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Dream's Trade Ideas 06.18.2013

Dream's Trade Ideas 06.18.2013

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Published by dreamytrader
Stock Trade Ideas Service composed in simple language that created for ALL
Stock Trade Ideas Service composed in simple language that created for ALL

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Published by: dreamytrader on Jun 19, 2013
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Dream’s Trade Ideas by Dreamytrader

Stock Name
last Close Price Status Key Levels Desired Set-up Entry &Stop Trade Ideas Note


Current Watch-list
S&P500 Index ETF (SPY) $165.74 Correcting Near-term support $165 SPY’s standing above near-term key $165 area ahead of Fed, Bulls are back in control. Firmly above the $165 is key. AAPL’s bear-flag looking pattern resolved itself and stock traded lower in last week. Long-term in Bullish mode. Time to take some profit for this runner. Stock is finding support at $62ish level. UPS recovered from previous weak action and paced to take back highs. Fed on FOCUS again tomorrow, people would be listening to his words about any possible change of current QE plan “monthly purchase of $85Billion worth assets”. AAPL’s latest product shows in line with expectation, current product-lines update. Not expect Strong last earning numbers spiked NKE into all-time high and it has been a very strong retail stock among the sector. The up-trend is intact for NKE despite recent market chills. UPS is lucky and delivered a nice earning package to investors, reported EPS beat and REV in-line, reaffirmed guidance. This helped stock to stable. MCD reported EPS and REV in-line with the market, and guided very softly for its outlook. Marco environment still tough for growth but company is gaining its influence. May’s comparable same-store sales up LNKD’s BEAT both EPS and REV with strong numbers, HOWEVER, Co issued a lower guidance. As a growth company, company has little room below consensus report.




$421ish area nearterm support. $62ish lower support

Nike (NKE)


Try to hold 50D MA



Tried to go high again

$86 support $90 resistance

McDonalds (MCD)


Not in Bull’s zone

$97.50-$98ish support

MCD’s tried to take over $100 again as a former leader. Having hard time so far.

LinkedIn (LNKD)


Bouncing off support

$165ish support zone

LNKD probing the high Bullish zone but facing pressures from $185 area.

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Boeing (BA)


Breaking to high

$101.50 support

BA’s on rise new long entry was strong push-through of $101.50 on volume mentioned about two weeks ago. $74 as a former leading stock now in correction mode. Support is $76ish in line with 50D MA. GS is one of the best acting Financial stock and showing strong defense price action under market pressure. It could tick higher in coming days. GPS held high when market was in shaky mood. Now it could be a time for GPS to set anther high. DFS is ready to test the high with ranging price action. Entry $49.50 with volume. Visa’s price action has been Bullish for a long time, and current above the Bullish Flag it broken out with the entry of $181.

Home Depot (HD)


Short-term support

$76 support

Boeing’s strong earning with huge beat on EPS and REV helped stock to close higher. Defense income also making BA strong, alone with other Defense companies like UTX and LMT. HD would certainly benefit from a recovering housing market.

Goldman Sachs(GS)


Holding above lower range

$166ish resistance

Financial Sector continue to be the leading sector and stocks in this sector are showing very BULLISH price action as of now. With QE in work, Financials would be benefited. GPS reported a better than expected earning and its playing come back show as its business show sign of life again. DFS had very good last earning report and its business continue to grow and competing with the V and MA. V is leading the credit card business now and its stock in good shape. Years of strong earning and growing and not showing sign of slowing down, this is what people look for as a Bull Stock.



Trying to print new high Ranging

Isolated area.

Discover Financial. (DFS)


In defense mode

Visa (V)


Holding up

Bull flag breaking out above $181

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