Hip Happening

Hold me, thrill me, throw me

Boom Festival

Pictures by Abeer Zoumot

The 2008 Woodstock of psychedelic trance
aking place in the beautiful shores of the Idanha-a-Nova lake, Boom – which aims to be a “reminder for our personalities to check point the ‘real’ meaning in-between our illusionary perception” – is a gathering of souls, where people from the world over can melt with nature – in a sustainable way, of course. And there were quite a few souls this year: 40,000 to be exact. The seventh edition of the festival was full of events to entertain your five senses. Venues included arts, culture, sustainability, free expression and knowledge. With only one week to astonish, the music and celebrations went on 24/7. “The festival was unlike anything I imagined,” says Skin’s art director, Noor Issa, who chose the event as her vacation destination on a whim. “I went there with two of my friends and had an unbelievable time! Sleeping under starry skies, listening to the fantastic music, looking at the psychedelic visuals, making friends with all kinds of people… We really felt this year’s slogan: We are all. I’ll definitely be back there in 2010.” And with glow-in-the-dark trees, deathly ghosts, hoola hoop mistresses, fairyland and fire monsters galore, there’s plenty to be back for.

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