OH, GIVE THEM AGAI TO ME. BY Marianne Farningham.

" father, I will that they also, whom thou hast given me, may be with me where I am." I AM pressing on to the slippery shore With my sore and weary feet, But a little while and I hope to stand At the edge of the golden street. But I pray this prayer from amid the deep — O Saviour of sinners, bring Those whom I love to abide with me In the presence of the King. There are warm young hearts in the household band ; There are brightly beaming eyes ; There are voices sweet that I fain would hear Mid the anthems of the skies : Thou knowest, O Jesus, how closely here The bonds of love entwine ; I count them o'er in the gloaming hour, And remember these words of thine. There are trembling fingers and silvery hairs. And eyes that are growing dim. And voices less strong than in days of yore, Swelling the evening hymn. I would not miss them at home in heaven ; O Jesus, who gave them me. May I have them again in the land of peace, In the home by the glassy sea? When the golden crowns at my feet are cast. May they be among the band ; When the hymn is swelling o'er heavenly hills,

Let them with the harpers stand. It cannot be that the dearest ones Shall depart in the day of strife ; It cannot be that the loves of earth Shall die in the day of life. I would that my dear ones might all be brought To the feet of the Crucified ; Might be carried to him when borne away By the coldly rolling tide. But man is weak, although love be strong, And I can but look to thee, And pray as thou prayedst in thine agony, Oh, give them again to me !

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