O HEAVE ! SWEET HEAVE ! BY Edwin H. evin . 1862 HEAVE ! sweet heaven !

the home of the blest, Where hearts once in trouble are ever at rest ; Where eyes that could see not rejoice in the light, And beggars made princes are walking in white. O heaven ! sweet heaven ! the mansion of love. Where Christ in his beauty shines forth from above, The Lamb with his scepter, to charm and control, And love is the sea that encircles the whole. O heaven ! sweet heaven ! where purity reigns, Where error disturbs not, and sin never stains ; Where holiness robes in its garments so fair The great multitude that is worshiping there. O heaven ! sweet heaven ! where music ne'er dies. But rich pealing anthems of glory arise ; Where saints with one feeling of rapture are stirred. And loud hallelujahs forever are heard. O heaven ! sweet heaven ! where friends never part, But cords of true friendship bind firmly the heart ; Where farewell shall nevermore fall on the ear, or eyes that have sorrowed be dimmed with a tear.

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