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Australian Defence White Paper 2009

Australian Defence White Paper 2009

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Published by: Theatrum Belli on May 03, 2009
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4.14 The United States will remain the most powerful and infuential strategic actor over the period to

2030 - politically, economically and militarily. Its strategic primacy will assist in the maintenance of a

stable global strategic environment. China, India, Russia, Japan and the European Union will exercise

global infuence in differing degrees and acquire varying levels of military strength to promote their


4.15 While the United States will maintain the capability to project force globally from its own territory, it

will likely continue to judge that its forward deployed forces, including in the Western Pacifc and the

Middle East, provide reassurance to allies and partners, as well as providing operational fexibility in


4.16 Balancing the capabilities required for unconventional operations such as counter-insurgency and

stabilisation, while retaining strong high-technology conventional forces, will be a major challenge for

US defence planners, and the United States will continue to seek further deepening of its strategic

relationships with capable potential coalition partners, such as Australia. Within the timeframe of this

White Paper, the United States will continue to rely on its nuclear deterrence capability to underpin US

strategic power, deter attack or coercion by other nuclear powers, and sustain allied confdence in US

security commitments by way of extended deterrence.

4.17 Will the United States continue to play over the very long term the strategic role that it has undertaken

since the end of World War II? It remains the case that no other power will have the military, economic

or strategic capacity to challenge US global primacy over the period covered by this White Paper. But

32 Defending Australia in the Asia Pacifc Century: Force 2030

Defence White Paper 2009

the United States might fnd itself preoccupied and stretched in some parts of the world such that its

ability to shift attention and project power into other regions, when it needs to, is constrained. This is

likely to cause the United States to seek active assistance from regional allies and partners, including

Australia, in crises, or more generally in the maintenance of stable regional security arrangements.

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