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Incineration - D. H. Sidebottom

Incineration - D. H. Sidebottom


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Published by Isabel Garcia

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Published by: Isabel Garcia on Jun 18, 2013
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“You hungry Baby?” Mason asked into my hair “Mmmm” I replied “I take it you want something
making Mason” I chuckled and I felt his grin against my head “You know me so well already” I
shook my head and climbed out of bed, looking for something to wear
“T-shirts, bottom drawer” Mason stated and I grabbed a soft, thin blue one, pulling it over my
head I sighed at the smell of Mason on the shirt, already highly aware of his own personal
scent. He grinned at me “You look good in my shirt, it shows you are mine” he said sternly, Mr
Dominant now coming forward but instead of angering me it made me feel his and I glowed
I walked over to him and stroked his cheek “Yours” I uttered and he pulled me down, kissing
me passionately “Mine” he repeated and I smiled “Anything specific you want to eat Sir?” I
asked and his lips twitched, a twinkle in his eye “You’re learning wench” he sat up and put his
arms around me, his hands resting on my bottom and he squeezed “anything will do” I leaned
down and kissed him quickly and made my way to the kitchen.

I was stood at the worktop making us both a sandwich and coffee and as I turned to grab a tray
Dane was stood leaning lazily against the doorframe, watching me with a glint in his eye. I
jumped and shot backwards as he pushed off the frame and strolled towards me “I must say
Ava; you look hot in one of Mason shirts. You have fantastic legs” he breathed as he continued
towards me.
I gulped loudly and as he reached the island he leant his elbows on it and rested his chin in his
hands, watching me intently.
“Can I get you anything Dane?” I asked, not wanting to be rude to Masons’ best friend. He
raised an eyebrow insinuating that he’d taken my question out of context. I was growing angry,
it was obvious I had just slept with his best friend and he was hitting on me.
“A coffee or I can fetch Mason?” I snapped and he grinned “Fiery little thing aren’t you. I take it
you and Mason are fucking now?” he smirked and I recoiled. “Dane!” Mason barked from the
doorway “talk to her like that again and I’ll split your fucking face” he snarled.
Dane stood and held his hands up in surrender “Fuck me, relax Mason. I get it; don’t hit on
your girl, that’s a first, you usually like to share” he sniggered and Mason shot forward,
grabbed Dane by the throat and slammed him up against the wall “Be very careful Dane” he
snarled, tightening his grip.
I rushed over and grabbed Masons arm “Mason leave it, it’s fine” I urged and he pushed off,
leaving Dane slumped against the wall.
He turned and ran his fingers through his hair, highly agitated “Jesus Christ Mase. What the hell
is wrong with you?” Dane grumbled, rubbing his neck “Ring me when you’ve calmed down, we
need to talk” he bit out and stomped out, slamming the front door loudly.
Mason was breathing heavily, his face tight and a fire in his eyes “Hey” I said softly, embracing
him. He sighed into me and held me tight “Sorry about him, he can be a dickhead” he
apologised and dipped his nose in my hair, inhaling deeply “You have gorgeous hair Ava” he
ran his fingers through it, and I felt him relax as I leaned back and pulled his mouth onto mine,
kissing him softly as he moaned into me. I pulled back “Food! I’m hungry” I pursed my lips and

he suddenly grew intense.
His eyes darkened and penetrated mine “I’m in love with you Ava” he declared suddenly and I
inhaled sharply, my heart slamming violently against my chest “Wow” I exclaimed and I ran my
finger across his jaw “I’ve been in love with you for a while Mason” I confessed and he hissed.
His mouth collided with mine in an intense and fervent kiss, claiming me as his. His hands
swept up my t-shirt and his thumb flicked my pert nipple, I groaned and he drew my tongue
into his mouth sucking it harshly as he pinched my nipple and rolled it between his thumb and
finger. My hand reached down and traced his cock through his shorts, he growled and pulled
back, spinning me round and pushing me against the island, lifting my shirt over my ass “Hold
on Ava, I’m gonna fuck you hard and fast” he snarled and impaled me in one hard thrust. I
yelled out and slammed back against him “Own me Mason, fuck me like I’m yours” his hand
gripped my hair and he pulled my head back, his mouth on my neck “You are mine Ava” he
pounded into me as I gripped the edge of the unit, struggling as my hands were sweating
“God, you feel so good Baby, so hot and tight inside me” I groaned, pushing back against him
“Bite me!!” I ordered and he growled as his fingers gripped my hair and pulled my head back
sharply “You want my teeth sinking in your soft neck Ava?” he grated through his clenched jaw
“Fuck yes!” I hissed and screamed with pleasure at the painful arousal that surged through me
when his teeth barely pierced my skin “Yes Mason, I’m gonna come” I grated and he growled
and slammed into me hard “Come on Baby, I need to feel your cum on my cock” I cried his
name as I was overwhelmed, my legs buckling under me but his arms circled me, holding me up
as he struggled to support us in his own powerful orgasm “Fuck Ava” he roared loudly, he
gripped me tightly as he pumped every drop into me.
My eyes widened “Shit Mason! Condom!” I rasped and he stilled “Fuck Ava, I’m sorry. I was too
damn pumped. Shit!” I pulled away and turned round “We’ll deal with it but I need to know if
you’re clean Mason” I cringed.
He cupped my face “I’ve never had sex without a condom Baby, but I’ve just had a medical and
it was clear. I don’t know what came over me, it’s like I have no control around you although I
admit skin on skin was amazing, I felt every part of you gripping me, you feel so good” he
grinned and I laughed “Now can we eat?” I smirked.

We both sat on the couch eating, me still in his shirt and him still in his shorts both at ease
with each other “I met your sister today” I admitted hesitantly. He glanced at me and took
another bite of his sandwich “Really?” I nodded, placing my plate on the coffee table and
bringing my finger to my mouth, nervous of his reaction “We had lunch” I smiled “She’s lovely.
We bonded instantly” he finished his sandwich and placed his plate on top of mine.
He gripped my finger and pulled it away from my mouth, placing it to his lips and kissing it
“Why are you nervous Ava?” he scowled and I shrugged “I just thought you might be mad
because we had met without telling you” I lowered my gaze “Ava? Do I scare you?” I quickly
looked at his face “No! No, it’s just sometimes you kind of seem angry with me” I said quietly,
shifting nervously beside him “I’m not mad you met my sister” he stated “I’m glad you and
Kerrie are getting to know each other” he cocked his head “Did she tell you?” he asked and I
frowned “Tell me what?” I asked confused.

He sighed and looked out of the window, his face shut down “She has breast cancer” he told
me softly and I gasped “Oh God! No, she never said” I gripped his hand and he pulled me to
him, his need showing on his tight face “Oh Mason, I’m so sorry” he shrugged “She’s coping
with it better than me. She has to start chemo in two weeks” we both sat silent for a while. My
heart constricting at his pain, his love for his sister evident in his reactions “She’ll get through it
Mason, there’s a high survival rate with breast cancer” I encouraged and he pulled me tighter
and nodded “I can’t lose her Ava” he sighed and I felt his tears fall onto my head.
I sat up and straddled him, embracing him tightly “Oh Ava” he sobbed “I’m here Mason” I
pulled him tight as my heart broke at his ragged sobs, my need to comfort him overwhelming

He eventually settled and he looked at me, cupping my cheek in his palm “I’m sorry” he laughed
nervously “I’ve never done that before” I frowned and shook my head “Done what?” I asked as
his thumb stroked my cheek bone. He shrugged and seemed embarrassed “Never cried in front
of anybody” he dropped his eyes and I tilted his head back, holding his eyes “Mason, everybody
hurts and every single person cries. Don’t be ashamed of loving your sister” I implored and he
gazed at me intensely “I love you Ava” he pulled my head down and hovered against my lips
and then brushed them over mine tenderly.
He kissed me with so much gentleness and softness that my frozen heart cracked a little more,
giving him a piece of it; a piece he needed to help him through the following weeks of watching
his beloved sister go through hell.

We held each other for a long while and I gazed out of the window and noticed how dark it was
“I have to go Mason” I pulled away and stretched languidly. He frowned “Stay Ava” he stood
and rolled his head round his neck. I shook my head “I need to take this slow Mason, please
bear with me” I appealed and he nodded and stroked my lip “Okay” he agreed gently and I gave
him a quick kiss and went in search of my clothes.

We kissed for a long time on his doorstep; his reluctance to let me go was holding me back. I
pulled away “Will you stop! I have to go” I laughed and skipped down the porch steps and
climbed in my car. He held my door open and reached in for another kiss “You sure you don’t
wanna stay” he grabbed my hand and placed it over his erection, groaning when I squeezed.
“Go!” I demanded and he sighed heavily and retreated, shutting my door gently and winking he
bounded back in the house.
I was still grinning like an idiot when I reached the gym, needing to work out my arousal. Our
love- making swimming in my head, as I pummelled the punch bag, but still grinning like the cat
that got the cream.

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