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Tolerance - D. H. Sidebottom

Tolerance - D. H. Sidebottom


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Published by Isabel Garcia

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Published by: Isabel Garcia on Jun 18, 2013
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Things settled down for a few of weeks and I was constantly looking over my shoulder for
Dane but we hoped he had fulfilled his revenge and that was the end of things. Greg declared
his undying love for Courtney and he asked her to marry him, so we had a double engagement

Katie and George were growing stronger and happier every day and Mason and I were
thoroughly enjoying parenthood…they were an absolute joy. His mother had become a familiar
figure in our lives as her and Mason tried to build back their relationship.
I was visiting my psychologist twice a week and I had high hopes. Everything seemed to be
running smoothly for once but I should have known not to get too comfortable, this was my life
I’m relaying to you and you should know by now that my life was never simple or easy.

I was leaving the counselling session late one evening and as I walked across the dark car park
I heard a noise behind me. I froze and spun round “Hello Ava” Dane sneered as he slung an arm
around my throat and held a cloth to my nose and my last thought was that I hoped Mason
took care of my babies….

To Be Concluded in Heart of Stone Resolution

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‘Heart of Stone’ #3


Another NSC Industries novel
By D H Sidebottom

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I had been here about eight days, or so I reckoned with the coming and going of daylight, in
the small room, the dusty, dirty run down room. I have no idea where the room was, I hadn’t
left it since I woke up here.
I missed my babies with my very core and I hoped they were being cared for and showered
with love. I know Mason would be going insane and he had probably scored by now and it was
this particular notion that enraged me; not the fact I was handcuffed to a dingy bed in a filthy
room, being raped and beaten every day but the fact that Danes actions will have forced
Mason back onto the cocaine and I hated him for it.
It had been three months since Mason had got high and I had been so proud of him and the
fact that Dane’s actions would now set him back, once again having to see Mason struggle with
the daily cravings and the hunger angered me. He could do any of the things he had been doing
to me but now he had hurt Mason I was desperately trying to work out a plan to escape…I
needed to get to my man!

I needed to pee and my throat was dry, I knew he would be here soon and I thought I’d rather
wet myself than look at Dane…the ugliness, the evilness and the damn cocky smile that I was
eager to rip of his face.
I was naked and filthy and handcuffed to the bedframe, my poor body was covered in bruises,
welts and cuts where Danes frantic thrusts at me had seen him clawing at my skin as though he
wanted to climb inside me, inside my soul.
He was frightening, the pure vehemence in him but he also had a steel calmness to him and it
was this that terrified me, the way his eyes were dead but still held an icy glint, the way his lip
curled at one side making him look malevolent and crazed. His laughter, the high pitched crazy
cackle that tore through my very soul.
I scanned the room for the thousandth time, hoping to spot something that could help me get
out. Apart from a broken wooden table that was held up with telephone directories and a
bedside table that held the plastic bottle of water that Dane would let me drink from, oh and
don’t forget the chain and hook that hung from the middle of the ceiling, we mustn’t forget
that…I don’t think I would ever forget it.
There was nothing…absolutely fucking nothing that would help get me out of here and I was
sure I was going to go crazy but I was damn determined not to, I didn’t want to go there again,
knowing that the last time I broke I had hurt Mason so much, his pain and turmoil as I clawed
at myself and begged him not to let the angels of hell take me had devastated him and torn
him in two. I wouldn’t let Dane break me, he didn’t deserve that, he didn’t deserve any of my
emotions. I knew that’s what he wanted, to hear my cries and screams as he tortured or raped
me but I wouldn’t let myself give him that.

I heard a noise outside the door and I held myself still, gearing myself up for him. I took a

deep breath as the door opened and Dane stood jeering at me “Good morning sweetheart” he
smiled happily as he walked into the room. I bit my lip and took a quick glance at the item in
his hand and my heart jolted, it was his favourite choice. He smiled sickly at me “How are you
feeling this morning Ava?” he asked as he did every morning. I nodded but refused to look at
him as he strolled towards me and round the bed to the bottle “Thirsty? I bet you are. Let me
help you with that Ava” he picked up the bottle and unscrewed the cap and as his hand settled
behind my neck to tilt my head up he brought the bottle to my lips. I took some large gulps,
knowing this could be the last drink I got today.
He sighed heavily as he spotted the handcuffs and his finger stroked the edge of them “Oh
Ava, look at your poor wrists” he shook his head in pity “Why do you do this to yourself? Your
beautiful skin is ruined now” I had been desperately trying to free my hands from them and
now the skin was raw, bleeding and fucking sore but I still kept trying in my urgency to escape
“You won’t get out of these sweetheart” he smiled and shook his head at me and then leant
into my ear “I had to get the professional equipment for you Ava, I know how feisty you can
be” he chuckled and I gulped as his tongue swept up my cheek. He inhaled heavily “Ahhhh you
always taste so wonderful, the saltiness and sweetness of you makes me hard Ava” he shook
himself off and stood back up, his head tipped as he regarded me “Well let’s see what we have
for you today Ava” he scrunched his shoulders up in a happy grin and held up the weapon of
choice. “I know how much this turns you on sweetheart, so I’ve decided to treat you today” his
fingers stroked over my cheek as if in a loving gesture and I swallowed and looked away.
His hand grasped my chin forcefully and he turned my face to his “Look at me Ava” his grip
tightened and I refused to flinch. I moved my eyes to his and he smiled at my submission “See, I
need to see those gorgeous eyes sweetheart” his eyes perused my body and the glint in his
eyes brightened

“I need the toilet” I rasped out, my throat sore and dry from days of drought. His lip curled at
the corners like it did every time I asked for something “Well...?” he sneered with his eyebrows
high in query and I swallowed a breath, forcing myself to give in to him “Please could you take
me to the toilet Sir?” I asked quietly and slowly. He laughed “Oh you’re getting so good at it
now, we’ll get that obstinacy out of you soon” he leaned over me and bit my breast hard
enough to pierce the skin and I clenched my eyes shut against the pain, forcing myself not to
cry out.

I bit my lip desperately and this did make me wince, having bitten them so much in the last
week they were now covered in sores from my teeth and the dryness of not having enough
liquid. I clenched my thighs together to stop the urine from leaking out, this was a speciality of
his, knowing that his bite would loosen my bladder and I would pee myself. The first few times
he had done it he had chastised me for wetting myself but now I was starting to control it and
it pleased him very much.
He stood back up and smiled at me “Did you know Ava that your orgasms are fiercer and more
intense if your bladders full” he told me and I frowned. Shit!!!!
I gulped “But I really need to go Sir, I don’t think I can hold it while you make love to me” I
winced inwardly at my words but I knew they were expected. He regarded me for a while and
then huffed “Alright but only because you’ve been a good girl” he walked over to the table and
picked up the key for my cuffs “Now how do we behave Ava?” he mocked and I took a deep

breath “You are my…my master and I must…I must behave” I grated out and closed my eyes at
the nausea that rose.

He smiled merrily and kissed my cheek as he bent to unlock the cuffs “Oh Ava, you have made
me so happy sweetheart. I knew you would love our little activities” he unlocked one and then
moved around the bed to the other one “You are such a whore that a fuck from anyone would
sate you”’

I don’t think you’re a whore or a slag .You are the most loving, caring warm person I know Ava’
Masons voice shot into my head at Danes words and I smiled faintly to myself and for the first
time in my life I believed these words. I wasn’t a whore; it was never my fault for everything
that had happened to me. These men took what wasn’t offered, never offered, but this little
thought and memories were what were getting me through these horrendous days.

I rotated the wrist he had freed from the handcuff, the other one still attached to one. The
feeling of air and freedom made me sigh in relief “Does that feel better Ava?” he narrowed his
eyes on me, waiting for my answer “Yes, thank you Sir” I breathed and cringed inwardly as he
fastened a cuff that remained on my right wrist to his wrist and he practically dragged me to
the bathroom as my legs wobbled from being immobile for so long.
I sat on the toilet, no longer embarrassed about peeing in front of Dane, I didn’t care now. I
eyed the shower longingly “Please can I shower Sir?” I asked desperately. I knew his answer but
I couldn’t seem to stop asking. He scowled at me “Now now Ava, you know better than that.
You’re a dirty whore. The filth is inside you not outside. A shower won’t help you” he shook
his head in frustration. I nodded and stood up when I had emptied my bladder “All done?” he
asked cheerfully and I nodded again. I swallowed heavily knowing what would happen now. He
grinned at me and walked me back into the room and into the centre, below the chain.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath to prepare myself as I mentally calmed my mind and
willed away the trembles my body had launched.
He lifted my arms and handcuffed both hands to the hook. ‘Baa baa black sheep, have you any
wool’ I recited in my head as the first crack of the whip hit my back. The thrash across my
already delicate skin smarted as a thousand nerve endings in my skin screamed at me.
I swallowed the scream back, refusing to let it out ‘yes sir, yes sir, three bags…’ I bit my lip as
another crack erupted over my back. Fuck it hurt, it seemed worse this time, whether he was
getting harsher or whether it was because my skin was already so sore.
Another one hit and a forbidden whimper crept up my throat, I desperately tried to hold it
back and I coughed to disguise it ‘one for the master…” FUCK!!!!!!! This particular harsh lash
managed to get a groan from me
“YES AVA, FEEL IT!” he shouted as he flayed me again. I would not cry, I would not cry…one for
the Dame, one for THE LITTLE BOY….FUCK!!!! Another cry broke free “GOOD GIRL” he cried as I
felt his penis settled between my legs and I silently thanked god for the short whipping I had
received today.

He thrust into me roughly as my legs gave way and I hung limply from the chain. Both of his
hands settled around my neck and I prayed, as I always did, that this time he would tighten
them enough to end this torture and set me free from him…from this nightmare.

This was the easy part Mary, Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow… The nausea
was rising with each of his grunts and moans “OH Ava, you’re so fucking tight” he groaned as he
sped up and I bit into my lip so harshly that I could taste blood again. My head sagged and I
closed my eyes ‘with silver bells and cockle shells, and pretty maids all in a row’. I sighed in relief
as I felt him swell inside me and his final grunt left his lips as he filled me with his filth, his
rotting seed.

He pulled out and came around the front of me “I have a nice little surprise for you later
sweetheart” he chuckled and stroked my cheek with his palm. He walked out, leaving me hung
as he always did, his filthy dirty spunk dripping down the inside of my thigh and I knew I would
be left here for a few hours before he brought me a sandwich and a new bottle of water and
then another round of ‘fun’ would begin.

I opened my eyes as I heard a noise, I was still hung from the hook and it was darker now so I
mentally added another day to my internal calendar. My eyes widened and I gasped when I saw
what my surprise was.
Greg was tied to a chair in front of me, his head hung low in his unconsciousness , well I
hoped he was unconscious and not dead. “I’ve brought you some company Ava, what do you
say?” he asked brightly and I stared at him in disbelief “What have you done?” I asked stupidly.
The whip cracked against my bare buttocks and I jolted “Sorry Sir” I said quickly “DON’T YOU
DARE SPEAK TO ME LIKE THAT AGAIN!” he roared and I flinched as another thrash cut through
the skin on my backside. Do not scream, do not scream.

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