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The Culture of DOTA in the Philippines

The Culture of DOTA in the Philippines

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Published by J Franco Ray
A research paper for my English 10 course.

Created by:
Joshua Frankie B. Rayo
Department of Computer Science
College of Engineering
University of the Philippines Diliman
A research paper for my English 10 course.

Created by:
Joshua Frankie B. Rayo
Department of Computer Science
College of Engineering
University of the Philippines Diliman

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Published by: J Franco Ray on Jun 18, 2013
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The first factor why it attracts the youth is the type of game involved. Filipino gamers The Culture of DOTA in the Philippines love strategy and action games compared to board and mini games. It has a very different gameplay compared among other games. Also, it is a multiplayer game; people can play with others up to 10 persons per game. These are the heroes of DOTA, there are so much to choose from. They are divided into three groups, the Sentinel, the Scourge, and the Neutrals. Also they are divided further by their
Joshua Frankie B. Rayo Department of Computer Science University of the Philippines Diliman

The Culture of DOTA in the Philippines
Joshua Frankie B. Rayo Department of Computer Science, University of the Philippines Diliman jbrayo@up.edu.ph

Abstract. The culture of DOTA (Defense of the Ancients) has taken the Philippines to storm because of its very creative gameplay that caused millions of Filipino students hard for them to avoid playing the game; and it is also evident from media to the internet. This game has brought such intense effects to the Filipino youth and its everyday life; up to the point where they are affected physically, psychologically, and their respective careers. Because of DOTA, the computer shops in the country have been growing massively since its release; the youth are gathered there to play informally and to show their enthusiasm and foster friendship, teamwork and camaraderie. It follows the ‘booming’ computer shop industry and culture in the country. Also, some people handle DOTA tournaments to encourage other people and make this gaming industry to grow in the country. Because of the addiction of the people playing the game, they also express DOTA through the arts and music, language, internet and the social networks.

Due to the popularity of this game, many players indulged themselves into it; some spend lots of hours playing it over and over again and that‟s why it “sets a Filipino gamer apart”. Majority of the gamers in the Philippines are playing DOTA and regarding it as their specialty compared to playing other games like Ragnarok, Tantra, etc. These factors make playing DOTA to become culture here in the country, and it continues to flourish since 2003.

This paper only establishes an understanding about the culture of DOTA in the Philippines, specifically in Metro Manila. It will tackle the origin and background of DOTA and simply present its gameplay. Also, this paper will give you an idea how DOTA exist in the Philippines and how it attracted the Filipino youth. Also, this paper will differentiate playing DOTA in an informal and formal setting. It will also discuss how DOTA invades the everyday lives of the people. Lastly, it will briefly describe the good and bad effects of playing DOTA to the Filipino players. The paper will also present the research methodology executed and the interpretation of the data acquired.




omputer gaming is one of the most favorite hobbies and pastime of the Filipinos aside from watching television and playing sports, until the Blizzard Entertainment released Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and Icefrog, Eul & Guinsoo released the DOTA custom map for Warcraft. The invasion of DOTA in the Philippines is very massive, that millions of Filipinos are getting involved into it. Many other people are encouraged and influenced to play this strategy game that led to their addiction. “The culture of DOTA in the Philippines sets a Filipino gamer apart.” -Sir Malacaman, 2012


rawing inspiration from a popular Starcraft mod known as Aeon of Strife, the first version of DotA was released in the middle of 2003 by an individual known only by his pseudonym "Eul" (Feak, 2009). In Eul's original DotA, players could choose one of 32 heroes, and hold up to six items simultaneously from a pool of 39 available options. This rudimentary predecessor of the current DotA paved the way for the future innovations that have led to the success it is today. On May 29, 2003, Blizzard officially released the Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne expansion pack which added a breadth of new features to Warcraft III, including a

new and improved World Editor. This new tool provided map-makers far more options for customizing items, skills, models, tiles, etc (Feak, 2009). Utilizing these newly released tools, many spinoffs of the original DotA were created with vastly superior sets of features, including the first versions of Steve "Guinsoo" Feak's Defense of the Ancients: Allstars which is the focus of this postmortem. Guinsoo originally began development on DotA Allstars because he was frustrated with bugs and balance issues in the version of DotA that was most prominent at the time (Feak, 2007). Contrary to popular belief, DotA started on Reign of Chaos before the expansion, The Frozen Throne came out. It was based on the custom map "Aeon of Strife" from Starcraft, a team game focusing on hero combat. There have been many different versions of DotA, but only one shines, IceFrog's DotA Allstars. Since then DotA has come a long way, from terrain changes, balances, bug fixes, new heroes, new items and graphics, IceFrog does it all (Neha, 2007). To do all of the changes, IceFrog built a new community site where everyone can suggest and contribute contents that can help him develop the custom map. Now, you can choose over 100 heroes and choose from over 50 items to equip. “My goal is to have a format where everyone that wants to help can contribute in a productive way.” -IceFrog, 2009. As a computer game player, there are several reasons why I decided to make this research paper. First, the culture of DOTA affects the people concerned. Second, there is only few research papers published about this topic. Third, I wanted to know more about its culture. Fourth, I am also playing DOTA. Lastly, I wanted to share all my knowledge to all the people involved in the culture of DOTA in the Philippines.

The Background and Origin of the Game How DOTA attracts the Filipino youth? Playing DOTA in an informal setting DOTA in Philippine tournaments The Culture of DOTA in the Philippines Gender exclusivity of playing DOTA DOTA Invasion

Invention, Production and Gameplay

Playing with others and in computer shops 'Trash talking' and 'pustahan' in DOTA

Arts and Music Internet & Social Networking 'Pinoy' DOTA Lingo Physically & Psychologically Study career Commitments & Relationships Work

How DOTA affects the Filipino youth?



his research paper is very important to read because playing DOTA in the country is very popular. Second, this paper gives critical knowledge about the topic to the reader. Third, it has wide target audience; any people are suitable to read this paper to understand what the topic is all about. Fourth, the topic is fresh and modern.

DOTA (Defense of the Ancients) – a custom map game for Warcraft III; released in 2003 by “Eul”. Custom map – is a game that you can modify its features using World Editor. Computer shops – are places that contain computer units that you can rent for surfing the net or gaming. Some shops utilize cubicles for the privacy of their users. Some shops sell computer software, hardware or offer repair services.



he following diagram determines the flow of ideas in this research paper, to enable the reader to keep track of what he/she is reading about. Hierarchical representation is used to break down the main topic into several subtopics, from general to specific topics.

” He said that like any other game. two bases are placed on opposite corners of the map. He also noted that “DOTA is an evolving game because it is constantly being reworked and it changes constantly.You also call things that annoy you. but also they are helping the developers to improve the game. describes the base consisting of towers and unit-producing ancients. getting hero kills. Because of this. and its objective. it is the game for the masses.” Neha gives a critical analysis of how DOTA has been evolving for several years. Your left thumb is always on the alt button whatever you‟re doing at your computer. the team wins rather the individuals. and the Frozen Throne is the Scourge Ancient. The units (referred to as „creeps‟ in game s) are produced automatically on a regular basis. outlaws. 2008. Another interesting study about playing the game is from Michael Waldbridge. to a more extreme unlike less complex games. but also creativeness and critical thinking on every aspect of the game. mixing the highs and lows of gaming and gaming culture. He said that “DOTA is likely the most popular and most discussed free. He regarded playing DOTA as an „underground revolution‟. and they go to have a direct clash with the opponents‟ units. Another factor why this game is become popular is the fact that it‟s free to play. it is much more interesting to watch. Competitive DOTA is a completely different world in comparison to casual play.” “DOTA is a delight to all who play it. When you get amazed at anything you call it 'imba'. governments. pushing the enemy‟s base with allied creeps and defending against the enemies. Whenever you lose a Dota game. Lodaya provided a more detailed description of the game. Both sides are vying to destroy the „Ancient‟ of the other. Nair Neha argues that “It has been widely accepted that in playing the game. To the DOTA Community. The vision of one leader alone is required. playing the game serves as a platform for youth to communicate. but never sufficient. Teams always come up with innovative strategies and sometimes pull off amazing moves in matches that people have never even thought was possible. who are stronger than normal units and have special abilities. If you want to know more about the game. Here are some: 1. 'imba‟.REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE AND STUDIES A ccording to Kevin Tok (in playing the game). and the first fight usually starts at the center of the map.” These studies show concrete evidences why the game is very popular in our country. the complexity. Teenagers who don‟t know initially each other can easily become friends through playing the game. Aside from being a strategy game. and the tactics. Each team can have a maximum of 5 players. it’s surprisingly addictive and even pastiche. its elements. judging by the numbers. the items. the green Undead team located on the top right of the map. They can discuss the heroes. According to JV Aquino. the World Tree is the Sentinel Ancient. and their opponents are the Scourge. imba!„. Three lanes branch out from the bases. 2. Punit Lodaya.” -Michael Waldbridge. The Sentinels are the red Night Elf based team located on the bottom left. and innovation show us that its’ much easier to renovate for the masses when the masses are involved. Maybeyou want to check your facebook friend‟s hp bar. because it provides a common topic for the teenagers to talk about. and armies for both sides will spawn along these lanes at intervals. you do not have to pay anything except if you are renting a unit in computer shops. . that is spectator value. you want to grab your weak team mate and punch him in the face. 'He scored 99 at his math test. Also. 3. the elements of the game. please see Appendix 1. by playing the game you can gain more friends to know and get along to develop social skills and self-confidence. the gameplay. and how many players are involved. that is its very big difference among any other games. the concept is simple and its strategy. non-supported game mod in the world. a game expert. The final output of the game comes from the creative and innovative minds of computer gamers all over the world. DOTA’s quirks. In addition. Based on Tok‟s study. players get to control a special unit called Heroes. “The strategy focuses on levelling. Jack Rodriguez wrote about the 25 signs of DOTA addiction. He shows that playing the game requires not only great teamwork and communication. „That guy is imba. he is damn fat'. The people are not only playing the game. he explains the concept.

“Everyone love free. The shops are still few way back year 2003. many people are attracted and want to involve in playing the game PLAYING DOTA IN AN INFORMAL SETTING P laying DOTA has never been boring when it comes to playing with friends. If you encounter gamers like that. The second is that it the game employs high quality visual effects. but also on how you control your lane by utilizing the creeps. Filipino gamers love strategy and action games compared to board and mini games. But after the release of the game and many people are involved in playing DOTA. it also develops your interpersonal skills and it fosters teamwork. it is easy to learn. Before Warcraft III and DOTA was released. and it is user-friendly. if you saw the ultimate skills like Macropyre of Twin-Headed Dragon. people can play with others up to 10 persons per game. It has a very different gameplay compared among other games. this serves as the opportunity to bond with your friends.)These are the reasons why some players want to play DOTA. Others are even taught their friends and promoted the game. Some heroes‟ abilities and items create an aura that surrounds them. even back then when were are a child. volleyball and others. Even kids 10 years and above knows how to play the game. If both teams have good strategies. Not only that. Based on my observation. right? PC rentals here in our country is going cheaper and cheaper due to the exponential growth of the computer shops. it is a sign of their addiction to that game.” (Rudolf. That is the reason why the number of computer shops in the country is growing geometrically. it is easy to install and is portable. It involves teamwork and cooperation to win the game. they want to escape in the real world they are living. 2009) Due to curiosity of Filipinos. people built more computer shops and business competition existed. leadership and camaraderie to be able to win the game. Aside from it has good graphics. the game can last for only 30 minutes or so. Many people testify to their friends that it is worth playing for. Sometimes. (The complete list of heroes are in Appendix 2. except for the computer rental. T he first factor why it attracts the youth is the type of game involved. fire attacks by Lina Inverse. These are the factors why DOTA stands out among other games. As the demand continues to grow. depending on the strategy of the team. Every computer shops here in the country have this game. and it opens almost every month. they start another round again until they finish 5-10 rounds. We know that it is very fun to play team games like basketball. body coordination and strategy planning. Heroes have their unique abilities or skills. A normal round of playing time ranges from 40 to 50 minutes. If one team is good and the other is not. Another difference of DOTA to other games is the production of computer-controlled creeps. Freezing Field of Crystal Maiden and Sanity‟s Eclipse of Obsidian Destroyer. Playing the game does not only develop mental alertness. The game does not focus only to heroes clashing. and hardware repair. Computer rentals range from Php15 to Php30 per hour. Lastly. either a special attack or a spell. you will surely enjoy using those skills that can make your desktop lag for a while. Epicenter of Sand King. But because playing the game for just one round does not satisfies most of the gamers. CD burning. it is fun to play. it is a multiplayer game. which make playing the game fair and square. the demand for computers is greatly increased.FURTHER STUDY TO THE RESEARCH TOPIC HOW THE GAME ATTRACTS THE FILIPINO YOUTH? because of its popularity. the heroes controlled by the players have special abilities. Sometimes. Heroes‟ spells are visually attracting. the game can last for more than 1 hour. Ryan. Also. . It led to the growing industry of computer shops. ice attacks by Lich and poisonous attacks from Venomancer. computer shops were already built here in the country for the purpose of providing internet connection and offer services like printing. such as lightning attacks by the hero Zeus. gamers are playing the game late at night up to 1am or 2am because they want to develop strategies and enhance their playing skills. playing the game is free.

“Hoy patalo ka naman eh. used when a player steals a kill from another player by attacking the opponent last before it dies.”. and even cheaper if you will avail promos. not for accessing the internet. Filipinos used trash talk to make fun with each other. it has certain time to respawn. The original objective of computer shops has been very misleading nowadays since they are now used for playing DOTA. such that no other opponents can hear or read the message itself. Players usually use them to communicate with their teammates secretly.G. which means to move back and do not fight the enemies. taunting. The most popular word in DOTA lingo is “imba”.g. This word has many uses: if a team wins/loses. “KS” means “kill steal”. “TP” means “town portal”. Playing DOTA in an informal setting has never been fun without trash-talking. They use this word to describe a powerful and skilful player. “GLHF” is often used in tournaments. People are now going into computer shops just to play DOTA.trash–talk·er (noun).”) It is also often used with hyperbole. have fun”. but also in the items used in the game. short for “imbalanced”.That is how the computer shop culture in the country has been started. computer rentals range from Php10 to Php20 per hour. “NG” means nice game. “B” means back. “Push” means to progress forward. It can be also in humorous manner (ex. If a player sends “no top” to his allies. hahaha. When a hero controlled by a player dies. The purpose of forming the team is to battle other teams in their community. Some people say. Pinoy DOTA Lingo is also used during the game. The word “awts!” is used when a player fails to succeed in his task. there is an interaction between the two teams not only on their computer monitors. Mekanism is abbreviated as (Oxford Dictionary) That‟s the exact meaning of the word “trash talk” and its usage in the Philippines. especially an opponent in an athletic contest: -he heard more trash talk from the Giants before the game than during the game -stop the trash talking and stop the violence verb [no object] (trash-talk)use insulting or boastful speech intended to demoralize: -their players do not swear or tussle or trash-talk (as adjective trash-talking) -the worst trash-talking team they had ever encountered Derivatives trash talker (also trash-talker) noun” communicating with each other. we tend to blame other people because they failed to do a certain task. Teams are also formed inside the computer shops since they enjoy playing with each other. the chat feature of DOTA has good features and should be used wisely. players use this time to say sorry to his teammates or to blame his teammates of lack of support. The game has chat feature that can send your message to your allies or to all of the players. if a hero dies/pawned another hero. the Tagalog parody of the Engish word “ouch!” DOTA lingo is not only limited to events. “Farm” means to kill the enemies‟ creeps. Computer shops are also instruments to gather DOTA players to show their skills there. This follows the transformation of computer shops into gaming shops. Opponents try to insult or boast the other team. The players utter phrases and jargons that acts as a command on what they are going to do next. DOTA players also trash talk through the game itself. or humiliate someone. So what does this mean? “trash talk. Some also uses foul and strong words. it means that there is no enemy on the top of the map. Another popular jargon is “G. intimidate. It is the universal word used in different situations. “Natutulog ka ba sa pansitan?”). or boastful comments especially between opponents trying to intimidate each other. to continue farming or attack an opponent. . “imba naman si Mineski!” which suggests that Mineski is very powerful and he dominated the game.trash–talk (verb) . to earn money and experience. There are two means of trash talking: either verbally or through the game itself. but also on . Being a Filipino. It is also used to discuss what the players are going to do. Noun: disparaging. Some players have also strategies on what message they will send. For example. It is fun to play the game with trash talking. a figurative language that evokes strong feelings (e. in order to battle the opponents. originated from Starcraft and short for “good game”. Generally. the enemy probably returns to his base to buy items or it goes to another lane to help his allies attack another enemy. For us Filipinos. ”GLHF” means “good luck. The competition between computer shops is very tight. Now. ” (Merriam-Webster dictionary) “(also trash talking) noun informal: insulting or boastful speech intended to demoralize. Generally. an item that is used to teleport to another place near allies. trash talking in a humorous spirit creates a good atmosphere that is conducive for players in playing the game.

000. The 1st runner-up will be awarded Php1. late game. There will be no item and hero restrictions. etc. Bug exploitation is also not allowed. The registration fee per team is Php700.000 for their shop. meaning you can pull the neutral creeps to the lane so that the allied creeps will attack them that benefit the hero. A warning or game loss is the sanction if backdooring happens.000 to Php20.000 for their shop. Others do tournaments through Garena. Using the toolkit answered the needs of the Filipinos.000. Some Filipinos are fond of gambling and betting players in the world of sports. The one who wins the coin toss or with the higher roll can pick either (a) Sentinel/Scourge side of the map or (b) First or Second hero selection from drafting. meaning you will be knocked-out of the competition if you lost a game. They want to encourage people to play the game. for the total amount of Php20. ISP/Broadband . The match will begin with a coin toss or roll -100. Irresponsibility of the teams will not be tolerated (such as missing player. DOTA becomes easier to play. The usual registration fee ranges from Php100 to Php1.000 per player and Php5. Creep pulling is allowed. meaning you cannot cast spells to slow your allied creeps or block the way. low-end computers might lag during the game.000 per team. A winner is declared if they destroyed the Frozen Throne / World Tree. The money at stake ranges from Php100 to Php5000. which connects online gamers. Any competitor found to have intentionally disconnected from the game will give that competitor‟s team a loss PLAYING DOTA IN PHILIPPINE TOURNAMENTS B ecause of the big potential of the game. Maximum of 2 teams are allowed per GCA Shop. Not only who are playing the game is involved.500 for their shop. DOTA now comes with DOTA Toolkit that allows user to customize the keyboard settings to use items in the inventory and also help a player cast a spell efficiently. the team will be disqualified from the tournament if they incurred 6 warnings. Severe trash talking or verbal assault will cause the team‟s loss of the game or disqualification from the tournament. Competitions are done through Garena itself. After the single elimination. so it became more popular. If the game lasts for 100 minutes.000. or if the opponent surrenders. Backdooring is not allowed.“Meka”. but also other people watching the match and betting a player whom they think that will win. especially when the heroes cast their most powerful spells (can be executed by typing a single key in the keyboard) and can be the cause of interruption of the game. “pustahan” in playing DOTA involves 2-5 players per team. and they also want to popularize it. Garena User Names. Deliberately trapping the opponent to trees is not allowed. Players‟ names (5 Players + 2 Substitutes). The team must submit a registration form including their GCA Shop Name.) During the game. and “DR” for Divine Rapier. The game must not be paused after the players selected their hero. (UID). Creep blocking is not allowed. the organizer shall stop the game and decide what team will win based on their performance.000 with freebies depending on how many teams are participating. Any participating team must play in computer shops/internet cafès that is a member of GCA. but over the Garena client. for the total amount of Php10. and cash prizes ranges from Php2. proper attitude of both teams must be observed. The most popular event handler of DOTA tournaments is the Philippine Garena CyberCafe Alliance (GCA).D. Some teams must dominate other teams in order for them to earn money. Almost all of the competitions are held in public places like shopping malls or in private places like tournament rooms. This means that players are not allowed to attack an enemy building without any creep wave. Games are now held in the tournament rooms. Due to its high quality graphics. for the total amount of Php5. The 2nd and 3rd runners up will yield Php500 per player and Php2. provider of Shop and Bandwidth. Good thing. the final 4 teams will have their championship match that will be the best of 3 series.000 per player and Php10. The top team will get Php2. the opponent will be awarded as the winner. The competition had a single elimination system. There are also some flaws in playing DOTA. If the team incurred 3 warnings. and their User I. so as playing DOTA. All players will receive freebies upon registering. Usually. Team Name (which is optional). some people sponsor DOTA tournaments here in the country. “BKB” for Black King Bar. Another hard thing in DOTA is clicking an item in the inventory before using it. while battling with enemies that require great focus.

courageous and useful. DOTA VS. If you leave GF.for that match. Ito ang ipapasa ko sa aking mga susunod na saling-lahi. If you find another hero. DOTA will not. GF will leave you. if you find another girl. matatag at kapaki-pakinabang. I will strive to be a true DOTA lover in thoughts. As evidence. si GF baka P200 hindi pa masaya. But we do not limit playing DOTA for male only. She cares for and helps my hero to be strong. if you leave DOTA. angry. it's still ready to accept you. GF is unhappy with 200 pesos [high maintenance]. there is no gender exclusivity in playing DOTA. most of them are male. Even if it is dominated by male. in words and in deeds. Pagli2ngkuran ko ang napili kong base. “Chorus: (Girl)Bakit ba ganyan mas mahal mo pa ang DOTA Gabi gabi pagtulog ko ay kayakap lang kita Paggising sa umaga'y tinakasan mo na Tapatin mo nga ako Mas mahal mo ba ang pagdoDOTA mo? (Boy)Pag gising sa umaga almusal ko na ay DOTA Kahit wala nang pera ay handa akong gumyera Umaasa na akoy makaisa Ikaw ay pumusta dudurugin ang kalaban 4on4 or 5on5 that shit will never matter you will lose motherfucker I'm a farmer And I'm a killer Good game ka na bumawi na lang bukas Repeat chorus (Boy)Isa dalawa tatlo magpupush mirana ko Hindi mapipigilan nakamanta na ako Pumapana. Since the release of DOTA. tangina ka patay ka nanaman bitch! Hinahabol may leap yan boi hindi maabutan kahit faceless void . Ano mas gusto mo DOTA o GF?” [English Translation: DOTA is one of a kind in the world.] DOTA INVASION Because of the popularity of DOTA in the country. There is also a poem that is called “Oath of Allegiance to DOTA” or “Panatang Maka-DOTA”. Hindi ko pipindutin ang F10 kahit na matatalo na kami. Ipagtatangol ko ang napili kong base kahit mag megacreeps pa ito. The referees‟ decision will always be final. But we Filipinos accept that all people are accepted play the game. Ang hero ko ay kanyang kinukupkop at tinutulungan Upang maging malakas. GF gets angry when you do DOTA. GF gets Playing DOTA also made a space in the field of music.” [English Translation: Oath of Allegiance to DOTA: I love DOTA. Bilang ganti ay kakarnihin ko ang mga kalabang hero. players have gathered in computer shops. Panatang maka-DotA (Anonymous) “Iniibig ko ang larong DOTA Isinilang ako para maglaro ng DOTA. si DOTA hindi nagagalit pag nagGF ka. and K-Tin composed a song. a parody of the Philippine poem “Panatang Makabayan” that is recited every morning in schools. but also it occupies its own space in the field of media. it also affects our daily lives. that expresses a typical Filipino relationship under the influence of DOTA. This is the game I will pass on to my next generation. si DOTA P20 lang masaya na. I will butcher my opposing heroes. Since it is war-themed. sapul ka nanaman. si DOTA hindi. GF iiwan ka din niyan. there are rare conditions where you can see a female playing it. pagnakakakita ka ng ibang Hero hndi nagagalit si DOTA. Game saving is also done periodically. It is not only evident to the youth and the computer shops. GF napakarami niyan. DOTA does not get angry. I was born to play DOTA. there's plenty of GF material. I will not press F10 even if we're about to lose. handa ka parin tanggapin. its influence does not just end in the field of gaming. rapper/singer Dino R. si DOTA pag iniwan mo. because most of the computer games here are strategic. The poem suggests that playing DOTA must be treasured by the players. si GF nagagalit pagnagdoDOTA ka. GIRLFRIEND (Anonymous) “si DOTA isa lang sa mundo. DOTA is happy with 20 pesos [low maintenance]. DOTA doesn't get angry when you're with GF. Who do you prefer?! DOTA or GF?!] GENDER EXCLUSIVITY OF PLAYING DOTA M ajority of the gamers in the Philippines are male. it's hard to return to her. si GF pag iniwan mo mahirap na balikan. “Mas Mahal Mo Ba ang DOTA”. In return. There exist composed poems comparing DOTA and GF (girlfriend) that concludes DOTA as the winner over GF. Male Filipinos seek adventures and challenges on games what they are playing. Sisikapin ko maging isang tunay na maka-DOTA sa isip sa salita at sa gawa. pero pagnakakakita ka ng ibang babae nagagalit si GF. I will defend my base even if its mega creeps. I will serve the base I chose.

Tumi-tp na asa ka pa again tangina ka babalikan kita Repeat chorus (Boy)Hindi kailangang magselos pa Hindi naman kita pagpapalit sa DOTA Anu bang ligaya ang dulot nyan Wala ka nang pakealam Matulog ka na lang Repeat chorus” ang DOTA ay laro na pwede mong paglaruan wag mong itulad sa akin na nasasaktan ano bang nakita mo sa DOTA na wala ako kaya ka bang mahalin ng DOTAng sinasabi mo ang DOTA ay laro na pwede mong paglaruan wag mong itulad sa akin na nasasaktan (Repeat Chorus 2 times) Ang DOTA ay isang larong imbento ito ay libanga ng mga tao ngunit mag-aral muna ng mabuti para sa kinabukasan mo upang sa hinaharap maipagmalaki mo” There is another original song that is composed by Aikee and Vanessa. it also invades our language. also public groups are also joined by the Filipinos. si GF napakarami nyan si GF iiwanan ka din nyan. si GF baka 200 pesos baka di pa masaya pagnakakita ka ng ibang hero. The creativity of the Filipinos is very visible on these examples. si DOTA hindi nagagalit kapag nag GF ka si Dota 20 pesos lang masaya na. It serves as a warning for the youth to be aware of the consequences of playing the game. “Kamukha mo na si Gondar!”. In fact. di nagagalit si DOTA pero pag nakakita ka ng ibang babae. They include screenshots. Some words being trash talked are now belongs to our language. guides and reviews. they can gain more friends. “(Boy)si DOTA nag iisa lang sa mundo. The word “imba” can be used universally to describe a person or a thing which is extraordinary. The songs send a message and warning to the youth on what effects on players are incorporated in playing DOTA.com that provides the people complete tools on how to play the game. an E-sports publishing company. Forums help Filipinos share their own ideas and gather more information. helps connect online gamers regardless of their location. “DOTA o Ako”. si DOTA Hindi Si GF nagagalit kapag nagdoDOTA ka. Some people embedded screenshots and replays of their astounding game and show it to all of the people to gain pride and reputation. Ipang-DOTA ang baon!”. It expresses the boy‟s and the girl‟s side of their relationship affected by DOTA. which in turn became viral in the internet (see Appendix 3). Also. Facebook pages that are related to DOTA are liked. nagagalit si GF si GF kapag iniwan mo mahirap kang balikan. Garena Philippines. As the popularity of DOTA continues. the indescribable events in our everyday lives are given a term to define them. si Dota kapag iniwan mohanda ka pa ring tanggapin Ano mas gusto mo? Dota o GF? Chorus: (Girl) anong pipiliin mo DOTA o ako anong mas gusto mo pagkasama kay yun ang nasa isip anong pipiliin mo DOTA o ako at ano ako sayo anong mahalaga mahal mo ba akong talaga (Boy)Defense of the Ancient tayo ng magDOTA umulan o bumagyo kahit naka bota tawagin na ang tropa let‟s start the countdown everybody push get ready for gangbang pumatak na ang dugo within 3 minutes ang bilis makabuo parang basketball lang make me like mike sa dami kong kills ako‟y naging god like yo! line stand paki push yan pagkatapos nyan tayo ng mag Roshan nice strategy para bang menisky and skills are type para bang si Aikee the sword the for the last hour panalo ang kuhain basagin na natin ang puno ng mulawin good game maybe next time sir imba sorry chiken na sir (Repeat Chorus) Kapag naglalaro anong ligaya ang nadarama nalilimutan ang problema at pag nadarapa di ako nagdadrama tingnan ang pagkakaiba kapag sinaktan ka ng girlfriend puso ay nagigiba kapag meron kang pera kapag meron kang tf ang DOTA 20 pesos the rest mapupunta kay GF di ka kayang mahalin ng DOTA kailanman yan ay nagbibigay libang kahit sa sinuman ano bang nakita mo sa DOTA na wala ako kaya ka bang mahalin ng DOTAng sinasabi mo DOTA also invades the internet and online social networking life of the Filipinos. Some examples are “Ibagsak ang Edukasyon. . Because of DOTA “fever”. some of them are also used by people who do not play DOTA. The word “GG” is also used by Filipinos to describe an event which is about to end. replays. There are also websites and forums that offer game tutorials like playDOTA. its invasion also continues. There are so many resources in the internet that can encourage people to play the game. If you want to play DOTA with online gamers. “DOTA o GF?” The two poems mentioned earlier are also embedded into images.

. Playing DOTA can also enhance your social life. Another is when the player discovered how to gamble in playing DOTA. formation of the eye bags will be evident to the player. The player‟s reflexes are also improved like fast typing and mental alertness. It also temporarily eliminates problems. he does not have time for studying anymore. So how do we say that a relationship is under the effects of DOTA? We can say so if the male. “It is better for the students to spend their time playing computer games like DOTA than to smoke. and tend to abuse their partner physically or verbally. Sometimes. You can get more friends just by playing in computer shops. Also. Some students spend their money in playing DOTA rather than in food. eyes. For example. Another issue here is the effects of DOTA in an intimate relationship. Since majority of the gamers are male. These are the main causes why such songs about DOTA exist. hurting everybody. The player can develop insomnia. The worst case is. sometimes. or disadvantageous. DOTA can be regarded as a good game. The player who is war freak also tends to abuse other people physically. gamers play the game because it provides an escape from the chaotic world they live in. the domino effect will follow. because they did not eat in time. an addicted student is always cutting classes just to play DOTA in the nearest computer shop. which results to late sleeping and waking up. that is why some people chose playing DOTA over their partner. It can lead to player‟s obesity. he get low or failing grades. they tend to be violent because it is the main intention of every player to win the game. not only for those who play it. some people stayed for many hours just to play the game. They tend to play DOTA that will decrease their time in working. When it happens.HOW DOTA AFFECTS THE FILIPINOS? W hen the gamers play DOTA. This point. so everyone that is playing it can relate with other people. to devise strategies how they can win the game. head and the hands are operating. Some males tend to be war freak. the tone of the game will depend on your items in the heroes‟ inventory and he must use it wisely. It implies that the game can be a bad element in a relationship. the female usually sacrifices in a relationship under DOTA. Playing DOTA can affect a person‟s physical and psychological aspect. it develops your leadership skills and promotes teamwork and camaraderie. some people tend to be war freak. Almost all of the relationship under the influence of DOTA is ruined.” -Aquino. Playing overnight can change the body clock of the player. and he is expelled from the school. Some people play the game to eliminate stress. Males tend to maximize their time playing DOTA than spending with their partners. ears and hands. because it helps the player improve his body‟s coordination. In rare cases. but also to all of the people in the environment. Some aspects of the game can also be applied in our everyday lives. he loses interest in his studies. careers and relationships with other people. when he is playing overnight. or verbally. Some videos in Youtube™ show Filipinos playing DOTA but ends in chaos. specially the head. the player can lose weight if he experience stress in playing the game. or the female or both are playing the game. Females usually rant because their partners lack time bonding with them. It can lead to excessive eye exposure that can be the cause of poor eyesight. or other expenses in school. until they lose interest and be fired by the employer. when the player does not have quality time to bond with his family and people around him. only the eyes. addicted players cannot control themselves to play the game. 2012 Because playing DOTA can be addicting. they are also exposed to its consequences either advantageous. Same things happen when some gamers are at work. It also enhances the creativity of the player. When you play the game with others. It is now the common topic of the gamers. drink alcohol and take drugs. since few carbs are burned due to inactive locomotion of the body. In playing computer games. it is relaxing in a sense that you are having fun during your spare time. the paper will present the effects of DOTA to the Filipinos. Because of the theme of the game. It also motivates the players to think critically. Modern Filipinas tend to be demanding and strict when they have intimate relationships.

84% 57. The others will proceed to the last part of the survey (see Appendix 3).04% 60. I’m neither studying nor working. Are you studying? Answers Yes. the data has been organized into tabular form to be able to analyse the results further. ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION OF DATA This chapter presents the questions of the survey and the results of the data gathered. the number of responde nts is 19. in college No.39% 8. P is the total percentage.58% 26.22% 21. by interview. so percentages may add up to more than 100%.17% 47. Did you find it interesting or it‟s just a junk? Answers Yes No Frequency 17 2 Percentage 89.32% *From this question. PRESENTATION. I’m working No.70% Family Friends Classmates Other Frequency 7 11 6 5 Percentage 36. and n corresponds to the total number of respondents.87% 17.47% 10.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY RESEARCH INSTRUMENTS & DATA COLLECTION PROCEDURE STATISTICAL TREATMENT T he researcher conducted a survey about the research topic in three ways: by distributing printed questionnaires. Question 7.61% 17.74% Question 6.04% . From whom you discover DOTA? Answers Percentage 13.39% Question 3. F is the frequency.96% 13. in high school Yes. How old are you? Age distribution 11-15 years old 16-20 years old 21-25 years old Frequency 3 15 5 Percentage 13. Frequency 3 14 4 2 Respondents may select more than one answer.89% 31. The respondents are given enough time to answer the questions and to express their opinions. a simple percentage and frequency method was manipulated using the following formula: Where. Question 4.53% Question 5. Do you have you own computer at home? Answers Yes No Frequency 20 3 Percentage 86. I n analyzing the data gathered. respondents that play DOTA will proceed to the next part of the survey. Where do you live? Answers Outside a city In a city Frequency 12 11 Percentage 52. Question 2. and by online survey. Do you play DOTA? Answers Yes No Frequency 19 4 Percentage 82.04% 65. Question 8. Twenty-four random persons are selected to answer the questions.83% After question 6. After distributing and getting all of the results.

53% 5.53% 10.26% 5.26% 5.26% 5.26% 5.Question 9.26% 5.26% 10.26% Question 12.26% 5.26% 5.05% 5.26% 5. How many hours do you play in one session? 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Hours per session Question 13.26% 5.26% 21.26% 5.26% 5.26% 5.26% 22% 17% 61% Agile heroes Strong heroes Intelligent heroes 32% Short-ranged 68% Long ranged Question 11.26% 5.26% 5.26% 5. Which do you prefer? Frequency 32% 68% Heroes from the Sentinel Heroes from the Scourge Question 10: Who is your favorite hero? Answers Ursa Warrior Goblin Techies Storm Spirit Sacred Warrior Windrunner Shadow Shaman Lycanthrope Skeleton King Shadow Fiend Grand Magus Venomancer Phantom Assassin Sand King Geomancer Mirana Nightshade Troll Warlord Earthshaker (None) Frequency 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Percentage 5.53% 5.26% 5.26% 5.53% 5. Did you remember the first hero you used? Answers Vengeful Spirit Crystal Maiden Rogue Knight Lone Druid Lina Inverse Treant Protector Storm Spirit Dwarven Sniper Skeleton King Lightning Revenant Drow Ranger Invoker Witch Doctor Frequency 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 1 2 2 1 1 Percentage 10.26% 10.26% 5.26% 5.26% 5. For how long do you play DOTA? more than 5 years 4 years 3 years 2 years 6-12 months 0-6 months 26% Hitter 74% 0 2 4 6 Supporter .26% 5.

I am doing more things than before. 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 2 4 Frequency 6 20 15 10 5 0 At home At computer shops Other Rate of enjoyment Question 16. Is it true that DOTA interferes an intimate relationship? (Optional) Question 15. I did not eat in time. H. Where do you play DOTA with other people? 8 . C. G. as 10 being the highest. Do you play DOTA with other people? 20 15 10 5 0 With my family With my friends With my classmates With "dayo" With others 43% 57% Yes No Question 20.Question 14. aircon(ed) computer shops Premium computer shops J. only men are acceptable to play DOTA. Other Question 17. only women are acceptable to play DOTA. J I H G F E D C B A Question 18. In what types of computer shops do you play it? (Optional) 18% 41% Ordinary computer shops 41% Ordinary. Is playing DOTA gender exclusive? 0% Yes. I have more self-esteem. No. I. all are accepted to play DOTA. 100% 0 5 10 Question 19. My grades get low/ failing My grades get high My grades are stable I have more strategies and techiniques in gaming. I don‟t have time to study/ do household chores I am being nocturnal. B. F. D. Please rate your enjoyment and contentment in playing DOTA. E. Yes. What are the impacts of playing DOTA to you? (Optional) A.

All of the respondents that there is no gender exclusivity in playing DOTA. It supported the arguments presented in the previous chapter.On the other hand. disabling. Dwarven Sniper is the usual hero chosen by the beginners. different careers and different walks of life represent the whole country. As the researcher observes. In the case of the respondents. Drow Ranger and Vengeful Spirit.32/10. classmates or other people. and 6 out of 14 respondents who answered question 19 agreed that DOTA interferes in an intimate relationship. it usually assaults the enemies directly. Shadow Fiend is the most popular hitter in Philippine DOTA. In short. They play for an average of 3 hours per session. the “supporter” heroes do indirect damages to the enemy like stunning.ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION OF DATA A s you have noticed. long-ranged. The complete result of the survey is on Appendix 4. only two said that it was not interesting. the responders rated playing DOTA with an average score of 8. In fact. Mirana Nightshade. In fact. In order to create a very good team. their average time when they began to play is around 3 years ago. the main impact of DOTA to the respondents is they develop critical thinking. Most of them discovered the game by their friends and classmates. It says that majority of the people who play DOTA are students with ages 16-20. the first hero used by the respondents is usually long-ranged. Morphling. They play mostly in ordinary computer shops. agile and belongs to the Sentinel. . Most of them are playing frequently with their friends other than with their family. because they can accommodate at most 10 players. Out of the respondents who play DOTA. in order for him to adjust with the environment and to keep away from harm. As you can see from Question 14. it is important to have surveys because the responders from different places. almost all of the people said that its intricate. poisoning or slowing them. the heroes must have a supporter. silencing. It is also observed that the favorite heroes of the respondents are what is called “hitters” of the game. Such heroes are Dwarven Sniper. the results of the survey says much about the culture of DOTA in the Philippines. The “hitter” heroes are regarded as the carry of the team. To end this section. In studying the culture of DOTA in the Philippines. The responders prefer heroes which are hitters. it enhances their strategy and techniques in gaming.

Every person in a relationship must also understand what consequences will happen if one of them is playing DOTA. there are no other games which has the same gameplay of DOTA. relationships and at work. As said earlier. At the end of the day. it‟s origin. the culture of DOTA is generally not harmful. It‟s up to you if you will adapt to its dynamic effects brought to the country. and its effects to us. Play it for fun and play moderately. we can conclude that the culture of DOTA in the Philippines is rich. don‟t mind the insults. play moderately. CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATION T his research paper actually shows how DOTA influenced the Filipino people – not only the gamers but also the people who do not play it. He can clear things out. Their partners must not be replaced by a game. Parents can also guide their children if they will be informed about playing DOTA.” -Rodriguez. As you can see in the arguments presented. know when not to play. you yourself should decide whether you will explore the game or not. because 1 game is not enough to satisfy him. The trend of gamers in provinces is that the more they are expert in playing the game. but rather be informed. It‟s up to you if you will embrace it or not. helping the community and serve the people. rather it serves as a significant challenge to the youth.SUMMARY OF FINDINGS. Also keep in mind that DOTA cannot be compared to your partner. because we cannot go back to correct our mistakes anymore. . People continue to embrace its influence and apply it to our everyday lives. The main purpose of this paper is to inform and remove negative thoughts about DOTA to the reader. Starcraft. the hosting of several DOTA competitions. If every people know all of these. to filter responsible persons and make a twist to the individual‟s journey to success. helping in household chores. 2011 The game promotes many advantages to many individuals that can boost their self-esteem and social skills. So what‟s the point if you are expert or not? The point here is. DOTA should not be treated as a priority. “Just like any sport. Aside from playing DOTA. Just play at your vacant time while you are not at work. some people Time is also very essential when it comes to work. He presents 8 ways to control time between studying and playing. It covers vast array of topics. time is very important in a relationship. we must not forget the risks that can brought bad effects to the gamer. Jack Rodriguez wrote an article about balacing studies and playing DOTA. which every people should know such as its origin and its concept. DOTA is only a game. he can establish a clear understanding regarding the topic. cutting class is a drug. But also. As you can see in the survey. Every people should also know how gamers behave when they are playing informally and formally. People should also know that there is no gender exclusivity in playing DOTA. the popularity of the game. In the first place. Also. the more they flunk at school. But in the cities it does not mean that you flunk at school it you are expert in playing DOTA. it is only a game while your partner must be treasured of. What‟s very important thing is setting priorities in everything you do: in studies. has never been popular here in the country. pay attention to your game. time management. Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. It‟s up to you if you will use it for good or for bad things. everything followed like a domino: the rise of the computer shops and its culture. there are more worthwile tasks that you can do like playing sports. We must be conscious of our time. “Pay attention at school. and know people‟s opinions about it. I‟ll recommend that employees must not play while at work. and its total invasion in the country. observe the factors that can affect your studies. People should also know how DOTA invades the country. Everyone must not be alarmed. These eight simple ideas can greatly help a student in organizing his time. and one must reduce the time in playing the game. because it affects our daily lives and serves as a connection between the gamers. He can also help other curoius people of what is the game all about. Since the game was released. know when to quit”. Jack.

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APPENDIX 2. the Sentinel. Sentinel Intelligence). and the Neutrals. Not only that. Neutral Intelligence). WHO ARE THE HEROES TO CHOOSE FROM? Figure 3. ice attacks by Lich (7th. Epicenter of Sand King (8th. you will surely enjoy the game. Before you play the game.APPENDIX APPENDIX 1. the Scourge. agility and intelligence. Figure 2 (Right). DOTA Loading Screen. there are so much to choose from. That is what the terrain looks like. Neutral Strength). HOW DOTA LOOKS LIKE? Figure 1 (Left). so forming the team is crucial to make. Also they are divided further by their primary attributes: strength. . if you saw the ultimate skills like Macropyre of Twin-Headed Dragon (10th. It shows Mirana Nightshade killing the creeps. Sentinel Intelligence) and Sanity‟s Eclipse of Obsidian Destroyer (9th. Every hero has its strengths and weaknesses. Scourge Intelligence). such as lightning attacks by the hero Zeus (6th. Sentinel Intelligence). a loading screen will show to be able for the computer to setup resources of the game. Scourge Agility). They are divided into three groups. These are the heroes of DOTA. Freezing Field of Crystal Maiden (1st. Heroes‟ spells are visually attracting. fire attacks by Lina Inverse (9th. Scourge Intelligence) and poisonous attacks from Venomancer (9th.

GF”. SURVEY RESULTS This is the complete results of the survey. . Figure 5 (Right) shows the poem “DOTA vs. Also. This image that contain the “Oath of Allegiance to DOTA” or “Panatang Maka-DOTA” became very viral in the internet. which tackles the issues of DOTA in relationships.APPENDIX 3. It also includes the opinions of the respondents regarding the topic involved. DOTA INVASION Figure 4 (Left). APPENDIX 4.

Do you play DOTA? From whom you discover DOTA? Did you find it interesting? Or it's just a junk? What makes DOTA different from other games? Why is it very attractive? Did you remember the first hero you used? Who is your favorite hero? What is your favorite item? 1 Frank 16 .) 1st Year. DJMax. in college. Rakion. may mga kamalasan rin na nangyayari at kung madiskarte ka ay maoovercome mo yun :)) Shadow Fiend Mski 3 Norman Roy 16 . please indicate your occupation on the box below.) 2nd yr UP Diliman Yes Dota. (Oo.) 1st Year BS Computer Science. sa siyudad) isang unibersidad. Player vs Player genre. please indicate your grade/year and your school on the box below. HON Norman Roy Yes Family. sa isang unibersidad. spells.20 years old Inside the city (sa isang Yes. thus making your brain really work while playing. gaya na lamang ng weather conditions na naeexperience while playing.20 years old Inside the city (sa isang Yes. it's intellectual. Lina Inverse None. Hangaroo. If you are Do you have your studying in college.20 years old Inside the city (sa isang Yes. Feeding Frenzy. in college. Farm frenzy. O2Jam. Classmates Yes It makes use of your strategic and tactical skills. course and school on the box below. Treant Protector Grand Magus Euls Scepter 4 16 . (Oo. in college. None. please indicate the games you What is your name? have played.) UP Yes Most modern games and mmorpg (too many to mention) Yes Family. Classmates Yes Competitive. sa siyudad) isang unibersidad. Diner Dash. Dorm mates Yes Special effects. GoldFish. It's not just pure talent. Farmville Pogi Yes Friends Yes kasi ang mga nangyayari sa loob ng laro ay parang parehas na nangyayari sa ating buhay. If no. BS Computer Engineering Yes DOTA. creeps. please leave the box blank. Dragon Nest.20 years old Outside the city (hindi sa siyudad) Yes. (Oo. (Oo. . University of the Yes Philippines Diliman Icy Tower. Friends. MU online. Do you play computer games? If yes. Counter Strike. own computer at please indicate your home? year.a How old are you? Where do you live? Are you studying? If you are studying in an elementary or high school. CABAL. ung pag nagtago Storm Spirit ka sa likod ng puno d ka makikita. magic Dwarven Sniper Venomancer Mjolinir 2 Pogi 16 . sa siyudad) isang unibersidad. in college. minsan mahirap ka at minsan mayaman. GTA Frank Yes Family. If you are working. RF online.

) Incoming 2nd year College. Lone Druid creativity.5 Ted Moseby 16 . UP Diliman Yes Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 1. Lightning Revenant Every minute of playing it is very intense because every move counts. it is a hell of an hour. Klarizze Angry Birds No 7 16 . Classmates Yes kakaiba ang game play. in college.3 Call Of Duty 5 Battlefield 1. underground 2. (Oo. kaya di porke bago ka lang naglaro wala ka na pag asa. Dominator 8 Mr. Its multiplayer nature is what makes it really special. in college. tulad ng arena style of gaming ng Counter Strike. Leveling System ng Rakion at iba pang RPG. Carbon) Assassin's Creed 1. Vital 16 .20 years old Inside the city (sa isang Yes. Runescape. zh. Even though it is done in an hour or less.20 years old Outside the city (hindi sa siyudad) Yes. at ang Strategy ng Dwarven Sniper Starcraft/Warcraft. BS Computer Science.) 2nd year. skills and luck of the players.2) o2 jam stronghold splinter cell conviction others (too many to list) Jonathan John Yacapin Yes self (dota not yet famous. UPD Yes too many to mention haha Mr.) 1st year BS MATH Yes RAKION DOTA GUNDBOUND RF Yes Family. Crystal Maiden Phantom Assassin Na'vi (int). Friends. Plants VS Zombies.) 2nd year. (Oo.20 years old Inside the city (sa isang Yes. in college.2. :) Storm Spirit Butterfly 6 Klarizze 16 . UP Diliman Yes Tetris Battle. (Oo. BS Computer Science. at very unique ang skills. anything can change the tides of battle. ASTIG :) astig rin ang storyline. sa isang unibersidad.0 Yes It is the first renowned multiplayer action RTS. bawat start ng game LEVEL1 lahat ng players..2. :D Sacred Warrior Perseverance. reborn) halo hawx left4dead (1. Having to play with real players and being able to do tricks by cooperation is what makes it exciting.. pinagsama sama ang elements na maganda mula sa ibat ibang game. sa siyudad) isang unibersidad.) 1st year BSFT. MW. Shadow Shaman Armlet of Mordigan 9 Jonathan John Yacapin 16 .2.3 Warcraft (RPG and TFT) Starcraft 1. dota map ver: 4. sa siyudad) isang unibersidad. in college. (Oo. BALANCED rin ang lahat. BS Geography Yes Defense of the Ancients Heroes of Newerth League of Legends Weapons of War Cabal:Helix Tetris Battle Pokemon Crater Ted Moseby Yes Friends.Brotherhood Counterstrike Ragnarok Generals (main. Classmates Yes It is like playing tekken with more complexity. izone(ph) . (Oo.20 years old Inside the city (sa isang Yes. in college. Vital Yes Friends Yes It is a game that can showcase the wits. sa siyudad) isang unibersidad. sa siyudad) isang unibersidad.2 Diablo 2 Skyrim Battlerealms (BT & WOTW) Need For Speed (underground.20 years old Inside the city (sa isang Yes.

in college. sa isang unibersidad. (Oo. (Oo. Part night Daryl Yes Family No it employs special effects Invoker and have "creeps".Ran online. Tech..) 1st Yr.) Yes dota.ATBP. sa siyudad) isang unibersidad. in college. CSMA Yes Tetris. Vengeful Spirit Ursa Warrior phase boots 17 rhafael dela cruz 16 .) First Year. (Oo. Guitar Hero. sa sobrang dami (more than 100) hindi ko na ililista Gost Payter Yes Friends Yes It was fun at first because you could test your skill against other people. Pang jejemon skwater lang siya. (Oo. in high school.10 dan 21 .) Yes dota. Yes nakita q lng sa comp shop Yes mas challenging at gagana talga ang diskarte sa paglalaro neto Rogue Knight Windrunner keleen's dagger at dagon 12 16 . UPD Yes Angela No 16 Aaron 21 . sa mataas na paaralan.) Comp. I am working. facebook apps Jaymark Yes friends and classmates No it has killing.) 1st Year BS CS UP Diliman Yes Yes. chess.MU PH. typing maniac. programmer nagtatrabaho na ako.25 years old Outside the city (hindi sa siyudad) No. Geomancer Ironwood branch 19 Jaymark 19 Outside the city (hindi sa siyudad) Yes.25 years old Outside the city (hindi sa siyudad) No.audition poks PH.nakakaadik ok to pare Vengeful Spirit Shadow Fiend BKB. (Hindi. sa mataas na paaralan. Masarap mandurog ng mayabang pero naging Dwarven Sniper boring na rin ang DotA kasi ang luma na niya. sa isang unibersidad.) 4th year high school. sa siyudad) isang unibersidad. Classmates Yes Every game presents a whole new experience. BS Computer Science. sa siyudad) isang unibersidad. Lightning Revenant Goblin Techies Aghanim's Scepter 13 Den Mark 11 .lothars and dagger 14 Gost Payter 16 . I am working..cabal online PH. (Oo... witch doctor mirana nightshade linken's sphere .) Yes ragnarok dota dan Yes Friends Yes teamwork Skeleton King Skeleton King tarasque 11 poks 21 . Web Developer siyudad) nagtatrabaho na ako. Lycanthrope Tango 15 Angela 16 . TESDA No tetris.25 years old Inside the city (sa isang No. I am neither studying nor working. Den Mark Yes Friends Yes kasi dito open lahat . in high school. (Oo.20 years old Inside the city (sa isang Yes. in college. (Hindi.20 years old Inside the city (sa isang Yes.20 years old Inside the city (sa isang Yes.15 years old Outside the city (hindi sa siyudad) Yes. BS Computer Engineering. trashtalking. realtime strategy. in college. UP Diliman Yes marami (RPGs.. puzzle) =)) Yes Family.) 3rd yR No special force. need for speed rhafael dela cruz Yes dahil sa panonuod Yes ang dota ay isang strategy game na ibang iba sa ibang computer games drow ranger(traxex) sand king preserverance 18 Daryl 15 Outside the city (hindi sa siyudad) Yes. (Hindi ako nag-aaral o nagtatrabaho.20 years old Outside the city (hindi sa siyudad) Yes. (Oo. in college. tetris battle.) Yes Yes Aaron Yes Friends Yes Cheese like game. firstperson shooters.devil may cry 14.

) Yes DOTA. I am working. SF. facebook apps Jeremiah yes friends Yes nakakatuwang mag DOTA. (Oo.icy tower. NNHS nagtatrabaho na ako. I am neither studying nor working. (Hindi ako nag-aaral o nagtatrabaho.) yes poker. nagtatrabaho na ako. Dwarven Sniper Troll warlord Perseverance 22 Diane 19 Outside the city (hindi sa siyudad) No. in high school.20 Jeremiah 13 Outside the city (hindi sa siyudad) Yes. teacher. (Hindi. aghanim's scepter 21 Russel 21 Outside the city (hindi sa siyudad) No. I am working.) yes fam ville Diane No 23 Mark Allan Juan 23 Outside the city (hindi sa siyudad) No. jewel quest Russel Yes family Yes because dota have unique characters than other games.o2jam.tetris battle. it attracts me because the game is new in my eyes yet very wonderful game.) No Mark Allan Juan NO . (Hindi. sa mataas na paaralan. :) drow ranger(traxex) earthshaker dagon.

(Mas marami akong ginagawa ngayon). Except pag departmental exams na. Dota pag kasama lang ang mga kaibigan. I have more strategies and techniques in gaming..What is your name? How frequent do you play DOTA? (e. with my family. with my friends. wala nang maglalaro.)? Do you play DOTA with other people? Frank everyday 3 0 . I have more strategies and techniques in gaming. naku. with "dayo" (new people) Kapag gusto. Yes. Iba parin kung marunong ka magpriority ng mga bagay-bagay. with my classmates . (Tumataas ang aking tingin sa aking sarili. walang "hindrance" or any form. . medyo makokontrol ko na sarili ko (that was in third and fourth year high school) My grades are stable.6 months Heroes from the Sentinel Agile heores Long-ranged Frank Hitter No My grades are stable. Yes. Yes. I have more strategies and techniques in gaming. Yes.. did you find DOTA a What are the impacts of hindrance to your playing DOTA to you? commitment? Why? (If you have nothing to share.) Nope. time. with my friends. kaya paminsan-minsan lang talaga. Mas importante parin ang commitment sa isang bagay na may/mas malaki ang magiging epekto sa ating buhay at kinabukasan. 2 weeks before. I am being nocturnal / I sleep too late. so for me. I did not eat in time.) Finishing my obligations first before playing. I have more self-esteem. etc. work. . with my classmates. 3 4 years Heroes from the Sentinel Agile heores Long-ranged Hitter No. please leave the box blank below.. I No.g.) LOL. with my friends.. Yes. (Tumataas ang aking tingin sa aking sarili. (Tumataas ang aking tingin sa aking sarili. Nung nasa high school ako. pwera pag matalik na kaibigan ang nagyaya :))) maganda ngang pagbalingan ng depression sa studies ang dota eh My grades are stable. syempre ang dota ay laro lang naman. Pero. Yes. My grades are stable. Yes. with "dayo" (new people) Norman Roy Ocassionally (Nowadays) 5 3 years Heroes from the Sentinel Agile heores Short-ranged Norman Roy Supporter It takes some of the time I should have had spent reading my notes! HAHA. xD Yes. I am doing more things than before. Pero ng break naman kami agad. Syempre time management mo na yun. as time goes by. I have more self-esteem. am being nocturnal / I sleep too late. Yes.)? How many hours do you play DOTA in one session? For how long do you play DOTA? What do you prefer? What do you prefer? What do you prefer? What is your name? What do you prefer? Does playing DOTA affect your study habits? How? If you play DOTA and you are in a relationship status. Doing what is needed at the current time. Yes. at hindi yun dahil sa DOTA. I have more selfesteem. Pag-nag aya ang mga katropa at kasama mo gf mo. with my classmates. Yes. with my family. with my friends Pogi linggo-linggo 3 2 years Heroes from the Sentinel Agile heores Short-ranged Pogi Hitter Wala naman. Kaya ang weekdays ay nakalaan para sa schoolworks. etc. every other day. How did you manage your time with playing DOTA and other aspects of your life (studies. I have more strategies and techniques in gaming. kailangan lang talaga magprioritized ng mga bagay-bagay Yes. relationship. every weekend lang ako ng lalaro ng DOTA kasama ang tropa. everyday.

I have more strategies and techniques in gaming. LOL Yes. Yes. I did not eat in time. medyo. with my classmates Klarizze Klarizze everyday 8 more than 5 years (?) Heroes from the Sentinel Agile heores Long-ranged Hitter OO.. I have more strategies and techniques in gaming. Yes. Yes. It's all about time management. no dota muna. :P priorities first syempre. with my friends. I don't have time to study/ do household chores . Yes. with my classmates Mr. Yes. with my friends. My grades are stable.^ away kami nyan paghindi.. Yes. I am being nocturnal / I sleep too late. I don't have time to study/ do household chores . with "dayo" (new people) Jonathan John Yacapin everyday 2 more than 5 years (?) Heroes from the Scourge Agile heores Short-ranged Jonathan John Yacapin Hitter Sometimes.. I only play dota when I have nothing better to do (entertainment alternative). Vital Supporter Kinda. with my family. but I am always capable of steering myself away if something needs to be passed the next day. with my friends. It is kind of gender biased. Vital Almost Everyday 3 more than 5 years (?) Heroes from the Sentinel Intelligent heroes Short-ranged Mr. But if the partner understands that playing online games is a Setting priorities. . nothing can be wrong.Ted Moseby I haven't played in a while 2 3 years Heroes from the Scourge Agile heores Long-ranged Ted Moseby Supporter Yes it does. because it have become a part of my schedule. . Yes. with my classmates. nung nasa dorm pako mas madalas ako magdota kesa mag aral My grades get low / failing . minsan napapasobra ang paglalaro. Yes. with my family. minsan hindi ^.. My grades are stable. I have developed better critical thinking DOTA will not be a hindrance but it will decrease the time spent with partner. minsan tatawag si GF at nasa gitna ako ng laban sa DOTA. with my classmates. I am being nocturnal / I sleep too late... pag kailangan umalis o may gawin. Yes. Yes. I did not eat in time. I have more strategies and techniques in gaming. it encourages procrastination. with my friends. because if girls play Dota. Yes. with "dayo" (new people) . part of guys' time then it is all good. minsa sinasagot ko.

pero hindi ako naapekto nito dahil ako'y hindi adik. with "dayo" (new people) Gost Payter Kapag may mga jeje na mayabang at eto ang ipinang hamon sa akin. Yes. I really don't bother to play DotA unless it is forced upon me by my friends. with my family. Yes. with my classmates. I did not eat in time yes. It's fun Nothing to watch other people play it because of how skwater and jeje they are. with my friends. I cut classes My grades get low.. with my friends. with "dayo" (new people). with "dayo" (new people). Yes. with "dayo" (new people) Den Mark araw arw dati 4 6 . Yes. with my family. hindi put thing at the right time Yes. with my friends. Teka. it destroys your focus and eats up time. Jaymark everyday 3 3 years Heroes from the Scourge Agile heores Short-ranged Jaymark Hitter Yes. learn to adjust your time with my friends. Yes. with my family. Pwede po itong maging I don't play that much. with my classmates. patay! easier to manage. play on free time only. classmates rhafael dela cruz araw-araw 4 6 . Yes. I have more strategies and techniques in gaming. with my classmates. with my friends. friends. Yes. friends. Yes. Yes. Mapapapili ka sa minamahal mo at sa DotA. with my classmates. Yes. Stress Free No.12 months Heroes from the Scourge Agile heores Long-ranged Den Mark Hitter di naman.nkakapasok pa naman ako xD My grades are stable oo ee palagi syang nagagalit sakin e xD Yes. . Yes. Yes. ayoko pong magtunog bastos pero maling mali ho ang inyong English grammar. Yes. Yes. so sagabal dahil kapag ito'y my life is pretty much naging adiksyon. nauubos ang oras kakalaro. My grades get low / failing . I have more pagkatpos ng mga pag naglalaro aq d q strategies and techniques gawain q cnasv na naglalaro aq in gaming. with my friends. Yes. with "dayo" (new people) Yes. with my friends. with my family. I restricted myself playing DotA only if I have free time. Yes. with "dayo" (new people) when i have free time 2 2 years Heroes from the Sentinel Intelligent heroes Long-ranged Supporter Yes. ng klase Yes.12 months Heroes from the Sentinel Agile heores Long-ranged rhafael dela cruz Hitter oo dahil sa paglalaro ng dota mas lalong na hasa ang aking kaalaman sa pag solve ng mga problem My grades get high minsan kasi tulad ng nangyari saken halos iwan na nya ko para lang magiiskedyul para sa makapaglaro sya ng dota dota at sa pag aaral pero naayos naman namin yung bagay na yun Daryl everyday 2 3 years Both Intelligent heroes Long-ranged Daryl Hitter No None No 1 game per day only. Skwater at mga jeje Angela Angela Aaron twice a week 8 4 years Heroes from the Sentinel Agile heores Short-ranged Aaron Hitter No.. classmates and other people or "dayo" family. (Once in a blue moon) 2 6 .12 months Heroes from the Scourge Strong heroes Long-ranged Gost Payter Hitter Hell no. kung sino may gusto Yes. and discipline with my classmates poks minsan nlng ngayon 5 more than 5 years (?) Heroes from the Sentinel Intelligent heroes Long-ranged poks Supporter oo madalas aq makapag cutting classes at nakikipag pustahan sa laro oo kc un ang madalas My grades get low / namin pag awayan kaya failing . game ako. Yes. naglalaro aq pagkatapos Yes. I put my real priorities first. ayaw ng girl.dan seldom 1 3 years Heroes from the Sentinel Strong heroes Long-ranged dan Hitter hindi I have more strategies and techniques in gaming. with my classmates.

Jeremiah 4 times a week 2 6-12 months Heroes from the Sentinel Strong heroes Long-ranged Jeremiah Hitter oo. I play. do not have time in oo. kasi nawawalan ng household chores. family Diane Diane Mark Allan Juan Mark Allan Juan . I sleep oras sa karelasyon too late family Russel vacant hour only 10 6-12 months sentinel Agile heores Long-ranged Russel Hitter sometimes. if I have my vacant time. dahil minsan hindi nakakagawa ng assignment at hindi nakakapagreview my grades get low. it cant help my study habits when I play the game I do not hear any commands from my parents at work.

retreat joined (with money g/tara .000 rak. etc. What is your most memorable moment in playing DOTA? Please rate your What is your most enjoyment and embarrassing moment contentment in in playing DOTA? playing DOTA. No.. Is playing DOTA gender exclusive? Do you think playing DOTA disadvantageous? Why? (If no.attack sa middle Pustahan? I don't lane consider tournaments as TP .) Do you think playing DOTA advantageous? Why? (If no. 5. all are accepted to play DOTA. wag lang mag adik! Oo.. aircon(ed) computer shops SS na . how many players? Did you play DOTA with money involved (pustahan)? How much is the money at stake? Specify the lowest and highest price. it has become my stress reliever :) bonding time with friends. siguro nung baguhan pa lang ako at 10 medyo lalalampa-lampa sa laro. nkakarelieve ng stress! Pogi Noong nanalo kami sa pustahan ng 5000 pero hindi naman ako ang pumusta :)) pinaglaro lang ako at ayun.activate ultimate (4th) skill Push sa mid . may sweldo akong 1k :)) noong habang nagdodota ako ay dumating ang gf ko sa 8 shop tapos pinagalitan :| ahaha No. as 10 being the highest. 8 No.g.. Norman Roy N/A. XD ayoko na rin alalahanin. Please explain their meaning. Yes..game na gg-good game gl hf . At computer shops Premium computer shops (Netopia.good game better luck next time :)) Yeah. aircon(ed) computer shops 10 250 . No. Do you know any Pinoy DOTA Lingo? These are some things you speak during the game to communicate with Do you think it is fun to What is your name? your teammates (e. “SS play DOTA? Why? na!”. At computer shops Ordinary. please leave the box blank. fun to play with friends Frank Venomancer is beyond GODLIKE losing 10 No. At computer shops Ordinary.What is your name? Where do you play DOTA with other people? In what types of computer shops do you play it? Did you play DOTA with money involved (pustahan)? If yes.Teleport "pustahan" pero we once B/back/bb . all are accepted to play DOTA. Pogi At home.goodluck have fun /gg . please leave the box blank."TP sa top!"). haha.) Yes. At home. all are accepted to play DOTA. improving skills w/c may be used/often-ly practiced in real life situations. sobrang dami.”Push na sa mid!”.game/attack involved) prize is about gg .) Frank At home Yes. nakakatamad alalahanin. Bragging then losing. marami ka kayang matututunan sa laro. (refer to why is dota attractive) Winning. . all are accepted to play DOTA.good game (meaning 2K accept defeat or congratulates the other team) OO. may mga bagay sa laro na pwede mong maiapply in-real life Norman Roy At home.

9 No. pathetically.<name> buys chicken definitely. all are accepted to play DOTA.focus fire or forfeit(RGC) RS. but they defeated us by the BD(backdoor) method.<name> buys though."good game. Pandagdag social life din SS na. pero nasa tao yan kung pano nya imanage time nya yes. At computer shops Ordinary. Dorm Ordinary..neutral creeps pull.destroy fountain YES! thrilling and very strategic Used OLD RAZOR.means you It is fun.Ted Moseby At home.teleport to lane for antigank <name> setup <enemy> <name> will be the first to disable <enemy> as setup gank top/mid/bot . top or bot)! . Let's not forget the player's reflexes. all are accepted to play DOTA. OH YEAH \m/ dinurog ng AI 9 No.ward rune areas off ward.it means the gigantic arrow skill of a hero named Mirana. aircon(ed) computer shops SS .ward enemy jungle def ward. Im the one who led our team to an "almostvictory" :) When I tried to countertrash talk my enemy and 9 I just died. Vital Winning that 5k pot money. medyo. etc. wards block. makes u creative Mr. KILLED! \m/ 10 No.use last skill rekta mid/om/push na mid team push on mid TP sa top/bot/mid . aircon(ed) computer shops 10 20-5000 katamad parang tinanong na to kanina ahh. it's because I think it could improve a person's hand and eye coordination. all are accepted to play DOTA. Vital At computer shops. A five on five game but the thing is that the five best players fight the five worst.town portal B . DOTA is* disadvantageous/advanta geous (grammar nazi :P ) It is disadvantageous because it promotes mismanagement of time. nope.Unfortunately.roshan <name> chix. all are accepted to play DOTA.pulling neutral creeps to lane creeps Jonathan John Yacapin At home. aircon(ed) computer shops can't remember.drop disconnected player fc. we have more kills and stuff.ward own jungle neuts. At computer shops Premium computer shops (Netopia. can't remember.it means to destroy the creeps and towers that are guarding the lane Meron ba SS? . Yes.it means if someones Ultimate(Super Skill) is ready for an upcoming clash TANGINA MO! . it is quite deadly DEP! . used chain lightning to the incoming creeps to let the USED ZEUS and lightning bounce to the became FOOD to the dying/escaping enemy on enemies the blind spot. neither Klarizze Klarizze No.retreat P/tulak/push . with one hit :) No. don't know why Jonathan John Yacapin <name> wards.kill roshan well/fountain . Mr.buy flying courier upgrade rune ward. . it takes ones time. because it is a have to play it well and play it game for clever people clever because you made a like me huge mistake JUMONG! . it is advantageous because it is entertaining.attack lane/destroy tower RS na! .) 10 20 REKTA NA (mid.block the creep pathing to slow creep movement ggwp.ultimate skill of a hero TP .group kill on lane ff . my friends decided to have a game of dota. im one of the worst.it means to defend a lane that is pushed by the enemy Ted Moseby When I was in highschool. The memorable thing about that game is that we almost won. well played" camp block .block neutral camp using wards dp. At computer shops Ordinary. all are accepted to play DOTA.

all are accepted to play DOTA. I cant eat at the right yes. all are accepted to play DOTA. But best of all. aircon(ed) computer shops Firstblood not anymore dan when i was in highschool none 1 No. pampalipas ng oras time . 10 No. stress free. Pushing is a relatively common term in the international DotA scene or in any games of the MOBA genre. others. oo kc ung iba nauubos ang pera kakalaro n2 at nagcucuting classes pa maiimprove ang diskarte sa paglalaro At home. nakakawala ng Kung ma-adik ka. it fosters friendship kakawate!" Daryl dodge skill and money shot talo. Kahit sa anumang laro. Oo. yes Jaymark rampage losing 10 No. aircon(ed) computer shops 10 50 pesos lowest price.. 5v5 Php 1000-1500 "pahigop salve!". 5v5 php750-2500 "GG na to!" -> talo na. "TP" comes from Warcraft III.) 1 Yes. w3w. Imba ako eh. At computer shops Ordinary. etc.."tanim wards!". It never gets boring.kill-steal =)) TP . It is a common term in Warcraft III because TPs or Town Portal scrolls are very useful in this game. It depends on who you are playing with and who Gost Payter you are playing against. Sandking. Sarap hiritan. Sobrang nakakatuwa talagang makatalo ng mayabang na. Yes.town portal SS . Den Mark At computer shops Ordinary computer shops di pa ee mga bobo pakain kayo. all are accepted to play DOTA. Trashbin buhay mo. 5 No. 10 players.dan At home. Gost Payter At computer shops. all are accepted to play DOTA. Every game presents a unique experience. all are accepted to play DOTA. you learn teamwork you prioritize it over other and strategy more important tasks. jeje pa. the game which DotA comes from. nope poks At computer shops Ordinary computer shops 10 lowest 100 highest 300 def na. Aaron Every time may TT. 10 No. all are accepted to play DOTA."kanain na yan!". awtz. It also applies to other computer / online / video games. all are accepted to play DOTA. all are accepted to play DOTA."tagain ang yes. Pwede. in a sense that when you don't have time you're just having fun for yourself and for during your spare time. especially Yes. No Yes. Advantage. Aaron At computer shops Premium computer shops (Netopia. more strategy Jaymark at computer shops ordinary Yes. GG stress kids..wlang silbeng kakampi at weak ang kalaban!! xD naman kasi ifeel good pagnagdodota xD Den Mark nung baog na ung aking pagnanatalo at hero at nkabwi pa ako sa pagnatrashtalk ako xD huli. wala. At computer shops Ordinary computer shops KS. Daryl At computer shops Ordinary computer shops Yes. Wala.defend the base ss na-special skill na oo kc minsan nakakalimot ng mga problema poks nanalo ng malaki sa pustahan nasisi nung natalo kmi sa pustahan aq ang naging dahilan ng agkatalo nmin 10 No. pwedeng ma-adik. all are accepted to play DOTA. I do know Pinoy DotA lingo. At computer shops Ordinary computer shops oo kasi marami kang makikilala at makakabonding dahil sa dota rhafael dela cruz hmmm. It becomes disadvantageous when you are extremely addicted to it. 4 No.. and other very very skwater and jeje terms.. namatay yung corrier 9 No. "Push" and "TP" are not from the Philippines. It is disadvantageous if Yes. nakalimutan ko na ehh. 10 players. rhafael dela cruz At home. Nung dinurog ko yung torre ng sobrang yabang na kalaban dahil ang yabang niya talaga tae. Angela Angela No. Examples are jumong. yes. nag SS sa jungle. Classroom Ordinary. Playing as Techies and getting triple kills and supporting well Losing the game because of a critical mistake I made 8 No. all are accepted to play DOTA...ultimate and more. you get to play with friends. 100 highest price Just to clarify.

others ordinary no "back" ->atras ka na. because when I play power ups. no Mark Allan Juan Mark Allan Juan No. students have no been wasting their time just to play it and even cut classes. kung hindi napapabayaan ang pagaaral. all are accepted to play DOTA. sa pagaaral no Russel at home no "TP" teleport. in my opinion. all are accepted to play DOTA. That is what my mother said. I find playing dota a waste of time. all are accepted to play DOTA. isang kalaban ng kayong lahat. oo. Jeremiah sa gg ay 5v5 kpag nananalo ako 8 No. "om" only mid. all are accepted to play DOTA. yes for me.Jeremiah computer shops. nakakatuwa kapag "gangbang!" -> patayin ang nananalo ka. . money and effort. "NP" no yes. As I have observed. depende din sa naglalaro. I think many people especially all kabataans are taking their money to this game. yes. me and my other cousins playing the game for 24 when I lose hours 10 No. Diane Diane No. and spend their allowance for that DOTA. I cant feel any Russel normal experience stress. "NE" the game. "gg" quit. yes.

Japan. hindi lang nila ginagawang for fun ang laro kundi nasisira ang kanilang mga buhay dahil mas inuuna nila ito kaysa ibang bagay. kaso maraming adik. good luck sa paper frank. Gaya ng mostly all asian countries na adik sa computer games (Korea. please leave the box blank. China at Singapore Alam ko sila ang mga kagaya natin na maraming players) Kahit sabihin natin na hndi ito makakatulong sa pagunlad ng bansa. i guess it has become our passion at kung saan may maipagmamalaki ang ibang mga tao.)) Brainstorming. "Kamukha Mo Na Si Gondar" Pogi Mineski Happyfeet OLSTAH Maraming nagdodota sa pilipinas. unti-unti na itong niyayakap ng mga tao at siguro parte na ng culture ng mga bagng henerasyon na nakaabot sa larong ito. post mo sa group ang finished paper ha! :D :)) . Norman Roy Well. Can you give some insights about the culture of DOTA in the Philippines? Can you share other things regarding playing DOTA? Your answers will help me in making my research paper more comprehensive. Halos saan ako pumunta merong nag doDOTA. Frank Yes.What is your name? Do you like any pages or join any groups in Facebook or other social networking sites that are related to DOTA? Can you name them? (If not.

Vital Jonathan John Yacapin culture of dota in the philippines largely involves trashtalk. It is apparent at basketball.Ted Moseby DOTA has become some kind of sport that determines a bet. something rare in other countries. Filipinos love to have bets and determines who wins by playing sports. . DOTA have become something like that Klarizze Mr.

play HoN for free for chrissake and it looks so much better. when DotA was There's already a DotA 2 actually decent. I forgot the supremely better name. especially if you are used to playing multiplayer games with your team against other people. they have Starcraft tournament. All those who boast that they can beat you in LoL can eat their own shit. You can go into a computer shop. I think it was DotA compared to the first Portal or something? It incarnation. in South Korea. I joined and albeit you have to the community that pay for it. pag naglalaro ka nito. Before. they have DOTA tournament. that's pretty much full of jeje skwaters with no money as well and LoL is way too easy compared to HoN and DotA. "Basag well dre!" Halos lahat ng naglalaro ay hindi kayang imanage ang oras. and plays so much better. Winning gives a unique sense of fulfillment that cannot be felt from playing other similar games. Angela They started a convention in which people play tournament. I honestly have no idea why people keep sticking to it. for example. Even LoL is was a fun forum. Losing engraves a challenge into your mind to determine your team/your mistakes and make you strive to improve.dan poks DotA is an addictive game. They don't know what they're talking about. "in" ka na. it's still IceFrog built. Sikat ang DOTA. in the Philippines. "Mineski" . Den Mark REKTADOTA ala na xD Gost Payter DotA appeals to the lower classes and I have no idea why. better but then again. Jaymark Yes. Aaron rhafael dela cruz Daryl Yes.

they are spending their time in playing the game. lastly. not being a fan of DOTA. it also greatly affect their health as they spent their huge time and their allowances playing it and forget that they also need to eat and supply their physical needs. many young people are getting involved with this matter. Diane Mark Allan Juan no Playing DOTA here in our country are very rampant among youth.money and effort. I really find it disadvantageous/ if really affects the quality time of the student that should be spend during class hours. .Jeremiah yes nakakasira ng pag-aaral kapag sumobra na. mostly those who are still in their schooling. family time and bonding are also affected. other alsospend their time. Because they even spend their 24/7 playing and playing DOTA. For ma. Russel no I guess.

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