sticky and made you itch.
Take the bulldog. Its maintain their dog is pedigreed. Of such Now, Indian cotton is so fashionable
wrinkles and huge skin characteristic foolishness is a pure-bred and the really rich people wear
folds become the site of appearance, made. designer khadi ! The same thing with
infection. Its nose is It is specially wrong to dogs. So many fashionable people I
required to be set back each breed support breeding in India know only keep Indian dogs in their
deeply between the eyes has many because millions of house: from ministers and top
causing severe breathing genetic natural Indian dogs, industrialists to singers like Shaan
problems. A bulldog lives better suited emotionally and Shiamak Davar, DJs like Cyrus
a short life and one that
defects. The and physically to the Broacha, film stars like Kajol, Om
is a constant struggle basset climate and country, are Puri, Nagarjuna, Mahesh Manjrekar...
against suffocation. hound's short killed by municipalities or every day my shelter has so many
Then there is the die of starvation or cruelty people coming to adopt dogs that we
and thick only because they are
breeder's cruelty to deal have taken from the streets , cleaned
with. Every city has a forelegs have homeless. If even one in up and vaccinated. Be fashionable:
slum area where these chronic elbow 50 people were to adopt adopt an Indian dog and you will be
dogs which have usually dislocation. a beautiful Indian dog rewarded with a loving and loyal best
been stolen are kept in from the road, there friend forever. We

Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009 127


Why does the victim
of this horrendous crime feel
victimised by society?
By Bhavna Keswani
he parents of the rape victim merely by being victims. More often

of the infamous Maulana than not, the woman’s honour is put
Azad Medical College case on trial rather than the alleged
of Delhi had initially refused rapist’s actions.
to file a police complaint Women who allege rape are
fearing their daughter would commonly subjected to disbelief,
be ‘tainted’ for life. The public scrutiny of their sexual past or
accused in the Shanti shamed with the stigma of being
Mukund hospital rape case, dishonoured or tainted for admitting
in an attempt to save his that they have been raped. A woman
neck, proposed to marry the victim is made to feel that she herself is to
saying that she was now ‘impure’ and be blamed for what happened to her,
no one would marry her. that her actions or way of dressing
A victim was abandoned by her must have been provocative. Instead
husband as soon as he discovered of standing by her in her moment of
that she had been sexually distress, society completely shuns
assaulted. her. This antipathy forces the victim
to hush up rather than come out in
Rape victims are stigmatised: the open and talk about the crime.
Thousands of rapes happen in the This silence often increases the
country every year but most of them feelings of victimisation. Women go
go unreported, the reason being very about rebuilding their lives, joining gations are the foundation to the
conspicuous from the above society, caressing their children, success of every case. One of the
instances that rape victims feel trying to smile – all the while hiding major stumbling blocks in prosecuting
stigmatised. Of all the crimes, rape the horror they experienced. But the the rapist is the lack of consistent
is the only crime where the stigma scars of brutality on them never heal. attention to this issue by the investi-
and the suffering lie with the victim, Many times this psychological trauma gators. A major challenge that
not the attacker. Not only does she is too hard to handle, disrupting their investigators face in collecting sexual
face physical and psychological normal lives and resulting in breaking violence evidence is a lack of skills
trauma, but is also stripped of dignity of relationships or marriages or on how to pursue such evidence
and humanity. creating serious physical/ effectively.
Women on whom this heinous psychological health hazards. They often receive no training on
crime is committed often do not come the interviewing methodology for rape
forward for fear of being isolated or It’s not easy even for those who victims, and the majority of investi-
stigmatised. They prefer to remain come forward: Some women show gators are male. Often, many investi-
silent, and this silence downplays great courage and come forward to gators come from backgrounds
their suffering and renders them report the crime but unfortunately where they have not had any
invisible. Many victims have they don’t get a very encouraging experience with this issue or they
confessed that they feel the fear of environment in our country. Many believe that this is not one of the
their friends and relatives coming to victims are sceptical about the way crimes that deserve serious attention.
know about their being raped more the police investigate the issue. Such Many investigators, though fully
than the immediate fear of impreg - crimes are not taken too seriously by equipped with necessary skills to
nation or getting HIV or other STDs. the police and at times it is seen that investigate cases, lack training and
For any woman, in any part of the the law-keepers themselves don’t direction on how to elicit information
world, the memories of her being hesitate in turning into law-breakers. about sexual violence from wit -
raped are so strong and painful that The harrowing Mathura rape case nesses. Without consistent and
they keep recurring and haunting her where a minor was raped by sustained investigative work – the
all her life. There cannot be a more 2 constables on duty and the case in diligent and painstaking collection of
traumatic experience for a woman which a teenager of Mumbai was information relevant to prove cases,
than this and that she is stigmatised raped by a police inspector in the coupled with a thorough analysis and
for it, does more to annihilate her police station reveal why women feel processing of witness statements –
self-esteem. scared of going to report the crime. trial attorneys are not able to
Many times, the officials don’t seem effectively prosecute the rapist.
Societal antipathy towards to cooperate and refuse to even file Even the courtroom environment
victims: Society has often unfairly FIR. So many procedural hurdles are is not encouraging since the victims
made many rape victims feel that created that the victim feels further are subjected to hours, days and
either they contributed to the attacks harassed. weeks on the stand being cross-
or that they are somehow be littled, Apart from that, proper investi - examined by several defence
counsels, sometimes going over the stigma should be on the predator and
same questions again and again, not on the prey. This is possible only
making them feel violated for a if society is willing to change its
second time. They have to endure perceptions and attitudes. How can
days of repeated, detailed ques - society blame the victim only when
WHAT IS ALL THIS? tioning about the intimate details of there have been instances of even
NOTHING BUT the trauma they had to face. Though 3-month-old infants as well as
VIOLENCE. these questions are necessary to
prove guilt, the manner in which they
80-plus women being raped? Are
such victims capable of provoking
WHEN WE are asked is extremely insensitive their rapists? So this mindset of
MISCHARACTERISE and inhumane. The victim often feels
humiliated or outraged at being
society that women only are
responsible for the rapes that happen
RAPE AS A CRIME asked in a public setting about being to them is nothing but hogwash.
AGAINST raped.
Also, these trials go on and on
On the issue of rape, this country
needs a sea change, a paradigm
HONOUR OR and, like it has been said many times shift. We need to move out of those
CUSTOM, RATHER before, justice delayed is justice dark ages in which rape victims were
denied. During this period, the victim whispered about and stigmatised. It
THAN A CRIME OF can either be coerced into taking requires significant courage for a
PHYSICAL HARM back the case or, even if the verdict rape victim to come forward and to
does come in her favour, it loses its publicly speak about the sexual
TO THE VICTIM, meaning. assault against her. It isn’t easy for
WE ARE her but her courage should be
Rape is not sex, it’s violence: applauded and she deserves all the
MINIMISING ITS We often hesitate to talk about rape moral support of society. And there
SERIOUSNESS. because it’s a sex crime and in our are no immutable laws that societal
society we consider it taboo to talk stigmas can’t change. The stigma will
about anything sexual. Rape is only break if more and more women
certainly not about lust, but an act of are willing to break their silence and
power and control. It is basically an report this heinous crime.
act of a weak and perverted mind.
Rapists are not governed by Rape victims deserve no
sexual desire, but by the need to stigma: As rape is such a personal
overpower and control, to let out their and despicable act, it is natural for
pent-up frustrations. Bhanvari Devi the victims and their families not to
was gang-raped by the so-called talk about it. But perhaps in the long
upper-class men because she was run, it works to the advantage of the
trying to stop child marriages in perpetrator and to the detriment of
Rajasthan. This crime was not the victim. Rape victims deserve no
committed as a result of soaring stigma, but they certainly do deserve
hormones, but to unleash power over our moral support. We should rather
her, to tell her that if she did not stop rejoice in their survival from the most
meddling in their affairs, they had a violent kind of crime and help them to
means to suppress her. She was overcome their trauma.
raped because her rapists wanted to This is only possible if society
‘teach’ her a lesson and to showcase sheds its backward and antipathetic
their superiority over her. attitude towards victims of sexual
What is all this? Nothing but assault, and encourages them to
violence. When we mischaracterise come forward to report this
rape as a crime against honour or horrendous crime and get those
custom, rather than a crime of dangerous criminals put behind bars.
physical harm to the victim, we are We can eradicate this crime
minimising its seriousness. completely only when there are no
sick minds in society but, till then, we
The stigma will go away only by can at least instil enough fear in
changing attitudes: Yes, there is those perverted minds to deter
shame in rape and it rests squarely them from this despicable act called
with the attacker, not the victim. The rape. We

130 Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009

Beacon of Light irrespective of colour, caste, creed and religion.
Dr Bindu Garg (Head, The company is enriched by the able and experienced
Department of Reproductive hands in Board i.e. Mr. Jyoti Narain, Mr. M.L. Sehjpal
Sciences) at Neelkanth and Mr Kesar Singh, as the directors. Mr Jyoti Narain is
Hospital Gurgaon is one of to head every operation of the channel, from marketing
the leading IVF practitioners strategies to devising HR policies, vision strategy and
in the country. She has over finance policies.
25 years experience with her. “With this medium, we will highlight all aspects of
She completed her Post human life. Our USP will be to cover authenticity factor.
Graduation in Reproductive Through this channel, we are ready to give all channels a
Sciences from Monash University Australia under the tough fight since we will present the news of and for the
able guidance of Dr Allen Trousen (an ICON in the field people,” believes Mr Jyoti Narain.
of Reproductive Sciences). He further says, “We will allow people to develop
For an IVF (Test Tube Baby) centre to be successful a their own opinions and decisions on the basis of the facts
laboratory with advanced equipments is a must”, says Dr we present. I am proud to have a team of leading young
Bindu. Neelkanth Hospital has one of the most advanced and dynamic people, who have already made a mark for
and Hi Teck IVF labs in North India with pressure themselves in TV journalism and believe in taking
Gradiant Technology. The IVF lab is one of the few labs responsibility to change the way viewers look at news
in the country fitted with HEPA filters and CODA and entertainment. The vision of the channel is clear
Towers making the environment zero bacteria and from the tagline itself – EK Umeed (A ray of hope).”
infection free to up to 2 micro viruses. “We provide total
infertility solutions and complete women care under one
roof,” adds Bindu. Dairy India-
Healthy India
‘P7 News’, says Balika
Channel in Vadhu Anandi
Hindi Launched Dairy India, the
Pearls Broadcasting emerging name in the Milk
Corporation Pvt. Ltd on and allied Dairy product
27th March launched its industry launched its
National Hindi News advertisement campaign
channel – ‘p7’, first of its wherein the lovable child
kind in India as well as artist Avika Gor who is performing as Anandi in Balika
Internationally. Veteran actress Dimple Kapadia was the Vadhu, is introduced as Brand Ambassador.
Chief Guest on the occasion. Her smiling face and attractive introduction of the
P7, a Noida-based Hindi news and entertainment products “Dairy India” will help the company to reach
channel promises to offer the public news, information the hearts of every Indian, says the R. S. Dixit, CMD
and entertainment dedicated to common people Gopaljee Dairy Foods Pvt Ltd.


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152 Crossword

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Tear along the dotted line and mail to Crossword No. 152 Woman’s Era, Delhi Press, New Delhi-110 055.
8 9

10 11 12

13 14 15 16
18 19 20 21 22
23 24
26 27

1. A serious disease in which growths of cells
form in the body and kill normal body
1. A chemical element, found in all living
things, existing in a pure state as
cells. The disease often causes death (6) diamond, graphite and
4. An animal, especially one that is large or buckminsterfullerene (6)
dangerous, or one that is unusual (5) 2. A person who uses the Internet
7. Chemical symbol of Chromium (2) a lot (7)
8. To make a series of short loud sounds 3. A speech or piece of writing praising
when hitting against something hard (6) somebody/something very much (6)
9. The place on a computer where new email 4. To come to a place with
messages are shown (5) somebody/something (5)
10. A line or pattern that looks like a series of 5. A person with the power or influence
letter W’s as it bends to the left and then or make judgements and decide Please accept my entry for the
to the right again (6) what will be done or accepted (7)
12. A sudden quick movement of a muscle, 6. Containing poison; poisonous (5) crossword competition. I
especially in your face or head, that you 11. Showing the time using hands on
cannot control (3) a dial and not with a display of subscribe to all the rules and
13. Abbreviation for compressed numbers (6)
natural gas (3) 13. Compact fluorescent lamp (3) regulations of the competition.
14. A system that uses radio waves to find the 15. Either of the two long parts that stick
position and movement of objects, for out from the top of the body
example planes and ships, when they and connect the shoulders to the Name
cannot be seen (5) hands (3)
17. Used for calling attention to a surprising 16. A person who rides horses in races,
thing (2) especially as a job (6)

18. A short description of a book, a new 18. Something that makes you feel calm or
product, etc., written by the people who relaxed (4) Address
have produced it, that is intended to 19. The longer bone of the two bones in the
attract your attention and make you want lower part of the arm between the elbow
to buy it (5) and the wrist, on the side opposite the
21. A unit for measuring electrical thumb (4)
resistance (3) 20. To heat a liquid to the point where it City Pin
24. Used to express fear or surprise (3) forms bubbles and turns to steam or
25. An amount of money that you pay for vapour (4)
professional advice or services (3) 22. Highest Common Factor (3)
26. An infectious disease, especially of 24. A long thin sea or freshwater fish that
children, that causes fever and small red looks like a snake. There are several
spots that cover the whole body (7) types of eel, some of which are used for
27. To put somebody/something in a food (3)
particular position, especially when it is
done gently or carefully (3)

134 Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009

Winners of Crossword - 149

Divya James, Goa. Sunain N. Kandhari, Bangalore. Archana Prashant Kumar,


Rekha Ravi Sa Bharti Kaushi

ran, Bhopal. S. R. Sreedevi, Bangalore. k, Gurgaon.

Priti Milind Mas Krantikumar D

hidkar, Nagpu Krishan Kumar, Panchkula. eshpande, M
r. umbai.

Neelam Mehro Kalpana Nan

tra, Lucknow. A. Pushpa Nayagarm, Coimbatore. avati, Mumba

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152 Crossword
O Nof Crossword

- 149

h, Aligarh. Goa.
Dr. Latika Sing
M. Vijayalakshmi, Salem. D. Braganza,

apatnam. Delhi.
ohan, Visakh Umesh Gupta, New Delhi. Girish Gupta,
K. Chandram

al, Faridabad
. abad.
Nisha Aggarw
Vinita Singh, Satna. Taware, Hyder
Vinod Pramod

Burdwan. Shirley Cyrus
Yvette Beale, Parvathy Rajeev, Kerala.
Ahm ed abad.

136 Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009

152 Crossword
O Nof Crossword

- 149

h, Aligarh. Goa.
Dr. Latika Sing
M. Vijayalakshmi, Salem. D. Braganza,

apatnam. Delhi.
ohan, Visakh Umesh Gupta, New Delhi. Girish Gupta,
K. Chandram

al, Faridabad
. abad.
Nisha Aggarw
Vinita Singh, Satna. Taware, Hyder
Vinod Pramod

Burdwan. Shirley Cyrus
Yvette Beale, Parvathy Rajeev, Kerala.
Ahm ed abad.

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Winners of Crossword - 149 Rules and Regulations

A prize of Rs 15,000 will
be given to the person
sending an all-correct
solution. In case there are
more than one sender of an
all-correct solution, the prize
amount will be divided
among the first 30
competitors chosen by lot.
Subhash Jain
, Haryana. Jai Parkash Gupta, Ghaziabad. The decision of the manage-
ment will be final and
binding. Entries must be on
the crossword printed here.
Photocopies will not be
Entries must be sent so
as to reach Woman’s Era
by 31 May 2009, by
ordinary post. No corres -
pondence in this matter will
Ram Dhari G
be entertained.
oel, Noida. Ravinder Goyal, Bahadurgarh. The contest is not open
to the employees of Delhi
Press. Every entry should
be accompanied by the
sender’s family photo. If you
are declared a winner, your
family picture may be
printed in the oncoming
issue. Please send a signed
declaration that you have
no objection to printing your
Sanjay, Agra. A. K. Aggarwal, New Delhi. family picture.

Answers to Crossword-149

n w in
Across: 1. Nudge, 5. Comb,
7. Duo, 8. Lonely, 10. Urea,
w i o rd
12. Indefinite, 15. BR,
16. Bystander, 19. NE, 21. Air,
22. Bureau, 23. Odd, 24. Dent, n
i ur w
27. Crime, 28. Glib
W yo wer
Down: 1. Nul
4. CD, 5. Cou
9. Enemy, 11
lify, 2. Don, 3.

nt, 6.
, 13 .
er ,
14. Ion,
ride, o n p o
. Bead, 17. St
15. Broad, 16 22 . Bond,
, 20 . D o,
18. Dirt
25. AL, 26. PB

Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009 137

While preparing gravies for the vari- “Snacking on nuts” is a favourite pas-
ous recipes, in what sequence should time for most of us in the winter sea-

the ingredients be added to get the son, but at the same time we are
maximum flavour. afraid of increasing the cholesterol
When making gravies for the vari- levels in our blood. How safe is this
ous recipes, put in the ginger, garlic, nut snacking?
and fry for a while. Next, put the Contrary to popular belief, nuts do
What do the terms “bake” and “bak- chopped onions, fry till done, then not contain any cholesterol. In fact,
ing blind”, mean? add your dry spices. This is done no plant food does. Nuts are very
When we cook food by dry heat, it because it is the oil that releases the healthy snacks, as they are full of
is known as baking. Baking can be flavour from the spices. nutrients like vitamin E, vitamin B6,

done in an electric oven or a gas tan- folic acid, selenium and viacin. In
door. We can also bake special kinds walnuts we find the highest antioxi-
of Indian breads in clay ovens- the While preparing pasta, it is a long dant activity. Almonds and pistachios
heat being provided by burning wood process – boil the pasta, then the are a close second and rich in plant
or coal. vegetables and then the gravy. Can protein. So “snacking on nuts” is not
The method of baking certain we in any way save time and fuel? a bad or unhealthy habit at all.

items without filling, like flans, tarts Yes, a little time and fuel can be
and pastry cases is known as baking saved while preparing pasta. When
blind. cooking the pasta, put the chopped Can we prepare chaat masala at
vegetables in the last couple of min- home. If so, how?
utes, because vegetables take less Yes, we can make chaat masala at
The terms “boil”, “blanch”, and time to cook than the pasta. And we home, in fact, all the masalas like
“steam” are all different methods to have the cooked pasta and vegeta- garam masala, sambhar masala, etc.

cook food. What is the difference bles at the same time. for the chaat masala you will need

between them? 1 / cup slightly roasted coriander
To blanch means, putting food in seeds, 1 / 2 cup red chillies, 1 / 2 cup
boiling water just to either whiten or In our Indian cooking, can we always roasted cumin seeds, 1/2 cup amchur
remove skins from certain vegetables substitute butter with ghee and vice powder, 1 tablespoon black pepper,
and fruits. versa? about 1 cup salt, 1 tablespoon of black
To boil means to cook food in boil- In our cooking, butter and mar- salt. Mix and powder the ingredients.
ing water till tender. To boil food on a garine are entirely interchange able – Savita Bhargava.
slow flame is called to “simmer”. although in certain cases – e.g. in
To steam certain vegetables cakes butter is the better option. As
means to cook in the steam which regards ghee, vanaspati- type ghee If you have any
arises from a pan of boiling water. can also be used instead. Butter can- problem in cooking or
not always be used instead of ghee kitchen, write to Woman’s Era.
We shall try to help you
in many Indian dishes – eg paran- sort it out.
Sometimes, when a pan gets badly thas, Indian sweets, etc. Though we Address your queries to:
burnt, the smell lingers on for a long can make ghee at home by heating WOMAN'S ERA,
time. How can we remove this? butter on a low flame in a pan until E-3, Jhandewala Estate,
Rani Jhansi Marg
The smell of burnt food from a pan the ghee separates New Delhi-110 055
can be snuffed out by simmering a and floats clear on top. The ghee Click to
lodge your queries.
few lemon slices in water, or should be strained and stored for use
microwave lemon juice in water for as it keeps for a long time without
two minutes. spoiling.
1 2 3 4

5 6 7 8

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Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009 145

(February II). I feel this is the right look good. Articles on tours and
way to teach the lesson to self- travels are informative and useful for
appointed “moral brigade”. It’s a way the holiday managers. Your regular
to give a befitting reply to these features and contests for the readers
goons who are scared stiff of are a great hit. By contributing to the
women’s empowerment. reader’s opinions and reactions on
The response shows how much articles of WE, we can have our say
people resent the acts perpetuated and stand a chance to win a prize
by the Sri Ram Sena. It’s a disgrace too. To sum it up, Woman’s Era
on us when politicians that we vote should be an essential part of every
into power beat up teenagers for home. Keep it up!
holding hands. Incidents like these – Baseer Suleman, Karnataka.

the entire
world is
reeling under
and something Almost
S WOMAN give India a very bad name in the rest
d recession jargon.
ICTIMISIN lady named
Sonu widesprea in economic up its
for meltdown winding
of a notorious headlines financial some company to downsizing
ews of arrest been hitting the the news of

its drive is sure that
has Media, especiallyents everyday, laying off jobs in the market
months now. developm business
Nobody in
quite some publishing the

of the world. We common people are

to the real the headlines. So everybodythe
rs, are much spice tomorrow. for
newspape after adding south hitting job will be safe in hand and,
her case from a posh from his/her or she has cost.

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Governme the salaries
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March I). The editorial time it lives up to its name. Everyone wife (January II)
supplying governme
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Everyday, prominent ly. is a subject for the public, After all, it is And yet a of angelic
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society which weary eyes wife
(First) 2009 sexy home
affairs. Era ● March fresh and tired after
Woman’s as you enterwork? Instant

concludes on male speaks of “human rights” but

long day’s quick refresh -

written by Ameeta
Or a
both? Well,
ment? Or of Indian
great majority als and
profession need
en do
businessm that could
very refreshing their energy
on or revive ts of office
turn them after-effec
the you
to ward off contrast, how will
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your wife

dominating society but in a democratic


“women’s rights” is one of the major Sharma is a wonderful

react when

system women have enough scope parts of that. write-up. Really, it is a worthwhile tip
for proving their point. The solution – Vinod C. Dixit, Ahmedabad. for every woman for her happiness
lies not in accusations or beating the as well as of her family. Other stories
drums but practicing reasonableness/ – I am proud to be Indian by Smrithi
behavioral refinement. GOOD TOPICS Poornachandra, Lofty Dreams by
– M.P.S. Chadha, Chandigarh. TACKLED Samita Shenoy, The bridge that
This refers to your united hearts by Nalini Sharma,
February II issue. Moms advice by Gurmukh B. Irani
arriage is
made in heaven
a matter ROLE OF A WIFE ● I liked Puja were top class from which we can
and it is primarily destiny.
of mutual union
is a sacred a
a man and in
between it entails
woman and to look
both the each
welfare of
after the sanctity
other. The

The article Are you


Sharma, Subhra take lessons inspiring.

and the life
by both
be upheld
has to wrote:
John Gay is depressed
partners. of a man
If the heart
with care. when a
is dispelled
The mist
woman appears.
s the whole
summarise -

This aptly man-woman relation

killing your husband?

of a of the

Mazumdar, Sukhu Regular articles besides the

philosophy the provider
if man is of the house

ship. But
it is the lady maintaining
R family, then
a major part in
who plays the family and the
the health

winner. statistical
are the
But what about the lifeline
ns women?
observatio men and
amongst Patts, “The
to Dr David

(March I) suggesting How to help

your husba
nd live
By Dr S.
N. Khosla
Mazumdar and other correspondents editorials are always useful to every
how to help your of WE’s observations and narrations body. This magazine though named
husband live longer about art and artists depicting various Woman’s Era, is a guide for all.
reminded me the pictures from pages 77 to page 99 Really, the magazine is having Gagar
words of Benjamin Franklin, who said and including pages 111 up to page Mein Sagar. Good wishes to editorial
that, “A little house well filled, a little no. 134. staff for their efforts.
field well tilled, and a little wife well ● I liked various 60th Republic – Mohini Srivastava, Lucknow .
willed, are great riches.” Day greetings 2009 by Haryana chief The prize is awarded to:
As already known, a wife is half minister and Northern Railway. Baseer Suleman, Karnataka.
the man, the best of friends, the root – Meera B. Rao, Pune.
of the family and the source of well- WOMAN'S ERA
being. When a man climbs the ladder invites readers’
WE: KEEP UP opinions and
of success, we will usually find that reactions on
the person who has been holding it THE GOOD WORK
articles, short stories
steady for him is his wife. In fact, she Your magazine, Woman’s Era, and features published
is firm in her loyalty to her partner in needs to be complimented for in Woman’s Era. The best
life by making her home congenial catering to the needs of all the letter will be given a prize of
and by making mutual adjustments. members of the family. Rs 500. Address your letters by
– Beena Mathur, Pune. It provides easy-to-make mouth- E-mail to:
or by post to:
watering recipes from across the
L globe. Practical ideas for the home – AS YOU SAY
TARGETIN on the fringe
country was Day, moral
when our
t a juncture, g her 60th Republic once again
EXAM PHOBIA winter is fast giving
like decor, furniture, painting, art
of celebratinHindutvav adi forces liberty.
TACKLING As the are burning brigade
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time again. described developing
t is exam millions of
students ns what is being in Mangalore, a fast of a

I way to spring,
for class
oil with the
X and XII,
which begin
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ted stress
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and anxiety
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but also
trounced place
incident took , where around fortyand bashed up
city in Karnataka barged into
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two days

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March. With among the
rise not only several young openly
also on the parents. reasons those women our
due to many Day. alleged that – a practice that

E-3 Jhandewala Estate, New Delhi-110055.

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wine also brought
Pressure to secure peers, parents The attack n’s chief,
It indulged culture forbids.

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organisatio Bharat
s, Abhinav
Sometime dose of stressbecause of such limelight.
Sena into revealed its links with on gaining
give an extra that step of Ram Muthalik, organisati
teachers to be ignored extreme Pramod blasts.
take the – another Malegaon bomb
is also not could not after that the
many studentsthey feel that they notoriety n so far reveals behind
suicide, when of others. Investigatio people
of the
committing ns and
up the expectatio anxiety motive and now Mangalore
keep their phase blasts a Hindu
To overcome stress, the first Malegaon is to create
from 1st India.
n-related pub incident the precincts of
examinatio g began new
counsellin till 2nd April, Rashtra within indication that
of CBSE continue e year It is a clear Taliban mindset

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February. consecutiv g rs of
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2009. This providing
counsellin perpetrato heads in
has been during raising their
that CBSE students and parents beating
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services e Needless hit the eye
ns. programm the pub has all
CBSE Outreach the women inside The people from
In fact, the designed keeping and are
of the storm. the youth
is carefully of students’ population of especially
eity modes sections, over the country
heterogen Multiple NGOs all in
cal spread. as telephonic infuriated. against this vandalism is
geographi in this
ation such columns out protest
marches to them,
communic Question-Answer are taking According been
rights have black

g, Voice Response policing.

the purse. For the youngsters there is

of moral

counsellin CBSE
rs, Interactive counselling through more the namefirst time that women’s incident as a
newspape and online out to more and not the also terming
System (IVRS) to reach They are not
is used attacked. rights. is simply
during this
phase. , trained on women’s kind of moral policingsociety. Also,
43 principals nt and spot c
examinees as many as governme Of course, such and democrati of the
This year affiliated will in a civilised and members in bad
s from CBSE ists and social scientists tolerable of ministers are not only
counsellor psycholog and abroad. some comments n for Women wounds.
y in India
private schools; help line
individuall the cities of Delhi, National
Commissio salt on the
a progressiv
in also rubbing the fact that in
operate this centres in India Gurgaon, but greater
There are
39 Jaipur, taste,
no denying playing far must
h, Meerut, Jamnagar, There is women are and

Chandigar ar, Vishakhapatnam, from six

that of India, tion. They should be male

guidance in selecting clothes,

society like

Bhubanesw the first time transforma used to
Faridabad, e and for Guwahati, in social that once
Coimbator Bangalore There are roles those rights ,
Jabalpur, Nagpur, enjoy all
of Bhopal, of Kerala. es only. by womenfolk
new cities Kollam in the state India at
prerogativ g drinks tely,
Baroda and centres outside g intoxicatin practice. Unfortuna is
help line Consumin healthy and libertine
also four and Sharjah. can take
good is not a being liberal it high time to
Qatar parents the however,
Dubai, Doha , students and it is line between day. Isn’t
Therefore counsellor
s. Ultimately, cool dividing blurred day by m We
the CBSE . Keeping the two?
advice from have to tackle everything So, getting te between
who always work. differentia write to: letters@wo
students the exams positively millions of young

Women Again
facing the best to
mind and

cosmetics and step by step guides to

boldly. All

face the exams
minds. (Second) 2009
Era ● February

146 Woman’s Era ● April (Second) 2009