THE HARD GAINER'SBIBLE by Bradley J. Steiner



made up my mind then and there dissatisfaction. And I did.

This book is actually one long personal message. A message me to every single person engaged in weight-training who has lrom failed to gain the muscular bodyweighihe desires to gain. I [no*, vou see, what it feels rike to be skinny and weak, and tJwant desperately to grow muscular and strong. I've been there. Once, when I *as sixteen, I felt the dissatisfaction with my own body that you feel. r

to DO somithing



in a field I love - physical training. I learned a lot in my years o,f participation and study, and one of the most important things I learned is this: NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE, NO MATTER HOW BAD

This book is the end result of almost fourteen years of l'doing": studying, training, working, sweating, teaching ani writing



TO! That's right. I'll stand behind that statement l00go because I know it's true. No one- and that means y O U - .,must,, remain physically under-developed, and ashamed of his weakness. It is true that some people are born with much greater hereditary advantages, and thJ naiural tendency to be stroig and well-built, which the rest of us do not have. We can,t all be Mr. Americas, and not alr of-us can develop into weight-lifters capable of representing our Nation in the Intern"ri*J olympics. But alr of this rgally is unimportant. Because we all _ yes, ALL - can develop satisfactorily if we employ the correct tr"ining methods, properly tailored to our needs as unique individuals.



they'll work for you. That,i a promise. I,ve seen them work on everyone who's tried them. They worked on me, too. But, please, TRY. No methods of physicar training can be effective without thc effort of those who employ them. Effoi does not consist of a startstop-start-stop mode of training; and it is not the result of bcginnin3
chance and


This is a book about those methods. I won't let you down, whoever you are. Give my methods a

r dtp-rcrtod fcrr thrt "l'll never make it. . . never, nevcr never! I Jul laow I won't". Thrt rort of thing is what is responsible for fdlurc - much morc ro than starting with poor natural potential. Bcllovo mo, I lnow what I say. I'd llke you to gamble on yourself. Make a really big wager put cvcrythlng you've got right on the table and BET ON yOU. Bot, wlth mc, thet this time you're going to make it. ?1rs time, no mttter how many times in the past you've "failed", you're NOT OOINC TO FAIL. You're going to succeed. I am utterly confident of what I say, and I truly pray that you will go "whole hog" with me in




cffort to remake yourself to your own satisfaction! There is no s@ret to my teaching, and there is nothing about methods my that require special schooling or an esp€cially brilliant mind to grasp. The first prerequisite to success is to WANT to succeed. I assume you've got that much to begin with, or you'd never have purchased this book. Next comes WANTING IT HARD. Do you? I hope so. I hope you'll let yourself "want it hard" becausc if you do, you automatically make having it a possibility. Don't worry, I assure you that success in building your body is within your grasp. You needn't "hold your desire back" for fear that to want it too hard would only leave you open to another failure, or to more discouragement, NONSENSE! THIS TIME YOU ARE COING TO


Let's begin with this basic alliance, then: I'll be the teacher, I can't do much without you, and, if you,ve failed thus far, it's a safe bet you need me. Good. I'll tcach. you learn. I won't hold back from you - not enthusiasm, knowlcdge or sincerity. So don't hold back from me. Give me your best efforts. Join with me, and let's get the job donc! Wc can. No question about it. TOCETHER we'll make it.
and you be the student. Ready to go? Come on!

It always helps to clearly understand what you're talking about, whenever you want to solve a problem. Well, we know our problem, all right: It's how we can pack solid, muscular bodyweight onto your slender frame. However, this question of you being a ,,hard gainer". What's that? Really, how do we define a hard gainer? couldn't your past training failures or your seeming inability to pack on muscular weight be simply due to your following the wrong methods, as opposed to having an ,,unfavorable potential,'? Frankly, no it couldn't be due to that. Extreme failure to gain muscular development is almost totally the result of being a HARD GAINER. A hard gainer is a person who, because of a particularly unfavorable bone and,/or muscular structure, and possibly a poor metabolism and quality of muscle fiber tissue FAILS TO RESPOND to normal or even unusual training programs. opposite to the "hard gainer" we have the "easy gainer". .Flepacks on muscle when he so much as looks at a barbell! For him training must be hard if it is to build him up, but he can be always assured that, so long as he does something with those inanimate weights, he wl// make progress. I do not mean to suggest by what I say that men.who are among the world's top physiques were able to,achieve their status with little work or haphazard training. This is not so. But there is not one single top lifter or physique man who found that he FAILED TO RESPOND AT ALL to normal training methods. And we all know those men who seem "born" with a propensity for naturally good development. They areborn like that, and I see no reason to deny it. The "hard gainer", typically, is not born like that. Frequently he must bleed for every ounce of muscle he puts on, if, in fact, he is able to put on any at all (this depends upon whether or not he follows methods of training that approach the proper ones). A hard gainer must be more scientific in his approach to training because he has, unfortunately, the kind of body that quickly "stops responding" to training once even slightly incorrect methods are employed. In my own case and I was as hard a gainer as anyone -found could everho!r-not to be! I that significant changes occured in my development by the mere addition or subtraction of a sINGLE sET in the strategically important place! I found that, in certain instances, even slight variations in training "style" (which experience had taught me was correct for my needs) made huge differences ln my ultimate development, and in the productivity of any single workoutt


und$rtrnd, lfyou rrcr hard gainer you'll know it - if not at first, then lftu you'vc put a good six month's effort into your workouts and SottGn zllch for results! Not all hard gainers do this poorly, but many do, Thc majority just manage medioue gains from roral efforts. And
thcre is the kcy to understanding the hard gainer and his problems!

tonr nry rcoff rt my rcmarkc, but I swear that they are trul, Any frllow "htrd 3dncr" who is reading this I'm sure will

Weight-training works for anyone. But it works better for some than for others because they possess THE INHERENT POTENTIAL TO RESPOND FAVORABLY to that training. Just like a born genius can respond more favorably to four years of college than an idiot can. A hard gainer is one for whom SPECIAL METHODS are needed to get results that are similar to what relatively easy gainers get on ordinary methods. The guys with the worst troubles are, paradoxically, the DETERMINED hard gainers! For these poor chaps, things can get really rough. Here's why . . . The thing that a hard gainer needs to gain are clear: He requircs intensive but BRIEF workouts, an almost PERFECT diet, and carefully restricted NUMBER of workouts per week, and assorted other definite CONTROLS on what he does and how he docs it, if he is to gain favorably. But a seriously-determined hard gainer will always tend to misunderstand himself to the point where he will always TRAIN TOO LONG AND TRAIN TOO OFTEN. He more than likely will tend to OVEReat (which won't help muscalar gains) and he will "psyche" himself improperly, so that he becomes, often, a psycho. Strangely enough, hard gaincrs often have an ABUNDANCE of energy, but this is used to their weight-gaining detrimcnt when they POUR TOO MUCH OF IT INTO PHYSTCAL TRAINING AND ALLIED SPORTS AND ACTMTIES. In certain instances hard gainers have low energy, but I have not found this to be gencrally truc. They possess, on the average, a "neryous" type of energy that forccs them, unless they control it, to drive themselves too far. Adequate rcst and of needs to be taken if muscular bodyweight gains are dcsired possible much when too and not course this is "push" "drive" influences one's daily actions. Bone structure, as I briefly mentioned earlier, is related to one's status as a hard gainer. By far, the majority of truly hard gainers fall into the category of "small boned" people. ln more medical language, they are "ECTOMORPHS". An ectomorph is a small-boned person; someone with a slender, light skeletal structure, and rather slim muscles. He tends to

shcldon had me

When you see a pup with clumsy, huge, flopping paws you can be rclatively certain that he will grow up to be a hutiing monster. Like many of the well-bred German shepherd dogs. A boy whose hands scem like "big mitts' and whose feet appear almost as ,.flippers" almost surely has the inherent bone structure to develop into a'quite large, impressively-built adult. Big boned people are called ,,endomorphs,', and medium_ boned people are called "mesomorphs". This designation, by the way, is the result of research done many years ago by a Dr. sheidon. He set up these three basic human "types" which, though I doubt

measure about 63/,, around. Hardly massively_built ! People, to use a humorous example, are something like dogs.

have, often, narrow shoulders, a naturally trim waist, and very thin wrists and ankles. Even a fairly tall . ,ectomorph,' (5' l0' or 6' I ,i) ' has wrists measuring less than 7" ! At about 5'10", for instance, my wrists

AN IRREVERSIBLE DISADVANTAGE, PROVIDED YOU TRAIN AND LIVE PROPERLY. In large measure it,s up to you, as I shall keep stressing throughout this book. In the exact same \vay that a person who is born poor can achieve wealth, so can a weak, thin man achieve strength and muscular development IF HE WORKS pROpERLy FOR Ii. What I strongly urge is that you try to determine your own bone structure now. If your wrists and ankles are thick you will know that- your.ultimate potential is pRoBABLy greater, iroviding you work hard. If your wrists are very thin you will at leasi not st; out deceiving yourself about ultimately achieving 2,0,' arms! And, while we're on this point, let me stress this: Any small-boned man who succeeds in maximally developing his body wi.ll LooK as good (and often bettert) than a bigger-boned fellow who arso has good development. The rargcst my upper arms ever measured, for example, was a little more thSn 16", yet often people assume that my arms are really much biger. The

or big-boncd individual who failed to progress satisfattorily in training failcd bccause he simply neglected to workout, or he followed a really atrocious, self-defeating life-style. Good traits, inherited from healthy, strong parents can eaiily be negated if,you - foolishly - neglect yourself. In a like manner, as you will learn in this book, ihe worst possible inherited physique and potential NEED NOT BE

singularly helpful to me in my own work. There are cases where medium-boned or heavy_boned men have found developmental gains difficult, but these cari, ar. indeed very rare. In every instance that I personally know of, every medium

in mind when he undertook his task, has been

normal workouts. It's not dl thot bad to be a hard gainer. America. down-to-the-floor squats for two sets of 8 reps with 250 pounds on the bar. very much.. freehand! Yet I worked up to doing (at an eventual bodyweight of 180) full. really.fbetwecn slender wrisrs and small hands and a BIG upper arm is what does it. you are having a problem with the basic potential you've got. Realistically accept what you arc. invariably. I worked out on chinning with weights some time ago. Perhaps the greatest thing I achieved is a tremendously broad knowledge ofevery form and aspoct of physical training and personal development. like so many people do say: . as a small-boned person who literally had to. one day.. and don't start out in training by saying. All these things were done during regularll'-se heduled.solely because of appearance. and I broke into a sweat trying to chin the bar once. sure as shooting'. at times. 7-::--" *' .. in all-round fitness. full movements. but simply to point out that.strict form. not . I am no Mr. after more than a dozen years of intensive study. health and athletic ability. So. In partial squats ( halt-wav down) I used to use almost 400 pounds for sets of l5 then rerrs.but many people have just assumed that my chest was a Sreat deal bigger than it actually is. No matter what anyone may tell you. but no matter how much progress you succeed in making. Bocause you'll bc strong and well-built. my chest stretches the tape at under 50" . I am not today "weak" in any sense of the term unless you stack me up Nothing rhat I have achieved for myself can rank as a world record..Well. please believc that. BUT yOt HAVE TO BE PREPARED TO "ASK'' WITH SWEAT ANI) UNDERSTANDING OF PROPER METHOD. against some really top-flight rugged and strong-looking. You can make very good progress. until. My answer to such people is. IT IS ONLY POSSIBLE TO MAXIMALLY DEVELOP WHAT YOU'VE GOT. in strength and size and. is good. teaching experience and research. you'll see! "natural". If you are a hard gainer you'll know it." Being yourself is not so bad. I stand before you and sa1 flatly: SUCCESS IS YOURS FOR THE ASKINC. according to people who have cared to pass their opinion on to me. . but I did achieve a very good development. for now. and I at one time trained in the behind-neck press using 145 lbs. work to the point of tears for even a LITTLE gain. we will start with that. it is not possible to alter your basic struclure or physical type. Even if. Again I stress: I am not saying any of this to boast or to inflate my ego by dwelling upon my own case. you'll look in the mirror and behold! you'll like what you see very. for 4 sers of 8 reps. BUI I'r GAVE IvlE MORE THAN WHAT I WANTED. and my physique. and we will build on that. training. and you must understand that only by the intelligent and persistent application of PROVEN PRINCIPLES can you attain what you want. or even as a spectacular record of progress. thtrp contrast I say all this not to dwell upon myself. a deep knowledge of dealing with hard gainers (having been one) and a deep love for teaching thc best methods to those who wanted to learn bodybuilding and lifting. I developed. because of what I came to understand. at a bodyweight of 175 pounds. the reason I'M taking up barbell work is because I want to look like scrgio oliva".trials".Sergio Oliva is fte and you sre you. you will always remain yourself. I began training by using about 50 pounds in the squal!My arms were about 10". for many people. I know what the heck I'm talking about. most definitely. For my own poor beginning gave me an almost desperate motivation to LEARN and to apply everything that I learned. and worked into sets and reps with 40 pounds strapped to my waist . Likewise.

and so In the case of EITHER the naturally is the same. natural bodybuilder. abdominal. . The principre behind progressive-resistance work is valid for everyone. . Pearl. is only how that principre must be tailored to suit individual All voluntary muscles (biceps. get tired. need rest. They are REBUILT via adequate NUTRITION REST. believe that a muscle is a more-or-less iinlularly "solid" rnass of tissue. requireme nts. otherwise. True. universe! How? . existing in the muscles is the same. etc. it is nonetheless true. etc. a muscle really is. Underscore that simple procedure in your mind and don't 'lhat's all there is to effective bodyever allow yourself to forget it. Please re-read the above. and they're composed of fibers. But in other respects. well-blessed or the the QUANTITY of muscle fibers naturally under-par. two arms. and the BASIC PRINCIPLE built up. Thc "muscle" is the rope.) as well as the same .. Although certain men rike columbu. and then JUST allow sufficient rest and nutrition. building. possess LIMITATIONS. The only problem is. and so on may not look it. indented paragraph carefully. Does this mean that your biceps have the same number of muscle Let's take a look at exactly how a muscle is developed. same structural way.. but in that tissue's QUALITY. and NEVER to overdo either. They "spring back" from their "break down-build-up process a little bit BIGGER and a lot STRONGER' IF THE TRAINING HAS BEEN CORRECTLY APPLIED. however.form. They are BROKEN DOWN via intense. The precise quantity of fibers comprising any given muscle group are the same. on.. Hard gainers generally have poorer quality of muscle fiber.. The quarity and size of your biceps may be a far cry from Franco columbu's. what differs MUSCLE FIBERS FOLLOW THIS COURSE IN AN EFFECTIVE BODYBUILDING PROGRAM : l. and they must be broken down in order to be Yourve got the same fundamental body structure as everyone else (i. like everyone else. for instance. A muscle is woven outoffibers. Sergio has about ninety times the inherent strength and quality in his muscle fibers than the average person has' Not only does Sergio's inherent better-than-average structure make him nlore NATURALLY impressive. in a sense is like saying that brain surgery is JUST a matter of knowing how to use the scalpel right! Muscles grow when a demand is placed upon them REQUIRING rheir increase in strength and size.e. THE FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPTS OF PHYSICAL TRAINING ARE THE SAME FoR EVERYONE: IT IS THE APPLICATION OF THOSE CONCEPTS TO UNIQUE. That's part of the reason why Sergio makes ordinary men iook like stick figures. of tissue struuure. similar to an organ. etc. and 3. hip and thigh muscles. Especially if you're a hard gainer. As a member of the human race you. THAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE. in fact.CHAPTER TWO: SOME PRACTICAL CONSTDERATTONS fibers as Sergio Oliva's????? Yes! Difficult as accept this. like you. neck. has this greater-than-average quality of muscle fiber tissue. as a hard gainer you're something of a . regardless of the individual whom we examine. they will not gro\ at all.: Lel's see. sleep. Sergio's lies not in their quantity of fiber tissue. Every easy gainer.special case. rt is very important to understand the idea presented there. Anri here I want to spend a bit of time explaining why the LEASI ettecrive and worst possible method of training for the . and the fibers of the muscles are thi rope's "strands". and they contract and expand. We can think of these fibers as the strands that make up a rope. but they're still built in the . Many people. they. INDIVIDUAL CASES. etc. This is not so. you're exactly the same as Mr. The trick is to JUST break down the body's muscle fibers. outstanding "natural" lifter. it may be for you ' The essential difference between your (or my!) biceps an. deliberate work in an exercise. quite erroneously. Which. etc. it also gives him umpteen times the POTENTIAL FOR CROWTH than the average person possesses. it reads ntore easily than it "applies" ! If you've had coqsiderable past experience with weighttraining then I don't have to tell you that trying to obtain the right amount of exercise can clrive you nuts. must eat. triceps. core-concepts do not differ as peopre differ.. with that basic concept in your mind you have a pretty accurate picture of what. Zane. shoulder. are subject to mental ups and downs.) are composed of flggnS. REQUIRED for their development 2. legs and a chest. etc. .

Co ahead and DO work that demands more of vou lhan what you have. just prior to a contest. done with a hefty degree of exertion will do rnore for the hard gainer than ten sets done without "spirit". and. hard workout can be taken by anyone in a fairly brief period of time.the hard gainer it is simply p all other instances. The reason is because this method from his efforts: whereas the marathon trainee.the pump subsides. right after the exercise is completed. of all the available "methods". .with work that is difficult. I hare found that this particular error is the single most comtnotl cttlt"ir. The result. to inflate the muscle with blood . And. then trebled. but you started. but in a day or so." said Emerson. true. Workouts should bc strictlr and carefully t-IMITED. so you must struggle . will at least nol hamper vorrr gaining and hold you back. will sttrely lose. with blood.r' ambitious "hard gainers" make! Perhaps you have been the vit"'tim t'1 this mistake in training. the muscles gradually grow GoNSIDERABLY. It possible is to move your arm two hundred times. yourself? It is better to do too little than to do too mucll when trvlllg l() build up on a slender. Actually. when the fiber is broken down. so as always to \rork you \l'lT'l{lN t'()l'R CAPACITY TO BENEFIT. to become trury . To pump-up a muscle means. body power is doubled. with my hand on my heart I tell you: "YO[J YOL' WILL GET THE STRENCTH AND DEVEI-OPIVIENT NEED!" Nature. ftard one takes the least actual training time. with no weight in youi hand. THE MUSCLE WILL BE ACTUALLY BIGGERAND STRONbER. and bigger and genuinely stronger) the muscle FIBERS themselves must be worked extremely hard. Anyone. to looi PERMANENTLY is a different srory.Remember that.rwth when DEN'!. understandably. and to be always certaitt that hrr Ir . not solid growth. Pumping up the muscles might be acceptable for an already well-developed Apollo. Me.e. above all. If you wanr really solid growth. but'spme.. Eventually.. Your friend.S l0 OWN . A good. Nature provides changes and erolutitrn arrtj sr. providing rest and nutrition are adequate. achieve only a temporary inflation of your muscles lor the duration of a single workout by pumping them up. it is always hard work. PROVIDING Ht1 lS WORKING HARD. the result is mere appearance. you. But that hard work need not be done in excessive AMOUNTS. inches are added where needed or wanted. Hard work is the only way to build solid muscles. simply to maximize the developed muscle he has but it serves only to prevent actual gains in . you. Pumping is an awful way to train.including his eyeballs! The bodybuilder whose training time consumes an hour or less. One good set ot a basic exercise. the simple. lf training starts to take 1ne. that a hard gainer needs to learn is lo NOT OVERDO his training. Just as when vou must struggle with the difficulty in learning a foreign language to he able to speak it. speakrttg lr. for the "increased size" that seems so impressive is merely temporary TISSUE INFLATION.nothing more. unless he is "natural". In order for muscles to actually develop (i. Thus.\NDS are made for these changes' ll 1'r'ru nrsh ttr lrc higger ancl strrtnger and to pttt muscular bodyweight ()n )our lranrc. AND YOU WII-[.. just like it is a different story ro look strong.s ttttl ol \t)rr than your recuperative power can replace. there is only minimal pump. basic. when a trainee uses the pumping method of exercising he employs a light poundage and works rapidli to congest his muscles or gorge them. but a lazy bodybuilder can easily (and frequently does) toll through a three-hour "workout" that accomplishes little more than pumping up everything he's got . and the basic natural law of grouth u'ill not let you down! The thing. stands only to gain ACCORDS WITH Anyone can build his body this way. popular. And here I better explain that when I say "Work hard!" I ant not contradicting myself and my admonition to "Avoid loo mttch work!".pumping" style of training. don't train that way.rnt the standpoint of exercise quantity. and "pump up" your biceps but you'll not break down one iota of actual fiber. IT AND IT ALONE WILL pAy OFF IN THE back where hard gainer is the so-called . in reality. when. and for O I S O N. The process is sometimes tedious. and thus. maximum development takes place. your body. a THE METHOD OF NATURE.. -good Everyone wants to look good fast! However. Too little. Not much bigger and stronger . HAVE THE POWER. exertions are carefully CONTROLLED. tlrcn lrtu shall have to FORCF your body to immerse itsell in crre ulnstartccs that NECESSITATE its increased developrnent. You can. They must be "broken down. Too much work definitely will hold yr-rtr back. "DO THE THING. and even your enemy. And as time goes on and a continuum of workouts of the same type are employed. .when you seek to master the body that is yours. at best. The pump method of training is. is often a very impressive LOOKING development. however. and to actually BE strong . hard-gaining frame.which also results from a non-pumping style of training. you will not gain.

Please read and study the information and advice I have taken pains to give you.d*'INER. size and all-over development. is a Every workout should be thought of as a step. but THEY MUST BE REBUILT IN EXCESS OF THEIR PREVIOUS "BEST'' LEVEL! workout again. before we discuss more specific training information we shall look at the matter of DIET. not more work. AM A HARD G. he might easily fall flat on his face. If a person not naturally endowed for taking big leaps tries one. Diet is crucially important. So the hard gainer wall<s carefully toward the same goal that the easy gainer runs towards. is on the BEST POSSIBLE EXERCISE ASSORTMENT. but when you're trying to do so with the cards stacked against you from the outset. By the correct combining of effective dietary habits with the other essentials of development (i. But for those who have shorter. except to eat properly. exercise. And men were not hard gainers. Okay. one single step at a time is wisest. Now. as a hard gaiher. Your recuperative and replenishing powers are then taxed to the utmost. But the right method of traveling the same road is . this chapter was written. to begin with.oricnted trainee.e. It is then that your body is truly be placed under a stringent demand for excellent . if you seriously want to win. fine. Concentration. Some few people can leap two or even three steps at a time because they were born with longer. they must REBUILD. very optimistic. energy and "staying power" will simply give-out after their initial flush of effort-output. He must FOCLIS his energies where they will do thc mort 8ood. determines how well your body training program.OFTEN NEGLECTED FACTOR I have met many top physique men who said plainly that they 'these considered diet to be 80-9090 of effective bodybuilding. LIKE YOU. you're either very. If you don't do this. or very unwise. my experience has shown me that the correct application of good diet in one's living. When this flaw in their program was resolved.Mrny people think that heavy. you may incorporate the fundamentals of correct nutrition to aid your efforts. if they follow their natural bent. will get there. If he doesn't.and must remain . two hours of overtraining! But if / overtrain severely on a As a hard gainer you are operating. The place where one's energies are best concentrated. and see how. more agile legs. Why? I'll tell you. restricted approach.. with regard to virtual GUARANTEE of ultimate TENCE'is applied. In this chapter you have seen how and why you as a hard gainer need a special. power. did almost everything right. BECAUSE I. wlthout depleting him. it's even harder. success - provided PERSIS- To a very large extent. I mean of course that once the muscles have been adequately broken down. coupled with the proper method of barbell training. a hard training day I might not be ready to go at the weights full steam for another four or five days. I assure you that exccllent progress will result! The right kind of exercise breaks down body (muscle) tissue' This we've already pointed out and you'll recall that it is this form of exercise only that I espouse in working with hard gainers. in chapter four. A hard jrlner rnrct trrin limply. when it's time to rest and to recuperate. but afterwards. basic workouts are suitable Only fOr lhc pOwcr. Once the body has been worked it needs REST. THE MOST. If you do this. The other half of this "method" requires your body's response to make it effective.differcnt. If you come to understand and apply what has been said you cannot fail. and this is doubly the case' where gainer is concerned. since his greater natural recuperative powers will have him "ready to go" again the day after even shape. The goal is to get to the top to one's goal. It is hard enough work to build a fine physique. The easy gainer need not concern himself with this too intently. You must give yourself every "plus" factor that you can give yourself. rest and mental attitude) you enhance immeasurably your chances for success. Following that. at a serious disadvantage. Don't kid yourself about this. he will only dcfcrt hls own bcst interests. less agile legs. If too much work is undertaken. you might as well save yourself the troublc of trainin8 If you only "just recuperate" from a workout in timc to l2 l3 . you see' how good your diet is is capable of responding to your how you apply the proven principles of bodybuilding and lifting training. Gains in to all of it. This is what leads to GAINS. with regard to training.performance"! Not only must the muscles that have been broken down be rebuilt. then justice cannot be done CHAPTER THREE: DIET. but this is not true at all. it takes no Sreat wisdom to appreciate. not by a long-shot! I have worked with hard gainers who. Training is crucially important to your success' and as an introduction to the RIGHT training methods. they gained fine. the mental aspects of encouraging growth and development will be set forth for your use. up until working with me. In fact. Not d|rdng the workout. The basic method of breaking down-build up applies to all. Both.

they do Nor need ."tt-Jnt ilefits armost immediatery. simple.a lot. for the simple reason rhat vou're unrikely to rrd *i."i"J J"igfr.. please tell me. I want your success for you.. your grocery? Do you. my friend..attach the importance that is needed to your diet. eat a lot. gr. . . ESPECIALLY IF HE ALREADY IS A HARD GAINER AND LACKS THE PERFECT METALOBISM TO UTILIZE EVERY OUNCE OF NUTRITIVF.get what you're after" more than me. you'd expect less than perfect functioning. lt Every workout must produce GROWTH if it is to be rfflclcnt for thc hrrd gainer in the building-up stages. the best fresh fruits..r. good.but you wi.nest greens. But t o* f.o provide your body and mind wittr wtraiit requires you WILL pAy THE PRICE FOR YOUR" NECLECi.*. po*. i"* n. i. . however much they need gooa. but hardly appropriate for getting rt rll. Possibly effective for eondltlonlnf rnd fltnelr purposes. oi-eating . VALUE IN THE FOODS HE EATS? Balance your diet like a scientist in a laboratory balances out the elements in a crucial formula. on their frame. on . th. It is just as important to regrilate. moi.. and I leave it to you tC approximate that ided lor itr.. and to avoid "fads" and wild diet schemes. Naturally.. You'd shop for the best possible fuel you could afford.God's greatest "machine". il. home. the "ideal" out to you.. u"J. Good.. If the blood carries (and I don't mean this humorously) hot dog elements.."rr. Eating properly for strength and the attainmenr of solid muscular weight is not only u rnutl. largest eggs? or do you pick up a six-p4ck of your favorite elements and bits of digested potato chips and cheap delicatessen sandwiches and french fries..Jv"al you honestly trl to get-these thin-gs f.. I urge everyone to plan and to think wisely and realistically.i. as it is importanr ro regurate quilrrv. If you ur.". I am certainly not a health-food nut. you can obtain ninety percent of these at any large supermarket or good grocery store.. However. the same priviledges! IF YOU FEED CRAP TO YOUR BODY YOU'LL GET CRAPPY SERVICE FROM lT! Period.uble fat.. so to speak. of bags of potato chips. not "bear" out Morher Narure in th. Orowth is always determined by the two simple and interrclrtcd flctors: HOW WELL WAS MUSCLE TISSUE BROKEN DOWN? HOW WELL DID YOUR BODY RE-BUILD IT "UP''? Exercise will determine the answer to the first part of that inquiry.. The hard gainer is in possession of the sort of metabolis. please heed my words.EcT DIET. for a while if you were bressed wiitr trereort*y'"ouunt"ges ..l Once the muscle fibers have been thoroughly worked.trength and an admiration_ vri. if for no other reason than I take pride in my work' and I value the results of my own efforts to teach. vou wit see the . rnyphs. determine the answer to the second part. sound nutritional habits are certainly not to be equated with "fads" and crazy "schemes".r..6.would bc llkc running on a trcadmill. and thus broken down (NOT pumped). the reddest. If you aspire to pt . plenty of fellows. .t. If you do. perfect metabolisms. But they do not undersrand that. leanest . o. He pires on unarri. I do know what I am talking about. each day. HOW IN CREATION DO YOU EXPECT YOUR MUSCLES TO MAXIMALLY BENEFIT???? How. you might . His diet must be so balanced that he eats only whathe actually can grow on. When .eUANTITy of food intake. and if you didn't use good fuel.or rook good with .. is TREMENDoUs EFFoi.rrliuiun."a. You'd not consider putting dirt and garbage into your car. thinking you've now obtained the food you need for lunch? Think about these things. can anyone expecr MAXIMUM gains from such a scanty nutritional program. what food producrs you purchase you are only throrving u*"y "iout good deal of your opporrunity to help achieve that muscular.or". can automatically compensare quickly for an excessive quantity-of food by . basic natural foods will do just fine for t4 cord-cuts and a roaf of bread and jar a of ."i creating physique the price. a too_strict approach is not a good idea. No dice.get by. do have the common sense to grant to your body . plan now to. the blood carries away the waste elements that have accumulated and carries TO the muscles the NUTRITIVE ELEMENTS that will rebuild them. r""g]il.i'fr"na. a . and rapidly loses ""ritywhen it shape and tone is over or under fed. coupled with rest. Not at all. ti"t u".i. in their zeal to gain bodyweietli. DIET will. piz.o ifJgu begin as a hard gainer.iJt-iv tirru..Lu_ing it up"' No so the hard gainer.ur.TnNn piii. If you want sich-and-such you must DO such-and-such. careful attention and maintenance that a car deserves? And if you grant to a mechanical conrrivance the right to function at less than full efficiency when it is not being properly "fed". shop seriously-and carefully t5 . some building a superman body. you cannot fool Mother Nature. Besides yourserf there is probably no one on this earth that wants you to .oupf. Life is very clear-cut.fut'physique " that you want. How come you don't have the same respect for your body as you have for your car? Don't you think that your magnificent human body deserves AT LEAST the same care.

fish fowl'etc. tissue. pear. You are not in proper. basic mcnu plan for g.) or large serving of poultry I rice.GAINER'S "STAPLES'' There are two basic categories of food that I have found it best for hard-gainers to practically "live on" in the process of building Lean meats. Supplementary to thosc two core essentials we san include: Milk . hard training. Fats and starches. As mentioncd earlier.. the far as As space here enumerating them. PROVIDED IIE ISI ALSO A . etc. It is BREAKFAST 3 eggs (prepared any style) 2 slices whole wheat bread and butter 4 strips of bacon I large glass of milk THE HARD. MID-MORNING SNACK I glass of milk I slice of whole wheat bread with peanut butter LUNCH %-l full pound of chopped meat hamburger I tossed vegetable salad I baked potato I apple or pear + beverage of your choice EVENING MEAL I large steak or large fresh-cooked fish (halibut. 2. raw vegetables of every type.thesc are excellent solid bc eaten as dcsired by the should and they muscle-builders. etc. in addition ro the following menu plan. and in modest quantities (2 pints a day) for older. macaroni. emphatically ARE ESSENTIAL in a good.. Try to minimum bare baric thlngs: Cut to a good foods. spaghetti or potato dish 2 slices of whole wheat bread with butter I tossed vegetable salad I glass of milk Fresh fruit or fruit pie dessert Coffee or tea. organ meats. . haddock. I large serving of fresh fruit. this leads to the rather undesirable gain in a fatty. banana. even without meeting you personally. suggested that. Fats and starches . Indeed. I am willing to wager. my suggested dietary plan will no longer appear to be best you can. .in the form of ricr' large quantities for teenagers who are extrernely slim. gaining trainee' hard slim. the quantity of food that I advocate. This is because: A SAI{PLE MENU FON THE HARD GAINER. however. be something along the lines of the following dietary plan. the of rchieve a scnsiblc BALANCE garbage foods are. etc.' . l6 l7 . spaghetti. rather than muscrrlar. proportiongte to your efforts your dietary program by doing two begin is to Your bcst bct the "garbage" foods. As you gradually become used to living. more mature men who wish to gain.HARI) IRNNER''t calorics and muscle tissue are being burned up in serrere musclebuilding workouts. exercise and attitude. considerably. a good. . and. the hard-gainer use a high-potency vitamin-mineral supplement each day. beans and peas milk. and results will always remain in diet. poultry. overall. that your present diet does not approximate the foregoing plan! If it did you'd undoubtedly be in much heftier condition than you're in now! Perhaps the menu I gave seems too heavy.) will do nicelyl That is a quite substantial menu. so I needn't take up what the You know good foods go ' . I know of many hard-training men who exceed. Fresh. for l.aining miSht a.. training and eating lf like the strongman you're eventually to become. . it is NOT a good idea to attempt to pile on thc needed weight via thc speedy means of fats and starches. if desired LATE SNACK A nice piece of fruit ( proportions similar to those explained above. You are presently under-eating of the good foods you need. b. well-balanced food plan.r rI must note here that although the traince may be extrcmcly slendcr. nuts. Just remember this simple and irrevocable fact: ONLY TO THE EXTENT THAT YOU DO THINCS PROPERLY CAN YOU HOPE TO GAIN WHAT YOU WISH TO GAIN' There are no miracles in this tusiness. Eggs . Cheeses.

IN GREAT AMOUNTS. you REALLy want t{r ger lo the top ()l'the mountain! There is one linal item I want to discuss with you now. That's the truth.'rltn'l lt porolble that. and he will adjust his dietio fit himself. That is the pot of gold waiting at the end of the rainbow! It's real. steaks. and who followed the other advice I am giving you. ANSWER Certainly you can change it! Who do you think I am. solid. It's there. and who ate as advised. I tried. surprisinglr'. you could nonetheless succeed in building a fine body and great strength. perhaps. she invariably returns a full 10090 + ! ON GAIN. BALANCED MEAI. Rigid diet plans are outrageous for the simpre fact that only crack-pots stay on them for long. Especially in the case of protein supplements which. Drugs in no way are '. are almost completely a waste of money. FROM ANY DIET AND/OR EXERCISE PROGRAM IT MUST BECOME AN INTECRAL PART OF YOUR LIFE. rest sufficiently and maintain a positive mental attitude will TRANSFORM yoU. and now. and plenty of rest and recuperation so that your body builds up in response ro your training efforts. liver and who can't drink milk. lf you begin training. as a hard gainer. their supplements are not "essential" to your growth. given a poor potential and hereditary disadvantages.-And if the doctor finds that there's nothing organically wrong with you. to persuade you of the truth. you need large amounts of good. THEY DON'T HAVE THE EXTRA-EFFICIENT METABOLISMS NEEDED TO ASSIMILATE BOT-H THE SUPPLEMENTS AND THE FULL. determined effort to eat well. Frankry. positive philosophy of life. judicious amount of one or two really important supplenrents (like vitamin-mineral tablets and wheat germ oil) than to stuff rheir sysrerns with powders.dolnj lt lf I etc all you suggest?. Despite what many of the adverrisers say.IN JUNK FOODS ALONG WITH MY SUCCESTED MENU!! SEcoNDQUESTTON "Can I make any changes in the menu you suggest _ or must I follow it to the letter?'. lrclt're moring on t. You paid your money for this book presumably because you wanted to get something you didn't have before.' ANSWER QUEStTON at the outset. TION. to go ahead with allof your might and WORK HARD for it. except for hospital patients who can't eat eggs. at least ovrr. l9 l8 . a renewed. or.supplements'. of all people! Why? have never known anyone who applied the correct The intelligent individual will try to apply concepts not very good. and if you're serious about prcklng on solid muscte. Far better for these people to use a srnall. It's up lo you first to WANT IT. Feel free to have tuna on whole wheat bread. generally-indicative of how you'd of peanut butter. Namely. if that's your fancy. exercise properly. pills and concoctions. don't have eggs at all _ have a half a chicken for breakfast if you like! dogma to his suggested is a BASIC coNcEpr. and J tell you quite simply. not about how. bluntly and honestly that unless you REALLy put an effort into your nutritional planning you probably will not build up as you seek to build up. If you are so scrawny that you look funny you need a doctor. feel free to havi e eggs instead of three. nourishing food. to fail. instead principles of barbell training as expounded in this book. if you DON'T start carefuily watching your nutrition. I'd be also. of the nutritional. It is the wrdcspread u:e r. is the truth. Plus sensible exercise. When Mother Nature gets l00go from you. There is alwal's the NATURAL.WEIGHT SUPPLEMENTS I don't believe in the heavy use of food supplements. SANE. so why look for specracular pronilses that lead to frustration and disappointment? I assume you'\e had enough ol'rhat nonsense. NOT A PASSING FAD. anyway? Some sort of dictator? The important point for you to grasp is that the plan l.. Not lor anyone. ESPECIALLY (and perhaps. ro many) in rhe case of hard gainers. I No. They need ir more definitely and more direcrlv than their easygaining brothers. Thar. Most people who use supplements use way too many. JUST DON'T TRY TO CONTINUE EATING NNV USUALLYINDULGED. Such just doesn't happen. You might wish to know what your chances are of building up impressively. finally.rl anabolic steroid drugs in physical training. LOGICAL and OBVIOIjS answer ro the problem. you'il nor be over-doing it at alr. the truth On the bright side of things I'll swear to you that a Hard gainers need COMPLETE. AND To cET THE Mosr G@D be advised to eat. and then. ihe next chapter and the next subject. and am trying. I did not try to sell you a bill of goods. or. not a can of powder. BALANCED NUTRI.

a. being the best athlete in any particular field is NOT the most important thing in the world. Drugs are ALWAYS a potentially-dangerous threat to your health. Still.whether urged by coaches. NEVER. must come to understand and apply the principles of correct mental power and control. AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. when his capacity to THINK. honestly. as an especially hard gainer. ln contrast. your reward will be a million times more than any possible "reward" obtained through the use of a syringe. with poor potential and a slender frame. he was born. PLAN. They tend to ACCEPT whatever poverty of wealth or accept it as personal development they were born with "just me". without even contemplating seriously whether or not it needs to continue in existence. even when administercd by a mcdical doctor. you must risk damaging or destroying your own precious health and your body. after all. hope to achieve your maximum physical development. without even considering the lact that SUCH A SITUATION IS WITHIN THEIR POWER TO CONTROL TF ONLY . all too many trainees have begun to supplement their workouts with drug use. If you do these things. OR OF "HELPING'' IN BODYBUILDINC I know full well that what I say runs drastically contrary to popular usage of these steroid drugs in bodybuilding and lifting any way you desire. and they should NEVER. to grow and to participate to the best of your God-given (not drug-given) potential. having the biggest arms. Not when. he has within his grasp the means of radically altering any "unfortunate life situations" into which. b. Human beings' for reasons that. NEVER' CHAPTER ]'OUR: SOME THOUGHTS ON THOt'CHT You. if you CIRCUMSTANCES OR FOR THE PURPOSE BE USED CONDITIONS WHATSOEVER WEIGHT-LIFTINC. However. Strive to build up. exercise hard and strive to be a real Man inside and out. Leave it at that.NT SITUATION ARE EITHER WHOLLY OR IN LARGE PART DI'JF TO YOUR MENTAL ATTITUDE. NEVER. That is. once a person reaches the age of understanding. Please re-read the last paragraph.and your life . Strive. UNDER ANY Being "number one".VISUALIZE and PROJECT GOAI-. and often by understanding how best to USE that power' everything else can be efficiently handled. . It will be your mind's command to "change" that will be primarily responsible for the progress you will make in building muscle and strength. to enjoy yourself. True. I do not fully understand. skinny. I maintain my position and I will not condone' accept' tolerate or sympathize with drug use in physical training . doctors or the unfortunately misinformed trainees themselves. AS THE HARD CAINER! The power of the mind is incredible. I'hev tend to RESENT themselves for being inadequate. if you were born weak. That is a fundamental truth of human nature that it will pay you to grasp and appreciate fully.dietary type. I confess. Every bodybuilder and lifter who enjoys great success in his training makes use of 20 2t . the mental aspects of the Art. Within your mind lies the strength to mold your body . No one whose "mind wills it" remains a failure or a weakling long! And that applies no matter into wfrat unfortunate circumstance he was born' You have no control over inherent qualities . a "given". for "having" such an undesirable life situation. It is the temporary reality with which you must deal. ygu must.AT FIRST. but NO ONE NEEDS MORE TO COME TOAPPRECIATE THOSE ASPECTS FULLY. Eat well. accept your situation because it is. but that is beside the point. or a furtivelv-hidden bottle of pills. rationally.S matures. AT FIRST. remember this: ANY NEGATM ASPECTS OF YOUR PRESF. tend naturally to adjust to unfortunate life situations in the following rhanner. persistently and with all of the power within you. to attain this. or with which..

The Creator did not create anyone to be a failure. You may fill your mind with the CONVICTION THAT SUCCESS IS nornralll'-functioning brain. muscle. those whose "achievement" amounts to nought but failure. most of the time. when life goes along in neither great sorrow or joy. strength. Not surprisingly. certainty of h i success. of course. of the hard gainer.all are wirhin the reach of anyone who TRULY wants these blessings. appropriate for Yourself? optimistic.' build up. State number three will keep you alive and functioning' but - What you make of your life situation does not depend upon whar that particular life situation rs.N 'I III. THE CERTAINTY THAT YOU WILL INDEED BE WELL-BTIILT AND POWERFUL ONE DAY. 2. and it is one of the greatest errors a man can make when he allows himself to think that "lt's no use. A state of full negativism. but don't foolishly Jump to the conclusion that. HEART'S DESIRE!!! The build you seek is waiting for you. and it is unfortunate. l. Success cancels failure out. CONTINUALLY. I never would have developed the burning desire to CHANGE my situation. You have a choice. no matte' how hard they "train" and no matter who tries to help them. A state of full optimism. they switch over to the first state. Astatethatis amixture of thetwoextremes.THEY MAKE THE EFFORT. Perhaps This is significant. and if I were never rniscrably dissatisfied with the physique and strength I had as a young boy. FOR IT IS THE ONLY WAY TO RISE ABOVE YOUR PRESENT CIRCUMSTANCES AND TO ACHIEVE YOUR Is it worth the EFFORT to appropriate a cheerful. When things go well. 22 WITH JUST A MODEST ACT OF WILL. Ofte n. Nonsense! No one was borrr to be anything but a SUCCESS. they collapse into despair state. DAY ARRIVES THAI \ OT ( 0N\ I\( I YOURSELF ()I. but it is UNNECESSARY. Wealth und health. lN THEIR MIND'S EYE! They see only that they have weakness. The vast majority of human beings generally function in state number three. therefore. they continue along in state number three. and they VIEW weakness as inevitable for themselves. but you cannot have both. On the other hand. dynamic and purposeful state of mind? OF COURSE IT IS. psychologically. and the WILL to do so. if only he'd realize that fact! l'ou may have been born a weakling. It destroys the "failure-consciousness" that destroys successful attainment. etc. REMAIN THERE. AND THE REALIZATION THAT IT CAN BE DONE. i gooct cleal ol' the reason why people function in this manner can be attributed to the fact that more often than not. fame. and he "feels" like he was never "supposed to be" anything more. YOU CAN SWITCH OVER INTO STATE NUMBER ONE. those persons who were born with a particular disadvantage find out that. He "feels" like a hard gainer. as it turns out. a failure-oriented consciousness destroys any chance for success. and to Iearn the Art of physical training so I could help others. success and power . is that his SELF-IMACE is awful. it depends upon HOW YOU VIEW AND ACCEPT IT. can fight and overcome any undesirable and unfortunate accidents of birth. The major problem. also ir Every human being who has basically sound health. you were "born TO REMAIN a weakling". \'OU CAN KISS TRAININC I'AILURE COODBYE! Failure cannot live long with a man who is SUCCESS-oriented.CONTROL. 23 . cheerfulness. it was really a BLESSING IN DIS(it.number two. the never truly "get over the hump" and start to BELIEVE that they r. thel are enc'ouraged todo so by their family and by their upbringing.lSEl I'nr sure that this is true in my case. So choose which one you want! There are three possible states of mind a man can have at any given time. YOU MAY FILL YOUR MIND WITH THE MORBID FEAR THAT FAILURE IS INEVITABLE. OT. Were I born with a "natural's" physique and inherent power. it won't build for you DYNAMIC HAPPINESS and GREAT To achieve anything you must have an image of that which you desire to achieve. therefore. He NEVER REALLY CONVINCES HIMSELF THAT PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT IS "REALLY'' A POSSIBILITY FOR HIMSELF. 3. But alwa. I was just born to be a weakling". They are: I i.s. IF you set your sights on it and IF you believe in the possibility of its attainment. You may have either mental state. VIEW FAILURE. because of what that disadrantage motivates them to do. When things go poorly. THE EXERCISE OF SELF. Thus. t INEVITABLE AND CERTAIN. \\ }II. AND ACHIEVE PRACTICALLY ANYTHINC IN THIS WORLD THAT YOU DESIRE _ INCLUDING GREAT PHYSICAL POWER AND A FANTASTIC PHYSIQUE! Now which mental state do you think it advantageous to SUCCESS in the things you want.

I adrnired other men's great development' Reg Park of England. since plans . the development of the physique you imaged. of Canada. when energy is sapped by concentralion on other things' Total dedication does not mean that you do nothing but train. . It's that simple. Even if you find it takes superhuman effort to do so . careful look at yourself in the nrrrror. The l'irst (tep in the utilization ol tnental power for the all6inmenl ol'I 8. drop it. you'll achieve success. And. was the actor-athlete Robert Conracl. development and improved appearance you want. in thtr book. and other top men from the United States. on. if you wish to achieve the great physique you dream of achier ing' I must point out here.. HAVING THE PLAN .. and then you give your all to the achievement of those basics.CTF.IN(. I've pretty much "wrapped things up" for you right here in this book. if you find that the thoughl appeals greatly to you. 24 No one should start out wiffihe idea that extremely little time will be required of him for the building of his body. most out of their lives. vott "do nothing but train"! It means that you "boil down" your life to the BASI(S OF WHAT YOU TRU|Y DESIRE. and that I woulcl not have minded having for my own' but t NEVER IjXPF. or visualizing in your ntind's eye the strength. I'here were perhaps ten physiques I considered "great". special. wonderful form that you will enjoy as YOU. Once the image of the goal is clear.but never lose sight of the fact that you are a unique. later on. goal is a great thing.reat physique is IMACINLI. and setting about to r isualize only his self-improvement as the goal sought. etc. SEE it. DISCOURAGED OR DISILLUSIONED. Fast. In the same manner. However' my personal belief is that an individual is far better off by simply At)\llRINC others' physiques and lifting ability. for your edification' that the crucial considbrably to your capacity to devote yourself fully to your purpose Nothing is as impossible of attainment as trying to get somewhere In a hurry. and so llarirtg vt'ur plan rv!il reqrrire persistance ol you. don't expect it to be attained Rome and Herculean Men were not built time. FEEL its reality. It is detrimental to the attainment of any goal. and these men INSPIRE me to attain them. . set the plan for its attainment! In this regard. Hugh Hefner. may be longer in coming' BE PREPARED TO WAIT AND TO KEEP WORKINC' WITHOUT BECOMINC RESENTFUL. DEVOTION TO WHAT YOU WANT Give up the habit of living half-rvay. the late Theodore Roosevelt. and you need to learn the art of complete devotion. you might try it. People must learn the art of total devotion to what they want. INDIVIDUAL CASE.IMA(. Results can be had quickly. That is.D TO LOOK LIKE TH'E PEOPLE I ADMIRED. Get all the help. success will have its own special. as I became more involved in training. I *'ould advise you to take a good. but the FINISHED PRODUCT. My personal ph1'srque itlol. lt means that WHEN YOU TRAIN. It's the same with physical training. when you don't know where you're going' and have no clear destination of a place you'd like to be! .lin. If you follow the plan of training con tained herein. upon which he bases his own so! when you've hit on something rrorL ivhcn thct are follorrecl! Howel'er. I have my own unique goals and aspirations. and. when I started training. taking into consideration your own unique features. Energy is one thing human beings must learn to apportion. the late J. long. BLJ't PLANNING PATIENCE in a day' If yout lt takes overnight. r\r\i ltlll1()l'tant. I admire enormously such people today as the late Howard Hughes. and visualize YOU and see how YOU want YOU to look. when you realize that you don't particularly u'ant something. that is. KNOW that it willbe yours! l\lany times I have heard it urged that a bodybuilder should aclopt an "ideal" or a model. STEP ON THE GAS! Go ahead with firm resolve and an iron-jawed determination of will power to achieve it. There is both good and bad about such a suggestion. if they are to g. and. Paul (ietty. inspiration and encouragement you can from every outstanding personage in the field . issue of HAVING A CLEAR IMAGE OI' YOUR GOAI'' will add I DON'T NECESSARILY ASPIRE TO THE EXACT SAME TORIII AND TYPE OF SUCCESS THAT THESE MEN ENJOY(ED). I'vc gi c'n it to you' FOLLOW il: TOTAI. That would have been very unrealistic.. and that for you. Maurice Jones.

and KEEp IT CLEARED . There is nothing to be gained by being glum and dis-spirited.strength. In fact. For perfect minds and perfectlyorganized. \0I' What are the fundamentals of working out? What are the concepts. principles and basics that will enable you. Your mind is the key and the source to every great success ruu'll e'er know especially the success of building your body as you .of everything but the training at hand . cHAP'l uR I'IVFI: cENERAL TRAINING ADVICE \d'e're ready now to ger into the actual training you must use in order to build your physique. let's lay a good.for the entire duration of your period of exercise. program your mind and determine to put forth all yclu've got in quest of your heart's desire muscle and . or in what might happen qfter your workout. so life is rough and full of problems.Think on this. Don't 26 27 .e always worked for sr:ccessftrl pettple throughout the ages. When workout times arrives. In any case. IJI. were everything . proven methods of progressive-resistance exercise for hard-gainers. THE TINII..R (. optimistic and full of DRIVE. and give the workout at hand your full attention.TIMA'TET Y. remember this: you MUST learn to clear your mind when training time arrives. because you will be using lhe proven laws of successful artainment that hal. Let's iron out any problems or rough spots in your understanding of how to CO ABOUT that very important weighr-training which you're about to commence. CLEAR YOUR MIND before a workout. I'HAT WOULD HAVE BEEN REQLIRED FOR s(r(]cESS WrLL ARRIVE: BUT ONLY tF YOtl'Vt: KFPT WORKING T0\I'ARD THAT SUC'CESS WII T YOLJ BF IN A POSITION TO RECEIVE IT! Ser your will. LIFE itself is full of constant. And.perfect as is" there'd be no real reason for bodybuilding in the firsr place! We'd all have been born with perfect bodies. firm foundation. You're going to learn the most allround effective.. happily running lives. to the exact extent that you begin to develop your body and spirit through weight-training.'rHt: TtN{E rv\.()nc hclpl'ul hint I pass on to pcoplc arrd which has alwavs hrlpcd mc lr to rcmember rhis: NO MATTER \T'}{ETHER OR YOU WORK TOWARDS YOt. First.OAL. Granted. to reap the utmost and richest rewards from the sessions of training that you take? l. But of course none of these things apply to the real world.. there is certainly nothing to bc gained by using up your training time in worrying yourself over what has happened before your workout. So what? Does that mean that by sitting in a corner and worrying and fretting endlessly you're going to make things any better? Does giving up solve problems? Does assuming a cynical "I just can't bring myself to do anything" attitude really help matters in the least? You know it doesn't! Co back and read chapter four if you think it does! Regardless of your problems. however. and regardless of whether you agree or not. in the face of this I say: All right. You will not fail if you do this. you will TREMENDOUSLY INCREASE yourcapacityto deal with all of life's "problems'. If we lived in a perfect world there would be no need for such advice as the first item here given. sornetimes painfully serious problems.L PASS ANyWAY. ltant it to be built. WORKOUT. There is everything to gain by being cheerful. super'heakh. There is every real chance that. difficulties and despite any obstacles fate might decide to throw in your path. particularly as a hard gainer.

This is as it should be.bgthrr to dvr problomr. to be prepared for your workouts with some personal items or "gear". are a waste of good money. Athletic sneakers or lifter's shoes. conccrns. the hard gainer MUST conserve energy and devote to a carefully limited program or else he will u himself self-defeatinglY over-train. above all. fOr "instinctive" Or "train as in the hard gainer's PLACE NO HAS But such a method of training why not: schedule. but not many.horts you'd probably feel out of place' By the same token' "feeling to advantage is an uttir. until the workout's done' 3. standard lifting from overdoing your routine." lifter or barbell man when workout time arrives' Also. GET you've oRGANIZED! Don't be so careless with your equipment that a during bar" dumbell for that "other got to search for a collar or permitted be should nothing training. places or things your dl&tut thoqht or rttention. Bc turc that you've got the necessary' basic equipment' fnd thft lt. 10090. etc. 2. a by insured best is always ebel-nNCbp and CAREFULLY LAID-OUT schedule or plan of training' You will find that the routine I outline for you will not be either excessively-draining of your energies. These include: A strong. Training time is YOUR time' Erclurlvrly. or particularly timeconsuming. in the routine of an you feel" workouts' advanCed trainee. GROWTH . There are a few you at possible to train I urge it's at all if 3yms.l tct up and convenient for your use when training time dead grip of a heavy bar for such heavy exercises as power-type cleans' lilts. and years twelve well over for home. either. pcople. Don't. iorkout. even though I've always lived in either a rented room or an apartment! I have never had to limit my use of heavy weights. get the following as your bare minimum "home gYm": A five or six foot bar with plates totalling at least 150 pounds.Aside perspiration t'rom the real health hazard of getting "chilled" when pauses in a winter workout' freezes on )'our skin during between-set properly "dressed" there is the contfort and discipline factor of being rtdv$. ts "in'order" wear il. Those two basic items will serve nicely for an excellent start. and it is better if you have a total of 300-400 pounds of weights available. A couple of dumbells. Health shoes ("iron boots" An incline bench. such time until always the hard-gainer's his level of develoPment.lfyouwenttoaweddinginsneakersand when gym . Lifter's "straps" (used by advanced trainees to maintain a 28 occasion' TAKE YOURSELF AND YOUR TRAININCSERIOUSLY. at worked out home. A strong set of quality cables (for use when travelling). the hard gainer must. Other HIGHLY DESIRABLE but not absolutely necessary items of equipment include: A strong flat bench with uprights supports for heavy bench An abdominal board.) otherYou can put on a pair of bathing trunks and workout wisenakeclantlbarefootifyouwish. It is always a good idea. Accept what I sav. Once in the mood of to disturb that mood. Train alwavs WITHIN THE CONFINES OF YOUR SCHEDULED Program or routine' There is most definitely a place. be extra-careful not to exercise' neglect any special exercise. There are two reasons First. on days when energy is especially high' attempttodoMoRE. in addition to your basic training equipment. A good set of squat racks. or over-train on any "favorite" pnocnAM DEFINITE. completely for YOU. t ADHERE to them. A heavy sweatsuit and white woolen or cotton socks.Deliberatelyholdbackyourardor. There for the workout Iyr iil. totrlly. as a relative newcomer to training. This policy will not necessarily but it certainly must apply to you for all time to come Where a specific number of sets and reps is indicated' "l*"y. Ud lfln not tO lC rnythinl but your training concern you when you lfaln. ln actuality. If you are just starting out.andrestrain yourr. muscular growth with satisfied he's as purpose. t have always now. keep your equipment in a convenient location' and have it all set up for yourself when it's time to workout. good "health clubs"!. since a couple of inexpensive rubber mats placed on the floor will prevent even a 400 pound Olympic barbell from making noise when it's lowered to the ground! You really only need simple equipment. I personally feel that commercial gyms and.solid. for this is the plan most conducive is to GROWTH stimulation. You will eventually require a barbell AT LEAST capable of being loaded to 200 pounds. Second. - 29 :-:sfl . unless you become desirous of a more serious approach to more advanced training. they are all you'll ever really need. until he has built up considerably.butldon'tadvisethis.

as you begin to see results. Thus. all-round. Success is almost synonymous with CONCENTRATION. PLUS the "assisting" muscle groups. The heavier weight that is liftcd is not really. Regard it as a klnd of "lbtolutc" that you simply must adhere to. upon the same exercise that the difference between the truly dedicated physical culturist and the dillitante can be ascertained. record THAT. I exercise included in the training recommended serves its own special purpose. MINIMALLY EXERCISE ONLY VIOUSLY. and that you are . Therefore every set you do is necessary for good progress. STRICT and CORRECT exercise performance is necessary. EFFECTIVE. have achieved their status largely through the intelligent use of FOCUSED MENTAL ENERCY' By going off on a tangent. the exercises done.RATE DEVELOPER OF THE INDICATED MUSCLE GROUP. or by trying to do more than one thing at a time. correctly and very much in accordance with the approved and "right" they bodybuilders or businessmen. also the poundages and the set-rep scheme followed' Should you. However. Always record.amounts indicated. 4.* . but Oh! what a difference it makes when he does it! 5. and naturally. and you'll see what I mean! It's the same exercise we do. will produce doing simple barbell curls. It is being lifted by those muscle groups. Watch a Mr' America 30 It is in the degree of their concentration A large number of notations of "missed workouts" can be taken as written proof that you WON'T achieve your goal. The most successful men in the world . It to have a sense of balance. being "lifted" by the muscle groups under consideration at all. THING' IN HANDLE TO ONE ALLOWS SUCH AN INSTANCE.. Never permit yourself to "run through" or to haphazardly dilly-dally through a workout. because of illness or emergency. It is important to take pride in things you do. Maintain a notebook of your training progress.bP' remrln thc rule until such time as you've gained muscle and strength to thc polnt wherc "more gaining" is not a prime goal or objective. every single rcpetition of every set deserves your total outpouring of dedicated mental CONCENTRATION and physical EXERTION. hard on each exercise like it alone was your entire routine! Every exercise you do is important. by attempting to think of two things at one time. Conslder your program rather compulsively. During your workouts take care to CONCENTRATE true strength. If the exercise is done as it ought to be. THINK into each major muscle that you work. the result is to Remember that every for you far greater results than you could hope to get in any other way. Record the date of each workout. To the extent that each of your workouts becomes an exercise in mental concentration as well as muscular contraction. you are instructed to in and. what you do or don't do on given training day. .ITHADBEEN A FTRST. when cheating is used. tS PREWHERE. making for poorer development. Do each exercise with spirit. the "jerk " or cheati ng press bchind the neck fails to work this same muscle area nearly as well evcn though heavier weights are handled. Make every single training session count. Cheating is effective because it - Train strictly. purpose and direction in your necessary ls large part because of this fact. regular press behind neck produces amazingly good shoulder/tri cep/ trapezious development. by providing the body with the EXACT and definite form of exercise it needs in that particular instance. you help to assure your speedy and complete attainment of your objectives. THE VERY permits the body parts being worked to obtain assistance from other body parts not actually intended to be used. therefore. This will serve to give you feelings of any accomplishment as your record of completed workouts "adds up". then the purpose will be well served. and totally immerse yourself in the complete effort required. But the proper way for the hard gainer to train while he's building up is via STRICT and CORRECT exercise movements' In this way the best results will be forthcoming. life. AS IT IS SET FORTH. be forced to miss a workout. Cheating. lf you do thic you will find that. Really make an effort to put everything you've got into your workouts. SPECIFIC PROGRAM assigned to you. like instinctive training. in a notebook. This is a must for getting the absolute mos! from your Program. "Become" that muscle' in your own mind. by giving every movement a complete and combined mental/physical DRM. In ail. 6. where the very strict. one only dissipates seriously one's lessen the DEFINITENESS of the exscise's function.but REGULAR . STICK WITH THE DEFINITE. in this life. THAT THE MAKES THAT THING THE HEAVIER WEIGHTS. assure you. thcrc comcg an cnormous feeling of self-pride and satisfaction from hrvln3 completcd the "mission" or "assignment" to which you've rttlSned yourself. and it will serve to push you into even harder efforts as your training advances. a 10090 effort to do your training in the seemingly modest . too. has its place in bodybuilding.

don't make any atterations in your training for the first few months. and hang them where you'll see them while you train: CHAPTERSIX: THE BASIC GAINING AND BULK COURSE A QUITTER NEVER WINS. and that I know have direct bearing on a man's attainment of success and prosperity to become YOUR basic mottos! . At least. Give your body a real chance to "accept" and profit from this Please program of training as it is. mine seems hardly to be worth mentioning! That is. those immortal sayings. day by day. The program is simple. No super-sets. I want you to print up the following signs. PRESENTS AN ALL BUT 10090 INFALLIBLE METHOD OF EF'FECTIVE. ?. of course. Whtn that happens you'll not need me anymore! When the day arrives that you REFUSE to admit defeat. It was not concocted out of my fertile imagination to "hook" you' or to make you feel like you've been initiated into the program that was personally followed by Hercules or Samson. full and excellent development of yourSELF. Get a few sheets of plain white poster paper . No fantastic. No series of five. Face it. NEVER. ADDITION. NEVER. the strength and the spirit that you ardently desire. IT CAN ACHIEVE! YOU CAN follow the course outlined for you in this chapter exactly as I've written it out for you. No "bombing"' No PEOPLE DO NOT LACK STRENGTH. above all. and. in spirit and. together. no matter how impossible the odds are that you must face . actually) they really aren't much use to the average man. in body as well. like yourself. THEY LACK WILLI . six-day-a-week marathon schedules. negativism and self-doubt are all unbecoming to God's image. in mind. lf you are a follower of most of the muscle publications that hit the newsstands monthly I'm sure you'll find the format of this program rather unusual. IF FOLLOWED AS GIVEN BY ANY HARDGAINER WITH DETERMINATTON. three-hour.Victor Hugo NEVER. along the lines of the Man you wish to be. six and seven sets-per-givenexercise. and get started on the program that's going to change your life! 32 It is about time you started thinking along the lines of some really GREAT men. Now that you're rarin' to go. compared to the vast majority of the schedules. AND A WINNER NEVER QUITS! IF YOU BELIEVE YOU CAN! ANYTHING THE MIND OF MAN CAN CONCEIVE AND BELIEI/E. unless you consider one little item about my routine that the others don't necessarily offer: MY PROGRAM. NEVER. and. Relinquish them! I hope that I've succeeded in "psyching" you up a attain it. while they may make mind-boggling reading (something like good sciencefiction. then my friend you will have the physique. DEFINITELY WILL PUT MUSCLE ON WHERE IT'S WANTED AND NEEDED! The schedule you will be on has been proven' Proven by me on people who. routines and programs you'll find in many of the popular publications. That was my aim in writing this chapter. ' again and again. ln fact. it is perfectly ludicrous and irrational to expect him to benefit from such endless gobs of nonsensical muscular gYrations! 33 Gradually.Sir Winston Churchill "blitzing". no matter how hard they tried" before. the philosophies that underlie them will become a part of your own spirit. AND HONESTLY ORGANIZED. CM UPl . REALISTICALLY DESIGNED. and along the idea paths that lead somewhere! I want the sayings that have inspired me. HEREIN GIVEN. There is YOU. complete. WITHOUT MAKING ANY ALTERATIONS. HEALTHFUL MUSCLE-BUILDINC AND WEIGHTGAINING _ A PROGRAM WHICH. when you learn that SUCCESS is your birthright. in thick black marker ink.though that is certainly an important part of it all.the larger the better. not all-that-tough to stick with. NEVER. the total.simply too lazy or slackening off on your own efforts on your own behalf. direct. as you train and look up to read. "couldn't gain any solid muscle. as far as the HARD GAINER is concerned. we can turn to the next chapter. The trouble with the vast majority of the programs published or offered for sale through the muscle magazines is that. OR SUBTRACTIONS. Weakness. There is more to this struggle than the mere acquisition of muscle . on them. No "blasting".

Keep a tight grip on the light dumbell. depending upon how your strength feels. e. biceps. Load the bar up to weight that allows l0 fairly easy reps. DO NOT DO A SECOND SET! It is not necessary for anyone to progress beyond using a 25-pound dumbell in this exercise.) Stronger muscles weeks. within five that each of the five listed goals is rapidly becoming closer to THE PROGRAM your attainment! Exercise l: Warm-up with the light. health and vitality If you will follow the course as given you will see. add 2Vz to 5 pounds to the bar. Now add weight. ''ery c. shoulders. Do 15 reps. Greater vigor. back.e. A greatly improved physique (improved muscle shape. Do this exercise right off your squat racks. d. tone. where applicable (i. taking care to come completely erect and then to bend fully forward for every repetition. legs.The program you will be placed on is intended for the HARD CAINER who seeks a. smooth. hard in behind-the-neck pressing to reap full benefits.) Exercise 2: Press behind the neck. ADD WEIGHT TO BOTH YOUR WARMUP SET AND YOUR SECOND. ? I I t . fairly rapid manner. HEAVY SET! You must work verv. etc. t 34 I 35 . Additional muscular bodyweight b. dumbell swing between legs. etc. and perform the exercise in a continual. Rest a couple of minutes. and do another l0 reps in excellent form. since the aim here is only to warm-up. Larger muscles. After two workouts. The final two reps should require extremely hard work.

but Use a fairly close grip and poundages as soon as you can! a work u. if you *irt. ALL-OUTEFFORT. If possible. until you Exercise 5: Do one set of 12 reps with a moderate weight. Do not bounce the bar off your chest.o scheme as for barbell rowing. Add weight to the bar and do 12 more reps..rrlv ()r rrgrlir crrrrs with a moderate weight on the bar. lr. heavy set. Do these on the floor if you must. and add wcight cvcry third workout.y1iiictly.wcvcr do not push as hard to add weight to this crcrr'irt'rrllcr rlre lrrsl two or three months as you continue to push to rnL'r (. i. 3't .y. irr"r?_._r. Add 5 pounds every third workout. controlling grip on the bar. and always do full. obtain a bench. Add weight exactly lrclrrrrrl rllc ncr'k. add l0 pounds. Keep a tight.nui"tv. Rest a few moments. THE FINAL Two REps MUST REQUIRE A REALLY HARD. working each side utt". lcrr rclx "('\cr nt l.rr lr.t lrtt t.(t/a'('t lirrrrr. and go into heavy bench press movements. Barbell bent-over rowing motion. After every two workouts add AT LEAST 5 pounds to the bar. One set. l0 reps. or use a strong box. +If you have a dumbell set you may use single_arm dumbell rowing in place of this exercise. r".irsc y()lu l)rc:is poundage. complete 36 Use a heavy poundage for two sets of 12 reps _ SAME WEICHT each * ll v. u. Let the knees flex bit for comfort. Increase BorH warm-up and regular..irvc :.te' I l{r'gulitr trrrlt lh.r se t of dumbells you may use simultaneous two-dumbell as described for presses stir'tlirrg curls instead of the barbell curl.* row to the mid-section. Wide-grip bench presses.

t"uffv "worked".not too your head up u' you squat' and NEVER wide. Start the considerably' It is not essential. but. .. if available. 'r re ngth and development that you'd never believe! Exercise 6: SQUAT! ii"-rt.:. "'t (or a sturdy box)' and do oNI between sets. NEVER EXCEEDING 30 pounds total weight in this exercise. Twenty reps per set. almost painful stretch.Jescribed next' but do only l2 rep' HEAVIER set of squats' Use the deep-breathing' Then. Breathe very deeply. go to your flat bench the pullovers do a second' After SET of Exercise #7 .utttlng after your first five reps and use a moderately heavy reps' Do a warrn"up set of about 18-20 this set' and you'll need *"gft. PLEASE pUSH IT HARD ABOUT CETTING RESULTSI. I recommend it.after btio" doing the second set' In this interval a good five minute'. not too close' *You may use two light dumbells. Tight grip on the bar. do a second set of Pullovers' 38 39 how many!) deep' deep breaths . get set with feet a comfortablc Use padding on your shoulders and SINCERE : question. i"" sirould U. and get a good. hard ind explosively the next reP. have been completed' a"rp Ur. I suggesr you take several (don't count This helps to expand the chest between reps when you squat' again.1-:-. the single most important exercise . Add l0 pounds to both the warm-up and heavy squat sets every third workout. until your ttrighs are come erect and get set for COME UP! Fast. .* Do stiff-arm pullovers. FIGHT! This one's very rough. ARE iltnc Pullovers with a very light barbell or the empty bar. no matter how strong you get. beyond distance apart IF YOU routine. bounce or drop Keep yourself' via leg and hip suddenly into the low position' Lowel juqt below parallel position' Then' strength. :: . but I guarantee it will bring vou gairr.

take a nice.l. NO WEIGHT. Try to "crush" the bar in your hands. NO WEIGHT. leg-raises do 2 sers of l5 If That's your rvorkout. Usc a comfortably moderate weight for a single set of l5 reps. placing doubt. Add 2t/z Lo 5 pounds after every SIX workouts. AND DON'T STRESS HEAVY wE l(il-lrs. and you CANNOT AND WILL NOT FAIL!!! days per week) you are 4l . ultimately. When it's over.and if the weight should srart r() feel "heavy". I)orr'r . and see to it that you participate in daily calisthenics andlor jogging/swimming sessions to stay in trim. If you are currently training. SOME PARTICULARS You should regard the program I've given you as a basic. After your initial three months' program. TAKE A CLEAR SEVEN DAY REST BEFORE COMMENCINC THIS SCHEDULEThis may seem like a week lost. lf vou do sir-ups do I ser of'25-30 reps. will enable you to more rapidly forge ahead and progress. Use a verv tight grip. Just do the erercire in ertremely good form.l\(l fnr rltr. either sit or lay down for a while. or leg raises (on a slanr board if possible). . I' Sr.rr. say) or you can make alterations along the lines described in the next chapter. but I assure you it is merely a temporary retreat that.Exercise 9: You nrav do either sit-ups (on a slant board if possible). you may elect to continue on the basic course (for another two months.5ed dead lift. MM. hesitation and training advice to the contrary aside.rancl on a block or bench to get maximum stretch. relaxing shower. coupled with your diet and revised mental outlook you will be dumbfounded at what the New You looks and feels like! Then. take 5 pounds oflthe bar and add \{ i r.t. r: . Then. If you attempt to work too heavy in this one you'll detract from squatting and overwork your vital low hack area (to say norhitrg of your energy level!). Do this regardless of how you feel. When. rhis is very important. you do reps. Either way. you're set! Follow the schedule in this chapter.. 40 After three months of regular training (on three alternate to take a two-week layoff. and the idea is to top off a heavy weight program with just a "touch" of minimal "ab" work. This is simply a token abdonrinal exercise. three-month course.

I x 10.. . however.a thing. When and if you become .s MONDAY. naturally. Don. for strength. per se. you might try your hand at a rittle sinsibk training alterations. I x 4.the Squat but don't try such severe limitation on your exercises unless you're totally positive that power. SAY Let's return to the schedule of power training that I. you're still not satisfied? what do you do? How should you traini Power.CHAPTERSEVEN: GOING FURTHER. Okay.. I really do believe that it would be best to at least give it a try before dropping back to the minimal two_exercise YOUr trAiNiNg dAYS ArC EXCLUSIVELY Your basic program is designed to allow you. I'm sure you'll find the material here extremery valuabre. As an advanced trainee. Try the following set_rep schemes in your power programl Press behind neck .2 x2_3 Squat . incidentally have no fear about that! This was the primary . but in the following manner: Let. you'll only succeed in burning yourself training. iut go a 43 . as a hard gainer. or you're simply wasting time in power t. about 60-700/o of vour fulr effort capacitv. SHAPELY MUSCLE. Everything is baranced and weri-rounded.Paul Anderson followed "course" that to build ftr strength. but on Wednesday you ease ap considerably. 2 x2_3 Bent-rowing 4 x 8 Dead lifting I x 8. after which time. if you wish. by far. however. the be*. and even though your strength has improved considfrably.u-. The press and squat course will do the job.t outt po*". Suppose. per se. ALMOST Althougtr the basic course given to you in the last chapter is all you actually need to make maximum progress as a hard gainer. The object is. PO*ER. and did okay! shape. The exercises that I would although. LOW reps." . you will have to heavy and hard just the same. if you follow the routine as presented. and as . being a hard gainer. I x S.oaaon. .power hungry. For variety. if you were to require but ONf program of-training it would be. I x4. seeking always to go heavier. That is. a power program could be cut to a bare minimum schedule of but two exercises Military press and the . 2 x3 VERY HEAVY WORKOUTS ABUNDANT NUTRITION ADEQUATE REST AND RELAXATION The catch is that merery by continuaily trying to go heavier and still heavier on your basic program you woN'T i. HOW TO TRAIN FOR POWER AND SHEER BULK. no more. NEVER ATTEMPT To Do THREE VERY HARD WORKOUTS IN A SINGLE WEEK. In the bent-rowing and in the press behind neck simply train hard and heavy. it is best for you to make efforts to hit new "maximums" in the seuAT and BENCH PRESS every two weeks' In the dead lift try to achieve a new limit once every . 2 x2-3 Bench press . and go ahead at. . MULTIPLE SETS.uining. must be conducted along the lines of much BRIEFER workouts. WEDNESDAY ANd FRIDAY. is your ONLY goal.. and not even a little muscular routine.l x 8-10. you don't need to try for one_rep singles here. is achieved via three main ways: Train three days a week. po*er is attained by lifting HEAVY weights. to work into heavy weights. this cheptcr contains informetion about somewhat "advanced" methods. along the following lines. Weights must be regulated by how you feel on your scheduled training days. . and he PRESS BEHIND THE NECK SQUAT BENCH PRESS BENT-ROWI NC (barbelt only) DEAD LIFTINC (regutar or stiff-leg) In the extreme. to make excellent ALL-ROUND progress. you train HARD on Monday and again on Friday. or possibly for a little more speciatzed advanced work.t deviate from your basic program for AT LEAST indicated for you.I x6. you've always had . I x S.. perhaps a bit of expcrimentation. ttre iimit in power ". SfifCf MOVEMENTS. after really building up considerably (as you're sure to do on your basic program. if you ronow it as instructed) you become especially concerned about achieving more po*nnt Suppose. your final set(s) must be alr-out efforts with weights tnai apptach your limit capacity..'onths. recommcnd for a power program are: alter your basic program somewhat. say. etc.nonrh. you will achieve SIZE. and extreme efforts to maintain a program *ithin the bounds of only a FEW.

I x8 Lateralraises-3x6-8 Squat-lx15-18 Benchpress.I r 12 Il you must spend time on the little exercises . I x4. before a layoff and a change. wellorganized workout for the entire body. for instance. I'd suggest. IJsc //rare scl-rcp schemes when trying for new limit lifts: Bent-rowing lly training in the manner described you should easily be able frain on a power course for SIX WEEKS.n I) LIFT: I x6. lx2-3. I x3.2 x l2 Militarypress. overall training. lx2. followed properly. I x2. since it carefully CONTROLS and LIMITS the amount of work done. lxl lflrN('ll l'RtrSS: I x6. Especially so for hard gainers.e succeeded exercises manner: of your training only after in building up considerably. The best supplement to a power course is to get outdoors and run for about 30 minutes. SECOND. lxl l)l. these may be included in a sensible program in the following FIRST.. a very good program. withonl inducing pump. For example. I x4. Then take a week's rest before resuming rhe course for another FOUR WEEKS. Standard barbell curl Seated concentration curl . while insuring a balanced.I x12 Stiff-leg dead lift . Use a set that is moderately heavy and that serves to give the main muscle group involved a very good workout. lx5. . These exercises will constitute the core of your program. thrice . Military press Dumbell lateral raise Squat Bench press Lying one-arm tricep extension weekly. 1. select about four basic SHAPING exercises that may be used with your basics. Barbellcurl-lx8 Seated concentration curl . . lx3. I x4. rope-skipping is a line exercise to do on between-workout days. will provide a very efficient balance of both heavy work and shaping exercise. I x I Io tlorrblc your strength. Alternatively. without sacrificing the b4sic requirements of good. . The shaping exercises are best done in two or three sets each. . select about six good BASIC exercises that work the fully.the "shaping exercises . etc. TJSING SHAPING EXERCISES Stiff-leg dead lift Side bends with a dumbell A program such as that one. Such a schedule might be worked for two months. in. as direct "supplements" to the heavy sets. go off stnict power work and back onto all-round training. .S( least do it right! Use shaping exercises as a part you'r. At that time. lx2. twice a week. Af'ter that.. 45 Bent-rowing . Standard barbell curl muscles Military press Squat Bench press Bent-rowing n" ti Stiff-leg dead lift In each of those basic exercises use ONE SET. This would be.I x l5 Side bends with a dumbell _ 2 x 15_20 That routine is nowhere near as spectacurar as the ones presented in the popular muscle magazines. . but it DOES work.

ta iii. jt. t '.l) iffi:.ygu can use unv or ir./e ti::.t'i.a:) ::. ilir"*j"u Variarions with full confidence of their . "Ft-JS "Sf{xss 'T':":-i-.ffi ::::a: a?t4 .' '.i.l.: .4.: 4.i". ""^*.:t ii'"'1:r. purpose of varietv or simpll ro'. ...* .^.i Incline durnbell curls l 46 .EXERCISE VARIATIONS The basic program outlined in the last chapter is the all_ round best for the typical hard gainer.i :::.. : '.. as training experience is acquired it need not be stuck to rigidrv. But.i..-. ti.'j'.i.. po.."'.

aa -::a.a.. ili*.ilift dur:r:h*:i} gf*ti$*:i rL***qv rt$ls ny*i$ r*i uffi.: :.w La !:...:-'r.s'd]fi {:ffa:$r i ... tne llne dumbell Presses 49 .i ffi$li.jllli:.: :a: ?tE!4. r.itw:.

lt lt.It tS1.4('K 1 Frpns hr. 1 ()lr I. i 5t .pu**ete*iioi* i I I{ili$n*y pyro* {xxered ar *rnnding) 50 1 l-.

$rving b*ll rxire to s $\ Sru *{R lr*n{ Scft t# bdlprw 52 .

t'(tti LtF?trR BA('K 'il ff$$**Ii*$r*'i$S HEsk 54 qvus 55 .

@ /My '# H B R Calf work (only if desired) ABDOMINAL WORK Abdominal work should consist primarily of sit-ups and leg raises in all their respective variations. and keep you on the right path to success. With all of the hard work and effort you'll be putting into goals to achieve. and it is by far more important to work HARD at a few good. and however many course variations you set up for yourself as you become advanced. remember that QUALITY outstrips quantity every time. as far as getting the most from a workout. 57 56 . but if a good. There you have a lifetime of exercise variations set forth for your reference! Believe me. definite will keep you motivated. Sit-ups and leg raises are the best basic "ab" exercises a man can do. select movements than it is to use every exercise in the book as a "dabbler". all-round routine is followed. These your training it will be important that you maintain clear. the simpler your overall approach the better. the mid-section always receives a fair share of work and doesn't need more than about ten minutes special exercise in any given workout. In the next chapter we shall discuss them. "Crunches" are often used to good effect. Leg raises can be improved by doing them while hanging from a chinning or high bar. However long you train.

"". it can bc made more easily attainable. tutate trre poundage increments noticeable but manageable within the specified period of time you allot.' record of workout regularity. for some. roughly) period. I shall explain Let's say. I mentioned the press just as an example. but anyone who ian fress.ought you to expect of yourself. However. can squat with only 100 pounds. is wefl above the even sirozg athletc.where.NESS ! and swelled heads. and you won. ultimately your objectrive is to TREBLE your present pressing poundage.rug. This ^assumes three workouts a week. the goal of LEARNING FLAWLESS PERFORMANCE FOR THE MOVEMENT.Your long-range goal is to gain thirty pounds or mut. to be achieved. It's not always necessary to concentrate on weight_ increases only.igi rso". you can do this.IT.. Really try. you hit your eventual target goal of 180 pounds. Looking ahead to "oa trrai ilppv a THE LONG HAUL OF TRAINING TOWARDS iiET ULTIMATE GOAL"it would be wise to set up sub-goals that you can reach. Achieving even a small gain _ provided you have looked forward to it . Ameiic".the person whose potentiat makes it especially ai_t{rg{tlo make impressive gains . you will naturally find a real joy in the struggle onwards and upwards until. relative to ourselves. to considerably increase your strength. You could make it more. so ttat-notic"aUfc physical training. happily. relative to your previous . to realistically motivate you to do your very best puniNc for yourself will herp you materiaily in improving enormously. in order to make good progress. . you've got your ultimate goal _ your long-range purpose. presently. three times the strength one had when one started training.. setting goals by and months. If you.t be feeling so distant and far away from your objective or from mcaningful progr6s. his bodyweight.G'oALs-GoALs-GoALst How much should you measure? How much should you bc able to lift? How much improvement . and if you improve to the point where you can squat with 150 pounds. Immediately upon reaching your g5 pound press. say. whatever this long-range goar is. Soon. you can apply this "sub-goal" principle with virtually any exercise you wish. BOOST lnc goal fl)SplOounds. This could mean being.t-". Make a point of it. you'll have attained that goall Motivated. . and you certainry oulht to retain in your mind that CLEAR IMACE of your tong-iange goat. RATE YOUR STICK.e1. say. you will gain permanenr benefits by sTRAIGHTENINC our rHE PROBLEM. however modest. you might determine tJ shoot roi an gs pound prcss a big boost to your self-confidence and to your sense of self-satisfaction. or perhaps simply to be exceptionally well-built and "-po*". that arise in the minds of all who participate in uarueu-aumbell .TO. say. within the next two 58 okay. It matters little if the strongest man in the world can squat with 600 pounds for l0 reps. inspired and encouraged by your ever_successful goal achievemenrs. or perhaps less. we only really "improve'. o. day when you'll weigh lg0 pounds. For the hard gainer thni. that you are presently capable of pressing 60 pounds off the racks. toiave. Now you've GOT TO GET rfffi6$E THREE 59 . and in timc pers. let's say that you *. if you set up SUB-COALS. Mr. two and a half or three months from your very next workout. More. Another interesting way to remain goal-oriented is to try to improve PERFORMANCE in a particular exercise or movement. To help yourself in achieving a . competition with others is meaningless and conducive to swelled egos A person who fails to srICK with his'workouts regularry is doomed to failure. There is no point in pretending that one can make gains without a fairly compulsive adherence io a regular program of workouts. People who find proper squat performance difficult can set. Always give yourself credit for your attainments. If you're really deficient in pERFoRMANCE of any paiticular exercise. champ. in strict military paiicutarry is important for REALISTIC GOALS to be . try this: Set a goal of completing TWELVE workouts during every four-week (month-long. respectable rong range press goar might be bodyweight or lEO pounds. fo_r instance. and how soon? These are just a few oflhe many qu-estions CHAPTER EIGHT: improvement becomes an ascertain able and p redicta b te NOT JUST ONE LONG GOAL. as part of their objective in training. we can determine that Naturally. This gives you a shorter-term goal.IVE. Not by a long shot. that's real improvement of 50go! And it fully deserves acknowledgement.non_blemished.

to stop being self-neglectful! MAKE UP FOR THE WORKOUT IN THE FOLLOWING MONTH. Two workouts missed constitutes minus l0 points. make uploryour negrect. remember! shourd you miss a Monday for instance. Personally.{TE TO EACH OTHER. not induced by drug or pump) muscular. throughout the body.AR FR. GET A LITTLE CRAZY. More than two workouts missed is NG. They have l'ine shoulders. and. I can tell you flatly that the relatively poor LOOKINC physiqttes ol'rnany topflight weight lifters is the result. will help to insure that you remain right on target. WHAT ABOUT MEASUREMENTS? Much has been written. rate yourself l00go! you. This is one sure way workout missed is minus 5 points. great legs. to determine lift in any given weight-training movement.) IIF'['llrR BALANCE AND FINER PROPORTIONof overall de velontnett' A hard gainer simply must understand tltis: In dsvohrpirrg physique it is not necessary to be huge to be impressive. much as good as any' Mr. if they are properly proportioned to each other. while maintaining a trim. as discusscd in this botrk. and i[ you develop them PROPOR' TION. I am not referring to one-rep single-lift poundages. you miss no workouts auiing a month.. would constitute appropriate maximum Don't become tape-happy. Thc kcy thing of importance in considering measurements is to always bear in mind that measurements per se till vgny. backs and arnts.must do" training sessions. if you prefer. muscles develop CAN PROPERLY CARRY. some rear fanatics sncer at anything less than a20. ('oncentrate on development of the body via sensible.. I am referring to WORKOUT POUNDAGES.. of the body's muscles.rundages upon you as specific "goals".whether your you'll what look that is best thal and only proportions huge -goal you should set for yourself. ior that mrttcr' the notion of achieving arw ieatty out-size proportions. At the end of four weeks' time. one woRKours A WEEK IN. FEEL GUILTY ABOUT IT.lg. but HOW ONE LOOKS. sHouLD be. you should strive to remain within the framework of sensible and Q 6l . muscles that are well-developed hut relatively "small" (tape-wise) can bc super-impressive.workout. wednesday together (or. vERy LtrrLF about a man's physique. BECOME OBSESSED! O B S E S S E D ! Now. and use the opinions of other sincere and knowledgeable people who know you and who will take the time to tell vr''u how you look. you'll 5sg thitt he looks f'rctt'. but of a LACK OF COOD AND PROPER PR()l'( )l{ //t }. similar measurements . said and taught about . you'll just have to train Tuesday and forgel abt'trt using thc tape as an indicator of progress. On such a person. Tuesday. when 16" arms were considered big! And I don't mean forearms. Having that objective of that set number of . That is. either I mean upper arms! . except for the "BIG" fanatics. However.. when I urge p<.'\MI. Give up.' Not too long ago lZ" and arms were regarded as true "superman" proportions. Il yotr the that are as large as YOUR PARTICUI. as it. It is hardly a sensible method of any aspect of your over-all development.e. sincerely It is always interesting. Universe anywhere! rvVhr". rate yourself.\ 11i their physiques. Thursday and i'riday or saturday). cheek yottr proportion to the l7-lg" measurement Without being critical and with no snide intenti<rns. I feel that genuinely (i. As a hard gainer with small bones you should give up completcly. and. That's right. basic nrethocls. though you might not believe it!. hard waist. often. and you'll be soon seeing the fruits of your labor! Now for the hard part: LEARN TO GIVE YOURSELF A REALLY HARD TIME WHENEVER YOU MISS A WORKOUT. and anns. and if you continually check 1'our appcarance. not of small measttrcrnents bv rrnv means. iudging trim or Whatever your frame can properly carry ..too much". 17" or 18" upper arms are about all one can desire in a man under 6' tall. There was a time decades ago. any notions of acquiring 20" arms. you will do fine. as a hard gainer. START TO HATE YOURSELF. and the type and degree of SHAPELINESS one's physique possesses. today. GET CRAZY ABOUT IT. desirous of achieving the maximum development possible to yourself. More is just . arm. can look FANTASTIC with but modest actual "measurements". A man rrith a light skeletal structure who stands 5'9" in height. what is significant is not what one mctsures. you willlook superb. If you take any top lifters uith a generous "micJdlc"' anrl trim five or six inches from his u'aist. is the that And at! POUNDAGES development exactly how much you can and often valuable. If vou do.proper. Hang your head in shame! doing fine. But their too-often over-sized MID-SF( I l()1"/S completely detract from their appearane-e ai "musclernen".

stationary. Isometric exercise is perhaps the very simplest -\ in both theory and application . that muscles can be stimulated to grow and that adequate fiber-breakdown can be achieved by one. you can figure out good poundage and . and some undoubtedly. However. as well as increasing muscular strength. Ahswer: Most certainly not! And one of the greatest myths ever by manufacturers and salesmen of certain isometric exercisers is that these movements can take the place of weight propagated 63 62 . and if you can understand approximat.YEIGHT 60 pounds under Military or bodyweight Behind-the-neck press Squat 3x6-8 Bench press 3 (145 pounds under bodyweight Bodyweight plus 50 pounds Bodyweight plus 20 pounds Bodyweight Bodyweight plus 40-50 pounds x6 Dead Bent-rowing lift or lift 3xg 4x6 ISOMETRICS . the theory is basically a sound one. CHAPTER NINE: WHAT PART ISOMETRICS? order 3x6 3x6 . and various appliances to assist in isometric work. then.EP SCHEME maximum development.fion.p goJ.. aids. Strength can be enormously increased through the proper use of isometrics. realistic objectives in your training.tou. These all vary in value. and a degree of muscle size is also attainable from these contraction techniques.*.i-i. physical conditioning programs. . When any muscle is placed under TOTAL tension (which is MENDED POUNDAGES BECOME r..r. Namely. io-rr. until you hit certain poundage GOALS that should -"rrur.R. . of course. . ever since the sudden rise of the popular "isometric contraction method" an ever-increasing number of machines. Question: Is the isometric contraction method suitable.iv io* i. All it really is is the application of a full muscalar contractile effort against an immovable counterforce for the duration of time required to achieve a breakdown in muscle /iber from the effort expended usually about l0-12 seconds. special for the effective HOW TSOMETRICS WORX Isometrics work on a simple principle. _'OUN APPLY THESE ALTERATIONS TO SUN the objective of any isometric contraction) the result is significant fiber breakdown..I offer the following general chart to you as a BASIC indication of worthwhile poundages to aim for in you.tension" or "contraction" in the muscle fibers. Bear the following points especially in mind when you appliances and expensive equipment is not required use of isometric exercises. "ppri.. for in all of your other exercises. There have been.HAND IMPOR.. always strive to put fortt. Similar in effect to what happens when weights or pulleys or cables are employed.iECgG'NV. EXERCISE Regular curl SE?.NN STYLE By adhering to the pointers herein given you wil be abre to That chart does not. as a replocement for weight training? stay reasonabry goal-oriented and welr motivated to achieve praJca. i. are quite effective to find the most In researching all aspects of the hard gainer's problems in effective solutions. As far as tests have been able to show. Thus.aiion TWEIGHTS ARE EVALUATED ACCORDINC TO BODYWEIGHT. TANCE TO ACHIEVE POUNDAGE GOALS WTUTN USING PERFECT FORM AND S?. "nd conducive to their eventual achievement. list every exercise. extremely hard .of all the recognized exercise methods. *o.".can be singularly valuable in stimulating muscular gains. NO OTHER STANDARD TWHERE CERTAIN ALTERATIONS IN THE RECOMNEEDS _ DO NOT BE TOO RIGID ICONSIDER IT ALWAYS OF FIRST. yorks. Consider them as you progresr. productive set-rep schemes with ever-increasing poundages.properly employed . you wil avoid ais"ourage_ ment..RICr OXNN. and progress steadily to a truly worthwhile level of development. I discovered that Stiff-leg dead adjuncts to consider the information in the chart and its to yourself. . but it does list the basic major exercises. keep enthusiasm-very high.

I offer the following program as a recommended course for the hard gainer to follow.or cardio-vascular . placing one foot well back for leverage. I often employ a simple system of isometric contractions rather than weights. Exercise If you are truly emaciated and exceptionally weak for any reason. if weights are so superior to isometrics. until at least a minimal level of basic strength is achieved. As supplementary strength training (often used to help bypass sticking points in heavy training. With weights it is possible to completel) condition the body's muscles. I leave it to your imagination and to your experience to use isometrics in the above-described first two categories. After one week. possessed the great spirit and will fower to TRY. As a MODIFIED GROWTH STIMULUS FOR HARD GAINERS. It may be the wall in your room. and sometimes longer. The advantage placing every iota of strength you have into that single.weight-training is that it combines. etc. Place both palms on the wall at your chest height. 2. if he feels for whatever reason that weighttraining must be postponed until a more suitable time: isometrics into the picture at all? Why not just stick with recommending that weights be used exclusively? The answer to this question is as follows: While isometric exercises may not be the "best" form of exercise. Brace yourself well. and upon this minimal level we can start building up even more with weights. to build strength for the weight work to come. or permit the position ofyour hands on the wall to change. above. for the hard is the most significant. and to produce. allow a fifteen-second effort. nevertheless. the side of your house. ranging from illness to hereditary disadvantage. in category number 3. Do not move your body around. and. 3. DO NOT move your feet. When starting such a person out on a program. To date.). or any IMMOVABLE. There is an absolute minimum ol recuperative strength depletion. Simply.aspects of physical training.or try! . in. since the isotonic . ALL-OUT EFFORT at pushing down the wall for a ten-second period (slow count to ten) at first. I have had the privilege of working with some very courageous Stand facing a solid wall. that certainly does not mean they are totally without merit. use twelve seconds. l. the largest possible increase in size. . Concentrate totally on incidentally. Well then. Pretend that you are caught in a burning building and that your life depends upon your pushing down the wall! TRY HARD! 65 & *' . isometric and isotonic (movements) exercise into one. and after two weeks. This goes on for about a month. efficient system of training. perfectly. I feel that this. fixed wall available to you. As a substitute for weight resistance work when actual heavy weight training equipment is unavailable. brief contractile effort. why bring training. as well. .that is.with all your might! of effort you are capable of exerting. I know of no such person who failed. PUSH THAT and strong-willed people who. They serve three primary functions for the physical culturist. They can't! The advantage of isometrics in cases such as this is the fact they they DO NO I OVER\['ORK THE BODY OF THE TRAINEE. AT THE OUTSET OF TRAINING. to improve themselves. WHO. without doubt. Maintain that TOTAL. your possible use . though they were enormously disadvantaged physically when they began their training. with every ounce either. as well as strength. it might pay you to consider "breaking in" your body with a sensible schedule of calisthenics and isometric contractions. Now P U S H! Try really l: hard to push that wall down.gainer. MIGHT FIND A WEIGHT WORKOUT TOO DEMANDING. from the braced position you are WALL DOWN . I shall concern myself here with your use of isometrics . are virtually non- of existent. DO NOT EXCEED FIFTEEN SECONDS' WORK! More than this will be too much.

In some respects. 12 seconds the second week. 66 67 . Starting with the second week use l2 seconds. PULL HARD! your whole body should leel the enormous tension if you do this one correctly. also) and grasp it securely with both hands about three feet apart. Use l0 seconds' worth of all-out concentration for the first week. Really go all-out on this fine movement and you'll reap good rewards for your efforts. as though you intended to pull the towel apart in the center. From week #3 on. Place yourself in the identical position you were instructed to get into for the first exercise (#l) EXCEPT that you now must place your hands on the wall at a position just above your head. l5 the third and thereafter. but not too rigidly. that cable a popular cable work includes isotonic angle. l2 the seconcl. Now straighten the arms overhead ro full-length. ln that position. P U L L outward . L. Essentially. and to offer the muscle fibers a thorough opportunity to be worked well from a somewhat different uses a higher placement Exercise 2: This exercise is somewhat similar (movement) exercise. however it of the hands on the wall to work the body from a slight leverage disadvantage. Expect sore shoulders for the firsr t'ew days when you begin this exercise! course. at arm's length. and the contraction hits somewhat different fibers in the torso. of to exercise l. this exercise resembles movement' except. Use a lO-second contraction the first week. It is a dandy I Use a l0-second contraction the first week. employ a l5-second all-out contraction in the exercise. with the arms overhead. and right hand pulling to the right.Exercise 3: Towel pull. at chest level. overhead. this is the exact same exercise as the one just described (#3) with one exception: the towel is held in front of the body. and l5 seconds the third week and thereafter. holding the towel firmly and taur. Take an ordinarl'bath towel (a length of strong rope will do. instead of at chest height. at the ends.xerctse 4: Towel pull.left hand pulling ro the left. and this one doesn't.

Take hold of the wrapped end. and go on to l5 seconds the third week. Biceps builder. and GO! Pull for l0 seconds the first week. Simply stabilize their position with a very intensive contraction. 69 Exerctse 6. Put on a pair of heavy gloves or wrap the free end of the rope or chain with cloth padding. and in the weeks thereafter.all of your strength to pull the wall down! Don't move your feet. Make a fist . Now curl the palm up against the downward pushing resistance of the clenched fist. 68 Exercise 5: Rope haul. and do not permit body movement to help you stabilize your efforts. Bend one arm at a right angle and open the palm. switch to the opposite arm. Use a l2-second contraction the second week. PULL! Try with of the opposite hand and place it directly into the open palm. DO NOT ALLOW THE ARMS TO MOVE. lf this is correctly done there will be strong tension placed in the biceps of the bent arm. and then use 15 seconds in week three. After l0 seconds. Just brace yourself well. then use 12 seconds the second week. Stay with a l0 second contraction for the first week. Now brace yourself well facing awoy from the wall. Tie a really strong rope (or attach a chain) to a solid wall or to a Mac truck. The most effective way to hold the rope or chain is over the shoulder.

Res{ a day. Then resr a day. all-out set is the best way to get results. c. anl go rln rr X5 seconds of effort in the third week. and a bit more effort from your muscles. I whatever you can. for hard gainers who find it impossible or not advisable to start right in on weights. Exercse " Pull-apart. and continue exactly like that for however long you stay on the program. b. suggest that two additional ISOTONIC exercises be in your isometric course. The eventual gainS you'll receive. 12 seconds the second week" and l5 seconds the third week. IT IS TIME TO GO ON TO WEIGHTS. R. every day. Use a l0 second contraction the first week. for FIVE days. In this one palrns are joined in fnont of the chest and a steady isometricpasft is the dolle. DO NOT add other. if there is any question in your mind about the possibility of this or any other form of exercise being totally contraindicated in your present state. hassock or chair. That wraps up your basic prograrn of isometric work. Evel you irave no equipment and essentially no starting strength. Yet. just do if its only one rep! Better something than nothing! 71 .{iifl produce results! Try it and see. Do not use rnore than seconds'tension. PULL! Don't allow actual movement in the arms of any kind. . Workout once a day.Exercise 8: Palm press. every day for five days. effort for one. DO NOT do "two sets" of any of the isometrics. and their inclusion will only require an additional few minutes of your time. Elbows should point directly outwards to the sides. improvised exercises to the prograrn. rnuch that it would deplete ar exhaust anybody. to good effect. and PUSH-UPS. .emember that the program should be followed thusly. but restrict intensive effort solely to the pull contraction itself. Do SQUATS (freehand. you should consult with a medical trntensive doctor. you farl if suceessfully fcllow the prograru: given. a. until l0 seconds' worth ofall-out effort has been achieved. Once the program can be managed with no feeling that one is getting an excessively hard workout. Then continue working once a day. even If you are extremely weak or under-developed. simply hook your fingers together directiy in front of your chest. however. These are complementary and supplementary to the non-movement exercises. with feet included elevated on a high block. Thisbrief course is intended as a break-in strength training progranr only. Exactly the reverse of the foregoing exercise (#7). assuredly. will make the added work well worth your while. For this fine contraction. Eighty to on{: n5 hundred and twenty seconds for a fuil isometric workout is not sc. it l. trn the second week use 12 seconds for this contracti*n. with no weight). not to "add more" isometric exercises! Naturally.

"-. win be good form with the feet raised.S A FINE IMPROVISED ISOMETRIC MACHINE ! If. ri.t throw. not) you. the "whole" of one's one's purpose of achieving a well-built. Now you've got the whole picture! you can use weights and/or isometrics to start and continue building v"*-pGiqu. "delts" and "pecs"! For eventually. the totality of the Meaningful Human Life. I assure you first of all that it indeed IS related to these areas. always weak. get you_in good enough shape to commence a weight_ training course within five weeks p-ossibry even tess time than that! For those commencing training in ultra-bad . ONE'S ROMANTIC-SEXUAL CONCERNS 3. there is the temptation to give continually . powerful bod.r-"nv . speak of it as a I always hate to hear people $ I & I' "sport" or as a "pasttime" because rt is really so much more than that . and only if (because you. when you're *lir.l . improvised isometric rack for dead lifts "o and squats and overhead presses. The purpose. It truly would be foolish to give all of one's time to training. no longer any excuse.vE ALWAYS DREAMED OF HAViNG! and all of one's thoughts over to "lats".ll-roo. that your life must retairr balance and completeness for it to be fully rewarding. However. That all-out isome-tric workout. ONE'S CLOSE FRIENDSHIPS AND ONE'S MEANINGFUL HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS I think that those three areas encompass. Most individuals with determination . the realization of one's folly woulcl hit one as one came to appreciate the emptiness of every other area ol' one's life. recomniend this break_in course too highly. for developing super-health. but try to get 15 in At first.BUILT BODY! i. if you truly seek to derive the most from what this magnificent Art has to offer.*no. not to get the GREAT BUILD you. wil be able easily to manage 25 squatsl rranas ln-iip. However.s no fong.iJr"r. It is important to realize. followed irimeaiatety Uy squats and push-ups.ROUNDED LIFE TO GO WITH THE WELL." can use it as an improvised isometric "irrirrrriig "rac['. Perhaps more for the dedicated "hard gainer" than for anyone else. *il resist a 200 pound ail-out contractile effort easily!) and then use it as a regular chinning described. that by the RICHT APPORTIONMENT of your time and energy to thc CORRECT METHOD of . the best position when this eiercise is dine freehand. AND THEN THERE. bar when you get strong. unless you know you're serious enough-about prrvriJ-ir"l'Jig to keep using these its pristine form. do one rep if ihat.over the yr"rr. . it is not. and secondly. and must not be permitted to become.ll break it if you. prril"p. 72 . and the fundamental areas that require your full attention for a complete and balanced life. each of those three major and significant areas will be enhanced enormously. If I were asked to summarize and outline. to give too much . if you uuf u* v. wilr. it may not be so clear how or'why bodybuilding and physical training has any tie to such seemingly "unrelated" and "profoundly philosophical" areas of concern. the major spheres of human existence.s all you can manage.often. very broadly. 73 t" I.t no matter how hard a gainer you may be! There. is to maximize one's all-round ability to enjoy all of the blessings and joys of human existence. as Bodybuilding is a great art. To some. you can use the inexpenjive Doorway Chinning il. pretty well. as great as bodybuilding and physical training is. PRODUCTIVE WORK 2.condition - rougher.out money on expensive isomaric o. as one matured.regardless of starting CHAPTERTEN: THE WELL. I would indicate them thusly: ONE'S CHOSEN FIELD OF CREATIVE."p". . muscles and strength. . if vou TRy HARD ro io'o*'ir-*iii r"u concentration.

t say this futl wet knowing that manv.".. if lotr really want to be able to call yourself a "Pro". YOUR LIFE'S WORI( Have faith in yourself. Nor is it an indication that you can help a young fellow build himself up following a childhood bout with rheumatic fever.. as they too often-dt. and. Pride yourself on factual knowledge . If you are a young man now reading this book.iig'"nJ'io. ""..# .. I would say: Study anatomy thoroughly Make a brief but fairly intensive study of internal medicine Study psychology and psychiatry . So. I say this: WHATEVER muscles il. and :l?f#'?Jffi.but ncvcr thc totality .T. nonsensicar norion that they do know best. in school. sp""king straight from the shourder.. and must be yours.#"iJii.i.itr . MAKE SURE THAT IT IS YOUR .. Some of your training might be acquired in both its theoretical and practical forms...rr. Select your life work uring """"1t ffifi::*:H:j 73 74 .-'l:..our God-given brains"H: . Be sure that it is a rationat.r*gi_utilizing aspect of your ""a To your life's work. those of you who are set upon physical training as your life work.t. If you love bodybuilding or physical fitness so much that you $ant to make ir your life's work. Jatisfaction in this life... It requires very. In fact...:^XI"ITI' fj::l? l"^1".d*r satisraction more. b.. the choice is. whoever you are.:l. one not harming.physically. and for the fu'. America.. ultimate success or failure in it.."p"crty to workouts as of the'absolutes" of your existence.. I am .dopins .' :li#ff:: to see the truth. Being Mr.....^. you will quickly find the answer.i ioubt r". if you want to teach others you must make it your fulltime business to know your stuff. be convinced that working means to a. foUor"ingciit". bodybuilding will add only good.of your life! y..ffi i'iia.^ __ ^. AND MAKE SURE THAT YOU DO IT TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITY..kl. Staying in Al Shape will always be a help to you.. very intensive study. participate in an actual SKILL activity so that you are able to use your No doubt many will think that my advice seems a bit exaggerated for a "physical trainer".:i'_:1.#.ou.the expan-sion of your natural talents -ur. irked bv my statements. any-dec€nt you. in ful confi-aenceiil. oi vour'r"i. exploiting or injuring others.telling it t" voifitJit is.not posing ability! Very seriously.. unless you care about them. pick your catiing carefury. I'd almost say that what I've indicated is MINIMA[. but it is not by any means.. STUDY HARD ON YOUR OWN.tigi"t's "kno*-*hat."*.. "*. a. America is no indication that you can train someone else to be man will aia profit from it.i.'i... and maintain an optimistic.a a'e'"'' ':il". whether or not you study P. They don...*1. *iff provide full -that oppor_ tunity for.. NEVER CIVE IT of Up..I'... YOU DO.. ar. trJnin..j:l'.. lnd bodybuilding would better remain an important part .tj ::uj::::l rrernendous '".r...""r pursuit: you. If you keep your v^rr? w^...ri"g'. for it w'r be most time-consumir.. this is certainly possible.i in *-i"iJ". If you want my advice.T.'. But understand that this involves much more than working out three times a week.iar spiritual resources. For those whose career concerns center about other things. r.even in the face of adversity.ui There is only one person in this world who is qualified judge vour choice to of acareer'or.j.llfi. .. though I honestly must say that I feel the average "physical education" curriculum in colleges and universities is woefully inadequate and a very poor preparation for actually being a "Physical Educator" in the strict sense.n.:rji. producti-ve . Be certain *trat you .1 3:::'j" personal. .]".L:li But first of all.ft::::jlX:Tf. lT. You cannot work as an instructor of others unless you know what makes them tick.r. checry attitude . . money. ""a Beyond those two simple By a'means-establish il. ody. ::ll.. I say all this for those who are interest6d... It will you.r. ii! -oo . emotionally/intellectually and spiritually. an honest chance "i. which is inevitable at times for us all. be .. . And the more rhey t9"p pu-m. If .r.anent part"'r to consider what vou trulv needto d"... and from its many varied theoretical bases In addition to actually working out yourself.: il ilfi I 3i)' .g .:'-Tl':'r rewarls. . remember this: yoU must choose your life work anJ yoU are the one who must bear responsibilitv for.. effortful "nJ-giftr.'iv ". and it requires a deep desire to explore the human individual in all ways .-il.t tt il.ii*r.irii"offiring"'lirn thinking.J.s best. Do not sell yourserf short..v i"i.r.

.iiiiui:rp'^liii'iharem'stay that )'tli: aii -h1l':i-'lr trl i)'":ilig into your 'i.ou just making it impossible for yourself "r.. boyfriend and rover. Pseudo-sophisticates confess an awful racl " of actuar depth when they mouth the opinion that sex ought to be . lf you don't have these l'riends' l feei tltrit' sorry lor you. i' ":' i lu' iilLii.on things hc really and doesn't like. for marriage only (I do NOT think it is).ubtless tr0t ha!(' statement that "l-{e ile\cl illel a nlan hc tll'ir''t sweeping made the plenty Ol men I ctluidrr't stantll {Anil \^irrlrr't: met l SUre've iike!" lf will too!). please note. lrealthy body you will always retain the capacity to be a worthy husband. try to find your sexuar satisfaction in mutually-gratifying relationships with persons whom you respect.i 'iiethgf Of noi 'ii'-..Jup in place for runatics.ilrrL lirl it.! ii lS not a : :i i--" . as well as find attractive.iiiili--lt) to particrpait .rike taking a grass of water when you're thirsty.rrr.uf 76 and fulfillment of his sexual_romantic life. If you're still at the mental age where the word .sex.]1!:!!iii .ci'i'r"j i(i r)thcrt.. 'li. jr it iS :.dirty..)!l'. if you actually could do it.i-iiir-i . iiltr) 'rL.."i. I'd suggest you grow up.tniii.i.'hoose 1'crur fricnds carefully' Don't worry' the world is a y' you're big. and f noi . within ". and thtlse for uh. like having gl"r.. 1'ri1'.L./romantic activities.. with l.'tlt rt'tt'll lccl :r'lt"'''r stttall.' '^ri!.of nothing more than a glass of water! All of this is-said to try to give you some rational direction in living a fully-balanced life.""r."yi"L . By all and every means seek sexuar furfiilment. ir* piace. Aad I mean what I 5a\ ' illtitci' .i 'li'r!-l\ l1l:iiiit' Slitlriiith and the gettcral rrl:):. so only a lool would squander his time and energy IS TOO LIFE apprecialion on people whom he did not like' YOUR DO SHTiNT IO SPEND IT IN THE COMPANY OF THOSE YOU DO YOU NOl [.nch.r Illtt ttrt ltt: I'1... I u personally do not have many friends.. If you don't you're .indulgence.{ND IN THE PURSUI OF THAT WHICH N(iT I INT] INIPORTANT TO YOURSELF.. ll <tisiike and have nO uSc l-or. There is nothing comicar.1 .31ntr" to bed every female you meet. . Indeed. incomp.l.toat'ullyhapprlilr.:.r1.i .' 'ili.nougfr to everyone not to be a mere. but I cherish dearll th'rsc hortr I do have.rp*. .. Aristotlesaid. 'ldsltidbllgi . makes you giggle.'-li!li.' '-ii'r 'l. D()n'l compromise requires that !i).io .lor€single.Jtl afe Ceftain .i. you'd more rhan likely iind i.. and it's aluays possible to find people' or your integrity .Bythislthinkhe view ol hf e' and meant that in a friend we find a reflecticln of our own we can share a view olexistence that is unique to "us"' Jr."nii.' ril'ri r"Ul paflnef is . Ijc Votrtsell'... is placing l\ lr..... However.: involved with some one woman you can truly love.ur..' tiiitl iS tfUll I i .rt One finds^ il'll'L . :r.uyine.. to actualry become seriousry It is not I always urge young people to avoid sexual promiscuity and meaningless sexual encounters.:t .. soft. Bodybuilding offers much to aid any man in the enjoyment only a fool squanders his money.. i"..t.rtiii i() bC:'""""*.. is "wrong".tcJ.. '/ :' A $..ANTNG}'UL HTIMA}i RF-["A T Ii}\SFTIPS Rogers had known m1.r. the importance _ in his eyes . and they are very important to me' Friendshipiscrucial. oib. you can bring more into any romantic relationship when you feel and know that your body is strong and healthy inside and out! Ask any young woman _ even one who "hates muscles" if she'd prefer hlr hu-suand to be rimber.-\jLii'ti..ft gi)oii ME. \)irli-lr()rrll\t: rll \()tl l)('l()rc ltt (ttr she) can accept "lricrrtlship"' Yorr don't need itl Not on r r:' !..i'iil r.r. a group of close friends. strange or perverse about sex or about sexual.1 . sex is . of time! Women who are promiscuous are not . when she makes love to a man. within the bounds of your own capacity " to judge.. that experimenting. t'lc' animosity nor friendship.ttc:. I hope lt)r \i)i:. .rri.:. but because sex is too good! Don't demean yourself. necessariry. : ." Indeed I Jympathize with any woman who.YOUR ROMANTIC. there will be.r " " irt..( lr'r itl\ . Anyone you. urrurna.r.Afriendisanotherself''.rli. capable of gii ing. nlct-ci\ l(r "r!'t ollrcrs to like you". dirty.' ."i pivri.SEXUAL CONCERNS existence..rst as If you maintain excellent physical fitness and a strong.!. (. partners in order to find irre rigrrt one. of reason(!) the parameters with a variety of sexual-ro.. " they are simply self-defeating' The eia"t same thing applies to men! If your goal is simply ro go to bed with women _ anO nottring _oi" . Not... Seriously' apart from those people in this rrt'rtltl uht'r'r'.. I ri iU bring all ... strong and fit.:: 'i.IKL.:.ariiilt tre"tj dt.. I'm saying that sex ought to be imporfant .l.. They are perhaps the strongest motivational forces in human".'liiit. or she'd rather he be a blubbery..r. irJ. I.'.lthink..r1i r. I. because sex is dirty.

you have achieved your most ardently soright goals! -end- 78 . and accept them. a better friend to anyone whom he calls his friend. you will find that many interests. however. joys. since nothing was said about the physical side of building you up. In good friends. If. But be sure to attach an extra-importance to those select few whom you ultimately decide to call your friends! The fit. you're "really in this art". you will find much. at last. among those others. however.until. and can remain. perhaps. That's great! perhaps. lasting lifetime friendship. I. sometimes even sorrows' can be shared.existence. And good health. or reject them. for what they are. You will enhance every aspect of your There is every good chance that as you progress in your training and broaden your interest in bodybuilding you will become acquainted with others who share this interest. strong and healthy.m sure you appreciaie my message! I Train hard and live we[. and. aspirations. And that's super-great! Appreciate the people with whom you come into contact daily. strong man is. Enjoy your life and do an within your power to see that every day brings you closer to a meaningful goal . a soundly muscular and attractive physique always helps one to enjoy one's time when one is with one's friends! hope this final chapter was not a disappointment to you. when he is fit. you will find the possibility of a solid.

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