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Incineration - D. H. Sidebottom

Incineration - D. H. Sidebottom


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Published by Isabel Garcia

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Published by: Isabel Garcia on Jun 18, 2013
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The next week flew by and by Friday I was lagging, exhausted and emotionally shattered by my
thoughts, guilt and feelings for Kade and as I exited the NSC building at 6pm Friday night I
grinned happily at Mason as I climbed in his car.
He had been driving me to and from work all week, not allowing me anywhere on my own “Hey
Baby” I breathed in the smell of him, the simple scent of his familiarity relaxed me and at the
same time lit me up.
He slid his hand round the back of my head to hold me close to him, not allowing me to escape
him and kissed me passionately and hungrily. I kissed him back, my fingers grabbing his hair in
need and want. We eventually parted and I had to gasp in a breath “Wow, I missed you too” I
smiled and he winked.
He laughed and pulled out of the car park “Sam wants to talk, he’s coming round later” he said
with a quick glance “God, I hope he’s found something” I said optimistically
“I need to talk to you too” he said with a little tremble in his voice and I frowned “That doesn’t
sound good” I laughed nervously “No, well it’s not great news but you asked for honesty in our
relationship so I think you ought to know” I was worried now and his expression was telling me
he was nervous about his news
“Okay, tell me” I said, needing to hear what was worrying him “It’s Erm, well Erm…Oh God” he
sighed, checking his mirrors to pull into the traffic “Mason, just tell me. You’re worrying me
now” I said anxiously. He quickly glanced at me “Okay, I’m just gonna say it” he took a deep
breath “Rebecca has a scan on Monday and she wants me to go with her” he winced and my
stomach clenched but I was glad that he had told me. I would have been hurt if he hadn’t told
me and I found out from someone else, especially Rebecca herself; wouldn’t she have loved
“Okay, thank you for telling me” I said with my chin high in my determination not to let my pain
He glanced at me again “You okay about it?” he asked and I shrugged “Well, I can’t say I’m
happy but it’s your child, so you deserve to be there too” I said, trying to hold back the
heartache that ripped through me at the thought of him seeing his first child for the first time,
it should have been me and him, not the fuck whore and him.
As if he sensed my thoughts he settled his hand over mine and grasped it tightly, expertly
driving with one hand “I love you Baby and I promise it’ll be us soon” he said tenderly and I
nodded but turned to look through the window, batting back the tears and refusing to set
them free.

Sam arrived a little after 8 O’clock and as he walked in I couldn’t ascertain from his expression
whether he had good news or not. He gestured for us to sit, so we did. He held a manila file in
his hand but didn’t hand it over and he looked at Mason
“Alex McDowell” he said simply and Mason stiffened and screwed his face up as though in
agony. I sat looking between them. Sam sighed and nodded “You better update Ava about
Alex” he said and Mason frowned but turned to me
“A couple of months before I met you, Alex worked for me at the club, he was a doorman. We’d

had some complaints about him but to be honest he seemed like an okay sort of bloke at first;
Did his job properly, was polite to the customers and never had time off. We had a tip off from
someone that Alex was selling coke and E’s to some of the club goers. I had the others keep an
eye on him and it came to my attention that he was giving entrance to underage drinkers and
supplying the underage girls coke in exchange for…” he glanced at Sam and then looked back at
me “For sexual favours” he finished and I sighed but nodded for him to continue “before I had
the chance to have a word with him he…” Mason looked away and took a deep breath.
He seemed torn up by something and I looked at Sam who just shook his head slightly. I waited
for Mason to carry on and he looked me in the eye and held me there as he tried again “one
night Alex was pretty stoked up on coke and god knows what else, he let a 14 year old girl in
and sold her some coke for the usual payment. Alex ended up brutally raping her and
strangling her” he closed his eyes with his last words “Oh God!” I breathed. He looked back at
me “She was a good friend’s daughter” he revealed, the pain and guilt on his face stole my
breath and I grasped his hand tightly “It’s my fault she died” he whispered, agony tearing
through him.
I slid on my knees in front of him “Baby No!” I expressed, my heart breaking for him “Yes Ava.
That club and the staff are my responsibility. I was told what he was up to and if I had took it
more seriously and ended it…” he swallowed heavily, his eyes were dull and the life in them
had burnt out. “I finished him personally; slowly and as fucking painfully as possible” he
divulged, the anger and memory of it bringing back the rage and he slammed his fist forcefully
on the table
“Mason! Stop!” he looked away from me, not wanting me to see the disgust and self-loathing
in him “Mason, listen to me” he wouldn’t look at me so I placed my hands on his face and
turned him to look at me “Did you sell her coke?” I asked and he sat staring at me “Answer me!
Did you sell her the coke?” I demanded again “Well no but…” he started but I cut him off “Did
you rape her?” I asked, my voice rising with each question “No” he breathed as his eyes bore
into my soul “Did you tell Alex to strangle her?” he shook his head this time “Did you know
what was happening as he was doing it?” I asked more quietly “No” he choked out and I knelt
up and pulled him close, embracing him to me “It wasn’t your fault Mason. Does your friend
blame you?” I asked warily and he shook his head “No” he whispered and I tipped his head
back to look at me “Then you shouldn’t. You took revenge for his parents, and believe me
Mason when I say this. Taking revenge for someone’s death does help to heal the guilt, pain
and anger that are trapped inside, and you did that for her parents and for the girl, Baby” he
smiled sadly and cupped my face “Thank you” he whispered and I leant forward, brushing my
lips over his in a tender kiss that showed him just how much I loved him.
He sighed heavily and rested his forehead against mine “I love you Baby” he said softly “And
me, you”
He eventually pulled back and looked back at Sam “So what does the fucker who’s after Ava
have to do with Alex?” he questioned and Sam looked at me “Sit back down Ava” he said and I
frowned but sat back down on the sofa and Sam sat opposite, his forearms resting on his thighs
as he leant towards us “Five months before you finished him, Alex was reunited with a brother
he didn’t know he had. They shared the same father, who apparently hadn’t known about him
and after his mother had him she gave him up for adoption. However things didn’t go great for

him and he ended up being fostered throughout his life until he was 18” I stiffened at the
words, my heart was beating loudly in my chest and Mason frowned “So what has this got to
do with Ava?” he asked, puzzled.
Sam sighed and slapped the file on the table “Alex’s brother is Lee Benedict” he said to me.
My eyes widened and I stood up “Holy Fuck” I gasped. Mason turned to me “Ava?” I paced over
to the wall and leaning on it, took a few deep breaths and then turned to Mason “Lee was the
lad that lived in the foster house. The one who violently raped me every night for six months
until I ran away” Masons eyebrows hit his hairline “Jesus Christ” he hissed “Yep” said Sam “and
it looks like the bloke wants revenge for his brother’s death and what better an opportunity for
him than with Ava, the woman you love and the girl he spent part of his life cruelly tormenting
and torturing”
Mason walked over to me and pulled me into his arms “We’ll get him Ava, I promise” he said
into my hair “I’ve got people looking for him” Sam said and I smiled at him “Thank you Sam” I
said sincerely and he smiled “No problem Ava, I’ll just be glad when we get the bastard” he said
as he walked towards the door.
“Right I’m off to watch Ava’s school rendition of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ ” he winked and my eyes
widened and my jaw dropped “Where the hell did you get that?” I asked gobsmacked. He
laughed loudly “Hey, you gave me permission…remember?” he laughed again as I picked up a
scatter cushion and threw it at him “You dare show that to Mason and I will never speak to you
again” I snarled. He laughed wickedly
“What part did you play Baby?” Mason chuckled and Sam snorted “Isn’t it obvious Mase?” he
chuckled and I scowled at him “The wicked witch” he howled as he shot through the door “You
bastard” I shouted after him as Mason laughed and picked me up, slung me over his shoulder
and carried me upstairs “Come and show me just how fucking wicked you are baby” he said,
giving me his Sex God smile.

The next morning Mason woke me early with a tray of coffee, freshly squeezed juice, toast and
croissants. I shuffled back against the headboard “Wow, what have I done to deserve this?” I
asked, yawning “Because I love you and you love me” he said softly, stretching out beside me.
Something seemed different about this morning, the twinkle and life in his eyes had dulled and
his shoulders seemed tenser.
I kissed him and then took a gulp of coffee, shuddering at the taste, Mason wasn’t kidding
when he told me he couldn’t make it as well as me but I smiled appreciatively. He chuckled
“You don’t have to pretend it’s good coffee Ava” he climbed off the bed and walked towards
the bathroom, stripping out of his jogging bottoms and shorts as he went. I drooled, and not
from the smell of the breakfast
“You have a mighty fine ass Mr Fox” I groaned “Hurry up and eat your breakfast Miss Stone, I
have a surprise for you” he shouted as he switched on the shower “Oh?” I shouted around a
mouthful of buttery croissant “Uh huh” he mumbled and I jumped up from the bed and stood
in the bathroom doorway “Tell me” I said excitedly.
He shook his head slowly, a twinkle lit his eyes and I strolled towards him slowly “Mason” I
purred as I placed my hands on his chest, and my eyes strolled there too. God, he was so hot! I
licked my lips and saw his cock twitch to life. I trailed a finger across to his nipple and circled it

gently, it puckered under my touch “Tell me Baby” I pouted, looking up at him through my
eyelashes “Ava, don’t be naughty” he hissed as my tongue swept across the other nipple and
my hand slid down to grasp his erection. I stroked my finger along the length of him and
swirled it over the head as I bit gently on his nipple “Jesus” he groaned and my mouth planted
little kisses over his pecs, down his strong defined abdomen and through his man trail.
I dropped to my knees and I hovered my tongue right over his slit and looked up at him “Tell
me” I teased and he groaned “No” he bit his bottom lip as though he was fighting with himself
over his answer.
My hands snaked around and cupped his ass as I licked the length of him and I looked at him
again “No” he grimaced and I took him full in my mouth and slid down slowly, squeezing his
buttocks as I buried him in my hot mouth.
He hissed and his hands seized my hair, tugging gently as I sucked him feverishly. I felt him
harden slightly in my mouth and I pulled back, stood up and strolled towards the bedroom
“Ava?” he moaned and I shrugged nonchalantly “You wouldn’t tell me” I said candidly, swaying
my hips as I walked away, hiding the amusement on my face from him.
His arms circled my waist and he picked me up and threw me on the bed “Oh no you don’t Mr
Fox” I giggled, trying to wriggle out from under him “Oh yes Miss Stone” he chuckled back and
straddled me, pinning me to the bed under him “Mason” I laughed as his fingers slipped under
my vest and traced up my sides.
I was laughing hard, squirming and writhing under him as he tickled me torturously “Mason!” I
cried, snorting and crying with laughter as he lifted slightly and flipped me over so I was facing
His eyes were so intense that they stopped my laughter dead, they were nearly black and he
was breathing heavily. We stayed still; both penetrating each other’s eyes as we pulled in heavy
His lips crashed down on mine, fiercely kissing me, devouring my tongue with his mouth as his
hands scrambled at my shorts, desperately trying to get them off as his mouth was still on
mine. As soon as he got them off one leg he thrust into me immediately and we both groaned
loudly. He pounded into me fast and hard and within seconds we were both climaxing
powerfully and noisily, clung to each other’s sweaty bodies in a feverish, vehement passion
“AVA” he yelled as he pumped his seed into me, panting rapidly and jerking violently.
“Jesus where did that come from?” I breathed heavily as he rested his forehead against mine
and kissed my nose before he jumped from the bed and disappeared into the bathroom “Hey” I
shouted and he popped his head around the door frame “You still didn’t tell me” I glowered “I
know” he grinned and winked before I heard him enter the shower “Pig” I mumbled to myself
but smiled happily.

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