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Tolerance - D. H. Sidebottom

Tolerance - D. H. Sidebottom


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Published by Isabel Garcia

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Published by: Isabel Garcia on Jun 18, 2013
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“Mmmm” I breathed, wriggling my bum into the pressure that was forming inside me. My eyes
were still asleep but my body was humming with stimulation “Oooh, yeahhh” I moaned again,
my hips gyrating of their own accord. The throb was building rapidly, the sparks zapping my
nerve endings throughout my body. Was I having an orgasm in my dream? It felt very real! It
must be one of those lucid dreams!

A quick flick against my clitoris and my eyes shot open and cleared to find Masons beautiful
face between my thighs “OH Fuck!” I moaned as my orgasm exploded through me at the erotic
sight of his tongue working feverishly at me.
“Merry Christmas Gorgeous!!” I grinned as he looked at me through his long lashes and gave
me lazy grin “And a very Merry Christmas to you too baby”. I stroked his face as he climbed up
the bed and rested his forehead against mine “I didn’t in my wildest dreams expect to be here
with you on Christmas morning.” I sighed earnestly as a happy tear pooled in the corner of my
eye. Mason leant down and kissed the tear, transferring it to his lips “No tears today baby” he
placed another small kiss on my cheek and then another at the corner of my mouth as his knee
nudged my legs open and he slowly entered me, inch by inch, slowly and oh so very gently.
His warm puff of breath hit my lips with his moan “You feel so good Ava” he gazed straight
into my eyes, possessing my very being as he slowly pulled back and held himself at my
entrance and then leisurely pressed back in, rotating his hips as he plunged gradually “Mmmm,
that is sooo good” My man was loving me this morning, his perception of what I needed was spot

“You like this baby? You like slow lazy sex?” I arched my back in pleasure as he circled his hips
slowly, stroking against my clitoris with his pelvis “I like how you make me feel Mason” I
groaned as he unhurriedly made love to me.
His teeth nibbled my shoulder blade as his hands gently massaged my breast “Holy Jesus” I
moaned as my climax came close “Well that’s appropriate today” Mason grinned against my
shoulder and I smiled as I clenched round him “Come for me Ava, give me what you’ve got
baby” he moaned as his thrusts hardened a little and he drove all the way in, pushing himself
tightly into me as he bit my shoulder gently “Mason!” I cried as I detonated into a toe-curling
orgasm that triggered my lovers and he rammed into me fully “I love you Ava!!” he cried as he
bucked and shuddered inside me.
His forehead came to rest on mine again as we panted, eyes closed and sweat dripping “Wow”
I whispered, amazed at how smooth slow lazy sex had sated me. I liked the hard rough sex but
this morning I had needed the gentle love making and Mason had understood that entirely.
He rolled right over, holding me against him so I was laid on top of him. I kissed him adoringly,
a slow tender kiss as I sucked on his bottom lip and nibbled it lightly “I love you Mason, so
much. You’re my protector, my lover, my life, my soul and my heart” I breathed as I suckled on
his neck, tasting his skin with a dip of my tongue “You’re mine!” I claimed and bit his beautiful
neck, the need to mark him and claim him overpowering me. “Yes Ava, always yours” he
moaned and pulled me further into his neck “Bite me baby. Own me” He tasted amazing and all

What the hell was that??? I reared back as my eyes shot open to greet Mason’s wide eyes. “Oh

my god” I grinned as a huge beam erupted on Masons face as it came again; A tiny but definite
kick in my stomach. “Did you feel it?” I asked him and he nodded happily and chuckled. He
cupped my face and kissed me joyfully as we both laughed as another onslaught began “Do you
think there’s some sibling rivalry already?” I chuckled as he rolled me over onto my back and
settled his head against my stomach “Hey peanuts, stop fighting. The way your mother eats
there’s definitely enough food to go round” Mason said to my belly and kissed it twice “Hey” I
giggled slapping him playfully on the back “Actually there’s nothing in there at the moment.
They’re probably battering on the walls demanding breakfast” I grinned as he laughed heartily.
I loved his laugh, he made my tummy do a happy dance and my heart swell knowing at this
moment in time he was happy and with me whilst he was happy “Well hell, we better feed
them before war breaks out in there” he smiled up at me and kissed his babies again.

I sat up and held his hand before he climbed off the bed “I have your gift first, before we go
downstairs” I said shyly, all of a sudden nervous of my present to him. He frowned “Aren’t we
opening them with the guys?” he asked and I shook my head “Not his one” I shrugged and
looked away, nibbling furiously on my little finger.
He cocked his head and pulled my finger away gently “Why are you nervous?” he smiled softly
and I leaned over the bed and pulled out the brown paper gift wrapped box from under the
bed and passed it to him. He grinned widely and sat, crossing his legs as he pulled off the string

I took a deep breath as he removed the lid and pulled the soft cream silk aside and he inhaled
sharply and his jaw dropped, he ran his finger across the image on the front of the black
leather photo album. He lifted the book out and set it on his knee as he turned the pages, his
breaths getting heavier as he progressed through the twenty pages of erotic poses of me.
The cover shot was a black and white photograph me naked, on my stomach with my legs
bent at the knee, up in the air. I was gazing into the camera and had imagined I was staring into
Mason’s eyes, my hair mused up sexily and my lips were painted a bright red and had been left
red in the print, to produce a truly sensual print. The others were various postures and
positions, all naked but tasteful and demure, all intimate parts covered with another part of
my body or a prop. My absolute favourite though, and I suspected Mason’s too as he lingered
on this image for longer, was the one where I had sat up, leant back on my hands, my eyes
closed in pleasure and my lips parted as the photographer had encouraged me to think of
Mason to capture the desire, but from the angle of the shot my front leg had been bent at the
knee, covering my nipples but the contours of my breasts still visible.
Mason had remained silent all the way through and I was starting to get nervous. Did he hate
it? Find it inappropriate to see me on display? “I know we’re not going to be together as we
want to be so I thought if you were ever missing me you could…you know, have a quick Erm…” I
shrugged apprehensively.
His eyes finally met mine “Ava…I…” he breathed “You hate it don’t you?” I said and looked
away, tears pricking my eyes. His finger and thumb grasped my chin and turned me to look at
him. I gasped as I locked onto his eyes. They were glazed, bright and dark at the same time. The
desire, love and utter amazement evident “Baby, these are… breath-taking, incredible and
fucking hot” he murmured “You like them?” he leaned forward and kissed me, a deep, sensual

kiss that made me forget to breathe “Jesus Ava, you are so beautiful. I’m going to look at these
every minute we are apart. Thank you baby, Thank you!!!” he grinned, placed the book aside
and knelt before me cupping my face
“And these photos, these images of you…they pushed the others away…right into the back of
beyond because these are amazing!” he whispered against my mouth and I knew what he was
telling me and a tear slipped free “I’m so sorry Mason, for everything with Kade” I said sadly. He
kissed me softly and fully, silencing me immediately but I shook my head “I need to explain” I
urged “I didn’t go with Kade because I didn’t love you Mason, I don’t ever want you to think
that” I caressed his face as he bit his lip painfully “I just needed…well…it was the night I killed
Dean, I thought I was losing you to Rebecca, I had just lost my baby…and maybe my mind” I
shrugged and Mason frowned “We had argued, my life was spiralling out of control and I..I just
needed to escape” I explained “But I also don’t want you to think that I just went with Kade
because…well because he was there. I care deeply for Kade” Mason closed his eyes and I
cupped his cheek “I don’t love him Mason, not like we…us, nothing like what we have.
Sometimes when I look at you, I can’t breathe, you make my insides spark and blood rushes
through me like I’m on fire and the pain at being without you is like nothing I’ve ever felt…it
slaughters me and a piece of me dies when I watch you walk away. My body craves you so
much that it frightens me and the love I feel for you, well it’s intense, invigorating and just…
entire and takes over my soul. I’m so frightened what’s going to happen to us Mason” I
whispered and he sighed and nodded, then looked at me “I do understand…more than you
think Ava” he stroked his thumb over my cheekbone “I know I’m not an easy person Ava, I’m
moody, controlling and sometimes fucking insane but hell, I want you and I never intend to let
you go…ever! I can’t stop the damn pain sometimes when I think of not being near you. It
crushes me, every fucking bone, every breath, and every beat of my heart Ava. It’s like I can’t
live if I don’t touch you or smell you, or see your beautiful smile” he rested his forehead on
mine “We will always be together Ava, whatever happens with me and Rebecca, she can never
have my heart baby because it’s yours, every single piece” we breathed and gazed for a long
time, both of us refusing to move away, holding onto each other and never wanting to let go
“Mason” I whispered after a while “What baby?” he whispered back “Can we have breakfast


The day flowed wonderfully, fun, laughter, great friends and my man made it the best
Christmas ever. Mason had surprised us all and hired a chef and waiting staff for the Christmas
lunch and as the evening settled in we were all sat around the fire, wine and chocolate
plentiful as we opened our gifts. We took turns to open and it was my turn to open Kades.
I had purposefully left my phone switched off today as I knew he would ring me. I had made
all the calls I had needed to make this morning, so now I could relax and enjoy Christmas
without the thought of him ringing while I was with Mason.
I was a little nervous about opening it, unknowing what he had bought me. I could feel
everybody’s face’s on me as I unwrapped the thin square box and I was hoping it wasn’t
jewellery but I was sorely disappointed. My breath stuck in my throat as I saw the Cartier name
emblazoned across the box “Oh Shit!” I grimaced as I heard Mason’s sharp intake of breath as I
took off the lid and was met with a love bracelet, it was a solid 24ct gold bangle and housed

regular spaced diamonds and what broke my heart was the inscription on the inside

My love for you is eternal, Kade

“Holy Shit” Courtney cringed and Mason stood abruptly, took his coat of the hook and left the
house, closing the door quietly behind him.
I placed my head in my hands and sighed “Fuck!!” I wheezed “I told him it was just a bit of fun,
why the hell has he bought me this? It’s way too inappropriate” I rubbed my temples “I’ve hurt
Mason so much” I said to the others and Courtney shuffled over to me “No babe, it’s not your
fault Kade went too far. You told him” she placated “But now I have to break his heart all over
again when I finish things with him” I moaned “But he’s going back to Italy so maybe you can
just avoid him until then” she said encouragingly and I raised my eyes to her “I can’t do that to
him Courtney, I need to do this face to face. I can’t keep this gift but it will crush him if I return
it to him. I don’t know what to do?” I looked towards the front door, my heart aching for
Mason. I had hoped that our talk this morning had crushed all the ‘Kade demons’ for Mason
but this…now had resurfaced every single one.

We all paused in our present opening whilst we waited for Masons return and made hot
chocolate and ate chocolate cake and everybody stared at me when I covered mine with curry
paste “Try it, it’s amazing” I said around a mouthful as the front door opened and Mason
walked in. Everybody turned to him, gauging his mood. He was quiet but didn’t seem angry
although I noticed huge sores and dried blood on his knuckles.
I walked over to him and lifted his hand to my mouth, kissing his wounds gently. He
swallowed and I caught his eyes. He was hurting, and not from his hand, and I could see each
and every painful thought in his expression “Let’s get these cleaned up” I whispered and pulled
him behind me upstairs’ and into the bathroom, rooting through the vanity for the first aid kit.

He was silent as I gently cleaned and sanitised him and I kept shifting my eyes to his but he
was in a zone and I wondered if he actually knew I was there “Who did you argue with?” I asked
quietly “A tree” he replied impassively. I nodded and kissed each knuckle when I had finished
“I’m sorry” I said sincerely and glanced at him. His face had shut down and I knew I wouldn’t
break through to him while he was like this “Let’s go back down” I sighed and pulled on his

He followed me but still remained detached. Courtney gave me a reassuring smile as we all sat
back down “You wanna talk?” Sam asked Mason but he shook his head once. The guilt surging
through me was unbearable and I knew I had to return Kades gift, for Mason’s sake. I preferred
him angry and shouting than being like this; emotionless and distant.

My friends all got back into the spirit of the day, tearing at paper and hugging and thanking
each other but mine was now ruined, my heart breaking for Mason and I could sit and cry but I
refused to ruin everyone else’s day.
It was my last gift and it was Masons. The box was long and thin and I immediately knew it
was jewellery and I cringed. If this wasn’t as expensive and impressive as Kades I would die for

Mason; it would kill him to be outdone by Kade. I would have been happy with a bloody carrot,
it wasn’t the expense of a present but I knew that’s exactly what it was between Mason and

I slowly opened the wrapping and glanced up at Mason but he was still staring into space, in a
world of his own. A pale blue Tiffany’s box greeted me and my breath caught Wow!! I knew
know that this would be special. I pulled the lid off and eased back the silk packaging “Oh!” I

The platinum necklace took my breath away; it was simple, elegant and exquisite. It was
attached to an oval locket encased with tiny clear and pink diamonds and I removed it from the
box, unclasped it and opened it.
A choking gurgle erupted from somewhere in my throat “Oh!!” I wheezed. I couldn’t speak as
my heart raced and my lungs forgot to draw in air “Breathe Ava” Mason whispered softly in my
ear. My wide tear filled eyes found his “W…w.where…?” I stuttered. He traced the back of his
fingers tenderly down my face as a tear slipped free “Sam did some digging around” He said
softly and my eyes swept to Sam who just smiled and shrugged “What is it?” Courtney asked
“My parents” I gulped and everyone else gasped. I traced a finger over their faces. The two
pictures were of my parents together. One showed their close up faces laughing and smiling
lovingly at each other and the second was of the three of us; my mother and father stood side
by side and me in the middle, about 7 years old whilst my dad’s hand was on my shoulder and
my mother looked down at me with an expression of pure love and happiness as I grinned up
at her. Even I hadn’t got a photo of them as they had all been lost when I had moved from
home to home. I had mostly forgotten what they had looked like, I hadn’t been sure if the
pictures I had of them in my head were real or what I had made up to fill in the gap.
Mason stood, walked over to a cupboard and removed a small shoe box and placed it in my
lap. I frowned up at him but he smiled tenderly and nodded. I removed the lid and choked back
a sob. “Oh!” I rasped. That was the only word I could manage as I pulled out the few items in
the box.

There were the two original photographs that Mason had had replicated into the locket,
another few photos of my parents and a few of me as a baby and a couple of my early
childhood, my birth certificate, a tiny pair of shoes, my christening gown and the final two
pieces; my parents’ wedding rings.
“Oh Mason, I…God…I…” I swallowed and looked up. Courtney was crying, Marcy had tears in
her eyes and the two men were sat quietly watching me with affectionate smiles on their faces.
“Where did you get them Sam?” I asked. “I scoured all your old foster homes and the first one
you ever attended had them stored away in their loft, even they had forgotten about them. It
was Mason’s idea to look for you” he said gently and I just nodded.
Masons hand twisted into my hair “Thank you…I…” I shook my head slightly “It’s a pleasure
baby” he kissed my forehead and lingered for a short while before pulling away. I took the rings
from the box and ran my fingers around the smooth metal on each and then placed them back
in the box and returned the lid, locking the items securely away.
Placing the box on the table I turned back to the locket Mason had bought me and handed it
to him “Would you?” I asked and he smiled “Of course baby” I lifted my hair as he placed the
chain around my neck and secured the fastening. It dropped to rest at my cleavage, right next

to my heart.

I clenched my hand around the locket, feeling closer than ever to my long gone but forever
missed parents. Masons hand covered mine and he turned the locket over in my hand,
revealing an inscription on the back

My little warrior
You own my heart
Always, forever and entirely

I stroked my thumb across the words and smiled up at him “And me, you” I whispered. His
whole face softened and lit up at the same time. Leaning in he kissed me with his soul and
heart, a slow tender kiss that ached my heart. “Okay, enough. Hot tub time guys” Greg grinned.

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