Pdf Encrypt & Decrypt Supports 40-bit, 80-bit standard and AES-128 encryption/decryption Steven Lee Email

:rubypdf@gmail.com http://www.rubypdf.com PDF encrypt/decrypt usage: pdfcrypt <input_file> <output_file> <operation> <arguments> Where: <operation> = encrypt <owner_pw> <user_pw | ""> <permissions> <AES|128|40> [info pairs] <operation> = decrypt <owner_pw> permissions is 8 digit long 0 or 1. Each digit has a particular security function: AllowPrinting AllowModifyContents AllowCopy AllowModifyAnnotations AllowFillIn (128 bit only) AllowScreenReaders (128 bit only) AllowAssembly (128 bit only) AllowDegradedPrinting (128 bit only) Example permissions to copy and print would be: 10100000

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