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Page 1 of 2 Steps for Groups Working on Signature Program Scope and Sequence Documents Step Confirm Team Chairs

Date Due STEM, Betsy Kelly and Marilyn Moreno GLOBAL STUDIES AND HUMANITIES, Amanda Lombardo and Lisa Vardi VISUAL AND PERFORMING ARTS, Michael Reidy RESEARCH, Joy Foust Colburn, Connie Giles, Pat Semple (Summer 2013) Step 1 Form teams, decide meeting dates, decide role of members, etc. Due by June 5th Done Status

Step 2 Confirm team expectations and agree on the goal Overall Goal--Teams are to write the 3-12 Signature program descriptions for Global Studies and Humanities, Visual and Performing Arts* and write the corresponding division representations Step 3 Carryout team plan a. Refresh on the Signature Program framework identified by the Instructional Council

Due by June 5th

*Significant STEM work began during AY 2012-13 All teams reporting out today on discussions, work to date

Due by June 5th Experiential opportunities Interdisciplinary opportunities Pedagogical practices (PBL,
Differentiated Pace, Student outcomes, Program Evaluation, Completed Signature Program Spiraling Scope and Sequence)

Refresh on the framework to guide plans for future work All teams reporting out today on discussions, work to date

Research Offering Choice/Concentration Options

Page 2 of 2 Step Step 3 (Continued) b. Explore individual team member/views/thoughts on how the Signature program can be characterized (Exploration and winnow phase for student outcomes, program content, etc.) GSH and V & PA teams will meet on June 12th to complete this step 1. Explore and discuss 2-12 Characterizations 2. Explore and discuss divisional formats for delivery 3. Review, document and share out references (i.e., within teams and prepare a final set of references, notes for the IC) Note: please use Weebly source to house this information; links to Google docs can be placed there Date Due Status

STEM team (further along in its planning) will advise today regarding June 12th plans, if any Note: the STEM work serves as a model

Coming in October and November Step 3 (Continued) c. Prepare a written document that reflects consensus of the group d. Characterize elements of the Signature program using scope and sequence format (Both skills and content will be represented); include a 2-12 benchmark statement for the assigned Signature program e. Characterize how the elements of the Signature program will be represented in each division f. Present final products to the Instructional Council

Final products will inform instructional planning, course proposals for AY 2014-15, planning for Measuring Student Outcomes, etc.