Welcome to the first step in changing your life forever.
Within these pages lies information that I hope will leave you as astounded and inspired as it did me. You are about to embark on a journey that will open your eyes and mind to a world and natural laws that most of us are never shown or taught. Those who realize this power within them are the most self confident, abundant and personally fulfilled people you will ever meet. People so strong, that nothing can disturb their peace. They think only of the best, work only for the best, and expect only the best. They forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future. They live in the faith that the whole universe is on their side, so long as they are true to the best that is in them. Now it is your time, your time to be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.

Welcome aboard; now let's start your adventure…




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6 Your World Within – The Subconscious Mind 10 Everything Is Energy 13 Use Your Imagination! 15 How & When To Visualize 17 Visualize To Heal 20 Visualize Abundance & Wealth 23 Start Creating The Life Of Your Dreams! 26 Final Thoughts 28 References 29
Visualization – What Is It?

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www.com ▪ www.You are here for a reason.VisualizationPowerPackage. You are here because today is the day you are choosing to take control of your life. through one avenue or another to this point so that you could take this information and incorporate it into your life.ThePowerToVisualize. Today is the day you start creating the life of your dreams. Today is YOUR day. You were led.com 4 .

www. But they abused their divine powers so much that Brahma. according to the legend.Introduction An old Hindu legend says there was a time when men were gods.com ▪ www. and dug in search of something that was inside himself the whole time." At that moment Brahma exclaimed. decided to take these powers away and hide them in a place where they would be impossible to find. "Sooner or later man will explore the depths of the ocean and it is certain he will find it and bring it to the surface." So the lesser gods concluded. A number of lesser gods were appointed to a council to deal with the issue. All that remained was to find a suitable hiding place.VisualizationPowerPackage.ThePowerToVisualize." From then on. so we do not know where to hide it.com 5 . that will not do because man would dig deep and find it. dove. he explored. "Neither land nor sea is a place where man's divine powers will be safe. man searched the world over. "In that case. They suggested this: "Why not bury man's powers in the earth?" To which Brahma replied. climbed." But Brahma replied again." So the gods said. we will send their divinity to the deepest depths of the ocean. "This is what we will do with man's divinity! We will hide it deep within him because that is the only place he will not think to look. the master of all gods. "No.

VisualizationPowerPackage.com 6 . Your job is to make the images. ultimately. what you think about all day long! Does all this sound a little foreign to you? Does the thought of using your imagination and thoughts to mold and shape your future sound a little. vis·u·al·ize [vizh-oo-uh-lahyz] . stop – and realize that you cannot change your future by doing what you've always done – www.ThePowerToVisualize. a power so strong it has the ability to transform your health. passion. One method of consciously utilizing this omnipotent power is visualization. love.to make perceptible to the mind or imagination We all possess more power and greater possibilities than we realize. well." WILLIAM JAMES A wonderful power has been put within your control. Make it really big. clear. Visualization is the process of making mental images – these images will serve as the pattern from which your future will be sewn. big and beautiful. The only limitations are those that are set by you. life and future – all you have to do is understand. wealth. appreciate and recognize it.to make visual or visible .com ▪ www.to form a mental image of . crazy? Before you throw aside these thoughts and go back to your old way of thinking. You are. or your pattern. There are no limits! Create it in your imagination – make it clear and vibrant – hold it in your mind and you will gradually and constantly bring that ideal nearer to you. Make it big. and visualizing is one of the greatest of these powers.1 Visualization – What Is It? "The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.to recall or form mental images or pictures .

most harmonious way to your dreams. The Universe does everything it does with zero effort – it doesn't see requests as bigger than another or smaller than another. Changing your mind.com ▪ www. Did you find that exercise easy? Could you feel the cold on your nose. The first step in the visualization process is to see your ideal in its entirety. or idealization. Come back – give it a chance – we promise you won't be disappointed. well and refreshed – breathing in the clean cold air and filling your lungs with the openness that surrounds you. and besides. but it will begin to take form. then you materialize! When you have that picture in your mind. You feel alive. hear the crunch of the snow underfoot and sense the open and grandness of the mountain? Deeply experiencing every aspect of your visualizations is really important in the manifestation of your thoughts. Hear the crunch of the snow as you walk around and explore the area. cold air.com 7 .VisualizationPowerPackage. You have been transported to a snow covered mountain side. hopping all around in your ideals is not going to bring you the results you desire. When you visualize. You will gradually develop the power by which you will be enabled to formulate plans that will eventually materialize in the objective world. Feel the cold on the end of your nose and the warmth of your heavy coat. the sap. There is no reason to hurry or anxiously try and "speed things up". There will always be enough time. watch your breath in the air as you breathe out. it may help to close your eyes. Look around you at the beautiful. and more and more details will emerge.that includes thinking all those conventional thoughts you have been taught and raised to think. after reading through. Breathe in the fresh. always and only think of the end result: the Universe always knows the fastest. don't worry – just focus on it daily until your picture becomes clear. why rush? This is your life and future you're planning! Your vision may start out dim. mental labor is necessary if you are serious about creating the life of your dreams. Take a minute to visualize the next paragraph. smell the pine. you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you. clean white powder. firm and permanent because it is the plan on which you are going to build. If at first you are unsure. the large rocks and breathtaking view of the range around you. "You are today where your thoughts have brought you. the snow covered evergreens and pines. It must be solid. or your vision seems to be a little hazy.ThePowerToVisualize." JAMES ALLE www.

VisualizationPowerPackage. Those who always worry of lack and fear will be brought poverty. lack and every form of limitation they imagine.com 8 . before it can take form in the world without. www. Keep your eyes and mind open to the new opportunities that will present themselves to you. all it hears is the "poor". Pay no attention to external conditions. so it thinks poverty must be what you want and works to bring you what you are asking for. You must repeatedly hold you image in mind. not on the things you don't want. For most of us this is very hard.com ▪ www. Expect the things you want – don't expect the things you don't want.ThePowerToVisualize. Create perfect ideals only. This doesn't mean to sit and do nothing. make your world within beautiful and opulent and the world around you will express and manifest the condition which you have within. and manifest anxiety. The seed must be planted and left alone. to let go. it will certainly operate in the same way to bring about abundance and opulence for those who entertain thoughts of courage and power. Just as the law operates perfectly to bring about fear and limitation. or your "world within". This visualization is a substantial token of what will one day appear in the objective world if we are faithful to our ideal. We are like a child who has just planted a seed and every fifteen minutes goes and stirs up the earth to see if it is growing. yet this is exactly what many of us do in the mental world. Concentrate on the things that you want. You must build it firmly and securely in your mental world. We want to do something. to get our hands dirty and be shown proof that we have indeed set the Universe in motion to bring us what we want. Remember to trust. We can only see what already exists in the objective world. Your mind does not hear "I do not want to be poor". We are anxious. and let the seed germinate! The more you can trust in what you cannot see happening. By doing this.Thinking through your ideal with colorful mental clarity is very important – but if you only do it once and expect your dreams to then unfold before you. New channels will be constantly provided and new doors will open. fear and distress. I'm afraid you have it wrong. but what we visualize already exists in the spiritual world. the seed will never germinate. the faster it will be brought forth to you. You will realize your power to create ideals and these ideals will be reflected in the world around you. to help.

upon which your experiences depend and your future is based! "You are a living magnet. Nothing is beyond the power of human comprehension. a breakthrough.VisualizationPowerPackage to get yours and start living the life you were meant to live! www. Remember that your thoughts are the fire that creates the steam that turns the wheel of fortune. and if concentrated on any subject will solve the problem.com ▪ www. packaged together in one revolutionary program! Visit www. life transforming collection of e-books and audio visualizations. but in order to harness thought force and make it do your bidding. work is required.Thought force is the most powerful means of obtaining knowledge. What you attract into your life is in harmony with your dominant thoughts.ThePowerToVisualize.VisualizationPowerPackage.com 9 ." BRAIN TRACY This eBook is part of the Visualization Power Package.

This means that your potential to achieve what you want is essentially without limit. 'I cannot afford it. lets take a minute to differentiate between the conscious and subconscious minds: The conscious mind is the part of you that does the reasoning and thinking and decision making in your everyday life. of light and life and beauty and. Decree. your subconscious brain is vastly more powerful than you have ever imagined. If you were to write our your brain's potential as expressed by the number of possible neural connections it could make.VisualizationPowerPackage. There is a world within. A powerful counterpart. If you say. JOSEPH MURPHY The human brain is the most complex. or the "world without".. www. 'I'll buy it. It accepts what your conscious mind decrees. and the ability to manage only one to three events at a time..com 10 . Your conscious mind has only a short term memory of about twenty seconds. it would take you 75 years to write out all the zeros.2 Your World Within – Your Subconscious Mind "Your subconscious mind does not argue with you. a world of thought and feeling and power. To get a better understanding of our "world within". If your conscious brain is a lot more limited than you realized. powerful machine in the universe. That's the level of power and capacity you have at your disposal every moment of every day.' your subconscious mind works to make it true. but the more limited part of your mind.' " DR. I accept it in my mind. it sees and processes the world around you. although invisible.com ▪ www. Your conscious brain has severely limited processing ability. its forces are mighty.ThePowerToVisualize. Select a better thought.

The only limits it knows are the ones that you set. You will always find the cause in the world within – by changing the cause you change the effect.com ▪ www. hundreds. When you discover this world you will find the solution for every problem. Find harmony in your "world within" and it will be reflected in the life around you. Your subconscious brain never loses focus. power.VisualizationPowerPackage. Your subconscious mind is the much more spectacular and amazing part of your mind. the very best of everything. It is when you recognize the vast potential of this infinite source that it takes form in the world surrounding you. achievement and success. Your subconscious is where you plant the seed – where you transform your desires into beliefs. you absolutely cannot fail in making use of the mighty forces that will eventually determine your course in life and align you with all that is best. strongest and most desirable. Because it is in your control. harmonious conditions. are you seeing how important it is that you control your thoughts? The possibilities of thought training are infinite. Your subconscious mind is the power center of your brain. The world within is governed by your mind. www. or millions of actions necessary to achieve those goals. Once you've done this there is no force in the world that can stop it from happening. articulate and set goals – but it's your subconscious mind that follows through with all the dozens. but instead leave it all to chance. and it houses your self-image and habits. the cause for every effect. its consequence eternal. agreeable surroundings. Every thought is a cause and every condition an effect.com 11 . If you look within.Your conscious brain loses focus every six to ten seconds. all laws of power and possession are also in your control. Never. and yet few take the pains to direct their thinking into channels that will do them good. So how do we control this spiritual world within us? By controlling our thoughts.ThePowerToVisualize. and determining how each and every experience affects us. So then. Your conscious mind is what you use to define. It is the connection to your "world within". instead of around you. Not ever. Not once. it functions in every single cell of your body. It is essential to all greatness.

com 12 . real from imagined." THOMAS A. Your subconscious does not have the ability to reject a command or habit. at your beck and call twenty-four hours a day. EDISON As amazing as your subconscious mind is. www. You know from physics that everything you see and cannot see is essentially energy. This part of your brain averages four hundred billion actions per second by handling impulses that travel faster than a hundred thousand miles per hour. John Assaraf is one of my favorite authors in this exciting field of "human potential". seven days a week.ThePowerToVisualize. you are a genius. It's the side of you that connects on a nonphysical level with the entire Universal intelligence and energy fields. Yes. constantly in a state of motion and vibration. we would literally astound ourselves. At any given moment. Its function is simply to carry out orders.com ▪ www. It believes as totally true every picture or image you send it. The following paragraph is taken from one of his books. what it cannot do is equally as important as what it can. It does not do the thinking. It's the energy and information you can't see that the subconscious can access. It sees in pictures and patterns and it cannot tell truth from a lie. This isn't just for bedtime stories and make believe – your subconscious is your personal genie. John Assaraf. and whatever you want to create in your life begins with desire and thought. Having It All "If we did all the things we are capable of doing. There's no line separating these energy fields. whether you are awake or asleep. it is one that I have found to be some of the most incredible and exciting information I have yet to come across: There is a truly magical part of your subconscious. and with your subconscious mind you can tap right into the source of all the supply. The intelligent energy in you is connected to all other energy fields and intelligence. ten thousand trillion electrical and chemical actions and reactions are happening in your wonderful brain. There are millions of different frequencies of energy.Your subconscious mind makes up five-sixths of your brain mass and controls 96-98% of your perception and behavior. and I find his enthusiasm and hunger on the subject extremely contagious in all his books as well as his other projects.VisualizationPowerPackage. Remember the Disney movie Aladdin? A genie appeared and told Aladdin he would grant him 3 wishes – all he had to do was ask.

www. People often refer to "good energy" and "bad energy". What you attract into your life is in harmony with your dominant thoughts. Thought concentrated on a definite purpose becomes power. Active thought is active energy. After all. You are all power.3 Everything is Energy "You are a living magnet. so you electrically energize everything to you and electronically energize yourself to everything you want. Everything is energy." BRIAN TRACY Everything is energy. can you actually qualify the energy that turns on a light bulb? Good energy or bad energy? Energy is simply energy. Your ability to receive and manifest this power depends on your ability to recognize the Infinite Energy that is you. until it is patterned or directed to take form or action. You are the creator. a family. Everything. It is what you do with that energy that makes the difference. whether it is a company. or your physical reality. Thought is energy. concentrated thought is concentrated energy. is energy. the pattern of your love life. and I am here to tell you there is no such thing.VisualizationPowerPackage.com ▪ www. This is not pseudoscience – it is science. constantly creating and re-creating your body and mind.ThePowerToVisualize.com 13 . Everything you seek is already seeking you. You are an energy magnet. How To Rule The World From Your Couch You are a cosmic being. Laura Day.

that there is no absolute distinction between matter and energy.com 14 . unlike the denser forms such as matter.com ▪ www. physical sense. Creative Visualization Once you know that everything is energy. and thus has different qualities. A thought or idea always precedes manifestation. then the boundaries between the physical world and the world of your thoughts start to disappear. The energy is vibrating at different rates of speed. a breakthrough. This eBook is part of the Visualization Power Package. packaged together in one revolutionary program! Visit www.VisualizationPowerPackage to get yours and start living the life you were meant to live! www. We are all part of one great energy field. Things we perceive to be solid and separate are in reality just various forms of our essential energy which is common to all. life transforming collection of e-books and audio visualizations. Shakti Gawain. light.ThePowerToVisualize. When we create something. even in a literal. from finer to denser.VisualizationPowerPackage. Thought is a quick. It manifests instantaneously. We are all one. we always create it first in thought form.Physically we are all energy and everything within and around us is made up of energy. mobile form of energy.

The creative energies of the mind have no more difficulty handling large situations than small ones. you need to call on your inner child and get your head back in the clouds! Only now you know a secret you didn't know as a child. tossing it aside. you have all the tools you need to bring that "daydream" into reality. One of the secrets of success. one of the accomplishments of the mastermind: he thinks big thoughts. eventually brought them into being. thinking it is only for children.com ▪ www. Unfortunately. extraordinary achievements. This thought could not be more wrong! If you want to create the most wonderful life for yourself. most of us stop using this amazing creative power. Your ability to imagine is perhaps your most powerful conscious gift! "Imagination is the beginning of creation. you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.com 15 .VisualizationPowerPackage. You imagine what you desire. once you have seen the vision in your imagination. Exercising your imagination to its fullest is your key to creating a magnificent life. It is the preview of life's coming attractions." ALBERT EINSTEIN Your imagination is where every extraordinary achievement begins. as we get older. one of the methods of organizing victory. given these pictures to work on." GEORGE BERNARD SHAW All of the world's great men and women have used the power of imagination to create their successful lives. They have become great because they dared to imagine big.ThePowerToVisualize. www.4 Use Your Imagination! "Imagination is everything. and the power within. They constantly pictured in their minds what they wanted.

com 16 . imagination is the key to the doorway to success. we automatically expect and imagine that we will have difficulties. love. self-confidence and greater self-expression. and change the programming if we don't like it. we all use our imagination constantly. structured way to create what you want. or negative fashion. Every time you fret about not getting the raise you want. All we need to do is become consciously aware of what we are creating. Mart Hiatt. thus bringing it into being. haphazard.ThePowerToVisualize. When you visualize. Properly direction.VisualizationPowerPackage. Worry. limitations and misfortunes. Since we have been taught so many negative concepts about ourselves. You want a tree? Imagination and visualization is how you create the right seed. you are literally creating a neural network or pattern within your brain that corresponds to what it is you want to achieve. usually in an unconscious.Visualization is the technique of using your imagination in a systematic. is an extremely powerful image. having a car accident. You're creating the seed. health.com ▪ www. but an action of the entire body. A picture in your mind has an impact on every cell in your body. thinking is not only an action of the mind. abundance. no tree. or not making your sales quota. and worried thoughts are always negative and destructive. www. possibly getting laid-off. This imagery works because your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between something that is strongly imagined and something that is actually taking place in the physical world. Of course. or imagine something. No seed. for example. you are programming your mind destructively. satisfying relationships. Mind Magic Creating an ideal life depends upon the use of the most potent force in the world: your imagination.

VisualizationPowerPackage.com ▪ www. you contain the potential for everything right inside you. We have no ceiling. When the individual mind teaches the Universal Mind. The Universe is the live wire." Visualizations are nothing more than images. Visualization is one of the strongest tools in your success toolbox – make sure you use it. it receives all of it's power. There is no real lack or scarcity. Manifestation through visualization is the process of realizing and making visible on the physical plane our divine potential. sounds and feelings you create in your mind. Visualizing is not only a technique that you practice and dedicate to each day – ultimately it is a state of consciousness. there is nothing you have to try and achieve or attract. "To become conscious of this power is to become a "live wire".ThePowerToVisualize. It carries power sufficient to meet every situation in the life of every individual. The capabilities and the talents and the gifts and the power that is within every single individual on the planet.5 How & When To Visualize "The only successful manifestation is one which brings about a change or growth in consciousness." CHARLES HAANEL www. We are unlimited beings." DAVID SPANGLE Some psychologists are now claiming that one hour of visualization is worth seven hours of physical effort. The word "visualize" literally means "to see in the mind. In this state of consciousness you deeply realize and understand that you are the continuous creator of your Universe.com 17 . is unlimited.

it has been found to be far more effective than the more active beta level in creating real changes in the so-called objective world. Creative Visualization It is best to do your visualizations at roughly the same time every day. The ideal time for this practice is when you are a little tired and not too focused.ThePowerToVisualize. We all have a part to play. solitary place where you can be undisturbed and able to deeply relax. your brain wave pattern actually changes and becomes slower. The alpha level has been found to be a very healthful state of consciousness. That half awake / half asleep state when you don't have your conscious filters fully in place is the moment when your subconscious is most accessible and most open to the positive images you will show it. goals and fantasies. These are important clues to the underlying meaning and purpose of your life. slower level is commonly called the alpha level. through the use of visualization. Shakti Gawain.As you use visualization. In retrospect. Notice the elements that tend to recur in your dreams. interestingly enough. magnificent selves. Be patient and keep tuning into your inner guidance. the particular qualities that are there in things you find yourself doing and creating. you will find that your ability to manifest will work to the degree that you are in alignment with your higher purpose. because of its relaxing effect on mind and body. And. It is also ideal if you can practice your routine in the same place everyday. you will see that everything is unfolding perfectly. Creative Visualization www. because your body is sensitive to its own rhythms. When your body and mind are deeply relaxed. a quiet.com 18 .com ▪ www. such as right when you wake up or before you drift off to sleep. it may not be appropriate to the underlying pattern and meaning of your life.VisualizationPowerPackage. just by being willing to be our true. Shakti Gawain. This deeper. you will find that you become more and more attuned to and aware of your higher purpose. In using visualization. This is a time of great transformation on our planet. If you try to manifest something and it doesn't seem to work.

vibrant. The Answer Engage yourself in the process everyday. maybe even twice a day. but the point here is to do "something". Far beyond being simply wishful thoughts. Breathe in deeply – breathe out completely.VisualizationPowerPackage. Make your statement clear. Think of the details and create it any way you would like it to be. The keys to its effectiveness are clarity and consistency. and vivid. and over time. Take as much time as you need to refine them until you are confident that they represent exactly what it is you want to achieve.com ▪ www.Don't stress about doing it right. As you repeat this process over time. you will establish a routine for playing those materials back to yourself in such a way that their content sinks into your subconscious. We can either tiptoe through life and hope that we get to death without being too badly bruised or we can live a full. "We come this way but once. John Assaraf.ThePowerToVisualize. and focus on your vision. If you maintain clarity and consistency. these new pictures will become engrained in your subconscious as inevitable. carving an entirely new set of neural pathways in your brain. complete life achieving our goals and realizing our wildest dreams. you will get results. nice ideas or hopeful goals. the results will astonish you." BOB PROCTOR www.com 19 . Relax. or at the right times or place. Have fun with this and remember to think big! As you repeat the process daily. the subconscious experience of these new pictures you're playing for yourself will become habits of thought. The more you do it the better results you'll see.

If you are suffering physically in some way. in due time. it is only an appearance.VisualizationPowerPackage. something to be recognized. Visualization is an effective tool for healing because it goes straight to our source of the problem – your mental concepts and images. and the reality is health." COLIN POWELL To look upon the appearance of disease will produce the form of disease in your own mind. it is a message that there is something to be looked at within our consciousness. unless you hold the thought of truth.ThePowerToVisualize. "sickening" thoughts. www. constrictive. and ultimately in your body. cause perfect functioning in the physical body. but all of us can change our tomorrows. see you problem as completely healed and cured. You must create positive thoughts and images to communicate with your body instead of negative. you can often find healing on all levels. If you are willing to recognize and look deeply into your feelings and beliefs. Visualization is one of the most important tools you have for creating and maintaining good health. Begin to picture yourself in good health. You have a mind-body and a physical body.com 20 .6 Visualize To Heal "None of us can change our yesterdays. acknowledged and healed. Implanting the thought of perfect functioning in the mind-body will.com ▪ www. The mind-body takes form just as you think of yourself. and any thought which you hold continuously is made visible by the transformation of the physical body into its image. which is that there is no disease.

you can use pictures – in the form of visualization – to communicate with your brain. therefore. By visualizing your ideal body in SMART mode. there are too many thought waves distorting the image. you become a super-learning machine. The body that I have now is exactly the body that I visualized while I was losing weight. a revolutionary new DIET-FREE way to get fit by getting your body to want to be thin. He lost over 220 pounds without dieting and surgery. It's no different communicating to your own body. You're talking to your subconscious mind. When I weighed over 400 pounds.Just as you can use pictures to communicate with someone who doesn't speak your language. saying I want to be thin. The Gabriel Method www." or SMART mode. practicing visualization while you are in SMART mode is the key to success. Jon Gabriel is creator and author of The Gabriel Method. It wasn't that I just lost weight. you are manifesting that body – you are creating the body of your dreams. His life story is one that I have personally found to be extremely inspiring and innovative in the field and study of human consciousness in weight loss. When you are in SMART mode. I am living proof that this is true. You have to enter a state of awareness in which you can actually make the appropriate changes and have them stay with you for life. I need to be thin. If you create a visual image of exactly how you want to look you're basically programming yourself to look that way.VisualizationPowerPackage. I call this particular state of awareness "Super Mental Awareness Re-education Training Mode. Changing "wrong" thinking is not going to happen by making a conscious effort or by an act of will. The Gabriel Method Learn more about Jon and his book.ThePowerToVisualize. When the mind is racing. Jon Gabriel.com 21 . anyone seeing the picture of how I imagined myself looking would have laughed and said I was "dreaming" – which of course I was. I now look exactly the way I pictured myself looking. I don't believe this is a coincidence. Symbols and pictures are the universal language that everyone understands.com ▪ www.

Listening to audio visualizations alongside your daily visualization routine is a very powerful combination that together will completely transform your body and mind practically overnight.com ▪ www. and this law is brought into operation by the mind.ThePowerToVisualize.com 22 . causing the elimination of any undesirable effect. We can understand then. or our "world within. The influence of your mind can be exerted upon any part of the body.VisualizationPowerPackage. When perfect images are put in the mind the energies will build a perfect body. If there is any physical condition which it is necessary to change. Every cell in your body is intelligent and will respond to your direction – the cells are all creators and will create the exact pattern you give them. so if we are wise we will not waste time and effort dealing with the "effects" we find in the "world without". because this is only an external reflection. sometimes a few minutes.com www. something of the power the mind possesses over the body. get your audio and sleep visualizations to accompany this book and complete your transformation at www. the law governing visualization will be found effective… thousands have overcome and destroyed all manner of ordinary physical disturbances by this method in a few days. Our world of power is within.VisualizationPowerPackage. The way to health is founded on the natural Law of Vibration. which is the basis of all science.As Jon shows us. there are absolutely no limits to what your thoughts can do for you." It is a matter of individual effort and practice.

unless one has inherited a fortune. What exactly is money? It's an idea. It is right with you all the time and responds to your faith in it and your demands on it. There are certain laws which govern the process of acquiring riches. like algebra or arithmetic. and once these laws are learned and obeyed by anyone.7 Visualize Abundance & Wealth "There is a science of getting rich. water and minerals that come to an acorn to grow an oak tree. air. Every possibility already exists. thus. Reprogramming your ideas about money will attract it to you far more quickly than working a 12-hour day and diligently saving every nickel. held constantly in the mind.com ▪ www. and not the outcome of hard labor. The road to riches is paved with strong. changing your attitude is the key to becoming rich. And as you should know by now. that person will get rich with mathematical certainty. How much you draw all begins with the seed you plant." WALLACE WATTLES The spiritual substance from which comes all visible wealth is never depleted.ThePowerToVisualize. Income is exactly like the sunshine. eventually attracting an abundance of money into your life. and it is an exact science. This is a delusion. you can understand the law of attracting money. Think Wealth. positive ideas. www.com 23 . Accumulating wealth is the result of an attitude. Most people believe that wealth is the result of years of hard work and careful saving. if you understand the natural law of attraction. It is available all around you. and ideas are nothing more than electromagnetic energy. You are capable of earning any amount of income you truly want to earn. in abundance.VisualizationPowerPackage.

com 24 . to think that there isn't enough is entirely false. "You must being to understand. The universe is a place of great abundance and we are all meant to be naturally prosperous. Remember to add in the feeling of appreciation and gratitude for already having these things. Remember to include money in your daily visualizations. both in material and spiritual wealth. Your desires are an expression of the universe seeking realization and manifestation through the unique vehicle that is you. your health. and more abundant life. rent checks. and that desire is praise worthy. you must change your thoughts. do and contribute to if you had already met all of your financial goals. royalty checks. acknowledge them. dividend statements and people handling your cash. They come from the stars John Assaraf. honor them. The man who does not desire to live more abundantly is abnormal. and you must change them IMMEDIATELY. fuller. don't believe it! Don't be intimidated or skeptical of your true desires.com ▪ www. There is more than enough to go around for every being on earth." BOB PROCTOR There is nothing wrong in wanting to get rich. etc…. The Answer It is very important to develop a sense of prosperity. See images of your ideal bank statements. stock reports and real estate portfolios.What you want in life is something that arises in you from the infinite ocean of intelligence that is the source of all energy and matter. If you sincerely wish to change or improve you results in the physical world. that the present state of your bank account. See images of the things you would be able to buy. your social life. This feeling of abundance is part of what will actually attract more abundance to you. is nothing more than the physical manifestation of your previous thinking. If your social conditioning tells you that your desires are somehow unworthy. seeing all your financial goals as already accomplished. See images that affirm your desired level of income such as paychecks. Jack Canfield The Success Principles www. your sales. The desire for riches is really the desire for a richer. therefore. and so the man who does not desire to have enough money to buy all he wants is abnormal.ThePowerToVisualize. or consciously taking the point of view that the universe is abundant and life is actually trying to bring us what our hearts and souls truly desire. your position at work.VisualizationPowerPackage.

in its original state. permeates. Man can form things in his thought. The process of getting rich begins with the absolute acceptance of this faith. and can become what we want to be. If a doubt comes to you. To think of riches when in the midst of poverty requires power. cast it aside. As a first step towards getting rich. He can conquer fate. can cause the thing he thinks about to be created. simply take them on trust. in this substance. and which. we can get what we want to have. unless you hold to the truth that there is no poverty. When we realize this.com ▪ www.To look upon the appearances of poverty will produce corresponding forms in your own mind. by impressing his thought upon formless substance. we lose all doubt and fear.com www.VisualizationPowerPackage. Do not ask why these things are true.com 25 . for we know that we can create what we want to create. You must lay aside all other concepts. produces the thing that is imagined. there is only abundance. penetrates and fills the interspaces of the universe. Listening to audio visualizations alongside your daily visualization routine is a very powerful combination that can bring about amazing results fast! Get the audio and sleep visualizations to use alongside this book at www. This power can only be acquired by getting hold of the basic fact which is behind all appearances. nor speculate as to how they can be true.VisualizationPowerPackage. and dwell upon this until it is fixed in your mind. and that fact is that there is one Thinking Substance. you must believe these three fundamental statements: There is a thinking substance from which all things are made. A thought.ThePowerToVisualize. and. but he who acquires this power becomes a MASTER MIND. from which and by which all things are made. he can have whatever he wants.

then you must believe. doing everything just exactly how we've outlined. You have to believe in yourself." MICHELANGELO You are here for a reason. Today is YOUR day. trying to change the effects around them instead of the source within them. inner resources.. You are here because today is the day you are choosing to take control of your life. "You have to believe in yourself when no one else does. If you are ready to break through and succeed. So many people go through the steps. If you are going to succeed in creating the life of your dreams.8 Start Creating The Life Of Your Dreams! "The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it. that you are capable of making it happen. Today is the day you start creating the life of your dreams.. through one avenue or another to this point so that you could take this information and incorporate it into your life.com ▪ www. Call it self-esteem. self-confidence or self-assurance. truly and deeply. and still fail. You were led. They give up and go back to their life of reflections.VisualizationPowerPackage. That's what makes you a winner. but it is a deep-seated belief that you have what it takes – the abilities. www. but that it is too low and we reach it." VENUS WILLIAMS More than likely you are reading this book to know how you get from where you are now to that magnificent place where you want to be. taking all the information I've given you in this book and applying it to your everyday isn't going to be enough. talents and skills to create your desired results.com 26 .ThePowerToVisualize.

if only you believe with sufficient conviction and act in accordance with your faith." WERNER ERHARD Get clear on the what and don't worry about the how. "Create your future from your future." NAPOLEON HILL The Universe always knows the fastest and most harmonious way to your dreams.com ▪ www.ThePowerToVisualize. the mind can achieve. www. for whatever the mind can conceive and believe. where anything is possible and that you have an important part in creating it. not your past. "You can be anything you want to be.Create a grand vision – do not limit it in anyway. Believe the world is a place where amazing things happen.VisualizationPowerPackage.com 27 . One of the few differences between the super achievers and the rest of the world is that the super achievers simply dream bigger.

It may seem that you are working miracles in your life… and you truly will be! www.Final Thoughts The possibilities of attention when properly directed are so startling that they would hardly appear credible to the uninitiated. What at first might seem amazing or impossible becomes perfectly understandable once you learn and practice with the underlying concepts involved.com ▪ www. and is the very highest personal accomplishment which can be acquired.VisualizationPowerPackage. The cultivation of attention is the distinguishing characteristic of every successful man or woman.com 28 .ThePowerToVisualize. Visualization is magic in the truest and highest meaning of the word.

The Answer.D.com 29 . Jack Canfield www.Book References The books referenced below have moved me in such a way that I felt inclusion of some of their writing was imperative to this e-book. Ph. Marta Hiatt. Jon Gabriel The Success Principles. John Assaraf The Gabriel Method. and to your understanding of this amazing mind power we all hold within us. Shakti Gawain Having It All. John Assaraf How To Rule The World From Your Couch.VisualizationPowerPackage.com ▪ www. Laura Day Mind Magic. Creative Visualization.ThePowerToVisualize.

You can stay put.VisualizationPowerPackage.VisualizationPowerPackage. www.com 30 .com presents it's new sister site.com This revolutionary and life transforming package will put you on the fast track to realizing the unbelievable power of your mind when constructively put into action. 1 Wealth & Abundance. Health & Beauty & Living Creatively The Power To Visualize Sleep Visualizations Vol. 1 Wealth & Abundance. Quotes & Thoughts 101 EMPOWERING REMINDERS THAT YOU HAVE A SAY IN YOUR DESTINY The Power To Visualize Audio Visualizations Vol. Purpose & Passion.com ▪ www. exactly where you are today… Or you can take control of your life and start living your dreams… This amazing package includes: The Power To Visualize eBook THE MOST EXTRAORDINARY TOOL YOU HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE The Power To Visualize Notes.ThePowerToVisualize. Purpose & Passion. Health & Beauty & Living Creatively GET YOURS TODAY! www.ThePowerToVisualize.

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