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Saunders 1 Brice Saunders humanities ¾ 11 march, 2013

Suicide: Is it Really the Way Out? Lao Zi once said, “The tongue like a sharp knife kills without drawing blood.” This quote says that words can do as much or even more damage than actually attacking a person, which happens more often today. The exact definition of suicide is, the intentional taking of one’s own life. Suicide can occur for a variety of reasons but the main causes in teens seem to be mental disorders, depression. “Suicides in the world amount to 782 thousand in 2008 according to
the WHO estimate, which is 1.4% of total mortality and 15% of injury mortality.” (vӓrnik)..

Although suicide is a very different and difficult problem that teens have to face, it can also be one of the easiest ones to fix, if it is found. Most people have not learned about suicide and do not know about the warning signs of suicide. Therefore they can not help a disturbed teen in time. This problem can be alleviated by having more education classes on depression and suicide. Teens think of suicide as a solution to all their problems, that are caused by depression, stress and being bullied. Teens often give into suicide because their lives feel destroyed or disrupted from unfortunate events. “Depression is defined as an illness when the feelings of depression persist and interfere with a child or adolescent’s ability to function. Things that were once fun now bring little joy to the depressed child. Children and adolescents who are depressed may say

Saunders 2 they want to be dead or may talk about suicide. Depressed children and adolescents are at increased risk for committing suicide. Children and adolescents who cause trouble at home or at school may also be suffering from depression. Because the youngster may not always seem sad, parents and teachers may not realize that troublesome behavior is a sign of depression. When asked directly, these children can sometimes state they are unhappy or sad .” (“The Depressed Child”). This quote shows some of the reasons behind why teens become affected by depression. Although depression is a main cause of teen’s committing suicide it is not the only reason for it, the other reason is bullying. When teens are bullied they may try to get help, but instead they get stuck in an endless whirlpool of torment, which can make them think death is the only solution. “Children targeted by bullies also tend to fit a particular profile. Bullies often choose children who are passive, easily intimidated, or have few friends. Victims may also be smaller or younger, and have a harder time defending themselves. Some victims of bullying have even attempted suicide rather than continue to endure such harassment and punishment” (“Bullying, Bullying is”). This quote shows that bullies usually attack others because they can not deal with their own problems, so they try to make others feel bad in their place, this takes an emotional and physical toll on a person because they are depressed and are living in fear of being attacked, and their academics scores drop,suicide gives them false hope . There are many reasons why a teen will contemplate suicide, some may think it seems like a solution, but it never is.

Saunders 3 Teen suicide has exterme effects on teeneagers and society as a whole. “Suicide is the third leading cause of death in 10-24 year olds, 5,000 teenagers commit suicide each year and at least three times the amount attempt it” (“Teen Suicide, Impact”). These statistics are shocking and shows that suicide is not a small matter that can be dealt with easily. When one friend/family member commits suicide, it could create a ripple effect that would lead to more deaths. As, a result of this many teens who do commit or attempt suicide are able to do so because they were, being left alone. Perhaps if someone would have taken the time to show the teen that they cared, more young lives could be saved. “90 percent of suicidal teens say that no one in their families understood/listen to them or their cries for help as they waded deeper into depression” (Allen). This statement is important because it shows that when some teens are trying to get help it seems that, no one wants to listen or care. Most people today get too caught up with their own lives, but when someone knows that a teen is sad, they should always check in with the teen by trying to help the young person out, they may be saving another life. The effects that suicide has on teens and the society as a whole is devastating so more needs to be done to prevent suicide. There are solutions to help reduce the rate of teen suicides in America. The first solution is just taking to the person . “It is always a good thing to start a conversation with someone you think may be considering suicide. Just by talking about it may help the person feel less alone and more cared about, understood.” (“Suicide, Kids Health”).

Saunders 4 This quote is important because it is one of the more effective ways to help a young person cope with depression. Just by talking to a depressed teen can often be enough, because it usually makes a person feel good that they have someone to talk with. Another effective solution to help alleviate teenager suicide is listening and standing up for someone who is (being) bullied. “It Gets Better” doesn’t mean that everything just magically gets better… but that it gets better because YOU make it better. You fight through struggles, you endure pain, you try everything you can, you never give up… you grow stronger… and through that strength- it gets better.” (“ recoveryisbeautiful”) This quote is important because it’s not going to get better unless the teen want it to get better. The teenager is the one who controls their own future, they can either end it with suicide or try and have it get better, which it will but only if they it happen. Other people are their to help troubled teens out, to lead them on the right path, but once again it is their choice on which path to take not others. .

Teenagers have many solutions to help improve their depression and suicidal thoughts. If more classes are given about suicide and depression to everyone, the suicide rate will diminish over time.Teens committing suicide can result from depression and being bullied. This has extreme effects on teens and society because it takes the life of thousands of teenagers annually.All someone needs to do, to help a depressed and possibly suicidal teen, is to talk to them. Although suicide is usually ignored, it is actually a very serious topic.If nothing is done about promoting the cause,effects and solutions of suicide; more countless lives will be lost.

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