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Social network

Social network

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Face book and children
Face book and children

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Published by: prasad_iron2924 on Jun 19, 2013
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The understanding of Identity formation and social interactions with social networking sites.

 Social Net working sites are essentially web services that allow internet users.2008 35/full  Socialization is the process by people learn to adopt the norms. attitudes and behaviors accepted and practiced by the ongoing system.  . values. to register.11 from http://onlinelibrary.8. to create a personal profile.1002/asi.wiley.  (Thelwall 2008) retrieved 13. Socialization can be divided as primary socialization and Secondary socialization.com/doi/10. and then uses this profile to communicate with selected others.

(identity crisis) (Eric Erikson)  . Secondary socialization of this stage(teenage) takes place through means external to the home such as peer groups and the media. rapid biological and cultural influences affect the formation of identity during this stage causing sever among teenagers. Peer groups rather than parents become a major influencing factor in the formation of identity during this stage.

(their socialization process and making their identity) . The main aim of this study is to explore the extent to which face book bears an impact on lives of teenagers.


a popular social networking site.This study will focus on the use of face book. among sample of teenagers aged 13-19 from a leading International school in Colombo. AAaaaS .

Methods of Data collection  Observation   Focus group discussion Semi structured interviews .

 . Findings does not apply to all teenagers. Proper identification or definition regarding ‘Teenagers’.

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