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Investigating and exposing the hypocrisy and corruption of political candidates, office holders and interest groups.

11024 Montgomery Blvd. NE #128, Albuquerque, NM 87111

(505) 250-0244

Mr. Gary King New Mexico Attorney General P.O. Drawer 1508 Santa Fe, NM 87504-1508

Ms. Carole Lee Mr. Kenneth J. Gonzales Special Agent in Charge FBI United States Attorney 4200 Luecking Park Ave NE District of New Mexico Albuquerque, NM 87107 Post Office Box 607 Albuquerque, NM 87103

Dear Mr. King, Ms. Lee, and Mr. Gonzales: In continuing our investigation and reporting into the awarding to the Downs of Albuquerque of the contract by the Martinez administration we have uncovered additional information and documentation that should be of interest to you, especially in light of the indictment of Ray Nagin the former mayor of New Orleans. RE: Louisiana Hunting Trip: In addition to hiring the wife of Ruben Maynes, one of the two state police officers from Governor Martinezs security detail who accompanied her husband on the hunting trip to Louisiana, we have learned that Martinez has since hired two of Ruben Maynes sisters to work directly for her in the Governors Mansion. This information was obtained from a person with direct knowledge of their employment. We have documented the hiring of one sister through court records, and are currently working on obtaining documents regarding the hiring of the second sister. Viewed in the context of the administrations refusal to cooperate with the New Mexico Attorney Generals office in its requests for documents pertaining to this hunting trip and the administrations failure to produce those documents when directed to do so by the NMAGO over a month ago, the hiring of three family members of this officer is deeply troubling. Such actions strengthen the possibility that jobs were given to these family members as hush money to ensure the officers continued silence regarding this trip. Christine Tabet, one of Ruben Maynes sisters, was hired to work in the Governors Mansion sometime between late August and late September 2012 (See attached court filing). On June 27, 2012 the NMAGO contacted the administration regarding my IPRA complaint and requesting cooperation to resolve the complaint. The administration was given a response deadline of July 27, 2012. After receiving no response from the administration, the NMAGO again communicated with them on August 2, 2012 and once again on August 17th. The administration continued to refuse to cooperate with the NMAGOs efforts to resolve our IPRA complaint. Incidentally, Christine Tabet was charged with theft in Metropolitan Court on September 2, 2012 and a warrant issued on 11/19/12 for her failure to respond to the related court

summons. Bond documents in the file confirm that while she previously resided in Albuquerque Tabet had a Santa Fe residence address by the late fall. (See court documents). Ms. Tabets name does not appear on any employee or contractor websites such as the Sunshine Portal or the site operated by the Rio Grande Foundation. We have been notified that another sister, Lorraine Rosenbloom, was also hired by Governor Martinez to work in the Governors Mansion along with Ms. Tabet. However, we have yet to locate documents that confirm this information. Dona Maynes, the wife of Ruben Maynes, was hired by the governor to work in the governors office in late February 2012. According to the state, Ms. Maynes was an exempt hire, meaning the position was not advertised or posted and was not made available to anyone but Ms. Maynes. Ms. Maynes, who was hired with a salary of $55,000 previously worked as a stay-at-home mother. It is no secret that some in the administration have no qualms about offering jobs to people in an attempt to corrupt the legal process. Keith Gardner, Martinezs chief-ofstaff, offered several high paying jobs within the administration to Brian Powell. At the time, a family friend of Gardners was facing criminal charges for sexual contact with a minor. The minor in this case was Brian Powells daughter. Gardner offered Powell jobs that would require his relocating his family far away from Roswell where the case was being prosecuted. Gardners own daughter was a witness in this case. Brian Powell, unlike the Maynes family, declined the job offers. We have also learned that sometime prior to going on the Louisiana hunting trip, that Chuck Franco hunted with Paul Blanchard. Blanchard co-owns the Downs at Albuquerque with two Louisiana based partners, Windham and Turner. RE: State Not Enforcing the Downs Financial Obligations Per the Contract: Finally, through discussions with State Fair Commissioner, Charlotte Rode, who has filed a lawsuit against the administration for failing to produce documents about the awarding of the contract pursuant to her IPRA request, the state is not enforcing its contract with the Downs--so much so-- that the state has spent more money to pay for items that the Downs was required to pay but has not paid than the state has received in rent payments from the Downs. At this time, it is clear that the taxpayers have been left holding the bag for the Downs financial obligations with the blessing of the administration. It is my understanding that Ms. Rode has been in communication with New Mexico State Auditor Hector Balderas regarding these contractual issues. As a result I am ccing Mr. Balderas with a copy of this letter. Thank you.


Michael Corwin Cc: Hector Balderas, NM Auditor